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Regarding Holly's book Dare to Prepare "It is critical".

George Noory
Los Angeles / St. Louis
Coast To Coast AM

I Just purchased your book
Dare to Prepare, 4th Edition and Prudent Places USA.

I have only been able to read a few chapters and go over the CD, but so far I am highly impressed! Very well put together and jam packed with information. I was reading some passages out loud to my wife and she thought they were terrific, so much so that she is already implementing a program and wants to read the book after me. I told her we can alternate reading blocks of chapters, that way we go through it together and discuss things we need to do.

Thanks so much for your encouraging work.

God Bless,
Michael Boydston
Eugene, OR

I was amazed at how well organized and thorough
Dare to Prepare was - i. I am now buying it as a gift for a friend.

Adam Cohen
Hoboken, NJ

I live in Fayetteville, Ark, which was the center of the (2009) ice storm. Many people without power. It is very bad here with temps at night in the teens. Power out for many more days possible. Those who have not prepared are stuggling. I have purchased two of your Dare to Prepare books and have prepared for what hit us. I have a generator and invertors that have supplied lights and heat with our wood stove. Many people I have talked to in the past are now listening about preparation. Thanks again for your books.

Ron R.
Fayetteville, Ark

Holly, just got my copies. It's full of info that I have thought was lost. I'm 71 and there's a lot I don't know, maybe should, but I'm sure younger folks don't know. It's a reference on some things that could be part of daily, personal life. Thanks!

Garland Campbell
Dublin, VA

Dare to Prepare is a VERY GOOD book -- better than I could tell you if I spent an hour on it! It has very specific, easy-to-understand instructions and charts that relate to everybody. It has information on everything from composting to feeding your family to storing water, doing all the things we ought to be doing. Even if you aren't doing these things right now, you should have this book! Dare to Prepare is a very serious book and full of all kinds of extremely valuable information!

Art Bell
Pahrump, NV / Manila, Philippines
Coast To Coast AM

Dare to Prepare. . . it's absolutely wonderful! It's like a phone book! It's got nearly everything in there that you can think of to do with preparing yourself for just about any kind of emergency! You have so much information in there, I can't believe it! It's so all-encompassing; it's terrific!

Barbara Simpson
San Francisco, CA
Coast To Coast AM

Your book,
Dare to Prepare, was reviewed by Heather Froeschl of BookReview.com and was given a rating of Excellent! The text of your review is as follows:

"Emergency situations arise every day and, quite often, we are not prepared for them. From earthquakes to terrorist attacks, tornadoes to blizzards, we all could use some guidance in how to be prepared. You may recall laughing at your neighbors when in December of 1999 they went out and bought a generator in preparation for Y2K, or you may have been one of those mindful folks who emptied the shelves of home improvement depots of their generators. Whichever the case may be, there are things you could be doing to be prepared for any kind of threat, hyped up or not.

"My great grandmother always had a basement stocked with canned goods. She lived through the depression and never forgot what it felt like to have empty cupboards. My grandmother always made sure her heating oil tank was topped off in November in preparation for the winter. We all know folks who seem to be prepared for anything that comes their way and we also know people who always seem to have to rush out to the grocery store when a storm is predicted.

"Holly Drennan Deyo reminds us of all of the possible emergencies we might encounter, from flood warnings to nuclear war. She gives a guide for every situation and what you can do for yourself, your family and even your pets to stay safe. A lot of research has gone into this guide and Holly shares it all with us. Here you will find lists of items to pack in emergency kits of all kinds, tips on purifying water, heating your shelter, and building underground supply cellars. There are lists of how long you can store emergency supplies and when they expire, lists of handyman items that should be stored for use, lists of how to decipher codes on packaged foods and so much more.

"Deyo has not left a single situation out of her guide to being prepared for disasters of all sorts. This is truly the modern person's resource for being prepared, whether we think the neighbors will laugh at us or not. If perchance you have a household member who is resistant to stocking up on food, water and supplies and storing them away, this book might just be the tool to sway them into thinking twice.

"The text is introduced in a friendly, straightforward voice. The book is a must have for every mindful family. My only problem with it is the occasional suggestion that the Bible be in the emergency tool kit. Religion shouldn't be involved with this practical guide to survival, as it is purely a personal choice. Mention of prayer and dedication to her god only detracts from the guide that should be intended for folks of every religion. However it is a minor thing when compared to the abundance of good advice within the pages of the book."

