Missile Shield Anomaly in the South Pacific?
As you may know, I produce a daily, global earthquake forecast map which is highly accurate. While I was preparing the map for 12 January 2013 I noticed a thermal anomaly in the southwest Pacific region - just east of New Zealand as shown in the two images below. The left shows a normal temperature signature for the area while the image on the right shows the anomaly at its peak...

The anomaly developed daily after that until reaching a peak around the 18th of January. Because the shape and color of this region was unusual I decided to see what was causing it. My first thought was some large undersea magma flow. However, I quickly dismissed this as I could find no supporting evidence.

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I started checking for electromagnetic sources like HAARP signals but could not find a source that would explain the anomaly. Then, I remembered what the famous electrical energy inventor, Nikola Tesla, said he could make for the United States to defend it from airborne threats. Tesla said he could make and electromagnetic 'shield' over the country that would prevent foreign aircraft from entering our airspace.

His idea was to establish a harmonic field emanating from a central broadcast point. Over a period of a few days the field would store electromagnetic energy in a dome-shaped field of standing waves. The theory proposed that any aircraft flying into that field above a certain speed would experience electrical shorts throughout circuits and would thus crash and burn.

I remembered that his field would also generate an antipodal node/field on the other side of the planet from the transmitter. For an American based transmitter this would produce an antipodal field in the South Indian Ocean between Australia and South Africa.

Suddenly, I wondered what would be the antipode of the temperature anomaly I was detecting in the SW Pacific. To my surprise it was a location in Romania. When I zeroed in on that location I discovered it is the site of the new US/NATO Missile Defense Shield at an abandoned air base near Deveselu, Olt, Romania.

See the maps below... (click on the images to enlarge):

Although this 'shield' is supposed to just be anti-missiles it strikes me as much too coincidental when an antipodal, thermal anomaly appears for 10 days as construction of the base begins in Romania. When Pine Gap in Australia was being located in Australia in the early 60's they flew an aircraft around a tethered balloon for days to find the best location for the antenna that would become the mainstay of the base.

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In the 60's and 70's the US Navy installed and tested several arrays at Exmouth in Western Australia which required some 'fine tuning' as well. Perhaps the signal from the Romanian site is nothing more than a similar signal to establish a naval communications site as well as the Guided Missile Shield. Otherwise, why would about half of the Missile Shield base personnel be US Navy?

See the Google snaps of some of these locations below.

If I am correct we may see the anomaly reappear in the coming months before the base is operational... and perhaps afterward. Time will tell.

Click image below to watch the alleged Missile Shield 'wave' travel around the
Earth to the antipode of the Romanian base.
This wave might explain many of the anomalous electrical events people are reporting across the planet. Who knows...