A Book That Convincingly Solves the Most Ancient of Mysteries

In 1989, I wrote a second book entitled, The Vindicator Scrolls, as a sequel to The Cosmic Conspiracy.

In this book I discussed some extraordinary discoveries in archeology and in physics. I told how, through a very long chain of unusual events, I was led to discover the actual site of the ancient Garden of Eden. My findings have since been ratified by the Jerusalem Temple Foundation in Israel.

I was helped by my long-time friend and research associate, Ed Scott, in solving this mystery in a most plausible and factual manner. We used digital terrain models for North Africa and the entire Middle East to re-create the ancient pre-flood world in coloured 3D. From this model and from many other clues found in old maps and in the original Hebrew Torah, we were able to conclusively place the Garden of Eden today. Although it has been covered by over-burden and mineral deposits, the site is in existence today in a most surprising place - not in Israel, not in Iraq, Turkey or Iran.... in fact, a long way from there...

In the second part of this book, there is yet another fantastic find. Quite unexpectedly, I was led to discover the location of the mythical, "Atlantis." In spite of the fact that some 2,000 other books and papers have been lodged over the last century claiming to have located "Atlantis", I submit my proofs to you in a most convincing manner. There are photographs and maps of the region (some in 3D) which make the re-construction quite simple to visualize.

The map at the left is one which was produced to reveal the sub-oceanic topography of the Earth. The ridges in the sea beds show where India used to be connected to North Africa - less than 5,000 years ago in my opinion.

I have shown my findings to Capt. Nicolas Durosoff of the Cousteau Foundation. While we were on board their yacht, the Alcyone, he studied my charts and maps; soon, he exclaimed that he was 70% certain we had found "Atlantis" by correcting a simple translation error in Plato's Critias and Timaeus Debates written in ancient Greece. The Captain broke out the beer and we discussed how we could get funding to take a yacht into the area which we would need to excavate to get to the treasure of Poseidon. If the Gulf War had not erupted, we would have gone into the region and finally confirmed - beyond a doubt - the mystery of the ages: the location of the legendary Atlantis.

My wife at that time, Louise, and I traveled all over Israel on our 1989 visit to discover numerous clues from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman occupations of such sites as Bet She'an ("ancient "Scythopolis"). We were intrigued by being able to stand in the middle of streets which had not seen the light of day in over 3,000 years.

The past seems somehow like it was only a few years ago when you reach down into the dirt and pick-up fragments of jewelry and pottery that still look fresh. We were amazed to find the Romans had used red clay sewer pipes just like the ones we use today to drain the refuse from their main shopping complex.

While in Jerusalem, we found a locked tunnel underneath the old Temple foundations behind the "Wailing Wall". Upon subsequent investigation, we discovered that the tunnel had apparently been closed at the request of a man named Nimrod Novik who was a key figure in Shimon Peres' advisory team on the mid-east peace negotiations at the time.

Apparently, he did so to thwart an investigation headed by Dr. Lambert T. Dolphin (Stanford Research International) who had tried to apply a type of stone penetrating "radar" to image a portion of the foundation in search of the lost "Ark of the Covenant."

Elsewhere in the book, I discuss Townsend T. Brown's work - making electrostatic flying disks and I illustrate it with color photos taken from the only existing 16mm film taken inside Brown's Lab at the Bahnson Co. in Salem, N. Carolina. (I have all the surviving film from Brown's Lab).

Although it has not seen the typical push that attends book launches by large publishing houses, it IS the definitive work on Atlantis and Eden (Aden). There were 5,000 numbered copies released in 1989. All subsequent printings were sans numbering. -Stan Deyo

What Others Say About The Vindicator Scrolls

According to John Schuessler - the former Engineering Manager for McDonnell Douglas on the Space Shuttle program at the NASA in Houston, Texas,... "Stan Deyo is one of the truly critical thinkers... [of our times]. "

'Pro' Hart one of the three, well-known, Australian 'bush artists' and also a personal friend of Stan has said, "I enjoyed reading The Vindicator Scrolls. I loaned it to my nephew who has been studying it ever since. I am now reading it again."