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Justice Department Charges 601 People in Massive, $2 Billion Healthcare Scam
Poisonous Books Laced With Arsenic Found in a Danish University Library - and Experts Warn Museum Paintings Around the World May Contain the Same Poison
FDA Finally Approves the USA’s First Medicine Derived From Marijuana – Is Full Decriminalization Coming Next?
Bill Gates Quietly Funding Effort to Develop Thousands of New Vaccines That Conveniently ‘Might’ Become Pandemics
Government Document Confirms Vaccine Link To Microcephaly
Oklahoma Votes To Legalize Medical Marijuana
This Fungus Uses Surprising Method to Talk to Each Other to Infect You Better
Rite Aid Poised To Sell Its First Cannabis-Derived Drug
Fentanyl-Laced Flyers Placed on Texas Police Windshields — One Deputy Exposed
Drag Queen-For-Children Agenda Invades Small Town, USA
Starbucks Expands Benefits to Cover ALL Transgender Surgeries
Supreme Court: California Can’t Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion
Hantavirus Was Not the Cause of Belmont Park Worker’s Death
Formerly Straight, Now Gay, Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City star) Reveals Daughter Samantha Has Transgenered into Son Samuel
Sex Dancer Hired To Teach High-School Kids
Growing Evidence Implicates Herpes Viruses in Alzheimer's
First Human Case of Virus Spread By Mosquitoes Reported in Florida
Top 7 Noticeable Signs of Anti-Health Sabotage Indicating The Depopulation Agenda
Dem House Candidate Won’t Say How He’d Fund $32 Trillion ‘Medicare for All’ Plan
Party Dips Can Give You Herpes
Plant Can Cause 3rd-Degree Burns, Blindness Spreads
Stunning Maps Show Half of America Could Be Hit By Pandemic Within 70 Days of an 'Outbreak' as MSM Talks 'Disease X'
Former Merck Scientists Sue Merck Alleging MMR Vaccine Efficacy Fraud
Pride on Parade 
Republicans dema Demand Names of anti-Trump FBI Employees From Bombshell IG Report
Best-Selling Author Dropped as Literary Judge for Criticizing Penguin Random House's New Diversity Policy
Video Game Addiction Is a Mental Health Disorder, WHO Says
VA Discloses Rankings of 133 Nursing Homes
Radioactive Dust Found in Homes of Workers at Major US Nuclear Weapons Facility
The Importance of Dads in an Increasingly Fatherless America
National Media Ignoring DOJ Arrests of 2,300 Suspected Pedophiles
Indiana Teacher: I Was Forced to Resign Because I Won’t Pretend Boys Can Be Girls
Transgender Man's Baby Could Be First Person Without Legal Mother
Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Drinking Water for 3
rd Time
Drag Queens Replacing Road Runner, Yosemite Sam – 'Days of Innocent Saturday Morning Cartoons Officially Over'
As Stigma Lifts, More Men Opt For Plastic Surgery — From 'Torso Tucks' to Botox
Being 'Hangry' Is a Real Thing, Study Says
California University Wants Your 4-Year-Olds to Touch Each Other And Watch Porn
These Foods KILL Cancer Cells Better Than Chemo
Feds Spend $699,085 Using The Church to Tell Latinos to Exercise
Child Sacrifice Still Exists Among Some Tribes…But Western Elites See No Problem
2 More US Workers Including a Diplomat Are Pulled From Cuba And Are Being Tested For Possible Brain Injuries Following Reports of Strange Sounds
Man Admits to Intentionally Getting HIV [So He Could Infect Others With AIDS]
Vermont’s New Mandate: All Residents Must Have Health Insurance
Polio Makes Comeback in Venezuela After Decades
Shocking List of Notable Deaths in 2018
U.S. Evacuates Multiple Employees From Chinese Consulate Over Mysterious Illness
Trump Administration Tells Court It Won’t Defend ObamaCare Against Lawsuit Seeking To Cripple It
Suicide Rates Up More Than 30% in Half of U.S. States, CDC Says
Insane: Virginia School Board To Teach Children That Gender Is A Social Construct
A 3rd Gender on Birth Certificates? NYC May Allow It
Justice Dept. Argues Key Parts of ObamaCare Are Unconstitutional
Man Bitten By Severed Rattlesnake Head Nearly Died in Texas – Even After 26 Doses of Anti-Venom
It Spreads: Libraries Push Cross-Dressing With 'Drag Story Hours'
EpiPen Shortage in US
Study Reveals 45% of American Teens Are Online “Almost Constantly.” Research Reveals Software and WiFi Radiation Causes Addicted Behavior.
Your Cosmetics Contain Unsafe Ingredients: Congress May Finally Take Action–Here’s What You Need to Know
5 Dead, Nearly 200 Sick in E. Coli Outbreak From Lettuce. Investigators Are Stumped
Making Health Care More Affordable without Government Overreach
California on Front Line as STDs Run Rampant in US
With Ebola at a 'Critical Point' in Congo, Aid Groups Scramble to Limit the Outbreak
The Surprising Health Benefits of Going Barefoot
Why Are So Many Concerned About the Potential Health Dangers of the 5G Cell Phone Network That Is Going Up Nationwide?
