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EXCLUSIVE: After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion in Damages, and Over 2,000 Policemen and Policewomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed or Promised Nearly $1 Billion to BLM and/or Social Justice Groups
FEMA Website Warns Americans to Maintain Social Distancing and Wear a Mask in the Event of a Nuclear Explosion
John Kerry: Ukraine Is Diverting Attention From Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: An evil ruthless enemy has invaded Ukraine. People are dying. Their lives and livelihoods destroyed. Everything is in upheaval and Kerry worries his climate change agenda is being ignored. This goes way beyond tone deaf. It's selfish heartlessness of a jerk who lives so far above the masses, he can't see what's important.

This is the same hypocrite who pounds his climate change agenda as he flies around the world on his private jet and emits hundreds of tons of carbon. Haven't seen figures for this year, but in the first 8 months of 2021, "Kerry's family jet has already emitted 30 times the amount of carbon emitted by a typical passenger vehicle per year."

Pelosi? She's just as bad warning that climate change is an "existential threat" to the U.S. In 2020, she "spent over $500K on private jets despite claiming ‘we have a moral obligation’ to reduce emissions."
Secret Service Conveniently Can't Find Hunter Biden Travel Records For 2010, 2011, or 2013
Teacher Who Said Conservative Christians “Need to Get COVID and Die” Has Resigned
Garland Expected to Roll Back Elements of DOJ Program to Combat Chinese Spying – HOLLY NOTE: This program was begun under President Trump to combat China stealing intellectual property from American inventors. AG Merrick Garland and the Biden admin are being pressureed by activists so protective programs are being scaled back to allow more theft. What happened to 'just say no?'
American Olympians Must Leave Beijing Without Their Medals
Disney ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ to Release Cannibalism Horror Movie ‘Fresh’ As Former Family Film Company Aligns Itself With the Demonic
214 Sex Workers Arrested in Super Bowl ‘Human Trafficking’ Mission
FDA Executive Officer: ‘Biden Wants Annual Forced Shots,’ “It’ll Be Recurring Fountain of Revenue" – HOLLY NOTE: Try not to gnash your teeth watching this. – video of day 1
Kevin McCarthy Claims Democrats’ Visa Program Benefits China at America’s Expense
You Will Never Guess Who's in Charge of the $60 Million in Black Lives Matter Assets
Man is Reportedly Kicked Off Flight for Wearing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Mask, Official Claims the Phrase Violates FAA Regulations
Facial Recognition Firm Aims To Collect 100 Billion Photos By 2023
China Can Now Determine Which NBA Players Make a Team’s Roster and Which Players Get Cut! The Black-Balling Of Enes Kanter
Hillary Clinton to Get Lifetime Achievement Award
Tennessee: High School Class in ‘How to Torture a Jew’; Force Him to Say the Name of God
FLASHBACK: GoFundMe Supported Antifa-Occupied ‘CHAZ/CHOP’ Even After People Were Murdered
Homelessness in San Francisco Bay Area Is Now So Bad Residents Are Being Asked to House Vagrants in Their OWN HOMES: Politicians and Charities Claim Locals Want to Be Part of the Solution – STAN NOTE: Bet Pelosi will be first to invite them into her mansion since she needs help eating all that ice cream.
You’re Paying the Coyotes … And They Work at the United Nations ED OF DAY 2
Dr. Malone: Tony Fauci & Other ‘Experts’ Used Burner Phones to Plot Cover Up COVID Wuhan Lab Leak
Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches ‘Grand Challenge’: The ‘Holy Grail Of Influenza Research’ And ‘Bridging The Valley Of Death’ – flashback
Afghan Refugee Who Sexually Assaulted 3-Year-Old Girl Claimed It Was Okay In His Culture
Promoting the Grooming and Sexualization of Children
Teacher Made White Elementary School Children Apologize to Black Kids For Their Skin Color
The Holocaust, Rwanda, Nanking, Critical Race Theory, and Whoopi Goldberg ED OF DAY 13

Theft of 2 Human Heads From Melbourne Cemeteries Could Be Connected to Satanic Rituals After Tell-Tale Clues Were Found At Scene
NEAR DARWIN: Man 'Electrocuted' on Rail Line While Fleeing Police
WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Says Holocaust Was 'Not About Race'
In Face of Major Backlash and Demands to Be Fired: Goldberg Issues Apology Claiming She 'Stands Corrected'
There’s No Need For Faceless IRS Technology To See Our Faces ED OF DAY 2
Mother Charged With Attempted Murder After Throwing Daughter Into Bear Pit – video
Convicted Of Child Molesting, 26 Year Old Man Gets 2 Years In Girls Juvenile Detention Center… As a Woman
Actress Fired After Ranting About Street Closures For NYPD Detective Jason Rivera’s Funeral
Police: Hiker Falls, Dies Trying To Take Picture on Arizona Mountain
Fauci to Get Gallery Honor For His 'Transformational Impact' on Country
Truckers Against Vax Mandate Raise Millions; GoFundMe Withholds Funds
How Tech Elites Are Helping China Achieve Global Supremacy: New Book

Sundance: Disney Focuses Its Searchlight on Horror Cannibalism With Charmer Who Cuts Up Dates and Eats ‘Em
TWISTED FAMILY TREE 'World’s Most Inbred Family’ Includes Four Generations Of Incest
Teacher Unions Used Pandemic to Funnel Millions to Divisive Political Groups: Government Accountability Institute

Motorcyclist Topping 130 Mph Dies In Accident
'Sexuality Club' Outrages in an Elementary School Parents – video
Billionaire Investor Chamath Palihapitiya Says ‘Nobody Cares’ About Uyghur Genocide in China – HOLLY NOTE: Even if you thought this in your heart of hearts, why would you open your face and spill this spew? It is another End Times sign: "And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold." Money doesn't exempt people of common decency. —Matthew 24:12
Fauci's NIH Caught Funding Transgender Monkeys Experiment: PETA – HOLLY NOTE: As if we didn't need another reason to despite that pompous ass Fauci. Though we posted an article on this Monday, it makes a bigger impact when you can hear it. God must have a special place in hell for people that torture children, the vulnerable and helpless animals. – video of day 2
ANTICHRIST: Anthony Fauci Caught on a Hot Mic Blaspheming God As He Used the Name of the Lord As A Curse Word Aimed At Rand Paul And Others
SOME THINGS ARE JUST WRONG: Drag Queen Story Hour For Children Comes To Church
Murderers, Terrorists, And Sex Traffickers Rolling In Cash After Biden Stimulus Checks Sent Out
Progressive Conspiracy Theorist Joy Reid Facing Termination From MSNBC – Good Riddance

Moment Man Fatally Breaks Neck While Jumping Subway Turnstile
A NEAR DARWIN AWARD: Unresponsive Man Pulled From NYC Ocean During 'Polar Plunge'
Cancer-Stricken Vietnam Veteran DENIED Cancer Treatment by VA
5 Missing Teenage Girls Found, 30 Sex Offenders Arrested