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Major Winter Storm To Brush DC, Philly and NYC With Accumulating Snow
Potent Winter Storm To Spark Severe Weather in the Southeast
Record-Low Temperatures Could Make Mississippi Colder Than Alaska
National Emergency Declared As Flooding Continues To Ravage Australia
Hundreds of Homes Damaged, Communities Isolated After Floods In Cotopaxi, Ecuador
Historic Snow Hits Istanbul; -48.5F Logged At Peter Sinks, Utah; + Halo CME To Strike Earth
Potential Bomb Cyclone Expected To Wallop Northeast With Heavy Snow
AccuWeather's 2022 US Tornado Forecast
City Trees And Soil Are Sucking More Carbon Out Of The Atmosphere Than Previously Thought
More Severe Weather To Ignite Over Southeastern US
Devastating Iowa Tornado Claimed The Lives Of 4 Family Members
Snowstorm to Accompany Dramatic Cold Blast In Central US
Chipola Complex Fires Grow To Nearly 30,000 Acres in Florida Panhandle
Storms to Aid Wildfire Efforts in Florida
Late-Week Storm Could Reach ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Status
Quick Jolt of Winter Weather Headed For Northeast, Mid-Atlantic
Snowstorm to Accompany Dramatic Cold Blast In Central US
NASA Captures Massive Wildfire In South Korea From Space, The Biggest Blaze in the Country in 22 Years
China's Pollution Impacting Las Vegas – HOLLY NOTE: This is another example of why the Biden admin's green agenda is such a farce. China produces 27% of global carbon emissions and has zero intent to change. China is building even more coal plants despite their air being more disgusting than anywhere in the world. In fact air pollution levels in China are now higher than before COVID. Meanwhile, the U.S. produces just 11% of greenhouse gases so greenies and radical left Democrats are decimating our wallets for a pointless cause.
Trouble-Making Storms To Unfold Across Central, Eastern US
January-Like Cold To Target Central US This Week
Massive EF-4 Iowa Tornado Ran 70 Miles On The Ground, Up To 800 Yards Wide
Extreme Cold Snap To Add Hardships For Ukraine Refugees
Florida Wildfires Force Evacuations, Destroy Homes in Florida Panhandle
At Least 7 Dead in Wake of EF3 Tornado Near Des Moines, Iowa
Severe Weather Set to Strike Southern US
Swath of Snow Aimed at Midwest, Northeast
Big Warmup to Spike Temps Close to 90 in East
Farmers Count The Cost of South-East Queensland Floods – It Will Take 3 Years to Recover
Flood Damage Bill in NSW and Queensland Tops $1 Billion As More Aid Announced
Flood-Ravaged Eastern Australia Braces For More Wild Weather
Pair of Storms To Unload Snow And Ice Following Surge of Warmth
Severe Storms To Threaten Tens Of Millions In Central, Southern US
140-Year-Old Record Low To Be Challenged As Temps Plunge in LA
Do NOT Rebuild: Shock Advice to Queensland Flood Victims As They Are Told They Must 'Face Reality' and Leave Their Homes Forever
'No Turning Back': Glaciers Are Sweating At An Unprecedented Rate
Seattle Deluged With More Than a Month’s Worth of Rain in 3 Days
Pair of Storms to Unload Snow And Ice Following Surge Of Warmth
More lIke May Than March: Heat To Break Records in South, East
Meteorological Spring Is Here! Check Out the Updated Spring Forecast
House Almost Completely Buried Under Mega-Snowdrift
LA Set To Receive Needed Rainfall
Foggy Killer: Massive 25-Vehicle Crash With Explosions Shuts Down Major Florida Highway – Least at Least 3 Dead
Severe Weather Season To Kick Off Across Central US
Sydney Braces For Flash Floods As Rain Disaster Moves South
Death Toll Rises Following Historic Flooding in Australia
Ukrainian Refugees Face Frigid Wintry Conditions As They Flee War
Road in UK Is Ripped Up And Twisted By 'unexplained Underground Movements'
6.6 Earthquake Strikes Kermadec Islands: USGS
Quick-Hitting Snowfalls to Precede Larger Winter Storm
LA About to Experience Dramatic Changes As Storm Eyes Southwest
