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In at the ground floor of the quality UFO research mechanism, (Stan Deyo) has been looking into UFOs (among other significant investigations) for quite some time now. Amazingly, he has done so, for all those years, with out even once, remotely, disgracing himself or his subject. Astonishing! He was a contemporary of Hynek. He was conversant with Speilberg. He was in contact with Vallee. It would appear that he has solid enough credentials. [g].

Deyo served Ufology well, apparently. I couldn't find a cogent contrary word about him in a weeks worth of searching, and I tried to find some meaningful dirt on him. Like Stanton Friedman or Richard Hall, he has avoided the winsome *woo-woo*, steered clear of the credulous *crackpot*, and sidestepped the foaming *fringe* (it would seem!). All in all, his startling claims of decades ago appear to remain unchallenged (indeed, they seem unsettlingly prophetic!), and his bona-fides look genuine. He might, actually, be the kind of man most easily typified as a truly original American of rare intelligence and even rarer talent (...and a man with strong convictions that he is not compelled to push up the observer's nose, reflexively!).

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This video is amazing! Stephen Spielberg. Dr. Alan Hynek. Stanton Friedman. Betty Hill. Jacques Vallee. Talk about a 'blast from the past'!!! UFOs Are Here! - a priceless piece of unseen UFO research material.

Excellent! (You've had) an amazing life!

Jeff Rense
Jeff Rense Program

Wow! UFOs Are Here! is fantastic! I loved everything from the opening graphics and music to the last amazing interview. This has to be the fastest hour and a half on disk. Information like this is really good because it's solid, not a bunch of theories and guesses. Maybe it's because of your reputation for being a straight shooter or maybe it's because no one was scripted - the whole thing just makes sense. What a great way to start the series! How soon is your next DVD coming out? I dare you to top this one!

Sandra Johnston
Medford, OR

Stan, I finally had a chance to see the DVD the other night and it was fab!

Paul (Rick) Price
Converse, TX

My wife and I found UFOs Are Here! very interesting and thought the interview with the Ken Arnold intriguing. It was also interesting to hear Spielberg talk of his encounters with pilots and others that had their own encounters with UFOs. All participants are believable and the case for UFOs is very plausibly made with different views being expressed. Everything from interplanetary ships to inter-dimensional travel to man-made ships.

By far the most interesting and disturbing interview is Stan Deyo's. The information that Stan presents goes beyond just UFOs to a deeper and more sinister conspiracy that all should at least be aware of to make their own decision to its validity. Ignorance of this may be devastating if the reality is true.

I appreciate the work that went into making
UFOs Are Here! and the production is of high quality. It looks straight out of Hollywood and ready for Blockbusters shelves! It was an excellent idea to do a DVD as this is the medium of the future and an obvious painstaking project  to produce such material. I believe when one hears Stan on this documentary, one must further research this topic and Stan's book, the Cosmic Conspiracy, is the best place to start.

John and Diana Butera
Woodland Park, CO

As I'm sure you're aware, most of the clips on UFOs Are Here! are one of a kind and priceless and your contribution is very compelling. You really seemed to predict the future it seems and I have not heard the words "new world order" from anyone earlier than you...

Alfred Lehmberg
Enterprise, AL

We watched UFOs Are Here! same day it arrived and we loved it! It was both entertaining and informative, and contained information about sightings we had heard very little about. We'll be watching closely for the next DVD! Thanks for a great product.

Joe Fulton
Vandalia, IL

I thoroughly enjoyed UFOs Are Here!; it was worth the wait! If I were to critique it, I'd first concede that my hopes for the DVD were biased, having read your books which thoroughly piqued my engineering interest in the technologies employed. My special hunger for knowledge pertains to the technical aspects that, with enough exposure, I think I can understand and also convey to others. Having said that, your part of the DVD was really outstanding, and the re-broadcast of the early 1980s television program was a good overview as an introduction of the subject to the public at large. It provides a 'bridge' for us to introduce the more complicated aspects of the topic to others, which I think will be important.

Don Heidbrier
The Woodlands, TX

Loved the video. . .Can't wait for MORE!!!!!

Colin Campbell
Glendale, CA

Stan, I found UFOs Are Here! very interesting! I am so glad to get this type of information on DVD because of the long archival life. Tapes deteriorate over time. It was an excellent DVD with great information! Thanks for all the work you have done and for sticking your neck out providing this information to those who are interested in staying informed! If you publish any additional volumes let me know.

Bonita Frye

Stan, you celebrity, you! You managed to get yourself hooked up with Steven Spielberg, or so it would seem. When will your hands and footsie prints be in the sidewalk at Grauman's Chinese Theatre? Or will your feet be put into a bucket of concrete in the Chicago manner?

Hugh Farmer

I just watched your new DVD - UFOs Are Here! and it was absolutely great! The DVD is just full of interesting comments from a list of historical characters relating to Unknown Objects seen and experienced in our Dimension! This is all such extremely time sensitive information drawn from the past and applied to the present. Time hasn't changed the information - only enhanced it with your application of past records and interviews on the DVD UFOs Are Here! which is only Vol.1 of The Deyo Diaries. I can hardly wait for your introduction of Vol.2!

Larry W. Taylor
Larry Taylor's website
Hugo, OK

I really enjoyed the UFO DVD ...

I am patiently waiting to order the other ones that you produce :) Have a great day!

Steven Skindell
Plymouth, MI

We watched UFOs Are Here! last night (wonderful to see you again - you're looking good). The DVD is great! It brings back memories of our first meeting and the valuable knowledge we have gained through your friendship and generosity.

Your interview on
UFOs Are Here! - that is pretty powerful stuff. We can't stop thinking how lucky you are to still be around.

Looking forward to seeing DVD number 2, it should be great!

George and Jill Rawsen
Perth, Australia

I finally got some time to view your DVD. It was wonderful! The restoration job you did was superb and the engineering involved in the restoration was only overshadowed by the great graphics you designed. The music was what I might have suggested...loved the American Indian flute (it was, wasn't it?). I thought it was quite well laid out and you melded the tape's subject matter in with your interview quite well with your intro. Very well done...indeed! I will be sending along another check for $25 soon for the second volume.

Tim Powers
Orlando, FL

We watched UFOs Are Here! same day it arrived and we loved it! It was both entertaining and informative, and contained information about sightings we had heard very little about. We'll be watching closely for the next DVD! Thanks for a great product.

Joe Fulton
Vandalia, IL

I just watched the UFO video. Thanks for doing this. You are brave and I commend you for it. When will #2 be ready? It will be hard waiting so long for all the volumes to come out!

Jane Joseph
Kansas City, MO

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