We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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US Slaps New Sanctions On Iran Following Strikes on US Targets
Pelosi To Send Articles Of Impeachment To Senate Next Week
PAY UP, A-OWE-C: Democrats Fume At 'Deadbeat Cortez' As Rep Refuses To Fork Over Six-Figure Party Dues – HOLLY NOTE: This is how Democrat Socialists behave. They are all about taking everybody's money – unless it's their own.
Trump Keep America Great Toledo Rally — FULL HOUSE of 8,000 to See President Trump — Thousands Standing In Cold Outside Arena

'LOT OF CORRUPTION’ Trump Tells Ohio Rally Why He Kept Congress In The Dark Before Hit On Iranian Terror General
Thanks Mr President for Placing American Lives Above Politics
McConnell Gives Pelosi Till the End of This Week to Send the Impeachment Articles or the Senate Will Move On
‘Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists’ Provides President Trump Legal Justification for Soleimani Strike
FACTS NOT REQUIRED: Bernie Sanders: Trump Only Designated Soleimani as Terrorist so He Could Assassinate Him …But it Was Obama Who Declared Him a Terrorist – HOLLY NOTE: We've said it numerous times… it's simply astonishing how Democrats constantly lie with straight faces and think nothing of it.
Joe Biden’s Deterrence Policy: Stop Trump: "Aside from the stunning photograph of Qasem Soleimani’s mangled car outside Baghdad airport, the most astonishing sight after the attack was the universal ambivalence, at best, from Democrats. Not long ago—before Donald Trump—any president’s use of force against an overseas enemy would get at least 24 hours of partisan restraint. No more. The Democrats’ jack-in-the-box talking point was that Mr. Trump had brought us to 'the brink of war.'... The Democratic Party's national security strategy is where it was in 1972, a year their candidate lost big." —Daniel Henninger – HOLLY NOTE: In this piece, Biden says to Trump, "Quit blaming Obama," which is uber rich considering Obama blamed Bush for every challenge and problem throughout his 8-year presidency.
FAINT! CNN GIVES TRUMP CREDS: A Win for Trump--and an Opportunity for Negotiations – HOLLY NOTE: That's fairer than what most Lefties can muster.
Trey Gowdy: Trump Impeachment Trial Is Not About Him. This Is What Democrats Want Now
Jussie Smollett investigation: Judge Orders Google to Turn Over a Full Year of The Actor’s Data as Part of Special Prosecutor Probe
Pelosi Stands Firm On Trump Impeachment Articles: ‘I’ll Send Them Over When I’m Ready’
While You’re Distracted By Iran, Senate Committee Passed USMCA – Now Set For Full Floor Vote To Give Away American Sovereignty
House Approves Nonbinding 'Toothless' Resolution To Curtail Trump's War Powers With Iran: This doesn't become law nor is it sent to the President for signature. It is for show only.
Iran Fully Planned to Kill US Troops In Missile Attacks, Top General Says – HOLLY NOTE: If so, their 'precision' guidance system, thankfully, is an epic fail. They would have had satellite photos that showed exactly where troops' barracks were.
See Satellite Images Of Bases In Iraq Before And After Iranian Missile Attack
Small Rockets Land Near Baghdad's Heavily Fortified Green Zone
Countering EMP Threat Now In Law
Marco Rubio: National Security Briefing ‘Compelling’ Except To Those Who ‘Oppose Everything Trump Does’
Trump’s Address On Iran Strikes A Chord With Rust Belt Voters
Trump Wins Record Support From GOP Voters
Kinzinger on Soleimani Intel: 'Most Revealing Classified Brief' – video
Trump: ‘Iran Went on a Terror Spree,’ ‘Created Hell’ With Money From ‘Foolish’ Iran Deal
Trump Vows Iran Will Never Be Allowed To Have A Nuclear Weapon
Republicans Praise Trump’s ‘Homerun Speech’ About Iran
Trump Approves Puerto Rico Emergency Declaration
Nancy Pelosi Slammed For Response To Iran's Missile Attacks – HOLLY NOTE: Fact is, even in light of President Trump's winning strategy and restraint with Iran, Lefties just can't give him a win for the country. They'd bitch if Santa gave them each a million dollars in their Christmas sock and whine that the bills weren't pressed. Never has such a wad of shameless, self-serving ingrates walked the earth – and inhabited Congress.
