Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

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Congress Finally Passes Bill to Help the US Postal Service
The IRS Is Going After The Little Guy ED OF DAY
Inflation Up 7.9%, Americans Pinched Most In 40 Years, Figures Since Last Year
Overall CPI: +7.9%
Gas: +38%
Meat, Poultry, Fish: + 13.1%
Milk: +11.2%
Eggs: +11.4%
Shoes: +7%
Cigs: +7.3%
Used Cars: +41.2% (on this issue Glenn Beck stated that just a year or 2 back you could take $5000 to $10000 off sticker price for a Ford Bronco. To acquire that vehicle now requires paying $30,000 over sticker price.
Car & Truck Rentals: +24.3%
Air Fare: +12.7%
Gas Theft Is on the Rise As Prices Keep Climbing
Biden’s Keystone XL Pipeline Cancellation ‘Broke Our Hearts’: Former Pipeline Worker – video
Brian Brenberg: Biden Needs To Stop Listening To Climate Envoy, Listen To Truckers Who Can't Afford Diesel – video
National Average Gas Prices
Inflation Rises 7.9% In February, Hitting Fresh 40-Year High
'DRILL MORE': Americans Demand Energy Independence As Gas Prices Climb
WATCH: AOC Dodges Questions About High Gas Prices Hitting US Families
House Passes $1.5T Government Funding Bill Plus Ukraine Aid
Biden's High Energy Price Trap
Biden Oil Ban Adds Uncertainty For US Oil And Gas Companies
IMF Approves $1.4 Billion Loan For Ukraine
Filling a Gas-Powered Vehicle Can Still Be Cheaper Than Charging An Electric One
Toilet Paper Prices Rise As Product Sizes Shrink
McDonald's Estimates Russia Operation Suspension Will Cost $50M Per Month
"This Is Absurd" - Wall Street Pushes For Defense Stocks To Get 'ESG' Label
Massive Spending Bill Could Funnel Millions To Abortion Industry, Lawmakers Warn
Gas Prices Are Now The Most Expensive in US History, Breaking Record From 2008
Corn and Soybean Farmer to Americans: Your Grocery Bill Is Going to Go Up $1,000 a Month – HOLLY NOTE: For folks who don't read food labels often, corn syrup or soy and soy derivatives are in nearly every food.
Tucker: You Are About To Get a Lot Poorer – video of day 1
Putin Snickers: Guess Who Owns a Big Chunk Of Venezuela's Oil?
Shoppers Scramble for Staples as the Food Fallout From the War in Ukraine Spreads Around the World
Energy Industry Pushes Back After Biden Admin Blames Oil Firms For Woes
White House to Order Broad Review Of Cryptocurrencies
Inflation and Record Gas Prices Will Cost the Average American Family $3,000 in 2022
ESG Scoring Drives Companies Into Sustainable Development, Aka Technocracy
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Claims EV Transportation Will Bring ‘Cost Savings’ to Americans – Energy Experts Including Elon Musk Warn EVs Will Require Even More Power Generation – HOLLY NOTE: It's a 'coincidental crisis by design'. Greenies and radical climate change people want America off fossil fuels. High gas prices is just another lever in that push.

Yesterday Jen Psaki snapped at Peter Doocy when he questioned why the U.S. isn't drilling for more oil. She also denied that the Keystone XL pipeline would have helped the energy crisis. Ultimate Hypocrisy: Democrats desperately want Americans off fossil fuels, curtail U.S. production to where we're no longer fuel independent, yet they're willing to buy oil from other countries.

What's the difference in carbon emissions if oils is drilled here or somewhere else? The difference is it hurts the U.S. economy, which American Socialists and globalists desire.

Further, the U.S. has 9,000 untapped oil leases, but owners are very reluctant to drill because they'll have no way to refine it. Unlike the Trump admin that cut 22 regulations for every new one, the Biden admin has done just the opposite and have entangled them in endless red tape. If drillers have no way to process their black gold, what's the point of drilling if overcoming regulation takes 10 years?

