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La Palma – Cumbre Vieja – El Hierro

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Deyo Food Storage Planner – US
Deyo Food Storage Planner – Metric
Location of La Palma (The Palm) and El Hierro (The Iron) Cumbre Vieja's (Old Summit's) western slope collapses If Cumbre Vieja's western slope fails more than a 1/3 of the island could fall. Sending a massive wall of water across the Atlantic Animated Simulation of a La Palma- Atlantic Tsunami Watch this awesome documentary on Cumbre Vieja: Mega Tsunami – Wave of Destruction Since July 19, El Hierro has been hammered by nearly 11,000 earthquakes

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All of the large Richter earthquakes have already hit or surpassed the yearly expected number. Out of America's 3,141 counties, just 11% have not declared at least 1 natural disaster so far this year and there's still three months to go.
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