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OUTRAGE: Record $135 Billion a Year for Illegal Immigration, Average $8,075 Each, $25,000 in NY – In a decade, what America could have done with $1.3 trillion?
  • Pay off ALL existing student loan debt
  • Put 8.33 million people through all 4 years of college
  • Buy the entire NFL league, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and NASCAR, and still have well over 75% of the money left
  • Give three iPhone 8 Plus smartphones with 64GB to every man, woman and child in the U.S.
  • Pay off nearly 7% of the national debt
  • Give a $4141 present to every person in America
  • Fix half of our crumbling infrastructure
  • Pay for the damage 8 Hurricane Katrinas and 1 Gustav
  • Hire Beyoncé – one of the world's highest paid performers – to play one show every night for the next 1,027 years

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented worker’ is
like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.' —quipper unknown

Illegal Immigration / Border Security has been a passion for the last 20 years when even before then, we witnessed early-on and firsthand what millions of illegal immigrants breaking our borders were doing, no, ARE doing to America. We dedicate at least 1 full column every day to this issue because it is THE single greatest threat to the freedom and sovereignty of our beloved nation. This issue affects every single facet of American life from health to jobs, from education to social services to overwhelmed infrastructure, hospitals and schools; and a financial burder of $135 BILLION a year, not forgetting how it negatively impacts wages. This one issue is changing forever the very fabric and demographics of our nation.

MAY 20
‘We’ve Lost Control of the Border,’ Says Border Patrol Agent
Illegal Alien From Kenya Charged With Killing 12 Elderly Women – Investigators Reviewing 750 Other Deaths Possibly Linked, CNN Still Ignoring Story
Attorney For One of the Victims, Richard Arnold, Explains What's Next – HOLLY COMM: In this video, Arnold said it doesn't matter that the killer is an illegal alien, only that he is a serial killer. Yes, it does matter and it matters a great deal. If he were still back in Kenya, there would be at least 12 Americans, maybe over 750 victims still alive that didn't die at his hands. – video
Homeland Security Reverses Course On Plan To Ship Illegal Immigrants Across The Nation
EXCEPT: Hundreds of Illegals To Be Flown To California In As Many As 3 Flights a Week, Officials Say
EXCEPT: Authorities Move 55 Migrants To Denver From Crowded Border Shelters
20 Metro Areas Are Home to 60% of Illegal Aliens in U.S. – HOLLY COMM: This will change as there are just too many overwhelming the border and may be relocated all over the U.S. despite the temporary pause in this plan.
Tents Erected Outside Border Patrol Stations to Hold Overflow Migrants
Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping Dog to Death Released by Sanctuary State
Democrat Gillibrand Says She Would Not Detain ANY Illegal Aliens Amid Reports That 30% of Border Crossing ‘Families’ Are Not Related
El Paso, Texas Mayor: We're Dealing With A Humanitarian, Economic And Environmental Crisis At The Border
Liz Peek: Democrats Ignore Trump’s Immigration Plan At Their Peril – When Will Hispanics Realize They Are Being Played By Democrats?
Rep. Omar, a Somali Refugee, Embodies Our ‘Failed Immigration System,’ Says Fox’s Tucker Carlson
MAY 17
Nancy Pelosi: 'We Have Never Not Said There Was a Crisis' at U.S.-Mexico Border – HOLLY COMM. Either Pelosi has Alzheimer's or she needs a larger head to hold her Pinocchio nose.
Homeland Security Releases 9,00 Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 8 Days; 1,100 Released Every Day
Harvard/Harris Poll: 2-in-3 Americans Oppose Releasing Border Crossers into U.S. Interior
Remarks by President Trump on Modernizing Our Immigration System for a Stronger America – HOLLY COMM: This a brilliant plan based on merit – something which Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and South Korea already do. Currently 87% of new immigrants coming to the U.S. enter either based on chain migration – distant though those ties may be (some 66%) – or that idiotic 'lottery' system and random humanitarian relief (21%) by which the sending country dumps their least desirables. Only 13% come in based on something other than willy-nilly. Instead, the President's plan focuses on high-skilled workers and "intelligent people", not the low-skilled and uneducated that compete with low-wage earning Americans. Back 200 years ago we needed warm bodies to do manual labor and settle land. Then in 1891, we took control of the nation's borders and immigrants were examined to see if they were diseased or crazy. Other undesirables like communists, anarchists, bigamists and those too poor to support themselves were turned away. Somewhere along the line we lost the plot and began taking in anyone and everyone. Now with a burgeoning population of 329 million, it's past time for America to be discriminating again as the above-mentioned allies have done for decades. – video of day
Trump Unveils Plan To ‘Transform’ US Immigration System – But Democrats Call It More of the Same – HOLLY COMM: If you listened to President Trump deliver his proposal yesterday, it was clear all the sweeping changes he hopes to institute to make America stronger, better and to protect American workers' wages. Yet Dems call it 'more of same.' They're either tone deaf, lying, talking trash to appease their base – or all 3. Of course, Pelosi had a conniption fit over merit-based immigration saying 'merit' is a pejorative word aimed against most people already here. What this translates to, is Democrats wanting to continue bringing in the needy, unskilled and uneducated – those who haven't been taught to think critically and will depend on government (read that as us taxpayers) to survive. Hence, more voters and bigger, more intrusive government. If people can't and don't think for themselves, they'll follow Dems off any cliff in a stream of ignorance. We have a neighbor who admits she never watches the news, contents herself with game and reality shows and Facebook. When it comes to voting – and yes she does – she depends on what another neighbor tells her to do. They're all Democrats.
President Trump Lays Out Plan To Reform US Immigration System – video
Trump Plans To Invoke Insurrection Act To Boot Illegal Immigrants
James Carafano: Why Trump’s Immigration Speech Is a Game-Changer
Graham Unveils Bill To End Asylum Claims at US border, Return Minors To Home Countries
MAY 16
SHOCK OF THE DAY: Survey: Only 2-in-15 Americans Aware of Soaring Illegal Immigration to U.S. – HOLLY COMM: This starkly reveals the depth that MSM refuses to cover this issue.
