"The Five Angels of the Continents"

August 16,1998
Dr. Samuel Doctorian

This message was transcribed by Ruthanne Garlock from a tape we received in Singapore on August 30th, 1998 from Wee Tiong How. He had just returned from the Isle of Patmos where he attended a prayer retreat with a small group of Singaporeans, and where Samuel Doctorian related this experience to them. We do not personally know Dr.Doctorian (a naturalized American), but his ministry is well spoken of by many of our friends in Singapore.

"I was here alone in a house on the Isle of Patmos for several weeks to pray and seek the Lord. I found a little chapel - St. Nicolas's Chapel - where no one ever goes. I went there and poured out my heart before God. I found a rock on the side of a hill where I would go to sit and pray - meditation and reading the Bible. I ate very little during those days. Several times I went to the cave of John where he saw the great Revelation.

While meditating for one month in this solitary place, I thought, "I wonder if the Lord will ever send a tenth angel?" I'd seen angels nine times before - in England, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in Amman, Jordan, in Jerusalem, and angel that delivered a woman from being hanged in upper Egypt; I saw the ninth angel in Beirut in the midst of war. The angel physically awakened me at 3:00 in the morning and told me to get out of the country immediately. I am grateful to the Lord until today - I don't know what might have happened to me if the angel had not come. Heaven will tell that one-day. So I wondered whether I would see an angel for the tenth time. There were times when I was praying when I felt such presence I asked, "Lord, I wonder if an angel is coming now? " But it was not so. One night I even dreamt about an angel. He told me to fly in my dream and I did - but that was only a dream. I wanted to see a real angel, as I had seen nine times before.

On June 20 at 3:50am, here in Patmos suddenly my room was full of light, and there are no lights around here. It is a house all by itself at the end of the road near a monastery. Lo and behold, when I was wide-awake - I saw five beautiful angels. I saw their faces -perfect and human-like, but full of light. I saw their eyes, their hair, their hands.

On my right side were two angels, and when I looked to the left I saw three other angels with wings. They had beautiful white robes falling to the floor - something I can't describe with human words. I wondered why five angels had come, but I was trembling and shaking. I wanted to cry, but I could not. Just before I saw these angels in the Spirit. I had seen myself in a great meeting of multitudes, and I was preaching in English. An interpreter was on my left with dark hair and a grey suit, but I can't remember what language he was speaking. I was prophesying this message: "My church, you preach love, you teach love, but you need to practice love - to show love. There is need of unity in my body. There are many divisions among you. My spirit will not move and work where there is no unity. There is carnality in my church; too much uncleanness in my church. I desire and I want a holy people. I died to made you holy." While I was prophesying in the spirit I was trembling. My eyes opened and I was looking at the great multitude. And suddenly, in the midst of the prophecy, these mighty angels appeared. I went back from the pulpit and thought I was going to fall down. I am now wide-awake, but this is all happening in the spirit. Some power helped me not to fall down and I wondered what was happening.

Then suddenly the first angel on my right side said," We are five angels from the five continents. We are here to give you messages from the five continents of the world." The moment I heard that, I also heard the multitude crying out, "Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh;" I believe that multitude saw the angels also. Somehow the Lord showed me that in the days to come, in many parts of the world, God is going to reveal Himself through ministering angels. It's going to happen publicly; it's going to happen in churches - thousands of people seeing angels at the same time. They will be ministering to the Body in these last days. Then came this message from the angels:" What you see and hear, tell it to the nations." So it's not something to keep to myself. Whether they accept it or don't accept it, I have to tell it to the nations.


The first angel said:" I have a message for all of Asia." When he said that, in a spilt few seconds, I could see all of China, India, the Asian countries like Vietnam, Laos - I've never been to those countries. I saw the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. And then the angel showed me all of Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya and down to Australia and New Zealand.

