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THE NEXT CME WON'T MISS: A Full-Halo CME Is heading Directly For Earth ALERT
Backyard Astronomer: Dodging a Solar Bullet: The Present Solar Cycle Is Ramping Up Stronger and Earlier to the Height of Solar Max Sometime in July 2025 ALERT
Sun's Tuesday Far Side Eruption Marks One of the Largest Coronal Mass Ejections in Recent History – HOLLY NOTE: Had that CME been earth-facing, you wouldn't be reading this. This article states "if Tuesday's CME was directed towards Earth it would have easily knocked out satellites, power grids, cell phones, and more. …We are even more vulnerable to these storms today because of the advancements and dependency of our way of life to digital technology."

Articles addressing this global threat are coming fast and hard as scientists see the increasing risk. It's like many things government does. They plant the seed and hope you'll pay attention and prepare accordingly. Stan will address this on the Hagmann Report tonight. Should our grid get hit with a CME it will relegate everything Biden has done to America and the war in Ukraine unimportant. ALERT
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Astronomers Discover a New Type of Star Covered in Helium Burning Ashes
The Asteroid With 3 Companion Moons: 160 Mile-Wide Space Rock Named Elektra Is First Quadruple System Ever Detected
Two Doomed Comets
HUGE FARSIDE CME EXPLOSION: Earth Dodged a Bullet – This Time – HOLLY NOTE: That 'next one' that scientists warn we aren't ready for nearly happened yesterday (see last article posted today).

October 28, 2003 the Sun shot off a life-withering X45 mega-flare. This was more than twice as big as any previous event. The only thing that saved us from a grid-down catastrophe was this raging storm erupted away from Earth.

Yesterday's CME also shot off the back side of the Sun so it's damaging effects are moving away from Earth. IF, however, it had erupted from sunspot 2946, you wouldn't be reading this now and life would have changed cataclysmically.
Watch the Massive Explosion – video
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Third Potential Planet Discovered Around Proxima Centauri
A Flurry of CMEs Over the Weekend Will Remarkably Miss Earth
Elon Musk Loses 40 Starlink Satellites After Geomagnetic Storm Rattles Earth – ‘Costing SpaceX $10 Million’ ALERT
Astronomers Confirm a 2nd Trojan Asteroid For Earth
HUGE SOLAR PROMINENCE on the Sun's Southeastern Limb, Big Enough to Swallow Jupiter
1,000 Mysterious Strands Revealed at the Milky Way’s Heart
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NASA Reveals New Plan to Stop ‘Doomsday’ Asteroids That Could Wipe Out Earth
Traces of an Ancient Solar Storm Are Causing Scientists Concern
Unprecedented Images Of Milky Way’s Center Revealed By Astrophysicists
BIG SUNSPOT ALERT: New Sunspot Ar2936, 5x the Size of Earth, Has 40% Chance of M-Class Flares Today, 10% Chance of X-Class
The Trail of Hidden Lakes On Mars Finally Goes Dry In New Study
Celestial Object Baffles Astronomers, Releases Massive Energy Bursts On Schedule
Astronomy’s Most Dazzling Era Is About to Begin
Webb Telescope Reaches Destination, 1 Million Miles From Earth: NASA
Time to Grab the Telescope! Huge Asteroid Twice the size of the Empire State Building Will Race By Earth At 43,000Mph TONIGHT ALERT
NASA Admits Huge Killer Asteroids Can Sneak Up On Us Unnoticed
CME ALERT: A CME Might Be Heading For Earth
Dimming Sun's Rays Should Be Off-Limits, Say Experts – HOLLY NOTE: Hmmm… This wouldn't fit Democrats' global warming narrative.
A Full Halo CME Just Exploded Off the Far Side of the Sun
An Enormous Asteroid More Massive Than 2 Empire State Buildings Will Zip Past Earth Next Week
Israeli Scientists Detect a New Type of Supernova
Solar Cycle 25 Shaping Up to Be Stronger Than Expected – New Sunspot Counts Confirm Its Outperforming Official Forecasts, Geomagnetic "Storm Days" Nearly Triple in the Past 12 Months ALERT
Massive Meteor – Equivqlent to 30 Tons of TNT – Explodes Over Pittsburgh – video
2022 Opens With a Barrage of Asteroids Aimed At Earth: Here’s the Messianic Implications
Astronomers Uncover the Largest Group of Rogue Planets Yet
Huge Supply of Water Discovered on Mars, Frozen at the Bottom of its Grand Canyon
Tiny Fragments of Russian Military Satellite Could Hit Earth THIS WEEEK
Strangest Exoplanets of 2021