Report: Father of Transgender STEM School Shooting Suspect Is Serial Felon and Illegal Alien
New Mexico Governor’s Office Paid $4,000 To Bus Asylum Seekers To Denver-Area Churches
Yuma, AZ Shelters Are Overrun With Migrants Crossing The Southern Border – video
HUNDREDS of African Migrants Protest for Entry at Texas Border Bridge
Mexican Cartels Using Border Migrant Crisis To Distract Agents From Drug Smuggling, Carroll Says
Details Released On President Trump's New Immigration Plan – video
Breaking Down President Trump’s New Immigration Reform Plan – video
A Firsthand Look at 'ground Zero' Of The Southern Border Crisis – HOLLY COMM: In this video you'll hear a Honduran illegal immigrant say, when questioned, that commercials are being run on their TV saying 'go to America and you can stay!' Plainly stated, Honduras is taking their poor and uneducated who are on their welfare system and dumping them onto ours. – video
Steve Scalise Touts Trump Plan For 'merit-Based' Immigration: 'Right Now, We've Got Some of the Dumbest Laws on the Books'
Trump's New Plan 'Fundamentally Changes The Way We Think About Immigration', Jonathan Swan Says – HOLLY COMM: This is rich coming from an Australian living in D.C. using the word 'we'. It implies he's empathetic, that he's American. He just works for the liberal U.S. news site Axios. It's even richer considering that Australia has very strict immigration laws. I know firsthand from going through their process in 1996. Australia assesses each candidate by Age, English Proficiency, Skills to Offer, Health and Character. The U.S. would do well to emulate stringent Australia's requirements. President Trump will introduce his proposed merit-based immigration program today.

AND… How tiresome is it to continually hear that we are a nation of immigrants? Every comment from every pundit, pro or con illegal immigration, starts with "we are a land of immigrants." It's become a required pre-caveat. Americans get it. Guess what, so is Australia, but they don't drill that point ad nauseam. The majority of their people, Aboriginals aside, are British and Irish. Now a great number of their immigrants come from China, New Zealand, India, Germany, Italy and South Africa. So we aren't the only nation of immigrants.
Illegal Alien Siblings Plead Guilty to Murdering Dairy Farm Co-Worker
Weekend Raids Net More Than 3 Tons of Meth, Marijuana in Tijuana
Border Patrol Seizes $2.2 Million of Meth at Interior Texas Checkpoint
Mexican Cartel Connected to Heroin Trafficking Bust in Oklahoma, Say Feds
Deported Criminal Alien Assaulted Border Patrol Agent
Customs and Border Patrol Chief: 50% of Border Patrol's Time Not Spent on Border Security
Gavin Newsom Pardons 7 Felons Facing Deportation
MAY 15
Now We Have Africans Knocking at the Door of Our Southern Border Wanting to “Game Our Asylum System” Too
Illegal Alien Rapes Fiancé’s Dog To Death In Sanctuary City – HOLLY COMM: I don't care how drunk you are, unless your psyche isn't twisted and sick, this thought would never occur to you, let alone do it.
House Democrats Move To Block Any Additional Spending For Trump's Border Wall – HOLLY COMM: What astonishes us is that most Dems and some Republicans put their own political ambitions and hunger for power ahead of the welfare and future of even their own children and grandkids. This group is irreversibly screwing up America. How can they possibly be this selfish, this short-sighted, this blind?

It's not like Trump undoing hundreds of Obama's business-killing regs. He can do that with an EO. Once you have 22-29 million illegal aliens (current estimates) in this country who meld into the background, it's impossible to send them back until they commit a crime. Then it's a fight against sanctuary cities and states, non-stop false reporting from MSM, liberal-biased judges who never hesitate to rule against the President, and government officials and law enforcement who refuse to stand by detainers, and actively aid criminal aliens.

It used to be that parents fought to give their offspring the BEST country imaginable, the brightest future possible. Now it's every 'man' for himself and everyone else be damned. These politicians are some of the most self-absorbed individuals we've ever seen and they show no shame for what is truly an embarrassing new low. ET 2 Timothy 3:1-4
Trump Admin Push To Stop Illegal Immigration Hampered By District Judges, Despite Surge: US Attorney
Lindsey Graham: Border Security Bill May Include Democratic Priorities
Colorado Undocumented Students Get Access To College Financial Aid – HOLLY COMM: Yesterday morning a woman called in to Colorado Springs' Richard Randall show on KVOR. She was really steamed and rightfully so. This caller shared that even though she is financially challenged, has maintained a 4.0 GPA through her 4 semesters she's attended so far, is on the President's List (must be similar to a Dean's List), she can't get any financial aid or assistance beyond a Pell Grant. She's 50 and got the impression, single, so she probably IS financially strapped. She was NOT happy that illegal immigrants are not only getting in-state college tuition, they're receiving financial aid she desperately needs. Guess she didn't the memo that it's Americans to the back of the line.
Bill Expanding Colorado Immigrant Driver License Program Passes
Feds Bust Massive Marriage Immigration Fraud
MAY 14
Numbers Don't Lie – The Coming Immigration Apocalypse
Texas Border Agents Say 5,500 Migrants A Day Are Illegally Entering US
Boston Globe: Mass Immigration Spurs ‘Seismic Demographic Shift’ in Boston
Poll: GOP Voters Say Border Wall, Reducing All Immigration Must be Top Priority for Trump
Patrick Shanahan: President Trump Gave 'Direct Legal Order' For Military To Secure Border
Guatemalan Official Admits Migrants Aren't Coming To America For Asylum – video
Burgeoning Numbers Of Cubans Trying To Enter US Via Mexico
Democrats Displace U.S. Kids to Favor Economic Migrants
MAY 13
Guatemala Intel Secretary: Economic Migrants Arriving in U.S. Have Been "Weaponized"Are a ‘keting Mob’ for Open Borders Organizations
Migrants Now Being Transported By Aircraft Due To Overcrowding – at $16,000 a Trip – video
Jason Johnson: If Democrats Refuse To Act On The Border, They're Going To Lose Big in 2020
HUD Proposes Rule To Oust Illegal Immigrants From Taxpayer-Funded Housing
Illegals' Legal Blackmail in America – editorial of day
Border Patrol Rep: Record Number of Agents Contracting Illness from Illegals
Deported Sex Offenders Continue Exploitation of Unsecured Border
White House Immigration Plan Likely to Include Mandatory Nationwide E-Verify
Department of Defense Approves $1.5 Billion For Border Wall – video of day
Joe Biden in 2006: Border Fence, Mandatory E-Verify Necessary for Ending Illegal Immigration – video flashback
700 Million People Could Move to U.S., Analysis Shows – 'Eye-Opening Numbers Highlight the Risks of an Open-Borders Scenario' – HOLLY COM: With current U.S. population at 329 million – and we can't even take care of our own with over a half million homeless, 40,000 of which are veterans, 38 million people on food stamps and 12.3% or over 4 million living in poverty, do we need another 700 million people? The Alexandria Ocacio-Cortezes of America should be having a cow or two just contemplating this drama and the toll it will take on the planet, specifically the U.S. Think of the human impact on everything in America from infrastructure to schools and hospitals, law enforcements, housing and every public service. As literally tens of thousands of farms disappear every year, how would we feed hundreds of millions more mouths?

