Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

God Bless Israel.
And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed. —Genesis 12:3

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PA Organizations Call For Riots Today
Terrible Timing: Judge Cancels Registration of Jerusalem Russian Church Gifted to Putin
Israel's Gantz Says Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Signed Within Days
Putin’s Personal Jewish Connection; A Ray of Hope For the Jews in Ukraine
The Next Ukraine? Russia Tells Israel: The Golan Heights Do Not Belong to You
Israel Takes Sides: Accuses Russia of ‘Violating International Order'
Replacement Theology in Jerusalem: Churches Lobby to Prevent National Park on Mount of Olives
Alleged Israeli Airstrike Targets Damascus
Israel Hits Targets Near Quneitra, Syrian Media Reports
Russian Generals Spotted Praying Graveside For Peace With Ukraine at Rabbinic Dynasty at Same That Trump Family Prayed Graveside in New York
Calls for Hamas to Attack Israel Heard in Jerusalem
Israeli Navy Takes Part in World’s Largest Naval Exercise in Red Sea, Gulf of Eilat
Sanhedrin’s Noahide Court Calls on the Nations to Honor the Shabbat to Bring Messiah
On the Backs of the Abraham Accords, Jared Kushner Raises Billions and Becomes Middle East Power Player As He Creates a Life Outside of Trump
Israeli Natural Gas to Flow to Egypt via Jordan
While All Eyes Are on Ukraine, Look What's Happening in the Middle East – video of day 3
Israel’s own Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ heads to Jerusalem [Watch] – HOLLY NOTE: It started with Canada, then progressed to Australia, Paris, New Zealand, and the EU at large. Where in the world is the US and why aren't we getting our act together?

In our opinion, these protests should have ALL been labeled as a ‘Freedom Convoy’ with their country name following. It shows unity behind Canada and against mandates of any kind. Little Israel has stood up to government mandates. Where is America? Oh yeah, under Biden, she's cowering and shrinking.
If Israel Strikes Iran, What Happens Next?
Fearing Imminent War; Israel Rushes Citizens Out of Ukraine
More Good Medical News From Israel
Looming Power Struggle For PA Presidency Could Spell Chaos For Palestinians
'Squad' Firebrand, Rashida Tlaib Quietly Sending Huge Sum to Radical Anti-Israel Activist
Rabbi: It’s a Biblical Commandment To Battle George Soros
Bennett: Pending Iran Deal Will ‘Damage’ Israel’s Ability To Deal With Nukes
Israel Air Force Drilled ‘Massive Attack on Iran’ in Presence of US Officer – Report ALERT
Israeli Airstrikes Said to Hit Targets Near Damascus – HOLLY NOTE: Sounds like the Isaiah 17:1-3 phrophecy edges closer. ALERT
EU Commits 657 Million Euro to First Step in Connecting Israel to European Power Grid
Ancient Hebrew Amulet Discovered at Joshua’s Altar in Samaria
Saudi Arabian Journalist Calls For Breaking Ties With ‘Palestinians’
Netanyahu Says He Rejected Plea Deal That Would Ban Him From Politics
Israel’s Warning System For ‘End-of-Days’ Earthquakes Is Called ‘Shofar’
Israel, US Successfully Test Arrow 3 Anti-Ballistic-Missile System
Over 3 Million NIS in Donations to Cover Netanyahu's Legal Fees
Fresh Reports Claim Talks For Netanyahu Plea Deal Have Stalled
Jihadist, Shabbat, Synagogue, Jewish Hostages, To Free Jew-hating Islamic Terrorist - FBI: “Not Specifically Related to the Jewish Community."
After Colleyville Synagogue Hostage Crisis, Israeli Rabbis Unite in Warning to US Jews: Return to Israel Now
Torrential Rains Create Flooding Throughout Israel – video
Netanyahu Negotiating Plea Over Corruption Charges
Hamas Meets With Iran; Calls on All Muslim, Arab Countries to Unite in War Against Israel ALERT
Palestinian Claim To Jerusalem Causing The Current Violent Rifts In Islam, Mid-East Expert Reveals