Zanne Marie Gray, Editor-in-Chief

I just received your book after hearing about it on Coast to Coast. Awesome information! This book is worth 10 times what you charge. Everybody needs to read this and act on it. Self sufficiency is essential in today's world and your book provides the knowledge necessary to achieve that goal. Thank you for an awesome book.

Rich Collins
Fairfield, CA

This is a thank you for all that you are doing to help people be ready. I am really impressed with Dare to Prepare, which is by far the most complete planning guide I have seen. It must have taken years to research and write all that info. I have just downloaded your free Food Planner, and will have to figure out Excel next! 

Incredible, wild times we are living in, and they seem to be charging ahead full speed.  I, for one, truly appreciate all the work you do to make the daunting task a little easier.

Deanna Riebe

The Dare to Prepare books are here and delivered to their new owners. Everyone in our office has one now and I have given one to each of my kids. They are excellent books and I have learned a lot from the one I have.

Dianna  Humphrey
Fairfield, MT

I utilize your book (
Dare to Prepare) for teaching my Emergency Preparedness classes. Thanks for your hard work.

Barry Ellis Coleman, PhD
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Hi Holly,

I just received the BOOK and it is just WOW!!! ! WHAT an amazing amount of research in it! THANKS so very much! I am so impressed with all you have done but am always impressed with your and Stan's research!

THIS saves me so much time and frustration! I am checking on N95 masks or better for children! I have 5 smaller grandchildren and must get some for their smaller faces!

IT is easy to read, easy to find subjects and just a fantastic book! WAY TO GO GAL!

Peggy Warth
Independence, KY

I just received the BOOK and it is just WOW!!! ! WHAT an amazing amount of research in it! THANKS so very much! I am so impressed with all you have done but am always impressed with your and Stan's research!

I also wanted to complement you on your section in chapter 61 of Dare to Prepare entitled a Message to Christians. I get so very tired of other Christians who think it's O.K. to sit around and not prepare and then believe they have a right to call on God to help them when they've done nothing to help themselves. I don't doubt God's willingness to help people, but as with your example in the book, when he gives you multiple warnings of what is coming it is inexcusable not to prepare.

Kevin Swindle
Kimberly, Alabama

We are seniors and have been snowed in for 2 weeks and are facing another week of snow. Though some thought I was being silly, I listened to you this summer and bought the Dare to Prepare book and stocked a pantry, plus got a generator, gas, medical items, even wild bird seed.  My husband and I are now sailing along (use to live on a boat for 8 years) through this extended snow storm and are enjoying peace of mind, a warm home, and hot meals. Thank you!

Karen Simmons
Blaine, WA.

Your latest Dare to Prepare is a marvel. I've enjoyed all of your and Stan's books but Dare 3 is on a level all its own. I'm now well prepared (as are my neighbors though they don't know it yet) and your efforts at informing the public have been a major impetus. Thanks for all you and Stan do. There are many here in Vermont who greatly appreciate your work.

Phil Johnson
Ferrisburg, Vermont

Just received my new Dare to Prepare book in the mail today. Holy cow lady this thing is huge and comprehensive to say the least. I just wanted to say a big thanks to you. Love hearing you and Stan on Coast to Coast.

Steve Dickey
Sharpsburg, MD

Got my 5 pound book today and I had to write and let you know that it is more than I expected. I have never seen so much useful info in one place. The first thing I am going to do is organize my stored food and start a rotation program. One thing I have realized is that we are somewhat unorganized in our food, weapons and clothing for survival. This problem will now be addressed.

I think GOD is telling some of us to get ready for some really hard times. Those of us that are blessed enough to be "tuned" in to Him are hearing His warnings. Others (most of the world) are completely clueless and it saddens me. Thanks for all your work on this. It is worth every penny. Dare to Prepare is a Godsend.

Larry and Brenda Wisse
Marysville, Ohio

Very well researched, very interesting as well as definitley life(lives) saving!!!!! Very reader friendly too! (pics, diagrams, etc.) I've just ordered more copies for my family in Ontario! This should wake them now!!!! ;-) God bless! You are the real heros!

Diane deBajureas
Kitchener, Ontario

Strengths: Covers just about every emergency situation imaginable.

Weaknesses: Uses scripture references. But to me, that is not a "weakness" but rather, a strength.

