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Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented worker’ is
like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.' —quipper unknown

Illegal Immigration / Border Security has been a passion for the last 20 years when even before then, we witnessed early-on and firsthand what millions of illegal immigrants breaking our borders were doing, no, ARE doing to America. We dedicate at least 1 full column every day to this issue because it is THE single greatest threat to the freedom and sovereignty of our beloved nation. This issue affects every single facet of American life from health to jobs, from education to social services to overwhelmed infrastructure, hospitals and schools; and a financial burden of $135 BILLION a year, not forgetting how it negatively impacts wages. This one issue is changing forever the very fabric, culture and demographics of our nation.

Josh Hawley: Biden Operating ‘Concierge Service’ for Illegal Aliens to Be Quickly Released into U.S.
Exclusive -- Matt Gaetz: McCarthy to Bring Immigration Bill for a Floor Vote, Despite Some Declaring It Dead
Sen. John Cornyn: Biden’s DHS Presumably Freeing Chinese Nationals into U.S. After Arriving at Border
As US Fentanyl Deaths Jump, Gop Casts Blame At The Border
Democrat Schumer Warns NYC 'Skin-Rotting Zombie Drug' Trafficked From Mexico Could Make Fentanyl 'Seem Tame'
Republicans To Hold Hearing On Northern Border Surge – video
Police Our Borders, Not the Globe ED OF DAY 2
At Least 37 Dead After Fire At Migrant Facility At US-Mexico Border
Biden Blasted For Claiming GOP Would Slash Border Funding: 'Must Be A Parody' – HOLLY NOTE: Biden has completely abdicated common sense. He won't even go to the border to see how bad border funding is needed.

The border wall that President Trump provided – and was paid for – Biden canned. Instead, they arebeing stored. In Texas alone this waster $100 million. The rest comprise the $300 million expenditure. Now these bollards lie in 20 sites costing $130,000 a day to store. That's over $47 million every year just to warehouse them when they should have been used.

