"The American Psychiatric Association, using GID (gender identity disorder) criteria, suggested that MTFs (males-to-females) had a 1 in 30,000 (.0077%) prevalence rate, while FTMs (females-to-males) were 1 in 100,000 (.0029%). …A similar ratio of men to women is found in sexual orientation, where gay men are approximately twice as common as gay women."

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Florida Democrats Protest Anti-Grooming Law By Chanting ‘Gay, Gay, Gay’
Exclusive Footage: Private School Teachers Nationwide Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther
The Jesse Kelly Show – HOLLY NOTE: After listening to Coast To Coast AM for 28 years, there's not much we haven't heard topic-wise. However, we'll always have a soft spot for that program as it's how Stan and I met. What were the odds 14,000 miles apart? So casting about the AM for something fresh when I couldn't sleep, I happened on Jesse Kelly. He's fresh, smart, insightful, funny, a Marine and unabashedly patriotic. Good listening. Find a station by typing your location or state in the search bar, upper left of map.
'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Faces Jail After His Conviction For Faking a Racist and Homophobic 'Lynching' Attack
Pete’s Hubby Chasten Changes Kids’ Pledge Of Allegiance To Gay ‘Rainbow’
UC-Berkley Prof Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag: "To Abolish Whiteness Means To Abolish White People"
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Veterans Write to Milley to Protest ‘Woke’ Political Agenda
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Supreme Court to Decide Whether Colorado Can Force Christian Web Designer to Promote Gay ‘Weddings’
Gender Wars - The Battle to Indoctrinate Your Kids
Scottish Court Says Legal Definition of 'Woman' Excludes Transsexuals
Bestie Over Bae: 6 in 10 Would Rather Cuddle With Their Pet Than Their Significant Other!
Stunning 2,000-Year-old Glass Bowl is Still Flawless After Archaeologists Unearth it in Dutch City
Report: U.S. to See a Record Number Of Weddings, Rising Costs in 2022
Supreme Court to Weigh Whether Webpage Designer Can Deny Services to Same-Sex Couples
Florida Bill Would Require Schools to Inform Parents of Child’S Sexual Orientation
Critical Race Theory Makes Its Way Into Mandatory Trainings at Top US Medical Schools, New Database Shows
Scottish Court Says Legal Definition of 'Woman' Excludes Transsexuals
Bestie Over Bae: 6 in 10 Would Rather Cuddle With Their Pet Than Their Significant Other!
Stunning 2,000-Year-old Glass Bowl is Still Flawless After Archaeologists Unearth it in Dutch City
5 Lessons From Limbaugh On Handling The Left We Must Never Forget ED OF DAY 1
America Divided on Whether Greater Acceptance Of Trans-Identified Individuals Is Good For Society
Twitter Suspends 'Defiant L's', Account Best Known For Highlighting Liberal Hypocrisy
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Wokester Bloodbath: Blue San Francisco Throws Out 3 Board of Education Leftists By Monster Margins
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Love in the USA: Here Are the States Where People Stay Married Longest
Deep Blue State of New Mexico Wants to Teach Race to School Children; Not All Parents Agree
President Trump Calls For DirectTV Boycott If They Remove OAN
Tell DirecTV and Its Primary Owner AT&T to Keep OANN on the Air
The Only Ones Banning Books are Critical Race Theorists
NPR Mocked For Article on 'White Privilege' Emojis
Spotify Has Removed Over 100 Episodes Of Joe Rogan's Podcast
SNOWFLAKES! Georgetown Considering ‘Cry Room’ For Students Offended By Tweets
‘Yellowstone’ Officially Renewed For Season 5
'White People Are Socialized Racists': Georgia Republicans Call For Investigation Into Comments By New School Board Chair Who Demanded an End to 'Anti-Black Capitalism'
Sean Penn: 'Feminized' American Men Suffering From 'Cowardly Genes'
Susan Sarandon Shares Post Comparing NYPD Funeral to Fascism
Spotify Stock Drops 20% On Weak Subscriber Numbers Amid Joe Rogan Controversy
Livid Whoopi Goldberg Threatening to Quit 'The View': Source
WATCH: British Comedian Dismantles Whoopi Goldberg Over Anti-Semitic Remarks
Superman Comic Book Sales Tank After Embracing ‘Woke’ LGBT Ideology
Biology Class Compares Transgenderism With Tree Frogs That Change Sex
Oklahoma City Mayoral Candidate Under Fire for Criticizing Islam
CSU’s Free Speech Trauma Program: University Posts 17 Different Resources to Help Students Deal With Opposing Views – HOLLY NOTE: As I've written for years, we watched Colorado turn from a swing state to hard core blue. This transpired slowly over a number of decades as more lefty Californians moved here.

