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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, well whenever. Watch. Got this message from Doug yesterday:

Friends, Due to a number of medical issues I must address, including travel to medical facilities outside of Erie, it is not possible for me to keep my regular recording schedule for the foreseeable future, starting this week. You’ve already experienced cancellations (last week, for example, and sporadically over the last several weeks), for which I apologize for any inconvenience.

Because my appointment times will fluctuate with little advance notice, the travel, and all associated issues, I need to drop guest slots to once a month. Based on what I know as of last Friday, the FIRST FULL WEEK of each month will be less restrictive and most open on my schedule. That considered, I invite the recipients of this email to keep, if desired, your regular slots for the first full week of each month, starting the week of October 3rd.

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Song of the Day 1, 2 – #1 From Life... #2 – To strife – and trust in God. This is what a lot of Floridians will be praying this week.
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Stan guests with Doug Hagmann on The Hagmann Report, August 30. Watch.

Stan guests with Shannon Davis (Omegaman), August 12. Listen. Take your pick of 10 listening venues.

SEPT. 26 UPDATE: Stan and I are better. Much better. Strength is back. Going out to mow and trim the yard.

The infinite fatigue was brutal; the worst of the symptoms for me. For Stan it was hugely clogged lungs, yet he beat it back. I slept non-stop for 2-1/2 weeks, plus all night. Dragged up to do news and then went back to sleep. Major body aches for both like your were hit with a baseball bat all over.

Stan's brain fog is leaving. I didn't have that fog thing, but experienced burning eyes for 3 days like you couldn't look at a bright TV or computer screen. O2 good for both now. The coughing issue has stayed with me more than Stan, but I was the quicker healer overall. Feel great! We are definitely on the upswing.

Expect Stan to do Hagmann's show when Doug is in good enough health.

Thank all of you for your cards, emails, messages, phone calls. Apologize that due to the many that came in, couldn't answer them personally while feeling so miserable. We love you and thank you for your thoughtfulness, your kindness.

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Terrifying Moment Huge Rogue Wave Hits Miami Sidewalk Sending Pedestrians Flying - After Hurricane Ian Had Departed
Ian Slams The Carolinas With Howling Wind, Torrential Rain
Ian Brings 'Catastrophic' Flooding Along South Carolina Coast
Southwest Florida In Tatters 2 Days After Hurricane Ian's Rampage
‘Worst Hurricane I Have Ever Been In’: Floridians Pick Up Pieces
No Longer A Hurricane, Ian Is Still Cause For Concern
Aerial Photos Show The Scale Of Damage Left Behind By Ian
Raw, Miserable Weather Ahead For The Northeast Thanks to Ian
Shocking Before-And-After Photos Show Sheer Scale Of The Destruction by Hurricane Ian
AccuWeather's 2022-2023 US Winter Forecast
Cuba Works To Restore Power After Grid Collapses In Wake of Hurricane
Heavy Rains In Barquisimeto, Venezuela Causes Flooding And Power Failures
Shallow Magnitude 6 Earthquake In The North Atlantic Ocean
Tropical Cyclone Noru Leaves 4 Dead, Thousands Displaced In Vietnam And Thailand - 18 Inches Of Rain In 35 Hours
Orlene to Become a Hurricane, Increase Flooding Concerns In Western Mexico
Bruce Springsteen: Dancing In the Dark – HOLLY NOTE: From life…
Carrie Underwood: Jesus, Take The Wheel – HOLLY NOTE: To strife – and trust in God. This is what a lot of Floridians will be praying this week.
Prepping 2.0 Encore - Winterize Your Preps
Sen. Tim Scott Introduces Bill to Defund Schools That Hide Students' Chosen Gender Identity from Their Parents
Approximately 59% of Women Have At Least 1 Tattoo, Compared to 41% of Men Though More Women Express Regret – HOLLY NOTE: No ink, no regret.
Trump & Son: Scarecrow
FOR BASEBALL FANS: Aaron Judge Has Finally Done It! Yankees Hero Ties Roger Maris With 61 Homers After a Huge Hit Against the Blue Jays - Now ONE Away From Setting the AL Record
Voice Assistants Like Alexa And Siri Can Negatively Impact a Child’s Social Development
Smartphone Users Seek Meaning And Purpose, But Usually Find Unhappiness Online
"All Ages" Drag Show In Tennessee Canceled After Protesters Arrive
Whoopi Goldberg Refers to Unborn Child as ‘Toxic Thing’ in Mother
High School Girls Banned from Their Own Locker Room After Voicing Concerns about Transgender Athlete
DeSantis Issues Warning As Florida Emerges From Horrific Storm: 'We're a Second Amendment State'
Jesse Watters: Biden Has Bungled The Border So Badly, Even Bill Clinton Has Said Enough Is Enough
Texas Rep. Mayra Flores’ Bill Defunds IRS to Address School Shootings
Kamala Is Slammed For Causing 'Undue Panic' to Survivors of Hurricane Ian After Saying Biden Administration Will Focus on 'Giving Resources Based on Equity' to 'Communities of Color' - as Ron DeSantis' Spokesperson Accuses Her of 'Lying'
Bill Maher Suggests Biden Could Drop Harris Ahead Of 2024 Election
Harris Caps Asia Trip With DMZ Gaffe Praising U.S. Alliance With ‘Republic of North Korea’
Biden Looks For Dead Congresswoman In Crowd at a White House Event: ‘Are You Here?’
White House Says Biden Was Asking For Deceased Congresswoman Because: 'She Was On Top Of Mind' – HOLLY NOTE: Which begs the question, what mind?
Almost 80% of Americans Dissatisfied With Direction of the Nation
Klobuchar Mocked For Suggesting That Voting For Democrats Will Squelch Hurricanes – HOLLY NOTE: Clearly there is no end to their insanity.
‘The Entire World Is At Stake’: Trump Offers to Head Up Talks to End ‘Russia/Ukraine Catastrophe’
Colorado Senate Candidate Blasts Gun Control Group That Used Video Of Columbine Shootng In Ad
Newsom Calls For Dem Overhaul Saying ‘Ruthless’ GOP Is ‘Winning’
‘Shut the F**k Up’: Maher Shuts Down Michael Moore Rant About Hopeful Dem ‘Landslide’ in Midterms
Judge Tosses Sidney Powell’s Countersuit Against Dominion Voting Systems
Poll: Oregon Could Elect Its First Republican Governor Since 1982
Beware the Achilles' Heel of American Conservatives
Officer with Rifle Takes Out Alleged Police Attacker from 180+ Yards
Biden’s America: Retailers Opt for Empty Shelves To Prevent Theft
National Call To Prayer & Repentance At Gettysburg!
Christians Are ‘Significantly’ More Likely than Non-Christians to Learn Generosity: Barna
70% of Americans Say Declaring the U.S. a Christian Nation Is Unconstitutional
Over 100 Kids with Incarcerated Parents Hear the Gospel at Sports Camp Hosted by Prison Fellowship, Baltimore Ravens
How Are the Jews Preparing for the Messiah?
154 Scientists at Los Alamos Nuke Lab Sold Military Secrets to China
Biden Is Preparing a Major Executive Order to Shield Over 600,000 Illegal Immigrants from Deportation: Report
Feds Have Seized Enough Fentanyl At The Border To Kill Entire US Population 8x Over – HOLLY NOTE: When will Biden close the border?
Report: Soros-Linked Group Wins $41M Contract from Biden to Help Illegal Aliens Evade Deportation
Immigration Poll: Public Trusts Democrats More than GOP – HOLLY NOTE: This is absolutely unfathomable when Biden has clearly thrown the border wide open. Those who support Democrats on the border must not care about the invasion and the dreaded fentanyl. For those of us who don't participate in illegal drugs usage it doesn't affect us personally except from the standpoint that this poison is everywhere.

Drug cartels are specifically targeting our children by making deadly fentanyl look like candy. Consider that enough fentanyl has come into our country – in 2022 alone – to kill 2.7 billion people. How is this acceptable and worthy of trust?
Biden Announces Plans to Accept 125K Refugees amid Ongoing Migrant Crisis
Texas Sheriff Advocates For ‘Zero-Tolerance’ At Border
Eagle Pass, Texas Mayor Pro-Tem Denies That Migrants Bused North Are 'Being Lied to' – HOLLY NOTE: Those illegals all sign a document say they voluntarily want to go to NYC.
Migrant Teen Dies After Being Abandoned by Smuggler on Texas Ranch 80 Miles from Border
Previously Deported Migrant Arrested for Attempting to Seize Rifle from Texas National Guardsman
Previously Deported Child-Rape Fugitive Found on Smuggling Aircraft near Border in Texas
Driver, Passenger Killed in Apparent Texas Smuggling Crash in Uvalde
Lonely Harvest: Farmers Feel Unappreciated And Isolated In Modern Society
15 Foods That Are Ruining Your Skin
House GOP Calls For ‘No’ Vote on the Continuing Resolution
Biden Warns Big Oil Companies Not To Use Hurricane Ian As Excuse For Raising Prices
How Low Could Stocks Go? Much Further, Say Wall Street Analysts
Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn Warns Inflation a ‘Terrible Thing’ Which Led to Roman Empire’s Downfall
Survey: Nearly 7-in-10 Americans Searching for Extra Work Due to Surging Inflation