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Historic, horrendous wildfire have made conditions in Australia beyond dire. Gizmodo assembled a short list of trustworthy sites like the Red Cross, Vinnies, Givit, Koalas In Care, Wire Wildlife Rescue and NSW Rural Fire Service where you can donate to help the people and animals in New South Wales and Queensland. The Sydney Morning Herald also put together a list of safe charities – most are different from Gizmodo's. If you feel so moved to help victims of these historic wildfires, they would surely appreciate any assistance.

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Severe Weather Outbreak, Including Tornadoes, Likely in the South Friday and Saturday
Pacific Northwest to Remain Bullseye For Storms Next Week — But With a Twist
Snow Hits As Britain Shivers Amid 70MPH Winds Today With Warnings of a 4-Inch Deluge Of Rain On Way For Saturday
More Than 30 Million Americans Face Severe Weather Risk…
Victoria Residents Told To Leave Immediately As Bushfires Conditions Worsen
This Is How Monstrously Big Australia's Wildfires Actually Are
Wallabies Flee Wildfire Inferno – HOLLY NOTE: If you've never played with a Wallaby, they are like miniature kangaroos only 1 to 2 feet high. Wallabies are gentle creatures with very soft paws, great big eyes for their size and eyelashes long enough to make every woman green with envy.

One of Stan's long-time friends, Chas Parker, opened Ballarat Wildlife Park in 1987. Chas took Stan under his wing when he first moved to Australia in '71. When we moved from Perth to Victoria, we used to play cards with Chas and Val on Saturday nights. Chas passed Nov. 2011; Stan and he remained good friends until his death – a friendship spanning 40 years and 2 continents. Now his son, Greg, runs the wildlife park.

We were fortunate enough to have private tours and experience the park on a level not available to tourists. Their 37-acre property is fenced so kangaroos, wallabies, emus and tortoises are allowed to roam at freely. Visitors can sit with them, feed and play with them in a unique setting. – video
Flying Foxes Are Dying En Masse In Australia’s Extreme Heat
Why Are Koalas Desperately Drinking From Water Bottles?
How To Help Animals, Victims Of Australia Wildfires
Puerto Rico Earthquake Aftermath Deepens As Govt Seeks Help
Why So Many Earthquakes Are Rocking Puerto Rico
Mysterious 'Hums' Detected Around The World Are Traced Back to a Magma-Filled Reservoir Deep Under The Indian Ocean – HOLLY NOTE: Unfortunately erroneous information is floating around the Internet as to where the antipodal (opposite) location is on the map for an earthquake event possibly instigated at the site of this magma reservoir. Stan discovered the antipodal correlation a couple decades ago and discussed it often in radio interviews back in the day.

The magma location referenced in this article is under Mayotte, France, which sits nearly dead-center between Madagascar and N. Mozambique. The antipodal location is not the U.S. West Coast. It is, in fact, very far from the West Coast – many miles southwest, West of Central America. It is more than halfway to Hawaii and even south of those islands.

Hawaii is about 2,500 miles from the U.S mainland. Since the antipodal is a little more than halfway closer to Hawaii, it puts the correct spot about 1,300 miles off the U.S. West Coast. Here are two antipodal maps so you can makes your own assessments. and