GOP Leader Says Time For Haggling Over Impeachment Rules Is Over
Senate Democrats Break With Pelosi, Want Articles Of Impeachment
Feinstein Rips Pelosi for Holding Impeachment Articles
Rachel Maddow Sees Ratings Surpassed By Another Fox News Program
Chelsea Clinton Made Millions on Boards Run by Clinton Mega-Donor
Bernie Sanders Steps Up Attacks on Stumble, Fumble and Flub Joe Biden
Michael Bloomberg: ‘California Can Serve as a Great Example For The Rest Of This Country’ – HOLLY NOTE: Yeah, of what not to do. Monster taxes, homelessness and drug crises, filthy cities, lack of forest maintenance creating mega-wildfires.
Nancy Pelosi Endangers U.S. By Faulting Trump 'Provocations' of Iran
Arrogant Speaker Pelosi Refused Phone Call From Vice President Pence Notifying Her Of Iran Missle Attack On Military Bases: “Tell him I’ll Call Him Back”
TRUMP DE-ESCALATES! President Trump Announces More Sanctions Against Iranian Regime Following Missile Attacks on US Bases in Iraq
…Offers Iran A Chance For Peace After Night Of Missile Strikes
Donald Trump Reacts to Iran Missile Strikes: 'ALL IS WELL'
Pompeo: If Iran Makes Another Bad Decision, It Will Be Dealt With Swiftly
IRGC Threatens To Attack Israel if US Responds To Missile Attack in Iraq
2020 Is The Year To Worry About Nuclear Weapons: The Confrontation Between the United Stated and Iran is Just the Beginning "Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer writes: 2020 brings us more to worry about than the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad early Friday. With North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promising a new strategic weapon and abandoning the moratorium on nuclear and missile tests; Iran dropping its commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal and preparing to ramp up its nuclear program within days; and continuing tensions between nuclear weapons holders India and Pakistan, 2020 could be an unusually dangerous year." —Washington Post
'WE HAVE THE VOTES' McConnell Confirms Support To Start Impeachment Trial Without Deal On Witnesses
Funny MAGA Hat Video Editor MURDERED! 30 Min. After Posting His Last Video. – video
Rep. John Ratcliffe Slams Ilhan Omar, Dems Criticizing Soleimani Strike
The Media Will Never Admit That President Obama's Policies Were Intentionally Dangerous
Trump: US Ready for Iran Retaliation, Wants to Obey Law When it Comes to Striking Cultural Sites
Trump Goes All Out Against Congresswomen For Being 'Totally Against Israel'
Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Settlement From CNN After $275 Million Lawsuit
GOP Senate Candidate Aims To Beat Cory Booker in 2020: 'We Are Going To Remove Him From Politics'
Ilhan Omar's Ex-Husband Ahmed Hirsi Remarries 37 Days After Their Divorce
UN Informs Iran Mission that US Will Not Issue Visa to Iran's Zarif to Join Security Council Meeting
Ro Khanna Claims There Were No Embassy Protests Or Dead American Contractors Under Obama – HOLLY NOTE: He needs to be examined for early onset Alzheimer's or… maybe he slept through the entire Benghazi debacle. Liberal and leftists always think they can change history just by denying it.
