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Dear Friends,

Yesterday, was my final news posting on a daily basis, but may post things of particular interest a few times a week. To some of you, this will be a surprise. To friends, you knew this was coming. Burnout. Frankly, you can read every single piece of news we post from various new agencies. It just takes about 6 hours a day to scurry around, see what's important and ferret out if it's junk or not. That is the real work.

Every day it's effortless to find news articles that fill Hall of Shame and Crazyville – often more than what fits regular news categories. What does that say? It becomes ever more clear humanity is in deep trouble. We have abdicated Christ and decency, and opted for the shady side of life. In researching news, this has been a huge personal wake-up and shows exactly where we are in prophecy. Approaching the End Of Days.

Time is short. War is coming in our seemingly peaceful world. The New World Order will impose its rule. A market and USD crash is imminent. Things you can only envision in your worst nightmares are waiting if you've read our news. Dissension is here. War between the people and government is clashing. Where this goes, anarchy follows. Never has there been such a time, not since 1774 when government generated such disgust and sometimes – downright hatred.

The Bundy debacle spells it clearly. You must prepare your family and friends, and wake up neighbors as it will be about those who band together as one with purpose. We have arrived at 2 Timothy 3:1-4 that says: "There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."

The world has arrived in general and America in particular.

We have family and friends that we need to prepare. People are willfully snoozing. I have written about these times for 2 decades now, in a free daily newsletter for 5 years, in books and commentaries and articles on our websites. No one who is a regular visitor can say they haven't been encouraged to prepare on both spiritual and physical levels. Stan is much better at preparing folks on the spiritual level. The two us research and write in various areas; we make a good team. We fill in each other's gaps. Yet, you can't have one without the other.

I am worn out – to a firecracker fizzle – and need time and space beyond 5 weeks off. I didn't recognize this complete depletion till last night in the kitchen. Yes, that sounds silly, but in Oprah's terms it was an 'aha' moment. I'm not about to suck down drugs or booze for escape, so time off it is.

We wish and pray for you the best and the most complete life in Christ. Time is very short so there's not a lot of point wasting it on posting news. Enjoy your family. Appreciate lovingly, your spouse. Don't pick apart minutia that bugs you. It matters not. Instead, thank God you have the most wonderful partner in the world. Forgive people and let silly stuff fall by the wayside. In the grand scheme of things, it's not important.

In time remaining, Stan has just weeks to prepare his lecture for the prophesy conference in Colorado Springs this July and I will get to breathe in 'real life' like I haven't done for many years. Stan will continue to give interviews and lectures, which will be announced at the top of this column like always. I will continue to research and write – and maybe post news of import occasionally.

There's one last article in the gardening series to finish and it will be posted here.

Whether or not to resume full-time news posting will be re-examined at the end of Summer. Maybe by then, the picture will be clearer.

In these latter days, I have two books waiting to be written, but it's impossible to write with few hours a day to dedicate and with a heart weighted down by 'news'. These are important books, which will be encouraging, an uplift, something far more valuable that posting distressing, depressing events. Anyone can do that. There is a time for warning, which we have done for 20 years, and then a time for encouraging people in the battles we must meet. That time has come.

Please feel free to write, ask questions, whatever you need. We are here. Our door is open. We have not deserted you, but are treading that last path. May God be with you and protect you. Maranatha!

Be blessed in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He IS coming soon! BELIEVE IT!FEEL IT! KNOW IT! Christ comes soon. —Holly

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Stan guests on Doug and Joe's Hagmann & Hagmann Report April 15, Listen now.

Stan guests with Pastor Butch Paugh, April 14. Listen now.

Stan guests with Alex Jones in video-skype, April 10. Listen now Pt 1, Pt 2. NEW Tues.

Stan guests with John Ragan on the Vince Finelli Show. April 9, second hour. Listen now.

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Today in Crazyville
Thief Swallows 6 Stolen Watches, Cigarette Lighters, Spoon, Fork, Nail Clippers to Hide Incriminating Evidence From Police

Hall of Shame
'I've Seen Better Days... I Am a Giant A**hole': US AIrways Social Media Manager Speaks Out About That X-Rated 'Worst Tweet of All Time'
Pastor Accused of 'Using Nanny as Sex Object' (Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of alleged sexual conduct described in a lawsuit and may be offensive to some readers.)

