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AI Now Being Used To Generate Child Pornography, Blackmail Teenagers
Scientists May Have Figured Out Why Your Eyebrows Look Like That
Prehistoric Zodiacal Dating Code Revealed At Gobekli Tepe
Bloodline And A.I. – video
Mosquitos, Bill Gates, and Gain-of-Function Mosquitos
What’s the Point of Having a Self-Driving Car? – video
Grocers Cry Foul as NYC Weighs Ban On Face-ID Tech That Stops Shoplifters
Children Who Hear More Words During Infancy Develop Better Language Skills
Russia Threatens Undersea 'Cable Communications Of Our Enemies' ALERT
Millions of Americans’ Personal Data Exposed In Global Hack ALERT
Children Who Hear More Words During Infancy Develop Better Language Skills
Scientists May Have Figured Out Why Your Eyebrows Look Like That
Prehistoric Zodiacal Dating Code Revealed At Gobekli Tepe
Is THIS the Solution to Global Warming? Scientist Claims We Should MOVE the Earth Away From the Sun - Here's How His Wacky Idea Could Really Work
'Blackout Warfare': The World War III Threat More Deadly Than Nukes: Nuclear Fallout Won't Kill Most People in World War III. EMPs Will. ALERT
Senators Press TikTok For Answers on U.S. Data Allegedly Stored in China
Microsoft and Intel Collaborate on AI for Windows 11 PCs
China Is Drilling a 10,000-Meter-Deep Hole Into the Earth
A Staggering Mind Control Program in Florida And, RNA Injected Into Mice at MIT
The Intel 8088 Processor Launched 44 Years Ago Today, And Helped To Start the PC Revolution – HOLLY NOTE: When living in Australia in 1996, remember Stan sharing that since the late 70s, China-made computers had built-in back doors to ALL PCs. That now applies to Macs too.
The Horrifying Metcalf California Power Station Attack – video of week 1
MAY 30
Candace Owens: What Would You Do if the U.S. Government Purposely Brought the Power Grid Down? – video of day 1
MAY 26
A Huge Chunk of the U.S. Could See Blackouts This Summer ALERT
Elon Musk’s Brain-Computer Company “Neuralink” Receives FDA Approval to Launch Human Clinical Trial
MAY 25
Microsoft Warns That China Hackers Attacked U.S. Infrastructure ALERT
‘Disruptive Event’ Coming? Senators Issued Satellite Phones ALERT
By Fomenting Border Chaos And Lawlessness, Globalists Have Set Trap That Will Deceive Humanity Into Accepting Biometric Digital ID That Will Tag And Track All People Everywhere
TSA Now Wants Your Biometric Data At These 25 Airports
MAY 11
U.S. Heading Toward Power Grid ‘Reliability Crisis,’ Energy Commissioner Warns ALERT
New AI, Old Lie – video of week 3
Billions of Gmail and Outlook Users Were Warned By the FBI to Check Their Inboxes For A Message That Promises Money But Takes Everything
Even in Hong Kong: People Are Cutting Down Facial Recognition Towers. The Fight Back Against Surveillance Is On.
The Destruction Caused By “Renewable Energy”; The Not-So-Green Reality Behind The Green Agenda – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of the biggest 'duhs' ever. Where do people think electricity comes from? About 60% of the electricity that powers EVs comes from fossil fuels. This is such a farce.
Rare Diamond Within a Diamond Is Unearthed in India and Dubbed ‘The Beating Heart’
No, It Doesn't Take 21 Days to Form a New Habit. A New Study Shows Why
EV Makers Are Threatening Public Safety
Can EVs Drive Through Floods?
When Architect Asks AI to Design Futuristic Skyscrapers It Proposed a Vertical Forest
If You Don’t Care About Censorship, You Don’t Need A Lot Of People Running Twitter: Elon Musk – video of day 4
Elon Musk: I Want A 'Maximum Truth-Seeking AI’ – video of day 3
Elon Musk Reveals His Thoughts On Aliens – video of day 2