Introduction: "'
Dare to Prepare 3rd Edition' is in huge demand due to current terrorist threats, economic uncertainty and increasing natural disasters. Written by Holly Drennan Deyo with an introduction by Stan Deyo, this magnificent work is the ultimate city-suburban-rural emergency preparedness reference book. Dare to Prepare is now 80 pages greater in 8-1/2" by 11" format paperback - about the size of a telephone book. Over 330 photographs and illustrations, plus many charts and tables, make personalized preparedness super simple.

"A dozen years ago, I had a hard time convincing family and friends (though not Stan) we were experiencing disasters more frequently and with increased severity. From decades of reading many books on Earth changes, the material became pretty convincing we would be on a path of change. That time of change has arrived, but concrete evidence was needed - information we could refer to reliably and show the disbelieving why we need to prepare. Now "terrorism" is added to the mix. If you are having trouble convincing family members, spouses and friends of the need for having supplies on hand, "Dare To Prepare!" is an invaluable aid.

"67 chapters are dedicated to step-by-step preparation in simple English, much of which you will find nowhere else, as well as personal anecdotes. "Dare To Prepare!" is not just a compilation of lists; it is the blueprint for how Holly and Stan Deyo organize their home. All the information you need to store provisions long and short-term is included besides detailed instructions of long-forgotten skills that are fun for the entire family. Lot of options are given to make your planning as flexible and personalized as possible. "Dare To Prepare!" empowers you to store confidently for as little or as long as you like, using both metric and US measurements throughout." Holly Deyo

What I Learned

People laughed at Noah when he prepared for the Great Flood, and look where that got them.

This book is a heavy tome of practically every emergency situation imaginable – and how to reduce the effects of those same situations – by preparing adequately for not just survival, but for being in a position to help others around you in times of trouble and turmoil.

It is probably no coincidence that the Deyo's website is titled, "Millennium Ark".

I have been an "Emergency Preparedness Specialist" for my church for many years. I organized a "Pre-Y2K Emergency Preparedness Fair" way back when and had speakers discuss self-sufficiency and local bug-out plans in case of nuclear release, chemical fallout or even attacks against public schools.

I have a box full of Emergency Preparedness catalogs, brochures and even information from church including info on preparing for Pandemics (infectious diseases).

But this book is truly the "Emergency Preparedness Bible" tool, because it covers "everything" known to man, regarding emergency scenarios and how to prepare for them using appropriate lists.

I don't think occasional references to scripture is out of place. After all, "When we are prepared, we shall not fear". So what if the neighbors laugh? When things hit the fan, guess where they will go for help as a first response? It won't be the government. (Reference the Katrina debacle.)


This book will help them make their own ark, instead of pounding on your door, requesting that you save them from impending dire consequences.

Why not use this book as a "Holy-day gift" from Holly?

We've been forewarned that tough times are ahead. What better way to prepare than by using a roadmap that covers just about every situation imaginable?

There is still a little bit of time left to make appropriate preparations. Get the book today.

Consider yourself warned.

Robert Pritchett, CEO
Mac Companion Magazine

Dare to Prepare is a 624 page encyclopaedia that's simple to read, simple to use. Holly's book has a fabulous Index and Table of Contents. I would say this and not as flattery; I used to sell every self-help and preparedness book that was on the market from Delta, from Palladin and from independent publishers of which I'm one. I can tell you I have sold it all, seen it all up until this point, but you've taken the best of the best information and put it out there under one cover. I get a kick of of these survival libraries because Holly's book is a library in itself! You don't need them all, just Dare to Prepare. Thank you for the fabulous job on Dare to Prepare!

Steve Quayle, Author and Host of the The Q-Files
Bozeman, MT

Got my 5 pound book today and I had to write and let you know that it is more than I expected. I have never seen so much useful info in one place. The first thing I am going to do is organize my stored food and start a rotation program. All of our stuff is in boxes and I can't remember what it is I have half the time. Thanks for all your work on this. It is worth every penny. We have a pond and a water well as we live in the country in Ohio. Water will not be a problem for us. I have a big generator also to run the pump to get it out of the ground. I also purchased a hand pump from Lehman's Hardware. One thing I have realized is that we are somewhat unorganized in our food, weapons and clothing for survival. This problem will now be addressed. I think GOD is telling some of us to get ready for some really hard times. Those of us that are blessed enough to be "tuned" in to Him are hearing his warnings. Others (most of the world) are completely clueless and it saddens me. Good luck to you and yours. We have listened to our inner feelings that God has given us and we will be ready as best we can be. Thanks again Holly. The book is a Godsend.

