We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom.
—Steve Forbes

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Americans Blast Biden For Halting Keystone Pipeline: 'Killed Our Economy' – video of day 2
20 Episodes Exposing Fraud, Illegalities, Irregularities in 2020
Whatever Became of the Anti-Trump Prophets?
We Knew Biden Would Set Foreign Policy on Fire
Biden Dispatches ‘The Joker’ to Europe – HOLLY NOTE: Kamala was so bad that when Sean Hannity interviewed Tulsi Gabbard last night, he asked how would she grade VP Harris' Poland visit. Tulsi, former Democrat presidential candidate responded, "Is there anything worse than "F" on the grading scale?

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence to President Trump and current Ambassador to Germany, Ric Grenell had this to say: "Oh Dear God. This is a total disaster. She isn’t prepared. She isn’t grasping issues & solutions. She rambles. I blame the Sacramento media for never properly vetting her."
President Trump Is Holding a Rally in South Carolina on Saturday, 7 PM Eastern – HOLLY NOTE: Newsmax will carry the rally live as well as Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube will livestream it and Rumble.
Donald Trump's Truth Social Propels Conservatives' Reach Past Twitter In Few Short Weeks
Trump Speaks Out On Confronting Russian Aggression – video of day 2
27,000 Texas Primary Ballots Flagged Under New Election Laws
Hannity Reacts to Harris' 'Laughing Fit' On Ukraine Refugees Question – video of day 1
Not One State Who Cheated Trump Has Decertified the Election ED OF DAY 1
The Night Watchman: How Biden Drove Up Our Gas Prices ED OF DAY 2
Dark Money Groups Cast Deep Shadows Over Supreme Court Confirmation Battles
Graham Signals He's Likely 'No' Vote on Biden SCOTUS Nominee Jackson
Pompeo Flashes Foreign-Policy Chops As He Eyes 2024 Bid
Worst President Ever? Let's Find Out ED OF DAY
Kamala Harris Dodges Question on Poland's Fighter Jet Deal and Insists She Is 'United' With President Duda: VP Promises $50M More in Aid to Ukraine, Laughs When Asked About Refugees
Harris Faces Biggest Diplomatic Test As Locals Worry 'Putin Smells Biden's Fear' – HOLLY NOTE: Listening to Harris' speech this morning, it was sophomoric and she sounded extremely nervous, stumbling here and there.
Biden's Failures By The Numbers – Energy Costs, Poll Numbers Tell The Story
Tucker: The Pentagon Is Lying About Bio Labs in Ukraine – video of day 1
Biden’s New Lockdowns – video of day 2
President Trump Says Biden Is Letting 'Radical Climate Extremists Run Our Country' as US Sees Record-High Gas Prices
Peter Doocy Asks For A Straight Answer On Keystone, Gets The Runaround From Jen Psaki
Mother Killed With Children While Fleeing Ukraine Identified As Silicon Valley Employee
Tone-Deaf Biden Announces $2.6 Billion Global 'Gender Equality' Initiative as World Order Collapses
Saudi Arabia's Leader Gives Biden's Oil Plea the Cold Shoulder, Turns to Putin Instead
RNC Sues Jan. 6 Committee Over Salesforce Subpoena
Biden Urged to Unleash Defense Production Act to Expand Green Energy Rather Than Oil Production
Poll: Most Americans Blame Biden For Ukraine, Want More U.S. Energy Production To Fight Sky-High Gas Prices
Tone-Deaf John Kerry Uses Ukrainian Refugee Crisis to Shift Attention to Climate
Texas Elections Official To Resign After 1000s Of Uncounted Ballots Found
DC Police Officer’s Suicide Days After Jan. 6 Riot Ruled Line-Of-Duty Death
Former Keystone Pipeline Worker Says US Energy Crisis Is Result of Biden's Policies: 'We Tried to Warn You'
Did Kamala Harris Suffer A Head Injury? Her Latest Public Speech Is Simply Atrocious (VIDEO)
Kamala Proves the Peter Principle ED OF DAY 1
In Israel, Mike Pence Says Future GOP Administration Will Rip Up Any New Iran Deal
Psaki Claims Biden Administration Not Slowing Domestic Oil
Biden Pauses New Oil and Gas Leases Amid Legal Battle Over Cost Of Climate Change
FLASHBACK: Biden’s Executive Order on Oil and Gas Drilling Threatens ‘Lifeblood’ of New Mexico Economy
Related: Biden Executive Order 14008 of January 27, 2021: Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad – HOLLY NOTE: Notice how this EO skillfully doesn't include fossil fuels in its title. We've seen in the last 14 months that Biden cleverly disguises the real intent of an EO through a nonsensical heading.
Maryland Senate Bill 669 Legalizes Infanticide Up To 28 Days After Birth
Project Veritas: NY Times Reporter: Jan. 6 Media Coverage Over-the-Top: “There Were a Ton of FBI Informants Amongst the People who Attacked the Capitol” (VIDEO)
Leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Refuse To Take Biden Phone Calls, Both Spoke to Vladimir Putin
Jimmy Failla: Biden's Tank Is Half Full – video
McDonald's, Starbucks, Coca-Cola Join Corporate America’s Exit From Russia
The Real Reason Why Biden Wants to Spend Billions on Pre-K ED OF DAY 3
Vladimir Putin: Russia’s Trump? ED OF DAY 1
What Would Happen If the US Imposed a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine
TUCKER CARLSON: We Are At War With Russia, Whether Or Not Congress Has Declared It – video of day 1 ALERT
The Bill That Would Bar the Biden Admin From Stockpiling Records on American Gun Owners
SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Iran Oil Is Fueling Russia's War Machine -- US Must Not Lift Sanctions Against Tehran
Psaki Snaps at Question Over Why Biden Isn't Producing More Domestic Oil
VIRTUAL WARFARE WARNING: Russia-Ukraine war: NYC on 'Ultra-High Alert' Amid Increased Risk of Russian Retaliatory Cyberattack ALERT
More Republicans Than Democrats Would Stay And Fight If What Happened in Ukraine Occurred in US: Poll
It Can’t Be Coincidence That So Many Things Have Gone So Wrong In So Little Time ED OF DAY 3
The Bill That Would Bar the Biden Admin From Stockpiling Records on American Gun Owners
Nikki Haley: 'Absolute Lunacy' That US Continues to Import Oil From Russia
More Than 70% Of Americans Support Ban On Russian Oil
Why Is Joe Biden Still Working With Putin on Iran? ED OF DAY 1
HORRIFIC! Prosecution Calls Teenage Kids of January 6’er to the Stand As Witnesses Against Him! The Biden Regime Has No Conscience! Exclusive Letter from Wife!!
WATCH: Charlotte Soccer Fans Save National Anthem After Microphone Fails — and it was Epic!
Why Are So Many People Still Pro-Russian?
John Kennedy Drops Bombshell Reveals Biden Just Gave Putin $18 Billion via The IMF – video
Levin: What Kind of Fool Does This? – video of day 4
Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Reps. Need To “Shut Up” About Dead U.S. Troops In Afghanistan
Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls For Putin’s Assassination: ‘The Only Way This Ends’
Congress Takes Weekend Off Despite Urgent Calls For Emergency Action On Ukrainian Aid
Trump’s America First, Misunderstood ED OF DAY
Democrats Blame 'Price Gouging' For High Gas Prices; Experts Disagree
"Aren't We Financing [Russia's] War?" Psaki Savaged By Press Over US Oil Policy
January 6 Panel Says Trump May Have Engaged in ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ to Overturn 2020 Election
Trump Trashes Jan. 6 Panel Findings, Calls It a Ruse to Block Him From 2024 Presidential Run
Dan Bongino: Propaganda Versus Hard Realities – video of day 1
Verdict on Ketanji Brown Jackson: ‘Supreme’-ly Heartless
This Week in Whoppers Biden Blames Jan. 6 for Putin's Invasion and More
Hanson: Biden Can Cut Putin's Income, But He's Captive to 'The Squad' – video
Biden Draws the Worst Viewing Numbers For a President's First State of the Union in 30 Years: Just 38 Million Americans Tuned in Compared With 45.5M For Trump
Here It Is! Widespread Election Fraud' Revealed in Report
AMERICAN TRUCKERS UPDATE: After Merging With SIX Other Groups, 'The People's Convoy' is Over 10,000 Vehicles Strong, 70 Miles Long (VIDEOS)
"I Have The Biggest D**k In Chicago": Mayor Lightfoot Accused Of Berating Staff
Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?
Report: Biden Admin Gave China Intel On Russia, Beijing Gave it to Moscow
US Delays Nuke Test to Avoid Misread of Intentions, Showing Restraint
'Height of Irresponsibility': Blinken Slams Putin's Provocative Rhetoric On Nuclear Weapons
Geiger Counters: ALERT
Yesterday someone wrote in and asked if we'd repost what geiger counters we have. This first one is an old recalibrated unit from Shane Connor at Ki4u, where he sells many nuke-related products. For radiation detectors, go to his sister site. The unit we have is CDV 717, which we're not sure if it's still available, but they have other units to check out.

Then last year Stan bought a small hand-held unit from model # Rad 100 Geiger Counter.

We've also purchased thyroid gland protection tablets. The 2 biggest names out there are ThyroSafe potassium iodide tablets and IOSAT, which is potassium iodine. The two are basically interchangeable. ThyroSafe comes in 65 mg tablets with a shelf life of 6 years. IOSAT comes in 130 mg tablets with a shelf life of 7 years.
Dems' Fake Attempt to Walk Back Their Culture War
Biden’s State of Delusion ED OF DAY 1
Shellenberger: The West's Green Delusions Empowered Putin ED OF DAY 1
Arizona House, Senate Approve Measure Boosting Voter ID Requirements On November Ballots
Response to Sen. Rick Scott 11-Point Plan ED OF DAY 2
The 'Dick' Bill H.R. 11,654 of 1902. Gun Control Forbidden. Cannot be Repealed!
More on the "Dick" Bill
Houston Precinct Only Allows Democrats to Vote, Says They Are Closed to Republicans #TexasPrimary
State of Confusion: Top 10 Ways Biden Contradicted Himself During His SOTU
Tucker: This Is What Biden Left Unsaid Tuesday Night – video
Russian Leader Could Respond Harshly to Western Sanctions, Ex-CIA Official Warns – HOLLY NOTE: Putin is so unpredictable and vengeful, we are warning everyone to have several weeks' worth of cash on hand, a month's worth if possible; fill your vehicles with gas or diesel and pay any bills a month or 2 ahead, especially utilities, if this is within your budget. We know this will be very tough for some in Biden's disastrous economy, but do the best you can to protect your family.

This is in addition to the preps we hope you've already completed. We can't in any scenario, imagine that Putin won't seek paybacks. ALERT
Biden's SOTU Hits and Misses on Ukraine, Economy and Domestic Policy – HOLLY NOTE: The disingenuousness that flowed from Biden's face last night was astronomical. I had to ask Stan to change the channel for which he was thankful. Nobody who has watched Biden for the last 14 months purposefully plunge our country plunge into self-destruction could believe what they were hearing.

Biden has supported defunding the police yet said we must support them. Biden said we must secure our southern border while he has done just the opposite. He's left the border wide open for 14 months while 2.2 million + an estimated 500,000 gotaways poured in last year + 154,000 in Jan. 2022 and likely that same number for Feb. 2022.

So now after letting in 3 million illegal aliens and literally leaving $100 million of fully paid for border wall to lie used and rusting, now he says "we need to secure our border."

No one believes Biden and the only reasons he said it is because it's a killing issue for Democrats in November and Americans know what Biden did contrary to what most want. It was jaw dropping. Still, Democrats cheered him on and gave Biden standing O's like they both believed him and championed his message.

Biden and Company must think Americans are stupid with especially short memories.They count on us to forget in the voting booth every stupid and hurtful piece of legislation, mandate and Executive Order.
'Americans Are Tired': Iowa's Kim Reynolds Slams Biden's Failures at Home and Abroad Following SOTU
Watch Gov. Kim Reynolds Rebuttal – video of day 1
Joe Manchin Sits With Republicans During State of the Union
Biden Admin Accused of 'Embarrassing' the US as Energy Agenda Is Exposed By Russian Invasion – HOLLY NOTE: Biden purposefully and intentionally killed our energy independence on Day 1 of him taking office. President Trump not only made the U.S. energy self-sufficient, we were supplying natural gas to other countries.

