Be Careful and Mindful

Holly Deyo
January 22, 2016


A couple of months ago, neighbor and friend Betty said her sister who is 76 had her purse stolen off her body at the Safeway store on 29th. I don't think any of us go there for obvious reasons. We shop closer to home in the better part of Pueblo County. Betty said her sister neither looks or acts her age, but thinking her a good target, attacked her in the FRONT OF THE STORE, ripped off her purse while bent over, so he didn't have to drag her stolen purse through the store from the back where the meats are.

Her purse was later recovered with credit cards intact, but cash gone. That I could live with, but stolen credit cards bring a LOT of drama. We've been there. This stupid wad was arrested. Purse recovered.

However, this is a REAL heads up. Much to Stan's dismay I still like to grocery shop really early wherever. Not sayin'. I really vary my schedule. A lot. Shopping in winter at that time it's darker than a coal mine. Just saying, keep your wits about you. Be truly aware of your surroundings. BE focused and aware. Anti-theft agencies say to not shuffle, forget your smart phones, your iPods, iPads, Kindles etc. Focus on getting from car to store and let everyone around you know you are watching. Heads up. AWARE. Swivel your head left and right. Walk purposefully. Smack your feet down. Don't act like a sick old fart. Be forceful, not a potential victim. Things are different from a decade ago.

This applies to all of you who don't live here in southern Colorado. This bad stuff is global; all over the map. We're hearing this from friends all over.

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