So doing a Psaki circle-back, Buttigieg wants Americans to buy electric cars. They start at about $60K. With Biden's mishandling of America in nearly all aspects, everything has skyrocketed in price. With many people living paycheck-to-paycheck, how can people afford these? What hogwash that EVs will save Americans $$.

Our other objection to EVs is that you can always take a spare 5 gallon can of gas in your car. EVs keep you strapped to batteries and if you run out of juice on the road, too bad.
Watch: Doocy And Psaki Share Heated Exchange Over Rising Gas Prices: ‘Let Me Finish’ – video of day 3
Shell to Stop Russian Oil And Gas Purchases, Apologizes For Buying Shipment After Ukraine Invasion
Russia Warns Of $300 Oil, Threatens To Cut Off European Gas If West Bans Energy Imports
Gas Prices Surge Across The Nation: How To Find Cheap Prices In Your Neighborhood
Mila Kunis, Whose Family Fled Soviet Ukraine, Raises Cash For Her Homeland
Oil Traders Eye $200 Per Barrel This Month: Report
AND THERE IT IS: Biden Asks for Billions for COVID and Ukraine – Where Will This Money Really Go?
Russian Banks to Replace VISA and Mastercard with New “Mir” System in Partnership with China’s Union Pay
Visa and Mastercard Suspend Services in Russia
American Express Suspends Operations in Russia and Belarus
February Jobs Rose a Surprisingly Strong 678,000, Unemployment Edged Lower While Wages Were Flat
Inflation, Food Shortages and the Ongoing Energy Crisis Are All Coinciding With Escalating War ALERT
Biden Faces Bipartisan Pressure to Ban Russian Oil and Ramp Up U.S. Production
Two Oil Price Scenarios: One Bad, And One Catastrophic
White House Says Blocking Russian Oil Would Increase Prices, Rules Out No-Fly Zone in Ukraine – HOLLY NOTE: What radical greenies forget is that if the U.S. economy is 'killed' and gas goes to $6 or $7/gallon, they can forget ever getting their crazy agenda passed. Energy is at the heart of everything. Bottom line, fuel becomes out of reach for most Americans and businesses collapse; implementing solar, wind and EVs will be moot.

Biden and the Democrats need to get our energy prices down by opening the Keystone XL and other pipelines, drill on existing leases and public land so we are once again energy independent. Then a gradual, methodical and logical transition to partial green energy can be implemented.