Now feature this humiliating position. We are in an adversarial position with Russia yet the U.S. now has to purchase 844,000 barrels a day of crude oil and petroleum from Russia, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With crude at nearly $110/barrel, that's a sweet $93 million a day. In fact, Russia is America's largest supplier of imported gasoline. Unthinkable!

Biden promised to release more oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That was a feel-good sound bite only as the amount to be released is only 2 days' worth. It would affect the price at the pump.

Even worse "In 2021, 82% of all U.S. trade with Russia was an import, with only 12% a U.S. export." In essence, the U.S. is financing Russia's war.
'The Answer Is Not to Defund the Police': Biden Pushes Gun Control in SOTU
Latest Biden Gaffe: Mixing Up Which Country Targeted By Russia – HOLLY NOTE: Biden ignored in his SOTU many things that Americans are most concerned about: inflation, soaring crime, his failed Build Back Broke bill which he has rebranded as Build a Better America, the $30 trillion deficit, Americans stranded in Afghanistan and Ukraine, nor the 13 dead Americans specifically attributable to his wretched withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also failed to mention China, Israel or Iran.

He did address COVID, but not the hypocritical mandates nor the de-masking in many states literally the day before the SOTU message. Plus, no one attending the SOTU wore masks after pounding on this mandate right to the very day before.

The only positive issues are that he wants to address mental health, cancer and veterans. Voila! That's the gist of Biden's SOTU. Most Americans could sum up the state of America as woeful and getting worse.
Election Report Finds Facebook Mogul’s ‘Zuck Bucks’ Broke Law, Swayed Election Outcome in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman Calls for Decertification of Wisconsin 2020 Election Results (VIDEO)
New Poll Finds Republicans Hold Historic Lead Over Democrats On 2022 Ballot
Republicans Block Biden-Backed Bill Guaranteeing Abortion 'Without Limitations'
Biden Calls on Congress to Secure US-Mexico Border
How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Has Fundamentally Changed Biden’s Presidency
Biden Rejects Executive Privilege For Ex-Trump Advisers Flynn, Navarro
Poll: 62% of Americans Say Putin Would Not Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Were President
WARNING: Barack Obama & Eric Holder's Gerrymandering Group Paying off for Democrats
Biden's SOTU Was a Combination of Unicorn Dreams and Unicorn Poop ED OF DAY 1

Carjackings in Cities Like NYC, Philadelphia Jump Over 200% – Often With Kids Behind The Wheel, Officials Say
State of the Union: World on Edge, US Economy Teetering, Biden to Make Most Consequential Speech of His Life
With Gasoline Reaching Record Highs, Massive Inflation and a Crisis in Ukraine, Kamala Harris Brags “You Get What You Vote For”
Buttigieg on Drilling to Lower Gas Prices: We're Engaging in Diplomacy to Increase Global Production, We're in Transformation Away from Oil
Cringe: Jill Biden Introduces Kamala Harris as 'President' Right in Front of Joe Biden – HOLLY NOTE: She and Ol' Joe have both said it and he on multiple occasions, so they must be on the same page.
ELECTION FRAUD UPDATE: AZ Senate Study Finds Over 200,000 Ballots With MISMATCHED Signatures Were Counted In 2020 Election
Just 23% Democrats Choose Biden, Faces Loss to Trump
Republicans Mock Biden For Spending Weekend in Delaware, While War Rages in Ukraine – HOLLY NOTE: We remember when President Trump was up, working and available at 3 a.m., sometimes around the clock, sleeping most nights only 4 hours and sharp as a razor (contrast that to Biden). He rarely took vacations and instead played some rounds of golf, and forfeited his presidential salary.
Mitt Romney Excoriates ‘Disgusting’ Pro-Putin Republicans: ‘Almost Treasonous’
US Expels 12 Russian Diplomats For 'Espionage Activities'
Pelosi Changes Mask Rules Ahead of Biden’s Big Speech
Ice Curtain: Why Is There a New Russian Military Facility 300 Miles from Alaska?
Missouri State RINOs Sell Out… Will Missouri Turn BLUE?
After Sanctions on Russia Fail, Biden Lies About Why He Imposed Them – He Must Think No One Is Paying Attention.
Ted Deutch Becomes 31st House Democrat to Announce Retirement From Congress
Senator Blackburn: ‘Weak And Rudderless’ Biden Emboldening U.S. Enemies, China Likely To Take Taiwan
California is Trying to Be Like Texas Now
If They Spied on Trump, They Will Spy on You ED OF DAY 1
Biden Bungles Into Another War ED OF DAY 2
Deciphering Putin’s Next Move ED OF DAY 3
US Embassy Just Removed All Their Ukraine Bioweapon Lab Documents From the Website… Here They Are…
Meet the Immigrant Muslim-American Veteran Running to Defeat Ilhan Omar
Special Forces Seize Strategic Petroleum Reserves after Biden Gives Away 35,000,000+ Barrels
Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Tanks to New Low at 37%: Washington Post-ABC News Poll
More Polls Bring More Bad News for Joe Biden
Trump: Dems Supporting 'Woke Tyranny' Over American Democracy
Donald Trump 'Kills It' in CPAC Straw Poll For 2024 Republican Primary
‘We’ll Do It Again’: Trump Tells CPAC He’s Ready to Run In 2024
FULL: Donald Trump Speech at CPAC 2022 in Orlando, FL – video of week 1
Another J6 Protester Is Dead — This Makes at Least 5 Trump Supporters Dead — Non-Violent Defendant Commits Suicide Before Sentencing
America is The Exception—And We Better Make Sure It Stays That Way ED OF DAY 1
62% Think Putin WOULDN’T Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Still Prez
Trump to CPAC: 'Biden Has Turned Calm Into Chaos'
Trump's Words as Strong as Ever at CPAC
Trump Teasing '24 Campaign Run Ignites Twitter
New York City in Danger – video of day 1
Trump Calls on Republicans to Launch Select Committee to Investigate Hunter Biden and Biden Family Corruption (VIDEO)
Russian Vodka Pulled From Shelves in US, Canada Bars, Liquor Stores: ‘Every Small Thing Makes a Difference’
Jordan Scorches Biden: Would Be Nice if Equipment Abandoned in Afghanistan Could Help Ukraine
The Supreme Court’s CMS Decision Bodes Ill for the Rule of Law
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Other Green Energy Zealots Have Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands
Biden Receives Failing Grades on Ukraine and Russia Across Multiple Polls – HOLLY NOTE: Biden is to give the State of the Union speech Tuesday. What is he going to say? He's done absolutely nothing positive for America. In light of this, what do you bet, somehow he blames President Trump. Whatever Biden says, the shipwreck America has become since Biden took office is all on him.

Biden's Job Performance
Foreign Policy
Unite Country
Registered voters Feb. 19-22, 2022, ± 3 pts.
World Order on the Verge of Crumbling Just 13 Months Into Biden's Tenure
US Homeland Sec. Director Warns Of Urgent CYBERATTACK Threat By Russia Against Power Plants, Banks, Communications, GPS Navigation and Water Treatment Facilities ALERT
Biden Warns Putin That the U.S. Will Be 'Involved' If He Moves Into NATO Countries as Ukraine Hands Out 10,000 Assault Rifles to Citizens ALERT
White House: Sanctions 'Not Designed to Cause Any Disruption' of Russian Energy Flow
Biden Slammed For Saying 'No One Expected Sanctions to Prevent Anything' After Freezing All Kremlin Assets in America.... But Leaves Putin's Rumored $200Bn Fortune Untouched
The Line Biden Won’t Cross on Ukraine: Says He Won’t Send American Troops to Battle Russian Forces in Ukraine – a Stance Russia Will Exploit and China Will Remember
FLASHBACK: Biden Gave Putin List of 16 Critical Infrastructure Entities 'off Limits' to Cyberattacks – HOLLY NOTE: If Putin gets peeved enough at the U.S., you can bet these will be on Putin's 'must-hit' list. Stan mused, can a president can be impeached for stupidity? Thanks Joe, for giving the enemy a complete list of America's most vital infrastructure.
Gen. Flynn Exposes Truth About Putin's Real Plan - Says It's Time to Pray ED OF DAY 1
Ted Cruz Rips 'Peppermint Patty' Jen Psaki In CPAC 2022 Speech – video of day 3
White House Says It Would Accept Ukrainian Refugees in U.S.
Russian Media Spreading Disinformation About US Bioweapons as Troops Mass Near Ukraine
Reminder We Went From Trump to This – video of day 1
How Biden Has Empowered Evil In Both Russia And Iran
Democrat Bill Will Overturn Every Pro-Life Law Nationwide and Impose Abortion Up to Birth on America
Catholic Bishops Slam Democrat Bill for Abortions Up to Birth: Killing Babies is “A Violation of Human Rights”
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Gives the Roadmap to Liberty at CPAC
CPAC Schedule of Speakers
Cheney Rising: Second to Trump With All 2024 Voters
US Expels Russia’s Second-in-Command Diplomat at DC Embassy
Sen. Jim Inhofe Expected to Announce Resignation: Reports
Sally Kellerman, Original Hot Lips From 'M*A*S*H,' Dead at 84
Rep. Ronny Jackson Stands By Calls For Biden, 79, to Take a Cognitive Test the 'Whole World' Will Be Watching Him Speak During the Ukraine War
Gen. Kellogg: Biden Needs to Play Putin Down, Level With Americans – video of day 1
Lara Trump on Russia's war on Ukraine: 'Wouldn't Have Happened' With Trump as President – video of day 3
Hot Water For Hunter Biden Is Reaching a Boiling Point
‘Blue-Collar’ Biden Should Welcome Truckers Heading to Washington
China Infiltrates US, Other Nations Through Huawei, Expert Says – HOLLY NOTE: You might recall that President Trump was 'death' on Huawei citing it as a national security threat and warned Europe not to use it. Clearly he was right yet again despite all of the Democrat naysayers.
2 Manhattan Prosecutors Leading Trump Organization Probe Resign
California Man Sentenced to Life in Prison For Creating Child Porn
There Are Only 21 "Full Democracies" in the World (and the U.S. Is Not One of Them)
South Carolina Democrat Switches to Republican Party: ‘I Am Pro-Life and For Funding Police’
Jen Psaki Is the Condescending Face of the Biden Administration
Hannity: This Is Really Beyond Humiliating For Our Country – video of day 1
Tulsi Gabbard: 'Embarrassing' Kamala Harris is US Voice on Global Stage – video of day 2
Pentagon Approves Deployment of 700 National Guard Troops to D.C. Ahead of Trucker Convoys
Sen. Joni Ernst: Americans, Biden Should 'Push Back' Against Putin – video of day 3
Bloomberg: Dems Headed For Midterm ‘Wipeout’ Without ‘Immediate Course Correction’
U.S. Supreme Court Formally Ends Trump's Fight Over Capitol Attack Records
Jesse Watters: Biden's Message Is Ukraine's Problems Are More Important Than America's Problems
65.7% of Dems Support Trudeau’s Tyrannical Response to Truckers
Gun and Ammunition Sale Celebrates ‘Worst President Day’
Jen Psaki Tells Rob Lowe's Podcast That Biden's White House Stage Was Turned into a Set So Events Could Look 'Visually Better' During COVID
A New Dem Bill Would Make ‘Tent Cities’ Permanent Fixture
Lawmaker Blasts Biden's 'Woke' Climate Finance Agenda
Yes, Biden Deserves Blame For Imperiling Ukraine ED OF DAY 1
Senator Rick Scott’s Promising 11-Point Plan to Drain the Swamp and Fulfill the MAGA Agenda ED OF DAY 2
Vermont Towns Open Voting to Foreign Nationals, Offering Ballots in Foreign Languages
Biden Has a 'Great Deal of ... Ego' in His Foreign Policy Ability, 'Gets Very Defensive': MSNBC Host – HOLLY NOTE: It started with CNN, then Washington Post, then the New York Times and now MSNBC printing articles and running news segments criticizing Biden. Maybe they're finally figuring out that Biden is killing the country on nearly every front and they don't want to be seen supporting this abysmal failure.
Biden's Homelessness Czar Will Only Worsen Nation's Crisis
“We Love Trump!” – Trump Waves to Supporters Outside Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach (VIDEO)
Texas GOP Clash: The Clout of a Trump Endorsement Takes on the Legacy of Bush Family Political Dynasty
Trump's Truth Social Tops Downloads on Apple App Store, Many Users Waitlisted
Tyrant Trudeau Testing Dictatorship Waters For Biden?
Clinton’s Spying on Trump ‘Much Larger Than We Thought’ – video of day 3
Jason Aldean’s Wife Wishes a Happy Presidents Day to ‘Great’ Presidents Except Biden: ‘Not You'
Putin is Playing Biden like a Fiddle ED OF DAY 1
Democrats Are Turning America into the New Venezuela ED OF DAY 2
Harris Stumbles Yet Again on the World Stage
Cruz: 'Joe Biden Becoming President Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened, Tragically, For Vladimir Putin' – HOLLY NOTE: As well as for China. Ahhh, what a 'giver' Biden is!
AOC, Squad Under Fire As Dems Reject Their 'Deeply Problematic' Agenda
Capitol To Be Fenced Again in Anticipation of Freedom Convoy
Mark Levin Says Democrats Are 'Not a Force For Liberty,' Create 'Marxist Organizations' – video of week 1
Levin: The Democratic Party Is Driving To Fundamentally Alter Our Liberties – video
Glenn Beck: EXPOSED: Who’s REALLY Running the Biden Administration – video of week 2
Levin: Democrats Are Trying to Radicalize America – video of day 1
WATCH: Chuck Todd Asks Secretary of State Blinken Why Putin Didn’t Escalate During the Trump Administration
19 Texas Police Officers Who Helped Hold the Line During Violent 2020 Riots Indicted by Progressive DA
Mo Brooks: ‘Power Grab’ Democrats Using Non-Citizen Voting to Alter American Electorate in Their Favor
5 Media Lies About The Latest Special Counsel Revelations
So Much for Secure: Dems Tell Biden He 'Must' Spend Huge Amount to Stop Hacking of Voting Machines
Conservatives to Measure Trump Against Potential Successor DeSantis at Next Week’s CPAC in Florida
Americans Are Fleeing to Places Where Political Views Match Their Own
Hillary Clinton – the Definition of Insanity – Hillary Clinton Is Seriously Mulling a Run in 2024 ED OF DAY 1
Hillary Clinton Feeds 2024 Buzz With Red-Meat Speech, Rejects Charge of Spying on Trump
Trump Unloads on Hillary, Tish James After NY Dem Convention
Pentagon Audit Says Dozens Of Potentially Dangerous Afghans Let Loose in U.S.
Biden Accused of Being 'Totally Dishonest' About Inflation
Kudlow Urging Biden to do Something Rather Than Undermine US Strength
Shocking Videos Show Capitol Breach Attempt Involving Trained Team Working in Tandem in Obvious False Flag Attack
U.S. Truckers to Launch ‘People’s Convoy’
US Truckers Organize Stateside Convoys Set To Protest COVID 'Overreach'
Joe Biden Appoints Non-Binary Drag Queen With the Pronoun ‘Them’ to Department of Energy As Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy
Where Are Americans Moving in 2021?
Quinnipiac: Biden Approval 35%
Biden 'Misery Index' on the Rise as Americans Pessimistic About Country's Future
Canadian Trucker Get Support From Their American 'Big-Rig' Brothers
Russian Aircraft Buzz US Navy Patrol Planes, Get Within 5 Feet, Pentagon Says
Target of Mueller Investigation, George Papadopoulos Says 'I Was Set Up' After Durham Drops Clinton Bombshell
Tucker Carlson: Every Speed Bump For Democrats Is a Full-Blown Catastrophe – They Believe Giving Up Power Would End Democracy When They're the Ones Killing It – video of day 2
Hillary Clinton Blasts Uproar Over Durham Allegations As ‘Fake Scandal’
Explosive Allegations Protect Durham Probe From Being Shut Down
AOC Blasted For 'Bulls--t' Answer on If It's Time For Pelosi To Give Up The Gavel
Canadian Justice Minister Says Trump Supporters Who Donated to Trucker Freedom Convoy ‘Ought to be Worried’ about Their Bank Accounts Being Frozen
Ilhan Omar Scolds Journalists For Promoting Harassment of Canadian Freedom Convoy donors: 'Unconscionable' – HOLLY NOTE: When journalists have doxxed other people, where were Democrats then? This is how to tell if Democrats are worried about their reelection chances.
Record 30 House Democrats Won’t Seek Re-Election in 2022
Can the Democrats Undermine the Midterms? ED OF DAY 2
Trump Reveals the Very Moment He Knew Democrats Were Spying on Him: 'The Wires Were Burning Up!'
Golden Opportunity Wasted: Biden Slaps Israel in the Face, Gives Power-Mad Putin a Massive Gift
Durham Scandal: The Sheer Dishonesty of the Media Is Astounding ED OF DAY 1
GOP Backs Donald Trump Against ‘Biggest Crime in U.S. History’, Calls for ‘Total Clean Out’ of Washington Political Class
EXCLUSIVE: Trump Urges DOJ to Release All Records Tied to Original Russia Probe After Durham Filing
Durham Probe: Media Suddenly Develops 'Laryngitis' After Years of Pushing Trump-Russia Collusion, Critics Say
10 Times Legal Gun Owners Recently Thwarted Crimes In Life-Threatening Situations
Ingraham Details Pete Buttigieg’s Highway to Hell – video of day 4
Hillary Clinton Dodges Questions About Durham Probe Developments – video
Top Levi’s Executive Takes Stand, Abruptly Leaves Job Over Attempts to Silence Her for Opposing School Closures – HOLLY NOTE: This is probably unfair, but usually people who work for Levis are very liberal like most in San Francisco, where Levis is headquartered. San Francisco is ranked #1 for most liberal city in Calif.

