Eden Lecture Images
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("Gahn Aden" = the "Garden of Eden" in Hebrew)

Stan tells about bats in Qumran cave The Qumran Cave of the Columns Audience laughing at bat story
Gahn Aden portion of lecture begins Rivers of the Gahn Aden Hot stones of the Gahn Aden
Clues of fire The flaming sword, Cherubim NgoroNgoro Looking southeast
Revealing the Gahn Aden The Gahn Aden Reveal Video (.m4v) The Gahn Aden Reveal Video (.mov)
Audience seeing the Gahn Aden for the 1st time The Gahn Aden from satellite Map of the Gahn Aden today
Explaining water source for the Gahn Aden 1 of 2 water springs feeding into the Gahn Aden Gahn Aden Flyover (.m4v)
Gahn Aden topographic Contact Elyon Tours to visit The Garden of Eden Omo and Ol Duvai