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Video of the Week 1, 2 #2 – This Agent's measured, deliberate, non-hyperbolic delivery lends much credence to his shocking first-hand interactions with the Clintons. Please take 6 minutes and watch it.
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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, Feb 18, 6 pm MT. Listen, hr. 2

Stan guests with Tony Koretz in New Zealand on Minute to Midnite, Jan. 22, Listen

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Clear and Present Dangers: Both the Sun and nuclear weapons can produce EMPs – Electro-Magnetic Pulse. These are major threats to people everywhere around the globe. Holly and I installed an EMP Shield in our home to protect the electronics and to prevent a fire at the breaker box when the next EMP hits. We suggest people who have back-up generators to protect them as well so they will have power for electrical devices and vehicles. It could make your home a vital hub for news and reconstruction in the neighborhood.

2 New Sources for EMP Threats Recently Discovered: Variations in the intensity of the solar wind can cause explosive disruptions to the Earth's magnetic field which can cause localized EMPs. It's known that EMPS can be caused nuclear blasts overhead, as well as CMEs and solar flares on the Sun, BUT recently it was discovered such disruptions can be caused by sudden increases in the velocity of the solar wind. These 'disruptions' are called re-connection events in the Earth's magnetic field. They can produce smaller, localized EMPs on the Earth — even on the side facing away from the Sun. See Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Increasing Threat Moving Forward and Violent Solar Storms Are Happening Closer to Earth Than Anyone Thought Was Possible.

On Nov. 22, 2017, our EMP Shield received accreditation from Keystone Compliance LLC (Pittsburg), which is an officially recognized testing lab for the Dept. of Defense. 2018 and 2019 test results are available here. The EMP Shield is easy to install. Download simple 2-page instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP threat, watch Stan's video. He is co-inventor of the EMP Shield. Email Stan or phone him 719-547-9100 with any questions. When ordering either online or through Stan, SAVE $50 EACH unit! Enter Stan's Founder's code for your discount: deyo-shield. Be sure to scroll down and hit APPLY to activate your discount. NOTE: If you have any trouble using Stan's discount code, contact him and he will personally assist with your order.

U. S. Patent No.: 10,530,151 B2 — Date of Patent: Jan. 7, 2020 and

Luke 10:7 .... for the laborer is worthy of his hire

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NEWS for FEBRUARY 20: National Love Your Pet Day

In light of Coronavirus and other diseases, we'd posted 10 Ways to Beef Up Your Immune System some time ago. In addition to these guidelines, include sublingual D3 and Folic Acid. You can buy it on-line at Amazon. For pets, with their dog, cat or ferret food, add Nupro Silver – their joint and immune booster line. We get nothing from this endorsement, but Bella nearly died from auto-immune disease Sept. 2018. Ever since, both dogs are on Nupro. She is now the picture of health though her immune system is permanently compromised and she is on immune suppressing meds, hence Nupro Gold. It contains a lot of natural supplements not specifically geared toward the immune system. Their Gold line, like the Silver has no wheat, corn, fillers, grains, artificial sugars or preservatives, glutens or by-products of any kind.