Today's Feelgood
Jane Richard Embodies 'Boston Strong' a Year After Marathon Bombing

Editorial of the Day
Why Cliven Bundy Is Not Wrong - From a Fellow Rancher
Tax Day Musings: Abolish Corporate Taxes and Institute a FairTax
Washington Drives the World to War

Video of the Week
Blood Moons, False Flags And Nuclear Threats beginning 1 hour, 16 minutes in. Listen soon as it is apt to be pulled down as are most C2C audios. If you can't listen today, at least download it to hear before it disappears.

Today's Videos
The Truth About the BLM - Bundy Ranch Dispute Explained
Behind the Scenes Look at Nevada Ranch Showdown

Video of the Month
Mark Biltz, Discoverer of the 4 Blood Moons (starts 1 hr., 17 min. in)
John Hagee: The Coming Four Blood Moons Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3You can also hear Mark Biltz on Prophecy in the News.

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Money Watch $$

Apr 16
Hundreds of Earthquakes Strike Central Idaho, Rattling Nerves
Detroit Snow Breaks Records, Topples Power Lines, Creates Flooding Risk

Landslide Destroys Cottages in Quebec
Flood Waters Expected to Rise as More Rain Coming to Ottowa

Air Pollution in Asia Impacting Global Weather Patterns
Tropical Cyclone Ita Shatters Some Hopes and Homes in Queensland
Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising – HOLLY NOTE: Simple solution – garden! We're growing everything listed here – and more with the exception of avocados – and saving a ton of money!

Farmers the Big Losers After Cyclone

Woman Who Denied War Vets Access to Their Memorial Is Same One Who Will Get to Deny Them Health Care

SARS Research Lab Loses 2,000 Tubes of Killer Virus
Ebola Spreads from Jungle to Urban Centers
Jesus is Coming Soon! – We Are Living on Borrowed Time
The Seven Sealed Book That God Wrote and the Cross of Jesus Christ
Pastor Accused of 'Using Nanny as Sex Object' (Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of alleged sexual conduct described in a lawsuit and may be offensive to some readers.)
Apr 15
Nicaragua Quakes Spur Fears of Big One

Helicopters, Planes, Firefighters Struggle to Contain Chile Wildfires That Have Killed 15, Devastated 2,000 Homes and Left 8,000 Homeless

Strong 6.9 Earthquake in the South Atlantic Ocean
Detroit Snow Record Falls: 133-Year-Old Mark Broken By Unusually Snowy Season
Severe Weather Blasts Southern Mississippi, Ransacks Trailer Park
Winter Weather Makes Encore, Sets Records

WWI Soldier's Grave Restored That Was Swallowed By Sinkhole
Cyclone Ita's Damage to Queensland Sugar Cane to Cost Millions

Minnesota Town Home to Sinkhole Capital of the U.S.
Experts Scrutinize US Power Grid's Vulnerability to Severe Weather
5 Sky Events This Week: Full Lunar Eclipse and Lord of the Rings

Mysterious Black Ring in the Sky Is Captured By Girl, 16, on Her iPhone

Apr 14
Record Cold to Replace Warm Stretch Across East

Deadly Fires in Chile Kill 8, Leave 3,000 People Homeless

Ubinas Volcano Erupts, Emergency Evacuations May Be Ordered
Nicaragua Quake Killed 1, Injured 200, Destroyed/Destroyed Over 300 Homes

Afghan Quake Leaves at Least 4 Dead
7.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Solomon Islands, Second Big One in Hours

7.6 Temblor Strike Near Solomons, Triggered Large Waves
Another Quakes Shakes Idaho – This is after a 5.1 struck this state a couple days ago
Yellowstone Volcano: Next Earthquake to Set Off a Volcanic Eruption?

Yellowstone Magma Bigger than Scientists Thought
Dangerous Earthquake Zones in America
Wyoming Mudslide: Rain, Snow Could Trigger Slide
Why Beef Prices Are at Their Highest Level in 27 Years – HOLLY NOTE: This news item is a bit late to the trough. Please see my article of Feb. 24 How to Beat Coming Killer Food Shortages. It specifically addresses the problems with cattle and why beef prices are so high. Additionally, I warned this was to be expected in a commentary, not a full article, 3 years ago and again 10 days ago in Garden Like Your Life Depends on It!
5 Reasons You Should Stock Up on Survival Food in the Next 5 Months
Apr 16