Why Millions of College Kids Are Mentally 'Disabled'
MAY 31
What Kids Increasingly Hate About Their Parents
MAY 29
5 Lifestyle Habits to Follow to Add More Than 10 Years to Your Life
Rare Virus Kills More Than a Dozen in India, Health Officials Warn It Could Cause Global Epidemic
MAY 28
Near a Nebraska Town, Cops Seize Enough Opioids To Kill Over 26 Million
"I Heard It Die in My Head": Roach Lays Egg in Florida Man's Ear
MAY 25
CDC: More Soldiers Should Be On Anti-HIV Meds
Hockey Player, 20, Who Thought He Had a Serious Disease Finds a 25-Inch Tapeworm in His Poop That Had Been Living in His Intestine For Almost a Year
MAY 24
States Are Offering Relief From Rising Health Care Costs. Here’s How Congress Can Help.
Poll: LGBT Population in U.S. Estimated at 4.5% – Up One Whole Point in Just 6 Years
High School Students Who Will Not Smile in the Hallways Are Sent to Mandatory Counselling, While Bullying Is Rampant
Parents Outraged After Teacher Reportedly Discussed Oral Sex With Middle School Students
MAY 23
US Issues Alert After Employee in China Reports 'Abnormal' Sound Sensations
Landmark Lawsuit Claims MONSANTO Hid Cancer Danger of Weedkiller For Decades
Superbugs May Render Routine Medical Procedures Deadly
Public Support for Vaccines Has Dropped 10% in a Decade – Just 70% of Americans Believe Vaccines Are 'Very Important', Study Finds
House Passes 'Right-To-Try' Bill For Experimental Drugs
Study Finds a Weak Handshake Is Linked to Early Death From Cancer, Lung Disease, or Heart Attack
Deadly Virus Carried By Bats and Caught From Eating Fallen Fruit Claims 10 Lives as It Sweeps Southern India
Scientists Warn That 5G Tech Found in WiFi Street Lamps Is Causing Insomnia, Nosebleeds, and Stillbirths
MAY 22
Dangers of Living Near Cell Phone Towers Raised – Again
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Condoms Required at Scouts’ 24th World Jamboree
MAY 17
Court Saga Over ObamaCare Payments Reaches End – Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘The House Has Prevailed’ (and Another Leg of ObamaCare Amputated)
As ObamaCare Premiums Set to Skyrocket Again, Dems Can Only Lie
Warning: Enrolling in ObamaCare Allows Government to Link Your IP Address With Your Name
New Ebola Outbreak Causes Fatalities as Disease Enters ‘NEW PHASE’
Depopulation Virus Released—Highly Contagious ‘Death’ Disease Is Killing People
Top 10 Cities for Mosquitoes in the US
MAY 16
STDs in California Reach All-Time High: 300,000+ Cases
Why Are 28 Million Able-Bodied Adults on Medicaid?
Judge Overturns California Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide, Rules It Unconstitutional
Insulin Day of Action at Minnesota Capitol Targets Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday on Fox News Sen. Klobuchar (D-MN) ranted on how Trump’s start on bringing down prescription prices did nothing. She talked about how “insulin prices haves tripled over the last decade”. What she failed to acknowledge is that those are OBAMA years. Remember that Obama cleverly wired certain pieces of his legislation to blow up during the next administration - Trump’s. See the following related articles.
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Related: ObamaCare Architect: ACA Designed to Implode, Destroy Insurance Companies
Related: TRUMP: 2017 Was The Year ObamaCare Was 'Meant to Explode, Because Obama Won't Be Here'
Light Pollution: Its Environmental Impact and Human Health Implications
Dirty Air Can Harm Your Brain And Stress The Body
MAY 15
WHO Prepares For "Worst Case" as Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads
Here's What the Next Pandemic Pathogen Might Look Like
Major Depression Up 33% Since 2013, Study Finds
Report: Doctors Caught Overprescribing Drugs to Older People as Profits Overtake Ethics
Where You Live Has a Bigger Impact on Happiness And Health Than You Might Imagine
MAY 14
CDC: US Illnesses From Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas Tripled in the Last 13 Years ET
220 Cases of “Nightmare Bacteria” With Antiobiotic-Resistant Genes Recorded in 27 States
Over a Million Children Under The Age of 6 Are Currently on Psychiatric Drugs in America
MAY 11
Trump Readies Crackdown on Foreign ‘Freeloading’ in Bid to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Only in Australia: Parents Should Ask Their Baby's Permission Before Changing Dirty Diaper, Sexuality Expert Says
MAY 10
CONDOM CARNIVAL: Students Play Sexually Explicit Games To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood
Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Update: Florida And Texas Now Among States With Cases
First Zika, Now Yellow Fever Threatens South Florida
Ebola Kills 17 People in the Congo Raising Fears of an Epidemic
Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie – video
Man Nearly Dies From Infection Caused By Biting His Fingernails
Doctors Raise Alarm About Resurgence of Ancient Virus: 'Prevalence Is Off the Charts' in Australia ET Matthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11
…HIV Cousin Could Spread Worldwide
Massive Pollen Cloud Gets Sent Into Air After Man Nudges Tree With Heavy Equipment – video
Agricultural Waste Could Be Contributing to Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
The Problem With Prescription Drug Prices – HOLLY NOTE: This IS as bad as we thought. Some drugs marked up a shocking 100,000% and doctors often prescribe the most expensive because they get the biggest 'payback'. – video of week
Iowa Approves 'Most Restrictive Abortion Bill in US'
Phone Cancer Warning as Malignant Brain Tumors Surge
Boy Scouts Are Dropping the Word 'Boy' From the Name of Flagship Program
Goldman Sachs: No Profit in Curing Diseases
Tick, Mosquito-Borne Infections Surge in United States: CDC
Report: Alfie Evans Given Drug Cocktail Hours Before Death?