Most importantly, there aren't enough millionaires and billionaires Democrats could tax into oblivion to fund the necessary 'entitlements'. Read that 'welfare.' These 700 aren't doctors and scientists wanting to move here. They are the destitute and uneducated. Additionally, AI expert Kai Fu Lee forecasts that 40% of jobs will be lost to AI and robots within 15 years, so do we really want to go down this road?
MAY 10
Kris Kobach: U.S. a ‘Sinking Ship’ with Mass Immigration Crisis
Border Patrol Official to Congress: 'We Can't Arrest Our Way Out Of This Problem'
REPORT: 13,000 Migrants Waiting on U.S.-Mexico Border to Seek Asylum
Border Patrol Chief: We Have Seen Over 3500 Cases of Fraud, Migrants Exploiting Children
2,400 Migrants Apprehended in 1 Day in Rio Grande Valley Border Sector
SHOCKER: Over 100,000 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended Or Turned Away in April – Highest Since 2007 – HOLLY COMM: At this rate, the estimated 1 million illegals coming here by year end, is a vast understatement because this figure doesn't include the hundreds of thousands that sneak across the border.
250,00 Migrant Families Apprehended by Feds in 2019 – HOLLY COMM: CBP reveals that thousands of these 'families' are fake and using 'recycled' kids or children they grab along the way.
Rev. Rodriguez: Open borders Advocates Are 'Supporting Sex Trafficking... It's Morally Reprehensible'
Sen. Cotton Reveals Details Of President Trump’s Meeting With GOP Senators About Immigration
US Will Train Dozens Of Border Agents To Screen For Asylum
South of the Border, The Killings Don't Stop
ICE Arrests Illegal Immigrant Who Was Freed On Bail After Crash Killed 3: Reports – HOLLY COMM: It this were an American, they wouldn't see the light of day, let alone get out on bail.
Ingraham: On The Border Of Insanity – video
Appeals Court Allows Trump Administration To Send Back Asylum Seekers To Mexico To Wait Out Court Process
New Trump WH Policy Lets Deputies Detain Immigrants On Behalf of ICE, Subverting 'Sanctuary' Laws
Survey: 1,000,000 Guatemalans Say ‘Very Likely’ to Migrate to U.S.
Mollie Tibbetts Who Was Murdered Last August By an Illegal Alien – Her Iowa Hometown Marks Her 21st Birthday With 'kindness Cards'
3 in 10 Migrant Family Interviews Result in False Claim Findings, Says ICE
Democrats See Growing Political Risk from Central American Migration – HOLLY COMM: And there you have it. Dems finally admit they want open borders to garner more votes. Because illegal immigration hurts every aspect of Americans lives, it's simply stupefying that Democrats and open borders proponents care more about votes and power than the future of their own children and grandchildren, never mind the sovereignty of America.
ICE Creates ‘Most Wanted’ List Targeting Criminal Immigrants
Migrant Apprehensions by Border Patrol Hit 476K in 7 Months, Says CBP
Top Border Patrol Official: Facilities Not 'Designed To Handle' Heavy Flow Of Immigrants
ICE Offers New Plan To Deputize Police To Detain Illegal Immigrants
The Only 3 Things We Need To Know About Immigration – video
Migrant Paid $130 to ‘Rent’ Boy to Cross Border as Family, Says DOJ
New York Times Editorial Board Tells Congress To ‘Give Trump His Border Money’
Mueller Report Richly Cites Liberal Media That Pushed Russia-Trump Collusion
Report: Dream Act ‘On Hold’ After Amnesty Activists Demand Criminals Get Path to Citizenship
Trump Announces Obama-Era Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan Will Take Over ICE
Mark Morgan: What To Know…
Mexico Begins Deporting Members Of Migrant Caravan After Shelter Riot
Americans Replaced by Foreign H-1Bs: 'There's No Shortage' of U.S. Workers
ICE Agents Confirm Migrant ‘Child Recycling’ in El Paso Sector
DHS Provides Texas $9 Million in Additional Border Security Funding
Von Spakovsky And Stimson: Judges Can’t Ignore Immigration Laws They Don’t Like
Retired ICE Director Suggests Operational Plan For Border Crisis: Stop Relying on Congress
10-Month-Old Found Dead, 3 Others Missing After Raft Overturns Attempting To Cross Rio Grande
Former NM Governor Says Humanitarian And Security Crises At Border Are Intertwined
Trump Slams Mass. DAs For Opposing ICE Arrests In State's Courthouses: 'These People Don't Mind Crime'
Ron DeSantis to Sign Ban on Florida Sanctuary Cities in Historic Victory
Poll: Plurality of Minority Voters Say 'Too Easy' for Foreigners to Get Asylum
Exclusive-Steve Daines: Seizing El Chapo’s Assets Would Build the Wall, Make the Cartels Pay for It
Montana Is a ‘Northern Border State’ with a ‘Southern Border Problem’
GRAPHIC: Dozens Killed over 3 Days in Cartel War near Mexican Avocado Region
In 1988, Four Mexican Military Troops With Automatic Weapons 'Invaded' San Diego. I Was There.
Border Patrol Apprehends 'Largest Group' Of Illegal Immigrants Near US Border Yet
Migrant Caravan Goes Global, Attracts Refugees From Across World Trying To Enter US
White House Wants $8.6B For 300 Miles Of Border Fence In 2020 Budget
James Carafano: Mexico Is The World's Backdoor Into America (and Congress is AWOL) – A 2018 Gallup poll revealed that more than 750 million adults would like to migrate to the U.S. If even some of them brought children, that number could easily top 1 billion.
How Many 3
rd World Immigrants Does It Take Until America Is the Newest 3rd World Country? – flashback
Poll: Majority of Americans Support Citizenship Question on 2020 Census
In Direct Opposition to New Mexico Sheriffs, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Pulls National Guard Troops From US-Mexico Border – video
How Far Are Democrats Willing To Go To Keep The Border Open? – video
ICE Shifts Resources to Combat Fraudulent Family Claims by Migrants at Border
Homeland Security to Launch Pilot Program of DNA Testing At Border
Jordanian National Guilty in Conspiracy to Smuggle Yemenis Across Texas Border
PHOTOS: Los Zetas Cartel Paints Victims Like Marvel Heroes and Forces Them To Walk Nude Along City Streets Near Texas Border
Mexican Government Official Says MS-13 Infiltrated Caravans Headed For US: Reports
Pentagon Approves $7.4M for Troops to Feed, Care for Border Crossers – HOLLY NOTE: The border crisis has metastasized to immense proportions. So many migrants are arriving sick, with kids – their own or 'recycled kids' – that the most time consuming task Border Agents perform is fetch juice, change diapers, take them to hospital and process papers. They've been reduced to full-time babysitters and caretakers. They are so bogged down with tasks they should never have to perform, agents are unable to protect the border. It's puzzling why we can't use our armed troops at our border. The Posse Comitatus Act "prohibits use of the U.S. Army to aid civil officials in enforcing the law or suppressing civil disorder unless expressly ordered to do so by the president." It doesn't say that you can't use soldiers to protect our border from being overrun by foreigners.
Obama Border Patrol Chief On Immigration Crisis: Congress Not 'Looking At What They Need To Do Right Now'
Former Deputy Assistant AG: Immigration Court Backlog ‘Stunning’
Kobach: The United States Is Giving the Caravans a Huge Incentive to Keep Coming – HOLLY NOTE: The word is out all over the globe that the U.S. has wide open borders and doors. It's no longer primarily the 'triangle countries' of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. They are coming from everywhere. One man Fox News' Griff Jenkins interviewed this morning arrived from Camaroon. Many are Cubans, Asians, Africans and Bangladeshis. Wherever they're coming from, they are well-versed in how to exploit our immigration loopholes. It's not that the floodgates are wide open; they might as well be torn down. There is zero respect for our laws, no applying for visas while in their own country. It's whoever can crash through our doors undetected or sit down in front of a border agent and claim asylum, which is largely bogus. Once cases are heard, just 10% qualify. Wanting a better job is not legit grounds.
Poll: Midwest Swing-Voters Back Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies
Trump on Border Crossings: "It's Like Disneyland... It's a Disaster"
Sanders: Merit-Based Immigration Plan Likely Shortly
Trump Orders Asylum Overhaul, Including New Fee For Applicants And Faster Adjudications, Amid 'Severe' Border Crisis
Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Murdering Friend On Video Was Supposed To Be Deported But Cuba RefuseAfricad Him
Radio Ads Offer to 'Help Out' Migrants Trying to Enter US, Border Patrol Official Says
Hundreds of Migrants Board 'the Beast' Train in Mexico in Risky Move to Get Closer to US Border
Pentagon Sending More Troops To Help At The Border While Avoiding Law Enforcement Role
Acting ICE Director: Illegal Aliens Are Coming To Every Community In This Country – video
Pope Francis Sends $500,000 to Support Migrant Caravans Trying to Enter the U.S. Illegally
Children Being Used and Then Recycled to Gain False Entry Into the US – Nearly 3,000 Faked Being Family Unit to Get Entry – video
Rep. Will Hurd: We Shouldn't Be Treating Everyone That Shows Up at the Border as an Asylum Seeker – video
1,300 Migrants Riot, Escape Mexican Immigration Facility – video
Beto O'Rourke: Strict Immigration Laws Are Basically The Same As Slavery
At least 1,300 Migrants Escape Mexican Detention Center After Threatening to Set It on Fire
Florida Sheriff On Border Crisis After Major Drug Bust: ‘It Makes Me Absolutely Crazy’
El Paso, TX Customs and Border Patrol Chief: We're Seeing An Unprecedented Number Of Family-Unit Aliens – video
5-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Kicking Baby to Death
Federal Authorities Bust Another Elaborate Cross-Border Fentanyl Shipment
5 Republican US Reps: Secure the Border NOW
Mo Brooks: Democrat Solution on Immigration Is to Turn the U.S. into Central America, South America and the Middle East
Mexico: 300,000 Migrants Traveled Through Country So Far in 2019, Including from Africa, Asia
Joe Biden in 2014: Illegal Aliens are ‘Already American Citizens’ – flashback
Nearly 100,000 Illegal Immigrants Graduate High Schools Every Year That Aren't DACA People, Study Finds
Trump To Receive Immigration Plan Favoring High Skills Over Family Ties, Kushner Says
Massachusetts Judge Who Helped Illegal Immigrant Escape ICE Arrest Indicted, Federal Authorities Say
Trump: Additional Border Troops Will Be Armed After Incident With Mexican Soldiers
Related: U.S. Military Confirms ‘Inquiry’ into Soldiers Detained by Mexican Troops on U.S. Soil
Related: Rules of Engagement Now Under Review
Nearly 300 Migrants Caught On Video Crossing Southern Border – video
NYT's Friedman on Immigration: 'The Solution Is a High Wall with a Big Gate -- But a Smart Gate'
Rep. John Joyce: We Must Stop de Facto Amnesty at Our Southern Border – Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Many Americans Still Don't Fully Understand the Dire Circumstances Facing Border Patrol Agents Trying to Protect Our Sovereignty
US ‘Aggressively’ Building Trump’S Border Wall, New DHS Chief Says
A New Accommodation For Illegals — On The Census?
DHS Releases 7,000 Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 5 Days; 1,400 Released Every Day
Former Acting ICE Director Calls For National Operation Over Migrants Refusing Court Orders To Leave
9th Circuit Mulls Trump WH Policy Of Returning Asylum Seekers To Mexico Temporarily
US Customs and Border Protection Agents Find Abandoned Migrant Boy, 3, Alone Near Texas Border
Tom Homan on the Border Crisis: We've Got To Throw Everything At It We Can Before Something Devastating Happens – video
Ban on Sanctuary Cities Protecting Illegal Aliens Advances in Florida
98,000 Illegal Immigrants Graduating From US High Schools
'Mother of All Caravans' Heads North: 10,000 Migrants Due in Mexico City Any Day – HOLLY NOTE: This caravan, comprised of Africans, Haitians, Cubans, South and Central Americans, originally numbered 20,000. Mexico succeeded in deporting half of them. Now video evidence, 4 articles down, shows that smugglers are armed with longguns to 'escort' illegals into the U.S. Border agents are spread thin and while this massive caravan is supposed to be housed in a stadium on the Mexico side, all they need to do is storm the border like they did in Tijuana and they're in. The border crisis continues unabated.
Mexico Says It Deported 15,000 Migrants In April But Thousands Are Still Headed North
Migrants Fearful After Hundreds Arrested In Mexico Raid
NO CRISIS? Border Patrol Reports Apprehensions In Rio Grande Valley Have Already Surpassed All Of 2018
Heavily Armed Men Escort Migrants Across US Border, Surveillance Video Shows – HOLLY NOTE: Just as important, this video shows illegals merely ducking under the widely-spaced post-and pole-fence to sneak into the U.S. This short fence might as well not even be there. – video
Jared Kushner Ready To Deliver Immigration Plan In Coming Days
…Says Americans’ Wages Are Donald Trump’s Top Immigration Priority
Justices Appear to Support Citizenship Question on Census – HOLLY NOTE: This is critical in determining the correct representation – D vs R – for a given state as well as how hundred of billions of Federal program dollars are distributed.
“Sanctuary Prosecutors”: Endangering the Public, Devaluing Citizenship
Asylum Law – Myth vs. Reality
Most Illegal Immigrants in US Receiving Over $100 BILLION in Government Benefits, Experts Say
Poll: Plurality of Republicans Say Immigration Hurts the U.S.
Central American Migrants Paid Human Smugglers $2.3B in 2017, Says Report
Mexican Police Detain Hundreds Of Central American Migrants
If You Don’t Want Militia Patrolling The Border, Then Secure The Border Without Them
Immigration Funds Bigger Government, Says 2020 Democrat Buttigieg
1,600 Migrants Released in One New Mexico City over 10 Days
Cartels May Not Be The Primary Culprits Of Central American Human Smuggling to US, a New Study Says
Armed Mexican Soldiers Disarm, Question U.S. Soldiers on Texas Side of Border 
Mexico Draws Weapons on American Soldiers…the Reason Why – video
Nearly 4-in-5 GOP Women: Trump Should Shut Down the Southern Border
Related: Previous U.S.-Mexico Border Shutdowns:
February 1985 – Ronald Reagan temporarily closed parts of the border in Operation Camarena after DEA Agent was kidnapped and murdered in Guadalajara
September 2001 – George W. Bush tightened security and extra precautions led to days-long waits at border checkpoints after 9/11
Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Pierce Corcoran Deported, Evading Conviction
Central American Migrants Wearing Out Their Welcome In Several Mexican Towns
Border Patrol Expects To Quadruple Spending As More Immigrant Families Arrive in Arizona
Angel Mom Wendy Corcoran: My Son ‘Forever Separated from Us,’ Illegal Alien ‘Returned Home to His Family’
Fox News Poll: Immigration, Economy Top List Of Voter Concerns – video
Mexican Cartel Gunmen Murder Infant, 13 Adults During Party
Mexican Town Once Welcomed Migrants. Now It Blames Mexico’s President for Them.
In the Illegal Alien "Sanctuary State" of California, Thousands of American Citizens Live in RVs Because They Can't Afford Housing
1,800 Migrants Illegally Enter El Paso Sector in One Day – HOLLY NOTE: This should send a thrill up the leg of Beto O'Rourke who said he'd tear down the border if he could. The next article shows how completely out of touch O'Rourke is with what's happening in his own state.
New Mexico County Declares State Of Emergency Over Influx Of Migrants: Report
New Mexico Militia Detains Migrants At Gunpoint Until Border Patrol Arrives: Report
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. Taxpayers a Stunning $134.9 Billion a Year
Venezuelans, Cubans in New Border Crossing Surge, ‘Completely Out Of Control’
At Least 800,000 Alien Children To Enroll in U.S. Schools By Late Next Year – Kris Kobach, former Kansas Secretary of State: “We are seeing tens of thousands of unskilled, largely unskilled, being brought onto the market right off these caravans, and that is going to have a negative effect on wages. We’re undercutting the progress that the president’s administration has made in wage growth.”
Contagion Invasion Pt 2: The Untold Public Health Endemic At Our Borders And Beyond
Trump’s DHS Releases 12,500 Illegal Aliens into U.S. in One Week – HOLLY NOTE: It's certainly not because they wanted to. Two things work against them. CBP has run out of beds and space to house them, and the Flores ruling that says children (and now extended to the parents) can't be held for more than 20 days.) Congress could easily fix this by funding more facilities, immigration judges and agents, and overturning the hand-tying Flores ruling.
Marc Thiessen: Trump Is Right To Call Out Democrats For Their Hypocrisy On Sanctuary Cities
Border Patrol Spots Drone Trying To Help Migrants Illegally Enter America
Mexican Cartels Know Weaknesses of U.S. Laws – and Exploiting Them, Says Acting DHS Sec.
FBI: Company Faked White-Collar Jobs for 1,900 Chinese Migrants
Why President Trump Keeps Winning on the Immigration Issue
Another Line They Cut Into: Illegals Get Free Public Housing As Impoverished Americans Wait
HUD Moves To Cancel Illegal Immigrants' Public Housing Access
Over 700 Legal Immigrants From 51 Countries Sworn In As New U.S. Citizens at El Paso Coliseum
Democrat Tlaib Wants People to Hold a Hunger Strike to Shut Down ICE
Armed U.S. Militia In New Mexico Catches 300 Illegals – 'We're People That Care About Our National Security'
Ipsos Poll: GOP Voters Say Immigration ‘Most Important Problem’ in U.S.
Study: Nearly 1M Migrant Children Could Enter U.S. Before 2020 Election
Trump Aide Stephen Miller Asked To Testify On Immigration To House Panel
Illegal Alien Released by Obama’s DHS Charged with Killing Father of 10
How Illegal Aliens Arrive Here As Ready-Made Democrats
AG Barr Has Power To Overrule Immigration Judges' Mistakes: John Yoo
New York Post: Trump Is Looking To Give Sanctuary Cities Just What They Asked For
Migrant Camps Overflow As Mexico Cracks Down After Trump Threats
Hundreds of Africans Who Tried To Reach U.S. Stuck in Mexico
GOP Senate Homeland Security Chair Johnson: 'We Have a Completely Unsecured Border'
CBP's New Tent Facilities to Speed Up Immigrant Processing
Feds: 1 in 4 Inmates Are Foreign-Born, Costing U.S. Taxpayers $1.4B Annually
Ann Coulter Calls for Immigration Moratorium
Nearly 60,000 Known or Suspected 'Aliens' In Federal Prisons, DOJ Says – HOLLY NOTE: So much for Liberals' saying that illegal immigrants don't commit more serious crimes than Americans. This new figure drastically upends the ratio of criminal aliens that we posted 2 weeks ago.
Yuma, Arizona Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrant Situation – HOLLY NOTE: Bernie Sanders said in Monday's Town Hall hosted by Fox News that we should build more facilities to house the tens of thousands illegal immigrants pushing through our borders. That's their answer. These take time to build. In the meantime, do they continue 'catch-and-release' into our communities? By then we'll have half of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador living here. The number of illegals pouring through our border is staggering and "unsustainable". Here is the latest:
500% Surge in Family Units This Year
53,000 Family Units Apprehended Last Month
385,000 Apprehensions Oct. 2018-March 2019 – Double The Number From The Same Timeframe Last Year
Attorney General Barr Blocks Catch and Release by Migration Judges
Office of Refugee and Resettlement Places 234,414 Migrant ‘Children’ in All 50 States
Border Patrol Agents Find Over 130 Migrants Near Roma, Texas
How the Immigration Invasion Will Inevitably Lead to a Civil War
Rep. Andy Biggs endorses Trump’s Plan To Send Detained Migrants To Sanctuary Cities: ‘I Think It Just Makes Sense’
Another NIMBY Democrat: De Blasio Threatens to Sue if Trump Sends Immigrants to Sanctuary City NYC
The Nuclear Option: It’s Time for Elite Northern Cities to Share Burden of Illegal Immigration
Police: Illegal Alien Fled Car Crash on Foot After Killing Alabama Teacher
Illegal Charged After Attempting to Lure Underage Girls into His Car
More Than 10,000 Illegals in U.S. From Terrorist Countries – 'Sleeper Cells Ready And Waiting For The Order'
Cher Sounds Alarm On Mass Immigration, Saying California 'Isn’t Taking Care Of Its Own (Many Are Vets)'
Oh, It's Legal. Expert Answers MSM Dream That Trump Powerless To Send Illegal Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities
Study – Over 10K Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S. From Terrorist-Sponsored Countries
Sanctuary Cities Welcome Illegal Aliens with ‘Open Arms’ While 38K American Veterans Remain Homeless
Ex-Obama Border Patrol Chief: Immigration Crisis Is Worst ‘in the History of the Country’
…Supports Idea Of Sending Migrant Detainees To Sanctuary Cities
Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan Says Trump's Idea To Send Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities Is 'Ingenious'
Democrats Unhappy With Trump's Sanctuary City Plan – They said they want open borders, that they have 'open doors' for illegal immigrants. Now they want them here, but NIMBY, NIMBY, NIMBY.
AOC Accuses Trump of Trying to Create a Surge of Migrants to Shutdown Border
Mexican Authorities Take Bribes From Migrants To Help Them Cross?
350 'Hostile and Aggressive' Migrants Break Through Border, Attack Police, Join US-Bound Caravan
Free For All! WATCH the Violent Migrants Heading for the USA – video
US to Transfer Northern Border Agents South to Mexico
Judicial Watch Founder Tom Fitton: “I Estimate at Least 900,000 Illegal Aliens Voted in Midterms”
Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Officer Ron Singh Pleads Not Guilty
57 Migrants Apprehended on Texas Ranch 40 Miles Inside Border
Trump And Oakland Mayor Trade Twitter Barbs Over Immigration Policies
President Donald Trump Doubles Down on a P 19_Immigration_Index2.html romise To Send Illegal Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities – video
California's Gov. Newsom on Bussing Illegals to Sanctuary Cities: “It is illegal. It is immoral. It is unethical. It is sophomoric. It is petulant. It is par for the course." – HOLLY NOTE: Newsom, known for promoting opening borders and governor of a sanctuary state, balks at illegals being released in California. It's OK if NIMBY applies. Let them stay in the U.S. – but some place else. When aliens are required to be released in the U.S. after 20 days, the processing facility's door isn't opened and they just wander off. Instead they are delivered to a location and let go. Why not take them to a sanctuary city since those are the areas thumbing their noses at Federal law and encouraging their officials to ignore detainers and throw out ICE? They say that illegal immigrants help the economy when they are factually, a massive drain, so let Newsom who encourages them, take them. Ditto for the other 300 sanctuary jurisdictions.
Officials in New Mexico Ask For Donations After Border Patrol Drops Off Illegal Immigrants
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Carlson: If the Left Says They ‘Love’ Immigrants But Don’t Want Them in Their Neighborhoods, Schools — They’re Lying
Remember Murietta? Dumping Unvetted Migrants Into The Cities of Political Foes Was Done By Obama First
WaPo: DHS Staffers Block White House Plan to Bus Migrants into Democrats’ Districts
Chicago Mayor-Elect Lori Lightfoot Says She Will Welcome Shipments of Illegals
What Is The Impact of The Release of Thousands of Immigrants into the US? – video
Texas Oasis of Wealth And Luxury Thrives on Trafficking Near Border: “Whether It’s Drugs, or People Smuggling, The Cartels Are Laundering Their Cash Right Here,” Official
Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering 5 Americans Found Dead in Jail Cell
Data: Working Class American Men Struggle More Than Foreign-Born to Re-Enter Workforce
Trump 'Sanctuary Cities' Revenge Plan Could Backfire, Help Immigrants Stay in USA
Migrants Riot At Mexican Immigration Station To Stop Deportations
Ocasio-Cortez: Immigration Issues Fueled by Climate Change
Sporting Cell Phones, Brand-Name Clothes — And Babies, Another 1,000-Strong Migrant Caravan Heads for the US
Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Asylum Process Reforms Would Be Immediate Fix For Border Problem
Illegal Immigration Levels Projected to Outpace Every Year of Bush, Return U.S. to Clinton Era Crisis
From 'No Crisis' to 'Breaking Point': MSM Outlets Change Their Tune on Border Crisis Amid Illegal Immigration Surge
Chalkboard Lesson: Chicago Marxists are Pulling the Strings on the Attack on our Border – video
Kamala Harris Proposing Legislation For ‘Dreamers’ To Fill Congressional Jobs
Michael Knowles: Can You Believe What The President Said About Immigration? – HOLLY NOTE: If you click this article, make sure you read down to at least the 4
th paragraph.
40% of Agents Pulled from National Security Duties to Give Humanitarian Aide, Says Border Patrol Ops Chief
WaPo: The Migrant Wave Is Choking Cross-Border Trade
The Border Is in Disarray, but Change May Be Coming
Nearly 1,000 Migrants Form NEW Caravan In Honduras To Head For the US – OMG When Does It Stop?