POCAHONTAS CONFRONTED Meghan McCain Asks Dem Why It's 'So Hard' To Call Soleimani a Terrorist
HAPPENING NOW: Iran Targeting US Military Across Iraq With Cruise and/or Short-Range Missiles
Iran State TV Claimed Tehran Launched "Tens" of Surface-To-Surface Missiles
Multiple Missiles Fired From Inside Iran At Multiple Bases, Targets Inside Iraq, Reports Say
U.S. Bases in Iraq “All Over The Country” Under Attack From Iranian Missiles
STUNNER: Soleimani’s 28 yo Daughter is an AMERICAN Citizen, Threatens Death to American Soldiers
Democrats, FBI Fusion Centers, Russia, China & Iran Are On the Same Team & Actively Supporting Iran's Coming Nuclear Attack On US Naval Forces
Iran Threatens To Attack Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower…
6 B-52 Bombers Ordered To Indian Ocean Base To Be "Available" Against Iran
US Bases On Heightened Security Alert Following Soleimani Killing
Trump to Iran: We Just Spent $2 Trillion on Military Equipment - Hit 1 American & We're Sending It Your Way
Pelosi Says House to Vote On Resolution To Limit Trump's Military Actions on Iran
Hypocritical Dems Trash Trump but Are Fine with Obama's 2,800 Strikes Congress Didn't Approve
Watchdog Group Tells 5 States of Millions of Extra Voter Registrations
Trump Meets With New Ukraine Ambassador, Other Diplomats at White House
Lindsey Graham Launches Plan To Cut Pelosi Out of Impeachment Entirely
Hunter Biden Linked To 2016 Identity Theft Involving Deceased Brother
Blame for FBI’s FISA Abuse Should Be Put Where It Belongs
Joe Lieberman at the Water’s Edge
Iran's $80 Million Bounty on Trump Is Actually Just a GoFundMe-Style Gimmick
Ilham Omar Lobs The Dumbest Reason For Why There Could Be a War Between U.S and Iran
Ocasio-Cortez: In Any Other Country, Joe Biden And I Wouldn't Be In The Same Party
Secret Service 'Aware' Of George Lopez's Threat Against Trump
Former Rep. Bob Barr: Look For Democrats To Make Soleimani’s Death The Newest Impeachable Offense
Iran Puts $80M Bounty On Donald Trump's Head, Threatens To Attack The White House, Tears Up Nuclear Deal And Calls the US President a 'Terrorist in a Suit' Amid Fury At Killing of Soleimani
…Iran Removes Uranium Enrichment Limits
Iran Raises The ‘Red Flag of Doom’ and Trump Responds: ’52 Iranian Sites Will Be Hit Very Fast And Very Hard’
A Nuclear Attack Would Most Likely Target One of 6 US Cities
Former Secret Service, CIA Officer Issues Warning: Prepare For Iran Sleeper Cells To Strike Rural America
Iranian Official: Retaliation Will Include Strikes on Haifa and Defense Bases in Israel
Trump Vows to Hit 52 Iranian Targets if Iran Retaliates After Drone Strike
Obama DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson: Trump Had Constitutional and Domestic Legal Authority to Take Out Soleimani
Photos of Jeffrey Epstein Released Following His Death and Autopsy – It Sure Looks Like He was Strangled by Wire!
Mike Pompeo Blames Obama For The Escalating Situation in Iran
Petraeus: US Soleimani Strike More Important Than Bin Laden Killing
Iraq’s Parliament Calls For Expulsion of US Troops From The Country Following Drone Attack
It's the 'Sleeper Cells' Hiding in Congress Posing the Most Danger
Democrat Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby Before Vote on Obama’s Nuke Deal — Iran Threatened to Out Bribed Officials – flashback
Iran’s Soleimani Hired Mexican Cartel Associate to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador on U.S. Soil – flashback
According to Intelligence Sources, America is Destined to Become a 3rd World Country- Part 2 – HOLLY NOTE: We can't attest to the veracity of this material, but it's certainly implied in scripture. How? When Israel is attacked in both The Great Middle East War (Psalm 83) and the Gog-Magog War (Ezekiel 38 & 39 the 'The Apple of God's Eye' goes it alone. There is no help, no participation, no defense from the U.S. Israel is our most treasured ally in the Middle East, the one democracy. The only way America would abandon Israel is if she were physically, militarily unable.
Huge Double Standard When Trump And Obama Kill Terrorist Leaders
Obama Holdovers Are Finally Getting Booted from Trump White House
Sister of the Man who Killed Two at the Texas Church suggests He Was Demon Possessed
In 1996 Interview, Biden Called Iranian Bombing 'Act of War,' Called for Tough Response
Biden Claims He Didn't Oppose Bin Laden Raid. He Did.
NRA Promises 'Strong Presence' to Block Virginia Gun Bans
NOTE TO DEMOCRATS: Obama Launched 2,800 Strikes On Iraq, Syria Without Congressional Approval
Gov. Huckabee Reacts to Dems Slamming Trump For Threats Against Iran: 'Why Can't the Left Appreciate What This President Has Done?" – video
Graham Gives Pelosi Ultimatum, Proposes Senate Rule Change To Remove Her From Impeachment Process
Anti-Gun Hollywood Stepped Up Armed Protection for Golden Globes
Could Mystery Of Colorado Drone Sightings Finally Be Explained?