Thousands of Kids Drinking Toxic E-Cig Liquid
Teacher Tells Middle-School Student to Become LGBT Activist – Latest Incident to Push Kids Toward Sexual Alternatives
Caitlyn Jenner 'to Marry Transgender Student 47 YEARS Her Junior
APR 30
U.S. Needs 'Manhattan Project for Flu Vaccine' as 1918 Pandemic Could Break Out 'Overnight,' Expert Warns
Alfie Evans' Father Spent Last 10 Minutes of His Son's Life Desperately Trying to Revive Him With Mouth-to-Mouth
Florida Dad Outraged to Find a Question About 'Revenge Sex' and 'Baby Daddies' on His High School Daughter's Homework
University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a 'Mental Health' Issue
New, Improved Mediterranean 5:2 Diet Can Cut Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease and Even Depression
APR 27
The Sad Case of Alfie Evans: A Sordid Lesson in Government-Controlled Health Care
'DEATH WITH DIGNITY': Withholding Water and Life Support From a Sick Toddler Has Nothing to Do With Dignity
PARENTS OUTRAGED: 9th Graders Shown This 'Sex Ed' Video About Blowjobs, Sex Toys, G-Spot
Another Synthetic Pot User Dead in Illinois – 150+ People Have Gotten Sick After Using Tainted Synthetic Cannabinoids
APR 26
Anthem Sees Profits Jump 30% After Shedding ObamaCare Customers
Do Liberals Want These Migrants to Die?
Merck Accused of Fraud, Deceit, Negligence In US Gardasil Case
APR 24
Feminists Now Have Their Own Computer Font That Transforms Each Letter of the Alphabet Into a Different Image for Women’s Issues With ‘J’ Represented as a Tampon and 'T' as Ovaries and Uterus – HOLLY NOTE: Looks like 2 of their 'issues' are too much time on their hands and too much whining. Good grief.
New Zealand Braces For ‘Super Gonorrhea’: It’s a Matter of ‘WHEN, Not If’
Israeli Research Links Acetaminophen During Pregnancy to Autism, ADHD
'Smallville' Star Allison Mack Joined Alleged Sex Cult to Fill 'a Void in Her Life,' ex-NXIVM Member Says
'MASTER, PLEASE BRAND ME' Inside the Horror Sex Slave Cult NXIVM That Blackmailed, Starved and BRANDED Women’s Flesh With the Founder’s Initials
Planned Parenthood Fights Unionization Attempt from SEIU
APR 20
Curing Cancer ‘Not a Realistic Goal,’ Doctors Focus on Managing Instead of Curing Disease – HOLLY NOTE: When I was in college decades ago, one professor assured that students there would be a cure within 10 years. Now decades later, scientists are no closer to a fix. Call us cynics, but cancer is too huge a cash cow for Big Pharma to relinquish. It's our guess, that no mainstream cure will ever be available – at least not in this country.