Shocking Video Shows Big Rig Plunge Off a Massachusetts Bridge Into Frigid River
Warmth to Set Stage For Spring Weather Dangers In Central US
2 Feet of Rain Leaves Brisbane, Queensland Underwater
A Year's Worth of Rain in 4 Days; 8 Die in Devastating Floods – video
Update on Antarctic ‘Doomsday Glacier’ – video
Pulses of Snow to Prolong Winter in Midwest, Northeast
March Coming "in Like a lion" Across Northwest US
Storm to Drop Rain, Snow and Ice Across Southern US
40-Ton Bridge Arches Collapse in NC During Storm – video
Kalumburu Escapes Major Damage as Cyclone Anika Crosses Australia's North Kimberley Coast
Yosemite Waterfall Looks Like Flowing Lava – video
1 Dead in Avalanche in Colorado
'Rain Bomb' Hits Australia's Northeast, Killing 7 in Floods
Northeast the Last Stop For Treacherous Storm Marching Across the US
Ice Storm Freezes Parts of Southern US Under Thick Layer of Sleet
New Round of Snow Squalls to Hit Northeast Hard and Fast
Cargo Ship Drew a Crowd as It Pulled Up to Dock Encased in Sea Ice
Gigantic Winter Storm to Blitz Across 1,800-Mile Stretch of US
Thunder Sleet? Rare Winter Weather Mix Rumbles Across Southern Plains
Denver, Seattle, & Others Break Century-Old Low Temp Records; Snow Falls at Low Elevations in California; Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Buried Under Historic February Snow; + Impressive Bering Sea Ice Extent
Bearly Above Zero: Frigid Cold Forces Denver Zoo to Close – HOLLY NOTE: It is 0º here at 7a.m., bitterly cold, which is rare for Pueblo West, CO. Was outside for maybe 4 minutes wearing leather workman's gloves to add a last minute sack of trash to the can. In just that short time, my fingertips felt like they were on fire. Don't know where all of the birds and rabbits are hiding, but they aren't eating seed as they usually do this time of day.
Frigid Now, But Warmup on Way – video
April-Like Warmth To Quickly Disappear
Snow and Bitter Cold Causing Issues For Travelers Headed to the Southwest – video
Videos Show Widespread Destruction in UK and Ireland From Unprecedented Trio of Storms
Madagascans Displaced After Cyclone Emnati Destroys Homes
Greenland Is Melting From the Bottom Up – video
Winter Storm Shuts Down Interstates, Dozens of Crashes Reported
More Than 100 Vehicles Crash in Pileups Amid Mammoth Winter Storm
Snow to Spread Across West as Temperatures Plunge
Twin Storms to Unleash Array of Weather Hazards in Central, Eastern US
Record Cold Engulfs the U.S. – 30 million Americans in the Path of a Major Winter Storm — Prepare; Historic Flurries Continue to Batter Japan; + “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Snow Sweeps Nagaland, India
Kentucky Death Toll from Tornado Outbreak Still Climbing – video
April-Like Warmth to Quickly Disappear in Northeast
Storm Duo to Aggravate Flood Risk From Louisiana to Pennsylvania
China’s Gas Prices Soar to Record Highs As Cold Wave Drains Supplies; Summer Chills Strike Tasmania; + Hundreds of Low Temperature Records Fall Across the U.S.
Major Pileup Closes I-94 During Winter Storm; Multiple Injuries Reported – video
‘Twin’ Storms to Bring Heavy Snow, Ice & Flooding Rain to Central, Eastern US
Snow to Spread Across West As Temperatures Plunge
Rapid Warm-Up For Central, Eastern US Early Week
Mount Etna Erupts, Sends Massive Volcanic Ash Cloud Over Eastern Sicily
Photos of a Volcanic Storm Over Mount Etna Look Like Something From Lord of the Rings
Battered Madagascar Braces For Cyclone Emnati, the 4th so Far This Year
New Study Finds Corn-Based Ethanol Fuel Is Actually Worse For the Environment Than Regular Gasoline – HOLLY NOTE: This is a double dip of dumb because who uses food for fuel? The exception to this would be already used cooking oil for making diesel. Right when crops are needed to feed a burgeoning world we're literally burning it up.
