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food issues, gardening, gun control, illegal immigration,
the new world order, pets and faith.


Say I Love You

The Coming Global Famine


Great Reset Leaders ADMIT Your ‘Way of Life’ Doesn’t Matter

Miracle of Manuka Honey – Proven Effective on Even Some Superbugs – And May Help Fight COVID

The Insidious Takeover of America

Jericho, A Predictor?


Protesters, Rioters and Anarchists

ALL LIves Matter

Are Fly-Over States Being Left Behind?

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Have a Garden

Keeping Evil at Bay, But the New World Order Will Have Its Day, Pt. 3

Keeping Evil at Bay, But the New World Order Will Have Its Day, Pt. 2

Keeping Evil at Bay, But the New World Order Will Have Its Day, Pt. 1

Will We See Our Pets in Heaven?

Adam Schiff – Serial Liar


Businesses Terrified at the Thought of President Pocahontas – Elizabeth Warren Could Be America's Wrecking Ball

The Wrecking of America… How Democrats' Socialist Schemes Will Bankrupt the Country

Why the Pope Really Wants to Flood America With Illegal Aliens

Beware of the Hand You Don't See: Transnationalism = Globalism — The NEW World Order (Reserved for Patreon Members)

The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care)

Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot – Revisited

Numbers Don't Lie – The Coming Immigration Apocalypse

Hidden Horrors of Socialized Medicine: A Firsthand Account

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Antichrist

Happiness and Health in the Face of Coming Crises

I Wasn't Going to Share This About Our Tone-Deaf Senators But…

The Unvarnished Truth About Illegal Immigration

Warning to All Pet Parents About Autoimmune Disease in Dogs


Whose Country Is It Anyway? It's Time to Revamp Our Immigration Policy.


Internet Security Tips – What We Do, and Ferreting Out Fake News


Honey, Apricot, and Almond Goat Cheese Spread

Since When Do Illegals Have Rights?

Tantrums Over Trump

Best-Ever Pie Crust

Thinking About Freezing Drying Your Own Food? Read This First

On Tasha and Gifts to the Living

Be Careful and Mindful

Dear Mr. Trump

Times Are Testy: Put on the Full Armor of God


A Christmas Canine Funny

Pets – Lifeline of the Homeless

NASA Says 99% Probability of 5.0 – or Stonger – Earthquake Hitting LA

Colorful Colorado Teases Senses

Dr. Ben Carson Warns of Impending Anarchy, Financial Catastrophe

A Prophetic Word from Jerusalem - September 29th

The Coming Storm – prophecy

Newly Discovered Magma Reservoir at Yellowstone Could Fill Grand Canyon 11 Times

28 Things That Will (May) Happen September-October 2015

Hot Cars 'Cooking' More Kids and Pets

Confirming Vision

When Trucks Stop, America Stops & Massive Mega-Quake Could Destroy Pacific Northwest, Report Says

People of God, Don't Lose Hope – "This Is Your Finest Hour!"

Tips of the Day

Yellowstone in the News

Here's the Latest Sneaky Government Scam

A Stupendous Surprise

Chris Kyle the Man, American Sniper

Government Knows Disasters Are Coming – Are You Prepared? — NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths and Super Earthquakes Beginning 2015 Due to Extreme Cold 30 Yr Period


Are We Ripe for the Killshot? Monster Sunspot Dominates the Sun's Face

Obama's Latest Outrage: Order for 34,000,000 Blank Work Permits, Green Cards Raising Amnesty Concerns

Everything Is Much Worse Than You Think

Gardens Save Your Health – Oh, and Then There's Ebola
– Part 4

Barbarians in Our Midsts

A Night With John Galt

A Peak Inside the Prophecy in the News Conference

How to Get Real-Deal News

Website News Hiatus

Garden Like Your Life Depends on It! – Part 3

Why We Live in Colorado – You Asked, Here's the Mystical Answer

Start Your Own Seed Bank: How to Beat the Food Killers at Their Own Game – Part 2

How to Beat Coming Killer Food Shortages – Part 1

Do Right By Your Pets

How Many Will Die in the Madrid Earthquake?