On day 1, Biden undid the majority of President Trump's policies that protected the southern border. For him to say that Conservatives would slash border funding is beyond laughable.
Cuban Migrants Fly Hang Glider Into Florida Airport Only To Be Arrested After Safe Landing
Mayorkas Slams 'Callous' Smugglers' 'Profit' Motive For Latest Tragedy At The Border
3 Illegal Aliens Arrested After Sexual Assault in Walmart Parking Lot
Texas Border Sector Reports 10K Known Border Crossers in Single Week – 5,500 Migrant Apprehensions and 4,400 Known Got-Aways – HOLLY NOTE: Does anyone know why media blocks illegal aliens' faces when they break our laws?
U.S. Border Agents Apprehend 5,000 Chinese Illegal Aliens in 5 Months — Exceeds Prior 3-Year Total
White House Economic Plan Puts Illegal Aliens Ahead of American Families
Group Urges Passage of E Verify – HOLLY NOTE: In 1986 every employee hired they had to submit a Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, which went into their fire. Somewhere along the line, it went away and now, just when Biden has the most ridiculously loose immigration and open borders policy ever. Now 80% of Americans want this document required.
Smuggler Leaves 1-Year-Old By Colorado River – video
U.S. Flies Migrants Caught At Canada Border To Texas In Deterrence Effort
U.S. Border Agents Apprehend 5000 Chinese Migrants in Five Months — Exceeds Prior 3-Year Total
Illegal Alien Apprehensions at Border Exceed 1 Million Before Mid-Year Mark
Feb. Illegal Alien Apprehensions Up 32% from Biden’s First Full Month in Office – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind these are just the people who arrived here uninvited and unwanted. This does not count the 1.5 million gotaways that invaded our country and have blended into cities of their choice throughout America. Why do they do this? Because they are mostly terrorists and convicted criminals. Scum of life and other countries have opened their prisons and said "Go North young man. You will find freedom there and be totally supported, whatever your crimes."
Analysis: Anchor Baby Population Far Exceeds One Year of U.S. Births
Border Security Advocates Seek to Close Gaps in Texas Bill
Mayorkas Says Biden’s New Border Rules Leave Many Open Gaps
70 Migrants on Terrorist Watch List Apprehended this Year After Crossing Border
ICE Arrests 220 Criminal Illegal Immigrants With Convictions Including Rape, Murder ALERT
Border Agents Arrest 16 People on FBI’s Terror Watchlist At Mexico Crossing ALERT
Biden's Border Policies Are An 'Unmitigated Disaster:' Rep. Laurel Lee – video
Border Patrol Agents Have Stopped Migrants From 147 Different Countries Since October
Sen. Rick Scott Sounds Off On Border Crisis: 'We All Need To Wake Up' – video
President Biden’s Border Policies Will Have ‘Consequences For Years’: Ken Cuccinelli – video
Mexican President AMLO Is More Defensive Of The Cartels Than His Own People: Rep. Crenshaw – video
Republicans to Turn Up The Heat On Mayorkas After Border Patrol Chief’s Bombshell Testimony
Migrant Smugglers Caught Using 'Carpet Shoes' To Hide Footprints At Border
Border Patrol Chief: 1.5 Million 'Gotaway' Migrants During Biden's Term ALERT
Border Patrol Chief Says He Disagrees With Biden Move To Stop Wall Construction – Hundreds Of Miles Of Wall Were Built During The Trump Administration
Texas Border Sector Reports 10K Known Border Crossers in Single Week
500 Migrants Arrive In Juarez On Top Of Trains Seeking Entry Into U.S.
Border Chief Contradicts Biden DHS, Says Border Is Not Under Control
Biden Border Chief In Hot Seat Over Whether US-Mexico Boundary Is Secure
FBI: 2 Illegal Aliens Charged With Assaulting A Border Patrol Agent in El Paso
Split Senate Blocks Ban On Migrant Detention
REPORT: Illegal Border Crossings Already Increasing Since Governor Katie Hobbs Took Office – 30% More ‘Gotaways’ In Hobbs’ 2nd Month
House Border Hearing Will Be 'Completely Embarrassing' For Democrats: Rep. Carlos Gimenez
Brandon Judd Reacts To Democrats' Claims That Republicans Are 'Politicizing' Border Hearings – video
ICE Deportations Of Illegal Immigrant Criminals Dropping Sharply Under Biden
Chinese Illegal Alien Encounters Jump 800%
Chris Sununu: I'll Pay The Money To Allow My Agents To Help Secure The Border – video
Washington DC Law Allowing Noncitizens To Vote In Elections Challenged By Lawsuit
Chaos Erupts As Over 1000 Migrants Rush Border Crossing To Get Into the US ALERT
Large Migrant Group from 14 Nations Apprehended at Arizona Border
Huge Surge in Migrant Smuggling Reported by Texas County near Border
Texas House Unveils Bill Giving State Authority to 'Repel,' Return Migrants From Mexico
At Least 8 Dead After Suspected Smuggling Boats Crash Near San Diego
‘Asylum Denier-In-Chief’: Dem Senator Says Biden Should Not Resume Migrant Family Detention
US Southern Border Remains An ‘Unmitigated Disaster’: Sen. John Thune – video
Illegal Immigration Costs Taxpayers $151 Billion Per Year – A 30% Increase Since 2017: Study
TUITION, ROOM & BORDER: Eric Adams Wants To Send NYC Illegal Aliens To College For Free — And Will Cost Taxpayers $1.2M – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't New York's problem, but every American's. Adams will ask for reimbursement from the Fed. govt., which is paid for by us taxpayers.
You're Sorry? Gulf Cartel Apologizes, Turns Over 5 Members Tied To Americans' Deadly Kidnapping
Adams & Co. Have Some Nerve Blaming GOP For Stiffing NYC on Migrants
Mexico Finds 343 Migrants In Abandoned Truck Trailer
Two Illegal Honduran Migrants Arrested After Shooting Down A Bald Eagle That They Planned To Cook and EAT in Nebraska - as Sheriff Reveals The Local Community Is In 'Uproar'
Arizona Sheriff Vows To Prosecute Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Assaulting Border Patrol Agent
Female Border Patrol Agent Violently Assaulted By Illegal Immigrant and MS-13 Gang Members – video
DOJ Is Guilty Of A Pattern And Practice Of Failing To Seek Criminal Penalties For Employers Who Knowingly Employ Illegal Aliens
Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Absurdly Claims Biden “Reduced the Flow of Illegal Border Crossings”
It's Time To Label Cartels As Terrorist Organizations: Rep. Tony Gonzales – video
REPORT: 880 Migrants Found Dead by Border Patrol in FY22 Shatters Prior Records – HOLLY NOTE: Good job Joe. This one's on you!
EXCLUSIVE: Known Migrant Got-Aways Rise to Nearly 51K in February Alone
EXCLUSIVE: 128K Migrants Caught in February at Southwest Border — Up 31% Over Feb 2021
Migrant Smugglers Drive Chevy Suburban Through Arizona Border Wall
1000 Migrants Begin Caravan from Southern Mexico to U.S. Border
Texas Governor Seeks Law Simplifying Process to Seize Human Stash Houses
Feds: Georgia Farm Discriminated Against Qualified Americans in Favor of Foreign H-2A Visa Workers
Migrants Walk Through Joe Biden’s Open Border Loopholes
Migrant Saved from Deportation After Leftist Human Rights Campaign Went on to Murder Man in Knife Fight – Report
Migrants Walk Through Joe Biden's Open Border Loopholes
Exclusive — Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Former Mexican Congresswoman Detail Border Trafficking Crisis
Exclusive — Harriet Hageman After Border Trip: Mayorkas Is ‘Violating the Oath of Office’
Migrant Saved from Deportation After Leftist Human Rights Campaign Went on to Murder Man in Knife Fight – Report
Migrants Walk Through Joe Biden's Open Border Loopholes
Exclusive — Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Former Mexican Congresswoman Detail Border Trafficking Crisis
Exclusive — Harriet Hageman After Border Trip: Mayorkas Is ‘Violating the Oath of Office’
Migrant Encounters At Southern Border Hit 1,000,000 Mark For FY 2023, Outpacing Prior Year: Sources
“OVER 30 MILLION LETHAL DOSES” – Phoenix DEA, Tempe Police Seize OVER 4.5 Million Fentanyl Pills, 140lbs Fentanyl Powder 3,000 Lbs of Meth, 130kg cocaine in Joint Operation
Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across U.S.
The Illegal Use Of Child Labor Is An Open Secret
GOP Reps Get Birds-Eye View Of Migrant Crossings During Border Tour, Mull Legislative Fixes To Tackle Crisis
Finally: New York Times Admits Biden’s ‘Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs’
America’s Border Is ‘Spiraling’ Toward Record Numbers: Douglas Nicholls – video
NYC Hospitals Spending More Than $90M To House Migrants In 4 Midtown Hotels – HOLLY NOTE: That's just 4 hotels. Illegals now reside in a total of 85 NYC hotels, displacing tourists.
Jordan Rips Dems For Skipping Arizona Border Crisis Hearing, Blasts 'Reckless' Biden Policies
Rep. Ben Cline Warns Border Crisis Is 'Getting Out Of Control' After Arizona Trip – HOLLY NOTE: Yuma, AZ has population of 100,000 yet 300,000 illegal aliens have tramped into their city. Besides schools and all services being impacted, worst hit is their hospital.