APR 19
Miami Among Cities at Risk From Yellow Fever Spread
Here’s the Path Forward for Health Reform in 2018
How Better Treatment of the Mentally Ill Could Reduce Mass Shootings
Will Carentanil Cause the Next Opioid Epidemic in the US? – video of day
Run-ins With Carfentanil: The Opioid 5,000x More Potent Than Heroin
Arizona Reports First Carfentanil Overdose Death
A 24-Fold Rise in Organ Transplants From Drug Overdose Donors
APR 18
New Viruses, Superbugs Found in Study of New York House Mice ET Matthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11
Scientists Can’t Explain Why Diplomats in Cuba Are Suffering From ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’
APR 16
Australia Flesh-Eating Ulcer ‘Epidemic’ a Mystery, Doctors Say
Canada’s Liberal Party Considers Decriminalization of All Illicit Drugs ET Revelation 9:21
APR 13
Alzheimer’s Gene is Neutralized in Human Brain Cells for the First Time
CDC Investigating E. Coli Outbreak Now in 7 States
If You Love Staying Up Late and Sleeping In, Doing Otherwise Might Actually Hurt Your Health
Parents to Pull Kids From Public Schools to Protest ‘Graphic, Gender-Bending’ Sex Ed
Funeral Home Loses License Over Maggots, Decomposing Bodies
ACLU Sues Kentucky to Halt 11-Week Abortion Ban
Facebook 'Enabling' Illegal Opioid Sales, Says GOP Lawmaker
North Texas Pediatrician Suspended After Months Of Bizarre Behavior
APR 10
16 Democratic AGs Move to Defend ObamaCare Against Texas Lawsuit Aiming to Strike Down Law
The Disturbing Rise of Genderless Babies
ObamaCare Is Now So Expensive It Keeps Patients Away From Their Doctors
Nevada Measles Case Came From College Student Who Was Vaccinated
Russian Woman Dies After She Was 'Embalmed Alive'
Cocaine in Purse? Woman Blames It On a Windy Day, Police Say
Report: Nevada's Death Rate From Meth, Stimulants Leads US
Parents Stage Walkout Over Planned Parenthood's Graphic, Violent Sex Ed in Public Schools – HOLLY NOTE: Back in the day, our parents had to sign off if we were to be in Sex Ed class. Then we were taught the basics and the physical mechanics, in addition to pregnancy prevention and the dangers of STDs. Teachers did not delve into homosexuality, threesomes and the array of 'extra curricular' activities that 8-year-olds would be exposed to in this class.
Transgender Bathrooms to Be Forced on 4-H Kids in Another State
Surgeon Issues Rare Advisory on Opioid-Overdose Dru
TB Is Back And All Politicians Want to Do Is Bicker
Scary, Hot New Drug Called ‘Spirit Molecule’
Treatment For Autism to Start Trials After Successful Testing, Good For Alzheimer’s Too
'Nightmare' Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Detected in 27 States ET Matthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11
FDA Orders Recall of Salmonella-Tainted Kratom Products Nationwide
Trump Judiciary Creates Legal Landscape to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Pro-Life Activists Say
The 'Condom Snorting Challenge' Is Every Parent's Worst Nightmare – HOLLY NOTE: For some things, there are no words.
Turn Off Your WiFi Router Before Bed! – video
JUUL Smoking Craze Sparks Teen Nicotine Addiction Warning
4-H LGBTQ: Transgender Revolution in Rural America
Assisted Suicide Bills Dead in New England
…But Alive in Hawaii
MAR 30
Man Has ‘World’s Worst’ Super-Gonorrhea ET Matthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11
Synthetic Pot Warning Issued After 22 People in Illinois Report Bleeding From Eyes, Ears
MAR 29
Trans Couple Wed: Transgender Army Officer Hannah Winterbourne Weds Actor Jake Graf – Who Used to Be a Woman
MAR 28
Veteran Kills Himself In VA Hospital Waiting Room As Embattled Agency Reels
States Scrambling To Avert ObamaCare Sticker Shock Aftter Dems Balk At Stabilization Effort – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday a local man who was formerly active duty Marine shared that he's now waited a full year to get an appointment at the VA. Two days ago we heard rumors that VA Secretary David Shulkin was soon to be fired and it was done today.
Trump Fires Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, nominates White House Doctor as Replacement
Related: ‘He Knows He Is Done’: Veterans Affairs Chief Lies Low Amid Rumors He’ll Be Ousted
Medicaid-Covered Opioid Abuse Treatments Skyrocket
MAR 27
CDC Warns of a Second Wave of Flu Virus, Happening Now
Largest Increase in TB Cases in NYC in Quarter Century
Related: 6 Diseases Return to US – #1 Is TB
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MAR 23
World Famous Psychiatrist Warns That Increased Use of Psychiatric Drugs Will Translate to More Mass Shootings
Planned Parenthood Still Funded in New Federal Spending Bill
Scientists Have Discovered a Way to Destroy Cancer Tumors Using Nothing But Sound Waves
Male Birth Control Pill Offers ‘Unprecedented’ Results
Trace the Decline of Men to Disappearance of Fathers – video
Safe New Stem Cell Treatment Restores Some Vision, Says Study
Pope Francis Gives His Blessing for Tattoos
Girl Scout Cookies Crumble
MAR 20
Teen Suicide Is Soaring
Coroner Report: 1,030 People Killed By Euthanasia in Ontario
Watch This Typical Liberal Explain Why Murdering a 2-Year-Old Infant Is Perfectly Acceptable to Leftists
MAR 19
9/11 Hero Who Saved Hundreds Dies of Cancer at Age 45
DOJ Plans to Seek Death Penalty in Drug Overdose Cases When 'Appropriate'
Big Pharma and Its Battle Lines
Extreme Tats at London's Tattoo Convention 2018: Nothing Escapes the Ink
Millennials Piercing Their Fingers With Diamonds Instead of Rings
MAR 16
2018 Spring Allergy Forecast: Pollen Levels to Soar Early in the Southeast; Mid-Atlantic to Be Spared Harsh Season – HOLLY NOTE: According to, severe allergy conditions exist over most of the South, which is more current and accurate. While Accuweather shows low pollen in our area, tell that to our eyes and nose! shows on the 12-point (highest) pollen scale an 11.6 reading for today. They offer a great service by sending you a daily 2-day pollen forecast by entering your email here or check their 5-day forecast for your zip code online.
