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#1 UFOs Are Here (out of stock)
#2 The Alien Presence (delayed production)
#3 Why "They" Lied (delayed production)
#4 An Hour with Stan Deyo (delayed production)
#5 Townsend T. Brown's Legacy (read about below...) or (order on Flash Drive)

#1 UFOs Are Here

Australian-made film with Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Alan Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill and Ray Palmer (publisher of the Shaver Mystery). This rare TV documentary gave birth to The Cosmic Conspiracy and contains clips of the first episode of Star Wars and Jaws. Recently discovered, UFOs Are Here is the only remaining copy of this extraordinary film.

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#2 The Alien Presence

In-depth interview with John Schuessler when he was McDonnell-Douglas' Director of Space Flight Operations for the NASA shuttle program. In this DVD, John talks about his research into the alien presence on Earth. This interview has been withheld from the public for 20 years due to threats from senior officials at NASA, US Air Force and McDonnell-Douglas. It's time to break the silence.

#3 Why "They" Lied

Stan's unreleased, uncut, testimony for Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project. Filmed at an undisclosed location near NORAD.

#4 An Hour with Stan Deyo

The very popular interview with Stan at his lab in Perth, Australia explaining advanced marine and air propulsion. This cult status video was distributed in more than 1000 retail outlets. This new edition includes declassified Army footage of the AVRO flying disc project.

#5 Townsend T. Brown's Legacy

The Townsend Brown Legacy (order on Flash Drive)

This flash drive is a MUST for every serious researcher into antigravity (electrogravitics). It contains all the surviving videos taken inside the Bahnson Company's High voltage lab in Winston Salem between 13 August 1957 and 1 June1960. They are hi-resolution films on video (720 x 480) and have been color-corrected as best possible. Before each segment there is a date card to assist you in finding particular places in the video. This file is named, "TTBrown_hires_lab_film.mp4".

Included with this video are over 300 pages of lab notes made at the lab while Townsend was there. There are three more lab books that I have not included as I only wanted the lab notes from the time Townsend was there. See: TTBrown_Bahnson_Lab_Books.pdf

Included is a "Read_Me_First.pdf" file that contains new photos of the lab taken in 1983 and a few very interesting tips on the Biefeld-Brown Effect and how it can be applied to making a dynamic field and possibly anti-gravity.

Included is a PDF file of Stan Deyo's paper entitled, "GEMstone_Scroll_part1.pdf" (see: Other_PDFs folder) which is referenced in the "Read Me First" file; and several pages taken from Stan Deyo's, "The Vindicator Scrolls" (see: Other_PDFs folder) book and is also referenced in the "Read Me First" file.

Also I have included declassified papers and reports in the "Other_PDFs" folder entitled: "Conf_Role_of_Gravitation_in_Physics.pdf", "The_Gravitics_Situation.pdf" and "TTBrown_Control_Gravity.pdf". There are several other PDF files of importance in this folder as well.

Some miscellaneous photos are in a separate folder entitled, "Photos".

And lastly, the entire declassified Montgolfier Project in France in 1956 with photos of Townsend brown's flying disk tests and the official French report on his project!