The nearest other medical facility is 3 hours away so they are stuck with these people. Yuma residents, who pay for their health care, can no longer get a bed in this medical facility because they are filled with illegals.

From December 21 - November 22, Yuma Regional Medical Center has had to foot the bill – unreimbursed – to the tune of over $26 million. A lot of these illegals arrive sick and not with the sniffles.

Many admissions are pregnant women, which means their kids will be automatic U.S. citizens. Worse though than delivering babies, the hospital has to foot the bill for heart surgeries, heart catheterization and dialysis.

Additionally, the hospital has to pay for taxis, hotel rooms and emergency air transport. Yuma Regional Medical Center's CEO, Robert Trenschel, rightfully stated that expenses of this nature are "unsustainable." Clearly government doesn't give a rip. They give billions to Ukraine and nothing to Yuma. – video of day 1
Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz Predict Biden's Border Crisis Will Impact Entire Country – video
Rep. Tom McClintock Issues Warning On Border Crisis: If It Isn't In Your Community, It Will Be Soon – video of day 3
Minnesota Lawmakers Pass Bill To Grant Illegal Migrants US Driver's Licenses
Democrats Notably Absent From House Hearing On The Border In Yuma, Arizona – video
Biden's New Bizarro Border Move Just Waves In More Illegal Migrants
Biden Administration Unveils New Migrant Policy To Restrict Asylum Seekers – HOLLY NOTE: Way past time for this as the vast majority of border breakers don't qualify for asylum. – video
US Deports Illegal Immigrant Linked To 3 Murders In El Salvador For 3rd Time
Texas Gov. Abbott Warns Illegal Immigrants, 'You're Picking The Wrong State'
Border Patrol Calls For Agents To Volunteer At Northern Border Amid 846% Spike In One Sector
Rep. Elise Stefanik Demands Biden Secure Northern Border Amid Surge
House Homeland Security Committee To Hold First Field Hearing On Border Crisis In Texas – video
Migrants Housed in 85 NYC Hotels as Eric Adams Funnels Taxpayer Money to Powerful Real Estate Industry
Business Hit Hard as NYC Hotel Houses More Migrants, Less Tourists: 'Ghost Town' – HOLLY NOTE: A small NYC business owner shared that they are getting whammied because these hotels used to house tourists with plenty of money to spend. They kept these businesses alive. However they are now occupied by illegal aliens with no money who suck on the teat of American taxpayers and contribute nothing.

They are given free-to-them hotel rooms, clothes, food, smartphones and plane or bus tickets to their destination of choice. The cherry on top is that this is at the expense of small businesses' survival.
GOP Senators Issue Plan to End Biden’s ‘Unacceptable’ Parole Pipeline Freeing Migrants into American Communities
Coast Guard Spots Migrants Drifting Along Florida Keys – video
Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Man for Throwing Plate of Food on the Ground
Sanctuary State California: Illegal Aliens in DHS Custody on Hunger Strike – HOLLY NOTE: This is one if not the dumbest forms of protest. First, nobody cares if someone doesn’t eat by their own choice. Second, no one will remember that person's or persons' names in a couple of days. People move on. They don’t care because it’s not their belly that is rumbling in pointless, self-inflicted discomfort.
Far-Left ACLU: Encouraging Illegal Aliens to Stay in U.S. ‘Plainly Protected’ by First Amendment
CBP Seizes 6 Tons of Fentanyl in 2023, Nearly Matches 2022 Total
EU Push to Get Migrants to Vote in Elections Designed to ‘Muffle’ Voices of Local Europeans – MEP
British Public More United on Immigration Being ‘Too High’ Than Any Other Issue: Polls
Biden Admin Proposes Immigration Restriction That Resembles A Trump-Era Policy
Mayorkas: 'Nation of Immigrants' Narrative Is More Important than Congress's Law – HOLLY NOTE: This should tell you everything you need to know about this American-hater who puts illegal alien ahead of U.S. citizens and the Constitution.
Democrats Ask for Another $20M in Taxpayer Money to Provide Illegal Aliens with Social Services
2 Migrants Stoned To Death By Smugglers Along Border Wall in Tijuana
Feds Say More Than 100 Children Worked For Slaughterhouse Cleaning Firm
Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill To Send Migrants To Sanctuary states: Biden 'Waved The White Flag' – HOLLY NOTE: While we are loath to have more illegals come to Colorado, applaud Gov. DeSantis to having the courage to send them to states that encourage illegal immigration. Such is Colorado, a sanctuary state.