California Pushes Abortion By Depicting Pregnant Women as Stupid
Venezuela Faces Return of Forgotten Diseases ET
Rage Is the Order of the Day ET
Mom Who Once Married Son -- Going to Jail for Marrying Daughter
MAR 14
How One State Is Trying to Make Health Insurance Affordable Again
Court Filing Shreds Judges With Abortion Agendas
Feds Preparing Next Big Power Grab: Natural Remedies – FDA Proposing 'Guidance' That Would Take Control of Homeopathic Health Solutions – HOLLY NOTE: Rumors have floated for more than a decade that supplements would come under more scrutiny, much tighter control. This may be another false alarm, but sooner or later, they may clamp down like they did with pseudoephedrine in cold and allergy products. For example, the most OTC Claritin-D you can buy in any single month is 30 12-hour tablets. That leaves half of the month with no allergy relief. This year allergy season started early because it's already warm, windy and dry. Achooo!
MAR 12
Scientists Warn of Mysterious New Epidemic 'Disease X' Could Wipe Out HumanityMatthew 24:7 and Luke 21:11
Could Be Man-Made, Created Through Gene Editing…
College Student Barred From Class For Claiming There Are Only 2 Genders
Mother’s Day Renamed You Day by Waitrose to Be Gender Neutral
U.K.: Diners May Have Been Exposed to Nerve Agent Attack
Mississippi Legislature Passes 15-Week Abortion Ban
ObamaCare Medicaid Scandal: 21,904 Truly Needy People Died While Waiting Behind 13 Million Able-Bodied Adults
General: Physical, Mental, Moral Issues Disqualify 70% of Today's Youth From Military
Taxpayers Have Shelled Out $1.5 Billion To Abortion Providers
Lassa Fever Outbreak: Map Shows Terrifying New Plague with NO Cure SPREADING
Liberal Professor Supports Euthanizing Disabled Children Because “Parents are Harmed Seeing Their Child Suffer”
ER Visits for Suspected Opioid Overdoses Shot Up Last Year By 30%, Midwest Increased 70% ET Rev. 9:21
A Lack in Affordable Care May Lead to HIV Resurgence
As Yellow Fever Spreads Toward Big Cities, Brazil Struggles to Vaccinate Millions
Mississippi Senate Passes Nation’S Most Restrictive Abortion Ban
When Harry Became Sally
Skeptics Urge Caution as Transgender Surgeries Skyrocket
Plague ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’, Warn Scientists
Medics May Slow Biological Time to Save Soldiers' Lives
No. of Children at Time of Fukushima Disaster Diagnosed With Thyroid Cancer Hits 160
Humans Could Inhale Them: New Evidence of Radioactive Nanoparticules at Fukushima
FEB 28
Oregon Legislature Passes Bill to Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death
Who Is Benjamin Thomas Wolf? Former FBI Agent Smokes Weed in Illinois Congressional Campaign Ad – HOLLY NOTE: Have to say that I'm of 2 minds on the pot issue. In 1979 my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Docs said he would die with it, not of it. That was before they knew there are 2 kinds, one aggressive, one slow-growing. My dad died an excruciating death over 4 years as the cancer metastasized and ate through his backbone. The prostate cancer wasn't so painful as they removed his scrotum, but when your back is affected, you can't sit, stand, lie down or take a breath without brilliant, mind-blowing pain. As a personal choice, I've never done dope of any kind, but if I'd known then that marijuana was an excellent painkiller, I'd have found it and procured it for him, legal or not. Nobody should have to suffer like that. Then he was in his 70s and who would have cared if he got addicted, though I doubt that was possible. Back then the HTC content wasn't nearly as potent. Dad was a big tall man and cancer took his body weight from 238 to 138. Watching someone suffer is worse than if you have the affliction yourself. I dunno… Scripture is clear about End Times being a time of great drug addiction.
FEB 27
Texas Leads 20-State Suit Against Unlawful ObamaCare
America Uses 30x More Opioids Than Is Medically Necessary for a Population Its Size
Canadian Cruise Ship Passengers Admit Smuggling Cocaine Worth $17 Million into Sydney  
VA Secretary’s Chief of Staff Embroiled in Another Cover-Up Scandal
Millennials 'Set to Be Fattest Generation' 
Flu Forecasting System Tracks Geographic Spread Of Disease
Transgender Movement Rejected By Growing Body of Research
Body Modification Artist' Spent 10 Years Tattooing His Body Black -Including the Inside of His Mouth and the Whites of His Eyes
FEB 23
Infectious Disease Expert Warns That San Francisco Is Becoming Dirtier Than Slums in India and Brazil!
