The Strategic Importance of Oil in Israel

Posted 2 November 2015

Read Stan's thoughts on the Oil in Israel Use these KMZ files in Google Earth Missing data right where oil might be found?
Asher shall get oil from flinty rock. Asher's foot shall be dipped in oil. Dipped foot shows 'toe' goes 1st and bends away from sole.
Possible extension to borders of ancient Asher Fault path from Golan Heights to the 'toe' of Asher Fault path from Asher's 'toe' to Afek oil wells
Overview of the area with names Overview of the area with names (zoomed) Elevated view, Elroy and the two Basanite sites
The two basanite outcrops in the 'toe' of Asher Close-up, elevated view of Elroy Petroleum Tanks Palestinian occupied territory within Israel