So where did Jennifer Sey relocate? To Little California, aka, specifically Denver, the #1 Colorado hub for Libtards. Everyone hears about the crazy liberals in Boulder, yet they rate 5th only most liberal. What does that say about Denver?

It's the center of Colorado nutballs. Californians come here for the amazing weather, our outdoor life and lower-than-California taxes. They're polluting our politics.

California's ultra progressive policies that tax residents to the back teeth and soft-on-crime law 'enforcement' are driving them out, and for the past 40 years, they're coming here in droves. Unfortunately, now they're also moving to Texas, Idaho and the red parts of Arizona, Oregon and Washington.

California is as beautiful as its politics are ugly. Instead of screwing up others states, it'd be nice if Californians took a stand against their liberal politicians and voted them out.
Connecticut Gov Taking Fire For ‘Trying to Turn Legal Gun Owners Into Criminals’ With Legislation
Psaki Goes Back to Blaming Trump For Troubling Out-of-Control Crime Wave
Dems Now Cry Foul on Durham Probe After Bending Over Backward to Help Mueller Investigate Trump – HOLLY NOTE: Factoid: The Mueller 'investigation' cost U.S. taxpayers $32 million and Durham's just $3.8 million.
Durham’s Jaw-Dropping Revelation ED OF DAY 1
DIRTY TRICKS: Ex-DNI Says Obama, Biden Were Briefed on Hillary's Attempts to Dig Dirt on Trump
“He’s Going to Deliver. He’s Unraveling BIGGEST Political Scandal in US History” – KASH PATEL DROPS BOMBS – Durham Grand Jury Interviewed 24 People So Far (VIDEO)
The Media’s Blackout on Durham Revelations ED OF DAY 3
UNREAL: Liz Cheney's Husband is Partner at Latham & Watkins that Works on Behalf of Companies Linked to China's Military and Individuals Connected to Spying on President Trump – HOLLY NOTE: This might explain why Cheney has been rabid on impeaching President Trump and vows to never let Trump near the Oval Office again. We hope Wyoming does the right thing this Fall and takes out the trash.
How Totalitarians Come to Power: Using Emergencies and Fear to Seize Absolute Control
Still No Answers on the CIA's Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance of Americans
The Ugly Vilification of ‘Freedom’ – the New 'F' Word ED OF DAY 2
‘I Will Vote No’: Manchin Slams The Door On Another Biden Nominee For FDA Head
Midwest Truckers Watching Canadian Convoy Protest Closely
“More and More” Democrats Connected to Chinese Communist Party
Fight Over Parental Rights In Schools Reaches Fever Pitch – HOLLY NOTE: This was a thing in Australia 30 years ago. Stan lived there then, he saw it firsthand. The UN came into classrooms and told students they had the right to come up against their parents. America is the last bastion against the Satanic/NWO program. As the US falls, so falls the world. It's prophesied. It's just a matter of time of when it occurs.
Unearthed Campaign Trail Tweets From 2016 Show How Hillary Clinton Pushed False Trump-Russia Claims
'Bigger Than Watergate': Trump Furious After Durham Spy Scandal Bombshell, Demands Prosecutions, Reparations – MSM's Silence Is Deafening...
ENOUGH EVIDENCE: Former DNI Ratcliffe Told Durham Intelligence Supports ‘Multiple’ Indictments Coming in Probe: Sources
Steve Hilton: It Was Clinton Who Undermined Our Democracy – video of day 2
Eyes Turn to Hillary Clinton, Not Trump in Russiagate Scandal
Media Reactions To Bombshell Durham Report: Liberals ‘Just Have No Idea About Any Of This’
Rep. Jordan: Durham Filing Shows Trump Was Right About Being Spied On – HOLLY NOTE: What's happened to our Democracy when the Clinton campaign pays a tech firm to hack President Trump's home server in Trump Tower and most shocking, to hack his presidential server in the White House? Ironic when she and Pelosi both accused President Trump of killing our democracy when they are the ones doing it. They hacked the White House! They spied on him both during his campaign and while he was President.

Then when couldn't get anything on Trump, they made up stories about his ties to Russia when it was really Hillary Clinton with Russian connections. If Hillary had won, which she completely expected to do, this tower of lies, hacks and deceit would never have come to light.

The clock is ticking as the statue of limitations for these crimes is 5 years and it began in 2016. People, high up people, need to go to jail starting with Hillary Clinton.
Democrats Want Clinton Investigated For Any Role in Russiagate Scandal: Poll
The Most Shocking Part of Durham Report: Byron York – video of day 1
Truth About the Jan. 6 Riot: "We Have It All"...it's ALL coming out.........FINALLY – video of day 3
Republicans Vow to ‘Get to the Truth’ After Durham Reports Democrat-Linked Spying on Trump
Stealing Presidential Elections From the States ED OF DAY 2
Biden Chooses to Serve Illegal Immigrants Instead Of Citizens
Unhappy Independents Defect From Biden, Deliver Another Bad Omen For Democrats in November
AOC Says Texas Turning Blue Is Inevitable During Campaign Stop
MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan Suggests 'Expand the Supreme Court' in Steps For Fighting COVID
Navy SEAL Candidate Death: Father of SEAL Trainee Who Died in 2016 Speaks Out Amid Renewed Calls For Justice
Pennsylvania Senate Race: Dave McCormick to Air 'Let's Go Brandon' Ad During Super Bowl

Police in Albuquerque Arrested Man Suspected of Stabbing 11 People, 2 in Critical Condition – HOLLY NOTE: While Democrats continually harp on removing guns and getting rid of the sed Amendment, look how many of these attacks involve stabbings.
FBI Hunting Man Accused of 11 Bank Robberies Across Multiple States, Offering $10K Reward
Rooftop Revelations: 'They’re Not Black, They’re Criminals' – HOLLY NOTE: This statement is from a black pastor.
American Airlines Flight From LA to DC Is Diverted to Kansas City After Man Tried to Storm the Cockpit
'Destructive' Rams Fans Riot After Team's Super Bowl Victory
Homeless Man Arrested After He ‘Slashed Throat of Salt Lake City Good Samaritan Who Let Him Into Her Home to Shower’, Leaving Victim Critically-Ill In Hospital
Advertising Creative, 35, Fatally Stabbed in Her Own Manhattan Apartment By Homeless Career Criminal, 25, Free on Bail
POLICE UNDER SIEGE: 13 Officers Wounded In Just 24 Hours As Cops Face Increasing Danger
4 Shot Outside Los Angeles Party After Justin Bieber Concert
Texas High School Football Coach Is Chased Down By Gang of Middle School Boys, Beat Him and Broke His Arm Broken After He Told Them to Stop Doing Donuts With Their Dirt Bikes
Prosecutors from Manhattan DA's Office Lower Bond to Free Alleged Shooter
OPINION: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Created This Crime Wave, Now They Must Fix It
With Increasing Urgency, Biden Urges Americans to Leave Ukraine ALERT
56% of Americans Can’t Name a Single Thing Joe Biden Has Done That They Like
Virginians Shout ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and Display ‘Build Crack Better’ Sign as Joe Biden Visits Culpeper
CNN Poll: Most Biden Detractors Say He's Done Nothing They Like – video of day 3
Are Democrats Doomed?
Biden: I Won't Send in Troops to Rescue Americans from Ukraine, You Can't Find Them
How America Is Helping Iran Get a Nuclear Arsenal
US Department of Homeland Security Confirms It’s Monitoring Reports of Potential Truck Convoy Protests
Our Authoritarian Moment ED OF DAY 1
Americans Will Be Cleaning Up From the Coronavirus For Years, Experts Warn

