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NBC News DEFENDS ‘We’re Coming For Your Children’ Chant at NYC Drag March, Arguing It’s ‘Been Used For Years At Pride Events’
Roseanne Barr Says ‘No One Died In The Holocaust’, Adding That '6 Million Jews Should Die Right Now'
FBI Groomed Developmentally Challenged 16-Year-Old To Become A Terrorist, Then Arrested Him
Harvard Morgue Manager ‘Sold Body Parts And Human Skin That Was Made Into Leather’
Circle K Clerk Who Worked At Store 18 Years Fired After Shoplifter Who Stole Pack Of Cigarettes Sues Company
Former Child Actor, Ricky Schroeder, Speaks Out About Demonic Event He Witnessed in Hollywood as a Kid
Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine - Preparing For a Proxy War With Russia (2016) – HOLLY NOTE: You have to wonder why was the Ukraine-Russia war planned? Is just a way to spend more U.S. dollars to bring us into parity with poorer nations? If so, we’re doing a good job with $85 billion borrowed, printed and spent in Ukraine. – video of day 2
Young Pilot Describes Moment She Was Blinded By A Laser During NYC Sightseeing Flight
MAY 26
Biden Admin’s $40m ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives
‘We’ll Hang With Satan Instead’: Target Receives MASSIVE Backlash After Woke Pride Month Merchandise Designer Is Exposed To Be A Satanist
New York Democrats Vote to GIVE THE STATE FREE REIN OVER MINOR CHILDREN: NYS Assembly So-Called “Health Committee” Votes YES to Allow Minors to Take Drugs With No Parental Consent! Must-See Video of Furious Parents Telling Off Political Hacks at Hearing!
Same DC Cop Who Beat Innocent Trump Supporter Victoria White Nearly to Death on Jan. 6 – Was Driving Around with the DC Antifa Leader During the June 2020 Riots
MAY 23
Self-Checkout Machines Now Ask For Tips In Latest Squeeze On Customers
REVEALED: DOJ Official Says Biden Admin ‘Rolling Over’ On Allowing Trans-Identified Males To Impregnate Females In Women’s Prisons
What Does Human Meat Taste Like? Scientists Reveal The Unique Flavor Of Our Flesh – As An Influencer Admits To Eating Part Of Her Own Knee In A Spaghetti Bolognese
Nashville Hotel Manager Charged After Allegedly Sucking On Sleeping Guest's Toes: 'A Sort Of Nightmare' – HOLLY NOTE: People used to watch out for bed bugs. Now it's toe suckers.
Failing to Create Brotherhood of Man, UN Promotes Sex With Children
All of Washington State GOP Votes No, All Dems YES, to Allow Hiding Kids From Parents for “Sex Changes”
New Zealand Cat-Killing Competition For Children Axed After Backlash
What the Devil? New Disney Show Focuses On Teen-Girl Sex With Satan – HOLLY NOTE: One of these days God is going to hit the 'flush' button.
FBI Used Undercover Agent to Target Catholic Church, Spy on Parishioners: Jim Jordan
I Gave My Goat To The State Fair And They Barbecued It — Now I'm Suing
Girl Straddled By Drag Queen at N.C. School, Sparking Outrage
Teacher Asked Kids To Role-Play As “Seducing Hookers”
Man Dumps Helpless Pooch On Dallas Roadside, Drives Away – HOLLY NOTE: Will share this one story with you. When we were living in Australia and had just moved onto our little farm, we kenneled the dogs for the first 2 days while we moved in because people and vehicles were running around everywhere.

Their first night home they were in this very nice enclosed dog run complete with house, concrete sidewalks and big grassy area. Went out to see Taco and Seismo and there was blood everywhere. The sidewalks were covered in it.

I ran into to get Stan as Taco's paw was severely sliced. If we hadn't gone out to see them, Taco would have bled to death. What we hadn't seen was a 3-inch hole that had some metal in the bottom of it, left by the previous owners.

As Murphy's Law would have it, Taco had plunged in her foot. A neighboring farmer came over while we bandaged her leg. I was crying as we realized just how badly injured she was and how close we had come to losing her. The farmer looked at me as if to say, "what's wrong with you?" Instead he commented callously, "It's just a dog." – video
Deporting Fentanyl Dealers Violates Sanctuary City Policies, Says SF Supervisor
'You Better Learn Your Place' Pot Dispensary Owner Berates Cop In Profanity-Laced Tirade
Hell Hotel Sex Assaults On The Rise As Predators Given Access To Women's Rooms In Alarming Trend: Law Firm
‘Shocking’ Scavenger Hunt Part of New School Assignment Workbook
210 Democrats Vote Against Bill Requiring Medical Care For Babies Born Alive After Abortion Attempt
Satan’s Agenda: Transsexual Admits to Burning Down 118-Year-Old Christian Church in Portland