Elon Musk: The Degree To Which Government Agencies Had Full Access To Everything Happening On Twitter Blew My Mind – video of day 1
Klaus Schwab Hires Millions of ‘Information Warriors’ To ‘Seize Control of The Internet’
AI-Created Malware Sends Shockwaves Through Cybersecurity World – See How ChatGPT Could Be Used As A Cyber Weapon
America Imported $78.8 Billion in ‘Cell Phones and Other Household Goods’ From Communist China in 2022
AP-NORC Poll: 40% of Americans Say Next Vehicle Is an EV
US Lawmakers Discuss Bringing Starlink Into Taiwan With Tsai
Defense Intel Chief Worried About Chinese ‘Integration of Human and Machines’
You Won’t Be Able To Sleep After Learning How Vulnerable We Are In ‘Grid Down, Power Up’ ALERT
Related: Grid Down Power Up FULL MOVIE DOCUMENTARY – It’s free, but you have to register. This link might work, otherwise you'll need to get your own password) – video of week 1
Another Expert Sounds The Alarm Over The Advancement Of Artificial Intelligence: ‘It Will Kill Us All’
Where Electric Cars Are (Not) Being Considered
Great Car Reset: Biden’s EPA to Release Strict New Fed Emissions Standard to ‘Move U.S. Car Market Decisively Toward Electric Vehicles’ – ‘Up to 2/3’ of Cars Sold Mandated to be EV by 2032 – HOLLY NOTE: If Biden keeps on this same path, he will go down as the most hated president in history.
Musk, Other Tech Experts Urge Pause On AI Systems, Calling Them A Danger To Society
Panera Bread Rolls Out Palm-Scanning Technology
Could the RESTRICT Act Criminalize The Use of VPNs?
White House Says 50 US Officials Targeted With Spyware As It Rolls Out New Ban Of Hacking Tools – More Expected
The Top 3 Other Most Downloaded Chinese Apps Besides TikTok
Man Waits 3 Years for Dream EV - Days After Getting It, He's Hit with Brutal News and $2,100 Bill
China’s Greatest Weapon: TikTok Pushes Suicide Videos on 13-Year-Olds
The Future of Crypto Storage: Advances in Cold Storage Technology
Chinese Spyware App TikTok Collects Data From More Than Two-Dozen State Governments, Review Finds
EU Merchants Brace For A Cashless Future? Impending Regulations Could Force The Acceptance Of Digital Euro
AI Gods & ChatGPT Religions Are Coming – They Will Be Better Than Human Priests & They Could Turn Evil, Warns Experts
ChatGPT Can Pass The Bar Exam in the Top 10% – video of day 2
ChatGPT Update Tricks Human Into Helping It Bypass CAPTCHA Security Test
ChatGPT Creator 'a Little Bit Scared' Of His Creation
AI Develops Cancer Treatment In Just 30 Days - And Predicts How Long Patients Have To Live By Reading Doctors' Notes
Rolls-Royce to Build Nuclear Reactor For The Moon With UK Funding
Don’t Use TikTok? The China-Owned Social Network May Still Have Your Data.
5 Secrets Only Cybersecurity Pros And Hackers Know
Futurist Makes Bold Claim That Humans Are On Track To Achieve Immortality In 7 Years
Chinese 'Long March' Rocket Reenters Earth's Atmosphere Uncontrolled, Disintegrates Over Texas
'Geofence' Warrants Threaten Every Phone User’s Privacy
Apple Announces New Yellow Color For Its iPhone 14 Lineup - As The Tech Giant Sees Biggest Decline In Smartphone Sales Since 2019
E-bike Battery Sparks Another Huge NYC Blaze, Leaving 7 Hurt And Grocery Store Gutted – HOLLY NOTE: Absolutely hate being dependent on anyone or anything. Think about how this makes E-car owners dependent. Say you are in an evac situation and everyone is running out of car juice at once. Every car is backed up at the charging station – and that's if IF, electricity is still available. This really freaks me out. You can always pack 5 gal. containers of gas or diesel in your trunk. You can't pack electricity.
Weather Weapons Have Existed for over 15 Years , Testified US Secretary of Defense – HOLLY NOTE: This article is dated 2013 so this means they’ve been around since 1998. Stan says he first knew about them in 1977.