Coronavirus Count:
Countries Affected: 30
Cases: 75,775
Serious or Critical: 12,064
Deaths: 2,130
Recovered: 16,872
Beijing Deploys 40 Incinerators To Wuhan Amid Fears Of Death Toll Cover Up
Expert Warns 'Quarantine Process Failed' as China Stands Ready To Crash World Economy
Compared to SARS, This New Coronavirus “Is Up to 20 Times More Likely to Bind to Human Cell Receptors”
Iran Reports 1st Cases…
South Korea Confirms 1st Death…
2 passengers Aboard Cruise Ship In Japan Die…
Coronavirus: Passengers Leave Diamond Princess Amid Criticism of Japan – At Least 621 Passengers and Crew Infected
SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: 'He Got a Hospital Bed 3 Hours Before He Died'
Global Surgical Mask Shortage Spells Doom For U.S. Amid Coronavirus Pandemic — Taiwan Cuts Off Exporting Masks, Thailand Limits Exports
3 Amigos 'Current Outbreak' – HOLLY NOTE: Skip the first 2 minutes
US Experiencing Worst Flu Season For Children In Past Decade as 2nd Influenza Wave Spreading
Influenza Activity in US Remains High, and Still Rising
CDC Flu Maps: Severity and Spread
Bible Prophecy Shows Coronavirus Will Be ‘Biggest Disaster in Centuries’, Claims Rabbi
Fury at Government's 'Pittance' Flood Aid as UK Faces a MONTH'S Rain In 24 Hours
200-Vehicle Pileup Kills 2, Injures Nearly 70 Amid Whiteout Conditions in Montreal
Popular 'Inland Ocean' Is Approaching Record Water Level Heights
Ghost Ship Lands In 'One in a Million' Place During Storm Dennis
Rain, Flood And Repeat Likely To Be The Weather Mantra In The South This Spring
The Perfect Beach Weather For Ice Volcanoes
Video Captures Dramatic Moment A Landslide Crumbles Tennessee Home
How Smartphone Addiction Physically Changes Brain
Deep-Space Radiation Reaching a Percentage Point Of Space Age Maximum
Judge Sentences Roger Stone to 3 Years
BLACK AND BLOOM: Mike Bloomberg's Campaign Implodes Onstage At Dem Debate
Trump Blasts Bloomberg's Debate Performance as 'Perhaps The Worst In History'
Winners And Losers At Wednesday’s Democratic Debate in Nevada
Fact Check: Sanders Falsely Says Green New Deal Will Create 20 Million Jobs
Bern: Sanders Turns Red in Fiery Exchange with Pete
Bloomberg: Bernie’s Policies ‘Communism’
Bloomberg Says in Ad He Led NYC Through 9/11. He Became Mayor Months After The Attacks
They Don’t Even Hide It Anymore… Democrats Call for Socialism and End of Capitalism at Bernie Sanders Rally
Buttigieg's Brother-in-Law Says 'Everything Pete Is Pushing' Is 'anti-God'
Mark Meadows Says Democrats' Debate Had 1 Winner: President Trump
Bloomberg Nails Socialist Sanders as ‘Millionaire with 3 Houses’
The Myth of Bernie Sanders’s Honesty
Jerusalem Post: Democrat Frontrunner Communist Bernie Sanders Is No Friend of Israel and in Fact Is a Pro-Palestinian Anti-Zionist
President Trump: Best Pro-Life President Ever?
Bloomberg Donated $14 Million Planned Parenthood, Would Fund Killing 23,154 Babies in Abortions
Bloomberg Replaces Biden as the Most Gaffe-Prone Democratic Candidate
Billionaire Beatdown As Steyer Spends Big To Bloody Bloomberg
Democratic Whining And Identity Politics
Red Wave of Trump Supporters Flows Into Phoenix Coliseum as Doors To Rally Open
WWII Veteran Carried To His Seat By Fellow Trump Supporters…
Utah Senators Pass Bill To Decriminalize Polygamy
Trump Signs Memorandum Diverting More Water To California Farmers
Another Catholic Diocese Seeks Bankruptcy After Abuse Deals
Hizballah Top Dog Calls For “Jihad Until Jerusalem And Palestine Are Liberated” As Crowd Screams “Death to America”
Wall Street Journal Praises Book About Islam’s Glorious Past, Whitewashes Its Brutality And Inhumanity
Colorado Cops Respond to Report of 'Demonic Sounds' Heard at McDonald's
Angel Mom Running For Congress in California Calls Out State's Sanctuary Laws Ahead of Trump Visit – HOLLY NOTE: If you're new to illegal immigrant / border issues, an Angel Mom is a mother whose son or daughter was killed by an illegal alien. This angel mom running for Congress is a legal immigrant.
Trump to Waive Federal Contracting Laws to Speed Construction Of Border Wall
US Judge in Arizona Rules Border Patrol Must Provide Mats, Blankets For Detained Migrants
California Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck On Top of US-Mexico Border Wall – HOLLY NOTE: We wonder why they don't 'drop' these illegals back on the Mexican side of the border. Rescue them, of course. Don't bring them here. It only encourages more life-threatening antics like this in an effort to breach our border.
Border Patrol Agents Arrest Former Texas Police Chief For Smuggling Illegal Aliens, Affidavit States
Mexican National Held In Florida, Accused Of Spying on US for Russia
Mexican Cartels Recruit Arizona Children As Young As 12 To Smuggle Drugs – HOLLY NOTE: Where are the parents?
San Francisco Sheriff, Mayor Say They Won't Help Federal Agents Deport Illegal Immigrants
Trump: L.A.'s Mayor Garcetti 'Shouldn't Be Urging Illegals To Beat The System'
Barack Obama: A Traitor for the Ages
Alabama Lawmaker Proposes Mandatory Vasectomies For Men Turning 50. Ted Cruz Responds.
James Clyburn Rips Trump’s Jobs Numbers: ‘We Were Fully Employed During Slavery’
China's Communist Government Threatens The World With Its Orwellian '1984' Policies
Tehran, Other Iranian Cities In The Cold And Dark On Suspect Power Outages
Satellite Images Show Major Damage At Damascus Airport Following Airstrikes
China Expels 3 WSJ Reporters Over "Racist" Opinion Piece
Qasem Soleimani's Life: Secrets of His Role With Turkey, Russia, Syria
Spain Searching for 143 Missing Boat Migrants Near Canary Islands as Crossing of Dangerous Route Doubles
Court Rules Against Professor Who Refused to Call Transgender Student by Their Preferred Pronouns
Spielberg Daughter Comes Out As Porn Star