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In light of Coronavirus and other diseases, we'd posted 10 Ways to Beef Up Your Immune System some time ago. In addition to these guidelines, include sublingual D3 and Folic Acid. You can buy it on-line at Amazon. For pets, with their dog, cat or ferret food, add Nupro Silver – their joint and immune booster line. We get nothing from this endorsement, but Bella nearly died from auto-immune disease Sept. 2018. Ever since, both dogs are on Nupro. She is now the picture of health though her immune system is permanently compromised and she is on immune suppressing meds, hence Nupro Gold. It contains a lot of natural supplements not specifically geared toward the immune system. Their Gold line, like the Silver has no wheat, corn, fillers, grains, artificial sugars or preservatives, glutens or by-products of any kind.

COVID Was Declared a Pandemic 2 Years Ago Now — But Public Health Experts Say It's Still Not Over
'Deltacron' Identified As New COVID Variant - How Fast Is It Spreading And Should We Be Worried?
No Exercise Needed: Light Physical Activity Is Enough to Improve Brain Health During Old Age
‘Pfizer Knew mRNA Vaccine Leaked Into Ovaries And Covered It Up’
1 in 5 People Don’t Have a First Aid Kit at Home — But Most Own a Skin Care ‘Cure-All’

Power Cut At Chernobyl Plant, Officials Warn Of Radiation Risk ALERT
How Far Did Chernobyl Radiation Reach in 1986?
Chernobyl Radiation Map
How Far Away Would You Need to Be to Survive a Nuclear Blast?  – video of day 3
How to Survive a Nuclear War – video of day 4
Huge Study Finds Blood Proteins That Could Increase Risk of Severe COVID
COVID-19 Spike Protein Sequence ‘100% Match’ to Sequence Patented in 2016 by Moderna, Study Shows
Cellular 'Rejuvenation' Experiment in Mice Reverses Signs of Aging, Scientists Say
Moderna Commits to Make More Vaccines, Combination Shots to Immunize Against Multiple Diseases – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't putting too many shots together one of the causes of autism?
CDC Director Walensky Admits She Found Out Vaccines were Effective by Watching CNN
Bayer Executive: mRNA Shots Are ‘Gene Therapy’ Marketed As ‘Vaccines’ To Gain Public Trust
Military Medical Evisceration of America’s Finest ED OF DAY 2
House Republicans Call For End to Vaccine Mandates For Foreign Truckers, Agricultural Workers at the Border
Biden’s ‘Test to Treat’ Plan a Windfall for Pfizer, Merck — But Bad for Patients, Doctors Say
Biden Is Going to Sue Texas to Make Sure Children Continue to Be Maimed and Destroyed With LGBT Surgeries and Chemical Castration
COVID Emergency Ends – US Senate Passes Bill – HOLLY NOTE: If the COVID emergency officially ended last week, why does Biden need more money for COVID?
The Rat Problem in Washington, DC, Is So Bad, 2 People Got Hantavirus
Idaho House Votes to Ban Vaccine Passports
Australian Cricket Legend Shane Warne Dies Suddenly at 52 of Heart Attack After Pushing Double COVID Vaxx Last Year
Marijuana Legalization Is Not Harmless
Senate Votes To End COVID-19 Emergency Declaration
2 Million Children Must Be Jabbed to Prevent 1 ICU Admission
Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA Incorporates into Human DNA In as Little 6 Six Hours, A New Study Finds
Double-Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Model Suffers Heart Attack And Both Legs Amputated
Correction, Mr. President: It's a Deadly Pandemic of the Vaccinated Too
Huge Increase in Strokes as FDA and NIH Secretly Study Reports of Neurological Injuries After COVID-19 Vaccines
New Pfizer Documents Prove Covid Less Lethal Than The Flu, Vaccines Are Deadly
Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA: Study
DeSantis Asks Students to Take off Their Masks: ‘We’ve Got to Stop With This COVID Theater’
Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence, Clears Way for Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit
Senate Republicans Strike Down Biden’s Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate in 49-44 Vote
The Great Reset: National Vaccine Passport Rolled Out in 21 States and More Are Joining Including Red States
Novavax Vaccine Approved for Use in Singapore
Study Finds Vitamin D3 Is Better For You Than Vitamin D2
Nearly Half of Biden's Free COVID-19 Tests Remain Unclaimed
8 Foods That Can Help Prevent High Cholesterol
4 Herbs for Stress, One Makes Your Serotonin Levels Soar
The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, Real Purpose Exposed
Cali, Oregon, And Washington Are All Suspending Mask Mandates In Schools. The Science Has Changed! – Right Before the State of the Union Message
Congress Drops Mask Mandate in Time for State of the Union
Bombshell New Study Proves Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Permanently Alters Human DNA
JAMA Study Shows That Ivermectin Is Extremely Effective Against COVID; Vaccines Not So Much
Why Your Kitchen Sponge Is so Gross
China Reports 4 Additional Human H5N6 Avian Flu Cases, 1 Death
Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Circadian Rhythm
Pandemic Poses Short and LongTerm Risks to Babies, Especially Boys
Doctors Testify That COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Cancer and AIDS
CDC Backpedals on Mask Mandates
Top Pollster For Democrats Advises Party to Declare COVID Crisis Over Because 'They Risk Paying Dearly For It in Midterm Elections – HOLLY NOTE: It's pathetic when politicians declare a crisis over only because it's politically expedient to do so rather than because it is. Why else would they be dropping some of the mask mandates?
Ohio and Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in Mailed At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit
While the World Is Watching Ukraine, A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out
German Health Insurance Company Discovers “Vaccine Side Effects” Are 10x Higher Than Officially Reported
The Collapsing COVID Narrative is Being Replaced with Putin and Ukraine ED OF DAY 2
‘Stroke’ is 11,361% More Likely to Be Suffered as an Adverse Reaction to the COVID-19 Vaccines Than Flu Vaccines per Number of Doses Administered
Happening Now With Pastor Jack and Amir Tsarfati – video
World-First Israeli Study Shows Oxygen Therapy Can Dramatically Reduce PTSD Symptoms
Royal Hypocrisy: Queen Elizabeth of England Has COVID and She’s Reportedly Taking Ivermectin to Treat It
Ivermectin Not a Miracle COVID-19 Drug: New Study Shows It Does Not Prevent Hospitalization for Severe Illness – HOLLY NOTE: Well the 'smart people' are still out there denigrating Ivermectin while the queen is being treated with it. Don't these 'smart people' think we read studies?
Board Member of Large German Health Insurance Company Sounds the Alarm: Side Effects of COVID Vaccines Much Higher Than Official Reports
German Health Insurer Reveals 'Alarming' Underreporting of Vaccine Side-Effects
On Day 708 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve, Has the Whole World Just Taken Part in the Largest DNA Data Collection Exercise in Human History?
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Tells Pastor David Scarlett: COVID “Vaccines” Are Changing People Into Transhumans
COVID Infections Plummet 90% From U.S. Pandemic High, States Lift Mask Mandates
Hawaii And Puerto Rico Are the Last Holdouts on Mask Mandates
The Centers For Disease Control’s Lies Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy
More Contagious Version Of Omicron Spreads in U.S., Fueling Worries
Famous Athlete Demands Investigation: Why Are So Many Players Collapsing on the Field – video
‘Highly Pathogenic’ Bird Flu Found in Long Island Backyard Flock, CT Dept. of Agriculture Says – HOLLY NOTE: We first warned about avian flu coming here 2 months ago. It's now in 10 states: North & South Carolina, Florida, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Delaware, Maine, Maryland and Virginia. Prepare for it to move west across the country.
Bird Flu Cases Reported in Delaware; How You Can Protect Yourself
FACT: COVID-19 Vaccines Are Almost 50x Deadlier Than the Flu Vaccines per Number of Doses Administered According to Official USA Data
What Is the CDC Hiding? Agency Admits Withholding Widespread Vaccine Efficacy Data
Scientists Discover Genetic Material Suggesting COVID Came From Chinese Lab
Experts Revealed One Drink That Can Help Lose Belly Fat But Satisfies the Sweet Tooth
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains Why COVID Injection ‘Shedding’ is So Concerning
UK to Roll Out Additional COVID Vaccine Shot For Over 75s And Vulnerable People Within Weeks
UK PM Boris Johnson Lifts All Remaining COVID Restrictions in England
New Zealand, Amazingly, Has Gotten Even More Totalitarian About COVID
Corrupt CDC Quietly Lowers Speech Standards For Children Rather Than Admit Ongoing COVID Mandates Are Harming Them
“Everyone is at Risk for Blood Clots!” – CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes
More Attractive People Have Stronger Immune Systems, Study Says
1885 Smallpox Vax Was the Blueprint for Today’s COVID-19 Vax
Free HIV Self-Test Kits Now Available to the Public Across Saskatchewan
Drug Overdose Deaths Reach Record High
U.S. Officials Prepare For Pandemic's Next Phase As Omicron Wanes
ALERT: Dr. Roger Hodkinson on Heart Damage, Blood Clotting from mRNA Injection (Exclusive)
Australians Could Need 5 Doses of COVID Vaccine
COVID-19 Deaths Are At Record Levels in Australia and 4 in Every 5 of Them Are Among the Fully Vaccinated
Australia Has Begun Paying Out Compensation For Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Jabs
2 mRNA Vaccines Have Been Embraced by the World. Why Not in China?
Here’s How to Detox From the COVID Spike Protein – From the Jab or the Virus
Moderna CEO Says It’s ‘Reasonable’ To Think The Pandemic May Be In Its Final Stages
Vaccine Die-Off Begins: Political Activist Lauren Witzke Says Us Government Pushed An Experimental Vaccine That Is Now Killing People
Exclusive: Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans to Spread Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics, and She Shares the Cure
Deaths Among Triple Vaccinated Increased By 495% in January With the Vaccinated Accounting For 4 in Every 5 COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations & Deaths since December
Haven’t Yet Been Vaccinated For COVID? Novavax Might Change Your Mind – Good News For Australians
URGENT: New Research Turns Up Yet More Potential mRNA Vaccine Dangers
EVIL: Western Australia Bans the Unvaccinated From Visiting Their Own Children in the Hospital
UK Government Data Proves The COVID-19 Injections Cause Damage to the Innate Immune System That Worsens By the Week
Pfizer Predicts Record Profits From COVID Products, Says Chances ‘Very High’ FDA Will Authorize Vaccine for Babies and Toddlers
Outbreak: A New Virus In China Has Emerged And It Has Eerie Similarities to Ebola
Ebola Can 'Hide' in a Person's Brain Even After Treatment and Kill Them YEARS Later
Lassa Fever: Symptoms of Ebola-like Virus as First UK Death Confirmed
10 Reasons Why Scientists Believe Coronavirus Originated From Lab In Wuhan, China ED OF DAY 1
After COVID, Risks Of Heart Problems Remain Elevated For Up to a Year
Here's Where Mask Mandates Stand Across the United States
Hollywood Super Bowl Mask Hypocrisy: Outrage After A-List Stars Such as Ben Affleck and JLo Flout California's Indoor Mandate While Kids in the Golden State Still Have to Wear Them to School Today
All Cause Mortality: Why Have Deaths Skyrocketed After the COVID Vaccine?
Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine: What Are The Side Effects?
Novavax Files For Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccine in Switzerland
Germans Pin Hopes on Novavax Moving The Needle Among Anti-Vaxxers
Biden Says It Is 'Probably Premature' to Lift Mask Mandates as Democratic States Break With CDC to Do So
Israeli Study: Antibodies Perform Best After COVID Infection, Not Vaccine
COVID Variant Found in NYC Sewers May Be From Rats: Study
Abortions Plunged 60% in Texas after Heartbeat Ban
Biden Administration Buys 600,000 Treatments Courses of New COVID Antibody Drug That ‘Works Against Omicron Variant
Magnesium May Prime the Immune System to Fight Cancer and Infections
It's more clear than ever that it's best to not contract COVID in the first place, which is only slightly more dangerous for some people than getting the jab. Reading these next 7 headlines makes that obvious. Because we've had numerous requests to again post this simple and inexpensive preventative measure, here it is:

On Dr. McCullough's website America Out Loud, he recommends mixing 1/2 tsp. povidone 10% iodine or Betadyne with 1-1/2 ounces of water in a small spray bottle. Spray up each nostril twice and sniff it in to the back of the throat. Then gargle with the rest for 30 seconds, spit it out and you're done. Do this before bed time on days when you've been around people.