YouTube Star Who Claims Veganism Healed Her Breast Cancer Dies From Disease
‘Black Panther’ Blasted For ‘Lack Of Queer Representation’
Alcohol and Coffee Can Help You Live Past 90, Study Says – HOLLY NOTE: Decades ago, 'experts' said coffee caused cancer. Then it was pronounced 'good' last year because it helped prevent Alzheimer's and dementia. Last week, it was linked again for breast cancer, now they say it's life-extending.
Father, 51, 'Imprisoned and Raped His Twin Daughters' Impregnating One Twice
Worker May Have Exposed Hundreds to Tuberculosis in 3 Mich. Counties
Lead Found in E-Cigarette Vapors
FEB 20
Survey of Downtown San Francisco Reveals Trash on Every Block, 303 Piles of Feces and 100 Drug Needles
WHO Warns Of Soaring Rates Of Measles in Europe
Google Hopes AI Can Predict Heart Disease By Looking At Retinas
Fed Up Kansas GOP Affirms 'God's Design for Gender,' Opposes Transgender Identity in New Resolution
FEB 19
Make America Love Again! Dating Site For Trump Supporters Launches
Casual Smooch Between Gay US Skier Gus Kenworthy and His Lover on Live TV Is Hailed As Important LGBTQ Moment
Study: Whites More Likely to Get Antidepressant Prescription Than African-Americans, Hispanics
California Christian Homeschool Family Torn Apart as Children are Medically Kidnapped, Forced into Public School, and Mother is Forced out of Family Home
Related: Hawaii Bill Would Require Background Checks for Parents Who Homeschool
FEB 16
Enriched Uranium Particle Appears Over Alaska — and No One Knows Why
More Than Asparagus, These Foods Could Encourage Breast Cancer To Spread
Funeral Home That Doubled As Body Parts Broker Forced To Shut Down
6th Graders Asked: How Comfortable Are You at a Gay Bar?
CDC: U.S. Fertility Rate Below Replacement for 9th Straight Year
China Reports First Human Case of H7N4 Bird Flu
Justin Trudeau Is on Verge of Legalizing Pot For 12-Year-Olds
FEB 15
Drug Smugglers Throw $23 Million In Cocaine Overboard Trying To Evade Coast Guard – video
Libs Claim Citizenship Question On Census Will Make People Sick
FEB 14
Arizona Woman Goes to Bed With 'Pounding' Headache, Wakes Up With British Accent
'Breadcrumbing,' 'Benching’ and Other Millennial Dating Terms You Ought To Know
Senate Report Found Opioid Producers Gave $10M to Groups That Promoted The Pain Killers
U.N.'s 2nd Attempt at Including Abortion in 'Right to Life'
Americans Have an Average of 60 Bad Days a Year, Study Says
FEB 13
Teen Girl Dies Hours After Leaving School Early With Flu
Flu Season Becomes Worst Since Records First Kept
Tragic Faces of the Deadly US Flu Outbreak
Washington State Nuke Worker Who Inhaled Plutonium: ‘I’m Scared. This Is Criminal’
FEB 12
Flu Season Is Breaking Records, CDC Says
Flu Hospitalizations Rise; No Peak In Sight
Why Are People Dying From It?
Teacher, 38, Dies From Flu After Deciding $116 Medication Was Too Expensive
Mainstream Media Celebrates Growing Youth Transgender Population
The New Moral Combat in America
Spread of Breast Cancer Linked to Compound in Asparagus, Other Foods
Priest Calls for Excommunication of 14 Catholic Senators Who Voted Against Late-Term Abortion Ban
Alabama Becomes 1st State to Sue Opioid Producers
Over 200 Million Women and Girls Worldwide Have Experienced FGM
Avid Hunter Gets Both Feet, 9 Fingers Amputated After Flu Complications
Some Activists Want to Turn ‘LGBT’ Into ‘LGBTQQICAPF2K+’ for Inclusion
Priest Calls on Bishops to Publicly Oust 14 Catholic Senators Who Voted for Late-Term Abortion
More than 500K in U.S. Risk Female Genital Mutilation, Say Feds
Senators Press For More Opioid Funding As Budget Deal Nears
Study: 86% of Teenagers' Bodies Contain Gender-Bending Chemicals
Not Just Boy and Girl: More Teens Identify as 'Trans'
School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance Over Gender Issues
Actress Sarah Silverman Jokes About Eating Unborn Babies
Rush Limbaugh Rips 'Idiot' Jimmy Kimmel, Notion That Liberalism Is Linked with Higher Intellect
Norovirus Outbreak Hits Olympic Staff Days Before Opening Ceremony
Planned Parenthood Kept Aborted Babies Alive to Harvest Heart, Brain: Ex-Technician
Push to Make Drug Prices a Campaign Issue
Elephant Tranquilizer Cut Into Cocaine Linked to Several Overdose Deaths
NHS Protest: Thousands March to Demand More Cash for Broke NHS
Clergy Gather to ‘Bless’ Late-Term Abortion Facility, Claim Abortion Staff Work for God’s ‘Glory’
NBC Drama Depicts Brutal Rape of Female Conservative Commentator – HOLLY NOTE: In this Law and Order: SVU episode, the political pundit character who is raped (left) is named Martha Cobb and bears a striking resemblance to Fox News anchor Martha McCallum (right). Coincidence?
