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US Assesses North Korea Launches Constitute Use Of New ICBM System ALERT
Russia’s Massive Nuclear Arsenal Hangs Over War in Ukraine
3 Ukrainian Cities Rocked By Russian Airstrikes For The First Time
The World Economic Forum: "Send Us Your Blood DNA and We'll Let You Travel and Go to Events With the Promise That We Won't Track You." – video
Setting the Stage for WW3 – video of day 1
The War in Ukraine has Exposed the Perils of 21st Century Globalism – ED OF DAY 3
Mapped: 200 Years Of Global Political Regimes, By Country
UK Says Russia Confirms Use Of Thermobaric Weapons In Ukraine
Russia Denies Bombing Maternity Hospital In Mariupol, Calling It 'Fake News'
Mapped: 200 Years Of Global Political Regimes, By Country
'War Crime' Zelensky Slams Russia's Deadly Hospital Bombings, Begs West For More Help
Russian Ship That Fired on ‘F–k Yourself’ Ukrainians Destroyed: Report
The World Failed to Take Adolf Hitler Seriously and Paid the Price, We Would Do Well to Take Putin Seriously and Get Prepared For Nuclear War ALERT
Russia-Ukraine: To Settle The Ukraine Crisis, Start At The End – Henry Kissinger in the Washington Post March 5, 2014
China May Fight India Before Taiwan
UK Tightens Airspace Restrictions To Keep Oligarchs Out
Ukraine Musters Army Of Citizen-Hackers For Info Wars With Russia
Major European Trucking Firm Hit With Fuel Shortage After Ukraine Invasion
Putin's Propaganda Chief Threatens West With Nuclear Destruction – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind Dimitru Duduman's 1984 prophecy, America Will Burn. – video of day 2
China Touts 'Friendship' With Russia: 'Most Important Strategic Partner'
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Is Tied to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and Other Global Elites
Poland Ready To Place All Its MIG-29 Jets at the Disposal of the US
Russian Barbarism, American Incompetence, and Ukrainian Suffering
BRINK OF NUCLEAR WAR: Journalist Who Quit Russian State-Run Media Has Chilling Warning to the World ALERT
Russia Warns Of Global Collapse, Massive Shifts Taking Place in the World ALERT
Fears Grow Among Russia's Neighbors That Putin Might Not Stop at Ukraine
Russian-Born Intel Expert Rebekah Koffler Says American Leaders Underestimate Putin – video
LIVE UPDATES: Defiant Zelenskyy Reveals Location, Puts World On Notice About Who Putin Will Target Next
Anonymous Has Hacked Russian Streaming Services To Broadcast Footage Of The War
Monkey Werx US: Situation Report 3 7 22 – video
Russian Pro-War ‘Z’ Symbol: What to Know – Symbols Likely Signify Broader Conflict Between East and West
Ukraine Calls Russia's Proposed Evacuation Routes 'Unacceptable': Live Updates – HOLLY NOTE: When looking at pictures of the unmitigated misery and destruction taking place, one wonders how 'getting over this' can ever take place. Putin has destroyed cities to the point where they can only be flattened. All of these Ukraines – some 1.73 million who fled their country – even if they were allowed to come back, what would they come back to?

Homes gone, businesses destroyed, dead and shredded bodies strewn about. Their critical infrastructure is demolished. No food or medicine, hospitals and airports bombed, no electricity for 6 days. People are drinking from puddles in the streets. Russians are hitting communication towers and pipelines. Humanitarian corridors are mined so no one can get in or out. Horrible mind-numbing memories of what life was and what it is now.

Even if this war miraculously stopped today and Ukraines tried to put their lives together, where would they start? It's not like a tornado ripped through a town and paths were visible where building and roads were still intact and there were places where rubble could be hauled. Some cities are nearly obliterated. As of today 364 civilians have been killed by indiscriminate Russian bombing.

Moving past this war, Ukraine sitting right next to Russia, how do they coexist? Maybe one of these Russians shot your child or a Ukraine 'molitoffed' their military son. Distance, like fences, make good neighbors.

Hindsight is so much clearer. The Biden admin thought withholding weapons, supplies and aid from Ukraine as incentive till Putin actually 'did something' and not placing sanctions on Russia until then, would stop him. Ukraine begged outside nations, especially the U.S., to do something before, not after. No one did. How'd that work out?

Obama tried to warn Americans in 2020. He said, 'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f**k things up." Before that in 2019, Robert Gates, who served as Obama's defence secretary stated, "…he's (Biden) been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." Chalk up another miscalculation for Biden, but this one is costing lives.

In 1991, Ukraine overwhelmingly voted for their independence. Then 28 years ago, Ukraine promised to destroy their nearly 5,000 nukes and join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. In so doing, the agreement stated that if Ukraine was threatened, Russia, Ukraine, Britain and the U.S. would come to their aid. The 1994 Budapest Memorandum promised that none of these nations would use force or threats against Ukraine and all would respect its sovereignty and existing borders. One signee didn't.

Every day Ukraine becomes more enraged at America's lack of strong support. Yesterday, one fighting Ukraine yelled that since the U.S. won't declare a no-fly zone, that we aren't helping them enough, "America is no super power. America is bullsh*t!" Pretty stunning.

We don't have any special insight as to what the U.S. should have done or what America should do now. No one wants to see this regional war escalate into the unthinkable. It seems like a lose-lose situation.

Putin is still selling his gas and oil, and sanctions will eventually make life miserable for the every day Russian, but not soon enough. Surrounding nations dependent on Russia's oil will get very cold should Putin turn off the spicket. It is a pointed lesson, a warning the U.S. to extricate its dependence on China. Consider the U.S. gets about 80% of its painkillers and antibiotics from China. How shortsighted is that?

Putin is losing thousands of troops and there's talk that he may institute conscription to gather more warm fighting bodies. We don't think he gives a rip about the Russian people. They're just faceless bodies – a means to achieve his goals.

We heard maybe a week ago that these Russian soldiers, some still teenagers, were told they were going on training exercises only later finding out they were lied to and going to war. One of the most stunning images this war has revealed is how stoic Ukrainians are, how resolved, how patriotic. They're like that little mouse extending its middle finger to the circling vulture. Very few people are screaming or crying when most of us who've never experienced war on our own soil would be out of our minds.

