Honey, Apricot, and Almond Goat Cheese Spread

This recipe adds a delicious burst of color to your holiday table! Easy and tasty.


•       8 oz goat or cream cheese

•       1/3  cup Blue Diamond Lightly Salted or Honey Roasted Almonds

•       4-5 dried apricots, chopped

•       2-3 tsp fresh parsley or basil, chopped

•       1/4 - 1/2  cup fresh apricot preserves

•       honey, for drizzling

Serve with

•       cracker assortment

•       fresh sliced granny smith apples     


  1. Remove cheese from packaging and soften to room temperature. (We use Philly cream cheese).
    Shape into a log.
  2. Spread preserves on a cheese tray or serving platter.
  3. Place almonds in a bag or between two sheets of paper towel and crush with a rolling pin.
  4. Chop apricots and mix with parsley.
  5. Roll cheese log in the mixture, pressing gently to coat.
  6. Set cheese log atop the preserves and surround with crackers, fresh fruit if desired.
  7. Top log with a hearty drizzle of honey, if desired.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of four books: just released Prophetic Perils, bestseller Dare To Prepare (5th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: standeyo.com and their FREE Preparedness site: DareToPrepare.com.

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