‘It’s Just Crazy’: 12 Major Cities Hit All-Time Homicide Records
1 Dead, 2 Injured in NYC Shooting in East Flatbush
Biden's Repeated Use of N-Word Comes Back to Haunt Him When Woke Mob Comes for Joe Rogan
Biden's Job Approval Rating Sinks Nationwide to 39% Averaged From 8 Surveys
On COVID Data, Biden Is Finally Doing The Right Thing, Albeit For The Wrong Reason ED OF DAY 2
Alert: DHS Targets Joe Rogan, Trump Supporters - 'Terrorism Threat to US Homeland'
Team Biden Comes For Your Cars ED OF DAY 1
Capitol Police Get Bad News, Which Could Be Good News For Truth, Justice & Transparency
Fewer Americans Now Say Trump Bears a Lot of Responsibility For the Jan. 6 Riot
Amir Tsarfati: The Decline of An Empire – video
84% of Warnock’s Record-Breaking Donations Came From Outside of Georgia
Glenn Beck: Will a ‘Great Awakening’ Prevent an American CIVIL WAR? – video of day 1
All Americans – Including Those Arrested in the Jan. 6 riots – Deserve Due Process –l Calls Out Progressives Who Refuse to Fight For a Right to a Speedy Trial For Those Arrested in the Capitol Hill Riot
Victor Davis Hanson: Biden Is the Most Dangerously Radical President in US History – video
Ben Shapiro: This Is Going to Backfire on Trudeau  – video
Supreme Court Sides With GOP in Alabama Election Map Case
Still Voting? LOL! How Arizona’s “Owned” Politicians Betrayed America As We Witness the End of Honest Elections

Minneapolis School Bus Driver Shot In The Head While Students On Board
Most Voters Support Removing Soft-on-Crime Prosecutors
Officer Injured After Being Shot By Suspect In Jonesboro, Ark. Both In Hospital
Lawmakers Demand Biden Prove He's All There After Americans Sound Alarm – His 'Mental Decline' Has 'Become More Apparent'
Rep. Rosendale Introduces Bill to Block Military Assistance to Ukraine Until US Border Is Secured
9 Ways Biden's Feckless Cabinet Members Are Contributing to Our Country's Problems
Biden Admin to Fund Crack Pipe Distribution to Advance ‘Racial Equity’ – $30 Million Program Will Provide 'Smoking Kits' to Vulnerable Communities – HOLLY NOTE: This was so shocking, we thought surely it was a headline error. Taxpayers are giving $30 million to poor people to further their addiction… Don't know how much a crack pipe costs, but if it were $10 that buys 3 million pipes. Do we have that many crack heads here? And that's just the 'poor' ones…

It's amazing to see Biblical prophecy unfold right in front of our eyes. Revelation 9:21 says drug use will be rampant in the End Days. We have arrived. America truly is the land of Pharmakeia – the land of drug addicts and drug use and it's getting worse, not better.

Driving home from the grocery store last week we passed by a building of 4 shops. One shop has been home to Maggie's Farm for at least a decade – a cannabis dispensary. It's 1 of 9 in their Colorado chain. Imagine our surprise/dismay to see another pot shop pop up right next to it. It shouldn't surprise us as pot is everywhere in Colorado.

Driving west on W. Northern Ave. that becomes Hwy. 78, which is south of us, there are 5 massive groups of pot greenhouses on both sides of the road. Those greenhouses stretch on endlessly. In the opposite direction, going east on Hwy. 50 to Avondale, Los Suenos Farms grows their product outside. It's one of the largest operations in the U.S. where they cultivate some 36,000 plants. Last year it sold to a Massachusetts-based company for $67 million.

Sometimes when cheaper processing centers don't install the best venting system, fumes are funneled outside that smell like skunk. That's an unpleasant contrast to fresh Colorado Rockies' air. Pot is big business as Colorado sold $2.2 billion worth of cannabis last year and collected $423 million in pot taxes.

It's unclear where all that tax revenue went. Two years ago there was a big stink about lack of accountability and that a chunk had gone into politicians' pockets. Colorado's sales were just a small piece of the pot pie. Nationally, the U.S. cannabis industry hit a record $24 billion in sales last year.

How much do Democrats hate minorities to actually enable and promote addiction in poor neighborhoods? Fentanyl, coke and meth are pouring through of borders, facilitated by drug cartels with illegal aliens as their primary mules. Since the fentanyl chemicals are sent to Mexico from China, the bottom line is the CCP is working hand-in-hand with drug cartels, Mexico – and Democrats – to poison America.
Sen. Rubio on Biden HHS Crack Pipe Distribution: 'This is Insanity ... Crazy'
Donald Trump Says 'There's a Lot Coming' From Special Counsel John Durham Who Will 'Fully Expose' the Investigation Into the Origins of FBI's Russia Investigation
Wyoming GOP Party Leaders Move to Allow RNC to Fund Cheney Challenger Spurs Outrage From Her Campaign
9 Ways Biden's Feckless Cabinet Members Are Contributing to Our Country's Problems
China Fumes as U.S. Approves $100 Million Patriot Missile Deal With Taiwan
Oregon Gov Hopeful Admits He and Wife Belonged to Swingers Group
How Obama and Biden Laid Groundwork For Afghanistan Disaster

Don't Buy the Hype, 'Rogue' Prosecutors Driving Violent Crime Surge, Not Guns: Expert – Progressive D.A's Are Turning Their Cities Into "Hellholes"
Terrifying Moment Homeless Man Cracks Woman's Skull With a Baseball Bat As She Walks Home In Unprovoked Attack In Seattle
Bill to Scale Back Life in Prison Draws Fire From Victims, Prosecutors, GOP
Biden 'Promises' He Will STOP Nord Stream 2 Turning on If Putin Invades Ukraine and Tells ALL Americans to Leave Kiev: German Chancellor Scholz Doesn't Mention Pipeline By Name - But Insists He Is 'United' With the U.S. Against Russia – HOLLY NOTE: When a journalist pressed Scholz on this very thing, Biden jumped in to 'save' the German Chancellor. This pipeline is controlled by Germany and it's unclear how Biden could force Germany to shut it down when they're dependent on Russia for gas.
Sen. Cruz: Biden Administration ‘Transmitted Appeasement to Putin in Secret…I’ve Seen the Details’
U.S. Olympic Stars Are 'Crying Like Crazy' in Hellish Beijing Quarantine With Miserable Food Where 'Hope Is Dead' as DOZENS Miss Out on Their Events After Testing Positive and Being Carted Off to Isolation Camps – HOLLY NOTE: China is completely amoral. It wouldn't be beyond them to give American athletes inedible food to make them weak and miserable. The slop shown here wouldn't fill anyone's stomach let alone a superb athlete who burns calories just sitting.
President Trump's $75 Coffee Table Picture Book With Captions Written By Him Has Raked in $20 Million in Sales in Less Than 2 Months
‘No Limits’ Friendship: Putin and Xi Present Common Front Against the US
Dumbfounded FBI Suddenly Realizes Actual Threat To National Security
Afghan Refugee, Brought to U.S. by Biden, Charged with Sexual Assault
House Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Fast-Track More Afghans into U.S.
Family Kicked Off Their Own Property, Fined for Living Sustainably As Politicians Ignore Them
California Gives Biden a Failing Grade on Economy, COVID; Newsom Gets Mixed Reviews
US Trucker Convoy Has Plan For Americans Impacted By Mandates
The Liz Cheney Delusions ED OF DAY 2
Stacey Abrams's Campaign Team Posts Ad For a Social Media Manager - Days After Her Maskless Photo With Schoolchildren Caused Uproar
Biden’s Dementia Signs Persist, Utters Incoherent Nonsense For 11 Seconds During Address: One More time in English? – video
Psaki Insists Biden Supports US Athletes Speaking Out Against China at the Olympics: White House Backs 'Peaceful Protests' and Goes Against Pelosi Saying They Should Avoid Criticizing Communists For 'Safety'
Cyclist Falls to Her Death From Florida Drawbridge After Tumbling 60Ft When It Started Opening While She Was Crossing
Woman, 58, Falls 35 Feet to Her Death From the Mast of a Historic Tall Ship Elissa at a Texas Seaport Museum After Her Safety Harness Became Unclipped
Memphis BLM Founder Pamela Moses Sentenced to 6 Years For Illegally Voting

Bullets Flying in Packed Grocery Store Sends Shoppers Running For Their Lives, Hunt For Suspect
Las Vegas High School Student Is Charged With Battery After She Punched Another Girl 30 Times in the Head While Classmates Laughed
Biden Is Lifting the Sanctions on Iran's Nuclear Program – HOLLY NOTE: This in effect, gives Iran a green light to go for nukes. Scariest news we've heard in many months. – video of week 1 ALERT
Biden Picks Climate Agenda Over Manufacturing Allies On Solar Tariff Loophole
FANCY PANTS NANCE: Pelosi Racks Up Huge Private Jet Bill While Saying Climate Change Poses 'Existential' Threat to the World
John Kerry Family Private Jet Emitted Estimated 116 Metric Tons Of Carbon Over Just 1 Year
Canadian-Style Trucker Protests Spread Throughout The World – In Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, US, Truckers Driving In Solidarity With Canadian Convoy
Outrage Mounts After Schools Across Nation Celebrate BLM's 'Week of Action'
Colorado's Rep. Boebert Seeks To Ban Federally Funded Legal Aid To Illegal Immigrants
Here’s the Ad That NBC and the Chinese Communist Party Doesn’t Want You To See – video of day 2
Look With Dawning Horror At The Presidential Line Of Succession ED OF DAY 2
Kamala Harris Has Taken 'Zero Responsibility' Since Taking Office: Lara Trump – video
Scowling Barack Obama Inspects Construction of His New Multimillion-Dollar Hawaii Mansion and Controversial Sea Wall Which His Neighbors Fear Will Erode The Beachline
Drone Footage Captures Demolition of Magnum PI. Mansion – video
GOP Congressman Says NBC Refused To Air Advertisement Slamming 'Genocide Games' Sponsors
J-6 Prisoner Jake Lang Speaks Out from Jail Cell on Day 6 of Hunger Strike – Has Lost 15 Pounds in 6 Days — DC Elites, RINOs and Media Ignore His Plight
Navy SEAL Candidate Dies, One Hospitalized During Hell Week
Democrats Complaining About 'War On Democracy' Are The Ones Waging It ED OF DAY 1
Poll: Numbers for Democrats Ruling (Blue State) Colorado Are in the Toilet
Convention of States to Stop Government Overreach – HOLLY NOTE: This is its purpose: "To call a convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress."

There is a petition to sign, if this is something you support, plus a downloadable pocket guide to Article V..
San Jose Mayor Plans to Seize Guns of Citizens Who Haven't Paid 'Fee' for Second Amendment Right

NYC Thieves Swarm Upscale Boutique In $50K Afternoon Robbery
5 Dead, 3 Injured After Texas Man Shoots His Family In Killing Spree
NYC Bus Hit By Bullet That Just Misses Rider -- As Some Drivers Seek Bulletproof Vests
Man Who Tried To Burn Minnesota School During BLM Riots Gets Probation
US Government Left as Many as 9,000 American Citizens in Afghanistan After Withdrawal, Senate Report Reveals
Biden on Gun Control Plan: 'There's No Amendment That's Absolute'
Email Hidden for 5 Years Declared Hunter Biden 'Undercut' US Efforts to Fight Ukraine Corruption - Report
Pelosi Warns Olympic Athletes Not to Anger Chinese Government
Just How Frail Is Joe Biden?
'Pro-Free Speech': Washington State Governor's Plot to Criminalize Election Fraud Complaints Moves Forward
House GOP Re-Election Arm Says Border Security 'Will Play Everywhere' in Midterms
Trump Says Hispanic Support Has Shifted GOP to Create a ‘Whole Different Republican Party’
Biden's Newest Reparations Plan: Pay Off Trump-Era Border Crossers with Amnesty
'Unable to Statistically Track': Biden Administration Unclear How Many Illegal Aliens Deported After Being Freed into U.S.
Kevin McCarthy: Democrats' Visa Giveaway, China Bill 'Helps China ... Hurts America'
Poll: Majority Say Biden’s Immigration Policy ‘Worse’ than Trump’s
7 Americans to Play Against USA on China's Hockey Team
Top Harris Speechwriter Set to Depart Amid Wave of Staff Turnover
Push to Oust Cheney and Kinzinger From GOP Simmers in Congress as RNC Debates It
Related: Can Members of Congress Be Expelled? Yes, But It’s Very Difficult.