Early January, when Colorado got a bunch of illegals shipped here, Gov. Polis yelped saying he wanted no more and reshipped them to NYC and Chicago. Then he had to relent for his obvious hypocrisy. Isn't it interesting that all of these woke cities and states say they want illegals to come – until they do.
Rhode Island Bill To Open Elections To Illegal Immigrants – HOLLY NOTE: No border, no exclusive voting rights to Americans, no country. As it is, illegals have virtually the same rights as U.S. citizens thanks to Communist infiltration into our government. This latest wrinkle in states and cities wanting to let aliens vote in our elections includes Rhode Island and Washington D.C.

This is in addition to 9 other cities in Maryland, 2 in Vermont, Chicago and San Francisco. "In the past three years, voters in Alabama, Colorado, Florida and North Dakota have enacted ballot initiatives that amend their state constitutions to ensure only U.S. citizens have the right to vote."
Florida Bill Proposes Sending Migrants To Sanctuary Cities – video
Officials Say Biden Manipulating Border Stats, Blinding Agents To Fleeing Aliens
Lindsey Graham Proposes a ‘DREAM Act’ Amnesty For Nearly 2 Million Illegal Aliens
Northern Border Sector Sees Nearly 900% Increase In Illegal Migration
Gallup Poll: 63% of Americans Dissatisfied With Immigration Level – Legal and Illegal
Major Sheriff’s Associations Call for ‘Eradication’ of Mexican Drug Cartels
2 Tons of Meth Seized in Radish Shipment at California Border Crossing
Cost of Joe Biden's Open Borders: $200 Billion, Paid By You
Border Patrol Apprehensions Of Chinese Nationals At Southern Border Up 800%: Source
Katie Britt, Senate Republicans Unveil Sweeping Border Security Package
Border Patrol Catches 3 Child Sex Offenders In 1 Sector; Union Asks 'How Many Others Got Through?’
Border Hawks Blast GOP Dissenters For Not Supporting Bill To Crack Down On Illegal Immigration
Biden Admin Denies 'Mass Deportations' Of Non-Mexicans In The Works As It Eyes May End To Title 42
Migrants Caught Sneaking Across Border via El Paso Drainage Tunnels
Biden Admin to Reduce Surveillance Crafts Used in Counting Migrant Got-Aways
Who Is Right On Border Crisis, Biden Or Republicans? – Biden, Republican Border Battle Includes President's Controversial $4 Billion Funding Request ED OF DAY
Andrew Cuomo: ‘Southern States Were Right’ that Opening the Border Created ‘Hardship’
WashPo: Joe Biden Plans Bigger Migration Swap with Mexico
Report: 100 Haitians Appear in Florida Keys Aboard Overloaded Boat
From The Border To The Front Lines Of Congress, House Republicans Are Flexing Their Muscles
Border Patrol Chiefs Reveal That Enough Fentanyl Has Been Seized At The Border So Far This Year To Kill the U.S. Population 5x Over
Angel Families, Reformers Call on House GOP Majority: Time to End Biden's Parole Pipeline for Illegal Aliens
New York Taxpayers Give $2.1 Billion to Illegal Immigrants with Large Sums Lining Pockets of Landlords
Biden Admin Flies Honduran Migrants Home Under Title 42
NY Times: Biden’s Migration Helps Cut Americans’ Wages
Apparently New York Is Not Good Enough For Migrants: Monica Crowley – video
Texas Border Wall Construction Underway, Gov. Abbott Says
Nearly 600,000 Migrants Who Crossed The Border Since March 2021 Were Released in the U.S. With No Immigration Court Dates
Yuma, Arizona Continues To Feel Burden Of Migrant Crisis – video
Border Hawks Say Failure to Pass Border Security Bill Would Betray GOP 'Commitment to America'
Elderly Rancher Charged With Killing Mexican Man Who's Repeatedly Crossed Border
Biden's Latest Border Gambit Opens America's Doors To Evil Child Smugglers
Alleged Human Smuggler In Arizona Arrested After Rollover Crash, Illegal Immigrants Ejected: Sheriff
Lawmakers Head to Texas to Expose Dangers Of Biden’s ‘Open Borders’ Agenda, Fentanyl Crisis
Arizona Hospital On Brink Of Collapse After Spending $20 Million On Migrant Care: 'Nobody Has A Solution'
Angel Mom: Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Was Freed into U.S. at Border Before Murdering, Raping My Daughter
Congress Should Investigate ‘Gotaways’ To Expose ‘Vulnerability’ Of Border: Rodney Scott – video
Rep. Andy Biggs On Calls To Impeach Secretary Mayorkas: ‘We Cannot Go Another 2 Years’ – video
Brian Kilmeade: The Border Crisis Is An Embarrassment – video
DeSantis Eyes Program To Transport More Migrants From Florida: Memo
15-Year-Old Alleged Human Smuggler Rolls Truck During Pursuit near Border in Texas
A Texas 'Dreamer' Found Out During An Immigration Meeting That His Dad Wasn't His Biological Father. Now He Could Be Trapped In Mexico For A Decade.
42% of Last Week’s Known Border Crossers in 1 Texas Sector Got Away
Iranian On Terror Watch List Caught Crossing Border
Money Mexican Migrants Send Home Up 13.4% – Nearly $60 Billion in 2022 – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind this money is not taxed. It just flows out of the U.S.
Mexico’s 'Death Train' Contributing to the Biden Border Crisis
DeSantis Wants To Add More Money To Controversial Migrant Relocation Program – HOLLY NOTE: When other cities like Denver, San Jose, Iowa City, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, others, feel the pain of too many illegal aliens they'll start squealing like New York City. Then maybe Liberals will get the message when the problem is on their doorstep.
Miami Border Patrol Sector Breaks Annual Migrant Apprehension Record in 4 Months
Is This The Beginning Of The End Of DACA?
Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of Biden's Handling Of Border Security: Poll – video
Migrants Still Not Leaving NYC Hotel, Demand Free Stays at ‘Vacant Luxury Apartments’ on Billionaires Row – HOLLY NOTE: Talk about chutzpa! That's one distinct difference between legal immigrants and illegal aliens. The former love this country, want to work hard, learn English and take pride in being an American. Illegals, on the other hand, much, don't learn English and demand rather than contribute. Totally different attitudes and motivations.
Rep. Andy Biggs Introducing Articles Of Impeachment Against DHS Sec. Mayorkas – HOLLY NOTE: Numerous pundits suggest that Mayorkas is merely carrying out Biden's wishes and not the real culprit behind this invasion. However, if his DHS appointees keep getting impeached, dullard Biden might see his policies are against peoples' wishes and the Constitution. – video
Rep. Maria Salazar: Border Crisis Is ‘Fixable’ And Need To Address Legal Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: This Miami Rep. wants to give citizenship to illegals who have been here for years. This will only incentivize more to come, not like Biden hasn’t gone to extraordinary measures to do this in the first place.