Under God everything is possible, but this seems impossible. Every day Stan and I pray for them.
'Tell Me How We Don't Get Sucked Into Conflict': Biden White House Fears Being Drawn Into Open Warfare With Russia As It Carries Out a 'Warp-Speed' Mission to Arm Ukraine With 17,000 Anti-Tank Missiles
'Show Us Mercy, We Thought We Were Liberating Ukraine From the Nazis': Russian Soldier's Plea As He Reveals Kremlin LIED to Them Ahead of invasion - and He Only Realized When He Saw Famous Boxers Fighting For Kyiv
Zelensky's Wife Begs Media to Tell the 'Terrible Truth' That Russians Are Killing Kids
Russia's Most Immoral Propaganda Yet: Children at a HOSPICE Are Made to Stand in the Snow in the Shape of a Z to Show Support For Putin's Troops
5,000 Anti-War Demonstrators Are Arrested in Russia's Biggest Day of Protest Against Putin's Ukraine Invasion - As Videos Show Police Beating and Dragging Women off the Streets
Vladimir Putin Hiding Lover Alina Kabaeva and Their Kids in Switzerland
Ukraine Has 'Plans in Place' in Case President Is Killed
Blinken: NATO Has Green Light to Send Fighter Jets to Ukraine
Top Belarusian General Quits Over Ally Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: Report
Ukraine Gave Up a Giant Nuclear Arsenal 30 Years Ago. Today There Are Regrets. – HOLLY NOTE: A lesson to Americans… Never let your firearms be confiscated.
This Is Why Ukraine Matters
Will Russia Defeat Ukraine? Delta Force General Jerry Boykin – video of day 2
Ukrainians Are Shrink-Wrapping Looters to Electric Poles, Sometimes ... Without Their Pants
Israel to Establish Field Hospital in Ukraine
Polish Ambassador Warns Putin Has Sights Set Beyond Ukraine, Calls For Decades Long Russian Sanctions
'SO CRUEL': Ukrainian Mom Describes Slaughter of Innocents As Putin's Bombs Drop On Civilians
20,000 Foreign Volunteers Have Signed Up to Fight in Ukraine: Officials
Putin, Surrounded By Beauties, Warns Against NATO-Backed No-Fly Zone
IAEA "Extremely Concerned" Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Is Under Russian Control, Communications Switched Off
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Shows the World What It Means to Be a Man
The Legacy of Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’
British Child Groomed and Sexually Abused by Up to 300 Men, Court Hears
Russian Troops Shelling Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Power Plant Sparking Fire, Officials Say – "If It Blows Up, It Will Be 10 Times Larger Than Chornobyl" ALERT
NATO Gears Up For Huge War Games on Land, Sea and in the Air in Norway With 30,000 Troops From 27 Countries Later This Month ALERT
Oh Great – Now We Have a “Hot War” With Russia Aand We Are Being Warned That “World War 3 Can Only Be Nuclear” ALERT
Boris Johnson Says 'the Security of the Whole of Europe Has Been Put at Risk'
Putin Nuclear Threat Part of New Escalation Policy
Russia 'Is Planning to Stage Public Executions in Ukraine When Cities Are Captured to Break Morale'
'World War III Has Already Started,' Says Ukrainian Lawmaker
Invaders in Waiting: Lurking Just Off the Coast, a Menacing Armada of Seaborne Russian Troops Is Poised to Attack Odessa
Zelensky: 'I Don't Know' If Ukraine Can Hold Off Russian Forces
More Than 1 Million Ukrainian Refugees Have Fled Over Past Week: UN
Pro-Russian Mayor of City in Eastern Ukraine Who Welcomed Putin’s Invasion Is Found Shot Dead in the Street After Being Kidnapped From His Home
Russian Oil Giant Calls For Ceasefire in Ukraine: Report
'Worst Is Yet to Come': Macron Issues Dire Warning After Fruitless Putin Call
Now RUSSIANS Start To Flee Their Homeland
WATCH: Woman Burns Russian Passport, Says 'I Feel Shame'
$1 Million Bounty On Putin Offered By Russian Businessman
They Want to Wipe Our City Off the Face of the Earth: As a Father Weeps Over Body of Son Who Was Shelled While Playing Football, Russians Kill Hundreds as Troops
Zelensky Warns Putin: No Bunker Can Protect You From God
The Ukrainian People Are Being Sacrificed Like Pawns on a Chessboard By The Global Elite ED OF DAY 1
What Does Putin Want? Lack Of Clear Endgame Hovers Over Fierce Ukraine Fighting
Russia Claims Control of Crucial Ukraine Port City as Putin Regime Rocks Kyiv With Missile Barrage
Biden Says Russia Targeting Civilian Areas, US Doing 'Everything We Can' To Help Zelenskyy
Former American Paratrooper Living in Ukraine Describes Situation There: 'This Is Their 1776'
Zelenskyy Condemns Russian Missile Attack On Holocaust Memorial: 'Beyond Humanity ... Damn Them'
Scenarios Where Putin Might Actually Use a Nuke
John Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Barry Stagner Today at 10AM PST For an Hour of Q & A on the War in Ukraine and the Biblical Significance of our World Events
UN Passes Resolution Condemning Russia's Invasion of Ukraine; China Abstains
Only 5 Countries, Including North Korea, Vote Against U.N. Resolution Condemning Russia
Russia Held Drills With Nuclear Submarines Simultaneous To Ukraine Invasion
Ukraine Learns The Value Of An Armed Citizenry, But Far Too Late
Taiwan Hit by Widespread Power Outages Affecting Taipei, Other Major Cities – HOLLY NOTE: Is China beginning its move?
Are You Absolutely Certain That You Know Who “The Good Guys” Are In This War
Russian Oligarchs Flee On Superyachts To The Indian Ocean After Biden Warning
Video Shows Captured Russian Soldier Drinking Tea, Calling Mom In Tears
US Spec. Ops Vets Are Trying To Rescue Thousands Of Orphans in Ukraine
Follow The Money: How Russia Will Bypass Western Economic Warfare
Ontario Gov’t Shuts Down 39 Trucking Businesses For Taking Part in Freedom Convoy
In Not So Subtle Message to Israel and the Jewish People, Putin Orders Air Strike on Holocaust Memorial Babi Yar In Ukraine Capital City of Kyiv
US and 10 Other Countries Condemn North Korea Missile Launch
Beware Wishful Thinking When It Comes to the Ukraine Crisis
Russia Launches Largest Air Assault of Invasion Ahead of New Round of Negotiations
Putin's Plot to Assassinate Zelenskyy Ends Embarrassingly After Surprise Tip
Ukraine: The Risks of War in a Nuclear State
Russia Bombs Kharkiv's Freedom Square and Opera House in Ukraine
Russia Escalates In Ukraine As Global Opposition Mounts
Mexico’s President Won’t Impose Economic Sanctions on Russia
World's Largest Shipping Lines Cut Service To Russia After Invasion of Ukraine
22 Observations About The New World War Which Just Started In Ukraine
As the “Peasants” Rise Up Against Their Tyrannical Leaders, Globalists Panic and Beat the War Drums in Order to Wrest Control Back of the Public in the Name of “Safety” and “Patriotism”
DEADLY WEAPON Vladimir Putin Used Illegal VACUUM BOMB as 40-Mile Long Military Convoy Seen North of Kyiv With Conflict Entering 6th Day ALERT
Russia Ukraine War LIVE: 'Rattled' Putin Uses Banned Cluster Bombs Killing Dozens ALERT
…War Crimes Investigation Opened ALERT
Ukrainian President Signs Application to Join EU as Round of Talks With Russia Ends With No Agreement ALERT
Putin Threatens to Bring Zechariah’s Flesh-Rotting Nuclear War ALERT
The Countdown To Nuclear War Has Begun ALERT
A Hero's Salute: Zelensky Raises His Fist as He Acknowledges Standing Ovation After Telling EU Politicians 'We Are Sacrificing Our Lives For Freedom' – HOLLY NOTE: This is no exaggeration. Yesterday Putin flew 400 mercenaries in from Africa with orders to assassinate Zelenskyy and his top 2 dozen people.