McCullough cautions to not let the virus 'bake' in your nose overnight without doing the iodine treatment. Do not swallow the mixture.

McCullough says that the virus primarily enters through the nose and secondarily through the mouth. Iodine kills it and by targeting its points of entry, it greatly reduces chances of contracting COVID. Again Stan and I aren't doctors and we're only repeating the advise of the doctor. We've also linked to that page directly so you can read the directions for yourself.
Cancers Coming Back With a Vengeance Is Very Common After the COVID Vax
COVID Infection — Regardless of Severity — Increases Heart Risk
More Straight Than Gay People Catching HIV For First Time in Decade
Some COVID-19 Vaccines Could Increase HIV Risk: Researchers
Report: COVID Vaccines Inflicting Far More Deaths Than Previously Thought: “Could Be Looking at Hundreds of Thousands More Dead”
STUDY: Covid-19 Vaccines Caused 1048% Increase in Diseases of the Nervous System Among the Military in 2021 According to Official U.S. Government Database
Vax Injuries in the Military Cited By Senator Johnson to DOD in Letter
Novavax Hopeful Its Protein-Based COVID Shot Will Persuade The Vaccine Hesitant – HOLLY NOTE: We're still checking weekly for progress on the Novavax. By all counts, it appears to be much safer than the other 3 vaxxes. We have to wonder what is the giant hold up for approval. It was reported last year that members of Congress have stock in Big Pharma companies. Equally suspicious, more than 2/3 of Congress cashed a pharma campaign check in 2020 and Novavax was not among them.

Maybe they hadn't invest in Novavax and view it as stock competition. It's almost like the powers that be wants people to take jabs that can be life-threatening of the other 3 companies. Novavax has already been approved and is in use in numerous countries, so we repeat, what's the hold up here?
Novavax Submits Request to the U.S. FDA for Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccine – HOLLY NOTE: This is a more in-depth article, which states in Phase 3 trials this vax Novavax a 90.4% efficacy overall with only mild side effects. Testing involved nearly 30,000 people from the U.S. and Mexico.

For those who are jab hesitant, which are legion, this vax uses the same technology as for HPV and Shingles shots, not the mRNA. Even the doctor, Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA technology advised people to wait for the Novavax, which really says a lot, and to not take Pfizer's Moderna's or J&J's jabs.
Youngkin Will Use Emergency Powers to Expedite Bill to End School Mask Mandates
FDA Now Burying Incriminating Documents Showing Moderna’s COVID “Vaccine” to Be Harmful
Federal Judge Issues Emergency Injunction: US Military ‘Systematically Denying Religious Exemptions’
In His New Pandemic Book, Bill Gates Calls For a ‘Global Pathogen Surveillance System’ Combined With Forever mRNA Government Injections
Prince Charles Tests Positive For COVID-19
'God' Has Spoken: Fauci Says US Can Soon Drop the Mask: Says Since COVID Hospitalizations Tumble By 28%
Tony Robbins Debuts New Book 'Life Force' – video of day 1
California DA Warns Virtually ALL Drugs on the Streets Are Laced With Fentanyl
Canada's Provinces Including Quebec and Alberta Are Ready to Ease COVID Restrictions
Whistleblowers: ‘Skyrocketing Rates Of Disease’ For Vaxxed Military, Still Punishing The Unjabbed
Why Are Triple-Jabbed Joe and Jill STILL Wearing Their Masks Outside Despite No Mandate and Omicron Infection Rates Collapsing
CDC: 80.2% of Americans 5 and Older Have Had at Least One COVID-19 Shot
Landmark Study Says Children Do Find It More Difficult Than Adults to Recognize People Wearing Masks
Fentanyl Poisoning Deaths Double in 30 States Over 2 Years – 5 States Have Increased By 400%
Families Against Fentanyl Founder: 'The US Should Declare Fentanyl a Weapon of Mass Destruction' – video of day 1
House Dems Prove They Are Soft on Crime By Blocking GOP's Latest Bill to Crack Down on Fentanyl
America's Achilles Heel – Medicines ED OF DAY 3
CDC Makes Major Admission About Rushed Vaccine Timeline and Heart Inflammation
Democrat and Political Consultant James Carville: I Want to Punch 'Piece of S--t' Unvaccinated People in the Face
At-home COVID Tests Shipped Through Cold Weather Might Not Be Accurate – HOLLY NOTE: Was this by design? It's winter for Pete's sake and the long range forecast included 'polar plunges.' Government had to know.

I ordered ours about 2 weeks ago. They arrived right when temps hit about 19º for the high during the day, which meant they would have been overnight in a truck at about 6º or less.

We all know government is most efficient at wasting taxpayers' money, but how many people will see this news that their COVID test may give them a wrong reading?
Omicron BA.2 Variant To Become Dominant Worldwide - WHO Regional Director
Drug-Resistant Malaria Is Emerging in Africa. Doctors Are Worried — Yet Hopeful
MOST VACCINATED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD: 1 in 5 Israelis Caught COVID in 2022, Health Ministry Says
White House Gets Set For Cautious Pivot On Pandemic
Americans Are Fed Up With Democrats' COVID Panic ED OF DAY 1
REAL Science Says Masks Are Ineffective And Harmful
British Children Up to 52x More Likely to Die Following a COVID Shot: Gov’t Report
Mel K & Warrior Lawyer Tom Renz On Shocking Vax Horrors Data To Senator Johnson Committee 1-29-22 – video of day 1
Why Planned Parenthood Is Pushing Chemical Abortions
Stanford Doctor Lays Out What He Believes Is the Fauci ‘Playbook’ For Silencing Dissent
Scientists Use CRISPR Activation Method to Reveal 'Rosetta Stone' of Immune Cell Function
Discovery of New Highly Virulent and Damaging HIV Variant in the Netherlands
Army Begins Discharges For COVID Vaccine-Refusing Soldiers
COVID-19 Vaccines Are Projected to Cause 62.3 Million Cardiovascular Deaths in 2022 Worldwide
School Forces 9-Year-Old to Sit Outside Alone for Hours, Deems Him a 'Clear and Present Danger' For Refusing to Wear a Mask
FDA Issues Warning on 2 Recalled COVID-19 Tests
Countries With High COVID-19 Vaccination Rates All Suffered An Extraordinary Rise In Excess Deaths In 2021 Suggesting The Jabs Are To Blame
Hospitals In Germany, UK & Israel Refuse Life-Saving Transplant To 3-Year-Old Because Parents Were Unvaccinated
At Least 20 People Are Killed and 74 Are in Hospital After Taking Cocaine That 'was Poisoned as Part of a Drug War Between Dealers' in Argentina
Denver Dropping Mask Or Proof Of Vaccine Requirement: Omicron Has ‘Run Out of Fuel’
COVID Fatigue: 70% Just Want to Get on With Lives
Australians Warned Not To Eat, Drink, Chew Gum Or Vape Up To 30 Minutes Before Taking a COVID Rapid Antigen Test
Pfizer Trials: All Injected Mothers Lost Their Unborn Babies – HOLLY NOTE: Are these the documents Pfizer wanted not released to the public for 50 years?
Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with “Never Before Seen” Rubbery Clots
COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy: >416,186 Spontaneous Abortions Due to the Vaccine
Israel Is Overrun With COVID. The Vaccines Have Failed. The Experiment Must Stop.
Unintentional Drug Overdoses Led to 200,000 Years of Lost Life For US Preteens and Teens Who Died Between 2015 and 2019
Lockdowns Had Little Or No Impact on COVID-19 Deaths, New Study Shows
U.S. CDC Warns Against Travel to Mexico, Brazil, Singapore Over COVID-19 – HOLLY NOTE: How totally 2-faced can government get. They warn Americans not to travel to Mexico, yet they allow literally millions of illegals, either from Mexico and certainly ALL illegals travel through Mexico, pour through our Southern border, unimpeded, and without COVID testing.
Pfizer Expected to Seek Approval For COVID-19 Vaccine For Children 6 Months to 5
U.S. Grants Full Approval to Moderna's COVID Vaccine In Adults
The 10 Worst Foods For Your Health, According To Experts
Media Deploys Full Blackout After Senator’s Forum Exposes Reports of Horrendous Vaccine Side Effects
T-Mobile To Fire All Unvaccinated Corporate Staff By April
Denmark Is 1st EU Country To Scrap All COVID Restrictions Beginning Tomorrow
Your Body… Their Battlefield: COVID “Vaccines” Are Biological Warfare Via 5 Major Fronts
Horowitz: The Very Concerning Data From Scotland
Lightfoot Brutally Mocked After People Notice Something Odd on Her Couch in Pic Bribing People to Get Vax
Ontario Health Minister Calls For “Immediate Censorship of Doctors” … Medical Totalitarianism Rolling Out Fast
British Media Claim “Stealth Disease,” Not COVID-19 Vaccines, Could Kill Nearly 200,000 People in UK Over the Next 5 Years
1000% Increase In Disease From Jab Per DoD Data, Attorney Renz Makes An Offer To Attorney Generals
How mRNA and DNA Vaccines Could Soon Treat Cancer, HIV, Genetic Diseases, and More
Chinese Scientists From Wuhan Discover "Potentially Deadly" New Strain Of Coronavirus
Wife of COVID Patient Suing To Force NYC Hospital To Treat Husband With Ivermectin
Fauci Decrees Kids Under 4 Will Get 3 COVID Vaccines
Nearly 40% Of All Illinois COVID Deaths In The Last Month Are Breakthroughs. What Gives?
FDA Asks Court To Delay First 55K Batch Of COVID Docs; Pfizer Moves To Join Case: "Since the government has trillions of dollars of our money, it is putting it to good use by fighting to assure that the public has the least amount of transparency possible. To that end, it has now asked the Court to make the public wait until May for it to start producing 55,000 pages per month and, even then, claims it may not be able to meet this rate."