Larry and Brenda Wisse
Marysville, OH

I just wanted to tell you that your Dare to Prepare book rocks! Very well written and researched. I've read other very good general books, but DTP picks up where those books leave off. I learned some things I never knew.

I like the detailed product info unmatched by any other. This book is worth every penny and more. It must have taken a good while to write it.

Lastly, thanks for writing this book!

Justin K.
Santa Monica, CA

The book arrived today - it's fantastic. Thank you again. I purchased Dare to Prepare after a friend showed me their copy of your 2nd edition. I'll order a few more soon as family gifts and for another friend of mine. The clarity, thoroughness, and quality of your work are simply great. No matter what the future holds, the information is practical and priceless. God's Blessing to you both and your family.

Keith & Tracie Hite
Richmond, TX

Two cases of Dare to Prepare arrived to-day so I'm sure the other boxes are on the way. Some books have already been sent out to different European countries. Book looks amazing and a huge "well done" and thanks!

Rosaleen Tobin
Azurite Press; Dublin Ireland

I just wanted to say Thank You! I received the Dare to Prepare book a couple months back. It sure has been handy to have around. I'm in Ohio and have been with out power due to (Hurricane) Ike since this past Sunday, I have used it to prepare for situations such as this, and have refered to it quite a bit over these last few days. There are many folks here in 1 county without power – 85,000 at last total alone. I'm shocked how many folks don't prepare for simple disasters as this. Next to my Bible it's the second book I look at!
Carmella Wilbur
Dayton Ohio

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I just recieved my copy of 'Dare to Prepare'. I want to thank you for writing the most in-depth and useful disaster preparedness guide I have ever seen.

A year ago my husband and I moved to the rural mountains of North Carolina, an area with alot of focus of self sustainability, with the objective to become less dependant on mainstream society. We are growing our own food, and learning how to make and use many of our own supplies, for 2 reasons...one, this is just how I want to live, and two, because I absolutly believe that a true disaster is immenient. We aren't conspiracy nuts, but we know that the world is heading towards disaster at high speed. Whether from climate, space, or war, something bad is on the horizen, I feel it, and all the signs point towards it. If I survive the initial hit, I plan to survive as long as possible.

When I first came across your book online, it blew me away the level of information it contains, and I have started reading it cover to cover. I plan to learn how to do some the things immediatly, such as drying food and such. These are things that will come in handy in everyday life.

I just wanted to send you a personal thankyou, and to let you know that I think your books is wonderful...many blessings,

Sarah Morgan
rural North Carolina

Hi, and my thanks to both you and your husband for your extensive site and Dare to Prepare. I don't know if you'd care to have a preparedness testimonial but I thought I'd send one in case you might want to use it.

My name is Kim and I have a family of 4 at home. I stay home and care for the kids and my website. My husband is a Paramedic and worked with 2 ambulances. We'd come to count on his double income because Paramedics aren't paid all that well and one income is never enough for a medic with a family. My husband recently posted a criticism of a fire chief's handling of a call on a public message board and was promptly fired from his main job of 5 years and blackballed from any other job he attempts to get. As we lived paycheck to paycheck, this was and is devastating. 

I quickly listed our available food and found that we had three weeks of meals on hand and another week or two if we stretched it. We would have been in dire straits, indeed, had we not stocked up, thanks to your recommendations. We tried a food bank, for which we now qualify, and received 1 day's worth of food that didn't smell good and we had to dispose of it. So now we know you can't count on that to help you out much. They simply don't have the donations that they hope for. We are hoping not to have to apply for food stamps but even if we do, you have to be considered low income for a period of time before you can qualify. If you haven't been low income but are living paycheck to paycheck, you could be in real trouble if that paycheck disintegrates.

Without stocking up we'd have been starving by the end of the first week, without a doubt. As it is, we're a bit tired of the same foods we'd kept buried in the freezer such as three large pans of lasagna and some chicken breasts and chicken pot pies but we're eating three meals a day and not really skimping much.

No matter what your beliefs about world chaos and natural disasters may be, I recommend stocking up and Dare to Prepare. You simply don't know when you and/or yours are going to need that food. Not many jobs have so much security that you can say without a doubt that nothing but nothing will affect the arrival of your next paycheck. 

I thank the Deyos for doing their darnedest to get this message across.

Thank you,
Location withheld

I have just received Dare to Prepare. After giving the book a quick overview and now being halfway through Chapter 1, I have to write and say THANK-YOU!