One has to ask, what prompted Putin to invade Ukraine at this particular time? Whatever their history, whatever really has transpired between the 2 countries, it's impossible to deny that Russia made the first move and until this time, Ukraine wished to remain neutral and not join NATO.

By all counts, Russia's invasion was unprovoked, no matter how Putin saw it. Now Putin has put the entire world in danger, turned the global economy on its ear even worse than the plandemic did. The vast majority of nations stand against Putin.

Russians, his own people, are turning against Putin as are the vast majority of nations.
Putin Has 'Moved His Family Members to an Underground City in Siberia Designed to Survive a Nuclear War' – HOLLY NOTE: Most people would like their regular home to be this nice! And – it's above-ground. Then again Putin has a very swank personal home that cost at least $1.4 billion. Putin is purported to have at least $200 billion in personal wealth while his people starve.
Switzerland Abandons Neutrality, Nails Russia with Sanctions
Analysis: Green Energy Mania – Not Russia Invasion of Ukraine – Threatens World – Merkel’s Legacy: Nuclear Power Shutdown Historic Mistake
Russian Forces Overextended, At Risk Of Being ‘Picked Apart,’ top U.S. Analyst Warns
Ukraine Claims Roughly 4,500 Enemies Killed Ahead of 'Crucial' Period
IOC Recommends Barring Russian and Belarusian Athletes From International Competition
World's Largest Aircraft Destroyed During Russian Assault On Airport
As Crisis Looms in Ukraine, U.S. Navy Sends Ship Through Disputed Taiwan Strait
China Just Criticized Sanctions Placed on Russia By the West, Calling It “Immoral” – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't this the pot calling the kettle charred.
Ukrainian Sailor Floods Russian Boss’ $8 Million Super Yacht
Snake Island Ukrainians Are Alive as Prisoners, Says Russia; But Are They Lying?
Come Again? Ukrainian Parliament Member Tells Fox News: “We Not only Fight For Ukraine – We Fight For this New World Order” (VIDEO)
Putin Has Just Ordered His Nuclear Deterrent Forces Status to Be Raised to ‘Special Combat Readiness’ ALERT
Kremlin 'Sends More Than 400 Mercenaries From Private Militia Into Kyiv To Assassinate President Zelensky And His Government' ALERT
North Korea Fires 8th Missile Into Sea Off East Coast ALERT
Kyiv Survives Another Night: 'Demoralized and Exhausted' Russian Troops Suffer 'Heavy Losses' as they FAIL to Breach Ukrainian Capital's Defenses Despite City Being 'Carpet Bombed'
Ukraine Beauty Queen Takes Up Arms
Putin’s Allies Abandon Him Over Ukraine Invasion
Ukraine and Russia Agree to Talks Without Preconditions, Zelenskiyy Says
Ukraine Confirms Rocket That Struck Its Airport Was Fired From Belarus - As Its Leader Lukashenko Warns War Will Become a 'Meat Grinder' With His Special Forces Poised to Join Russian Assault on Kyiv
Finland to Shut Down Airspace to Russian Planes
Europe Moves to Close Its Skies to Russian Planes
Russian Losses Mount: 4,300 Dead, 146 Tanks, 27 Aircraft
Russian Troops Enter Kharkiv - Ukraine's 2nd-Largest City
Not Just Sanctions: Here's How Else the World is Punishing Vladimir Putin
Russian Army Deploys its TOS-1 Heavy Flamethrower, Capable of Vaporizing Human Bodies, Near Ukrainian Border, Footage Shows
Watch: Ukrainian Civilians Use Their Bodies to Block Russian Tanks
The Federalist Senior Contributor Helen Raleigh Weighs in on China's Silence Amid Russia's Invasion of Ukraine – video
Ukrainian Troops Line Up Across a Kyiv Highway as They Prepare to Confront Putin's Troops Who Are Now INSIDE the City: Gunfire and Explosions Are Heard as Terrified Residents Are Urged to Make Molotov Cocktails to Defend Themselves
'I Am Target #1, My Wife and Children Are #2': President Zelensky Stands Firm Against Putin With Vow to 'Stay With His People' in Ukrainian Capital Despite Russian Kill Squads That Are Hunting Him and His Family – HOLLY NOTE: Now THIS is a leader! A man. A very brave leader. We could easily imagine President Trump standing with us in a similar situation. But Biden? He'd be bunkered in his basement. Pray for the Zelensky. Pray for Ukraine.
Putin Is Creating a Potential Nuclear Disaster That Few Recognize ALERT
Ukraine 'Hits Airfield in Russia' With Missile Strike in Latest Blow to Putin After Shooting Down 6 Helicopters and killing or Capturing 800 Troops - as Russia Says It Has Detained Over 160 Soldiers and Blitzed 18 Tanks
13 Ukraine Snake Island Soldiers Refusing to Surrender Tell Russia 'Go F*** Yourself' Before Being Killed in Audio
Blinken Says Putin Has Set His Sights Beyond Ukraine as Russian Artillery Is Seen Massing on Polish Border With Belarus: Claims He's 'Convinced' Kremlin Wants Regime Change Kyiv
Ukraine Puts Out Message to Men in the Country That Time to Fight Back Is NOW
Zelensky Says 137 Killed on 1st Day of Russian Invasion, Orders General Mobilization
Russia Reportedly Offers Ukraine Terms of Surrender
European Countries Brace For Waves of Ukrainian Refugees
Why is Russia Invading Ukraine? Explaining the Roots of a Long-Simmering Conflict
Russia Has Mobile Crematoriums That 'Evaporate' Dead Soldiers: Report
Russian Forces Have Captured the World's Biggest Cargo Jet in Ukraine (Updated)
Zelenskiy Says Ukraine Has Suffered 'Serious Losses' After Russian Air Strikes Pound Dozens Of Targets
Russia Attacks Ukraine: What Does This Mean for Rest of World? – video