Millions of Americans Will Be Forced Into an Involuntary Polar Plunge This Week
Extreme Weather Whiplash: 50º Temperature Swings
Severe Threat Looming For Central, Southern US
Train of Storms to Traverse Central US With Snow, Wind
Argentina Wildfire Destroys Almost 1.3 Million Acres
Tonga Underwater Volcanic Eruption Triggered Nearly 590,000 Lightning Strikes That Were 'Unlike Anything on Record', Incredible Animation Reveals
Tonga Volcano Set Record for Highest Plume – video
Storm Eunice Unleashes 122-Mph Wind Gust, All-Time Record For England
Storm Eunice Hits Europe, Leaving At Least 16 Dead
Huge 'Rogue Wave' Likely Largest Ever Recorded
Mudslides and Floods Kill at Least 152 After 10 Inches of Rain in Just 3 Hours in the City of Petropolis, Brazil (UPDATES)
Madagascar - Storm Dumako Leaves 6 Dead, Homes Damaged
Illinois Interstate Pile-Up Caused By Winter Weather Involving More Than 100 Vehicles May Close Roadway For 12 Hours
Your New Spring Outlook – Warmer Than Usual For Many Due to Lingering La Niña – HOLLYNOTE: We'll be starting our veggie seeds in 2 weeks. Instead of planting on April 30, we may be able to do so mid-April. – video
Meanwhile… There's an Arctic Blast Coming – video
Storm Eunice Slams Britain With Dangerously High Winds – Worst Storm the Country Has Seen in 30 Years
Early Look: Two Potential Storms Next Week – video
Watch Terrifying Moment Huge Waves Crash Through Ferry Window
Wildfire Erupts in CA; Wildfire Erupts in California; UC Research Center Evacuates – video
Severe Weather Causes Damage in Alabama
Kansas City Breaks 129-Year-Old Snowfall Record; Denver Off to Its Snowiest Start to a Year on Record; + Historic Accumulations Continue to Build in Japan
Bureau of Meteorology’s Annual Report Doesn’t Link Humans to Climate Change, Also Shows Australia Is Cooling
More Than 20 Million At Risk For Severe Weather on Thursday
Snow, Ice To Deal Abrupt End To Early Taste Of Spring For Heartland
Gale Warnings, Watches In Effect Up And Down Eastern Seaboard
Significant Flooding To Follow Episode Of Spring Fever in East
Death Toll Soars Following Devastating Landslides in Brazil
Stunning Sea Of 'Snow Monsters' Takes Over Volcanic Mountainside
AccuWeather Forecasters Tracking Dangerous and Widespread Severe Weather Threat
'Dynamic' Storm to Unload Up to a Foot of Snow Across Midwest
Fresh Snowfall on the Way For Salt Lake City, Denver
6.2 Earthquake Hits Guatemala
Record Cold Valentine’s Day; Great Lakes Ice Sees Monstrous Recovery; Newly Discovered Data Reveals Sea Temperatures at the Great Barrier Reef Haven’t Increased In 150 Years
Tropical Storm Dumako to Make Landfall Over Madagascar – HOLLY NOTE: OMGosh! These poor people just got obliterated by Cyclone Batsirai last week and Cyclone Ana 2 weeks before Batsirai. Now another is coming. They literally can't take another hit.
2 Major Storms on the Way to Ireland and U.K. This Week
Most Extreme Rogue Wave Ever; Size of 4-Story Building, Came Without Warning – video
Livestock Decimated by Drought in the Horn of Africa – video
11 States Under Threat Of Major Severe Weather Outbreak, Including Nighttime Tornadoes
West Megadrought Worsens to Driest in at Least 1,200 Years
Heavy Snow on the Way For Denver Area
Drastic Cooldown in Store For California, West Coast
What Season Is It? Northeast to Ride Weather Rollercoaster
Massive Methane Cloud Visible From Space Leaks Above Louisiana
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Dovi: Huge Waves, Howling Wind, Power Outages
Extreme Drought Has Caused the Waters of a Vast Reservoir to Recede and Reveal a Lost Village That Hasn't Been Seen Since 1992
Dangerous Thunderstorms, Tornadoes Pose Threat To Central US
Drastic Cooldown in Store For California, West Coast
Midweek Storm to Bring Swath Of Snow From Texas to Michigan
Springlike Warmth on the Way For the East
Big Waves Drown 11 People On Indonesia Beach Despite Warning
Wave Off Vancouver Island in 2020 Was 'Once-in-a-Millennium' Event, Scientists Say
Weekend Snow For the East Coast?