Being a towboat sailor, I am gone 8 months out of the year from home. I have always kept preparations at the top of my priorities list, because of my absences from home. I live in a hurricane prone area that is subject to many other STOPOR. (STOPOR are those things that every place on Earth has, that are a danger to the local inhabitants. Some places have STOPOR called earthquakes, others have hurricanes, etc.) I already have a large library of information but no single comprehensive (1 stop, shop, go) reference that compares to "Dare to Prepare". As much as I have learned throughout my life, I have already learned some more valuable lessons and I am only half-way through Chapter 1!!!!

I will feel better now while I am gone because your writing style is such that I know my wife will be able to read AND enjoy Dare to Prepare. My dear bride of 28 years, who keeps this household together (includes a severely handicapped 21 year old, a 19 year old at an out of town college, a 12 year old a nephew, and a dear handicapped boyhood friend who is recuperating from surgery, plus the 3 dogs and a cat – I don't know how she does it – now has the manual of your wisdom and experience to go along with all of the stored supplies and plans.

I am looking forward to reading the entire book because I feel that I will be able to greatly refine my preparations in all areas, especially my contingency plans for various emergencies.

Jeff (last name withheld)
Hudson, FL

After 3 years of going onto different sites and printing out thousands of pages of info, I decided to go ahead and purchase the book. I am so HAPPY I did. It's everything I needed all in one book. The book is so wonderful. For folks who think people who are being silly for preparing are the silly ones. My storage has saved me many times when I was in between jobs plus I purchased things in bulk so when prices went up I had plenty to last. With the way the world is now, everyone should prepare. I also loved the part in the book on what to put in backpacks. I thought I had everything I needed until I read the book. Thank you for making things so much easier... The book is wonderful... I would rather look silly and be prepared as to be sorry I wasn't.

Janice Kizzee
Cleveland, OH

After looking at current events unfolding in front our eyes, I bought your Dare to Prepare. It kicked me into high gear and I began getting my family prepared. Nothing crazy, a little food here, some first aid there and pretty soon we were in good shape.

Time and again, I refer to your book for help. It's practical and detailed, yet very readable. I can't tell you what an invaluable tool it is to have all that information in one place. I use the index a lot and it helps pinpoint exactly where I need to go.

Since I use your book so much, I figured it would help others too. This year I'm doing something different for Christmas and birthdays. I bought THREE cases and giving them as gifts. I'm giving something people need, something useful instead of clothes they outgrow or stuff they stick on the shelf in a month. Thanks again.

John James
Denver, CO

First of all I really would like to thank you for the absolute wonderful contribution you have dedicated to your site. I have already order some of your books (Dare to Prepare & Garden Gold) and have gained so much knowledge preparing for the end of times. May God bless you my friend.

Japie Müller
Cape Town, South Africa

I received Dare to Prepare a few days ago. I know you've heard it before, but I want to tell you too – you did a wonderful job & I made the right decision to purchase it. I've been studying this topic for a few years & I kept coming back to these questions: "What am I missing? What have I forgotten or not thought of?" Most books were less than complete. Anyway, the first thing I did when I received your book was to look up five items in the index – sort of a test. I figured that if you included these things (which, quite often, were neglected in other books I had looked at), your book would be well-worth the cost. These items were: whistles, clear instructions on the use of potassium iodide, cast iron pans, solar cooking & sprouting. Every one of these were in your index. Excellent!

Dare to Prepare! will be the last book I purchase on this topic. Now I will concentrate on preparing for the inevitable -- whatever it turns out to be. Thanks again for writing this wonderful book.

Seattle, WA

I've spent the last two weeks engrossed in Dare to Prepare and have reread chapters several times. There's just so much information to absorb! I didn't know how much I didn't know till reading the book. Unfortunately I've let some of my preparedness areas sag a bit, but am encouraged now to get going again. The chapter on Pet Preparedness really helped. Frankly, I'd forgotten about storing things for our dog, Sally.

Dare to Prepare is so easy to understand and it's like talking to my best friend who happens to be an expert! Thanks again for such a great reference book and taking the time to do the work for us!

Annie Wiles
Ontario, Canada

I received the newest Dare to Prepare last week. It's so well written and a mine of information! Thanks so much for your efforts, Holly. I know it's going to come in handy!