"I am the angel of Asia," he said. And in his hand I saw a tremendous trumpet that he is going to blow all over Asia. Whatever the angel said, it's going to happen with the trumpet of the Lord all over Asia. Millions are going to hear the mighty voice of the Lord. Then the angel said, "There shall be disaster, starvation - many will die from hunger. Strong winds will be looked like has never happened before. A great part shall be shaken and destroyed. Earthquakes will take place all over Asia and the sea will cover the earth.

I saw this on June 20. Today is August 16. A few weeks ago I heard the news of villages completely wiped out and washed into the sea in Papua New Guinea. Thousand of lives in great jeopardy. That happened a few weeks ago, and the angel told me it is going to happen all over Asia. "The earth will fall into the sea," I heard the angel say," part of Australia will be shaken. Australia will be divided, and a great part will go under the ocean. "This was frightening - I wondered whether I was hearing right. But the angel said," Millions will die in China and in India. Nation will be against nation, brother against brother. Asians will fight each other. Nuclear weapons shall be used, killing millions." Twice I heard the words, " Catastrophic! Catastrophic!" then the angel said, "Financial crisis will come to Asia. I will shake the world."

I was trembling while the angel was speaking. Then he looked at me and smiled and said," There shall be the greatest spiritual awakening - bondage will be broken. Barriers will be removed. And all over Asia - China - India - people will turn to Christ. In Australia there shall be tremendous revival." I heard the angel of Asia say, " It is the last harvest." Then as if the Lord were speaking, he said," I shall prepare My church for the return of Christ." I was happy with such good news after the message of judgment. All the time the five angels were in my room I could feel their presence - it was tremendous.


Then I saw that the second angel had a sickle in his hand, such as is used in harvesting. The second angel said," Harvest time has come in Israel and the countries all the way to Iran." I saw those countries in a few split seconds. "All of Turkey and those [inaudible;] countries that have refused me and refused my message of love shall hate each other and kill one another." I saw the angel raise the sickle and come down on all the Middle East countries.

I saw Iran, Persia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, all of Georgia - Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, all of Asia Minor - full of blood. I saw blood all over these countries. And I saw fire; Nuclear weapons used in many of those countries. Smoke rising from everywhere. Sudden destruction - men destroying one another.

I heard these words, " Israel, Oh Israel, the great judgment has come." The angel said, "The chosen, the church, the remnant, shall be purified. The Spirit of God shall prepare the children of God." I saw fires rising to heaven. The angel said," This is the final judgment. My church shall be purified, protected and ready for the final day. Men will die from thirst. Water shall be scarce all over the Middle East. Rivers shall dry up, and men will fight for water in those countries." The angel showed me that the United Nations shall be broken in pieces because of the crisis in the Middle East. There shall be no more United Nations. The angel with the sickle shall reap the harvest.


Then one of the angels with wings showed me Europe from one end to the other - from the north all the way down to Spain and Portugal. In his hand he had a scale of measurement. I saw him fly over Europe, and I heard the words, " I am grieved. I am grieved. Unrighteousness, uncleanness, ungodliness - all over Europe. The sin has risen to heaven. The Holy Spirit is grieved." I saw the rivers of Europe flooding and covering millions of houses. Millions drown. After seeing this, I read the news a few weeks ago. Czechoslovakia had the worst flooding ever. I also heard that the big river in China is in tremendous danger of thousands of houses being destroyed in flooding. I didn't know all this news until after I had seen the vision and heard what the angels told me.

Suddenly I heard earthquakes all over Europe. " Countries that have had no earthquakes shall be shaken," said the angel. And suddenly, in my spirit, I saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris crumbling falling down. A great part of Germany destroyed. The great city of London - destruction everywhere. I saw floods all over Scandinavia. I looked to the south and saw Spain and Portugal passing through hunger and great destruction.

Many will die from hunger all over Spain and Portugal. I was disturbed by all this news, and I said," Lord, what about your children?" The angel said," I shall prepare them. They shall be looking for the appearing of the Lord. Many will cry to me in those days and I will save them. I shall perform mighty miracles for them and show them My power." So in the midst of great destruction, there will be the grace of God in those countries. I was happy that God has His protection over His children.