China Says Taiwan Is 'Not Ukraine' as Island Raises Alert Level
World War 3? Chinese Air Force Jets Invade Taiwan’s Air Space
Air India Flight Carries Hundreds Out of Ukraine Before Another Plane Forced to Turn Back
LIVE UPDATES: Ukrainian Pres. Warns Russians Want to Seize Chernobyl Site: 'War Against Whole of Europe'
Troops Raise Russian Flag Atop a Power Plant in Southern Ukraine
War Returns to Europe: Putin Launches All-Out Invasion of Ukraine From North, South and East as Cruise Missiles Rain Down on Airports, Military Bases, and Kiev While Troops Parachute From the Skies and Tanks Roll in With Scores Killed
Putin's Terrifying Warning to the West: 'To Anyone Who Would Consider Interfering From the Outside - If You Do, You Will Face Consequences Greater Than Any You Have Faced in History' as He Claims He Is 'De-Nazifying' Ukraine
'It All Happened Because of a Rigged Election': Trump Says Putin Would NEVER Have Invaded Ukraine If He Was Still President and Says 'Sleepy Joe' Biden 'Is in Bed Right Now'
'He's Taken Over a Country For $2 Worth of Sanctions': Former President Trump Doubles Down on Calling Putin 'Smart' Before He Launches 'Special Military Operation' in Ukraine – HOLLY NOTE: Media, as usual, took President Trump's words out of context implying Trump's approval of Putin. Warmonger Putin played a very smart game, getting all of his chess pieces in place before striking.

Publicly Putin kept denying he planned war on Ukraine all the while moving in more tanks and troops, preparing a field hospital. Since Putin has surrounded Ukraine on the north, south and east, it's impossible to tell where missiles are coming from.

It's pretty hard to argue that Putin hasn't done a brilliant tactical job. That acknowledgement is far from giving Putin kudos.
Russia 'Accountable': Biden Condemns Putin's 'Unprovoked and Unjustified Attack' on Ukraine
Panic on the Streets of Kiev: Terrified Residents Scramble to Flee Capital and Rush West as Air Sirens Ring Out After Ukrainian President Declares Martial Law
First Shipments of Stinger Missiles Arrive in Ukraine As "Gift" From Latvia
How Do Ukraine's Military Capabilities Measure Up Against Russia?
War Unfolds Before Their Eyes: Videos Shot By Ukrainians Capture Attacks
How the Ukraine Invasion Unfolded Minute-By-Minute: Russian Shells Rain Down on Mariupol at 3.30am, Putin Declares War 2 Hours Later and Then All Hell Breaks Loose Across Nation and Capital Kiev
Devastation Photos Show Heartbreaking Scenes From the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Trudeau Revokes Emergency Powers Act
China’s Belt and Road Initiative is Globalism on Steroids
Ukraine Declares State Of Emergency Across Entire Country as Putin Boasts of 'Advanced' Hypersonic Weapons and Biden Hits Kremlin Cronies With Sanctions, Warning Russia Is Ordering Blood Supplies Ahead of Full-Scale Invasion ALERT
What’s Next After Germany’s Decision to Stop Nord Stream 2
Russian Aggression Shines Spotlight on NATO’s Limitations, Capability to Deliver on Promises
Putin's 'Peacekeepers' in Tanks Roll Into Ukraine Separatist Regions: Biden Kicks Off Sanctions and UK Will Follow After Issuing Stark Warning 'the Invasion Has Begun' ALERT
The Latest: Germany Moves to Halt Russia Gas Pipeline ALERT
Putin Recognizes Rebel Eastern Ukrainian Regions as Independent, Undercutting Peace Talks
…Aligns With 2 Ukranian Republics Without Firing a Shot
…Tells Biden and the West to Pound Sand
U.S. Warns That Moscow Has Compiled Post-Invasion Kill Lists – HOLLY NOTE: This is likely the reason Ukraine's President Zelenskyy was so determined to attend a summit in Germany right when his country is on the brink of war. Putin has a long trail of assassinations of politicians who opposed him.
Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati Breaking: News on the Ukraine-Russian War Drums – video of day 1
‘Not Over’: Trudeau Won’t Relinquish Emergency Powers Despite Disbanded Convoy
Canadian Protester's Truck Seized, Bank Accounts Frozen Over Connection to Freedom Convoy – video of day 2
Ottawa Mayor Proposes to Sell Confiscated 'Freedom Convoy" Trucks
Canada Moves to Make Asset Freezing Under Emergencies Act Permanent – Nothing Lasts Longer Than a Temporary Government Program... – HOLLY NOTE: This is something every American is all too familiar with. Government promises a new regulation, a new restriction, a new over-reach will have a sunset clause, an expiration date, except they never do. The only president to keep his word on this was Donald Trump. He cut taxes and removed 22 regulations for every new 1.
Tyranny Spreads in Canada as Police Now Cover Names, Badge Numbers on Uniforms to Evade Identification as They Brutally Assault Peaceful Protesters
Freedom Convoy, ESG Scores and Anarchy [Let's Talk] | UnCommon Sense – video
Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Claims Officers Showed “Restraint” and “Professionalism” During Vicious Ottawa Protest Crackdowns This Weekend – (VIDEO)
Putin Has Ordered Russian Troops to Invade Ukraine, U.S. Intelligence Reveals – HOLLY NOTE: It's only a matter of time… Pro-Russia separatists on Ukraine's eastern side are already bombing schools and railroad stations while Russian cyber terrorists implement attacks. That Putin has agreed to meet with Biden is a joke. Putin is as strong and resolute as Biden is weak, and the majority of experts feel Putin has made up his mind.

