Dr. Ben Carson Warns of Impending Anarchy, Financial Catastrophe

Holly Deyo
October 4, 2015

Dear Friends,

If you can ignore the oozing sarcasm, read the Huffington Post's article on Ben Carson calling him "smart" and "weird". Nice. That aside, when have you heard many people in either party warning of elections possibly not being held next year, impending anarchy and the imminent financial catastrophe? It's clear that HuffPo finds this scenario impossible. Scott Conroy does everything to make Carson look silly, when in truth, it shines another spotlight on media's unending one-sided swill. This article really should have been categorized as an opinion piece, not posing as an article penned by a senior political reporter. What HuffPo rebukes as fearmongering, those with any foresight whatsoever and who actually digest current events, call it prudent planning.

Here are a few points in Dr. Carson's warning:

DURHAM, N.H. -- With all due respect to Donald Trump -- who is, like, a really smart person, OK? -- there is little doubt about which of the two candidates currently leading in the polls would win the Republican presidential nomination if the matter were being settled by an IQ test.

Put it this way: Around the time Trump was hatching plans to build a $4 million artificial waterfall in front of his soon-to-be hemorrhaging Atlantic City casino, Carson was performing the first-ever successful separation of twins conjoined at the head.

During a swing through the New Hampshire Seacoast region on Wednesday, Carson -- who has never sought political office before -- demonstrated a wide range of knowledge on national and world issues, at one point elucidating the differences between the YPG and PKK Kurdish factions as effortlessly as if he were explaining the groundbreaking surgery techniques that he once helped develop.

And like many intellectually gifted people, Carson tends to stand out from the crowd for another reason: He's kind of an odd guy.

While Trump often appears to be playing a character, Carson -- who's currently second in national polls -- doesn't have to pretend.

First, Carson has a penchant for wading earnestly into the realm of paranoia that is more commonly found on your estranged great-uncle's Facebook page than on the presidential campaign trail.

To take just one example, last year Carson outlined his concern to Fox News' Chris Wallace that the 2016 election might not take place at all, because the impending anarchy in the U.S. would preclude it.

Carson also brings his heartfelt fearmongering to the campaign trail with a frequency that should be at least a little off-putting to anyone who's not currently hoarding seeds, ammunition and precious metals in the bunker under their living room.

He warns of the kind of imminent financial catastrophe that makes the bottom of the mattress an appealing alternative to savings accounts.

“The good name, faith and credit of the United States is the only thing our money is based off of,” he warned a crowd at the University of New Hampshire this week. “That's nothing. That could collapse overnight, and 1929 Wall Street could be a walk in the park compared to what could happen.”

… Carson is the only candidate in the race who, without batting an eye, can preach the need for "civil dialogue” mere minutes after drawing a “pretty clear” comparison between Nazi Germany and modern-day America.

Carson's contention, which he made during his speech in Exeter, was that politically apathetic Americans were similar to “those people [who] did not believe in what Hitler was doing” but “kept their mouths shut and kept their heads down.”

Mary Collins, a British immigrant who plans to vote in her first New Hampshire primary in February after passing her American citizenship test, drove an hour and a half from the town of North Sutton to see Carson on the stump in Durham. Collins said that just like the candidate, she grew up in poverty without a father in her home and went on to become the first member of her family to earn a college degree.

That a white woman from western England could identify so personally with a black American man says something about the resonance of Carson's personal story.

“I like the way that he has traditional values,” Collins told HuffPost. “I like the fact that he wants to take this country back to being the great country it used to be. I like the fact that he's a man of faith. I like the fact that he's very truthful and honest about his opinions, and he doesn't care about political correctness. He says what needs to be said."



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