Rare Heat Advisory Issued Ahead of Super Bowl 56
How Much Rain Does Calif. Need to Get Out of the Drought? A Lot Still
Quick-Hitting Storms To Bring Snow, Squalls To Northern Tier of US
AccuWeather Forecasters Watching Out For a Big Storm Next Week
3.8 Quake Registered Near Santa Paula, Calif.
9 Earthquakes Under Lake Erie Already in 2022
Winter Wildfire Burns Southern California Homes
‘We No Longer Have a Fire Season. We Have a Fire Year.’ Heat, Winds Fuel 2 Winter Blazes in Southern California
‘Everything Is Gone’: Madagascans Face Destitution in Cyclone’s Wake
Large Landslide Hits Dosquebradas, Burying 6 Homes, Colombia
Waterspout Hits Havana, Cuba
Incredible Desert Oasis Wows Residents and Visitors Alike
Shaken By Fracking Quakes, Texas Is Forced To Act
Bone-Chilling Cold Makes It Feel Like -88ºF in Remote Alaskan Town
'Dangerously Hot Conditions' Prompt Rare February Heat Alert in L. A.
Couple and Dog Rescued After Being Snowed in For Nearly 2 Months
Forecasters Monitoring East Coast Valentine’s Day Snowstorm Potential
Deep Snow Is Forcing Bison Onto Interior Alaska Roads
Waterspout Filmed Off Sulawesi, Indonesia – video
Scientists Raise Alarm Over ‘Dangerously Fast’ Growth in Atmospheric Methane
Winter Storm to Bury Parts New England Under Heavy Snow
Multiple Alberta clippers to Dart Through Midwest, Northeast
Over 66K Tennessee Residents Still Without Power After Winter Storm – Could Be Out Till Thursday
Antarctica’s Larsen B Embayment Has Disintegrated
2 Days After a Nation-Wide Earthquake Drill, 4rth Quake Hits Israel In Just 3 Weeks
6th Mass Extinction Happening Now? These Scientists Say Yes
Scientists Conclude Dire Climate Change Models Were Wrong, Now What? – ED OF DAY 1
Geologists 'Closely Monitoring' Rising Magma Under Oregon Volcanic Region: Geologist: 'Things Are Coming Back To Life Now' ALERT
Sneaky Atlantic Storm To Take Swipe at Northeast
Fast-Moving Clipper Spreading Snow Through Great Lakes, Upper Midwest
Early Taste Of Spring Headed For West Coast This Week
18 People Stranded on Lake Erie Ice – video
Road Collapses, Hurls Cars Downhill – video
France Braces For Blackouts, Fires-Up Old Coal Power Plants To Cope; Japan’s Snowiest Winter Helps Drive Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Higher; + Scores More Die In Delhi As India’s Cold Wave Brings Regions’ Their First Snow Since 1958
Power Outages in Auckland, New Zealand Following Exceptional Heavy Rain - 17 Inches in 26 Hours
Cyclone Batsirai Delivers Devastating Blow To Vulnerable Madagascar
Stunning Photo Captured From Space: New Eruption at Krakatoa Volcano
La Nina Will Weaken In Early 2022 While Still Forcing Its Weather Influence into the Spring, Ahead of the Expected El Niño For the Next Cold Season
LIVE: Power Outages Mount As Ice Storm Wreaks Havoc From Texas to Ohio
Texas Governor Issues Disaster Declaration Due to Ice Storm
'Marathon' Storm to Bring Wintry Precipitation Back to Northeast
Large Tornado in Alabama Leaves 1 Dead and 8 Injured, Local Official Says
300,000+ Without Power as Deadly Winter Storm Brings Icy Roads
Ice Storm Disrupts Airline Operations, Prompts Disaster Declaration Across Texas Counties
Severe Storms to Pose Risks to 5M People in South
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Northern Peru Near Ecuador Border, USGS
Fuego Volcano in Guatemala Erupts With 2.8-Mile Plume of Ash and Pyroclastic Flows