We Coloradans were aware of this transition and bumper stickers appeared throughout the state saying Don't Californicate Colorado.

CSU is located in the next town north from where I used to live so it was a ring side seat to what was happening. It's too late for Colorado, but we join Texan where many Californians are now moving: Come here if you want, we'll welcome, but left your radical left wing nonsense at home.

It's really unfortunate that colleges are indulging students into spongy softness who bawl at the slightest offense instead of teaching them to be free thinking, self-sufficient, strong adults.

Most women truly want a strong man, not a baby they have to raise.
Spotify Faces Its Facebook Moment As Musicians Boycott Platform Over Joe Rogan Podcast
Greenwald: Pressure Campaign To Remove Joe Rogan From Spotify Reveals Liberal Religion Of Censorship
Strategy Game ‘Crusader Kings 3’, Adding Same-Sex Marriage
The Supreme Court Should Reject Racial Preference in College Admissions
Seattle School District Removes ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’
LGBTQ Activists Are Vigorously Attacking Christianity
U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Race-Conscious College Admissions
Famous Conservative Talk Show Host, Dan Bongino, Permanently Banned From YouTube
University Language Guide Says 'Grandfather,' 'Housekeeping,' 'Spirit Animal' Are 'Problematic' Words – HOLLY NOTE: Good grief! The U.S. is on the verge of being pulled into 2 different wars + a lengthy list of problems the Biden admin created, and these poofy professors are worried about words.

Frankly, most women long for the days when men were real men, not gender fluids, and not every word uttered had to be scrutinized, dissected and microscoped before going airborne.

Thank goodness these lame people at the University of Washington are in the minority as we know they didn't learn this nonsense from their grandfathers. Oops! There's 3 words we can't use any more.
YouTube Labels Pastor John MacArthur's Sermon Hate Speech After He Said God Made Us 'Male and Female'
Meat Loaf Dead at 74 From COVID
Meat Loaf's Iconic Career in Acting and Music Selling Over 100 Million Albums
FLASHBACK: Meat Loaf Explains to John Rich How His Musical Career Still Lives – video
Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series to Debut September 2: It's the 'Second Age' of Middle-Earth
He Said, She Said: Pronoun Throwdown Erupts as Critics Push Back On Transgender Language
Alec Baldwin Sued For $25 Million By Family of Fallen US Marine
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The Droning On of Racism in America: What Is It Exactly? ED OF DAY 2
CNN Sees Eye-Popping Ratings Drop, Sheds Nearly 80% Of 2021 Audience
Bob Saget Dead at 65… Found in Hotel Room at Ritz-Carlton in Orlando
Tributes Pour In
Novak Djokovic Wins Appeal, Won't Be Deported From Australia Over Vax Status
Devin Nunes All in on Trump 'TRUTH' Social Media Platform, Says He Is Still 'Doing a Public Service'
Beloved Actor Sidney Poitier Dead at 94
Most Americans Believe Culture, Society Is Declining
Over 500,000 People Join GETTR in 48 Hours After Twitter Suspends More Conservatives
Trump Slams 'Low-Life Twitter' Over Marjorie Taylor Greene Ban
Betty White’s Cause of Death Revealed – The Last Word Out of Her Mouth Before She Passed Was "Allen" – the Love of Her Life
Girls-Only Private Schools in Britain are Refusing to Admit Transgender Students – HOLLY NOTE: This is a step in the right direction. What's curious is that males who still have penises can be considered trans. Just because they take hormones and grow out their hair, this makes them female? DNA says otherwise.
'Circle Back' Appears on College's Influential List of Phrases That Should Be Banned
NY School Is Blasted For Banning Jingle Bells Because It Was First Performed By Minstrel Act in 1857