Border Patrol Chief: U.S. Admits Caravan of Migrants Every Week – video
Rep. Fleischmann Calls Border Scene 'Crisis With a Capital C'
New York Times: 'The Border Is Broken'...And Trump Gets the Blame
Trump Says He May 'Call Up More Military' To Border
Pentagon Awards Nearly $1B in Border Wall Construction Contracts
Tucker: 'Foreign Policy Expert' Says Border Is Fine – video
Brett Velicovich: Democrats' Open Border Fantasy Vision Is a Lie – We Have a Humanitarian Crisis To Fix
More Than 3100 Migrants Found With Fake Family Documents In Past Year 
DHS Releases Nearly 8,000 Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens in One Week
Kellyanne Conway: Congress Needs to 'Stop Denying' Border Crisis And Act
Most Immigrants In U.S. Illegally Reside In 20 Metro Areas, Pew Study Finds
Border Patrol Officials Plead With Congress to Act on Border Crisis and the Next Video Reveals What They Did… – video
Senate Hearing on Southern Border Migration Crisis – HOLLY NOTE: We don't expect you to listen to this as it's 2 1/2 hours long. We want you to see how uncooperative Senators are on the immigration crisis. Yesterday Griff Jenkins of Fox News took this photo during the hearing. Only ONE Senator remained to hear expert testimony on the crisis, not pundits. The rest of the Senators couldn't be bothered to do their job. – video
Over 100,000 Migrants Apprehended Or Turned Away At Border in March, CBP Reveals
'Breaking Point:' Migrant Family Apprehension Up 374%, Say Feds
AG William Barr: Situation at U.S.-Mexico Border ‘Really Unprecedented’
Trump Renews Focus On Immigration Crisis, Says He Will Not Separate Families – video
Donald Trump: ‘Cages’ for Child Migrants ‘Were Built by President Obama’s Administration’ – HOLLY NOTE: It's disappointing when a guest or politician being interviewed brings this up and the host nearly always forgets to point out this action started with Obama. Where was the outrage then?
3 Time Deported Illegal Alien with Cartel Connections Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder of Border Patrol Agent
For Voters, Illegal Immigration Remains Big Problem, But Not for Democrats
Barack Obama Shocker: Can’t Label Everyone Disturbed by Illegal Immigration as Racist
Jessica Vaughan: Kirstjen Nielsen ‘Was Actively Working Against the President’
California Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy – video
'It's Disgusting': Dad of Man Killed By Illegal Immigrant Blasts Gov. Newsom's Trip to Central America – video
Report: Nearly 20% of Inmates – Nearly 35,000 – in Federal Prisons Are Criminal Aliens – HOLLY NOTE: How many times have we heard liberals says that illegal aliens do not commit more crimes than Americans? Too many. They will be hard-pressed to explain away these just-released Federal prison population numbers. Bottom line: IIlegal aliens commit 37 TIMES more serious crimes than Americans. Here are the numbers.  
After Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Does the Unthinkable, ICE Calls Out the State of New Jersey – Honduran Suspect in Brutal Crime Was Kicked Out of U.S. in 2003 and 2004 — When Will Americans Be Protected?
Cities Across US Seek New Shelter Locations As Asylum-Seekers Could Hit 150,000: Report
The Impossible Challenge Of Tracking Visa Overstays
Immigration Attorney: Congress Has To Act On Border Crisis
Kirstjen Nielsen Isn't The Problem In The Border Crisis, It's Congress, Mollie Hemingway Says
Media Hypes Myth That Trump Called Asylum Seekers 'Animals' – HOLLY NOT: Ben Shapiro (editor of the Daily Wire) addressed this at length yesterday on his radio program. He played the edited tape that media are still spewing and then played the original where it clearing shows the President is talking about MS-13 only. Trump is right; they actions are sub-human with their motto of "Rape, Kill, Control." Now they're smartening up and foregoing their MS-13 tats so it'll be harder to spot them until they do another heinous act. – video
Border Patrol Arrests 26 Migrants, 2 Smugglers Trying to Elude Capture
SHOCKER: Analysis: 1% of Honduran, Guatemalan Populations to Arrive in U.S. by Next Year
How Many 3
rd World Immigrants Does It Take Until America Is the Newest 3rd World Country?
Limbaugh to Trump: ‘Shuffle Around Some Money and Get That Wall Up’
Border Wall Construction on Rio Grande Levees Begins
Tijuana Drug War Rages: 21 Murders in Less Than 48 Hours
GRAPHIC — Terrorist-Led Mexican Cartel Dumps Human Head near Texas Border
12,000 Fentanyl Pills Bound for Arizona Seized in Northern Mexico
Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns as Homeland Security Secretary: CBS Report
Trump Struggles With Growing Problem On Border
Trump Visits US-Mexico Border Wall in Calexico, California and Border Agents Tell Him the REAL Deal – 'meat' starts 2 minutes in – video of day
Kris Kobach to Trump: You Do Not Need Congress to Immediately Solve Immigration Crisis
Border Patrol Agents Granted Wide Latitude Trying To Catch Drivers Seeking To Enter Illegally
Trump Administration Nearly Doubles H-2B Guest Visa Program, Which Brings Many Mexican Workers – HOLLY NOTE: This allows people to come, live and work in the U.S. legally.
Get Ready For It: Newsom To Blame Illegal Immigration On Global Warming
A Coyote Dumps Migrants- LOOK What They Try And Do To Border Patrol! – video
Trump Arrives For Calexico Visit As Area Struggles With Resources For Asylum Seekers
Obama's Border Chief Warns Congress: Immigration Crisis ‘at a Magnitude Never Seen In Modern Times’
DHS Agent Reveals Ulterior Motives Behind the Illegal Immigrant Invasion-700 DHS Agents Ordered to the Border – HOLLY NOTE: Tens of thousands of illegals pushing through our southern border constitutes a crisis. Period. This is fostered through the actions of open borders proponents in our government and others, and the pope, as well as those illegals coming here and gaming the system through catch-and-release. Their non-stop successes are then texted back to people in their home countries thus encouraged to make the same trek.

As to this article, it mentions constructing FEMA camps for these people. Doubtful. FEMA camps have been in existence literally for decades and have yet to be utilized for detainment, so it's a stretch that they'll come out of mothballs for housing illegals. For people in both parties who want illegals here, it'd be a non-starter. What's even more surprising is that with all the BRACs (Base Realignment And Closures) since the 60s, why aren't these facilities used to house illegals rather than releasing them into U.S. cities?