Carjackings Up 200% in DC
Maryland County That Removed Police from Schools Asks Them to Return Indefinitely
Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Hits #1 on NY Times Bestseller List – Spark Calls for Special Counsel Investigation – HOLLY NOTE: We watched Fox Nation's documentary 'Who Is Hunter Biden?' last night. It left nothing for debate that all Bidens are dirty, right to and including Joe Biden. Dangerously so to the point where it affects national security.

After watching Hunter Biden's antics, you want to take a bath in Clorox. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Stan continually shaking his head in amazement / disgust.
Stefanik, Cawthorn Support Appointing Special Counsel on Biden Family China Ties
US Special Forces Kill Top Terrorist in Daring Raid on House in Syria
US Companies Relying on American-Made Products and Raw Materials Are THRIVING During Supply Chain Crisis
Biden Admin's Afghanistan Withdrawal Failures Detailed In Report
Yikes: Biden Gets Bad Grades From Governors and Jill Leads Him Off the Stage Like a Child
New Survey Shows Biden’s Vow To Unify America Is Culminating in a Consensus… on Impeachment
Biden in 'Worst President Ever' Territory
AOC Tells Schumer to Make Sinema's Life 'as Difficult as Possible' After Moderate Who Killed Build Back Better and Biden's Voting Rights Plan Complained Senate Votes Were Too Slow – HOLLY NOTE: MSM likes to blame Manchin and Sinema for killing the Build Back Broke bill, but 51 Senators to vote against it. They saw what a bloated, spendapalooza it was and knocked it back. Democrats couldn't even pass this horrendous bill through reconciliation, which requires just a simple majority instead of the standard of 60.
Facebook Removes 'Convoy to DC 2022' Group
SNL Mocks Biden Over Vow to Tap Black Woman For SC: ‘Hope It’s Not Because He Wants To Sniff New Type Of Hair’
Watters And Gutfeld Pile On Justin Trudeau, Stop Short Of ‘Douchebag’ Label : ‘He Looks Like He Wet His Pants’
‘America Is Next’: Organizers Pushing ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ But Hit Unexpected Roadblock
Tucker: Weak People Call For Censorship – video of day 1
Radical Democrats Are Normalizing Drug Use and 'Corrupting Rehabilitation': Shellenberger – video of day 3
City To Dismantle Historic Bridge To Accommodate Jeff Bezos' New Yacht

Mass Shooting Aboard Greyhound Bus Leaves One Dead, Several Hurt
NYC Mom of Baby Shot In Head Demands Bail Reform Ahead Of Biden Visit: 'Who Cares If Rikers Fills Up'
30 Police Officers Shot in January 2022, Up 6% From January 2021
Demonic: Schools Across America Implement BLM Week of Action That Calls For 'Disruption of Western Nuclear Family' – HOLLY NOTE: Like this strategy is working so well for blacks. Already 70% of black children have no father present in the household. Looks like they've already suceeded. ALERT
Related: SW Washington School Teachers Receive Email Asking Them to ‘Pledge’ to Promote BLM to Students ALERT
HONORING A HERO: Scores of Police Officers Flood Streets Once Again Ahead of Fallen Cop's Funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Police Officers and Civilians Travel From All Over to Honor 2nd NYPD Hero Laid to Rest In Just Days
The Truth About Joe Rogan's Controversial Guests: 'Father of mRNA' Dr. Malone Pointed Out That Hospitals Get COVID Bonuses and Said Biden Government Is 'Out of Control' - While Dr.McCullough Said US Is Hypnotized and 'Pandemic Is Plandemic'
Rep. Kinzinger Calling on Democrats and Independents to Fight Former President Donald Trump’s Influence in Republican Politics – HOLLY NOTE: What's with all of these people trying to squelch free speech? What are they afraid of?
Fears for Freedom of Speech at Forbes: Insiders Warn of Censorship Threat to America's 'Business Bible' as It Prepares to Go Public With 'Blank Check' SPAC Firm Seed-Funded By China's Sovereign Wealth Fund
Buttigieg Is Taking De Blasio's War on Drivers Nationwide
Pelosi Wants Just 50 House Members to Attend Biden's State of the Union Over Omicron Fears Despite Fact Strain Is Mild and 200 Attended Last Year – HOLLY NOTE: Pelosi is trying desperately to maintain her death grip on American freedom. Democrats know the COVID jig is about up, which was the best means ever to
1) indoctrinate Americans into being controlled and
2) transfer even more wealth to the wealthiest. The top 10 U.S. billionaires added $1B to their fortune every day since the pandemic began.
Democrats Suddenly Quiet About New York’S Gerrymandering
Ilhan Omar ‘Islamophobia’ Bill Passed By House. Critics Blast It For Restricting Free Speech. – HOLLY NOTE: We can only hope this bill – H.R.5665 - Combating International Islamophobia Act – gets quashed in the Senate. It only passed by 7 votes in the House and specifically along party lines of 219 Democrats - yea and 212 Republicans - nay, and 3 who didn't vote.

This is yet another reason Conservatives must take back the House – and the Senate. The Senate now has the bill and has referred it to the Committee on Foreign Relations where, hopefully, it will die in committee. What utter nonsense.

Not that we ever favor silencing free speech, but where is such an international bill that protects Jews? They are, without question, the most persecuted group in the world. You might know, this ignorant bill was introduced by Ill Wind Omar. She openly despises Jews while thrusting her own people, Muslims, forward.
lhan Omar Will Seek Re-Election in 2022, Campaign Announces
BLM Finally Went Too Far. It Didn't File Paperwork ED OF DAY 2
True The Vote Releases First Video of Illegal Ballot Trafficking in Georgia
Texas Mother Regrets Vote For Biden After Teen Daughter Killed By Illegal Immigrant: 'I Want to Know Why'
'We Have Your Back,' Biden Admin. Tells Abortion Clinics while Launching Task Force

Houston Corporal Funeral: Texas Constable Calls Out Judicial System 'Coddling Criminals': 'Enough Is Enough'
Biden Tries To Counter Criticism Of His Record On Crime
Rookie NYPD Officer Shot While Off-Duty
Democrats Devise Plan to Beat Odds in Midterm Election, Hold on to House Majority
Smoking Gun Documents Tie Nancy Pelosi's Son to Fraud and Bribery Scheme to Remove Permit Violations Against Squalid San Francisco Flop House Owned By His Ex-Girlfriend and Probed By the FBI
Feds Have Records on Nearly Billion Firearm Sales
POLL: 88% of Portland Voters Say Quality of Life Declining (Duh!)
New York Democrats Unveil New Congressional Map That Is ‘Brutal’ For Republicans
Biden Builds Gun Sales Data Base – ATF Collects Nearly 1 Billion Records on Your Purchases
Biden to Allow Trans-Identified Men in Women's Prisons, Reversing Trump-Era Ban 'Except in Rare Cases'
Half Want Biden Impeached For Border, Afghan Withdrawal Blunders
The GOAT Retires
Related: Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady Officially Announces Retirement – Broke Record After Record
The Sum of All Fears – Nuke Goes Off At Super Bowl! (The Elite Warned You) – HOLLY NOTE: Don't know that it'd be a nuke, but certainly these big events where people can't easily escape present a huge temptation for terrorists domestic and foreign. – video
Biden’s Chief of Staff Leaked Breyer Retirement to ‘Limited’ Group, Durbin Says
The Black Lives Matter Scam ED OF DAY 1
Crowd Sings National Anthem When Mic Cuts Out in Kansas City – video
Biden's Absenteeism From The White House Surpasses Trump, Obama
Struggling Biden Attempts Big Reset After Nothing But Failures – HOLLY NOTE: This is not the way for Biden to achieve a 'big reset' by continuing to ignore the wishes of the American people.
White House Undeterred By Polls Showing Support For Wider Supreme Court Search
Poll: Republican Voters Want Trump Over DeSantis, And For DeSantis To Run Only If Trump Doesn’t
Hannity: How Did We Get To This Point? – video of day 3

California Will Close San Quentin Death Row and Turn It into a 'Positive and Healing Environment': 670 Killers Will Be Moved From Notorious Unit Which Once Housed Charles Manson and RFK's Killer After Governor Newsom Halted Executions – HOLLY NOTE: In our opinion it's been a mistake to remove the death penalty. As of 2021, 23 states have done so. 3 other states have the death penalty on the books, but a moratorium is in place, effectively abolishing it. 24 states still respect law and have the death penalty in place. As you might guess, mostly liberal states have ended the death penalty, while Conservative ones see it as just.

Politicians going soft on crime has gotten us into a terrible place where stealing is OK, assaulting police is OK, drug dealing is OK, human trafficking is OK, child molestation and rape are OK and murderers are given light sentences. Some are freed with no bail required and are released to commit more crimes, some extremely serious. This is especially true when it involves illegal aliens.

We are breeding a scab on the end of our noses by going light on crime. One has only to look at New York and California to see what train wrecks they've become and Colorado's not far behind.
Psaki Shrugs Off Crime Fears, Coverage as Part of Alternate Universe
Fraternal Order of Police Demands Apology From Jen Psaki
Worst Jail Break in Us History – And Americans Pay the Price With Skyrocketing Crime Rates
Convoy to DC 2022 – American Truckers Awakening “the Fire-Breathing Dragon” – HOLLY NOTE: We checked their Facebook presence where the date will announced. Nothing concrete yet.
“Up to 60,000 people” Attended Trump Rally in Conroe, TX and More Than 1 Million Watched an Online Stream
…Texas Attendance Record  People as Far as the Eye Can See – video
If You Need a Shot of Optimism, Watch President Trump's "Save America" Rally – HOLLY NOTE: Pre-rally commentary lasts until 44:30 min. in. – video
s President Trump's New Exiting Theme Song (First Aired in Arizona) a Hint of Things to Come? – video
Capitol Police Are ‘Spying on Republican Members of Congress’: Former Congressman Sean Duffy – video
76% of Americans Want Biden to Consider 'ALL Possible Nominees' For SCOTUS: Poll – HOLLY NOTE: How racist can you get when you specifically promise to put a black woman on the Supreme Court? Biden is basing his choice solely on color first, not qualification. It's also why he – and we – got stuck with Cacklin' Kamala. It doesn't stop there.

Who got Biden into office? Equally racist Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) who was a two-time majority whip and House assistant minority leader. He promised to throw his not-inconsequential weight behind Biden's nomination to the presidency IF he promised to get a black woman on the Supreme Court.

Looks like all that mutual back scratching is paying off – for them. It's just not what Americans want, but that's the way of most politicians today, self-serving, not America-serving.
White House Rebukes GOP Senator Who Said Biden's Supreme Court Pick 'Beneficiary' of Affirmative Action – HOLLY NOTE: Have you ever noticed that Democrats get really peeved when the truth is pointed out?
Dems to Biden: Move Fast on SCOTUS; a Tragedy Could Ensue
Collins: Biden Already ‘Politicized The Entire Nomination Process’
Biden’s Struggles With Base Continue – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to believe he could get his base back as Biden has hurt everyone.
Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Republicans Say They Will Not Vote For Any Candidate Who Admits Biden Won 'Fair and Square'
The Speed Camera Nightmare That's Coming to America
Mark Levin Tells The Truth, Media Knew ‘Damn Well’ Joe Not Up For Job
Best Protest Signs
Color Us United Spokesperson: BLM Ideology Has Not Helped a Single Inter-City Kid – video
Joe Biden, Enemy of America ED OF DAY 1
Defeating American Marxism ED OF DAY 2
Republicans Slam Biden DHS For Starting Climate Change Program As Border Crisis Rages
Mike Pence: Joe Biden Won His Party's Nomination, But Bernie Sanders 'Won the Party'
Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses On Day Biden Visits City To Talk Infrastructure
Human Chain Formed To Help
Elizabeth Warren Calls for Court-Packing After Breyer Retires
Harris Heads to Honduras For Inauguration of Socialist President as US Southern Border Crisis Worsens – HOLLY NOTE: Harris claims she's also going to Honduras to talk about the 'root cause' of illegal migration. This is about as lame as it gets. The main root cause is Joe Biden's open borders policy. Period. Harris also plans to have businesses invest in Honduras so they become more economically stable.

