We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom.
—Steve Forbes

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HUGE: House Republicans Find Text and Email Evidence that Pelosi Staffers Secretly DECREASED Security at US Capitol for Jan 6 – While at Same Time Pelosi Was Organizing Film Crew that Day
Biden Admin Clears Chinese Company To Own 370 Acres Of Land Within 12 Miles Of Grand Forks USAF Base In North Dakota ALERT
Government by Gimmick Won’t Last
Biden Poised To ‘Repair’ Judiciary After Securing Senate Majority
Adam Kinzinger Lies About Ray Epps Again, and We Should Probably Figure out Why
Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message II to Joe Biden (The White House Apostasy) – video of week
Retiring Jan. 6 Republican Says Good Riddance to Congress: ‘I’m Not Going To Miss The Job’ – HOLLY NOTE: Nobody will miss him either.
Rep. Kevin Brady Sounds Off On Release Of Trump Taxes: 'Every American Ought To Be Frightened'
Liars, Cheats, Traitors and Killers
General Michael Flynn’s Clarion Call to American Patriots
Derek Maltz Rips Kamala Harris For Failed Vow To Address 'Root Causes' Of Migration: 'She's Failed Miserably' – video
Chief Justice In Year-End Report Reinforces Need For Judicial Security After Contentious Year At Supreme Court
Kevin McCarthy Has 'Strong Support,' Will Become Next Speaker of the House: Garrett Ventry – video

Idaho Murder Suspect To Waive Extradition Hearing: Reports
Anyone Feel Like Going To The Mall?– HOLLY NOTE: This is absolutely insane! – video of day 1
NYPD Rookie Attacked By Alleged Islamic Extremist With Machete Near Times Square
Violent Crime Soars In 2022; Blame Pinned On Too Few Cops, Lax Prosecutors, More Brutal Society
Idaho Murder Suspect Was A 'Creep' Around HS Girls, Battled Heroin Addiction