Nobody with brains jumps off a diving board before checking to see if there's water in the pool. But this is exactly what Democrats have thrust on our country.
Russia-Ukraine War Has Gas Breach $5 a Gallon in First US City – San Francisco
Pelosi Backs Ban on Russian Oil Imports, But Won't Allow Drilling on U.S. Public Lands
White House Knocks Down Talk Of Banning Russian Oil Imports
Buttigieg on Keystone Pipeline: We Don't Want 'Permanent Solutions' To Short-Term Problems
Ban on Russian Oil Imports Picking Up Steam Fast
Companies That Are Pulling Back From Russia
“Prepared to Move Quickly” – US Ammo Company to Donate One Million Rounds to Ukraine
Who's Got the Gold?
America’s Emerging Energy Crisis ALERT
Schwab on Coming Cyber Attacks – video of day 2 ALERT
The 2nd Cold War Is Here, And Supply Chains Will Be The Front Lines
INFLATION NATION: States Where American Families Are Paying the Highest Prices
JUST DUMB: Joe Biden Announces Plan to Fight Record Inflation, Tells Businesses to “Lower Your Costs Not Your Wages”
Record-High Global Food Prices Imminent As Edible Oil Soars
Oil Prices Surge Toward $110 Per Barrel Despite Release of Supplies
U.S. Reliance on Russian Oil Hits Record High; Biden Pressed to Ease Clampdown on U.S. Energy
Economists See Car Insurance Rates Climbing in 2022
Unprecedented Western Sanctions Strangling Russian Economy
Target Announces Starting Wages of Up to $24 an Hour
Russian Central Bank Doubles Interest Rate to 20%
Russia Stocks Crash Even With Moscow Exchange Closed—Experts Call Market ‘Uninvestable’
Russian Banks Booted From SWIFT
Ukraine Government Raises Over $10 million in Cryptocurrency Donations
Larry Kudlow: Biden Has Made an ‘Enormous Mistake,’ Handed Putin Financial Power – video of day 2
Get Cash Out of the Bank NOW! World Leaders Detonating 'Financial Nuclear Bomb' - In 2021 Russians Warned Removal From SWIFT Banking System Would Be 'Financial Armageddon'
Russia to Impose Retaliatory Sanctions on West After Ukrainian Invasion, Kremlin Says ALERT
US Gas Prices Could Hit $5 a Gallon or More…
Everything You See Going on in the World Right Now Is Pushing Toward Implementation of Global Digital ID and Global Digital Money System: The Fourth Reich Is Rising
FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies: 'Almost a Billion Dollars a Year Going into FDA’s Budget from the People We Regulate' – video of day 2
Dear American Taxpayers: The CDC Is Now Spending $5,000 Of Your Money on Every “Minority” Who Gets “Vaccinated” For COVID
Congress Eyes Billions in Emergency Humanitarian and Military Aid to Ukraine
Should America Fall, The World Economic Forum Is Prepping To Take Its Place
Varney Warns Gas Prices Will Rise, Make Inflation 'Even Worse' Amid Russian Invasion – video of day 2
Bitcoin Price Falls After Russia Attacks Ukraine
Stock Markets Reel, Oil Prices Surge…
Commodities Like Oil, Precious Metals, and Wheat Are Soaring After Russia's Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine
Whose Fault Are High Gas Prices? ED OF DAY 1
Global Stocks, Futures Crash; Nasdaq in Bear Market, Oil Soars Above $105 on Russia Attack
EV Charging Prices In Munich Expected to Rise as Much as 81%
Most People Have No Idea How Much Stocks Are Likely to Crash
Another 232,000 Americans Filed New Jobless Claims Last Week
Gold Prices Pop to One-Year High – HOLLY NOTE: Actually they're all over the place. From yesterday to early this morning, gold was up nearly $60 and at 8:30 Mtn. it's dropped back to a $17 gain. Likewise for silver. It was up 76¢; now it's just up 14¢.
Ukraine Central Bank Freezes FX Market, Limits Cash Withdrawals; Russia Intervenes to Rescue Ruble as Credit Risk Explodes
Shipping Fuel Costs: The Unseen Enemy in the Fight Against Inflation
Inflation Alert! The Russia/Ukraine Conflict Is Being Set Up as a Scapegoat For Continued Accelerating Inflation
64% of Unemployed Men in Their 30s Have Criminal Records, a Barrier to Landing a Job
BOOM, Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces – Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum to Lead the Digital ID Creation
How a Russian invasion of Ukraine, the 'Breadbasket of Europe,' Could Hit Supply Chains
The True Price of Anti-Pipeline Politics
American Gun Sales Continue to Surge
Bare Shelves Concern Alaskans From Ketchikan to Fairbanks
Innovative Dollar Digital Currencies Could Disrupt How We Use Money
$400 Million in Luxury Cars Burns Now For 6 Days in Atlantic – video
Lawmaker Blasts Biden's 'Woke' Climate Finance Agenda
Oil Prices Will Be Above $100 For a "Prolonged Period"
How a Russia-Ukraine Conflict Might Hit Global Markets
The Fed Is Going to Hike Rates Regardless If Biden’s Nominees Are Confirmed, Economists Say
This Huge Black Diamond Just Sold for $4.3 Million and No One Knows Where it Came From or How it Was Formed
Huge Opal Sells For Nearly $144,000 at Auction
Back Story: Americus Australis is one of the largest solid precious opals ever discovered. This stone weighing 16,261.56 carats, was found in August 1957, 1957, 30 feet below ground level in the Olympic opal field of Cooper Pedy (town in the northern area of the state of South Australia) within mere feet of where its sister stone, the Olympic Australis, weighing 23,609.88 carats, was found the previous year.