Pigs from Hell Still Fry Like Bacon

Good Foods for Your Pets


No One Survives on Prepper Island

Political Pigs from Hell Still Fry Like Bacon


Dangers of Rawhide Chews – A Word from Seismo and Taco

Frying, Dying Times

Be Careful Who You Sleep With

Alternatives to a Bugout Location – What You Should Consider

Grab My Gun? Get a Grip!

DO IT NOW – Wait or Die

Fleeing Babylon

The Night Our House Almost Burned Down

Colorado in Crisis: Wildfires in "Catastrophic Fury" Devastate City

Doomsday Preppers or How to Look Crazy without Even Trying

Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers


Arkansas Rockin' and Rollin'

Some Vegetable Seeds Are Already Cleaned Out

Internet Access Down in Numerous Areas

Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot

Obama Orders Military to Prepare for Spring Food Riots

The Bible – Forged?


What a Cyber Attack Could Mean to You

So, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Temblors in 2011: Record Quaking, Deadly Shaking

Did an 8.6 Quake Hit China?

Strategic Grain Reserves – Sold Out?

Israel Turning into a 'Burden' on U.S.?

Know the Season, the Rest is a Guess

Volcanic Ash Wrecks Indonesian Farmland

Setting the Record Straight on Rapture

Apocalypse Chow

Lights Out for Incandescents

1/3 of U.S. at Risk of 'Potentially Historic Flooding' in Coming Weeks

How to Destroy America

Protesters Rally Against 'Pornographic' Jesus Print at Colorado Museum

As Tennessee Copes With Flooding Disaster, FEMA Faces Own Financial Crisis

Lightning Splits Colombian Plane

Air Force Targets Colorado, New Mexico for Intrusive Training

Know the Season, the Rest is a Guess

Shakers Are Piling Up

Protect Your Veggie Garden from Harsh Heat

Humorous Ad Clobbered by Microsoft

Shocking Number of Plane Crashes

Extraordinary Number of US Quakes – Still Climbing

Huge Number of Disaster Drills Held Throughout America

Protecting Your Garden from Wind Damage

Earthquakes Are Increasing – It's Not Your Imagination

Remarkable Number of US Quakes


Cyber Attacks – Americans Ignore the Consequences at Their Own Risk

How To Talk To Somebody About Earth Changes (That Doesn't Believe)

Garden Marauding Rabbits

Bright Star Heralds the Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher

2010 Food Crisis for Dummies

Farmers Scramble to Finish Harvest from Hell

More Taxes Under the Guise of Fees

When Does "End Times" Start?

U.S. Billion Dollar Weather Disasters

Vexed by VAT

Food Shortages Coming to America?

Potential Food Shortages...in America?

Food Riots Around the World

Obama: Forests, Not Food

Drugged on Dependency

Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America?

Could Obama be the Antichrist?

Consequences at Their Own Risk

A Bullet for a Terrorist?


Bigger Earthquakes Increasing

While We Slept, Disaster Didn't

Blackout 2003 Revisited

Natural Disasters at Highest-Ever Levels

Oregon's Juan de Fuca Plate Getting Busy

The Biblical Grain Famine

Unprecedented Demand Cleans Out Major Storable Food Supplier

Scientist: Recent Natural Disasters Perfectly Normal

Food Prices Expected to Rise 50 Percent More

One Third of US Food Supply at Stake

Food Crunch

Load Up the Pantry

Chance of US Drought Heats Up; Food Squeeze Feared

Surging Costs of Groceries Hit Home

The Famine of 2009

Emptying the Breadbasket

Report Says Pandemic Will Threaten Coal, Power Supplies


Earthquake-Cause Cover-up at Utah Mine Collapse?

It's the Sun, Stupid

Ice Storm Cuts Electricity to More Than 1 Million

Stockpile Food for Flu Crisis


Has Your Church Been Infiltrated?

It's Never Too Late, Unless...

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (5th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: standeyo.com and their FREE Preparedness site: DareToPrepare.com.