For the rest of the illegals here, she wants to give them work visas. Am torn on this for several reasons.

If they’re going to work, they’ll likely need cars to get to their jobs and therefore require driver’s licenses. In some states if you register for a DL, it’s automatically a license to vote. Although in turn, it would give an address to find criminal illegals and deport them when the right president is in office.

On the other hand, if they aren’t working, then they’ll continue to suck dry our social services and live on welfare paid by US citizens. This illegal immigration issue is nothing but a fiasco by design and neither party is willing to find a solution.
New York City Is In The Center Of A Nationwide Migrant Crisis – HOLLY NOTE: Think residents in border states might disagree. – video
Mayorkas Dodges on Where and who 600,000 Got-Aways Are, Says They’ve Been a Challenge for all Administrations – HOLLY NOTE: The error right out of the gate is that interviewer MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart isn't up-to-date on published data. He missed the true number of gotaways by half. According to Border Agents, they have confirmed the number of gotaways under Biden is actually 1.2 million.

Even 1 gotaway is 1 too many because obviously they have something to hide – drugs, guns, a criminal history. Otherwise they would have turned themselves into Border Agents as have the other 5.5 million illegals have done since Biden took office.
Biden Administration Defends Extending Coronavirus Emergencies, Admits Ending Title 42 Would Result ‘Substantial’ Inflow of Migrants
Jesse Watters: Migrants Come Saying They Want To Work, Then Protest When They Don’t Get Free Rent – video of day 3
Migrants Camp Outside Hotel In Protest Of Being Moved To Brooklyn Center That ‘Lacks Good Showers And Heat’
Do Illegal Aliens Have a Constitutional Right to 'Family Integrity'? Judges to Decide Soon
Migrants' Refusal To Leave New York Hotel Met With Outrage: 'Absolutely Insane'
DeSantis Wins Lawsuit Dealing With Illegal Immigrant Flights to Martha's Vineyard
CBP Officers Apprehend Fugitive Wanted for Sexual Assault of a Child
Nearly 300,000 Illegal Alien Gotaways Slipped Past Border Agents In Less Than 4 Months: Sources
Rep. Jim Jordan Schedules First Judiciary Committee Hearing On Border Crisis – video of day 2
Obama Border Chief Says Immigration Crisis 'Much Bigger' Now As 77 Democratic Lawmakers Slam Biden
Illegal Crossings At ‘Freezing’ Canadian Border Surge During Migrant Crisis
Vermont Border Apprehensions In Last 3 Months More Than Past 2 Years Combined
Now They're Coming From CANADA: Northern Border Sees 743% Spike in Illegal Aliens Trying to Cross in a Year Due to 'Easier Entry Than Mexico'
Biden Admin’s Border Policies Now Facing Backlash From Democrats As Well As Republicans
Tom Homan Hits Back at AOC: Go Down To The Border! – video of day 1
300 Migrants Rescued from Overloaded Sailing Vessel near Haitian Coast
Joe Biden Wants to Delay, Divert Republican Lawsuit Against Migrant Parole Pathway
NYTimes: Mayorkas Smuggled 100,000 Job-Seeking Migrants Through Parole Pathway
POLL: Just 14% of Americans Are in Favor of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
NY GOP Leaders Want Answers Over Migrant Takeover In Upstate Communities
Border Agent Wives Worry For Husbands' Safety Under Biden-Mayorkas, Say Cartel Kids Go To Their Schools
EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Cartel Smugglers Use Budget Airline to Move Haitians near Texas Border
Border Patrol Agent Wives Give Exclusive Insight – video
Illegal Immigrants In Texas Hid Under Houses While Running From Authorities – video
Gov. Greg Abbott: Biden Administration Will 'spur' More Border Crossings
Record Number Of Border Deaths During Biden’s First 2 Years
Smugglers Are Using Their Kids As ‘Cover’ to Sneak Illegal Immigrants into the US
DEA Drug Seizures in 2022:
50.6 Million Fentanyl-Laced, Fake Prescription Pills
444,000 Pounds of Cocaine
131,000 Pounds of Meth
10,000 Pounds of Fentanyl Powder
4,300 Pounds of Heroin
Texas Border Sheriff Calls for Multi-State Response to Migrant Crisis
Biden Has Done 'Everything In His Power' To Hinder CBP Agents From Doing Their Jobs: Rep. Ashley Hinson – video
Dem Mayor Eric Adams Continues To Press Biden On Border Crisis: 'I Want To Put Out The Fire' – HOLLY NOTE: As stated previously, leaders in sanctuary cities and states only came to care about this issue once it affected them personally. Now it's not so fun to be woke.
Adding Up The Ecological Costs Of The Immigration Crisis
Poll Shows Only 48% of Voters Say Migration Flood Is a 'Crisis' – HOLLY NOTE: Article states,"most Americans sort of intuitively understand that what’s happening is not good for America. But it definitely needs to be spelled out just how it affects them, how it affects their schools, how it affects their grocery bills, how it affects their housing costs."