This doesn't address the massive corruption that grips this Honduras, nor does it stem the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. from 149 other countries. Her actions is a feeble attempt of looking like she's doing something while actually doing nothing except getting out of the kitchen while the stove is on fire.
Republicans Outraged Over Release Of Criminal Migrants Into US
Chinese Elite Have Paid Some $31M to Hunter and the Bidens – HOLLY NOTE: If you've ever wondered how people in government have sold out instead of helped out Americans, take a look at the next 10 headllnes.
REVEALED: Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Partly Owned a Chinese Company That Sold Spyware to U.S. Military
‘Red-Handed’: How the Bush Family Cashed In on Friendship with Chinese Official Involved in the Tiananmen Square Massacre
Glenn Beck on ‘Red-Handed’: Joe Biden ‘Is Compromised on Almost Every Front’ with China
Schweizer: Pelosi Family ‘Has Done a Lot of Business in China Since the COVID Outbreak’ — Won’t Allow Hearings on COVID Origins
Beijing Nancy: Pelosi Shifted Her China Stance as Her Family Scored Beijing Deals
Schweizer: ‘Beijing Has Leverage’ over Biden Family — ‘This Demands Investigation’
'Startling' Connection Between Biden and China: Peter Schweizer – video of day 5
Biben Isn't the Only One With 'Shady' China Ties : Peter Schweizer – video of day 6
Marsha Blackburn on ‘Red-Handed’: ‘Communist China Loves Biden’
Biden Family Planned to Share Office Space with Company Employing ‘F**king Spy Chief of China
Globalists Unite: Biden Resettles Over 66K Afghans Across U.S. with Help from Clinton, Bush, Obama
AOC Slams Kyrsten Sinema, Doesn't See 'Compelling Case' For Her To Keep Senate Seat – HOLLY NOTE: Ha! Look who’s talking! AOC hasn’t passed (thankfully) a single piece of legislation.
Blue State Blues: Maybe George Soros Should Destabilize China for a Change
The Mystery of the Biden - Zelensky Call ED OF DAY 2

Multiple Officers Shot In 48-Hour Span Across US as Violent Crime Surges
'Historic' 346 Officers Shot In Line Of Duty in 2021: National Fraternal Order of Police
The Race Is On: American F-35 Down in China's Claimed Territory, US Fighting to Reach It Before Beijing ALERT
BIDEN: "When I Went to Dearborn, Driving That, Eh, You Know, Uh, Was Up There, Uh...I don't Know, Man." – video of day 3
Over 80 Lawmakers Urge Biden To Release Memo Outlining His Authority On Student Debt Cancellation
Liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire -Media Reports
Is VP Harris on Biden’s Short List For the Supreme Court?
Psaki: Biden Stands By Pledge to Nominate First Black Woman to Supreme Court – HOLLY NOTE: There he goes again – filling critical offices based on skin color, not best qualifications. How well did that go when he promised that same thing for his VP? Americans got Kamala, The Cackler.
Who's on the Short List?
Justice Breyer: ‘Deliberately and Intentionally Delivering into the Vagina a Living Unborn Child’ and Killing It is a Right – HOLLY NOTE: Is there a chance, any chance at all, the Supreme Court won't be saddled with another murderer?
DeSantis Aims to Fix Failure to Prosecute Election Crimes ED OF DAY 1
Monmouth: Biden Job Approval: 38% ||| Generic Ballot: Republicans +8
Biden's Approval May Turn Midterm Into Red Tsunami ED OF DAY 2
Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is Not Interested in Receiving Help From Joe Biden During His Gubernatorial Bid
Poll: 58% of American Voters Agree with President Trump That Media are ‘Enemy of the People’ – Americans Are Waking Up
New Video: Ashli Babbitt Tries to Stop Violent Capitol Agitator Seconds Before Being Fatally Shot
Debt Soars $2T In Year 1 Of Biden
8 Terrible Numbers For Joe Biden In The New Pew Poll
Just 1 In 5 Americans Think Biden Will Be Successful President
Florida’s Governor Makes Smart Proposal to Go After Election Crimes. So Corrupt Media Attacks Him.
Texas Heartbeat Law Beats Strongly, Inspires Other States to Follow Suit

8 Cities That Help Explain National Crime Wave
'3 Times a Hero': NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora Dies Days After Harlem Ambush
Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Shot Multiple Times at Traffic Stop, Suspect at Large
The Truckers Are Coming: World Record Caravan Heads to Mandate-Imposing Tyrants – video of day 1
San Jose 1st City to Approve Law Requiring Gun Owners to Carry Liability Insurance
Rep. Jim Cooper becomes 29th House Democrat not to Run For Reelection
Pelosi Announces Another Run For Congress, Ending Retirement Rumors – HOLLY NOTE: Reason #472 why Conservatives must retake the House. Nobody benefits from radical 'Hagatha' being 3
rd in line to the presidency.
Tucker: Biden Has ‘Enabled’ an Ongoing Assault on Our National Sovereignty – video of day 2
Tom Cotton: Impeachment Inquiry Over Border 'Not Out of Realm of Possibility' – video of day 3
Drop Boxes Can Be Used in Upcoming Wisconsin Primaries: Appeals Court
Joe Biden's Kindly Uncle Routine Has Always Been A Facade — He's Dangerous
The Obsessive Pursuit Of Woke Domestic-Terror Laws Isn’t Making Us Safer
Biden Ignores His Own Warnings on Ukraine
Psaki Struggles to Answer What Biden Was Doing Today, Then a Reporter Tweeted Photos of Biden
Victor Davis Hanson: What Are Republicans "For" In 2022? ED OF DAY 1
It's Not Just Illegal Aliens Our Southern Border Guards Against
You Might Be a Liberal If.... ED OF DAY 2
Where Will You Be When The Nukes Start Falling on America? ALERT
2 U.S. Aircraft Carriers Now in South China Sea as Chinese Air Force Flies 39 Aircraft Near Taiwan
USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Jan. 24, 2022
Biden Fails to Live Up to ANOTHER Campaign Promise As He Lobs Series Of Insults At Reporters
Biden Caught on Hot Mic Calling Peter Doocy a ‘Stupid Son of a Bitch’ For Asking About Inflation
Biden Calls Doocy, Doesn't Apologize, Says "Nothing Personal, Pal", 'Clears the Air'
Tucker Reveals How US Conflict With Russia Benefits China – video of day 1
Biden's Year 2 Won't Be About Bipartisanship
Majority of Voters Say Biden Is Unable To Handle Issues With Russia, China: Poll
Trump-Endorsed Candidate Beats Cheney in Wyoming GOP Straw Poll – HOLLY NOTE: Cheney comes up fo re-election this November. Hopefully Wyomians can rid themselves of her and her insanity.
The Man in Charge at the White House Isn’t Joe Biden
Biden Approval Rating Tanks To New Low
White House Downplays Early Monday Stock Market Plunge
Never Forgive or Forget the Enablers of the Destructive COVID Panic ED OF DAY 1
Washington Elites Look to Line Their Pockets Through Ukraine: Gabbard – video of day 2

Baby, 6 Months, Shot and Killed in Atlanta; ‘This One Hurts,’ Chief Says 3rd Infant This Year
2 New York City Cops Shot, 1 Killed, In Deadly Exchange – HOLLY NOTE: What do tone deaf Democrats yip about in response? It's all about the guns, never the murderers.
Police Officers Shot, Killed In 2021 At All-Time High
'It's Just Crazy': 12 Major Cities Hit All-Time Homicide Records – HOLLY NOTE: This insanity escalated when Democrat-run cities refused to clamp down on unbridled destruction of businesses and government buildings. They mistakenly thought it was justified over the George Floyd riots. People paid dearly for their ineptitude.

Now a year+ later, people think they can create havoc and murder without consequence. People will always push the bar. Where to next? Democrats need to rethink these errors in judgment before America descends into unending chaos.
During the Pandemic, Gun Violence Has Been Devastating Communities Across the Country
8 Families of Chicago Gun Violence Victims To Gather To Call For Calm
Gun Arrests Dip in NYC as Adams Rolls Out Violence Prevention Plan
Here is Where the New NYPD Anti-Gun Units Will Hit the Streets
Sinema Censured By AZ Dem Party For Defending Filibuster – HOLLY NOTE: Democrats are still spinning the myth that by not destroying the filibuster it destroys democracy. Good example of Democrats doing a 180 from the truth. She told Arizonans that she'd govern independently and when she follows through on her campaign promise and it didn't go their way, they're out for blood.
6 in 10 Say They Would Back Someone Other Than Biden in 2024: Fox News Poll
Congress’s 1/6 Committee Claims Absolute Power as it Investigates Citizens With No Judicial Limits
All 14 black Democrat Lawmakers in Mississippi Senate WALK OUT in Protest Over Bill to Ban Teaching That 'any Race Is Superior or Inferior' and Curb Critical Race Theory in Schools – HOLLY NOTE: Pretty sad that these Democrats want Mississippi students taught that blacks are inferior and whites are their suppressors.
Ingraham: Liberals Claim Every Political Move Is 'For the Children' But the Truth Is 'Dark and Sinister'
Did Over 100,000 People Older Than 124 Years Vote in Wisconsin?
191 Ways Biden is Destroying America ED OF DAY 1
Mexico's Energy Reform Strains Ties With US
Kudlow: These Policies Are a Modernized Version Of Big Government Socialism
Clinton, Epstein, the Bidens, and More: Why Are the Press Ignoring These Stories? ED OF DAY 2
Colorado 'Old West'-Style Town Available For Purchase
Biden’s Election Integrity Reply Puts WH In Cleanup Mode
'Indefinite' Hunger Strike Over Failed Voting Bill Ends After 8 Days – HOLLY NOTE: The thing that hunger strikers don’t understand is that people don’t care. It lasts in 1 news cycle, it's gone and people don't even know their name(s). The ONLY people this makes an impression on is those refusing food. There is so much going on in the world, a few people refusing to eat isn’t even be a blip on the drama radar.
Cuban Immigrant Warns Americans Against Socialism – video

Texas Deputy Gunned Down, Killed During Traffic Stop Ambush
Pols Go Soft On Crime, And Cops Pay With Their Lives
US Army Guerrilla Warfare Exercise To Target "Freedom Fighters" – HOLLY NOTE: This is an alarming first, wargaming against American citizens. ALERT
Pollster: Biden News Conference Earned 'D' and 'F' Grades
Biden: 'I Don't Believe the Polls' – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe he'll believe November's election results.
GOP Leaders on Biden’s First Year: ‘Worst Human Rights Record’ of Any Modern U.S. President
Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States
Ukraine Tension: President Zelensky Hits Back At Biden Comments
'Any Incursion Into Ukraine Is an Invasion': Blundering Biden Is Sent Out With a SCRIPT to Read as White House Scrambles to Clear Up Mess Caused By His Press Conference Gaffe That Was Taken as a 'Green-Light' For Russian Attack
Biden's Dangerous, Incoherent Ramblings About the Threat of War Between Russia and Ukraine Show That His Mental Decline May Have Disastrous Consequences For America and the World, Writes Jim Geraghty
Biden Sued for Withholding Info on Illegal Funding of Palestinian Authority
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Under Fire Again After Links To China Unveiled
Biden Admin Obstructing Dozens of Congressional Investigations Into Iran Nuclear Talks, Sanctions Relief
DirecTV's Plan To Remove One America News Faces Pushback From Senators
THOUGHT ZONE: An American Conspiracy – audio of day