Earth's Water Was in the Solar System Before Earth Itself, Meteorite Reveals
LIVE UPDATES: More Than 100,000 Without Power As Powerful Winter Storm Sweeps Across US
LIVE: Morning Commutes a Mess In Central US as Disruptive Storm Unloads Snow, Freezing Rain
'Marathon' Storm to Bring Wintry Precipitation Back to Northeast
AccuWeather's 2022 US Spring Forecast
Ice Storm Expected For Tornado-Ravaged Areas of TN, KY
Winter Storm Landon: Interstates Covered in Snow and Ice, Thousands of Flights Canceled
Tropical Cyclone Batsirai Batters France’s Reunion Island
Major Winter Storm Set to Bury Midwest In Snow, Hazardous Ice
2,000 Mile Mess Of Snow & Ice
Bitter Cold Temperatures on the Way – Temps are Set to Plunge 20 - 30º Below Average
Real Time Chill Map
Inuit Elders Issue Warning to NASA and the World: ‘Earth Has Shifted’ – video
Megaflash: World's Longest Lightning Strike Confirmed Over Gulf of Mexico
Long-Duration Storm To Threaten Wintry Mayhem in Northeast
Major Storm to Soak South-Central US, Threaten Icy Conditions
Torrential Rainfall Triggers Deadly Landslide, Flooding in Ecuador
State of Emergency Declared as West Coast New Zealanders Prepare For Deluge – video
90 Million Americans in Path Of Next Winter Storm To Streak Across the US
Long-Duration Storm To Threaten Wintry Mayhem in Northeast
4.5 Earthquake in Northwest Oklahoma Felt in Multiple States
Major Storm To Soak South-Central US, Threaten Icy Conditions
Deadly Deluge, Flooding Displaces Hundreds Of Thousands in San Paulo
Beachfront Home Left Teetering In Wake Of Historic Winter Storm
Back-to-Back Storms Pound Europe With Hurricane-Force Winds
Boston Ties Snow Record As Massive Storm Gives Way to Bitter Cold Across East
Major Storm to Spread Snow, Ice Across 2,000-Mile-Long Swath of US
Iguanas Fall From Trees in Florida as Cold Snap Hits
Get Ready: Arctic Plunge Coming – video
Zimbabwe Braces For 2nd Cyclone A Week After Devastating Ana
Africa’s Tropical Storm Ana Kills At Least 88
Brazil – Floods and Landslides in Sao Paolo Leave at Least 19 Dead
Blizzard Could Be The Biggest Snowstorm To Ever Hit Boston in January
…On Track to Bury Boston
Sea Freezes in Greece in “Once in a Lifetime Phenomenon”; With Forecasts of a Continent-Spanning Arctic Blast, U.S. Nat-Gas Futures Post Biggest 1-Day Gain on Record
Rare Snowfall Hits The City Of Tinejdad, Morocco - Unusual Scenes In Desert Climate
Storm Ana Kills Dozens in Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique
Rare Snow Hits Jerusalem; Record Accumulations Sweep Kansas; + Eastern U.S. Weekend Snowstorm Update, With Early-Feb Looking Historic
‘Bomb Cyclone’ Could Hit US, Bringing Massive Storm With Intense Winds
'Massive' Swings In Temperature Set To Continue Across Northern Plains
Sneak-Peek of Spring Forecast Before Punxsutawney Phil’s Groundhog Day Prediction – HOLLY NOTE: Hint: Get ready to fire up your gardens early!
Drone Catches a 'Once in a Lifetime' View Of Mesmerizing Ice Pattern
Snow Falls in Jerusalem, Blanketing The City And Canceling School
2 Feet of Snow Buries Interstate in Colorado, Kansas – HOLLY NOTE: This is a yearly occurrence. Freeway closures are expected from Limon, CO to Colby, KS. It's a flat plain with absolutely no structures to break the storm line and the roads become impassable. Ditto between Cheyenne, WY and Wellington, CO.