To this add, the pain of human trafficking, the burden on hospitals and public services, and the mountain of deadly drugs (see above) being funneled into the U.S.
The ‘Declaration of North America’ Negates Border Security And National Sovereignty ALERT
States Sue To Stop New Biden Border ‘Parole’ Policy Set To Bring In 30,000 More Migrants Per Month – HOLLY NOTE: "Parole is a permission granted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to a foreign national that allows them to physically enter the United States yet still be considered to have not legally entered the country.

A person paroled into the U.S. is treated in a legal sense as if he or she were still at the border seeking permission to enter." This allows them to be turned out into the U.S. with the promise to check in with Immigration in 3 or 4 years. Most never show up.
Illegal Alien Gang Member Arrested For The Rape And Murder Of 20-Year-Old Maryland Woman With Autism
U.N. to Hand Out Hundreds of Millions in Cash to U.S.-Bound Immigrants in 2023
Hundreds of Criminals Including Serial Paedophile and Terrorist Among UK Boat Migrants: Report
U.S. Coast Guard Rescues Nearly 400 Migrants from Overloaded Sailboat near Bahamas
Pyro Bloods Gang Member Charged with Human Smuggling Following Police Pursuit near Border in Texas
ON THE BRINK: Border City of Yuma on the Verge Of Collapse Because of Biden's Immigration Policies, Local Official Warns
Border Agents Confirm 1.2 Million 'Gotaway' Migrants Under Biden Administration – HOLLY NOTE: Here are more stunning numbers for you:

FY 2023 So Far Oct-Dec. 2022
Alien Encounters:
Known Gotaways:
278,566 – That's nearly a million illegal aliens in the first 114 days of FY 2023
On Terrorist Watch List:

On TWL 2021: 15
On TWL 2020: 3
On TWL 2019: 0
On TWL 2018: 6
On TWL: 2

Gotaways Per Day 2,465 – HOLLY NOTE: How many terrorists sneaked in with that million last year? + 10 sex offenders arrested in January so far. We're getting other countries' garbage. All this should keep you up at night.
Wild Melee At Migrant Shelter As Residents Throwing Bottles Are Stabbed – HOLLY NOTE: This on the heels migrants totally out of control in the Row Hotel – a formerly 5-star hotel now being used to house illegal aliens.

In the Row hotel, men are beating their girlfriends and wives, fights are breaking out, they live like pigs in filth of their own making, doing dope, getting drunk and teenagers are having sex in the hotel stairwells.
WATCH: Scalise Says Pelosi Can't Shield Senate Anymore, Touts Plans For Border Action – video
Terror Watch List Arrests Have Exploded At The Border Under Biden
Cartels in Mexico Are More Violent Than Ever: Tom Homan – video
Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis – video of day 1
Border Under Control Of Cartels, Not the US, Yuma Residents Say As Gangs Rake In Billions Off Human Smuggling
'You Have Failed': Texas Lawmakers Call On Biden's Dhs Secretary To Abandon 'Misguided Liberal Policies'
As Historic Numbers Of Migrants Cross The Border, Their Dogs Are Often Left Behind
Texas Gov. Abbott Blames Biden For Border Crisis, Says Admin Is 'Missing In Action'
Border Patrol Union Rips Kamala Harris’ Handling Of Border Crisis: 'You Should Be Fired'
Republican Maria Salazar Lectures Americans in Davos: Illegal Aliens Are Owed Amnesty
Angel Mom on Dr. Phil: My Son’s Illegal Alien Killer Served 35 Days in Jail
Migrants Exploiting Border Wall Gaps Contaminate Crops, Threaten Nation's Food Security, Arizona Farmers Say – HOLLY NOTE: In this article, check the very pregnant worker who will walk across the border, 'drop her joey' (Aussie-speak for giving birth) who then becomes an automatic American citizen. Stopping anchor babies would knock off a lot of illegals coming here, making the long trek that endangers mothers-to-be lives irrelevant. Clearly this lady isn't a Mexican. ALERT
Eric Adams Trekked To El Paso To Declare New York City Has ‘No Room’ For More Illegal Migrants – HOLLY NOTE: What is too rich about this? NYC has a mere 40,000 illegal aliens and Adams demanded $2 billion from the Federal government to take care of them.