Trump's First Public Comments on US Killing Iran's Soleimani – video
Trey Gowdy Shreds Democrats’ Impeachment Case, Gives Update On Joining Trump Legal Team After Playing Golf With Trump
Missouri Senator Hawley to Introduce MEASURE TO DISMISS Pelosi’s Slapdash Impeachment on Monday
Fox News Segment on Soleimani Strike Descends Into Chaos As Geraldo Rivera And Brian Kilmeade Clash – video
NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Fired FBI Official Apologized For Misleading Investigators On Leak
'It Simply Isn't Our Time': Julián Castro Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race – HOLLY NOTE: And God willing, it never will be 'his time.' His radical platform would have made Obama look tame. Then again, all these Socialist Democrats running, could fill that bill.
The Gun Control and Confiscation Agenda
Virginia Gun Grab- UN Troops Scenario – video
Sheriffs May Go To Jail To Protect Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Kentucky Congressman Says
Colorado County Sheriff Has Concerns About Enforcing New Red Flag Law
2019: The Left Goes Over the Edge
Beclownings: Top 25 Ridiculous Democrat Moments of 2019
An Elephant in the Room on Biden and Burisma?
Trump Signs The Bill That Ought To Ensure His Re-Election
Doesn't What Joe Biden Did Regarding Hunter Qualify as an 'Official Act'? The Former Vice President Can't Possibly Be This Dense. Can He?
7 big Supreme Court Cases To Watch in 2020
Hunter Biden’s Blood Mine
Team Trump’s Fundraising Blows Past 2020 Dem Challengers; Campaign Has $100M on Hand
…Raised $46 Million In Q4, Dwarfing Democrats’ Hauls
Why Is The UN Hiring English-Speaking Disarmament Officers In New York?
Arrested Democratic Megadonor And Anti-Israel Activist Missed By Warren Campaign Vetting
Impeachment Trial Looming, Chief Justice Reflects on Judicial Independence
Jim Hanson, From Security Studies Group, Pinpoints Differences Between Beghazi and Baghdad Embassy Attacks – video
This Is Not A Warning, It Is A Threat
Reichsmarschall Northam Ensuring "Hell On Earth" American Entry Into 2020
New FOIA Documents Reveal Details of McCabe Lying to FBI’s Internal Investigators
Rise of a New Black Conservative Movement
Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi Join Effort To Take President Trump Down in 2020
Hundreds of Counties Across America Have Declared Themselves ‘2
nd Amendment Sanctuaries’
Joy Reid Calls Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad “Trump’s Benghazi” – Don Jr. Drops in and Sets Her Straight
WHAT A SHAME: AOC Could Lose Her House Seat After 2020 Through Elimination Of Her District
St. Louis Records 4 Homicides In First 3 Hours of 2020
'NOT A WARNING': Trump Threatens Iran, Says Rogue Nation Will Pay 'BIG PRICE' for Baghdad Embassy Damage
Up to 4,000 US Troops Could Deploy To Mideast, Officials Reveal
The US Is Sending Roughly 100 More Marines To Defend The Embassy In Baghdad After Violent Protesters Stormed The Gate
URGENT: President Returns To White House For Emergency Embassy Situation; This Could Be "It" Folks
New Poll Shows Trump Leading Top Democrats In Solid Blue State
Judge in Hunter Biden’s Paternity Case Suddenly Recuses Himself as Lunden Roberts’ Attorneys Ask For Hunter to be Held in Contempt For Withholding Financial Records
Bernie Sanders Seizes Opportunity To Pretend He’s Still Jewish
Exclusive: 319 Trump 'Promises Kept' In 3 Years
FBI lOvebird Lisa Page Is Cranking Up The Victim Dial
As Democrats Lose Their Grip On The Rust Belt, Trump Takes The Lead
President Trump Hits the Dems on Their Blatant Hypocrisy
The Withering Away Of The Blue: California Set To Lose A Congressional Seat
Ted Cruz Demolishes Mayor Pete's Malicious Lie About the Founders and Slavery LIAR
Alex Jones Ordered To Pay $100,000 To Sandy Hook Parent