100 Bags of Fentanyl Found In Connecticut Teen's Room After Overdose: Cops
Doctors Are Starting To Challenge The Dominant COVID Paradigms ED OF DAY 1
More Than 2/3 of Omicron Cases Are Reinfections, English Study Suggests
Scientists Identify Factors Linked To Little-Understood 'Long COVID'
EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Chip Roy Demands Answers From FDA Over Push To Approve COVID Vaccine For Infants, Toddlers
Meghan McCain Says Contracting COVID-19 Makes Her 'Doubt' Whether America Will Ever Recover
Dr. Malone Reveals The ‘Bedrock Truth’ On Vaccines Ignored By Left
New Bill Would Make It Crime To Ask Someone’s Vax Status
AI Can Predict Signs of a Heart Attack Within a Year — From a Routine Eye Test
BIOTERRORISM at the Highest Levels: U.S. Government Caught Targeting “Red” States With Deadlier Batches of COVID Vaccines
I Regret Getting the COVID Vaccine – ED OF DAY 3
Biden Admin to Withdraw COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Regulation Aimed at Large Businesses – HOLLY NOTE: The timing of this mandate rollback couldn't be more clear. Democrats are going to get hammered this November, so they're now pulling back on some of Biden's outrageous Executive Orders.
The NIH Is Funding a New Animal Experiment Center in Texas to Develop Vaccines For EBOLA… When Will the next “Lab Leak” Go Down?
Woman Who Came Into Contact With Escaped Monkeys Says She Developed Symptoms
FDA Approval Never Happened For Vaccines? Peter McCullough – video
Military Vax Data Rocks DC: Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing
Vax Victims Overflow Morgues: Bodies Fill Morgues, Overflow Into Refrigerated Trailers
Boston Hospital Removes Dying Father-of-Two, 31, From Top of Heart Transplant List Because He's Not Vaccinated: His Father Says 'My Son Has Gone to the Edge of Death to Stick to His Guns'
Pfizer, BioNTech Start Study For Omicron-Based Vaccine
Insurance Companies Note Jump in Death Payouts Amid 40% Rise Among Prime-Age Americans
‘Understand What We Have Lost’: Greg Gutfeld And Geraldo Rivera Duke It Out Over COVID Policies
As Hospital Refuses Man A Life-Saving Heart Transplant Because He Won’t Receive The Government Injection, Should We Be Calling This Murder?
FDA to Sharply Restrict Use of 2 Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
NOTE: Bill Hemmer on Fox News shared that his 4 free COVID tests from the government arrived yesterday. On the back of the box it says, "Made In China". I'd like to send ours back.
Emails Reveal Scientists Suspected COVID Leaked From Wuhan Lab – Then Quickly Censored Themselves
Cataract Surgery May Reduce Dementia Risk
US to Begin Distributing 400 Million Free N95 Masks to Pharmacies And Health Centers
Long Island Judge Throws Out Gov. Hochul's Mask Mandate, Rules as 'Unlawful'
Large, Peer-Reviewed Research Study Proves Ivermectin Works Against COVID-19
AUSTRALIA HAS FALLEN... Australian Authorities Say Draconian Vaccine Passports Could Last For "Years"
600 Austrian Police Demand Govt to Cancel Tyrannical Mandate
California Bill Would Let Children Get COVID-19 Jab Without Parental Approval
They Had COVID-19 Once. Then, They Got It Again.
There’s a New Version Of Omicron But So Far It Doesn’t Appear To Be More Dangerous
COVID-19: A Second Opinion – video
Nothing to See Here… CDC Is Monitoring Local Residents for Cold-like Symptoms Following Crash of Semi Carrying 100 CDC Test Monkeys
Recent Events Suggest the Predicted Arrival of the Deadly Small Pox-Ebola Cocktail Is On Its Way
Brace Yourself For Impact: Luciferian Elite Launch ‘Great Collapse’ of Western Civilization ED OF DAY 2 ALERT
Texas Judge Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate For Federal Workers
Washington DC 'Defeat the Mandates' March Calls For End to 'Draconian' COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements – 35,000 Attended
High Number of Omicron Mutations Render Antibodies Ineffective - Study
Over 1 Million Deaths and Injuries Following COVID “Vaccines” Reported in VAERS as Second Year of “Experimental Use Authorization” Begins
'Don’t Sit There in Your White Coat and Tell Me "Just Do What We Say"': Bill Maher Takes Aim at Fauci as He Urges Americans Not to Blindly Follow Advice of Doctors
Independence Day: The President's Speech – HOLLY NOTE: Think about this not in terms of fighting aliens, but substitute 'vaccines and mandates.' This is one of the best presidential speeches ever, fictional or not, and certainly nothing you'd ever hear coming from Biden. Look at the protests around the world against vax mandates and lockdowns.