Jeanine Martin
Trinidad, CA

I received the book on Tuesday and I am already more than
½ way through it. It is a fantastic, comprehensive volume. Thank you for the book and for such a fast delivery!!

Colleen Gallagher
Chatham, Ontario

My wife and I received Dare to Prepare this week. The second edition of your book is the most comprehensive collection of preparedness information we have ever read. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made, the long days and nights you most certainly put in to create such a fine work. Your exhaustive research should be mandatory reading for anyone who cares about themselves and their families. Your legacy, in the form of your book, will inspire generations to come.

Douglas Hagmann, Director
Northeast Intelligence Network

Erie, PA

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I just recieved my copy of Dare to Prepare. I want to thank you for writing the most in-depth and useful disaster preparedness guide I have ever seen.

A year ago my husband and I moved to the rural mountains of North Carolina, an area with alot of focus of self sustainability, with the objective to become less dependant on mainstream society. We are growing our own food, and learning how to make and use many of our own supplies, for 2 reasons...one, this is just how I want to live, and two, because I absolutly believe that a true disaster is immenient. We aren't conspiracy nuts, but we know that the world is heading towards disaster at high speed. Whether from climate, space, or war, something bad is on the horizen, I feel it, and all the signs point towards it. If I survive the initial hit, I plan to survive as long as possible.

When I first came across your book online, it blew me away the level of information it contains, and I have started reading it cover to cover. I plan to learn how to do some the things immediatly, such as drying food and such. These are things that will come in handy in everyday life.

I just wanted to send you a personal thankyou, and to let you know that I think your books is wonderful... Many Blessings.

Sarah Lewis
North Carolina

I wanted to say thank you for all the work you've put into
Dare to Prepare. This book stays on my coffee table all the time and I find myself always thumbing through it. We have a one bedroom apt. and to be honest, I was amazed at how much "stuff" I could store out of the way. The book not only taught me exactly what to do and how to do it, it also made me think.

Since I live in San Antonio, Texas when I saw hurricane Katrina heading toward the gulf, and knowing there are oil rigs, refineries, shipping lanes etc in the gulf, I went ahead and bought two gas cans and filled them and my car (which I keep half or above always now). As a result of that little extra preparedness, when gasoline shot up through the roof, I didn't have to pay that price, I had that extra that I used.

Needless to say after watching the news last night, I saw another hurricane this time heading right to Texas. We immediately went out and filled those gas cans again.

My husband (did) a complete inventory of all the supplies for ourselves and our dog. He then made a menu plan and it seems we have two solid months of supplies, probably three if I stretch, and of course, with plenty of water and sanitation concerns. I even have a huge jar of protein powder like the body builders use. I figured protein is protein, couldn't hurt.

This is really all due to your efforts and I wanted to thank you!!

Stacy Hinkle
San Antonio, Texas

Thank you again for the great effort you have exerted to bring this comprehensive work to fruition. I had the pleasure to contact you upon my first purchase of “Dare”, and I am returning to purchase three copies for friends of mine who are starting to realize that preparedness is a ‘way-of-life” not a one shot affair. I found myself remarking to a good friend of mine the other day that if I had to walk out the door in an emergency with one book it would be
Dare to Prepare. He’s moved to Boston MA and lives in the city…with no car. He’ll receive a copy as soon as I can get it to him. I am relocating my family away from the city next month. I shall have the additional advantage of your book to assist me in my new home building. God Bless you and your family.

Patrick Foster
Richmond, VA

If you thought you learned about survival in the Boy Scouts, be prepared for an eye opener. I happened upon this book in an unlikely location, and am very glad I did. From preparation to terrorist attacks, to dysfuctioning electrical grids, to downright cold weather, this book has something for everyone who wants to be prepared for the unexpected.

I cannot and will not divulge all of the "secret" coded information in this volume, but when you see all that is included, you will consider the purchase price cheap by all accounts.

My 2nd edition is dated 2005, One can only hope that this book is updated, say, every 18 months or so. I'll buy each--and prior to seeing it, thought I was fairly well informed. Well, this book will save you much time gathering information!!!

Dr. Victor S Alpher
Austin, TX

Thank you again for your website and book. I just finished Dare to Prepare and my brain feels like it is going to burst with all the new info. I am almost ready to re-read it. I was able to use a lot of info from you for my presentation at our home church and it went over very well. We are working on some storage and planning as a group as well as doing the same personally. Thanks again.

