Hidden Horrors of Socialized Medicine: A Firsthand Account

Holly Deyo
March 5, 2019

Medicare-For-All! That's Democrats' hot new election buzz-phrase. So far, 107 House Dems have signed Rep. Pramila Jayapal's groaner bill. H.R.1384, modeled after socialized medicine in Canada and Australia, looks 'pretty' at first sniff. It romances idealists with no co-pays, deductibles or premiums. The proposal promises coverage of prescriptions, substance abuse treatment, dental, maternity care and long-term care for people with disabilities.

To pay for this behemoth, taxes would rise sharply while quality care would plummet. Simultaneously, it outlaws access to private healthcare if you wanted Door #2.

Government would pick the policies and the care we get.

Even lefty billionaire Michael Bloomberg who's rarely rebuffed government expansion, sees it as a disaster and calls it 'unsustainable' saying it would 'bankrupt us for a very long time'.

A girlfriend who lives in Canada broke her hip 3 weeks ago. Her 20-day hospital / physical therapy stay was less than stellar. In all the years we've known each other, never once have we heard her swear. Brenda must still be truly disenchanted! Read her firsthand account and see if Medicare-For-All still looks rosy.

Brenda's Story: The Ordeal

Hey Guys,

I am thankfully back home as of Friday morning, thank the Lord.

I had an accident at home late at night a few weeks ago. Slipped on a dog bone when I was up to get myself a hot cocoa late at night. There were lights on, but didn't notice the bone and I went flying onto hardwood flooring. First point of contact was my left hip.

It broke clean through. Have never screamed like that in my life and each time they tried to move me. Two EMS and 5 firefighters used a sheet with handles (got brain fog for what it's called) which they used to slowly slip under me and haul me out to the ambulance.

Hellhole As Hospital

Spent about 1-1/2 weeks at the hospital and about the same at a rehab center, which is literally in the ghettos of downtown. Bloody hellhole. The hospital provided physio [physical therapy] and said this place would be making me take physio twice daily.

What a joke. The only physio there is what you provide to yourself. Must have been the Lord guiding me… 2-3 times daily been doing about half an hour of exercises to try to regain use of the back of my left leg.

Doctors damaged the nerve that runs down the outer side of my leg during surgery. I'm told it's a verrrry slow process to heal damaged nerves.

Been having to request nurse assistance to get in and out of bed because I couldn't lift the leg even with this ridiculous hand device they call a leg lifter.

They seem to want to keep the beds filled at the rehab center… It's funded by tax dollars. In one breath they'd say you can go home whenever you want and in the very next sentence, but you can't go home till…

The woman in charge of dismissal said not until I can self-inject the daily blood thinners to help prevent blood clots for the first month. I said bring it on, let's do this and NOW. The 'physio' guy added to what she said… you can go home anytime you want, BUT we're not letting you go home till you can go up and down stairs easily.

I said that's a LONG time off with this damaged nerve in my leg. My husband had the blessed insight to find and have installed a chair lift that goes from main floor where I'm living on, up 9 stairs to the upper floor for the bathroom. Had he not done that I'd be stuck in hell on earth at that bloody rehab center. Used the lift several times since coming home, works marvy, easily used without any help but a walker.

Get Me Outta Here!

We have 4 stairs from the main floor down to the front entrance from the living room and same down the other end of the hall to the family room, which each are the way out to go anywhere. That's what the physio guy tried to hold me there by, and I said like hell you're keeping me here because of 4 stairs I don't use. He sorta grimaced.

OMGosh you have never seen such wretched food in your life. Maybe I need to become an activist for nutritious food for health recovery in these places. It's not even REAL food, just highly processed powdered garbage for the most part, like powdered potatoes and powdered eggs. Everything is highly processed GMO crap.

My 'Roomy'

Last night was David's [her husband] last time to come visit me at night and said he hopes he never has to step foot in that hellhole again.

My roommate I'm guessing was African, doesn't speak a word of English. It was soooo vile… never flushed the toilet when I first got there. She had the runs which sprayed all over the place. Had to literally wash the toilet seat before sitting down every single time, which ain't so easy on a walker when that's what's holding you up.