As the Beast of ObamaCare Is Put Out of Its Misery, Health Care Innovations Spring Up, Starting with Amazon, et al
Veterans Struggle to Find Mental Health Care
More Than 2,300 Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Texas
Blood Test Finds Toxic Alzheimer’s Proteins
Massachusetts Might Legalize Assisted Suicide
Monopoly to Encourage Dishonesty in New 'Cheaters' Edition
JAN 31
19 American Tourists to Cuba Report Symptoms Similar to Diplomats
WHO's Flu Warning: Mutating Virus Could Kill 'Millions'
Pandemics Becoming a Real Threat to Humanity: A Century After the “Spanish Flu” Killed 50 Million People, Humanity Now Risks a New Wave of Deadly Diseases
JAN 30
North, South Korea Hit by Swine Flu Outbreaks Ahead of Olympics
Tough Flu Season Could Kill Tens of Thousands
Man Killed After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine
Damning Report Finds 21 Million Pain Pills Flooded West Virginia Town of 2,900 – Opioid ODs Kill More Americans Than Guns, Breast Cancer
JAN 29
Flu Epidemic Has Closed Schools in at Least 12 States, and Administrators Say That's Not Normal
Fierce, Deadly Flu Season Still Not Peaked, CDC Says
…'Tough fLu Season' Hitting Baby Boomers Hard
CDC: 50,000 Americans Could Die of Influenza This Year
Virus Looks Like Flu, Acts Like Flu, But It's Not Influenza
Young Couple Contracts Hookworms in Feet at Punta Cana Beach Resort
Men Arrested With Enough Fentanyl to Kill 18 Million People Get Prison
Conservatives Are More Attractive Than Liberals, Study Finds
Voters Say Health Care Is Top Issue for 2018 Midterm Elections – Also Concerned With Economy, Jobs, Immigration, Tax Reform
JAN 26
Flu Warning: As Disease Kills Dozens in US, Doctor Says Symptoms Tend to 'Escalate Rapidly'
Church of England urges Anglican ‘Baptism’ Service as Way to Celebrate Gender Transition
Botched ObamaCare Forecasts Have CBO on the Hot Seat
How State Leaders Can Begin Undoing ObamaCare’s Damage
CNN Mocked After Declaring Cuckolding Can Be a Positive for Certain Couples
Yellow Fever Death Toll Triples in Brazil: WHO
Rocky Mountain “High” Has Brought Devastation to Colorado
State Department Spending $592,500 to ‘Explore Gender Identities of Boys and Men in Kenya’
Baby Climbs Over 2 Stair Gates Twice Her Size With Ease – video humor
JAN 23
Flu Outbreak: 100 People a Week Dying in US as Virus Continues to Spread
As Flu Deaths Rise, Churches Change Their Rules
The Sex-Change Revolution Is Based on Ideology, Not Science
JAN 19
Flu Can Be Spread Just By Breathing – HOLLY NOTE: The flu map slightly worse than last week's with disease now widespread in Puerto and appearing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The 'healthiest' state at the moment is Hawaii, but then again, there's less trans-state travel due to its remoteness.
Cancer Drug in Development Stops the Disease in Its Tracks
Report: Medicaid And ObamaCare May Be Incentivizing Opioid Trafficking and Abuse
5-Foot Long Tapeworm Came 'Wiggling Out' from Man's Body After He Ate Sushi
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L'Oreal Ad Features Woman In Hijab – But You Can't See Their Hair
Fire Cider Remedy – video
JAN 17
Black Death Plague Spread By Dirty Humans Not Rats, Study Suggests
Massive Flu Outbreak? Here’s the Real Story the Media Won’T Touch. The Lies, the Hoax, the Scandal – HOLLY NOTE: Actually the vaccine has been deem to be now about 30% effective and will eventually turn out to be 32-39% effective. The 10% rating was based on how it worked this year for Australians, but different populations have varying immunities. It turns out Aussies were more susceptible. This study showed that Americans have a higher immunity than do Australians
The Flu Is Officially an Epidemic in the US
JAN 16
Has Flu Season, In Full Swing, Reached Its Height?