Next Winter Storm Could Be a 'Huge Snowstorm For New England'
Arctic Air to Drive Cold Deep Into the Sunshine State and Beyond
Russian Marathon Hits Record Low -63.4F; Ottawa’s Record Cold January; Parts of Turkey See First Snow Since 1993; Greece’s Worst Snowstorm Since 1968; + Montenegro Suffers Its Coldest Temp Ever
Snowstorm to Blanket Rockies Before Eyeing Texas
Another Snowstorm Is On The Menu For the East Coast
Wildfire Continues to Engulf Portions of Big Sur, California
Snowstorm to Hit Colorado Before Slamming Into Texas; Florida Freezes; Surprise Outburst of Noctilucent Clouds; Brutal Winter Leads to “Horror Scenes” At Syria Camps; + Snow Strands Thousands in Istanbul, As Turkey Suffers Its Largest Power Outage Ever
Extreme Cold in Turkey Freezes Animals In Place – video
Emergency Alerts Issued, Schools Closed As Below-Freezing Temperatures And Heavy Snow Hit Greece
Tornadoes Hit Greek Islands During Winter Blizzard
Tropical Cyclone Ana Kills 37 in Mozambique, Mozambique
8 Killed After Heavy Rain Causes Damage And Landslides in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Why Does Haiti Have So Many Earthquakes? 2 Dead and Hundreds Homeless After Back-to-Back Quakes – HOLLY NOTE: Get ready for another influx of Haitian migrants.
U.S. in Grip of Fierce Polar Plunge; Iran’s Gas Consumption Hits Record High as Historic Cold and Snow Intensifies Across the Middle East; Russia Busts Snowfall Benchmarks; + Rare Flurries Hit Greece
Chill Map
Rare Wildfire Continues to Engulf Portions of Big Sur, California
Multiple Clipper-Type Storms To Blanket Midwest To Northeast In Snow
WV Canaan Valley Plummets -31, Setting Record Low For Region
Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano Erupts Again – video
Arctic Air to Slide From Plains to East Coast
A Large Portion of the U.S. Is Going Into an Extended Deep Freeze, Potentially Sending Temperatures to the Lowest Levels in Years
Bizarre 'Sand Hoodoos' Appear on Beach of Lake Michigan
Twin Earthquakes Shake Israel As Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri Prophetically Says ‘The Earthquakes Are Here’ and Will ‘Come as a Surprise’ in the Future
SC’s 9th Earthquake of 2022 Continues The Rumbling in Columbia Area
Snow, Dangerous Ice To Bear Down on Carolinas and Virginia
Blast of Arctic Air To Have Staying Power In Eastern US
A Month's Worth Of Rain Triggers Deadly Flooding In Madagascar Capital
Rare Blizzard Traps Thousands Of Vehicles on Major Highway In Southern Turkey
Iran: 1,200 Homes Damaged After More Floods in Kerman Province
Volcano Turrialba in Costa Rica Erupts Again
Dynamics of Mega Earthquakes And Tsunamis Unraveled
Nashville’s Snowiest Jan. Since 1985; Mississauga Records Most Snow Since 1944; Four Die In Rare Canada-to-U.S. Border Crossing Attempt
Bubbles of Methane Rising From Seafloor in Puget Sound
Winter Weather To Hit Mid-Atlantic Fast, Create Trouble For Commuters
Arctic Blast for Many to End the Week – video
Chill Map
Another Blast Of Dangerous Winter Weather In Store For Southeast
Record-Breaking Snowfall Snarls Travel in Toronto
Tonga Volcano Explosion Left Many Deaf During Evacuation, Witness Says
US Plans $50 Billion Wildfire Fight Where Forests Meet Suburbia
Sahara Desert Receives Rare Snowfall As Temperatures Plunge to -2C (4th Time in Last 7 Years)
Deadly Floods and Landslides Hit Antananarivo, Madagascar
Montevideo Hit By More Than a Month’s Worth of Rain In Just 1 Hour, Uruguay
Deja Vu All Over Again As Another Winter Storm Eyes Eastern US
Quick Shot of Snow, Ice and Rain to Strike Winter-Weary Regions
