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Canadian Imam Thinks Justin Trudeau Is Wonderful Because He Is Just Like The Islamic Leader of Turkey – Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Iran Vows Revenge Amid Fears of 'Devastating War': Supreme Leader Promises 'Jihad' Against US for Killing Of Top General As Hezbollah Vows 'Worldwide Resistance' and ALL Americans Are Told Get Out of Iraq NOW – HOLLY NOTE: Why does Iran think it's OK for them to kill our soldiers, our people and our allies in Iraq, but get their panties in a bunch when we return the favor? Soleimani, a formally declared terrorist by the U.S. govt. in 2005, was responsible for killing 17% of our soldiers in Iraq, (over 600 people), with Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs). Thousands more not killed lost limbs and eyes to these devices.

Brett Velicovich is an American drone expert, former U.S. Army intelligence and special operations soldier who once tracked Soleimani. He revealed that Obama had numerous clear-cut opportunities to capture or kill Soleimani and chose not to. Astonishingly, rather than excise a cancer, he gave Iran $1.7 billion in cash, in addition to the $100 billion in released funds, which allowed them further development of nuclear weapons. Instead of appeasement and turning a blind eye that Obama opted for, Trump took action.

Iran started this latest round of hostilities when they killed an American contractor and wounded 4 others Dec. 27.

As to yesterday's action that took out Soleimani, govt. agencies have intel that Soleimani's imminent plans were to kill more Americans, specifically our soldiers and U.S. diplomats. Civilians. Soleimani's plans called for killing Americans in multiple cities, in multiple countries.

President Trump didn't retaliate when they shot down a $130M U.S. drone in June last year. Nor did he seek revenge for Iran's killing thousands of Americans nor their attack on oil tankers in May and June 2019. The President still remained restrained that Sept. when Iran blew up Saudi Arabia's top 2 oil facilities, which cut more than of their output. Instead, on January 3, Trump took "decisive defensive action" to stop more terrorist attacks and topmost, was to "stop a war, not start a war".

Iran may gripe and threaten in the wake of Soleimani's demise, but the only thing Middle Easterners understand and respect is strength – something Obama never had the will or courage to deliver. Velicovich stated that Iran may look at Soleimani's killing as an act of war, but they had already committed that act when they attacked the U.S. embassy, which is U.S. soil.

What fallout comes next is impossible to predict so Democrats ought to sit down and shut up. They are sycophants, yappers-with-agendas and pencil-pushers, not military strategists. Most are worth about a wart on a toad, a parasitic lump of do-nothings. The President has the authority to conduct actions against acknowledged terrorists without Congressional participation. So they can stop the partisan rhetoric.

Obama 'drew a red line' and when Iran crossed it, Obama went all squishy and spineless. Trump is a man of his word. Now our enemies  and our allies – know without question – to take Trump's threats and promises seriously.
Terrorist General With The Blood of THOUSANDS on His Hands: Qassem Soleimani Masterminded The Killing Of Hundreds of US Troops, Helped Assad Slaughter His People in Syria, and Was 'more Powerful Than Iran's President'
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