The southern border – primarily Texas – has 7,000 illegals a day stampeding through. Texas has footed the bill for everything. Putting this inequity into perspective... What Adams is whining about – who is Mayor of a sanctuary city – Texas gets that many illegals every 6 days. The Feds don't give Texas a thin dime.
Florida Threatens to Suspend Licenses of Businesses Failing to Provide Proof of E-Verify Compliance
45 Migrants Rescued from Overloaded Sailboat off Florida Coast
NY Mayor Eric Adams Wants $2 Billion to Care for Economic Migrants – HOLLY NOTE: A migrant only qualifies for asylum if they fear for their life or are persecuted like if they're LBGTQ+. Just because they want a better financial situation doesn't qualify. We can't take in everybody that wants to come.
Biden Admin Needs To 'Embark' On Border Strategy 'That Actually Is Going To Work': Chad Wolf – HOLLY NOTE: In addition to the over 250,000 illegal aliens that stampeded our southern border in December, 70,000 known gotaways also arrived. This is the most ever in our history when winter is traditionally one of the ‘quieter’ months.

Since Biden took office, 1.1 million gotaways sneaked in. This is more than the entire population of San Jose, Calif. This is on top of the 5 million illegals in that same time frame that merely walked through our open southern border and turned themselves into Border Patrol.

The word is out about the open southern border as illegals have arrived from 170 countries since Biden took office. As there are only 195 nations in the world, they know what Biden and Kamala meant when they said, "(don't) y'all come now". And they are. – video of day 1
Here's Why GOP Lawmakers Are Trying To Impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas – video of day 2
Border Chief Mayorkas: We Are Doing What 'Needs to Be Done' to Stop the Drug Trade
Biden Administration to Illegals: Snitch On American Citizens to Avoid Deportation
A Legal Immigrant’s Lament: Biden’s ‘Parole’ Scheme Makes ‘Patsies’ of Those Who Abide by Law
Biden’s 50K Afghans Cost Taxpayers $189M in Damages to U.S. Military Bases – HOLLYNOTE: It used to be that when politicians talked in terms of million people's eyes popped. Now everything costs ten of billions if not trillions. Millions now look like sofa change.
Whistleblower: Migrants Living for Free in NYC Hotels are Fighting Staff, Drinking All Day, Having Sex in Public
Rural New York Community Faces Migrant Influx That Could 'Overwhelm' Resources
Biden’s DHS Reaffirms: ‘No Records’ on 377K Border Crossers Freed into U.S.
Hotel Workers Have Lost Our Power To Migrants: Row NYC Employee Felipe Rodriguez – HOLLY NOTE: You've got to see this video! It will make your blood boil. Illegals refuse to eat the FREE food provided for them in the FREE hotel room that costs us taxpayers $400-$500 a night.

In the hotel, men are beating their girlfriends and wives, fights are breaking out, they live like pigs in filth of their own making, doing dope, getting drunk and teenagers are having sex in the hotel stairwells. They are bringing with them COVID and chickenpox, other diseases, and trashing this once glamorous hotel.

This was filmed and reported on by an Hispanic hotel person who has worked at the Row since 2017. So it's not someone that has it in for illegals.

Have written extensively that illegals in particular are changing the very fabric of our Country. Bringing anti-American, anti-women, anti-Christian 'values' and content to suck up tax paid social benefits.

We love legal immigrants. They are truly decent people, but Biden is letting in total riff raff, murderers, drug dealers, disease carriers, thieves, rapists... as President Trump warned and was castigated for calling a spade a spade. – video of day 1
Mexican President Celebrates ’40 Million’ Mexicans in the U.S.
Gov. Hobbs Proposes $40M Toward Illegals Attending Arizona Colleges – HOLLY NOTE: That $40 million is courtesy of Arizona taxpayers. Elections have consequences. Should have voted for Kari Lake.
Biden’s Latest ‘Wall’ Construction Infuriates Taxpayers – Joe Just Spent Half a Million to Protect His Beach Home
U.S. Coast Guard Repatriates 270 Cuban, Haitian Migrants Captured at Sea
'Tons' of Food Gets Tossed Daily By NYC Hotel Because Migrants Won't Eat It
'NOT ANOTHER FOOT': Biden Says US Can't 'wall Ourselves Off' As New Barrier Goes Up At Beach Home
John Kirby’s Description Of What Biden Saw At A Migrant Processing Center Is NOT a Surprise
Supreme Court Rejects GOP-Led States On Immigrant Wealth Test Case – HOLLY NOTE: As I shared the other day, before moving to Australia, had to prove I was self-supporting and wouldn't be a drag on their social services. Not the case here. We'll just take anyone to raise – out of our wallets.

Normally it's people with tons of money that OK these brain-dead and wallet-draining bills. Stan at 78 next month and me at 69 – we still work every day. It really hacks us off that we pay for leeches. Fark!