Arctic Blast to Send North-Central US Into Deep Freeze
Tsunami Waves Up to 33 Feet High Hit Ha’apai Islands, Tonga
Waterfalls Freeze As 2 Feet Of Snow Piles Up in Ontario, Canada
Earth's Insides Are Cooling Faster Than We Thought, And It Will Mess Things Up
Shock Waves, Landslides May Have Caused 'Rare' Volcano Tsunami: Experts
Volcano Wipes Out Entire Communities in Tonga in Biggest Eruption in 30 Years – video
Eruption of an Undersea Volcano Near Tonga Was Bigger Than Anyone Thought – It Nearly Touched the Edge of Space
Deadly Winter Storm Thrashes Eastern US, Triggering Crashes, Outages, Killing at Least 2
Here We Go Again? 2 More Winter Storms Could Be Brewing For Eastern US
Arctic Air To Grip Eastern Half of US Following Snowstorm
Twin Earthquakes In Western Afghanistan Kill At Least 22
Tonga Eruption: Shocking Images Show Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Almost Completely Wiped Out
Shocking Before & After Images of Tonga Eruption – video
Tonga Cut Off From the Rest of the World After Massive Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami
Hunga Tonga’s Plume Was Stratospheric (98,425 ft – 18.6 miles); At Least 6 Killed In Japan Snowstorms; Record-Breaking Winter Storm Slams East Coast And Canada
New Zealand and Australia Send Flights To Survey Tonga Volcano Damage
Florida Tornadoes Destroy Dozens Of Homes
LIVE: Deadly Winter Storm Treks Northward, Deteriorating Travel Conditions
2nd Major Eruption Detected at Undersea Hunga Tonga Volcano
Tonga Calls For Immediate Aid After Volcanic Eruption Tsunami
‘One in a Thousand Years Explosion’; Death Toll Unknown
Photos Show Tonga Volcano Collapsing Just Before Eruption
2 People Drowned By Abnormally High Waves in Peru After Tonga Volcano
The Eruption That Shook the World – video
…Sent Shockwaves Across North America
Why Was The Volcano Explosion in Tonga So Violent, And What to Expect Now?
Another Volcano Eruption in a Catalogue of Recent Geological Disasters! Governments, Experts or Scientists Aren't Prepared... Will You Be Ready?
Potent Winter Storm to Bury Interior Northeast Under Mountains of Snow – 1 to 3 Inches Per Hour Expected
80M on East Coast Under Winter Weather Alerts
Thousands of Flights Cancelled
Arctic Air To Grip Eastern Half of US Following Snowstorm
Storm to Unleash Dangerous Snow, Ice From Atlanta to Raleigh
Winter Storm Watches Issued As Incoming Snow, Ice Set To Pummel East
‘Saskatchewan Screamer’ Could Leave a Foot Of Snow For Some in Midwest
Here Is What Experts Say To Stock Up On Before a Major Snowstorm Hits
6.6 Earthquake Strikes Off Indonesia's Java Island
Massive Power Outages Strike Buenos Aires Amid Historic Heat Wave
Eastern US on Alert For Thumping From Another Major Winter Storm
Snow, Ice to Stretch As Far South As Atlanta Through Holiday Weekend
Snowstorm To Plow Through Midwest Before Eyeing South
Northwest Flood Dangers To Continue Even After Rain Stops Falling
Drought Conditions Persist Despite Record-Setting Snow Out West
U.S. Weather Forecaster: La Niña Conditions to Continue Into Spring
Thawing Permafrost Is Poised to Unleash Havoc in the Arctic, Scientists Warn
Tropical Cyclone “Cody” Leaves Widespread Floods And Infrastructure Damage, Fiji
Ocean Temperatures Just Smashed a New Record For 6th Year in a Row
After the Extreme Cold, More Snow Is on the Way
Flooding Rain To Return For Parts Of The Hard Hit Pacific Northwest
Galapagos Volcano Erupts, Spewing Ash Over Pacific
6.9 Earthquake Shakes Chinese Region, Closing Rail Lines
Tropical Cyclone Tiffany Weakens After Making Landfall in Far North Queensland, Australia