Now we go to Africa. I saw the fourth angel with wings fly over Africa, and I could see from Capetown in the south all the way to the north of Cairo - I saw all the countries there, more than fifty of them. The angel of Africa had a sword in his hand - a tremendous, sharp sword. Suddenly I heard him say, " Innocent blood has been shed. Divisions amongst the people generations far from the Lord - they have killed one another, thousands of people. I have seen my faithful children in Africa, and I shall reward all the faithful in the continent of Africa. I shall bless them abundantly. I shall control the weather - scorching and burning of the sun in some parts. Great rivers shall dry up, and millions will die from starvation. In other parts, flooding. Foundations shall be shaken. My sword shall judge the unrighteous and the bloodthirsty. So many earthquakes shall happen that rivers shall flow different directions in the continent, flooding many villages." I saw great pieces falling from the sky over different parts of Africa " There shall be trembling of the earth like has not been seen since the creation. None shall escape the sword of the Lord." I saw the River Nile drying up. It is the god of Egypt. Fishes dead and stinking all over Egypt. A great part of the middle of Africa will be covered with water - millions dying. "Lord," I said, "It is all bad news. All destruction. Any good news?" The Lord said, "The final day has come. Judgment day is here. My love has been refused now, and the end has come." I was shaking and trembling. I thought I cannot bear it.


Then I saw the last angel flying over North and South America - all the way from the North Pole down to Argentina. From the east of the U.S.A. to California. I saw in his hand a bowl. The angel said he would pour out over these countries the judgments that were in the bowl. Then I heard the angel say, "No justice anymore. No righteousness. No holiness. Idolatry. Materialism. Drunkenness. Bondage of sin. Shedding of innocent blood - millions of babies being killed before they are born. Families are broken. An adulterous generation. Sodom and Gomorrah is here. The days of Noah are here. False preachers. False prophets. Refusing of my love. Many of them have the imitation of religion, but denying the real power.

When I heard all that, I begged the angel, "Can you not wait for a little while? Don't pour it. Give a chance for repentance." The angel said, "Many times God has spared and has spoken, but they have not listened. His patience has come to an end. Beware, the time has come. They have loved money and pleasure more than they have loved Me." As the angel began to pour from the bowl in his hand, I saw tremendous icebergs melting. When that happened I saw floods all over Canada and North America - all the rivers flood; destruction everywhere. I heard the world market collapsing with mighty earthquakes, and New York skyscrapers were tumbling - millions dying.

I saw ships in the ocean sinking. I heard explosions all over the north country. I saw the angel pouring over Mexico and two oceans joining together- the Atlantic and the Pacific. A great part of north Brazil covered with water, the Amazon River turning into a great sea. Forests destroyed and flooded. Major cities in Brazil destroyed; earthquakes in many places. As the angel poured, great destruction took place in Chile and Argentina as never before. The whole world was shaking. Then I heard the angel say," This will happen in a very short time." I said, "Can't you postpone? Don't pour these things out all over the globe." And suddenly I saw the five angels standing around the globe lifting up their hands and their wings towards heaven and saying, "All glory to the Lord of heaven and earth. Now the time has come and He will glorify His Son. The earth shall be burned and destroyed. All things shall pass away. The new Heaven and New Earth shall come. God shall destroy the works of the devil forever. I shall show My power - how I will protect My children in the midst of all this destruction.

Be ready for that day, for the Lord has come.

My room was full of light from the brightness of the angels. Then suddenly they ascended up to heaven. As I looked up I saw the angels go in five directions. I know they already have started their duties. For more than an hour I could not move. I was wide-awake, trembling from time to time. I said, " Lord, shall I leave Patmos now?" He said, "No, I brought you here for a purpose." I said," The message from the angels all over the world is not good news. It is judgment, punishment, destruction, devastation. What will people say about me? I've always been a preacher of love, peace and good news." The angel said," It is our message. You are the instrument, the channel. What a privilege that God has chosen you to give this message to the nations. "I said," Lord, Thy will be done." To God be the glory.