Biden and Harris have both stated 'severe sanctions' will be levied against Putin should he invade Ukraine. This is likely not motivation enough to dissuade him for 3 reasons:

1) All of the 30 NATO nations would have to agree to implement sanctions otherwise sanctions are a paper tiger.

The EU depends on Russia for abut 30% of its natural gas. It's unlikely they'd be unwilling to cut off fuel in the dead of winter. Since Biden reversed the U.S. from being a net natural gas exporter to having to buy this precious resource from our enemies, the EU has few options. Biden doesn't have a leg to stand on because the U.S. now can't offer these countries a way out. Could Biden have played this any worse by caving to the radical left!

2) Biden/Harris threaten financial sanctions. Putin probably looked at what Ukraine has to offer, which is a jewel. It's extremely rich in natural resources including natural gas besides being an extraordinary 'breadbasket'. While Russia is huge, a lot isn't suitable for agriculture. Usurping Ukraine would help finance Putin's war and add great wealth to Russia's coffer.

3) Russia is a dictatorship and Putin feels threatened that Ukraine join NATO, comprised of free nations. Putin sees democracy as a huge problem. Ukraine has never started a war so maybe it's more a matter of Putin saving face and wanting to reclaim the countries that broke off from the USSR. When that break up occurred present day Russia lost about 1/3 of its real estate including the 'stans'.