We like the first because it's easier to use – a little bit. See Mayotte's antipodal on this map. The second is good because it gives long/lat. See Mayotte's antipodal on this map.
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11 States Face Major Threat Of Severe Weather As Week Progresses
Winter Storm To Encase 1,700-Mile Stretch of US in Ice, Snow
'Many, Many Billions' Of Animals Feared To Have Died In Australia's Bushfires
A Difficult Day': NSW Braces For Return of Severe Bushfire Conditions
Residents in NSW Towns 'Angry And Afraid' of Giant Tinderbox on Their Doorstep
Victorian on Edge As Weather Conditions Worsen
A Week After Fires Roared In, Communities Brace For A Second Dose
'I Truly Thought Our Time Was Up': Young Couple's Harrowing Tale of Huddling Together on a Beach For FOUR DAYS as Bushfire Flames Closed in on Them
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How The World Has Responded To The Crisis
Teenager Among 180 People Facing Legal Action This Bushfire Season
'Like New York After Sandy': Bushfires Expose Major Power Grid Risks
From Fire Evacuation Rooms, Diary of a Wombat Author Pens Her Message to Australia – HOLLY NOTE: If ever we need to be reminded to count our blessings…
Winter 'Heat Wave' To Bring Record-Challenging Warmth To Large Portion Of Eastern US at Week's End
Records Melted: 2019 Was Australia's Hottest And Driest Year
Troubling News: Lake Erie Has No Ice Coverage
Weather May Have Played A Role In Fatal Louisiana Plane Crash Last Month
2019 Was Second-Wettest Year on Record in the U.S., Warmest Year in Alaska, NOAA Says
51% Snowier Than Average in Aspen, Colorado
Glacier National Park to Replace Signs Saying Glaciers Would Be Gone By 2020
4.9 Earthquake Strikes Iran Near Nuclear Plant Hours After Country Launches Missiles
Australian Police Charge At Least 20 People For Intentionally Setting Bushfires, Activists Blame Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: This article is a bit behind the curve since as of Monday, AU bushfires had killed at least 25.
Australia Wildfires Bring Over 100 Firefighters From US, Including Elite Crew From California
Race to Save Wildlife In Australia As Fires Continue To Burn – video
'It’s a Sorry Sight': Dead Birds Wash Up On Queensland's Usually Pristine Beaches
Signs Heat May Have Peaked As Outlook Shifts To Milder, Wetter Weather
Ice Age Farmer: Australia: Burned On The Altar Of Global Warming – video
Massive Landslide Caused By Torrential Rain Leaves Caravans Teetering On The Edge Of A Cliff As Area The Size Of Two Football Pitches Collapses Into The Sea
70Mph Storm Strikes Scotland And North Of England Tuesday... Before Second Brutal Weather System Arrives To Batter Britain on Thursday
Almost 900 Over-65s 'Died During England's 2019 Summer Heatwave' Which Saw Temperatures Hit a Record-Breaking 102°F
6.4 Earthquake Strikes Puerto Rico, At Least 1 Dead – HOLLY NOTE: This follows a 5.8 temblor that struck the day before.
…Over 400 Aftershocks Since Monday
1.2 Million-Acre MONSTER: Fires Could Soon Merge Into Huge ‘Megablaze’ TODAY
Muslim Teen Accused of Starting Aussie Grass Fire Laughs As He Leaves Court on Tuesday
Supply Drops Land in 18 Isolated Towns Before Conditions Turn Dangerous
Fire Damage Shuts Blue Mountains Line to Electric Trains For Months to Come
Fears Number Of Livestock Killed in NSW Bushfires Could Hit 20,000
Rain Brings Fresh Challenges For Fire Crews
Prescribed Burning: What Is It And Will More Reduce Bushfire Risks?
Multi-Day Storm Coming, Including Severe
Millions in Central, Eastern US to Experience Record-Challenging Warmth This Week
Despite Arrival Of Needed Rain, Fire Threat To Soar Again in Australia
Summer Snow Falls On Hills in Southland, New Zealand
Authorities Fear Mega Blazes in NSW and Victoria Could Come Together
Tropical Cyclones Likely To Become Another Weather Worry For Australia Amid Bushfires
Crews Race To Reopen Roads As Premier Warns People To Stay Out Of Bushfire Zones
Melbourne's Air Quality Drops to 'Very Poor' As Stench Of Smoke Shrouds The City
Police Working on Premise that Arsonists Started Bushfires in Australia – 200 People Arrested So Far – 85% of Fires Blamed on Humans
Budding Storm To Threaten Southern US With Flooding Rain, Severe Potential Late This Week
Parade Of Storms To Bring Bouts Of Heavy Rain, Mountain Snow To The Northwest
What's Happening With The Polar Vortex This Year?
Dying Kangaroos, Destroyed Homes, And Cars Reduced To Ash: Devastating Photos Show Australian Town In Ruins After Catastrophic Bushfires
The Shocking Size of the Australian Wildfires
Scott Morrison's Poor Decisions During Australia's Bushfire Crisis Risk Turning The 'Quiet Australians' Against Him - And Exposing An Accidental PM Lost In His Own Hubris, Writes Lachlan Heywood
If You Want To Stop Wildfires, Put Qualified People Back In Charge Of Forests – HOLLY NOTE: Are you listening Gov. Newsom?
Powerhouse Storm To Slam Northwestern US This Weekend With Fierce Winds, Heavy Snow
What Caused the Hanford, WA Tumbleweed Storm?
The Indian State Of Nagaland Gets Its First Snowfall In 40 Years!
GET OUT NOW: 24 Hour Deadline to Leave as Food and Water Runs Out, Australian Troops Prepare For Bushfire Emergency Evacuations By Sea – HOLLY NOTE: To put Australia's wildfire devastation into perspective, CONUS is about the same size as Australia. 35% of it is full-on desert. Only 6% of the land is suitable for growing food. Just 3% of the population live in very dry areas, everyone else is amassed around the coast.

Check this map to see where most of the fires are occurring. Click the 0-12 + 12-24 boxes and a couple hundred fires for just one day appear. Wildfires are raging outside every major city. This morning, in New South Wales and Victoria alone, over 200 fires burn. In NSW, 50,000 homes are without power, phones are down, fuel is running low and major supermarkets are closed. This weekend, NSW is expected to hit 115ºF.

America's worst 2 fire seasons in the last 25 years came in 2015 and 2017 when a little over 10 million acres burned. For 2019, Australia saw 12.3 million acres scorched and they are just now heading into summer. When the U.S. experiences wildfires, a lot of the charring occurs in forested areas. Australia's fires are most often in and around residential areas because it's pretty hard to burn desert.

When the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age or call these wildfires 'catastrophic' and 'like Armageddon', they aren't exaggerating. Over 1,400 homes have been destroyed, 23 people have been killed and dozens missing, wildlife in some areas is nearly wiped out with a half BILLION animals dead and will need human intervention to repopulate, crops and farm animals have been destroyed, yet meteorologists warn the worst is yet to come.

Fires razed many homes in NSW forcing people to take refuge on the open beach. What supplies they could carry have run out, hence the naval ship rescue discussed in this article. This ship can only carry 700, which leaves 4,000 stranded.

It's hard to remember many humanitarian crises this extreme in a developed country. The 2004 tsunami that wiped out 250,000 lives in Indonesia comes to mind, but Indonesia is considered a sub–developed nation. Obviously the 2011 Fukushima disaster qualifies…

If you have any extra minutes unallocated in prayer time, please lift up America's friends and allies Downunder. Incidentally, we looked at our former 10-acre farmlet property in Victoria on Google maps. There isn't a green blade of grass anywhere and the 1/2 million gallon pond Stan worked so hard to design and build is completely dry. It's likely the 2 wells are dry by now too. Stan had packed the pond full of silver and gold perch, designed it so it recirculated into a waterfall aerating it for the fish. All of that appears gone. This property was breathtakingly beautiful, full of flowers, flowering trees and shrubs, lush gardens and lawns. Now everything looks dead except for the trees. Sad as it is, it is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what many Australians are suffering.

Things are so dire Downunder with no let up in sight, it makes one wonder if Tribulation isn't underway or a whisper away. Because Seals 2-5 are pretty indistinguishable from current events – war, famine, death and killing of Christians – it will be hard to tell when it begins. It will likely only be clear when Seal 6 opens – a mammoth earthquake so violent it moves great landmasses and sets off volcanoes that darken the Sun and reddens the moon. Regardless of Tribulation, Australians are in hell right now.
Victoria, NSW Bushfires Wreak Havoc As Death Toll Rises, Several Missing
'A Lifetime Of Work, Gone': Century-Old House Claimed As Cattle Farm Burns
Half a Billion Animals Perish In Fires – And That Number Likely to Soar
Authorities Are Expecting Deadly Fire Conditions to ‘Spike’ on Saturday
Smoke From Australian Fires Colors New Zealand Glaciers
Tumbleweed Takeover! Cars Trapped, Highway Near Richland, Wash. Closed 10 Hours
Worst Flooding In Years Leaves Jakarta Underwater on New Year's Day and at Least 26 Dead
At Least 50 People Dead As Cold Wave Sweeps Through Bangladesh
Winter Storm Train To Hammer Northwestern US Well Into January 2020
13 Dead in Fire Twice the Size of Maryland – video
Towns Left 'Completely Unrecognizable' After Hundreds Of Homes And Business Were Destroyed By Killer Bushfires Will Be Smashed By Blazes AGAIN in a Matter Of Days as Temperatures Soar Above 104ºF (40C)
January Outlook: What to Expect in Your Area
Typhoon "Phanfone" Claimed 50 Lives, Affected 2.1 Million People And Wiped Out $20 Million Of Farm Products, Philippines
Surfers Gear Up for 60-Foot Wave Event