A girlfriend in Queensland suggested we watch the Country Down Under on January 26 (our Wednesday evening/Thursday morning), which is Australia Day. She said protests are planned across their country. They've had more than a bellyful – even in Victoria, long considered the most 'government-obeying' state. – video of day 3
COVID “Booster” Shots Will Soon Be Mandatory in Australia
Vaccine Passport Protests in Europe Draw Thousands of People
An Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest Is Coming to D.C. Here's What We Know
CDC Warns It Is About to 'Pivot' Its Language on COVID Vax – Everyone Must Get a Booster to Be Considered 'Up to Date'
Pfizer CEO Says Frequent Boosters 'Not a Good Scenario,' Hopes For Yearly Vaccine
China Brings Back Anal Swab Testing For COVID in World’s Most Brutal Lockdown – HOLLY NOTE: How many foreigners are going to bend over for this one?
One of the World’s Oldest and Most Respected Medical Journals Just Called Out COVID “Vaccine” and Treatment Shenanigans
Bill Maher Rips Dr. Antony Fauci, Medical Establishment: They Don't Know a Lot About Anything
Time to Go on ‘Offense' for the Unborn, Heritage’s Kevin Roberts Says
‘Russian Roulette’: Famous Doctor Warns Batches of COVID ‘Vaccines with 3000x the Toxic Effect’ Released ALERT
Antimicrobial Resistant Superbugs Now a Leading Cause of Death Worldwide, Study Finds
Study: Omicron Evades Some But Not All Monoclonal Antibodies
Vaccine Mandate Is Now In Effect For Cross-Border Truckers – But Not For Border Crossing Illegal Aliens
Novavax COVID Vaccine Results Revealed Ahead of FDA Approval
This Cheap, Effective, Patent-Free COVID Vaccine Could Be a Global Game-Changer
Nobel Laureate Warns Doctors: ‘Vaccines are Not for Killing, They Are For Shielding’
Clarity of the Bigger Question, WHY This Massive Push for Vaccinations?
Why The Vaccines Don't Work ED OF DAY 3
Place Your Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests – HOLLY NOTE: You're allotted 4 test kits per residential addy, not per person. These come through the U.S. post office and vax status is not asked.
Rate of False Positives Among Rapid COVID Tests Is 'very Low' Making Up Less Than 0.1% Of Tests Administered, Study Finds
The Experts' "Zero-COVID" Plan Was A Total Failure
Fauci Says Pfizer Vaccine Could Be Authorized For Kids UNDER 5 as Early as Next Month - Placing U.S. Among Countries With Lowest Age For the Shots
Systemic Child Abuse in the Age of COVID ED OF DAY 2
'Brain Fog' Caused By COVID Could Be a Result of It Affects a Person's Spinal Fluid, Study Finds
Mark Cuban Launches 'Radically Transparent' Online Pharmacy
Fauci Warns There Are 5 Stages in a Pandemic… and We Are Still in the First Stage
Creepy Bill Gates Gives Warning of Other Pandemics Far Worse than Covid-19 – Calls on Government to Increase Vaccine Supplies
Moderna Shot Can Cause Hepatitis
Kim Iversen: Fend For Yourself! Fauci & CDC Haven Abandoned the COVID+ in a Crime Against Humanity – video of day 2
‘All He Wanted to Do Was Play Hockey’: Grieving Dad Says Pfizer Shot Killed His 17-Year Old Son
U.S. Website for Free At-Home COVID Tests Launches – With Glitches
Biden Plans Mask Giveaway As Omicron Surges
Forget Booster Shots And Get Ready For the Universal Pan Coronavirus Vaccine That Will Be Mandatory And Injected Inside You on a Yearly Basis
Long COVID Patients Show Abnormal Immune Activity 8 Months Post Infection
Targeting an Enzyme in Fat Cells Drives Rapid Weight Loss in Obese Mice
Respiratory Viruses That Hijack Immune Mechanisms May Have Achilles' Heel
Nearly a Third of Democrats Support Unvaccinated Losing Custody of Kids
Since the Vaccines Fail Against Omicron, Science and Reason Tell Us to End All Vaccine Mandates and COVID Passes ED OF DAY 2
ALL Residents of Illinois Will Be INVOLUNTARILY Entered Into Vaccine Database If HB 4244 Passes Today
Glysophate in Roundup Ingredient Might Cause Cancer—But the EPA Won’t Ban It
No, Smoking Weed Will Not Protect You Against COVID-19
Some COVID Patients Need Amputations to Survive
Medical Paper: Isolation of a Novel Coronavirus From a Man With Pneumonia in Saudi Arabia
Warning in Your Eyes That Doctor Claims Could Be Sign of Omicron Variant
Models: 50,000-300,000 More Dead In USA By Spring – HOLLY NOTE: This is Biden's worst nightmare as he promised on Oct. 13, 2020, in Toledo, Ohio, "I'm not going to shut down the economy. I'm not going to shut down the country. I'm going to shut down the virus." That wasn't bad enough. 12+ Times Biden Promised He Had a Plan to 'Shut Down the Virus'. With his massive list of failures last week, he desperately needs a win and he's going to lose again on COVID.
WHO Chief Says Pandemic Nowhere Near Over, New Variants Likely To Emerge
Israeli Trial, World’s First, Finds 4th Dose ‘Not Good Enough’ Against Omicron
Israeli Vax Chief: The Green Pass / Vax Passport Is 'No Longer Relevant'
Serbegeth Singh: Former Pro Football Player Dies 5 Days After Receiving COVID-19 Booster Shot
Poll: 59% of Democrats Favor Government Confining Unvaccinated Americans to Their Homes
Minnesota Drops Racial Formula to Dispense COVID-19 Treatment, Other States Still Disfavoring Whites
Learning to Live With COVID-19: World Attempts Make the Virus a Manageable Nuisance
Insurance Companies Struggle To Implement Biden’s COVID Test Mandate
Why Quercetin Belongs in Your Immune Support Kit
How Can You Tell If Your N95 or KN95 Mask Is Fake?
Rand Paul Wonders If YouTube Will “Kiss My… And Apologize” After CDC Admits Cloth Masks Aren’t Effective
In Europe, the Persecuted Unvaccinated Have Had to Form ‘Tribulation Force’ Style Underground Groups Just to Have Access to Their Local Economies
New Illinois Law Allows Women to Get Birth Control Pills from a Pharmacist Without a Doctor Involved
Can These Foods Help Combat COVID?
RFK, Jr., on Dr. Fauci – video of day 1
Scientists Identify Specific Gene Variant That Protects Against Severe COVID-19
We Finally Know the True Extent of Space Destroying Astronauts' Red Blood Cells – HOLLY NOTE: This is why scientists predicts that astronauts traveling to Mars will age more quickly than those who remain on Earth.
Sisters of the Valley 'Weed Nuns' Praise Study Stating Pot Can Prevent COVID
Dr. Malone Just Let The Cat Out of the Bag on the Plandemic – video
Nearly 4-in-10 Illegal Aliens Refusing Coronavirus Vaccine as Americans Hit with Mandates
Surgeon General: Omicron Slowing in Northeast But Don’t Expect National Peak Just Yet
Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic
Utah's Largest Newspaper Calls For Unvaxxed To Endure Draconian Lockdowns Enforced By National Guard
The New Normal? 400 Athletes Collapsing & Dying Just In The Last 6 Months?
Supreme Court Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Rule For US Businesses
Corporations Begin Complying With Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Using Internal Tracking System
Turning the Tables on Our Tyrants ED OF DAY 1
These ‘Invincibles’ Have Never Had COVID — and They Want To Know Why
COVID's Ability-To-Infect Plunges 90% After 20 Minutes In The Air; New Study Shows
After Once Claiming His Shots Are “100% Effective,” Pfizer CEO Now Says 2 COVID Shots “Offers Very Limited Protection, If Any,” Against COVID-19
More Than $10 Million Worth of Masks, Protective Gear Left in the Rain Outside San Francisco Bay Area Event Center – HOLLY NOTE: Most outrageous boxes of PPE have Chinese writing on them! Imagine making and then handing to the Taliban a knife they use to slit your throat. That Amazon and Walmart (China-mart) sell masks made in China should make you see red. China unleashed this Wuhan hell on the world. To then reward China with PPE sales is monstrous. video of day 3
‘Made in China’ Masks – Funded By YOUR Tax Dollars – Distributed To House Members And Staff Irk Some
Air Force Officer Allergic to COVID Vax Receives Letter Of Reprimand Instead Of Medical Exemption
Chinese Lab Manager Detained On Suspicion Of Causing Spread of COVID ALERT
Omicron's Not The Last Variant We'll See. Will The Next One Be Bad?
Home COVID Test – video humor
Fully Vaccinated Are Super Spreaders Of COVID Virus Shows Ontario Data
Forced COVID Lockdowns In China Are Starving People To Death
The BBC Won’t Tell You That 4 in 5 COVID-19 Deaths in Past Month Were Among Triple/Double Vaccinated According to Official Data
Mass COVID Camps Being Built: Concentration Camps for the Unvaxxed Down Under
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Monday and Tuesday we left up COVID prevention protocols from the FLCCC Physicians ALLIANCE and Dr. Peter McCullough. In that comment we posted that Dr. Pierre Kory had said India had just cancelled 2 different vaccines because one didn't work and the other was toxic. Monday he didn't specify which was which. Tuesday he did in an interview with Rachel Campos-Duffy on Fox's Primetime.