It Makes You Sick To Your Stomach: The Killing of Brianna Kupfer ED OF DAY 1
Schumer, Biden Vow New Fight After Suffering Big Loss Trying to Go Nuclear on Filibuster
Manchin Calls Out Democrats For 'Misleading' (Make That Lying!) the American People About the Filibuster
Biden's Press Conference Gets Panned By Critics: 'Total Disaster'
Hannity: Biden Living in an Alternate Universe – video of day 1
Even The Washington Post Says Biden’s a "Bald Faced Liar" ED OF DAY 1
Tucker: No One Is Listening to Joe Biden Anymore – video
Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Slips, Admits Democrats’ Federal Elections Takeover Bill is Inspired by Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez
More Than 1/3 of Americans Give Joe Biden an F For His First Year
America Can Learn From Hungary's Effort to Secure Its Borders: Tucker Carlson – video
AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Speaks At Save America Rally: “The Arizona Election Should Be DECERTIFIED With Cause By The Legislature”
More Than 2 Dozen FBI Agents Descend on Home of Texas Democrat Rep. Cueller Who Blasted Biden and Harris Over Border Crisis
Tucker: We’re Watching Civilization Collapse in Real Time – video
Hannity: Our Enemies Are Watching This – video
Biden Is Hiding the Brutal Report on the Weapons He Left Behind in Afghanistan from GOP, Public
Grassley and Johnson Demand Hunter Biden’s Full Travel Records From Secret Service
Biden Says 2022 Midterms 'Could Easily Be Illegitimate'
Amid Mask Drama, Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Sotomayor ‘Not Fit to Serve’ on Supreme Court

Lawrence Jones: There's 'No Shield' For the Madness Happening Across America – video of day 3
'We Have a Lot of Criminals on the Streets That Shouldn’t Be Out': Father of Murdered UCLA Student, 24, Blames LA's Woke Politicians and Prosecutors After She Was Randomly Stabbed to Death By Homeless Man in Furniture Store
CBS, NBC Floored by ‘Shocking,’ ‘Unbelievable’ Looting in LA, Refuse to Blame Lefty DA
Soros-Funded Los Angeles Prosecutor Charging 26-Year Old Transgender Pedophile As Juvenile to Avoid Jail Time
Biden’s Agencies Dodge How Texas Terrorist Was Allowed to Enter U.S.
Brnovich: I Won't Vote on Anything in Senate 'Until We Solve' Problem at Border
The Political Timing of the End of the Pandemic – The Biden administration needs a very big win before November and what could be simpler and easier than simply declaring one?
Delusional Biden White House Blames His Imploding Poll Numbers On ‘Messaging’
White House Takes Shots at Trump Administration's 'Infrastructure Week' – HOLLY NOTE: If you've got nothing going for you, become the attack rat.
Legal Expert: European Vaccine Mandates Are the Beginning of a 'Social Credit System' Just Like China – video of day 2
Michigan Democratic Party Deletes Facebook Post That Said ‘The Client of the Public School Is Not the Parent, But the Entire Community, the Public’
Wis. Supreme Court Takes Case of School Letting Kids Change Genders Without Parental Consent
Woke Ideology Is 'Cruel' and 'Evil,' and Will Not 'End Well': Victor Davis Hanson – video of day 1
White House Defends Withholding of Delaware Visitor Records, Where Biden Has Logged 27% of His Time
Eric Swalwell Warns Republicans Will 'never Peacefully Concede Power Again' – HOLLY NOTE: Since Democrats know they're going to get stomped in the November elections, they're already planting seeds of doubt over their authenticity. It's also why they're desperate to pass the Voter Rights Act, which is a mis-named federal takeover of elections.

One of their most oft repeated lies is saying that Georgia voters aren't permitted water while standing in line to vote. The truth is that people aren't permitted to bring them water within 150 feet of the voting area. This is so they can't influence them before going in to vote.

Voters can, however, walk 20 feet to a table that has free water for everyone or they can bring their own. Democrats have pumped out this lie for a year and a half and if it weren't for lying, Democrats would have nothing to say.
Joyless Reid: Republicans ‘Same’ as Dixiecrats — They Oppose ‘Everything Dr. King Fought For’
FED UP WITH DEMOCRATS: Dramatic 14-Point Shift in Party Preference During 2021 Gives GOP Biggest Lead Since 1995: Gallup
Lawmakers Coming Under Increased Threats — Sometimes From One Another
Maxine Waters: Manchin, Sinema ‘Don’t Care’ About Black People – HOLLY NOTE: The mouth that roared strikes again. Brian Kilmeade, Jesse Watters are right. When Democrats don't get their way, they scream racist, homophobe, transphobe – and now – anti-American.
Warnock: Republicans Are ‘Anti-American’
Sanders Calls Out Manchin, Sinema Ahead Of Filibuster Showdown
Carville Tells Democrats To ‘Quit Being a Whiny Party’
Bill Would Give U.S. Government ‘Kill Switch’ in All New Cars
Video Shows Pennsylvania Official Admitting Election Laws Were Broken In 2020
Fighters Are Uncovering 2020 Election Ugliness in Michigan
Biden's Failed Blitz On 'Voting Rights' – Americans Aren't Buying Dems' False Claims ED OF DAY 1
Republicans Prepare Their Wish List For Filibuster-Free Senate
WATCH: Behavior and Body Language Expert Breaks Down Kamala Harris's Interview Responses
More Americans ID as Republicans, Biggest Edge in 25 Years
Jen Psaki Slammed For Cheering On Schools To Ignore Youngkin, Parents Over Masks
Convicted Pedophile Funneled Millions in Foreign Cash Into Crooked Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign
Joe Biden Moves America Farther Way From Dr. Martin Luther King’s Message of Hope and Unity
3rd Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump Announces Retirement From Congress
Conspiracies as Realities, Realities as Conspiracies ED OF DAY 2
Risk of U.S.-Iran Shadow Conflict in Iraq Grows As Tehran-Backed Militias Lash Out, Lose Allies ALERT
Sen. Tim Scott: Biden's Jim Crow Comments Evidence of 'Failed Leadership'
Only 6% of Biden Voters Think Things Are Going Very Well in America
ACT NOW: US Rep. Kat Cammack Sounds Alarm – Dems Breaking All the Rules to End Free and Fair Elections Forevermore – Hiding HR1 in a NASA Bill – Contact Senators Now – List Attached
‘Great Unifier’ Biden Tells Half The Country to Go to Hell ED TO OF DAY 3
Americans Say They’re ‘Frustrated,’ ‘Disappointed,’ ‘Nervous’
Barack Obama Describes His Ideal 3rd Term – video of day 1
Trump Rallies Huge Crowd in Arizona: ‘In 2024, We Are Going to TAKE BACK the White House’
America Becomes Nanny State: Freedoms Dwindled Over Past 20 Years Due to Federal Encroachment
America Needs an Honest, Adult Conversation About Our Challenges in 2022 If America Is Going to Remain Free, Safe and Prosperous
The Left Is Trying to Erase The Meaning of Citizenship ED TO OF DAY 1
Dick's Sporting Goods Admits Decision to Abandon Gun Sales Cost Shareholders $250M in Revenue – HOLLY NOTE: The price of going woke.
Americans Believe US Democracy 'At Risk of Extinction': Poll – ED TO OF DAY 2
'She Will Stop AOC': Fiery Ad from GOP Challenger Spells Trouble for the Self-Righteous Socialist
Trump Fumes at ‘Woke Executives’ Pulling OAN from DirecTV, Floats Call of a Boycott Against DirecTV Parent Co. AT&T
Should You Move While You Can, Or When You Must?
United Van Lines Report: Americans Continue Moving Out of Higher-Tax States

Union Pacific Official Blames L.A.’s Far-Left Policies For Massive Train Thefts, Considers Leaving L.A.
New Quinnipiac University Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Rating Among Hispanics at 28%
President Reeling After Series Of Defeats, Setbacks, And Policy Flops Stall Agenda
Summation of Biden's Blisteringly Bad Week
CDC fact checks Supreme Court liberal justices pushing vaccine mandate
Lost the vaccine mandate
Americans lose faith in CDC
Finding a COVID test is hard
Record cases across the country
Hospitals reaching capacity
Biden pivots to 'voting rights' with a speech even members of his own party panned
Inflation hits a 40-year high costing families an extra $5000/yr
Consumers complain about bare shelves
Manchin and Sinema say no to eliminating filibuster and as a result:
Lost election bill so D.C. and Puerto Rico won't become states
More stories emerge about a 2024 ticket without Biden or Harris
Harris mocked for rough TV interview
Oil hits $85/barrel, could go as high as $125/barrel
Biden's Build Back Broke bill is dead
Approval rating plummets to dismal 33%
Not enough COVID testing and therapeutics
Biden stumbles through teleprompter at COVID Event – asks for czar's name
Biden admits 'voting rights' bill will likely fail as Sinema takes to floor before his arrival
Manchin tells reporters he hasn't talked to Biden since before Christmas, no re-negotiation of Build Back Broke
Supreme Court knocks down vaccine mandate for private business over 100 employees
National Security advisor announced no further talks with Russia as Russians get more aggressive
North Korea fires fresh missiles, lashes out over U.S. sanctions
DHS announces 104,000 migrants between March and August and only 50,000 check in with ICE
On the Filibuster, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin Came Through in the Crunch ED OF DAY 2
Biden Tells Such a Whopper, Even the WaPo Showers Him With Pinocchios
After Joe Biden's Disgusting Speech, the White House Becomes More Vindictive and Detached
Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers Arrested By FBI, Expected to Be Charged With Sedition Along With 11 Others – video of day 2
Tim Scott: This Is Offensive And Insulting as an American – video of day 1
Witnesses: Capitol Police Denied Medical Treatment to Pro-Trump Officer Brian Sicknick on Jan. 6 Shortly Before He Died
US Embassy In Baghdad “Attacked By Terrorist” In Rocket Barrage ALERT
DC Mayor Bowser Declares Emergency, Says All Persons Must Carry Vaccine Papers And Photo ID Just To Leave Their Own Homes (But Not To Vote)
Republican Sen. Marshall Plans To Introduce 'Fauci Act' After Doctor Called Him a 'Moron' – Bill Would Require List Of All Confidential Filers Within Government Whose Financial Disclosures Are Not Public
Tucker Carlson Calls Brett Kavanaugh 'Cringing Little Liberal'

Train Robberies Are Back
Chicago Sheriff Blasts Number Of Violent Offenders On Home Confinement – 75%-80% of Them Are Accused of Violent Crimes, Including 100 Accused of Murder
Crypto Crime Hit An All-Time High in 2021
Nancy Pelosi Says the House Will Pass a Bill Combining Both of Congress' Voting Rights Measures Today as Biden Heads to Capitol Hill to Convince Manchin and Senate Democrats to Get on Board – HOLLY NOTE: This bill is horrendous, takes control of elections out of the hands of individual states, make mail-in ballots universal as well as ballot harvesting and no ID required to vote.

This isn't a bill to promote voter rights. It's legalizing theft of elections. Yesterday even Lefty Geraldo Rivera stated everyone should be required to have a voter ID and that it was insulting to say people of color couldn't get one.
Mitch McConnell Gives a Floor Speech Flogging Biden Mitch McConnell Gives a Floor Speech Flogging Biden
Biden's Approval Crashes to 33%: 53% of Americans Disapprove in Another Dire Poll – Nearly 60% Fear Democracy Is in 'Danger Of Collapse'
Tucker: Here Comes Hillary – video of day 1
Laura Ingraham Suggests Running Mate For Hillary Clinton's Potential 2024 Presidential Campaign – HOLLY NOTE: What a match! Both are smart, vicious, vindictive and rabid Trump-haters. Last night political analyst Jason Nichols was on with Tucker Carlson. He stated that black women are the backbone of Democrat voters.

He continued saying, paraphrased, that if Hillary "jumped the line over Kamala" for the presidency, black women would abandon Hillary in droves.