The Americus Australis, as with its sister stone, was purchased by Altmann and Cherney, Ltd, of Melbourne, but was subsequently taken to America by Mr. Altmann and sold to Fred Von Brandt of Napa, California Since its purchase, the Americus Australis has been displayed at more than 400 gem and mineral shows in the United States, mostly on the West Coast.
400+ Family Dollar Stores Close In 6 States After Rodent Infestation Discovered; Recall
Rampant Drug Shortages! Right Now There Are Shortages of 116 Different Pharmaceutical Drugs in the U.S.
Related: Current and Resolved Drug Shortages and Discontinuations Reported to FDA
Joe Manchin Joins Republicans In Blasting ‘Reckless’ New Regulations For Natural Gas Pipelines
DHS Chief Mayorkas Strips Border Protections from U.S. Graduates, Allowing a Mass Rush of Indian Graduates to Grab Jobs From Fortune 500 Companies
Great Reset in Action: World Economic Forum's Communist 'Digital Identity' Scheme (Video)
US Projected To Give Up Net Oil Exporter Status This Year
Gold Spikes to 9-Month High on Russia, Ukraine
G20 Finance Leaders To Warn Of Rising Inflation, Geopolitical Risks
Justice Department Probing Supply-Chain Disruptions, Targeting Companies Exploiting The Crisis to Charge More
Senator Who Took Donations From Big Pharma Blocks Vote on Bill to Lower Drug Prices
A Cargo Ship Filled With Luxury Cars Is on Fire in the Atlantic Ocean
Retail Sales Surge 3.8% in January, Much More Than Expected Amid Inflation Rise
Pressure Mounts On Biden White House As Price Indexes Continue To Spike – HOLLY NOTE: Pundits say this will be Biden's legacy: the President of Sky High Prices.
Biden Offers No Relief Plan From Skyrocketing Gas Prices
'We Are Going to Be Like Cuba Soon': Customers Shocked When They Find Jacked-Up Car Prices at Dealerships
Homebuilders Are Feeling The Pinch – And It’s Not Just Inflation
Fed Gearing Up To Raise Rates Sooner As Inflation Soars To 40-Year High
Oil Could Vault As High As $150, Veteran Analyst Warns, As Undersupply Meets Surging Demand  – HOLLY NOTE: Where's the pipeline when you need it? Where's the fracting and natural gas supplies. Oh yeah, Biben crushed them.
Communist China is Now the Largest Financial Backer of the UN “Small Arms Treaty”
Warren Bill Would Give DC Pols Own Tax Break
86% of White-Collar Workers Want Permanent Hybrid Workweek or They Will Quit
The Chip Shortage Crippled Parts of the World Economy. A Russian Invasion of Ukraine Would Make It Even Worse
Biden's Economy Drags US to All-Time Low in Heritage Freedom Index Rating
Flurry Of Competing Bills Complicates Effort To Bar Stock Trading By Members Of Congress
Pelosi Slams Manchin: ‘Not Right’ For Him ‘To Say What We’re Doing Is Contributing To The Inflation’
Elon Musk Warns of Skyrocketing National Debt: 'Something Has Got to Give'