He shared that the Merck vaccine, Molnupiravir (V590 and V591), doesn't work and has been discontinued, and Pfizer's vaccine is toxic. Dr Kory stated,

"Those drugs have serious problems. The Merck, Molnupiravir, does not work. We know it doesn't work. The second half of the trial, the placebo outperformed the drug. India just canceled their order for that drug.

"Paxlovid, the Pfizer drug, that one has very little safety data. We don't have long-term safety data on it, and that it also has a lot of contra-indications with other medications and it also has toxicities. It's a scary drug."

Now we know why the Federal Judge Gives FDA 8 Months to Release Pfizer Vaccine Safety Data After Agency Requested 75 Years
Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon Declares COVID Vaccines Are “Toxic By Design” – They’re Weapons To Reduce Global Population – HOLLY NOTE: Taking a dip into the conspiracy pool… Stan and I wondered at the time when all of these politicians took the jab on live TV, how did we know what was in the vial?
Novavax CEO Says Its COVID Vaccine Could Be Cleared In Multiple Countries Over Next 90 Days – HOLLY NOTE: It's already available in 170 of the world's 196 countries. What's the hold up here?
Red Cross Declares First-Ever National Blood Crisis
Biden Administration Cuts Florida’s Weekly Monoclonal Shipment in Half
Biden Health Team Weighs New Mask Distribution Plan
Biden Wants U.S. Agencies to Mandate COVID-19 Testing For Unvaccinated Employees By Feb 15
Tucker: Why Are Americans Putting Up With This? – video of day 4
They Are Taking The Vaccine Wars Kinetic: COVID Concentration Camps Activated in America, Unvaxxed Will Be Kidnapped at Gunpoint By Left-Wing “Health Officers” With Arrest Power – HOLLY NOTE: This headline is both hyperbolic and unnecessarily inflammatory. I scanned the document WAC 246-100-040 twice from which the author performed a swan dive into a pool of exaggeration. Nowhere did the words gunpoint, gun, firearms, or kidnap appear. Cops don't always use fire power to take people into custody.

This is a Washington State document only, not the whole of America. Last, the .pdf of this document shows it was certified in Oct. 2019 when COVID was barely a blip on the radar. Admittedly it's disturbing that such a document exists, but what would you expect out of Washington whose goofball governor, Jay Inslee, let thieves, thugs and looters rampage and burn businesses throughout his state and injure people rioting in 2000? Inslee scored an F for worst governors by Freedom and

He won't be up for re-election till 2024 so there's plenty of time for Inslee to wreck move havoc. However, residents are fed up with Inslee's emergency powers grab. As of Monday, Jan. 10., there is a bi-partisan effort afoot to bring him to heel.
NTEB Told You A Year Ago That The Vaccines Could Not Stop COVID And Got Banned On Facebook For Saying It, Now CDC Is Saying The Exact Same Thing
Bombshell Data From 145 Countries Show That COVID Vaccines INCREASE COVID-19 Associated Sickness And Death
Tucker: Race-Based Vaccines Is Collective Punishment – video of day 1
Dr. Robert Malone Fires Off Warning Shot on The War Room: Latest Disease Spreading Across China an “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus” (VIDEO) – HOLLY NOTE: As Nathanael once asked about Jesus, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Does anything good ever come out of China?
New Yorkers Raise Hell Over COVID Segregation In Nike Store, Whole Foods: “This Is The Same Thing They Did In Nazi Germany, Everybody Was ‘Just Doing Their Job’ Until The Holocaust Happened”
New FOIA by US Right to Know Reveals Fauci-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Attempted to Hide Their Role In Developing The Virus
CDC Report: U.S. Abortion Rate Rose For 2nd Consecutive Year
OSHA Vaccine Mandate Takes Hold As Supreme Court Justices Deliberate Legality
More Than Half Of Europe Could Catch COVID-19 In 2 Months, WHO Expert Warns
COVER-UP: Fauci-Linked EcoHealth Alliance Pushed to Block Public Release of COVID Genetic Data From China
Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath
Australia's Northern Territory Chief Minister Says Unvaccinated People Cannot Leave Home To Work, Exercise
In World First, US Surgeons Successfully Transplant a Pig Heart Into Human Patient
Federal Judge Gives FDA 8 Months to Release Pfizer Vaccine Safety Data After Agency Requested 75 Years – HOLLY NOTE: What does the FDA want to hide? This is outrageous. My body, my choice. Our right to know. ALERT
Cyprus Reportedly Discovers a COVID Variant That Combines Omicron And Delta
Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID Vaccines
Critical Care and Pulmonary Medicine Dr. Pierre Kory Backs Drug Use to Combat COVID-19: 'People Are Dying' – HOLLY NOTE: Dr. Kory stated in this interview that India just canceled their order for vaccines because one is toxic and the other doesn't work. Unfortunately he didn't specify which is which. He said folks in India are waiting for Novavax. Kory is part of the FLCCC Physicians ALLIANCE. This is a group of about a dozen doctors whose sole aim is to penetrate the vaccine BS and get to the heart of what helps people.

Download their various COVID treatments including early outpatient and hospital protocols and those with COVID longhaul syndrome. This .pdf, Complete Guide to the Care of the COVID-19 Patient is particularly helpful. On page 13, it lists supplements and how much to take of each to prevent COVID.

They also have pharmacy sources for Ivermectin as well as prescribing doctors. We've just scratched the resources on this website for you, and you can peruse the rest at your leisure.

Sunday I went to the grocery store, arrived when it first opened and there was next to no one there. Once home again, I used Dr. Peter McCullough's protocol. Every doctor we've listened to including Drs. Kory and McCullough state that COVID, when first exposed, lives mostly in the nose and secondarily in the mouth, not by the hands. This conclusion is the result of 9 clinical studies.

Both said using anti-virals greatly reduces chances of getting COVID. On Dr. McCullough's website America Out Loud, he recommends mixing 1/2 tsp. povidone 10% iodine or Betadyne with 1-1/2 ounces of water in a small spray bottle. Spray up each nostril twice and sniff it in to the back of the throat. Then gargle with the rest, spit it out and you're done. Dr. Kory also discusses this prevention on page 19 in the above-mentioned .pdf.

He said it's best to do it at night so COVID isn't 'baking' in your nose overnight. Kill it when it first hits your nose and mouth. However, since we weren't going out again yesterday, didn't wait. It took about a minute to do this and it may prevent weeks of misery.

We bought these little bottles, which are the perfect size + they provide a couple of small funnels to make pouring the iodine and water spill-proof. The spray is narrow enough it goes exactly where you want it as iodine can stain.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Stan nor I are doctors and are only repeating what Dr. McCullough recommends. It is for informational purposes only. – video of week 1
COVID-Positive Nurses Are in Our Hospitals. But Biden's Mandate Forbids Unvaccinated Ones.
Fact Check: Sotomayor Claims 100,000 Children 'in Serious Condition,' on 'Ventilators'
Rand Paul: 'Is Fauci Advising Justice Sotomayor?'
Mark McGowan Warns Western Australia's Unvaccinated Population Life Is About to 'Get Very Difficult' - as the State Reports Three New Cases
New York Hospitals Admit Nearly Half Of Their COVID Patients Were Admitted For Unrelated Maladies
Geraldo Rivera Tests Positive And Is Astounded Since He’s Double and Boosted Seems To Be Finally Sinking In – video
SHOT TO DEATH: Moderna CEO Says 4th Booster May Be Needed – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday Stan had to go in for a procedure at our local hospital. We asked his nurses if they new anything about the coming availability Novavax. She said they didn't, but shared that they're being asked this all the time. She also shared the COVID infections had dramatically dropped off in Pueblo County and that only 20% of patients hospitalized there have COVID.
Nations Begin ‘Test Marketing’ Locking Down the Unvaccinated to See Just How Far They Can Go In Punishing Them
Weeks After Nurses Make Desperate Plea For Help, Major Hospital Fires 700 Unvaccinated Workers: 'We Need Action'
Qantas Pilots Making Errors When Returning to Work After Months Off Due to COVID-19 – HOLLY NOTE: Qantas is again named the safest airline in 2021 and it can't be the only this airline experiencing a sag in skills. When we came home to America from Australia in March 2001, we flew Qantas. Originally we had tickets for us, Taco and Seismo on United.