In Putin's eyes, Ukraine is a tempting jewel. It wouldn't be a stretch for Russia to take back Belarus, which has Russian troops stationed there. If this is Putin's grand plan, he implemented it several years ago when he annexed Crimea in 2014. Why would he stop there? ALERT
Pentagon Chief Austin Says It’s Highly Likely Russia Will Send Tanks Into Ukraine’s Capital
China Would Back Russia, Diplomatically, If It Moved on Ukraine
Zelensky: Ukraine Wants 'Clear' Time Frame For NATO Membership
Is The Red Horse Getting Ready To Ride In Ukraine?
These Images Of Regime Thugs Brutalizing Women Will Haunt Canada Forever
Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister: anti-Trucker Convoy and Proud Of Her Nazi Collaborator Grandfather
O Canada, The Globalists Mean Business
Canadian Speaker Blames “Poor Audio,” Cuts Member’s Feed When He Asks Why Klaus Schwab Is “Bragging” About the WEF Successfully “Infiltrating Half of Canada’s Cabinet” – (Video)
Worst Winter Olympic Ends: Xi Jinping Watches Closing Ceremony on Velvet Cushion as Curtain Comes Down on Games Tarnished By Doping Scandal, Barren Venues, Grim-Looking Food and Human Rights Concerns
NBC Took A Bath; Ratings Down 42%
Russia to Stage Nuclear Drills Amid Mounting Tensions With the West ALERT
UK Outlines Putin's Possible 'Axis of Invasion' of Ukraine as Tensions Flare ALERT
Russia Could Win World War III in Europe With EMP Nuclear Attack ALERT
The U.S. Warned That Artillery Exchanges in Eastern Ukraine May Presage a Russian Invasion ALERT
With Fear of Ukraine Invasion Rising, Biden Plans Talks With NATO Allies
FALSE FLAG? Pro-Russian Forces Blow Up Kindergarten in Ukraine While Putin Orders Thousands More Troops to Border As Hostilities Ratchet Up
Conoy Protesters Link Arms to Prevent Ottawa Police From Arresting Lone Trucker
Freedom Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Arrested
PETITION: Call on Canadian Parliamentarians to Revoke the Use of The Emergencies Act
Trudeau Donated to Black Lives Matter and Kneeled in Obedience — Then Arrests Working Truckers, Freezes Their Bank Accounts and Steals Their Dogs who Oppose His Vax Mandates
Varney: Trudeau’s War With Canadian Truckers Is Costing Him
Canadian Bank Runs Appear to Be Under Way as the Trudeau Regime Declares WAR on Bank Assets of Citizens – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday Glenn Beck shared that he'd gotten numerous desperate messages from Canadians wanting to know how they could trans their funds to U.S. banks.
Canadian Truckers Say Warnings Won't Scare Away Freedom Convoy – video
Doxxed Canadian Gelato Shop Owner Describes Threats For Donating To Truckers – video
'Masked and Violent Attackers' Armed With Axes And Flare Guns Attack Coastal GasLink Drill Site in BC
New Zealand Couple Selling Home Goes Viral For Posing Naked in Listing Photos
Biden: Russian Invasion Could Occur Within 'Several Days' ALERT
Russian Officials Claimed That It Would Be Reducing Its Force Size Along Ukraine’s Border After Amassing Roughly 150,000 Troops And Deploying 30,000 Soldiers Into Neighboring Belarus ALERT
LIVE UPDATES: Russia Expels US Diplomat From Embassy In Moscow As Threat Against Ukraine Rises
Police Warn Ottawa Truckers To Leave Or Face Arrest, But Protesters Remain Defiant
Canada's House of Commons Erupts After Trudeau Accuses Jewish MP of Supporting Swastikas
Russian Gas Threat in Europe
Ukraine Defense Ministry and Armed Forces Websites As Well As Banks Hit With DDoS Cyber Attack Signaling Possible Start to Russian Invasion – HOLLY NOTE: If anything, Russia is sending mixed messages. They claim they are pulling back some of their forces, putting tanks on trains. However, Russia is blamed for the cyber attacks on Ukraine, which is how Russia has historically begun their invasions.
Coutts Blockade Ends Over Police False Flag Attack & Daniel Bulford Confirms Stolen Weapons Cache – video
Russian Mercenaries With Spy Links Increasing Presence in Ukraine
Canadian Government Resorts to Financial Terrorism Against Peaceful Freedom Convoy Protesters, Demonstrating Why We the People Can Never Trust Banks (Or Fiat)
Canadian Freedom Convoy Spokesman Mocks Trudeau For Invoking Emergency Powers: 'We Were All Laughing'
Humanity Strong – video of day 1
VICTORY: Leftists Abandoning Canadian PM Trudeau – He ‘Sounds Like Hitler’
Ukraine: Russia's Recognition of So Called L/DPR Will Cause Blow to Politco-Diplomatic Settlement – HOLLY OTE: If Russia truly is pulling back, this was a very expensive 'exercise.' ALERT
Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers against Truckers, Will Freeze Bank Accounts ALERT
Canadian Civil Liberties Association Condemns Trudeau Over Invoking Emergency Powers
EXCLUSIVE: ‘These Very Powers … Are Why We Are Here’: Canadian Protesters ‘Dig Their Heels In’ Against Trudeau’s Crackdown
Canadian-Trucker Protesters Accuse Cops of Blocking Cleaning Services, Letting Toilets Overflow
Russia Says It's Pulling Back Some Troops From Ukraine Border ALERT
Russia-Ukraine Crisis Could Undermine Entire World Order ALERT
Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It's About Germany
Putin Has Been Preparing for War for 8 Years! Ukraine Is Merely the Excuse As Zero Hour Has Arrived! ALERT
Australia Evacuates Embassy in Kyiv, calls on China to Speak Up For Ukraine
Taliban Detaining Westerners in Afghanistan, Including 1 American
Could Ukraine Crisis Lead to New World Order That Impacts Israel?
US: Over 130,000 Russian Troops Now Staged Outside Ukraine ALERT
LIVE UPDATES: If Russia Invades Ukraine, Martial Law 'Almost Guaranteed', Ukrainian Parliament Member Says ALERT
Russia Already Wreaking Havoc On Ukraine With Cyber Attacks, Fake Bomb Threats ALERT
Russian Ambassador Says Moscow Doesn't 'Give a S–t' About Sanctions ALERT
Russia-Ukraine: Blinken Reiterates Vow For Swift Response If Putin Invades: LIVE UPDATES ALERT
80 Years Ago, Joseph Stalin Brutally Expelled 200,000 Crimean Tatars. Today, as Conflict With Russia Looms, Their Descendants Say This Time They Will Fight to the Death
Ambassador Bridge Fully REOPENS After Cops Clear Last of Freedom Convoy Protesters Following a Week-Long Demonstration: Ottawa Mayor Does a Deal With Truckers to Move Away From Residential Streets As 16-Day Deadlock Breaks
Canadian Police Begin Arresting Protesters Blocking US-Canada Bridge
Health Canada Employees Told Not to Express Opinions ‘Critical’ of Government
‘Where’s Trudo’ Comic Brutally Mocks Justin Trudeau for Hiding During Freedom Convoy Protests
Australian Police Sonic Weapons Against Women and Children at Parliament House – video
‘They Can’t Stop Us’: Freedom Convoy Rolls into E.U.’s Capital, Defies Government Ban
French COVID Protest Convoy Defies Paris Stay-Away Order
'Freedom Convoy' Protesters Enter Paris and Block Traffic Before They're Dispersed With Tear Gas
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Blames Mysterious ‘Imported’ Forces for Freedom Convoy
Freedom Convoy: How the Protest With No Leadership in New Zealand Keeps Going
Mapping Corruption Around The World In 2021
Shocked AirAsia Passenger Films Snake in Overhead Compartment Prompting Emergency Landing
Russia Threatens Nuclear War ALERT
Ukraine News - Live: US Says Russia Sending More Troops to Border Amid Warning Invasion ‘Could Begin Any Time’ ALERT
4 American Long-Range Bombers Arrive in UK as Russia Tensions Remain High ALERT
Russia Could Again Invade Ukraine During Olympics, Blinken Says
“This Is a Nationwide Insurrection” – Ottawa Mayor Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ Amid Trucker Convoy ‘Occupation’
Putin's Superyacht Abruptly Left Germany Amid Sanction Warnings Over Russia-Ukraine Tensions
A Color Map of the Fronts of World War III ED OF DAY 1
The Hidden History of Petra – video of day
Visit Petra – an Entire City Carved From Stone – video
Trudeau Gets Roasted To His Face, Heckled & Shouted Down, Told To Follow The Science & End Mandates – videos
Ben Shapiro: This Is Going to Backfire on Trudeau