NBC Confronts 'Difficult' Olympics Ratings Amid China's 'Complicated' Relationship With Rest of the World
EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Infrastructure Czar Accused of Ignoring GOP Calls For Transparency on Spending
Democrats Nudge Biden to Prioritize Climate 'Chunk' of Build Back Broke Agenda
Congress Moves to Ban Stock Trading By Members As Pelosi Backs Efforts
Biden Calls on Senate to Pass His Agenda to Lower Drug Prices
Biden Rolls Out $5 Billion to States For Electric Vehicle Chargers
Biden Says Inflation Creating 'Real Stress at the Kitchen Table,' Insists Prices Will Ease By End of Year
Ford Says Chip Shortage Will Force It to Halt or Cut Production at 8 Plants: Reports – HOLLY NOTE: Why aren't we making chips in the U.S. and selling them to the rest of the world? Taiwan makes 92% of the world's chips. When China takes over China, they will further have the world over a barrel.
Inflation Soared Again In January, Hitting 7.5%, Highest Since ‘82 – HOLLY NOTE: It's obvious that either Biden doesn't know what he doing or he's intentionally running this country into the ground. We vote for both scenarios. Looks what his policies have produced inflation-wise:
Overall Food Prices: +7%
Eating at Home: +7.4%
Eating Out: +6.4%
Gas of All Types: +40%
Fuel Oil For Home: +46.5%
Used Car Prices: +40.5%
New Car Prices: +12.2%
Bread: +12.6%
Steak: +17.1%
Bacon: +18.1%
Furniture: +17%
Jobless Claims Continue To Fall In Good Sign For Recovery
China Falls Woefully Short of Commitments To Purchase US Goods Amid Biden Lack of Enforcement
Republican Sen. Todd Young: Migration Policies Should Not Be Permitted to Hurt Americans’ Wages
Still Dead: Biden Continues to Push Build Back Broke Despite Lack of Bill
In Costliest U.S. Fight, Little Cash Goes to Actually Fight COVID-19
Biden’s Climate Policies Added $1,000 to Americans’ Energy Bills In 2021, Study Finds
Gallup: 41% of Americans Say They're Financially Worse Off Than One Year Ago – HOLLY NOTE: If they think they're worse off now, wait till Biden and his fellow Democrats impliment higher taxes to pay for any parts of his Green New Deal and social programs.
Survey Finds That Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck
The 3 Greatest Economic Threats Facing America in 2022 (and Beyond)
Jill Biden Confirms Her Signature Initiative of 2 Free Years Community College Is Dead
Bank of America Forecasts 7 Rate Hikes in 2022 and Then... Pain
"I've Never Seen a Market Like This": Goldman Sees Shortages of Everything, "You Name It, We're Out of It"
Dominant Superpowers Don’t Accumulate $30 Trillion in Debt
The Trump Boom Lifted Black Americans – HOLLY NOTE: It's unfortunate that many blacks vote like lemmings – much to their own detriment. Check the first couple of paragraphs from this Wall Street Journal article:

"Joe Biden began his presidency with a promise to advance equity, which means favoring some races and ethnicities over others to shrink outcome disparities. Like many of his fellow liberal Democrats, Mr. Biden is tethered to the belief that black upward mobility won’t happen without coddling and special treatment from the government. Donald Trump’s record complicates such claims.

One of the most underreported stories of the Trump presidency is the extent to which black economic fortunes improved. The mainstream media presented Mr. Trump daily as a bigot whose policies would harm the interests of racial and ethnic minorities. Meantime, black economic advancement occurred to an extent unseen not only under Barack Obama but going back several generations—until the pandemic shutdowns brought progress to a halt.

Over the first three years of Mr. Trump’s presidency, blacks (and Hispanics) experienced record-low rates of unemployment and poverty, while wages for workers at the bottom of the income scale rose faster than they did for management. But there is no doubting that the financial situation of millions of working-class black Americans improved significantly under Mr. Trump’s policies." MORE
How Trump — Not Biden — Has Helped Make Black Lives Better
Related: Alveda King: Trump Has Done More For African Americans Than Biden – flashback
EVERGRANDE - $1Bn Assets Seized By US Hedge Fund. Oaktree Seizes Major Development In Mainland China – video
10 Steps to Protect YOUR Money From MASSIVE, Coming Changes – video of week 3 ALERT
China: Epicenter of the Supply Chain Crisis – How Concentrating Dependence on China Upended Our Economy and Added Risk ED OF DAY 2
The U.S. Economy Just Took a Turn in a Very Ugly Direction
Trucker Shortage Is a National Priority – HOLLY NOTE: How can this be a national priority? Biden can't make people become truck drivers. Truck drivers are aging out, retiring and young adults aren't willing to step into that job. They don't want to be away from the families for days on end, it doesn't pay enough and it's extraordinarily expensive to buy your own rig.
No Surprise: Study Finds Enhanced Jobless Benefits Prolong Unemployment
Transition to Electric Cars Projected to Kill 70,000 Jobs in Italy
JOBS EXPECTATIONS MISS BY 526,000: ADP Says Private Sector Jobs Fell By 301,000 in January, Falling Short of Expectations For Growth of 225,000 Jobs
Facebook Loses Users For The First Time EVER: Shares Plummet 20%, People Are Flockig to TikTok
Inflation and Biden Economic Policies Forcing More Americans To Turn To Food Banks
Gas Prices Close To Hitting 7-Year High — And There's No End in Sight
Democrats Push More Talks on Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Social Welfare Bill
THE GREAT RESIGNATION CONTINUES: Jobless Claims Fall to 238,000 as Workers Remain in High Demand
Stocks Rebound But Head For Worst January Since 2016
Millions More Left Jobs In December As Omicron Disrupted Everything
Recession Risk Returning?
U.S. National Debt Skyrockets Past $30 Trillion - 3 Years Earlier Than Expected
America's $30 Trillion Debt In One Stunning Visualization
Hackers Steal Over $320Mn In Major Crypto Heist
Russia Reveals Plans In Case Of Cut-Off From US Dollar
Geology Insider Explains Why The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Get Much, Much Worse
These Woke Pols Want Student Loans Forgiven — Including Their Own and That of The Squad
As Biden Doubles Down on His War on Energy, Prices Keep Shooting Up
Drugmakers Raised Prices By 6.6% On Average Early This Year
Tucker: What Are We Getting For $1.2 Trillion? – video of day 1
Joe Biden to Import 20,000 More Foreign Workers for Blue-Collar American Jobs
That the 'Biden Economic Plan Is Working' Is Just Latest Of Joe's Empty Malarky
Biden Accused of Keeping GOP Lawmakers in the Dark About $1.2T Being Spent on Infrastructure
'Who Is Saying It's Not Paid For?': White House Waves Away Spending Bill Worries
The Fed Is Likely to Signal a March Interest Rate Hike and That Further Policy Tightening Is Coming
Global Oil Benchmark Tops $90 For the First Time Since 2014
The Emerging ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Market Is a Diamond in the Rough – Private-Label Securities Backed By Green Mortgages Are in the Pipeline