US Is Hit By Fresh Winter Weather Warnings of -40ºF, Up to a Foot of Snow in the Northeast, and Fresh Tornado Warnings
Coldest Air Of The Season Thus Far To Usher in the Midwest, Northeast
Death Toll at 10 After Rock Slab Collapses, Strikes Tour Boats in Brazil, 32 Others Injured
Related: Shocking Moment When Brazilian Canyon Collapses On Raft Boats – video
Severe Storms, Tornadoes Rattled Houston Area
Shocker: 194 Million Bolts of Lightning Detected in the US Last Year
At Least 23 People Die As Epic Snow Storm Leaves 125,0000 Cars Stranded in Pakistan
Record Rainfall Results In Deadly Flooding Across Pacific Northwest
Tropical Cyclone “Tiffany” to Make Landfall Over The Far North Queensland, Australia
Historic Snowfall in Lexington, Kentucky, Results in Over 100 Accidents
Heavy Lake-Effect Snow Buries Buffalo, More on the Way
California Drought: $500 Fines for Wasting Water, Despite Recent Rains
Cargo Ship Draws Crowd As It Pulls up to Dock Encased in Sea Ice
Record Snow From WA to NY–100 Million Americans Under Weather Warnings; Japan Demands Extra Electricity As Frigid Lows Sweep Country, Record Snows Snarl Tokyo Transport; + “Extraordinary” Snowfall Event Besieges Vancouver Island
Record Snow Sweeps U.S., Drives Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass 450 Gigatons Above 1982-2012 Average; + Scandinavia Suffered Cold December As Arctic Air Was Confined To The North – HOLLY NOTE: Dang! Global Warming is a bearcat!
2021 Australia’s Coolest Year Since 2012 and Wettest Since 2016
Storm Blankets Tokyo With a Year's Worth of Snow in a Day
Climate Indoctrination Inhibits People’s Ability To Use Logic And Reason ED OF DAY 2
Snowhere: Fast Amtrak Passengers Stranded For Nearly 40 Hours Without Food Or Toilets After Storm
After Being Stranded For Over 24 Hours, Crews Finally Free All Motorists – video
More Snow To Target Colorado Communities Ravaged By Historic Wildfires
Icy Conditions Turn Roads Into Skating Rinks Across Northeast
Alberta Clipper To Drop Fresh Snow on Upper Midwest, Great Lakes
First Earthquake of 2022 in South Carolina Felt Near Columbia on Monday
Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate After More Flooding
Hundreds STRANDED OVERNIGHT on Virginia Interstate in Freezing Temperatures: "This Is Unprecedented" – 5 Left Dead
…Nearly 1 Million Without Power
Snowstorm Halts Traffic in DC – video
Tracking Potential For Another Snowstorm To Hit Midwest, Northeast
Alberta Clipper To Drop Fresh Snow on Upper Midwest, Great Lakes
Christian Sect, Burning Shed Focus of Deadly Colorado Fire Investigation
Snow Falls In Florida — Yes, Florida — In Rare Cold Snap
Massive Waterspout Spins Up Off Israeli Coast
Snowstorm Hits Parts Of Hokkaido, Japan With Up To 32 Inches Of Snow
Record December Snow: Sierra Snow Lab Logs 214 inches, Yosemite Registers 171 Inches; More Extreme Cold Engulfs Canada and the U.S.; + Scandinavia Set For -49F As Arctic Air Returns to Europe
ARSON OR ACCIDENT: How Colorado's Worst Fire in State History Started – video of day 1
Colorado Wildfire: Search Still Ongoing For 2 Missing; Origin Narrowed
3 Tornadoes Confirmed in Kentucky After Severe Weather in the Mid-South on Saturday
Overnight Storms Bring Damage To Parts of US South
More Than 8 Million Gallons Of Sewage Shuts Beaches in California's Long Beach
Frigid Air to Maintain Grip on Pacific Northwest to Continue for 2022
How a Category 5 Hurricane Could Wipe Out NYC For Good
"Doomsday Hailstorm" Struck Egypt! Hurghada Resort Is Buried on the First Day of the New Year! – video