So while I'm on this rant, maybe you have observed this. Back in the day, surnames were Johnson, Reilly, James, Davidson, Brown, Williams, Smith, Martinez, Jones, Rodrigues, Jones, Garcia. Now they are foreign-sounding and unpronounceable.
US Saw 718,000 Migrant Encounters In First 100 Days of FY2023, Crushing Last Year's Record
Biden Blames Southern Border Crisis On Republicans Before His First Planned Trip To The Region
Mayorkas Says He Doesn't Know 'Details' Of Biden's Border Trip, Despite Joining Him On The El Paso Visit – HOLLY NOTE: If not for lying, his lips would be glued shut.
RNC Chair McDaniel Blasts Biden’s ‘Photo Op’ At Southern Border: ‘He Doesn’t Care’
Biden Has Gone Out Of His Way To Ignore Border Crisis: Guy Benson – video of day 1
Thousands Of Cubans Flock To Florida Keys In Massive Migrant Surge
Migrants Crowd Mexico's Refugee Offices Amid Fears of U.S. Policy Change
NOT ENOUGH Eric Adams Praises Biden's Border Policy Shift — But Says There Needs To Be A Better 'Long-Term' Strategy
Border Patrol Agent Shot By Suspected Human Smuggler In New Mexico
Fears Mount That Escaped Mexican Prisoners Will Slip Into US After Cartel's Deadly Jailbreak
‘Step Up’: Dem Mayors Demand Biden Take Action To Stem Migrant Tide
Border Wall Dismantled In Arizona As Katie Hobbs Becomes Governor
AZ Official Worries About Removal Of Makeshift Wall – video
An ‘Invitation’ For The Cartel: AZ Official Issues Dire Warning As Container Wall Comes Down
NYC Mayor Adams Calls Out Biden, Says Migrant Crisis A 'Real Embarrassment' – HOLLY NOTE: Once proudly sanctuary cities get more than they can handle both financially and service-wise they yelp for help. Same goes for Colorado’s Gov. Polis. Colorado is getting more than their share of illegals and Denver is looking to ship them to Chicago and New York. It’s only fun for these leftist politicians till it’s not. NY has gotten 30K illegals, but that’s a mere pittance to border cities have to deal with that are a fraction of NYC’s size. Maybe if enough of these politicians press Biden strongly enough, Biden might see let every illegal alien into the U.S. that wants to come is stupid policy.
White House Press Secretary Blames GOP, Claims President Biden Worked On Border Security Since 'Day One' – HOLLY NOTE: Jean-Pierre neglected to mention in what capacity did Biden work on the border since day 1. It would be believable if it were meant in the sense of blowing wide open the southern border and putting every illegal aliens before American citizens. During Biden’s first 2 years in office he has let into America nearly the entire population of Colorado.
Colorado Helping To Send Migrants To Major Cities, Including New York City
Amid 2022’s Massive Migrant Surge, Numbers in ICE Detention Remain Low
Air Marshals Outraged At Biden Admin For Border Deployments Despite Terror Threat: 'Absolutely Madness'
6 Lies From Mayorkas And DHS About Team Biden’s Post-Title 42 Plans
EXPOSED: Joe Biden Unleashed Thousands of Criminals Into The USA – video
Illegal Alien Convicts Arrested at Lowest Rate in Over Half a Decade
Migration 2022: Republicans Step Towards the Center as Democrats Open Borders
Biden’s Sanctuary Country: Fewer than 30K Illegal Aliens Deported from American Communities in 2022
Biden To Allow Immigration For Foreign-Nationals Dependent On Welfare – HOLLY NOTE: When moving to Australia, I had to prove I could support myself, have a U.S. police background check (that I had to pay for) and then a physical to show I brought no diseases into their Country.

Contrastingly, Biden gives away the farm, accepts criminals, poor and diseased aliens and uneducated people most of whom can't even speak our language. How does this 'make America stronger through immigration?" Good job Joe on weakening America.
Florida Sees Hundreds Of Migrants In Boat Landings Over Weekend, Sheriff Calls It 'Mass Migration Crisis’
Biden Admin Sending Air Marshals To The Border Amid Terror Threat Is 'Absolutely Madness': Sonya Labosco – HOLLY NOTE: Their purpose is not to help capture illegals, but to give them concierge treatment. – video of day 1
Lauree Simmons On Shelter Overflowing With Dogs Left At The Border – video of day 3
Texas Installs Additional Layers Of Razor Wire To Stop Illegal Crossings
Border Prison Attacked By Commandos In Armored Trucks; 14 Dead, 30 Escaped, 4 Miles From El Paso
Biden's Border Crisis: Our Immigration Courts Have A 2,023,441 Case Backlog And It's More Than We Can Handle
Shootouts, Pursuits, Break-Ins Surge in Texas Counties Near Border
Border Patrol In Miami Encounter 88 Cuban Migrants On 5 Boats In Florida Keys Ahead Of New Year
Peruvian Citizen, Founder Of Violent Gang, Deported From Us After Entering Illegally Through California
Border Crisis A 'Complete Catastrophe' On National Security, Humanitarian Scales: Monica De La Cruz – video
Migrants Crossing The Southern Border Show Signs Of 'Worsening Trauma,' Including Sexual Assault: Report