Between that, her vomiting at night, snoring, and roommate that visited and stayed 6+ hours at a time talking loudly in their language, got little sleep. Earplugs didn't help much. Never experienced hurty ears from long use of earplugs before, but SO glad that's behind me now.

Home Again

Feels so surreal to be home again. Peace and quiet. And furbabies [dogs] to snuggle with. A long road ahead to recovery but at least it's from home now.

Medicare-For-All Hidden Costs

People who think they want socialized medicine fail to grasp just how horrendous the Democrat agenda is — until confronted with the facts. It's telling that folks, mostly those earning low wages and millennials who've been indoctrinated in college, can't even define what socialism is. Check this video.

Liberals have done a good sell job. All these young adults see is the word FREE to go into freebie frenzy mode.

Once people see the costs of Medicare-For-All and digest all of its drawbacks, people back off like they were asked to kiss a cobra. Five details of Medicare-For-All reveal a sobering picture.

  1. Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel asserts that many people take jobs they don't necessarily like just for the health insurance. Since private and company-provided healthcare would disappear like dinosaurs, that incentive would be gone.

  2. Millions of jobs in the healthcare sector would evaporate as patients are pushed along the conveyor belt of socialized medicine.

  3. Transitioning to a Medicare-For-All system would cost about $33 trillion. Then there's that awful 'learning curve' for doctors, nurses, PAs and on through clerical staff, who have to absorb the ins and outs of a new system like they did with Obamacare. Many are still cussing its excessive paperwork when they could be spending this time with patients. How many more doctors will choose retirement over more healthcare headaches?

  4. Taxpayers can expect big tax hikes because somebody has to pay for all this 'free' stuff.

  5. Physicians could become scarce. Under socialized medicine in Australia, they don't make a lot of money like they do in the U.S. That translates to less incentive for people to undergo years of education, gruelling hours of internship and growing malpractice suits.

Wait and Wait, and Wait Some More, Still Waiting…

Canadians have reported for at least a decade about long waits to see a doctor or to be seen in the Emergency Room. Compared to 11 countries with socialized medicine, wait time for Canadians comes in as THE worst and this is the system Rep. Pramila Jayapal's bill is modeled after.

Just to see a doctor, delays average 5 days; 20% of Canadians wait a week. Over 40% said "the last time they went to the emergency room, it was to treat something that their family doctor could have helped with IF they were available."

To see a specialist requires longer than 4 weeks.
Sometimes, it's as long as 8 months. Better hope you don't require an MRI as it can take up to 3 months to enter 'the tube'.

If you need surgery, better pray it's nothing worse than a hangnail because the average wait time is 20 weeks. Heaven help you as you might meet God before getting neurosurgery with delays hitting nearly 47 weeks.

Bacchus Barua, senior economist at Fraser institute – an independent non-partisan research and educational organization, stated. “Excessively long wait times remain a defining characteristic of Canada’s health-care system, but this year is the longest we’ve ever seen and that should trouble all Canadians. Long wait times aren’t simply minor inconveniences, they can result in increased suffering for patients, lost productivity at work, a decreased quality of life, and in the worst cases, disability or death.”

Once you actually get in to a physician, don't expect the high quality care you receive now, not to mention how much better it was BEFORE ObamaCare. Today, we still enjoy personalized treatment and specialized solutions, skilled robotic surgery, innovations in immo-therapy, cancer and stem cell therapy. Now, thanks to President Trump, we can also opt for 'Right To Try' experimental medications. Critics call this 'cruel,' but if a person is terminally ill, why should government have the final say if a patient wants to try for life?

Dr. Siegel predicts that socialized medicine won't pay for the aforementioned benefits and treatments our current medical system provides. He's spoken with physicians under that onerous, forced-on-us ObamaCare who admit even now they have trouble getting certain procedures paid for.

Patients report that socialized governments determine when people can have transplants or certain treatments. They inflict an age cutoff when people are deemed useless eaters, which is in essence, an order to 'go home and die'. (Can euthanasia be far behind since Democrats shockingly back infanticide?) Combined, these factors could account for 63,000 Canadians leaving their country for medical treatment in 2016. That may not sound like a lot, but Canada's entire population is about the same as California's.

Think about the realities of socialized medicine, Medicare-For-All. This is not America, but it does sound like a horror show.

© Holly Deyo, 2019

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