If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935


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New Study Shows Owning A Pet Is Linked To Slower Cognitive Decline
Abandoned Puppy was in Tears and Struggling to Survive Until This Happened – video
Skinny Rescue Puppy Found Spooning His Foster Brother – video
Watch This Guy Help a Baby Penguin Overcome Her Fear of Water – video
Mother Dog Thanks Kind Woman For Feeding Her Puppies – video
Ants Can Learn to ‘Sniff Out’ Cancer in Patients
Dogs Says Yes, Cheese Please, Not So Much For Broccoli or Carrots – HOLLY NOTE: Broc gives dogs stomach issues, so not a good idea, but carrots are all nice and Bella loves them and of course, cheese. Dogs are God's 4-legged stress relievers. – video
Photographer Takes Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Catching Cheese to Raise Money for Charity
2 Billion Mosquitoes To Be Freed in Florida and California
First Responders Rescue Freezing Dog From Detroit River
Orphaned Baby Donkey Cried For Days Until He Found a New Mom – video
Giant Dog Is Obsessed With His Tiny Human Sister – video
Giant Joro Spider That 'Parachutes' By Using Webs to Ride the Wind Like a Balloon 'Set to Cover the Entire East Coast'
Parrot Sings Sultan of Swing – video
Bambootula: Never Before Seen Tarantula Discovered in High Forests of Thailand by Wildlife YouTuber
Bizarre Snake Found in Thailand Has Green Boa Fur Instead of Scales
Tiny New Species of Chocolate Frog is Discovered After Scientists Follow its Unique ‘Beep’ Sound
Deer Brings Her Babies To Meet Her Dog Best Friend Every Spring! – video
Cancer Researcher Develops Feelings For Lab Rat While Working Long Nights Alone Together
Her Spirit Was Broken; Incredible Transformation Of Dying Dog – You Should See Helen Today – video
New Calf Born to Endangered Southern Resident Orcas
Tiny Puppy Leads Rescuer to Her Siblings – video
Cats and Dogs May Protect Owners From Memory Loss in Later Life By Helping Them Stay Stress-Free and Mentally Sharp, Research Shows
Viagra Could Soon Be Given to Dogs to Treat Potentially Fatal Rare Disorder That Affects Their Esophagus
Her Puppy Was Dying, Desperate Mother Needed Help to Save His Life – video
Gentle Giant Horse Teaches a Neglected Horse How to Play – video
Altruism in Birds? Magpies Have Outwitted Scientists By Helping Each Other Remove Tracking Devices
Animal Control Officer Saves 45 Cats From Fire
Brave Dog Conquers Fear Of Crossing Bridge – video
New Study Busts the 7 ‘Dog Years’ Myth and Explores Data That Could Help Humans Live Longer
Sloth Rescued from Power Lines – video
Tiny Legs in Deep Snow for Dachshund – video
Iceland to Hang Up Her Harpoons For Good, Issuing No More Whaling Permits
Cargo, With a Side of Hornets, Flies, And Crabs
Florida Firefighters Pull Dog Out Of 15-Foot Hole
First Ever Baby Aardvark Born at Chester Zoo in Adorable Footage – video
Flock of Birds Seen Slamming Into Pavement, Here’s Likely Why
Sydney Records First Fatal Shark Attack in Nearly 60 Years As Swimmer Is Mauled To Death At Beach
Rare Bird Of Prey, a Bat Falcon, Never Before Seen in the US Is Spotted in Texas
Rescue Squirrel, Peanut, Asks His Parents to Adopt Him – video
Family Realizes Their Rescue Squirrel Is Having Babies – video
Mama Dog Who Lost Her Puppies Was Heartbroken Until She Got Kittens – video
Pod of Dolphins Leap Through the Waves Next to California Surfers in Stunning Close Encounter
Wrong Place, Wrong Time: American Robin Turns Up in Eastbourne, UK
Preserved Dinosaur Egg Reveals Kinship to Birds