What Is an ESG Rating? – Here's How Companies Earn ESG Scores and How Those Scores Can Help You Invest Better – HOLLY NOTE: Invest better? Here's another load of horse hockey dumped on Americans. Companies needing capital will be squeezed out if they don't have a high enough social justice and 'green' rating.
Consumer Watchdog Signals Broad Crackdown on Hidden Fees For Banks, Credit Cards
US Trade Deficit Tops $1 Trillion for First Time
Working Class Americans Expect Higher Inflation, Fed Announces March Rate Hike, Economy in Quagmire
Glenn Beck Warns What’s Coming Next in The Great Reset – video of week 2
BREAKDOWN: Basic Services And Supply Chains Are Rapidly Breaking Down All Over The Globe
US Semiconductor Chip Shortage Poses Economic, National Security Risks: Commerce Dept.
Newsom, Lawmakers Reach Deal To Revive COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave
Healthcare Executives Import 1,000 Nurses a Month for American Jobs
Market Crash Coming Or Can We Hold a Little Longer?
Dem Senate Candidates Campaign on Higher Federal Spending, Despite Inflation Fears
Bitcoin Falls Again As Crypto Nosedive Wipes Out $1 Trillion in Value
'Crypto Winter' Fears Send Chills To Battered Bitcoin Faithful
S&P 500 Tumbles in Worst-Ever Start Through 16 Days
Growth Slowdown To Spark 10% Stock Plunge, Morgan Stanley Warns
Bitcoin Price Falls Below $37,000 in Tandem With Tech Selloff
Voters Sound Off on 'Insane' State of Economy Under Biden, Say He's 'Listening to Too Many Liberals' – HOLLY NOTE: The top 2 concerns of Americans? Inflation and crime.
WAKE UP: Citizens Must Actively Fight Klaus Schwab’s ‘4th Industrial Revolution
The Media Made Me Laugh Today As I Watched Them Pathetically Attempt To Convince You That ‘The Great Reset’ Is Not The New World Order Takeover
Fed Releases Much-Anticipated Report On Digital Dollar
What Will It Take To Sink The Housing Market?
Manchin Warns White House That Renewed Build Back Broke Talks Will Start From Scratch
Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise To 286,000, Highest Since October
People 'Fleeing' California For Record Tax Relief, Investments in Idaho
Trash Piling Up on Streets Across U.S. Due To Worker Shortages
Biden to Break Up $1.8 Trillion Economic Bill, Try to Pass It in Pieces
China Shuts Down More Ports Due To “COVID,” Global Supply Chain Collapse Imminent
Oil Hits 7-Year High As Houthi Attack on UAE Rattles Regional Tensions
How the White House Hopes to Save Biden's Build Back Broke Bill
Bad News for Biden: GOP Reps Spring into Action When Dem Megadonor Gets $500 Million Loan from Feds
Biden’s Policies Hit His Home State in the Pocketbook, Skewer Delaware’s Biggest Industries
Rep. Dan Crenshaw, 135 Republicans Vote Against Extending GI Bill Benefits to Reservists, National Guard
Unbuilt Border Wall Worth Millions – and Already Paid For – Could Now Be Sold for ‘A Penny on the Dollar’ as Scrap Metal
Dem-Run State Could Drain Pockets Even More By DOUBLING High Taxes
Green New $teal: Guvs Using Federal Corona Funds to Fight ‘Climate Change’
9 Reasons Not to Pass Yet Another Federal COVID-19 ‘Relief’ Spending Package
The Campaign To Ban Gas Stoves Is Heating Up
A Year After Dropping MyPillow, Bed, Bath & Beyond Closes 37 Stores — “Lack Of Inventory” Cost Them $100 Million
Bank Cancels Mike Lindell and His Charities
Biden Administration to Hire 1,000 Workers For 'Clean Energy Corps'
Global Economy Heading For ‘Mother Of All’ Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports ALERT
WaPo Ridiculously Tries to Blame Everything but Biden for Empty Store Shelves
Antitrust Bill Would Destroy Amazon Prime, Critics Say
Producer Prices Jump 9.7%, Highest In Over A Decade
$1,051,873,000,000: Record Federal Tax Haul Tops $1 Trillion In 3 Months – HOLLY NOTE: That's your tax dollars and we'd wager you'd spend them more wisely than government.
Student Loan Processor Navient Required To Cancel $1.7 Billion In Student Loans
'While Reagan Healed the sick, Biden Has Infected the Healthy!' - The Gipper's Top Economist Art Laffer Slams Joe Biden For Doing 'Exactly the Opposite' of What's Needed to Tame Inflation – HOLLY NOTE: We grind our teeth over Biden's outrageous running of America. President Reagan took office in another bad situation of inflation. How'd he get out of that? Reagan cut taxes, cut spending, and cut regulations. Everything President Trump did.