On a whim, Stan checked airlines' records for pet care. We'd never flown with our dogs so it never occurred there might be an issue. Much to our shock United rated poorly with numerous pet deaths since. Since the cargo hold wasn't temperature controlled they were subject to intense cold. Today cargo holds temp is maintained at 44ºF so liquids don't freeze.

This might be OK for short journeys, but Taco and Seismo's trip from Melbourne to L.A. lasted 14 hours, then 4 hours from L.A. to Denver. Of course, being in the dark, it would make it feel even frostier. Other dogs died of heat stroke after being left for hours on broiling tarmacs.

Stan immediately cancelled our tickets and booked on Qantas. The change was another $2000, but you can't put a price on the lives of 4-legged family members.

In this most current overall safety analysis, United rates dead last of the top 20 airlines. Then this 2018 report says that United rated worst for pet deaths in 2017, 2016 and 2015 so maybe they haven't improved much. If You're The Wrong Race, The Push For Health-Care 'Equity' Could Kill You
Health ‘Experts’ Finally Admit Masks Control People, Not Viruses
The (Other) Surprising Uses For Viagra
Prostate Cancer Could Be Cured With a 'Game-Changing' HOUR-Long Op
“Everyone Who Died With Covid Should Be Considered Murdered”: Nurse Promoting Early Treatment Exposes Scamdemic in Epic School Board Rant
Court REJECTS FDA Request to Release Vaccine FOIA Documents Over the Next 55 Years – Orders Agency to Turn Over Tens of Thousands of Pfizer Docs Monthly
Pfizer, BioNTech to Partner to Develop mRNA Shingles Vaccine
Boris Johnson: 90% of Patients in ICU Are Double-Vaxxed – HOLLY NOTE: Earlier this week nighttime talk show host George Noory shared that his adult son contracted COVID, got triple vaxxed and then got COVID a 2
nd time.
Official German Government Data Suggests The Fully Vaccinated Will Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome By The End of January 2022
5 Professional Soccer Players Die From Heart Attacks, Fueling Speculation of Vaccine Side Effects
OUTBREAK: Oregon Hospital Reports Rare Fungal Superbug
Dr. Zelenko: “Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To…”
Kim Iversen: What is MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS? Is The Public Being Gaslit? – video of day 4
Starbucks Institutes Vaccine Mandate For US Employees
Former Surgeon General Clarifies Testing Confusion as Biden Admin, CDC Struggle With Supply – video
2 Brilliant Doctors Explain What’s Really Going On With COVID ED OF DAY 2
China Locks Down City After 3 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19
REPORT: CCP May Have Launched New Variant – “People Bleeding From The Eyes, Nose, Mouth…” - HOLLY NOTE: It came out over the weekend that cloth masks do almost nothing and you need N95 or NK95. Gave a cursory glance on Amazon for the NK95 and the first product that came up says Made in the USA.

I'll be hanged to buy products of any description that are made in China when they unleased COVID hell on the world IF masks are mandated by Gov. Polis. That's doubtful as Polis is the only Democrat gov who said we've given the COVID information to Coloradans and it's up to them to make their own choices.
New Studies Show That the COVID Vaccines Damage Your Immune System, Likely Permanently
Soviet Canada: Doctor Locked in Psych Ward Who Exposed Stillbirths Explosion in 'Vaccinated' Moms (Interview)
Texas Becomes 7th State to Decline Vaccine Mandate Enforcement for National Guard
VAERS Reports Jab Injuries & Deaths Pass 1,000,000, Safe & Effective Narrative In Shambles [video]
Federal Judge Blocks DOD From Punishing Navy SEALs For Seeking Religious Exemptions To Vaccine Mandate
Tucker: COVID Luncy Will End in 2022 – video of day 1
Pilot Whistleblower: ‘My Colleagues Are Dropping Like Flies with Crushing Chest Pains’
Leftist ‘Karen’ Arrested for Illegally Injecting Teen with COVID Jab against His Will
Flip-Flop: And Just Like That…CNN Says Masks ‘Not Appropriate For Pandemic’
CDC is Once Again Considering Humiliating Reversal to Quarantine Guidelines After Fierce ‘Backlash’
With More COVID Deaths In 2021, When Does Trump Get His Apology?
Overwhelmed Hospitals. Staffing Shortages. Businesses Closing. Here’s How The Omicron Wave Is Ravaging Local Communities
What Dr. Robert Malone Could NOT Tell Joe Rogan
Dr. Peter MCullough: Dilute Povidone-Iodine Nasal/Oral Washes for the Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19
FDA-Approved Anti-Parasitic Drug Ivermectin Can Kill The Coronavirus Within 48 Hours, Reports New Study
The mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Were Designed and Manufactured to Fail
Cloth Masks May Not Protect Against Omicron, Report Says
This Week in COVID: Emergencies Don’t Last For 2 Years
In 2022, We Can Look Forward To More COVID Variants, Forced Vaccinations And Mandatory Immunity Passports In Joe Biden’s Dark Winter
Expert Warns Avian Flu to Reach Sea of Galilee, Posing Danger to Humans
Autopsy Analysis: 93% of Post-Vaccination Deaths Are Caused By the Jabs… “Killer Lymphocytes” Attack Organs Like the Heart and Lungs
FaucI Says Americans Could Be Forced to Test Negative Before Exiting 5-Day COVID Quarantine
Dutch Lockdown Protesters Are Mauled By Police Dogs And Hit With Batons
COVID Map for America
COVID Cases for America By County