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August 24, 2012
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Stan and I augmented our food supplies this week after thinking we were finished. Finito. Put to bed. Done.

Rethink... Famine is on the horizon and seeing the highest food prices in history should zap your sleepy brain cells. This disaster is propelled by these simultaneous factors:

This prep warning is not limited to food. Not by a long shot.


Before us is the perfect combination for slow death and civil war. Nothing propels society into chaos like seeing children starve and wanting basic necessities. Furthermore, what faces Americans has never been experienced, not by this generation. Not ever. Not in the Great Depression. Not during the Civil War.

These dramas have always been "over there", like in Africa or India.

Photo: In March 1993, photographer Kevin Carter made a trip to southern Sudan, where he took now iconic photo of a vulture preying upon an emaciated Sudanese toddler near the village of Ayod. Carter said he waited about 20 minutes, hoping that the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t. Carter snapped the haunting photograph and chased the vulture away.

Can you imagine this being your child?

Certainly not in our cushy life, but it is coming, rearing its ugly putrid head. We Americans easily push those countries'
hard times to the back of our minds. Best forgotten. It doesn't fit with boating, golf, shopping, reality TV, vacations, backyard parties, good times.

How will you feel when this affects your children, your lifestyle?

Over the decades we've become fat, lazy, complacent, stupid, arrogant, ignorant. It can't happen here, we think. WRONG! Lord, help us! It is happening now on our dirt. Can't you see this? Did you know that the poorest 5% of Americans are richer than nearly 70% of the rest of the world? That is an astonishing statement. No wonder we are blind. Soon 'need' will pound on your door. How you answer in your heart of hearts, in your private, most honest moments, depends on your personal courage, your faith in God, and on how you've personally prepared. For many, it will be easier to strap on those blinders again and let the chips fall. God help you.


While Stan and I aren't in the commodities or precious metals business, one has only to look at timely, pertinent news to set your hair on fire. Feel the burn? This Fox News item (a pretty 'happy times' venue) Why We Are on the Brink of the Greatest Depression of All Time, certainly tugged at my smallest hairs and grew mountain-sized goosebumps in unlikely places.

Because of this and other timely articles on drought, disaster and a dying economy, we practice what we preach for preparedness and brought in more food supplies. For those in power thinking to confiscate same, peddle your intentions elsewhere as they are not stored at home, nor will you find them. That's asking for (Executive Order 12919) formerly 10998 to visit your door and make your life misery.

For those so inclined to buy more food, two of our favorites suppliers, Mountain House and Honeyville Grains, are highly recommended. One we've been friends with the business owner for over 7 years and he is the real deal. The other is a Mormon company for which we have the highest regard. Both company's products are stellar, reputable and of the highest quality.

When buying storable foods, stick with stuff you normally eat. People get really wrapped in storing MREs, wheat, beans, etc. and forget about what they LIKE to eat. Consuming a lot of wheat and beans will make people run from you like scalded apes. These foods, if not normally eaten in large quantities will give you gas pains rivaling the best intestinal flu and make you reek like a sewer. Warn those around you not to strike a match. So store only what you like and what "likes" you.


ALWAYS, always choose foods from reputable, big companies. Your life depends on it. These companies turn their inventory fastest giving you the freshest, longest storable foods because they have the best turnover and the necessary $$ to warehouse inventory in temperature-controlled conditions. Some companies stick their food supplies in blistering hot store rooms, which knocks down food quality in record time. This means MONTHs of shelf live, not decades as advertized, till it's dead and useless. This stuff you DON'T want. Excessive heat (over 70ºF - 21ºC) is the single biggest factor for 'dead food'.

Many companies won't – or can't – disclose their storage conditions – or may lie about it. Second hand retailers have no idea under what conditions a supplier stores its product. (What, are you personally going to inspect them?) Even worse, some companies repackage junk food from pre-Y2K days. This is fact and we have this information firsthand. Already those foods are at least 15 years old – or older. Eating "cardboard" will not boost your immune system or give you energy to do what must be done in the coming days. That's why it's paramount you only purchase from high-volume, reputable companies – not businesses wanting to make a buck at your expense and shoveling old garbage to the unsuspecting consumer. Shame on them for passing useless crap off as new, viable food.


The US dollar will collapse and no, we don't sell precious metals or endorse any particular company that does. This is an important heads-up for you to invest your $$ wisely. This avenue will be viable for only a short while. Plan to sell precious metals before the hard goods they could buy become so scarce and gold and silver lose their value entirely. Hopefully you'll have a window into this time table or else have a working crystal ball. Ours is on the fritz.

On Thursday, Aug. 23, metals rose impressively, and just as quickly the next day, were smacked down to an even lower spot price. If people think the stock market is volatile, it's nothing compared to metals. It's a juggling game of when to buy, when to sell and when to let go of these metals altogether. Because this scenario is so "iffy"...

We strongly advise that you invest any extra money in hard commodities, things you can eat, wear, use for personal protection, health and barter, or implement for your best survival. Additionally, pay ahead your mortgage and utilities. We recommend that you pre-pay property taxes, but if you have the same situation as in our county, it is not possible. We are skunked by rules and red tape.

Paper $$ is soon toast. Pull your money out of banks and put it into things that will have value when crap hit's the fan. Precious metals will have LIMITED value. It is scriptural and apparent especially in Ezek. 7:19 to anyone with their eyes open – and not selling it for their livelihood. Things you can readily use and barter without depending on assayers or the Internet will have the most value. In the meantime, get your ducks in line. TPTB are using you for target practice. Act accordingly. Act now.


This article has been submitted to a number of sites who repost my submissions. Don't be surprised if you only read it here on Many of these sites have advertisers/sponsors who will not be pleased with these hard truths. Be we here on, have your best interests at heart – just keeping it real.

Act while we are still relatively free; act while you can.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of four books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (6th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.), Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed and Garden Gold (2017 ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

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