War on the West: Why More Bundy Standoffs Are Coming – HOLLY NOTE: Every single place in our Country and every other country has its own special beauty, the US West is different as there are few places left in America not invaded by glass, concrete and asphalt. It is home of the last frontier, the last Americans that have backbone to stand up against tyranny and intrusive government. Before this whole Bundy business came to a head, I can't remember being in such a state of perpetual aggravation. Government isn't a 'thing'. It's just people who have anointed themselves as mini-gods and our controllers. They forget who is their boss – us. This business with Cliven Bundy is not over. Government was caught unprepared for how many Americans would come from across the Nation to the Bundy family's support. Dirty Harry Reid and other who wish to steamroll us are just waiting for this story to fade. Then they will redouble their efforts to attack once again this last of 53 Nevada ranchers. Bundy is literally the last rancher standing there. Feds have been made to look ineffectual and this will not go down well. At no time can we ever remember presidents ignoring and overrunning the Constitution to achieve personal goals as much as Obama. Heretofore, people wouldn't have it and now there is a ground swell of people with a belly-full. Government is pushing people against the wall for their own purposes. There will come a time – soon – when we'll have to choose to fight and risk martial law or be in a state of tightening, abusive control. Either outcome will likely not be pleasant.

The Truth About the BLM - Bundy Ranch Dispute Explained
Issa Launches Federal Investigation Into Obama/Reid Involvement in BLM Land Grab

Tea Party Powerhouse Sues Obama Admin – 'IRS Has to Follow Letter of the Law, Just Like We Do'
George Will Promotes Plan to Grant President Legislative Powers
IRS Backs Down on Rules Used to Target Tea Party
Obama Cuts Prison Sentence with Typo, Plans More Clemency
Going Postal: USPS Stocking Up on Guns and Ammo Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense

As Putin Terrorizes Europe, Obama Fights “Mad Cows” in Nevada!
Obama Chooses Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop to Close White House Easter Prayer Breakfast
'I've Seen Better Days... I Am a Giant A**hole': US AIrways Social Media Manager Speaks Out About That X-Rated 'Worst Tweet of All Time'
One in 5 U.S. Adults Now Have at Least 1 Tattoo

Apr 15
Sheriff: Feds Strategize for 'Raid' on Ranch, Warning Follows Threat from Harry Reid That Grazing Dispute 'Not Over' – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I know many Mormons. They are people of integrity, honesty and are superlative preppers. Reid must be an eternal embarrassment – a symbol of lies and corruption.

Bundy Ranch and the New Rules of Engagement
Behind the Scenes Look at Nevada Ranch Showdown

Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

Full BLM Report Outlining Solar Aspirations in Western US Desert
Feds Release Seized Cattle After Showdown with Rancher – Little Cows Orphaned

Why Cliven Bundy Is Not Wrong - From a Fellow Rancher
What's Next for Cliven Bundy?

Dr. Ben Carson on Playing the Race Card to Deflect Criticism
WH Wanted Ben Carson to Apologize for 'Offending' Obama

Republican National Committee Sues the IRS
Raid and Shoot: This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s PD

US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases
Obama's Brother BUSTED in Major Cult Scandal
Biden: Taking Grandkids on Trips 'One of the Great Advantages of Being Vice President'
Washington Drives the World to War
Death and Corruption at the Veterans Administration
The Chinese Are Here to Confiscate Our Guns

Navy Christens Huge $3 Billion Destroyer Ship USS Zumwalt That Appears as a Fishing Boat on Enemy Radar
2 Sex Offenders on Parole Rape and Murder 5 Women While Wearing GPS Ankle Bracelets

4th Person Arrested in Thrill Killing of Australian Baseball Player in Oklahoma

Texas Man Gets 18 Months in Prison for Urinating on Historic Landmark
Congressman Wants Army Input About Concealed Carry Regulations
Apr 14
State Votes to Block U.N. Oversight of Elections
Feds Back Down in Stand-Off With Armed Cowboys: BLM Release Cattle after They Were Surrounded By Militia

Grandpa Built It and the BLM is Taking It

BLM Selling Out America
The Bundy Affair Is the Tip of the Iceberg to What’s Coming

Trey Gowdy: Lois Lerner Waived Her 5th Amendment Right
The Communist Chinese Takeover of All US Energy
Direct Access Pot Vending Machines to Debut in Colorado
Utah Woman Arrested After 7 Dead Babies

Amnesty Activist Wiped from after Indictment
Sebelius: Obama 'Made It Pretty Clear' That Staying 'Wasn't an Option'
Billboards Haunt Candidates with Obamacare Vote
Maryland Grocery Store Forced to Cut Hours Due to Obamacare
Extricating Yourself from the Dark Night of the Soul
Loyal Dog and Owner Reunited after Pet Stood Guard Outside Hospital Where He Was Being Treated for More Than a Week