New Iran Missile Can Reach Israel, US Bases ALERT
Putin 'Will Hit US and European Banks With Cyber Attacks to Inflict Economic Chaos' If Russia Invades Ukraine, Financial Regulators Fear ALERT
Iran Could Build a Dirty Bomb Today ALERT
Great-Grandfather, 78, Is Handcuffed By Ottawa Cops For Honking His Car Horn in Support of Freedom Convoy
'Freedom Convoy' Truckers Say Real Cult Is Pouncing Liberal Media: 'Out to Get Us' – video of day 3
Australia Is Cleaning Out Their Rats' Nests – video
Pastor Artur Pawloski Arrested By Armed Police in His Own Home
Urgent Warning For the Canadian Convoy – video of day 2
New Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' Fundraising Page Makes Bank on First Day
Freedom Convoy 2022 on Give Send Go – HOLLY NOTE: By last night, they had already raised nearly $6 million!
Putin Issues Dire Threat of Nuclear War in Europe If Ukraine Joins NATO
Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile To Baltic In Range Of NATO Capitols
50,000 Casualties, 5 Million Refugees Expected If Russia Invades Ukraine
NBC's Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Broadcast Sees Record Low Viewers, Down 43% From Previous Games
US-Born Figure Skater Who Renounced Her Citizenship to Compete For China Slammed After Last-Place Finish: 'Such a Disgrace'
Biden Security Advisor Sullivan Says Russian Invasion Could Come ‘Any Day Now’ ALERT
Gen. Milley says Kyiv Could Fall Within 72 Hours If Russia Decides To Invade Ukraine: Sources ALERT
Ottawa: Mayor Declares State Of Emergency; Churches Close Doors To Keep Worshippers, Protesters Away ALERT
Iran Weeks Away From Having Fuel To Power Atomic Bomb, State Department Warns ALERT
Canada Appears To Have Lost Control Of Its Capital
Toronto: Here's What The Trucker Protest Looked Like on the Streets of the City on Saturday
GoFundMe Backtracks On Redistributing Money For Canadian Truckers, Under Threat Of Fraud Investigation
Ottawa Police Are Arresting People for Bringing Goods & Fuel to Truckers
Ottawa Feb. 7, 2022 – Bounce Houses and Food Served For Free to Everyone – video
Ottawa's New Secret Weapon Against Truckers – video humor
Aussies Converge on Parliament, Overheated Media Decries Massive Protest as ‘Siege’ of the Unmasked
Incredible Scenes As Aussies Unite Outside Parliament House in Canberra
7 Russians Die, Dozens Poisoned After Drinking 'Battery Fluid'
Russia Planning Ukraine False Flag as Pretext For Invasion: Pentagon ALERT
Justin Trudeau Capitulates to Freedom Truckers: Canadian PM Announces That He Has No Plan to Use Military Force
Ontario Data Shows Massive Increase In Euthanasia Deaths, As Canadian Gov’t Pushes to Expand MAiD
Russia Is Massing Nuclear-Capable Missiles, 30,000 Troops and Fighter Jets in Belarus, NATO Warns Amid Fears Ukraine Invasion Could Spark Refugee Crisis With 2 Million People Displaced ALERT
European Oil Port Terminals Hit By Cyberattack ALERT
Russia-Ukraine: Putin Says US, Allies Have Ignored Moscow's Demands: LIVE UPDATES
Helicopters, Explosions And Gunfire US Launches Deadly Raid In Syria Killing Civilians, Touted as "Successful"
Australians Rising Up: Ricardo Bossi: “Days Like These Are Rare” – video
Anti-Vaccine Protests at Australia's Parliament House Lawn, as March Against Mandatory Vaccination Protesters Arrive With Truck Convoy
Chaos as Convoy Descends on Australia's Capital to Protest COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates - But Daniel Andrews Warns: 'There WILL Be More Rules'
UN Names Moscow Best World City To Live In
Austria Embraces Communism: ‘To Fight a Chinese Virus, We are Introducing the Chinese Social Model’
Only 45% of Israelis Believe Iran's Nuclear Program Can Be Stopped – HOLLY NOTE: Israel is in the best position to know of Iran's nuclear program, because their intention is to wipe Israel off the map, their words. It won't stop with Israel because they view Israel as the 'Little Satan' and America the 'Great Satan.' You can bet when Iran gets a viable nuclear weapon, no nation is safe. ALERT
Canada's 'Freedom Convoy' Truckers Continue to Block Border With Montana at Key Crossing Route For Beef and Farm Equipment to Protest Justin Trudeau's Vaccine Mandates
The Revolt Begins: The Canadian Trucker Caravan Is Just The Start
‘Let’s Go Brandeau!’: Convoy Inspires Hilarious Trudeau Memes
Turkey Appears to Be Backing Ukraine in Potential War With Russia
Poland Could Deliver 'Tens of Thousands of Munitions' to Ukraine, Official Says
Russia Is Willing to Go to War and Incur Sanctions Over Ukraine, Analysts Warn ALERT
Russia Moves Blood and Medical Supplies Near Ukraine, Possibly in Preparation For a Major Military Operation: Report – HOLLY NOTE: Since blood supplies only have a shelf life of 35 days, this might be a clue when Putin's invasion occurs. ALERT
North Korea Continues War Drills, Launching Most Powerful Missile Since 2017, the 7th This Month ALERT
Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests Canadian COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates – video of day 3
Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests Justin Trudeau’s Vaccine Mandates – On Friday, protestors in dozens of vehicles blocked roads in front of Parliament, honking loudly, and many carried Canadian flags and “F–k Trudeau” banners.
European and Australian Truckers Are Joining the Freedom Convoy!
Nova Scotia Deals Major Blow to 'Freedom' Trucker Protestors
The Terrible Reality For Women in Afghanistan Under the Taliban
KT McFarland: Russia, China Are 'in Cahoots' As Tension Builds Over Ukraine, Taiwan – video
ANALYSIS: The Latest on Ukraine-Russia Developments – video of day 4
Supporting Truckers: Way to Go Canada!! – video of day 3
North Korea Fires 2 Missiles Toward East Sea, South Korea Says, For a Total of 6 This Month – HOLLY NOTE: Firing so many missile from a broke country whose people are literally starving? Rocket Man is cranky that global eyes are off N. Korea and instead are focused on Europe and China/Taiwan. ALERT
10 Signs That Indicate That the U.S., the UK, Israel and NATO All Believe That We Are on the Precipice of War With Russia
Germany Is Catering to Russia and Is a Pathetic Excuse For a US Ally – HOLLY NOTE: Germany has put itself in a bind. It is 100% dependent on Russia for fuel so they literally can’t afford to take a stance against Russia. Clever Putin is doing his best to destabilize all of Europe.
Russia Stages Snap War Drills Near Ukraine As NATO Backs Off Military 'Option'
Ukraine Crisis: Hundreds of Military Trains With Russian Troops Deployed As War Fears Grow ALERT
Ukraine Arrests Saboteurs 'Co-Ordinated By Russian Special Services' Who Were Planning 'a Series Of Armed Attacks' Aimed at Destabilising Border Regions
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Report Power Outages
China Builds 27 Empty New York Cities
Over 120 Killed After ISIS Mass Prison Break In US-Occupied Northeast Syria
Prince Charles Fears Prince Harry's Memoir Will Be 'Excoriating Takedown' of Camilla
Biden Considers Sending Thousands of Troops, Warships and Aircraft to Eastern Europe Ukraine Russia ALERT
US State Dept. Issues Level 4 Travel Advisory, Orders Family Members of Embassy Personnel in Kyiv to Leave Ukraine Due to ‘Threat of Military Action’
U.S. Not in Position to Evacuate Citizens From Ukraine, State Dept. Warns ALERT
DEEPLY CONCERNING; Russia's Plot Regarding Ukraine Reportedly Exposed — and It Has the White House Sounding the Alarm ALERT
TUCKER: We're Moving Closer to Legitimate War With Russia Than US Has Been in Decades – video of day 1 ALERT
Republican Rep: We Might ‘Begin to See ’ China Invade Taiwan After the Olympics ALERT
UK Says Russia Is Planning To Overthrow Ukraine’s Government
Germany Breaks With NATO Allies to Rebuff Ukraine's Pleas for Weapons
‘A Recipe for Hatred’: Why Boris Johns on May Finally Have Finally Gone Too Far
Joint Naval Drills Reflect Growing Ties Between China, Russia and Iran ALERT
Biden Authorizes Rush Deliveries of U.S. Weapons to Ukraine
‘Decisive’ Moment Nears as West Sees Only Weeks to Salvage Iran Nuclear Deal – HOLLY NOTE: This is a complete waste of time. When Obama's 2015 JCPOA was in place, Iran abided by nothing in this agreement. Every aspect was in Iran's favor and none for the rest of the world.

Instead, Iran secretly continued their work in obtaining a nuclear bomb, manufacturing centrifuges and enriching uranium. Iran was never trustworthy and it was the West's mistake thinking hardcore Muslims would tell the truth concerning their progress on nukes.

Lying and deception is so ingrained in their culture, Muslims have 7 names for 7 types of acceptable lying. What Iran implemented during JCPOA is a combination of Kitman: deceit by omission and Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity, The West will pay for trusting them. (source Prophetic Perils, p. 212)
One Million Europeans to Descend on Brussels January 23 – “The worst disease we imported from China was not the virus, but totalitarianism.”
Those Who Believe Tyranny Isn’t Coming to Canada Are in For a Rude Awakening
N.Korea Warns It May Rethink Moratorium On Nuclear, Missile Tests ALERT
Those Who Believe Tyranny Isn’t Coming to Canada Are in For a Rude Awakening
US Racing at 'Formula One speed' to Arm Ukraine Ahead of Russian Invasion ALERT
Russia Moves More Troops Westward Amid Ukraine Tensions ALERT
Iran’s War Machine Pursues Ballistic And Nuclear Supremacy ALERT
Israel Says Sanctions Relief For Iran Could Mean 'Terror on Steroids' ALERT
Even Without War, Russia Has Defeated Europe Already
“Immensely Valuable” Hoard of Celtic Gold Coins Unearthed in Germany
You Can Buy The Largest Diamond Ever Auctioned—A 555 Carat Black Gem—With Crypto (Photos)
N. Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles in 4th Launch This Year ALERT
Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine
North Korea Fires Missiles Again In Response to U.S. Sanctions ALERT
Russia Warns It Will Resort To 'Military Means' If The West Does Not Bow To Its Demands Over Ukraine And Says Us Sanctions Against Putin Would 'Cross a Line' ALERT
Energy Prices In Europe Reach Record Highs As Clueless Governments Dismantle Fossil Fuels Energy Infrastructure
As Queen Strips Prince Andrew Of Royal Titles Ahead Of Pedophile Sex Trial, Are Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Past Associates Beginning To Sweat It Out?
Have Archaeologists Finally Discovered The Long-Lost Temple of Hercules?
Russia Holds Tank Drills Near Ukraine, Sounds Downbeat On Talks ALERT
On The Verge of WWIII: Satellites Would Be Attacked First, Then These Radar Stations if WWIII Commences Next Week ALERT
Only Hours After US-Russia Preliminary Talks, News Goes From Bad to Worse: Russia Says May Deploy Intermediate Range Nukes in Europe ALERT
Ukraine Claims Attack By Russia Could Lead to World War 3: Dr. Rebecca Grant – video ALERT
Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Says 'Revenge' Coming For Soleimani Strike From 'Within' US – HOLLY NOTE: This should surprise no one as over 2.2 million illegal aliens just walked or sneaked over our border this past year and they're still coming from 150 different countries.

Counting illegals starts every October. So for Oct. and Nov. 2021, already 338,373 entered our country. This is 260% increase for the same months during President Trump's last year in office. And it doesn't count the gotaways of which there were over 500,000 last year.

Since the Biden admin took office, the monthly numbers of illegals takes longer to post. Here we are a third of the way through January and have no numbers for December. There's no reason to believe they won't be just as disturbing – and a perfect opportunity for more terrorists to slide over the border.

As you know from reading this site, quite a few have been apprehended. This has been documented by the Washington Examiner: Suspected Terrorists Crossing Border 'at a Level We Have Never Seen Before,' Outgoing Border Patrol Chief Says. ALERT
Afghan Migrant Arrested After Woman Stabbed and Teen Raped
Russia Fires 12 Of Its New Hypersonic Nuke-Capable Zircon Missiles
Romania Approves Bill to Bar China, Huawei From 5G Networks
Richard Leakey: World-Renowned Kenyan Conservationist Dies
German Migrant Taxi NGO Picked Up over 400 Illegals During Christmas Weekend
Sudan Coup: Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok Resigns After Mass Protests