A Severe Flu Season Is Stretching Hospitals Thin. That Is a Very Bad Omen
CDC Quietly Postpones Nuclear War Prep Briefing to Focus on the Flu
Black Death Fears as Girl, 9, Dies of Unknown 'Eye Bleeding' Disease in Africa
Warning Over Alarming 'Tide Pod Challenge' Detergent Eating Youtube Trend
Army Vet, 61, Sues After Discovering a 5-Inch Scalpel Was Left in His Body During Cancer Surgery at VA Hospital
JAN 12
Flu Outbreak Shuts Down Idaho School, 4 Out of 10 Kids Stricken
Diabetics Eligible for Physician-Assisted Suicide in Oregon, State Officials Say
Robin William’s Brain Reveals Crippling, Exotic Disease
Actors Nick Loeb and Jon Voight Making New Roe v. Wade Movie: The Story of What Really Happened
Meghan McCain Slams Megyn Kelly: Fat Shaming 'Is NEVER Acceptable'
When You Lose Weight, Your Fat Cells Don't Just Let Go of Fat
Benefits of No Alcohol for a Month
Florida Macaque Monkeys Carry Virus Lethal to Humans
JAN 11
Aussie Flu MORE Severe Than Swine Flu Pandemic Which Killed Nearly 300,000 People, Warns Top Professor
Flu Deaths Hit 48 With 24 People Killed in Just One Week as Aussie Flu Sweeps UK
R&B Singer Ginuwine Refused to Kiss a Transgender on Live TV and the Left Is Losing Its Mind
240+ New Ways to Battle Cancer
JAN 10
Americans Are More Immune to the Aussie Flu
Flu Kills 8 Santa Barbara Residents in Two Weeks
21-Year-Old Bodybuilder Dies Within Days of Flu Diagnosis
These Are the U.S. Cities With the Worst Bed Bug Infestations
If the GOP Controls the Government, Why Does Planned Parenthood Still Get Federal Funding?
Infection-Fighting Herbs
Time to Pay Attention: CDC BAmericans Are More Immune to the Aussie Flu
Flu Kills 8 Santa Barbara Residents in Two Weeks
These Are the U.S. Cities With the Worst Bed Bug Infestations
240+ New Ways To Battle Canceregins Instructing Public on How to Survive Nuclear War
– HOLLY NOTE: Dare To Prepare covers nuclear war protection in-depth. It IS a very survivable scenario; however, you must know what to do and make preparations in advance. Like government did for public disaster prep saying people need only keep 72 hours of food and water on hand (tell that to victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and Rita) once again they are downplaying vital safety measures. The general length of time to shelter in place depends on how close you were to detonation and wind direction and it's certainly longer than 24 hours. It also involves more than closing the door behind you and curling up with a good book while fallout falls overhead. Dare To Prepare lays out in easy-to-understand language how to correctly shelter in place as well as how to safely 'walk away' from radiation fallout.
US Flu Season Proves Unusually Severe So Far
CDC: 46 States Report Widespread Influenza Activity, Compared to Just 12 States at This Time Past Year
Severe Flu Brings Medicine Shortages, Packed ERs and a Rising Death Toll in California
Here's How Alcohol Can Damage DNA and Increase Cancer Risk
Bird Flu Scare in India: 900 Fowls Culled after H5N1 Avian Flu Virus Is Detected
Trump's Top 8 Pro-Life Victories Listed as Operation Rescue Names Him 'Pro-Life Person of the Year'
The Race to Sell New Diabetes Technology to Medicare Patients
Planned Parenthood Embraces Transgender Hormone Therapy – Organization Attempt to 'Diversify' in Wake of Dwindling U.S. Abortion Rate
Brooklyn Boy, 10, Creates Drag Club for Kids
Ancient Origin of Hepatitis B Virus Linked to 16th Century Child Mummy
New Advocacy Group Takes Aim at Family That Profited Billions off the Opioid Crisis – HOLLY NOTE: To be clear, the outrage is not that a group took them on, but that the Sackler family made $13 billion at the expense of peoples' health.
Related: The OxyContin Clan: The $14 Billion Newcomer to Forbes 2015 List of Richest U.S. Families
Hospitals Can Keep Botched Surgeries, Alleged Rapes Secret
Why Do People Get the Flu After Getting the Flu Shot? – HOLLY NOTE: This article left out a couple of other reasons. 1) The flu shot manufacturers misjudged what strain to protect against. 2) The virus had mutated sufficiently since first appearing in Asia that the vaccine wasn't effective. On a personal note, Stan and I both got flu shots, but his was the 'super dose' for those over 65. He is in the midst of a horrible case of flu, but thankfully not the deadly H3N2 strain. Unfortunately, Stan's also developed pneumonia. Nationwide, this strain accounts for 90% of all flu cases. After being around him 24/7 for 8 or 9 days of his illness, I've not caught it. Knock on wood. Go figure.
Taking Folic Acid While Pregnant Linked to Lower Autism Risk in Children: Study
Infant Mortality Is Highest in These States
Study Says That Eating Fish Improves Kids' IQ Scores
Hospitals Are Turning Flu Patients Away
The GOP's ObamaCare Dilemma
Planned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions; Got $543.7 Million in Tax Dollars
Scientists Find Alzheimer’s Treatment While Trying to Cure Diabetes
Doctors Discover Breakthrough Which Could End UTIs
Wisdom from an Old Man for Your Journey into 2018