Apr 16
Sen. Sessions Comes Out Swinging Against Secretive House Immigration Push

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Confident Obama Will Use Executive Orders to Push Through Reform

Report: Continued High Legal Immigration Levels Will Destroy GOP
Tanks Bearing Russian Flag Roll into Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Bares Teeth Against Eastern Pro-Russian Uprising
'It Was Fine Then the Ship Went BOOM': Passengers Describe Terrifying Moment Massive Ferry Starting Sinking Off South Korea Leaving at Least 4 Dead, 300 Unaccounted For

Chinese Troops Could Train in Australia
Thief Swallows 6 Stolen Watches, Cigarette Lighters, Spoon, Fork, Nail Clippers to Hide Incriminating Evidence From Police
Chances of a Total Collapse in Stock Prices Are Increasing
Yellen: Mega-Banks Might Need to Hold More Capital – HOLLY NOTE: Friends, read between the lines. One day when you want to withdraw cash, you may be denied. If at all possible, withdraw enough cash for all your needs to keep you afloat for at least 2 months. Stan and I keep our utilities paid at least 6 months in advance. At first it was because I didn't want to write a wad of checks every month. Now it's a matter of prudence.
Jane Richard Embodies 'Boston Strong' a Year After Marathon Bombing

Apr 15
This Chart Shows Us How Bad the Economy Really Is: “Flashing Red Warning”

30% of Entire Year Goes to Taxes
Obama’s Tax Increases Have Diminished America’s Spirit and Prosperity
IRS Poised to Keep $760 Million Unclaimed Tax Refunds
Tax Day Musings: Abolish Corporate Taxes and Institute a FairTax
Learn About FairTax
Chicago Man Pulls Gun in Store Over 22-Cent Soda Tax
Net Cost of ObamaCare – HOLLY NOTE: Sit down before you enter your gross annual income. Obama, who said it would not present ANY tax increase, lies once again. This whopper affects most Americans and is in addition to huge insurance premium hikes.
Japan’s Radioactive Potemkin Village: The Government’s Double-Dealing Data

Interview with Charles Bonner: Navy Sailor’s Skin Inflamed While Carrying American Flag Exposed to Fukushima Plume
Bird Flu Alert in Japan as Deadly H5 Virus Is Confirmed on Farm
UK Has More Delusional Drinkers, Drug-Takers and ‘Reckless Youths’ Than Any Other Country
Al-Qaeda: 'Spreading Like Wildfire'
If a Nuclear Bomb Exploded in Downtown Washington, What Should You Do?
Key Response Planning Factors for Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism
Russia Tests Multi-Warhead ICBM

Talking While Ukraine ‘Teeters on the Brink’
Unidentified Fighter Jets Open Fire on Kramatorsk Airfield, Casualties Reported
How the Obama Peace Process Went ‘Poof’
White House Warns Russia Not to Invade as Biden Plans Ukraine Trip
US Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic
Boy, 6, Worshipped in His Village as a Monkey-Like God Because He Has a Foot-Long TAIL

NBC Goes 'Apocalyptic' Over Sign in Sky
A 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress in Mongolia

Apr 14
First of 4 'Blood-Red' Moons Will Occur on Tuesday

Eclipse Visibility Map

Separatist Unrest Spreads in Ukraine, No Sign of Military Crackdown
Pressure Mounts on UK over CIA’s ‘Black Site’ Jail in Indian Ocean
China Police Seize Record Number of Illegal Arms
Bus Collides With Truck on Mexico Highway; 36 Reported Dead

Overlords of Chaos: Illuminati Plan for WWIII, Stargate Technology, and the End of the Age
Topman Clothing Line Forced to Apologize After Selling Jacket with SS Symbol on Chest

Ex-KKK White Supremacist Yells 'Heil Hitler' after Fatally Shooting 3 at Jewish Sites

Bloodcurdling Screams of Mother-Of-Two, 60, Before She Was Beheaded By Her Husband Who Then Turned Knife on Himself

Israel Is a Paradise for Christians
How Many Tax Hikes Are in Obama's Budget? A Lot
Russia Announces Decoupling Trade from Dollar
New Evidence Further Exonerates Wrongfully Convicted Clerics
Nigeria Islamists Kill 68 in 2 Village Attacks: Witnesses

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