Davin Hanson
Idaho Falls, ID

I'm a proud owner of your Dare to Prepare book. It is a brilliant piece of work. I've recommended it to a number of people who are "into" preparedness as well as in several of the online forums I frequent. A masterpiece!

Carla Almaraz

Dear Holly,

My friend Mary McCann and I recently ordered your book Dare to Prepare. We are so thrilled with it! You really covered all bases. I can't tell you how long i've searched for a book like this!! I have several outdoor survival books but none compare to this! Thank you so much! Mary even read the newspaper you used for packing! She loved it. Thank you again.

Amanda Smith, Mary and David McCann
Amherst, OH

A masterpiece of its genre...I don't see how you could have packed more into Dare to Prepare! The information is total, complete, and indispensable. The illustrations are stunning! It's just great. Congratulations!

Jeff Rense
Santa Barbara
Jeff Rense Program

I received your CD on Prudent Places USA and it caused me to pause and change some of my writing plans. I've been gathering data and information to write a manual called "USAFE" for two years now. After seeing the CD, and going over your Table of Contents for Dare to Prepare, there really is no point. You've done a very good job, and I don't give praise lightly as I am a very seasoned, experienced emergency management professional.

Rick Tobin
Spring Branch, TX
President/CEO, TAO Emergency Management Consulting

I have just received your second edition of Dare to Prepare. I had to compliment you on the completeness of this thoroughly researched compendium of knowledge. I believe this is as close as anyone has come to a one-size-fits-all disaster preparedness guide. You have excelled where many others have only scratched the surface. Thank you for this Herculean effort for now the rest of us can stand on the shoulders of this giant work and see farther because of your dedicated efforts. Thank you once again for all your successful efforts in bringing Dare to Prepare to fruition. God bless you and your family…Seismo and Taco, too.

Patrick Foster
Richmond, VA

Wow! You really put a lot of work into Dare to Prepare! I was always a little leery about getting a generator. Based on your information I bought a diesel unit that fits our needs. My wife is busy vacuum packing foods. Your suggestions have saved us a lot of $$. Thanks!

Jason Womack
New York, NY

Dare to Prepare is a masterpiece! This is a book of preparing for life, not just Y2K. Now you can put your head on the pillow at night and feel at ease. I'm learning things from every page! Everyone should have a copy of Dare to Prepare in their home!

Patricia Bragg, World Health Crusader
Bragg Health Industries

Just received my copy of
Dare to Prepare and couldn't beleive the the size and wealth of information. I've been preparing for the last 15 years and have many books on this subject, but your book really stands out above the rest. I can't even begin to imagine the hours it took to complete this Encyclopedia. Within the first 2hrs. of thumbing through the pages I resolved a nagging problem. I have a kitchen gas stove, an excellant wood heating stove and campstoves, but I was always looking for an independent means for baking. I turned to page 295 and there, jumping out at me, was the Pyromid stove, oven and grill. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. God bless. 

David Brown
Alberta, Canada

I've been going thru your book, all I can say is I wish I had it 20 years ago. You have done an excellent job with it. It will also really help with the little details I would have overlooked. Enjoyed listening to you & Stan on Steve's radio program too. You all seem like very nice people. GOD SPEED 

Rob Pilar
Chunky, MS

You don't know me but I have purchased your
Dare to Prepare twice; the latest edition and the one before that. I don't want to take up too much of your time other than to say thank you for all that you do. I can't imagine the stress and schedule you're both under. I really appreciate your web site and the fact that you so willingly share what you know.

Thanks again,
John Navarro
Trussville, Alabama

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the prompt delivery of
Dare to Prepare. I also wanted to thank you for your added 'personal touch' by autographing the title page. What a book! This is definitely the resource that everyone needs to be prepared. While I have been working on my family's preparations for almost two years now, I didn't realize just how much I hadn't prepared. Thank you so much for all of the effort that you put into this book.

Best regards,
Larry Swadner
Cincinnati, OH

Dare to Prepare. It is fantastic! Thank you again for all your work putting together this book. It is a treasure.

Randy Singer
Nocatee, FL

I see you've done it again; broad spectrum plus depth.
Dare to Prepare is the best I've ever seen in the field of preparedness. Thank you.

Bob Baker
Reno, NV

Dare to Prepare is just what I've been looking for! I love the easy-to-understand information described by someone who's already done it! There's lots of pictures, illustrations and charts so I know exactly what to do and it's filled with material not found in other preparedness books. It helped me see I can do it myself without a lot of hassle. Thank you so much for researching this book I've given it as gifts to family and friends! If you don't already own Dare to Prepare, believe me, you need this book!