What was most revealing in his comments is that Nichols portrays black women as racists and stupid, people who can't think for themselves and vote color, not aptitude or attitude. Pretty tragic if that's the case. Well then, you have to remember head-jiving woman who voted for Barack because she 'got her Obamaphone'.
Related: James Comey, Matt Lauer, Netflix, Putin, Fathers, Husbands, Male Bosses and Boyfriends: Hillary's Blame list - 41 and Counting (But There's One Absentee)
Iran, US Lock Horns Over Sanctions Relief, Nuclear Curbs in Vienna Talks ALERT
Guerrilla War Exercise To Be Fought Across Rural North Carolina Counties, Army Warns
Biden Admin ASKED for Letter Calling Parents 'Domestic Terrorists": Email – Education Secretary Cardona Called to Resign
REVEALED: Full List Of Western Media Outlets Participating In Chinese Communist Propaganda Events
Liberal Media, Pundits Continue To Ridicule, Shame The Unvaccinated Despite Widespread COVID Surge
Top Democrat, Rep. James Clyburn, Calls for Feds to Seize Control of Elections: States ‘Cannot’ Be Trusted
Biden Admin. To List Employees Seeking Religious Exemptions To Vaccine Mandate In New Database
Dems Have Voted For More Filibusters Than Republicans As Power Devolves Into Divisive Partisan Tool
Time For America's Leaders to Confront China's Communist Party Head On
BIDEN LEADS WAY TO DESTROY AMERICAN DEMOCRACY: Biden Delivers Battle Cry For Ripping Up Senate Filibuster Rules, Rewriting Election Laws – HOLLY NOTE: The only time Democrats cry foul on "Democracy at stake" is when they don't get their way for an even bigger power grab.
Harris Says Ditch Filibuster Now Because Democrats Could Soon Lose 'Opportunity'
Biden's Stunning Attempt to Comfort Colorado Wildfire Victims: We Will Have Windmills with 100-Yard Wingspans – HOLLY NOTE: Biden is the most insensitive sack of flesh and bones ever to set foot in the White House. He did this same thing in Tennessee – push his radical climate agenda, not comfort the now homeless and heartbroken who had lost everything to tornadoes. You'd have thought Biden would have learned from all the backlash he received. No, to that thought…

Instead, he doubled down 3 weeks later in Colorado where more than a thousand families' homes were flattened destroying everything. The wildfire propelled by 105 mph wind gusts traveled so quickly people barely had time to grab children and pets. Everything else was gone.

Before Biden was elected, people thought Joe was just a good ole boy. Smiling that crooked smile, shuffling around, making gaffes like uttering on a hot mic to Obama, "That is a big f**cking deal!" People used to think his gaffes were endearing. Now they see it as evidence of his failing mental capacity, something dangerous and unfathomable in a world leader. How many times has he called Kamala, President Harris?

People were tired of President Trump lighting a fire under people in the form of tweets, but Trump got things done. Biden's gotten nothing done for America and is her one-man wrecking crew.

Now that the facade has been ripped from Biden's face, people see his utter lack of caring, his downright meanness and endless lying. When things get a little tough for him out there, he either walks away from the podium or plays the dead son card, eliciting sympathy until his next outrageous action. Time and again we're reminded of Biden's stunning tone deafness.
Biden Slips Up AGAIN, Calls Kamala “President Harris” in Speech Calling on Senate to Nuke Filibuster Rules For ‘Voting Rights’ Bill (VIDEO)
BIDEN'S LIES NEVER STOP: Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Got Arrested Marching in the Civil Rights Movement (VIDEO)
DOJ Reveals New ‘Domestic Terrorism Unit’ During Capitol Riot Hearing
Tucker: Biden Deeply Disappointed in America – video of day 1
Reps. Comer, Jordan Expose New Fauci Emails They Say Point to COVID-19 Lab Leak 'Cover Up'
Fauci Wriggles Like a Fish on a Hook When Questioned About DARPA ED OF DAY 1
Rethinking Citizenship—Is Born In The U.S.A. Enough? ED OF DAY 2
Joe Biden Is Yelling At Americans Again ED OF DAY 3
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Vows to Sign Bill Expanding Right to Abortion Until Moment of Birth
Biden Goes Nuclear on the Filibuster, Republicans, But His Ploy Runs Into Democratic Resistance
Powell Calls Inflation a Severe Threat, Disputes White House Claims Of Easing Supply-Chain Woes
Hot Mic Catches Fauci Calling GOP Senator 'Moron' After Tense Exchange
Mystery Surrounds FAA Order To Halt All West Coast Air Traffic After North Korean (Hypersonic) Missile Launch (Updated)
Reps. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan Step Forward to Fight Pelosi's Jan. 6 Witch Hunt
The FBI Refuses To Deny Any Involvement In Events on January 6
SCOTUS ON BIDEN VAX MANDATE: Justices Will Likely Uphold Mandate Requiring Health Care Workers To Be Vaccinated While Overturning The Rule Applying To Private Companies With More Than 100 Employees
Lightfoot Called ‘Relentlessly Stupid’ Hours Before Deal With Union
Stacey Abrams Gives Vague Reason For Skipping Landmark Biden Speech on HER 'Signature Issue'
US Marshals Now Find 'Deficiencies' in DC Jail Holding Jan. 6 Defendants
Jan. 6 Committee At Crossroads As Republican Members Refuse To Aid Inquiry
Why Was Trump's EO About Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Deleted?
Related: Cyberattacks on Businesses Saw A Huge Rise in 2021
RNC Sues NYC Mayor Adams Over Law Allowing Noncitizens To Vote
The Supreme Court and Biden's Vast Display Of Ignorance ED OF DAY 1
FBI's McCabe Calls For Feds To Surveil 'Mainstream' Conservatives
White House Says 'Unprecedented Demand' Prompted COVID-19 Test Shortage – HOLLY NOTE: How about it's because the White House hadn't even signed contracts for the tests until Jan 7?
LIZ PEEK – NO MORE BLANK CHECKS: Biden Team Says $5T in COVID Relief Not Enough. So, Where Did It All Go? ED OF DAY 1
Exclusive: Kevin McCarthy Lays Out GOP ‘Commitment to America’ – Pledges No Amnesty or Gun Control as Speaker – Plans to Boot Omar, Swalwell, Schiff off Committees
Report: Democrats Seek to Disqualify Trump from 2024 Campaign amid Resurgence
Study Ties January 6 Riot to Rejection of 'Demographic Change'
Sorry, Democrats: Civil War Isn't Likely — Even If You're Trying to Provoke One
Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families – Zoom Meeting on Proposed Agenda on Jan. 21, ’22 …UPDATE: WA Releases Statement
Rep. Jim Jordan Tells Jan. 6 Panel to Pound Sand, Rejects Legitimacy of Investigation
Mark Levin to Glenn Beck: Here's Why the Democrat Party's Outrageous Hypocrisy Is America’s BIGGEST Problem – 'This Party Has Been a Poison, a Cancer on the Groin of American Politics' ED OF DAY 2
Mark Levin to Glenn Beck – video of day 1
Witnesses Tell Of Mothers Fainting As Kids Died, Stepping Over Bodies In Devastating NYC Blaze Leaving At Least 19 Dead
'Gaslighting': White House Gets Trounced For Bragging That Biden's Economy 'Created More Jobs Per Month Than Under Any Other President — Ever'
Biden's 2022 Pitch - Target Trump Acolytes, Woo Swing Voters
Report: Californians Leaving for Texas So Rapidly, U-Haul Ran Out of Trucks
Pelosi on GOP Blocking ‘Voting Rights’ Bill: “What the Republicans Are Doing Across the Country, Is Really a Legislative Continuation of January 6th” (VIDEO)
NYC Mayor Says He Supports Recently Passed Legislation Allowing 800,000 Noncitizens To Vote – HOLLY NOTE: People had high hopes for Eric Adams. He also just said he needs to have his brother head his security detail because of the rise of white supremacy. It's policy first and public safety second. Will he be a mini de Blasio? Everybody wondered what kind of mayor he'd be. Now we know.
'Chilling' Video Captures Skiers On Lift At North Carolina Mountain Resort Getting Doused By Geyser Of Freezing Water After Hydrant Is Knocked Over And Erupts
WI Sen. Ron Johnson Seeking Re-Election in 2022 – video
The NFL is Looking to Potentially Move Super Bowl from Los Angeles to Dallas Likely Due To Wuhan Virus Restriction
Supreme Court Poised to Decide Limits of Biden Vaccine Rules For Businesses, Health Care Workers
Bernie’s Takeover Is Coming Soon – The Democrats Are Rapidly Running Out Of Ways To Keep The Hard Left At Bay ED OF DAY 1
Mo Brooks: Liz Cheney Staffer a ‘Dishonorable Gutter Rat’ for Claim Brooks Was ‘Cheering on’ Capitol Riot
Joe Biden Attacks Donald Trump, Blames Him For the Jan. Riot, Says ‘He Can’t Accept That He Lost’ 2020 Election – HOLLY NOTE: As we have opined previously, we really disliked Obama's policies for being so leftist. But the utter disgust, disdain and dislike of Biden is like comparing a puddle to the ocean.

We can't recall any president less deserving of respect; therefore he gets none. The office of the president, yes, but not this person. In his first 12 months, Biden has run America into the gutter. Never has such a plagiarist, serial liar and weak individual held the presidency.
Biden’s Approval Crashes to Shocking New Low to 35%
Pelosi Tells Disgusting Jan 6th Lie
Predictions for 2022 (Some Real … Some Just Because)
The Fall of the Mainstream Media & The Biggest Lies They Told In 2021
Tucker: Why Are Our Leaders Obsessing Over January 6? – HOLLY NOTE: One issue MSM ignores is that of the missing National Guard. President Trump knew there would be a large number of people attending this rally and ordered up the National Guard 2 DAYS in advance.

Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of D.C. refused to sign off on it. Because there were clear instigators – maybe Democrats, now over 700 people held in jail, many in solitary confinement and uncharged, you have to wonder if this rally-turned-riot wasn't planned by the Left and Trump haters. – video of day 1
2 More Kamala Harris Staffers Quit Amid Rumors of “Bullying and Mismanagement”

8 Times Left-Wing Protesters Broke Into Government Buildings And Assaulted Democracy
“It’s the Beginning of Communism and I Think It’s Beyond, Long Beyond the Beginning” – President Trump on Censorship of Conservatives Like Gateway Pundit by T-Mobile
Nearly Half of Biden's Ambassador Nominations Have Political Rather Than Foreign Service Backgrounds
Report Shows People Fleeing California and Illinois for Texas and Florida
Tucker Blisters Ted Cruz For Calling Jan 6. 'Violent Terrorist Attack' – video of day 2
US, UK, China, Russia, France Release Joint Statement On Nuclear War – Here It Is ALERT
Nothing to See: Biden Admin Leaders Flunk Watchdog Transparency Test
Biden Starting 2022 With His Worst Economic Polling Yet – 56% Disapproval
Biden Looks Horrible After His Talk Yesterday – Sits and Ignores Questions with a Creepy Look on His Face
Biden’s National Security Challenges Mount As He Enters 2nd Year in Office
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Leftists Freak Out after Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers Reveals He’s Reading the Historic Anti-Socialist Classic “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I just watched this trilogy again over Christmas weekend. It's more pertinent today than when Rand penned it over 60 years ago. What foresight! It brought back good memories.

We were invited in 2014 to attend the premiere of Atlas Shrugged III: Who Is John Galt? at the Palms in Vegas. Tons of fun! Since then, Kristoffer Polaha has gone on to star in a lot of other movies and TV series.
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This is why she and Adam Kinzinger – both rabid Trump-haters – are still on a tear to keep the Jan. 6 riots alive. (See Ponder of the Day 1) They should both re-register as Democrats. Why the abominable treatment of those charged hasn't received more coverage is shameful. Many of them were put in solitary confinement without even being charged. What happened to due process?
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GOODWIN: Good Riddance to NYC’s Worst Mayor Ever – Bill de Blasio – HOLLY NOTE: It remains to be seen how mandate-crazy the new mayor Eric Adams will be. However, since he is former police, he will have the Blue's back and ran on restoring law and order. He, at his worst, will still be better than the much-despised de Blasio.
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21 Rescued After Being Stranded Overnight on Icy Tram in New Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: Some years ago, we boarded the Sandia Tram for dinner at the Ten 3 restaurant situated at the summit. It's named for the elevation as it sits at 10,300 feet above sea level.

That day it was stiflingly hot and the tram wasn’t air conditioned. There were small windows at each end that could be opened, but with 50 people standing between them no air got in and the large glass ones were fixed so nobody could fall out.

The views were breathtaking seeing across the entire city of Albuquerque. Unfortunately the heat became too much for a boy about 10 and he threw up copious amounts. It was a long 15 minutes more smelling the stench of sickness.

Needless to say, after arriving we hung around outside for awhile breathing in fresh clean air. Despite the unpleasant experience getting there, the fine dining more than made up for it.

The restaurant is surrounded by glass to take advantage of the scenery. We enjoyed a relaxing meal when much to our consternation, we could see a huge thunderstorm rolling in.

Wait staff quietly circulated the room and warned everyone now would be a good time to board the tram if we didn’t want to sit in the restaurant overnight. It had happened to the wait staff before so they weren't kidding. At least they weren't stuck in the tram like these poor folks!

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