Since 1988, over 350 installations have closed. Yes, some bases have been re-purposed or transferred to other agencies and used for training. Others remain vacant. Using them as housing areas, it would help revitalize communities that lost economically in these BRACs, and keep illegals in a specified area instead of letting them disappear into our communities. Since less than 2% ever show up for immigration hearings and only 10% of asylum seekers are found to qualify, catch-and-release is a greenlight into America and a subsequent drag on our welfare system and wages.

ADDENDUM: Guess we weren't the only people to think of this. Two bases in Texas, Ft. Bliss and Goodfellow AFB, are being used as temporary housing.

Reminder: Migrants coming from Central America have 3 countries they could seek asylum in, which they are supposed to do as per UN regulations of migration, yet they by-pass them and head straight for the U.S. If they were truly in need, they would stop and settle in the first available country. Mexico, which is even giving them work visas, is snubbed in favor of the U.S. So the invasion continues.
5,600 Illegals Released In 3 Texas Towns…19 With Fevers Already Treated At Local Hospital
Laredo, Texas Border Patrol: There's 'Absolutely' a Crisis On The Border – HOLLY NOTE: For a short, clear view of what's happening on our southern border, every politician and citizen should watch Lawrence Jones' excellent report. – video
Acting Director of ICE Has Nomination Pulled By White House: Report
Illegal Alien Driving Without a License Hits, Kills 13-Year-Old Girl Riding Bike to School: Sheriff
Rapid DNA Tests Could Help ICE Verify 'Family Units' Crossing Border Illegally
Donald Trump Backs Away from Closing Southern Border, Threatens Car Tariffs on Mexico Instead
Tempers Fray In Mexico As New Controls Frustrate U.S.-Bound Migrant Caravan
Migrants Face 'Culture Of Hostility' in El Paso Court, Lawyers Say; Claim Judge Calls It the 'Bye-Bye Place' – HOLLY NOTE: Bet there's no love lost between this judge and Robert Francis Beto O'Rourke who wants open borders.
Tucker: Our Immigration System Is a Joke – video
It’s a ‘Cat 5’ Immigration Crisis: Nielsen
Julian Castro Plans to Grant Millions Amnesty, Gut Immigration Enforcement: Proposal Removes Criminal Penalties For Those Entering U.S. Illegally – HOLLY NOTE: In a Mach 21-25 Quinnipiac Univ. poll, thankfully Castro has only scored 1% interest among Dems. If Castro removed the penalty for coming here illegally, that single-handedly kills the basis of our immigration system and what does it say to the tens of thousands that come here legally? It's a slap in their face along with the stigma of stupid for obeying our laws and choosing to immigrate the right way.
DHS Makes Plans to Deploy Up to 2,000 More Agents – video
Syrian Man Caught Trying To Sneak into US at Mexico Border
Securing Southern Border Is Trump’s Obligation
US Company Makes Trump $3.3B Border Offer: Quick Turnaround On 218 Miles Of Steel Fence, Roads, And Tech
Immigration Operation At Texas Tech Firm Brings Almost 300 Worker Arrests
Twice Deported Illegal Alien Brutally Raped and Murdered NJ Jogger, Then Threw Her Body in a Lake
Deported Illegal Alien Sex Offender Charged with Producing Child Porn
Illegal Alien Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Raping 12-Year-Old Girl
Illegals Caught Dragging Children Through Razor Wire As They Cross The Border
MS-13 Killer Who Was Deported After Serving 15 Years in Jail for a Long Island Stabbing Is Arrested By ICE Agents After Re-Entering the U.S. and Heading Straight Back to Same Town
As Border Crisis Worsens, Immigration Bills In Congress Continue To Stall
Ari Fleischer on the Border Crisis: 'I Just See No Evidence That There's a Mood To Compromise in Washington'
Gutfeld on Crisis Or No Crisis At The Border – video
Massive Caravan On ‘Illegal Immigration Superhighway’ To Press Strained Border Resources
DHS to Redeploy Up To 2,000 Officers To Border Crisis
‘Get Serious and Stop Rewarding Illegal Immigration,’ Border Patrol Agent Says to Congress
Acting ICE Director: We Are Facing An Unprecedented Crisis At The Border – video
Border Crisis Forces Massive Catch and Release Policy
Pew Research: U.S. Home to Nearly 20% of World's Migrant Population and Has Admitted More Foreign Nationals Than Any Other Country in the World – HOLLY NOTE: Yet the UN and pope aren't satisfied and want America to up its game.
Pope Slanders US Border Wall, Says It Will Make America a ‘Prisoner’
Trump May Appoint Immigration Czar
Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Until U.S.-Mexico Border Closed, ‘Every Town Is a Border Town’
Sen. Ben Cardin: Closing U.S.-Mexico Border ‘Makes No Sense’
Luis Gutierrez: ‘There Should Be Welcoming Centers All Across America’ for Migrants
As 'Mother of All Caravans' Moves Toward U.S., Trump Will Cut Aid to Central American Countries
Mick Mulvaney: Migrants, Democrats Are Shutting Down the Border – HOLLY NOTE: Say with a straight face this isn't an invastion.
…'Something Dramatic' Would Have To Happen For Trump To Not Shut Down Border – 'Crisis Can Not Be Overstated'
Caravan Migrant from Viral Video Arrested on Assault Charges
Would Closing the US-Mexico Border Stop The Immigration Crisis?
Illegals Overwhelm Texas Cities: 'Never Seen Anything Like This'
Spring Surge Shocks System
Caravan Migrant from Viral Video Arrested on Assault Charges
State Department Will Cut Aid To Central American Countries Over Migration – HOLLY NOTE: Since 2016, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have received (pending for 2019) Mex$24,637,747,200.00 (pesos). That alone should keep most of these small countries afloat. Due to massive corruption, most of this money never gets to the citizens or benefits them, so what's the point of continuing to send aid? We say this because many of the Dems' solutions call for 'building up there countries'. How can you if the $$ is siphoned off? Those pocketing U.S. Foreign Aid would be hurt because their cash cow died, but the people would likely see no difference. Maybe if those corrupt officials felt a little 'pain' they might be less greedy, help their people. Mexico is also not helping all the while collecting hundreds of billions from the U.S.
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DETACHED FROM REALITY: Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke: El Paso Safe Because of Immigrants, Asylum Seekers