Researchers at Tel Aviv University Address an Ancient Mystery: Why Locusts Form Destructive Swarms
Mass Swarm Of Dead Fish In Atlantic Prompts European Inquiry
Colorado Deputy Rescues Dog From Burning SUV – video
Just One Kiss, Horse Fabio & Cat Cleo – video
Congress Investigating Claims of NIH Injecting Puppies with Cocaine
'An Orgy of Blood and Death': 450 Deer and Boar Are Slaughtered in Fenced Enclosure By Customers Paying 1,000 Euros ($1,144) Each at Spanish Hunt
Tiny Godzilla Scares The Crap Out Of Tourists
Sweden Deploys 'Easy to Teach' Crows To Pick Up Cigarette Butts On City Streets
Clever Cat Hides From Snow Under Giant Dog – video
London Zoo Welcomes Loki The Tiger Cub – video
Pets Eating Marijuana Are Up 765%, According To Animal Poison Control Center – video
Dog Wakes Owner in Middle of Night, Credited for Saving Family of 3 From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Veterinarian: How to Treat Dogs For Marijuana Poisoning – video of day 2
2-pound Wild Boar Grows Up Believing She's a Puppy – video
'Best Man' Dog Steals the Show at Couple's Wedding
Vets Race to Save Endangered Birds Caught in Oil Spill Off The Coast of Peru
Lost 10-Year-Old Girl Survives 18 Hours In Blizzard By Hugging Stray Dog
Betty White Challenge Raises $12.7 Million For Animal Shelters
Deer Defies Gravity With Unbelievable Leap in India – video of day 3
Maine Coon Kitten Outweighs a Toddler: ‘Everyone Confuses Him with a Dog’
Moose Found Trapped In Colorado Basement After He'd Fallen Through a Window
Couple Includes Their Dogs in the Wedding Party
How This 'Pirate Kitty' Brought Joy to an Entire Neighborhood
See 1,000 Glorious Fin Whales Feeding Together: Share Their Comeback From Near Extinction
'Once-in-a-Lifetime Encounter' With Rare Octopus Filmed at Great Barrier Reef
Farmer’s Donkey Acts Like a Dog After Spending Months Living In Home With Family Pups – LOOK
Dog Missing in Lake Tahoe Wilderness Since August Wildfire Rescued In Heavy Snowstorm
2 Fish Fight By Spitting Sand on Each Other – video
Mountain Climber Injured After Falling 500 Feet and His Dog Lays on Him to Keep Him Warm Waiting for Rescuers
Pope Francis’ Slam of Pet Parents Prove He’s Never Own a Pup
Black Cat Wasn't Getting Adopted. Then This Woman Took Him Home. – video
Woman Save Bees By Rescuing Hives From Old Buildings With Her Bare Hands – video
Why Cats Love to Sit in Boxes – Even Fake Ones, According to Science
Hero Rat Who Sniffed Out Over 100 Hidden Explosives Dies In Retirement – HOLLY NOTE: Yes, geekster here looked it up. Rats live less than 2 years, sometimes up to 3 if living in perfect circumstances, so in findng 100 explosives, he more than did his job in that short of a timeframe. -video
This Dog's Best Friend Was Abandoned. His Dad Adopted Him and Reunited Them. – video of day 3
Fascinating Images Show How Your Pets Perceive Their Surroundings At Home
Playboy Mansion Party Poodle Got Addicted to Coke, Claims Hef Galpal
5 Sea Stars and a Well-Camouflaged Pygmy Pipehorse Among New Species Discovered in 2021
Los Angeles Sees Rise In French Bulldog Thefts
10-Year-Old Girl Keeps Same Pet Tortoise 56 Years – video
‘Follow Me’: Hero Dog Finds Help, Leads Cops to Owner’s Car Crash – video
Thousands of Starfish Washing Up, Stranded on Welsh Beaches – video
Families Spend Christmas Eve Rescuing 6 Elk Trapped in Frozen River After Falling Through Ice
Air Traveler Blames Southwest For Support Dog's In-Flight Death
The Most Stunning Moments For Animals in 2021 Will Make You Cheer – and Love Them Even More
Humpback Whales May Sing Songs To Find Other Whales