Susan Moniker
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for doing all the work for us! Now I can relax knowing I've taken care of my family.

Daniel Perry
Port St. Lucie, FL

I AM impressed! This is the best book on this subject I have seen! The content is impressive also, as well as the graphics and color photos... Almost 500 pages with color and incredible content. Well done! The amount of work that I see that went into this book gave me a slight headache.... ;-0

John and Katie Miller
Ventura, CA
Phantom Bookshop

Your book came two days ago. This is much more than I was expecting.
Dare to Prepare is truly a wonderful production filled with all sorts of useful information a person can't find anywhere else. ...well worth the bucks I spent! Thanks and God bless.

Al Durtschi, Webmaster
Alberta, Canada
Walton Feed

I just received my 4 copies of your book,
Dare to Prepare. This is a magnificent book! I believe that it is the standard against which all other survival and preparedness books and manuals will be measured! Everyone who senses that "things are not right" with the Planet Earth absolutely NEEDS a copy of this tremendous work! I can tell you that this book is far superior to anything I ever got in the US Military Survival schools which I attended. Congratulations and THANK YOU (and Stan) on the printing of this Masterpiece!! Just ordered 5 more copies for my family members around the world!!

Kirby Van Horn
US Air Force Academy,
Class of '70

Received my copy of Dare To Prepare a few days ago. Thought a good plan was to sit down and leaf through page by page to get familiar with the material and mark the places I wanted to read carefully right away, but guess there wasn't much I didn't want to read right away since I ending up spending two days reading through the whole thing. I can only imagine how much work it was for you to put this book together--truly a labor of love. Thank You.

Ann Vitale
Piffard, NY

You have done a grand job!! I love it. Everyone here has been picking up the book when they come in ... no one is gonna "borrow" this one!! What a mammoth effort to do this, Holly. You should be very proud! I am especially pleased with all the Aussie content in it. I shall use this book for a very long time. Been years since I made soap, but gonna go back to it now you make it sound so much fun! Love it!!

Julie King
Pingelly, WA, Australia

Great book! Everyone should have one!

Rodger Paulson

Mohave Valley, AZ

My husband used to think I was crazy wanting to prepare, but now he's the one who's always carrying around your book!

Andrea Larson

Phoenix, AZ

I just got my 6 books yesterday. I've read half of it already! Thank you for so putting your life into
Dare to Prepare which I am delighted to be giving as Christmas gifts. Blessings to you.

Jane Joseph
Kansas City, MO

What I like most about
Dare to Prepare is that now I know preparedness is do-able! Little steps just like the book suggests. My stored stuff is really adding up. I feel safer plus we've prepared for our two dogs and three cats.

It doesn't have to be scary, you just have to get started and
Dare makes it so easy. I had some "thank you" gifts to give and gave each person an autographed copy of Dare to Prepare. Now when disaster hits, they won't all be banging on my door because they're already prepared! Thanks for getting me started!

Sandra Lawson
New York, NY

A reference book of immense value. I can see the plodding and numbing effort it took to compile such a tome. It will be valuable when anyone asks "what about such and such?" For you, "Atta sheila!" and for Stan "good pre-press job, mate!" I hope the Lord blesses the work you are doing to warn and prepare folks.

Charlie Phillips
Peru, IN

I recently purchased your book
Dare to Prepare! WOW! I haven't even had time to go through it all, but there is so much information packed into each page, it's unbelievable. I also was so impressed by the service I received from John Anthony Miller and Katie Crawford-Miller from Phantom Bookshop. I faxed them my order on Sunday and received the book on Wednesday. Now that is impressive in today! Thanks again for taking the time to write such a needed book and finding responsible people to handle the work here in the States. May God bless you always.

Rick Jackson
Colorado Springs, CO

I just got your book! I am impressed!

Paul Harper
Ipswich, QLD, Australia

We received your new book in the mail yesterday. It is great! My wife. Darnette, can hardly put it down to go to work. So much wonderful information. An encyclopedia of Preparedness. Bless you..............

Larry Taylor
Mena, Ark.

Dare to Prepare is fantastic, great job! This is the book I've been looking for, it covers everything I can think of. I'm sure Dare to Prepare will save a lot of heartbreak, and lives. Again great job, and thank you.

Rick Covault
Covington, OH