Best Ever Pie Crust

Holly Deyo
October 23, 2016

You just never know what's going to trip somebody's trigger. Last Thanksgiving I had put up this pie crust recipe on a whim after baking Stan's favorite cherry pie for him. The response was absolutely crazy. People from all over the globe wrote nice notes or phoned saying they now finally have a versatile pie crust that's just too easy, foolproof and flaky. Seriously, messages came in from men and women alike, people that are good cooks yet never ventured into the land of pie crusts, too intimidated, and theirs turned out perfectly on the first try. I used it again as recently as Saturday night for a Lemon Chiffon Pie that we served to our monthly dinner party group. Last week several requests came in asking to please repost the recipe, so here you go.

Some people hold good recipes tighter than bark on hickory, but we've always known it's more fun to share. It was my mother-in-law's recipe from 30 years ago. This truly is the best-ever pie crust. Stan says he eats my pies for the crust, which is beyond easy, flaky, versatile and foolproof. No messing around with having to cut in butter. That is an unnecessary pain. It works well for anything that needs a crust, single, double, pre-baked, meat or sweet-filled, fruit or custard, whatever. Enjoy!—Holly

HINT: I always use an adjustable rolling pin for an even crust. Don't think the one we have, which is all wood, is even made any more. Even the "guides" are wood and held in place by large "O" rings. Doesn't matter. This comparable rolling pin is what it's like and worth every penny!

Perfect Pie Crust - It's Simple-Stupid and yummy - the best kind!

2-1/4 C. (288 grams) flour
2/3 C. (156 ml) vegetable oil
1/3 C. (78 ml) milk
1 tsp. (5 ml) salt

Mix together all ingredients, but don't over-mix.

Roll between sheets of waxed paper to about 1/8” (3 mm) thick.

Makes one 9” (23 cm) double pie crust.

Works equally well in recipes that call for either a pre-baked shell (in that case, prick bottom and sides of shell or use pie weights) or bake with any filling of your choice.

For pre-baked shell, set oven at 450ºF (230ºC) and bake 8-10 minutes. For baking pies with filling, use a tin foil shield for the crimped pie edge during the first 25 minutes.

For double crust pies, lightly paint with a pastry brush the top crust with milk followed by a light sprinkle of sugar. Makes a golden brown sparkling top crust.

For savory recipes, omit the sugar on top crust.

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