Here's the Latest Sneaky Government Scam

Check your bill and the latest Federal govt land grab today via E.O.

Holly Deyo
Feb. 20, 2015

Today I had occasion to peruse our latest Colorado Natural Gas bill. We pay up anywhere from a month to a year in advance so I had no idea where we were on our account.

Went online and saw that we have a $25 credit.

Looking further into this bill, charges appeared that I had no idea what they are for:

Amount for Actual Gas Usage: $226.53
Facility Charge: $14.00
DSM-Energy Efficiency Prig $1.17
Customer Assistance Program Fee $.28

The first 2 are easy to understand. The first is for the amount of gas used and the second line is the amount charged for getting their gas to our home.

The last 2 were stumpers.


7810 Shaffer Pkwy, Suite 120
PO Box 270868
Littleton, CO 80127
1-303-979-7680 1-800-720-8193

and asked just what is up what those mysteriously coded charges.

Talked to "Robert" and when skewered, he admitted that they are charges to fund poor people in our area.

On our paper bill every month, there is a line that allows you to add an amount to help the poor. It clearly reads "Energy Outreach Voluntary Donation".

There is no ambiguity here. There is no mystery. It is yet a 3rd attempt to extract $$ from your wallet.

When Stan and I first moved to Pueblo West in March 2001, the only option was propane. It was all good and to this day, we've kept our 500 gallon propane tank in the backyard – just in case things go south. Stan fills our BBQ grill tanks from this and it literally saves hundreds of dollars every year. Plus, when things might get jammed up, we always have fuel.

I asked the customer service person how many households Colorado Natural Gas provides. They serve us rurally located people throughout 3 states: Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Over this tri-state area, they provide natural gas to 42,000 households.

Stan and I are pretty much middle-of-the-road for usage. There's just the 2 of us + 2 dogs who think they are people. At times, as you read for Stan's Super Surprise birthday last weekend, we have house guests and it cranks up. So I'm thinking, we are really on the low side of usage.

Yet every month we are charged, without our consent, an extra $1.45. Take that times 12 months over the 7+ years it was made available to us, Colorado Natural Gas is looking at nearly $500,000 in unauthorized charges. Who knows if the poor even see these benefits or does it goes straight into Colorado Natural Gas' fat wallet?

Stan and I tithe regularly. We've given to street people and charities and homeless foundations as well as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Wayside Cross Rescue Mission and Posada, and other agencies. WE make that choice, not those raping our wallets.

When talking with the Colorado Natural Gas representative, he said it was out of their hands, not their responsibility, and to complain to our Congressman.

I did.

Called Scott Tipton's office in Washington and they denied ALL knowledge. I shared that a website blast would be forthcoming about their underhanded tactics, and so you have it. Who is lying?

Be forewarned. Check your bill. See that you aren't getting similarly blind-sided and squeezed. Giving is one thing; being forced to "donate" is another. Your bill may not be from Colorado Natural Gas, but it would behoove you to check ALL of your bills to see where and how they are getting into your wallet, sneakily, without your knowledge.


Dems demonstrated, campaigned for these 21,000 acres along the Browns Canyon to have it declared a National Monument. Greenies and those that are blind to government land grabs have long stumped, no DEMANDED, this area be a part of government owned property. They put forth, blindly, that it is to protect this area. In local current news footage, it shows this area as pristene, beautiful, perfectly kept, yet they want government to intervene, to own it, take care of it. Locals state it will fall in the cracks for funding and will be ultimately become desolate and uncared for. We Coloradans have always done the right thing by our beautiful forests and rivers, and when do the Feds? Never. It is now beautiful and loved. Come take pictures as it will fall into ruins in the hands of government.

Photo: Does Brown Canyon look like it needs Federal help to keep it pristine? We, Colorado residents take care of it.

That said, the Feds own more than HALF of Colorado, primarily our best lands. It is well known that Colorado is one, the primary, fallback location when Feds can no longer inhabit D.C. They are taking everything for themselves and the rest of us be damned. Obama grabs it by Executive Order under the Antiquities Act of 1906. Fait accompli.

From Feb. 18th's Pueblo Chieftain:

"It's that use of executive power, however, that drew the ire of Republican U.S. Reps. Ken Buck of Windsor and Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs.

"My message to the president is cut it out. He is not king. No more acting like King Barack. That is not how we do things in the U.S.," Buck said in a statement.

Lamborn struck a similar tone.

"I am outraged," he said in a statement. "This is a top-down, big-government land grab by the president that disenfranchises the concerned citizens in the Browns Canyon region."

He said residents have raised concerns about how designating Browns Canyon as a national monument would affect the area — especially its effect on grazing rights and water rights.

"It is also important for people to note that national monuments created by presidential executive order under the Antiquities Act almost always become underfunded, neglected properties," he added.

Nowhere does government intercede that it isn't a monumental FUBAR. We the people, take care of it; government exploits it.

It's all on local news. Check it for yourselves.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (5th ed.), Prudent Places USA (4th ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.) Please visit she and her husband's website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

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