BidenCash Criminal Market Releases Over 2M Credit Card Numbers Free For The Taking
Chinese Scientists Call For Plan To Destroy Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites
USPS Purchases Ford EV Vans To Electrify Nation's Largest Federal Fleet
Archaeologists Discover Secret Chamber Inside Great Pyramid of Giza
Biden Admin Rolls Out Cybersecurity Strategy To Thwart ‘Borderless’ Cyber Threats
How to Make Hydrogen Straight From Seawater – No Desalination Required
The World Economic Forum's 'AI Enslavement' Is Coming For You!
WSJ CONFIRMS OUR WARNING: The Power Grid Infrastructure Is Being Deliberately Dismantled To Collapse America – video of day 3 ALERT
Every Prototype to Make a Humanoid Robot – HOLLY NOTE: This should definitely creep you out. – video of day 1
A.I. Claiming To Be A Fallen Angel
Power-Grid Attacks Up 71% And Biden Acolytes Tell Us It's All Those White Supremacists
Attacks on Power Grids Surge Across the U.S. – video ALERT
‘Significant Global Event From The Past’: Scientists Get Shocking Evidence From Earth’s Inner Core
ChatGPT Co-Creator Says The World May Not Be “That Far Away From Potentially Scary” AI
The US ‘Domain Awareness Gap’ Goes Way Beyond Balloons
Local Farmer Sounds the Alarm: Why Did East Palestine Launch ‘MyID’ Emergency Service to Surveil Biometrics 1 Week Before Ohio Train Derailment?
Homeland Security Warns to Update Your Apple Devices Right Away – HOLLY NOTE: Apples released crucial updates for their devices. iPhones and iPads should be at 16.3.1 and Macs at 13.2.1. There is a vulnerability that allows in hackers. Experts warn that even if you have your devices set for automatic updates, go now, and do it manually, it's that serious.
How to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked
Rare Footage Of Titanic Shipwreck Released To The Public For First Time
Pentagon Announced Drone Swarm ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ in Development ALERT
Giddy Up, Elon Musk Identifies the State Dept Origin Behind Twitter Content Control Mechanisms
Dry Run: Balloons Called Top ‘Delivery Platform’ For Nuclear EMP Attack ALERT
CIA Issues Stark Warning: ‘An EMP Attack Is Imminent’ – video
EMP Death Of Humanity Exposed – "Power Will Be Out For a Month Or 2. No, It'll Be Out For Years." – video of week 1 ALERT
MUST SEE C.I.A. CONFERENCE: The Existential EMP Threat – video
Another Power Grid Attack? LAX Airport Goes Completely Dark After Suffering Power Outage ALERT

Climate Extremists’ Hideous Wind Farms Are Coming to Your Backyard
Terminator-Liked Robot Liquefies To Escape A Cage And Then Reforms Into Its Original Shape – HOLLY NOTE: Sent this to Stan's computer. He assessed it and said if you watch toward the bottom of the video, there is an ever-so-slight break where it could have been edited. He says we have memory metal when melted and then cooled returns to its original shape, but not intelligent AI-type metal objects – yet.
Terrifying Microsoft AI Can Build A Robo-Clone Of Your Voice After Just 3 Seconds
New Mosquito Repellents Keep Bugs At Bay For Over 8 Hours
Next Generation of US Nuclear Plants Could Be Tiny But Powerful

Your TV Is Spying On You, But You Can Stop It – HOLLY NOTE: Same thing for computers. Our Macs have black duct tape over the cameras so there’s no spying.

The Dark Side of AI: A Warning From Jordan Peterson (Scary Truth About ChatGPT) – video

New York City: Electric Garbage Trucks “Conked Out” Plowing Snow After Just 4 Hours

Hacker Claims To Steal Personal Data Of 400 Million Twitter Users
Key Republican Steps Up Warning On China’s TikTok: ‘Digital Fentanyl’