Biden did just the opposite. You'd think after 47 years in politics and 8 as VP, he'd have everything in his toolbox to make America even better. Instead, he's crushing us.

Example: When President Trump left office in Jan. 2021, inflation was at 1.4%. Under Biden's 'expertise' and wisdom, he's shot inflation to a punishing 7% – the highest in 40 years.

Meats, poultry, fish and eggs overall: Up 12.5%
Bacon: Up Nearly 19%
Beef: Up 22%
Ham: Up 20%
Bacon: Up Nearly 19%
Fruits and vegetables: Up 5%
Electricity: Up 6.3%
Furniture and bedding: Up 13.8%
Women’s dresses: Up 8%
Jewelry and watches: Up 7.2%
Rent of primary residences: Up 3.3%
Washing machines and dryers: Up 15%
Gasoline: Up 50%
Energy: Up 54%

Yesterday a White House economic advisor said yesterday, "It (inflation) caught us by surprise.") Hmmm, just like Omicron. However, Republicans had warned months before that the Biden admin was flooding the market with too much money and that inflation would hit. They didn't listen and now we have 7% inflation.
Inflation Will Not Normalize Soon So Seek Stocks With ‘Pricing Power,’ Strategist Says
American Families Fall Deeper Into Debt As Prices Rise, Median Incomes Slide
Energy Industry Blames Biden’s Oil-And-Gas Crackdown For Higher Prices
Inflation Rises to 7% in December, Highest In 4 Decades
White House Bracing For 'Elevated' Inflation
GET OUT OF THE WAY: Government Overreach Bad For Business: Chamber of Commerce – HOLLY NOTE: Remember the good old days when President Trump cut 22 regulations for every new one?
Powell Calls Inflation a Severe Threat, Disputes White House Claims Of Easing Supply-Chain Woes – HOLLY NOTE: Yeah, Biden and Buttigieg, ya both did good. Biden, you "saved Christmas" and Booty, you really fixed the supply chain crisis. How's that diaper changing going?
Dallas Drug Store Shelves Wiped Out Of Cold Medicine Amid Omicron Surge: 'New Toilet Paper Shortage'
World Bank Demands Faster G20 Debt Relief As Poor Nations Squeezed
Former Steel Town Seeks Afghan Workers to Replace Americans
Investors Are Paying Millions For Virtual Land in the Metaverse
Poll: Voters More Worried About Inflation Than COVID
Dangerous Trucker Problem Coming
Joe Manchin Pulls His Social Spending Compromise Off The Table
1 in 4 Americans Plan To Quit Jobs in 2022
Tax $$$ Used to Inject Monkeys with Transgender Hormones – Thank Fauci
It Is Dead': Federal Judge Kills Keystone XL Pipeline For Good
Jobs Report Falls Seriously Short of Expectations – Less Than HALF – As Hiring Chills
Steve Moore Blames Poor Job Reports On Expansion Of Welfare Programs
Biden Slammed by Democrats for Dropping $450K Payouts to Border Crossers
QVC to Lay Off Nearly 2,000 After Facility Fire
US Gasoline Demand Drops Amid Omicron Surge, Lowest Since Memorial Day
Food Costs Likely To Rise as Farmers' Expenses Shoot Up
Global Supply Chain Pressures May Have Peaked, a New Index Suggests
My Two-Bit Political Awakening
World's Largest Coal Exporter Warns Of Energy Crunch, Imposes Export Ban
A Record Number Of Americans Just Quit Their Job, As Job Openings Surpass Unemployed Workers By A Record 3.7 Million
Joe Manchin Says He Has Had No Talks About Resurrecting Biden’s Build Back Broke Plan
U.S. Ranchers Offered Aid as Biden Reserves Largest Protections for Corporate Meatpackers – HOLLY NOTE: Not a surprise, Biden failed to state the real cause of soaring meat prices:

his own terrible policies
shutting down pipelines
skyrocketing diesel and gas prices
can't find truck drivers
labor shortage because he paid people to stay home
cost of fertilizers so farmers aren't making as money as they used to and
being run out of business by large corporations.

Instead he blames the ranchers and farmers that are barely making any money.
Millions of Americans Quit Their Jobs as 'Great Resignation' Persists
Toyota's Sales Record in U.S. Ends GM's Nearly Century-Long Streak
Evergrande - Fraud Claim & $1.2Bn Demolition Order Issued. Risk Of Widespread Fraud Shares Suspended – video
All Federally Regulated Truck Drivers To Face Vaccine Mandates in 2022 – HOLLY NOTE: The U.S. is already 80,000 truck drivers short. How many more will we lose with a vax mandate?

When the supply chain first experienced kinks, 'they said' it would be fixed by year end 2021. Then that changed to Q1, then to Q2 2022. Now experts says it will last into 2023. That was before the vaccine mandate for them became a thing.

Our advice is stock up on as much of anything you might need for the foreseeable future. If you've been preparing all along, you're miles ahead of everyone else. Friday morning at the grocery store, toilet paper supply was again getting very sparse.

Last year I was too busy and didn't start veggies seeds. This year we'll do our own again. Have no idea if a supply crunch will hit veggie starts this Spring.