If so, I NEED your help (Urgently) with some gravitational variation experiments to determine the rate at which the earth's polar axis is tilting. I have reason to believe that not only the north magnetic pole of Earth but also the axis of spin are beginning to undergo some dramatic changes.

As you may have heard I am working on Part 2 of my gravitational research paper. As part of the research for that paper I devised some simple tests to monitor changes in the Earth's gravitational field between our northern and southern hemispheres. However, in the last few days our test results are starting to show what appears to be an alarming change in the Earth's gravitational field.

As I was getting ready to publish this paper on our website, I received some disturbing test results from a fellow research assistant in New Zealand. If his data can be verified we may be seeing a change in the Earth's gravitational field that could mean a pole shift is in progress.

If you would like to help my fellow researchers and I by duplicating our tests in the southern hemisphere I will send you instructions by pdf files with illustrations on how to do the two, simple experiments. I will give credit to all who send us test data in my paper; however, if you wish to participate anonymously that is OK as well.

The materials need for the test are quite simple: a small spool of copper wire (say AWG #28 or slightly larger), a 12-volt car battery, a laser pointer, some tape and a small (lightweight) mirror surface - which can be made from an old DVD, CD or CDROM by breaking it apart and using the reflective surface.

If you wish to assist us in making history, email me ASAP at: