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Illegal Alien Population by State
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
FBI Stats
20 Illegal Immigrant Facts
Sorry, But Illegal Aliens Cost the U.S. Plenty
Comprehensive Info on Illegal Immigration – Ears To Hear

OUTRAGE: Record $135 Billion a Year for Illegal Immigration, Average $8,075 Each, $25,000 in NY – HOLLY NOTE: In a decade, what America could have done with $1.3 trillion?
  • Pay off ALL existing student loan debt
  • Put 8.33 million people through all 4 years of college
  • Buy the entire NFL league, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and NASCAR, and still have well over 75% of the money left
  • Give three iPhone 8 Plus smartphones with 64GB to every man, woman and child in the U.S.
  • Pay off nearly 7% of the national debt
  • Give a $4141 present to every person in America
  • Fix half of our crumbling infrastructure
  • Pay for the damage 8 Hurricane Katrinas and 1 Gustav
  • Hire Beyoncé – one of the world's highest paid performers – to play one show every night for the next 1,027 years

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented worker’ is
like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.' —quipper unknown

House Passes Kate’s Law, but Fate Uncertain in Divided Senate
GOP: ‘Kate’s Law’ Can Break Through Dems’ Blockade in Senate
Homeland Security Chief Says Members of Congress ‘Threaten’ Him over Illegal Immigration Enforcement
Fiances Added to List of People Exempted From New Travel Ban
State Attorneys General, Governor Threaten to Sue Trump to Stop Amnesty for Dreamers
San Francisco to Pay $190,000 to Undocumented Immigrant Over Sanctuary Law Violation, Lawyer Says
Obama-appointed Judges Blocking Trump’s Immigration Crackdown
Travel Ban Takes Flight: Trump Admin Sets New Rules for Visa Applicants from Flagged Countries
Napolitano: Why Supreme Court Justices Unanimously Agreed About Trump's Travel Ban
5 Deadly Illegal Alien Criminal Gangs Thriving in U.S.A.
2-In-4: Six Fast Facts from Donald Trump’s First Immigration Report
Father of Boy Killed By Illegal Immigrant to Meet with Trump – video
60% of Americans Support Trump’s Immigrant Welfare Ban
Mexican Cartel Murders 7-Year-Old Boy near Texas Border
Pair of Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Re-arrested at Border
Video Shows Prototypes of the Border Wall – video
Border Patrol Nabs 12 Drug Mules Smuggling a Half Ton of Marijuana
7th Mexican Journalist Murdered in Months, Killers Incinerated Corpse
130 Miles of Mexico Border Won’t Need Wall Because of Natural Barriers
Homeland Security Will Start Building Border Wall Prototypes This Summer
Mexico Joins the Legal Battle Against Anti-Sanctuary City Law – HOLLY NOTE: How is it that another country thinks they have any say in our laws and the way we govern?
'Kate's Law,' 'Sanctuary City De-funding' Bills Going to House Vote
Baltimore Restaurant Owner Says 30 Employees Left Due to ICE Crackdown
Fast and Furious Whistleblower Says He Became an ‘Enemy of the State’
They’re All Around You: 5 Reasons You Should Fear the Mexican Mafia
Judge Blocks Planned Deportation of More Than 1,400 Iraqis
Border Patrol Agents Rescue Illegal Immigrant Left in Texas Heat
Former Sheriff Arpaio Back in Court, This Time Accused of Disobeying Order on Immigrants
By Unanimous Vote: High Court Reinstates Key Parts of Trump Travel Ban; to Rule on Case in October
Supreme Court: Immigrants Who Lie to Feds to Become Citizens May Lose Citizenship
Mexican Cartel Spying on U.S. Cops in Plot to Identify, Murder Informants in Arizona
Refugee Arrivals Down Drastically under Trump: DHS
No In-State Tuition for AZ DREAMers, Court Rules
Build a Wall - Around the Welfare State for non-US Citizens
1.4 Million Illegals Working Under Stolen Social Security Numbers: Audit
Deported MS-13 Gangsters Keep Sneaking Back Across U.S. Border
Sanctuary Cities Protecting MS-13 Gang Members from Deportation, Says ICE
U.S. Border Agents Warned of ‘Open Warfare’ with ‘Grenades’ in Mexico at Texas Border
Refugees from Socialism: The Next Migrant Wave Won't Be from ISIS
Related: Venezuelans Seeking US Asylum Jump 160%
Related: Food Crisis, Violence Prompt Spike in Venezuelan Asylum Seekers in Canada
Related: Venezuela: Humanitarian Crisis Spilling into Brazi
Related: Venezuelans Are Flooding into Colombia — and It's Starting to Feel Like a Refugee Crisis
Influx of Immigrants Causing Housing Shortage in American Cities and Pushing Out Many Lower-Income Citizens
Nearly 30% of Illegal Immigrant Children Housed in U.S. Dormitories Have Ties to MS-13 or Other Gangs
Trump Proposes a Border Wall Made Out of Solar Panels
Change In Welfare Policy: Trump to Ask for Legislation Barring Immigrants From Public Aid for 5 Years – HOLLY NOTE: This is just common sense. When living in Australia those 5-1/2 years, I had to prove to be totally self-supporting in order to be admitted.
Illegal Immigrant Celebrity Continues Drawing Media Paychecks While Gov't Stands By
Libs Blame WHITE SUPREMACY for Muslim Teen Murdered By Illegal Immigrant from El Salvador
20 Phoenix Cops Murdered Since 1981 – 7 by Illegal Aliens
67% Hispanics in U.S. 15 Years or More Are Functionally Illiterate – Shocking Finding: They Haven't Tried to Learn - or Even Had To – HOLLY NOTE: Two points: Without learning English, these folks will feel increasingly alienated further dividing our nation. Second, it's why for the last decade or better, signs in grocery stores and especially home improvement centers and other public arenas, are printed in both English and Spanish. It's also why many schools, instead of teaching kids English requiring them to learn, give the same lesson once in English and again in Spanish. This in essence, gives students only 50% of the teaching time single-language classes receive, putting them further behind.
Foreign Guest Workers Increasing under Trump, Say Fed Data
Graphic: Cartel Dumps Human Heads in Mexican Border State
Mexican Man Charged Trying To Smuggle Nearly $700G Out of US
OUTRAGE: 5.7 Million Noncitizens May Have Voted in the 2008 Election, Which Put Barack Obama in the White House
Being Legal in New Mexico
Kidnapped Border Patrol Agent Was Hacked with Machete, Suspects Caught
Soros Legal Alum Helps Get Illegal Alien MS-13 Member Released
Mexican Cartel Incinerating Victims’ Corpses near Texas Border
Texas Joins 10-state Coalition Supporting Trump’s Sanctuary City Order
Mexico City to Spend $5M on U.S. Migrant Housing
Supremes Could Decide to Hear Travel Ban Case By End of Week
Soros-Linked Groups Behind California Ban on Detaining Illegal Immigrants
‘Stop the Wall’ Phone App Created by Puerto Rican Professor
Obama Voters Switched to Trump over Immigration, Says Poll
ICE Deporting 199 Iraqi Felons after Trump Inks Repatriation Deal
More Than 36K Cubans Have Deportation Orders – Cubans Feel Betrayed By Obama, Who Stripped Away a Nearly Automatic Path to Citizenship
Nearly 55,000 Illegal Aliens Given ‘Protection’ under Trump, Says Fed Report
Criminal Alien Arrested 9 Days After Deportation
Border Patrol Agents Bust Previously Deported MS-13 Member at Border
Border Wall Construction Will Cost $1.6 Billion for Work to Start Next Year
Oculus VR Co-Founder Aims to Build Virtual US-Mexico Border Wall
My Hometown is Gone – the Islamization of a Small American Town
US Arrests Nearly 200 Iraqi Immigrants in Massive Deportation Sweep
Trump's Pledge to Wipe Out MS-13 Gang Paying Off in NY
Cubans Now Face Same Deportation Risk as Other Immigrants
Detention of Mexicans in Canada Spiked Since Country Lifted Visa Requirement
When “Compassion” Endangers National Security: The Landmines of Illegal Aliens Entering Military Service
Appeals Court Upholds Halt of Trump Travel Ban, But Allows DHS to Improve Vetting
Jeff Sessions on Travel Ban Ruling: 'President Trump's Executive Order Is Well Within His Lawful Authority'
Trump Moves to Accept Hundreds of Refugees from Iran under Obama Deal
Ted Cruz Suggests U.S. Military Response to Mexican Cartels
Homeland Security Secy. Kelly Suggests Amnesty for Dreamers, Implores Congress to Solve Problem
Border Patrol Arrests Attempted Cop-Killer, Child Molester after Illegal Crossing
ICE Arrests 113 Criminal Foreign Nationals in Week-Long NJ Sweep
2 Severed Heads Found Near Tourist Zone in Mexico
Border Patrol Agent was Kidnapped, FBI Leads Investigation
BP Agent Found Seriously Injured on Side of Roadway after Attack
Jesse Watters Talks to Cousin of Brian Terry About New Details in Fast & Furious – video
Border Numbers Up 31% in One Month as ‘Catch and Release’ Continues
The 'Trump Effect' at the Border: By the Numbers
Angela Merkel Trashes Border Walls in Mexico
Fast and Furious Hearing Rips Holder, DOJ for Deception in Gun-Running Scandal
150 Pounds of Meth Found In Popcorn Boxes At Border Entry
Report: Trump Suggests Solar Panels For Border
Proposed Law Would Pull Funding from Sanctuary Cities to Pay for Trump's Border Wall
Immigration Sweep Nets 70 People in Oklahoma, Texas
Homeland Security Sounds Alarm Over ‘Terrorist Travel,’ Backs Up Trump’s Case for Temporary Ban
16 States Ask Supreme Court to Revive Trump Travel Ban
American Teenagers Compete with Immigrants for Jobs: Studies Find Low-Skilled Migrants, Both Legal and Illegal, Disrupt Labor Market for U.S. Youth
White House Says Trump Still Supports Extreme Vetting Order
Trump Quietly Slashes Number of Refugees from Obama’s Target Despite Court Order
Former Secret Service Agent Speaks on His Family's 'Inspirational' Immigration Story – video
GENIUS: How About E-Verifying Tax Refund Recipients?
Drug Cartel Delivers Texas Truck Full of Bodies in Mexican Border State
Soros-Linked Group Pushes for Taxpayers to Fund Criminal Illegal Aliens’ Lawyers
Case of Alleged Hit-And-Run Driver Deported 17 Times Is a '‘Wakeup Call,’ Senator Says
Bilingual Education in USA in Infancy, But Growing
Texas Moves to Consolidate Challenges to 'Sanctuary Cities' Ban
Illegal Migrant Abandoned in Desert Calls 911 for Help
LA Mayor: Immigration Arrests Could Cause a 'Tinderbox'
Trump Admin’s Travel Ban Case Goes to Supreme Court – VP Pence: Coming to America, into our country, is a privledge, not a right.
Puerto Rican Nationalist and Convicted Felon Steps Aside from Role in NYC Parade, de Blasio Says
36 Killed in Month-long Cartel War Near Texas
Feds, City Blast ‘Dangerous’ Sanctuary City Warnings in D.C.
‘Sanctuary Cities’ Have Until End of June to Comply
Trump to Sell California to Mexico! (satire humor)
Border Patrol Agents Discover 14 Illegal Immigrants in a Dump Truck
Border Agents Say ‘Acting’ Status of Agency Chiefs Has Hampered Enforcement Efforts
Trump Administration Approves Tougher Visa Vetting, Including Social Media Checks
Woman from Ghana Likely Walking to Canada Freezes to Death in Minnesota
MAY 31
Supreme Court Rules Statutory Rape Does Not Automatically Trigger Deportation
Republicans Are ENDING Temporary Visa Loopholes
Immigration Report By Texas Republican Sparks Physical Altercation from Democrats on House Floor
Obama Nearly Doubled Number of Juvenile Illegal Aliens Given Amnesty, Says Expert
MAY 30
Study: More Than 7,400 Illegal Votes Cast in Virginia Alone Since 2011 – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to believe people can't scrape together the few dollars necessary for a driver's license between presidential elections. That's 4 years. Using Colorado as an example, a DL is $26 for a new one. A simple photo ID issued by the DMV is only $11.50 if under 60; over 60 and it's FREE. So Progressives saying requiring a license is punitive toward those on a tight budget is ridiculous. Surely people can earn $6 extra a year. If nothing else, you can get that from collecting roadside soda cans and bottles. For photo ID costs in other states, go here.
Trump Set To Roll Back Obama's Cuba Policies
Sewage Seeping from Mexico into California Causing Rashes on Border Patrol Agents
VISA Overstays: A Gap in the Nation’s Border – After Decades, Billions of Dollars, a Major Terror Vulnerability Still Persists
'Sanctuary Cities' Protests Interrupt Texas House Session
MAY 29
Salvadoran Officials Overwhelmed by Returning Deported Gang Members 
Arkansas Raid Lands 52 Suspected Drug Traffickers in Jail
Open Borders Group: 600,000 Illegal Aliens Could Receive Amnesty
Meet the Unsung Heroes of the US Border Patrol
Trump’s $1.6 Billion Budget for Border Walls – Mostly for South Texas
Homeland Security Sets Border Wall Cost at $21.6 Billion – Would the Wall Be Effective? Former Border Patrol Chief Weighs In – video
MAY 26
MS-13 Extorting Sanctuary City Businesses, Say Police
4th Circuit Keeps Block of Trump's Travel Ban
Trump Will Appeal Travel Ban to Supremes
ICE Arrests Nearly 200 Illegal Immigrants in California
DHS: Border Patrol Agent Dead from Cartel Member Stabbing
MAY 25
Obama Admin Knew MS-13 Gang Members Were Part of Illegal Immigrant Surge: Whistleblower
Open Border Liberals Who Live Behind Walls In Gated Communities Should Immediately Stop Talking
Trump Budget Would Force Sanctuary Cities to Comply with Immigration Laws
Migrants Stop Working Harder Than Brits After 2 Years, Study Finds
MAY 24
Banamex USA to Forfeit Nearly $100M after Money Laundering Probe
Two Previously-Deported Sex Offenders Arrested Again near Border
Expert: Mandatory E-Verify ‘Is Coming’
Trump Border Wall Costs $24.5M Per Mile
Cartel Massacres, Rampant Corruption Taint Mexican Border State Elections
MAY 23
Obama’s ICE Released Nearly 600 Sex Offenders after Countries Refused Deportation
CBS: 800 Churches Nationwide Harbor Illegal Immigrants
Justice Department Asks U.S. Judge to Reconsider Ruling Against Trump Sanctuary Order
Staggering Number of Visa Overstays Now Biggest Problem in Illegal Immigration – 740K Illegal Immigrants Came Legally But Didn’t Leave in Time in 2016
Trump Seeking Only $1.6 Billion for Border Wall in 2018
Trump Calls to Cut Off Tax Breaks for Illegal Immigrants
Colorado Governor Pardons Felon to Stave Off Deportation
'El Chapo' Case Judge Executed Outside Home
MAY 19
Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Faces Deportation for 7th Time
Trump Says Border Wall Will Stop Drug Cartels That Have ‘Literally Taken Over Towns and Cities’
Shootings, Kidnappings Mark 3rd Week of Mexican Border City Cartel Violence
Trump: 'Walls Work. Just Ask Israel'
MAY 18
Dozens of MS-13 Gang Members – Most Illegal Aliens – Nabbed in 50 Los Angeles Raids
Arrests of Illegals Up 38% 
Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 120%
Cuban National Faces 30 Years for Immigrant Smuggling Operation
MS-13 Leader ‘Greenlighted’ Hit on 2 Sanctuary City Teens, Say Feds
Suffolk County Prosecutors Helped Boston Slayer Avoid Deportation after 2 Crimes
Illegal Immigrant Gets 50 Years for Producing Child Pornography
U.S. Yanks Scathing Report Blasting DHS for Catching Less than 1% of Visa Overstays
Sanctuary Cities and the Bible: Exclusive: Joseph Farah Calls Immigration Policy 'a Precedent for Anarchy and Rebellion'
Byron York: Senators Tell Sanctuaries to Obey the Law, or Pay for the Wall
MAY 17
Mexico Deports More Hondurans Than the U.S.
West Africans in Minnesota to Lose Temporary Immigration Status Granted During Ebola Epidemic
Immigration Hawks Trash GOP Border Bill
Biometrics: A Different Kind of Border Wall
Mexican Journalists Protest Over Javier Valdez Killing
The H-1B "Scam" Exposed
MAY 16
2 Illegals Detained By ICE While Working at Air Force Base
MAY 15
6 Latin King Gangsters Charged in Street Stabbing, Beating of Crippled Man
America’s Death Coming By a Thousand Visas: Expert Warns of Many Legal Paths Muslims Take to U.S. for Civilization Jihad
Hong Kong Rejects Asylum for Refugees Who Sheltered Snowden
Immigration Dangers Rise as Many Now Breach Guatemala-Mexico Border By Sea
Border Patrol Agents Seize Massive Amounts of Drugs After Migrant Crossings Drop
Conservatives Are Anti-Illegal Immigration
Man Calls 911 in Florida to Ask to Be Deported
30 Immigrants Getting 2-Year Extensions
MAY 12
DHS Arrests Nearly 1,400 Suspected Gang Members
33 States Consider 'Sanctuary' Crackdown – 2x Previous Year
Democrat Texas Sheriffs Tell ‘Half-Truth’ About Crime in Sanctuary Cities, Says PolitiFact
Border Patrol Seizes 12 Pounds of Heroin After Chase
Fully Loaded: Cartels Smuggle 1,100 Pounds of Pot to US in New Ford Fusions
Final Panel of New Section of Border Fencing Installed in Southeast Arizona
Trump's Tough Immigration Rhetoric Slows Illegal Border Crossings: 'We're at a Trickle'
What's Behind the Plunge in Illegal Border Crossings? – video
Food Stamp Applications Fall Amid Deportation Fears
American Replaced by H-1B, Forced to Train Foreign Replacement, Making Run for Congress
‘Build That Wall,’ Other Student Quotes Cause N.C. High School Yearbook to Be Canceled
MAY 11
Father of Injured Child Speaks Out on Drunk Illegal Alien Deported 15 Times in Crash That Injured His Son – video
INVASION USA: How to Pay for the Wall – Andy Schlafly Calls Barrier 'the Most Cost-Effective Infrastructure We Could Build'
ICE Sent Its Officials to Tolerance Seminar for Tens of Thousands of Dollars
Mexican Cartel Gunmen Hold Prayer Meeting Before Carnage at Texas Border – video
Mexico Ranked Second Deadliest Country in the World
MAY 10
Deported 15 Times, Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Hit, Run; 6-Year-Old Hurt
ACLU Issues ‘Travel Alert’ for Texas after Sanctuary City Ban
Mexican Cartel Using Armored Trucks in War at Texas Border
Fed Tech Slowed ICE Agents Tracking Visa Overstays, Report Finds
15 Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Alleged Identity Theft
Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Helps Slow Illegal Border Crossings By 76%
Illegal Immigrants, Families Are Safe in Public Schools
Mexico Slams Texas Sanctuary City Ban
Attorney General Sues Austin, Others In Bid to Settle Sanctuary City Debate
Texas Fires Preemptive Strike in Court over Sanctuary City Law
'Tear Down This Wall:' Border Concert To Defy Trump
NY Times: Legal Immigrants Opposed to Sanctuary Cities
Raging Cartel War Kills 20 in Mexico at Texas Border
Immigrant Who 'Killed Boston Doctors' Has Bank-Robbing Rapsheet – Outrage after Convicted Criminal Allowed to Stay in U.S.
It’s Time for the Feds to Go After Those Who Employ Illegal Aliens
ICE Announces Crackdown on Congressional Interference with Deportations
Open Borders Lobby Demands End to Deporting Criminals
Trump's Revised Travel Order Faces First Test in 4th Circuit Hearing
Texas Governor Signs Toughest Sanctuary City Law in USA
Mexican Authorities Arrest One of DEA’s Most Wanted — Judge Releases Him
Parents Catch Illegal Alien Allegedly Raping 15-Year-Old Daughter
Report: ICE Hindered in Catching Visa Overstays By Incompetence, Inefficiency
Central American Migrants Riding ‘Death Train’ to Defy Trump’s Border Enforcement – HOLLY NOTE: One has to hope they will be turned back at the border. This truly IS an invasion.
Petition Tells Congress: Build the Wall! Trump Campaigned on It, But a Bush Law, Supported By Obama, Authorized It
Taxpayers Forced to Cover Legal Costs for Illegal Aliens
Mexican Cartel Offers Rewards for Rivals' Heads - Border City Issues Red Alert
Two Days After Winning Leadership Award, Illegal Immigrant Student Suggests Celebrating Cinco De Mayo By ‘Beating The S**t Out of White People’
Illegal Alien Rapes 4 Year-Old While Recording Crime on Phone
ICE Seeks to Deport Coach Accused of Raping 7-Year Old Girl
‘DREAMer’ Returns to Mexico After Embezzlement Charges; Lawyer Plays Teen’s Felony Charges as a “Mistake"
Border Patrol Catches Woman Smuggling 3 Pounds of Heroin Strapped to Buttocks
Trump's Refugee Order Back In Federal Court This Week
Punishing Sanctuary Cities: Controversial Texas Bill Heads to Governor's Desk
Judge Ignores ICE, Illegal Accused of Rape Now on the Run – video
Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Machete Double Murder Deported
Illegal Alien Raped 9-Year-Old Girl In Massachusetts
Refugees Fleeing U.S. for Canada over Open Border, Report Says
Advocacy Groups Demand ICE Release Mexican Reporter Seeking Asylum
Mexican Cartel Power Vacuum Spikes Terror in Border City
California Woman Gets Green Card After 16-Year Wait, Cries Tears of Joy
Sean Spicer Promotes ‘Bollard Wall’ Fencing to Satisfy Budget Critics
California Mulls Blacklist for Border Wall Contractors
Texas Legislature Sends ‘Sanctuary’ Ban to Governor
MS-13 Gang Members Charged in Machete Attack in New York
At This Point in the Fiscal Year, More Refugees Have Entered US in FY2017 Than in Any of the Previous 10 Years
White House Adamant Budget Lays Groundwork for Wall
Trump: Wall Necessary Despite Drop in Number of Illegal Immigrants Caught at the Border
Top Immigration Group Pulls Trump Endorsement Due to Betrayal on Immigration Promises
DOJ: 1 in 4 Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born – Justice Dept. Says Cost of Incarcerating Non-Citizens In Federal Prisons Exceeds $1.2 Billion
'Hundreds' of Border Wall Designs Submitted to DHS
Homeland Security Chief John Kelly Shocked By Dems’ Glee Over Blocked Funding for Border Wall
Illegal Immigration Tax Burdens Would Cover Border Wall Costs, Expert Says
Amnesty is Dead
5 Texas Border Sheriffs Who Were Linked to Mexican Cartels
ICE Arrests 175 Illegals with Violent Criminal Record in 5 States
Trump Assists Victims of Criminal Aliens: Finally, Immigration Policies That Serve and Protect Americans
Protesters Decrying 'Sanctuary' Bill Stage Sit-In at TX State Building
Spicer: 'Make No Mistake,' The Border Wall Will Be Built
67 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Casket at Arizona Checkpoint
Mexican Man Arrested with Nearly $400K of Fentanyl
Los Zetas Cartel Dismembers Rival in Mexican Border State – graphic
Top 9 Mexican Drug Cartels Currently Operating in the US
Spending Bill Language Omits Funding for Border Wall, Sanctuary Cities Crackdown
Grief Fuels California Father’s Fight to End Illegal Immigration
May Day: Anti-Trump Illegal Aliens Vow ‘Biggest Workers Strike in over a Decade’
Border, ICE Agents Detain Three Sex Offenders a Week – Importance of Immigration Enforcement Highlighted By Scale of April Arrests, Drug-Interdictions
CA Sheriff Hits Back at "Sanctuary State" Rhetoric by Showing Just Who Would be Protected
1 in 8 Children in California Schools Have an Undocumented Parent
Scholarships for Illegals Would Be Funded By Higher Student Fees at Catholic University
AG Sessions to MS-13 Gang: ‘We Are Targeting You’
Mexico’s Government Warns U.S.A. to Not Build Border Walls
What Happens When More Immigrants Live on Welfare Than We Can Afford?
Immigration By the Numbers – video
APR 28
Border Patrol Agent: Smugglers Could Be Using Open Border to Bring in Middle Easterners – HOLLY NOTE: This is truly old news. A I wrote in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, Border Agents and ranchers in the area have found Qurans, prayer rugs and other Islamic material for more than a dozen years. See next article.
Related: Stopping Terror at the Border
Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill - 9/11 Commission Identified Immigration Fraud as a Key Embedding Tactic of Terrorists
House Oversight Testimony: ‘America Has Spoken–We Want the Wall Built Right Away’
Tribal Leader Threatens Protest If Border Wall Is Built
Tucker: Sanctuary City Ruling Sets Standard for Civil War – video
Texas House Passes Bill to Jail ‘Sanctuary’ Sheriffs, Police Chiefs
Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill - 9/11 Commission Identified Immigration Fraud as a Key Embedding Tactic of Terrorists
Illegal Immigrant Teen Charged for Alleged Sibling Rape
Where Immigration, Jobs and Infrastructure Meet
Immigration Hawks Grade Trump’s First 100 Days
Canadian Sent to US Prison for Smuggling Immigrants in 1999
APR 27
Sanctuary Cities Fight: Judge Who Blocked Trump Order a Democrat Activist
Trump Slams Sanctuary City Ruling, Says Opponents Are 'Judge Shopping!'
DREAMers Descend on Texas Capitol for Sanctuary Cities Fight
Stretches of Border See ‘Hours to Days’ Response Time from Agents, Says Hurd
3 Tricky Ways Politicians Argue Against Border Walls
Jamiel Shaw: 'My Son Was Murdered by a DREAMer' – An 'Illegal Alien on 3rd Gun Charge' – HOLLY NOTE: I've heard Mr. Shaw interviewed numerous times on the murder of his son. By all counts, he was an amazing young man whose life was cut short at age 17, by a DREAMer, convicted felon and gangbanger.
Migrants Who Allegedly Raped Woman on Facebook Live Jailed for Two Years
Mexican Border Mayoral Candidate is Brother of Los Zetas Cartel Boss
APR 26
Obama Appointee Blocks Part of Trump’s Executive Order on Sanctuary Cities
…Had Bundled $200K for Obama
Illegals Thwart Immigration Laws with Help from Lawyers, Judges, Educators
WH: Sanctuary Cities Have ‘Blood of Dead Americans on Their Hands’
DHS to Open Office for Victims of Crimes by Illegal Immigrants
Too Little Too Late? Obama Urges Supporters Not to Label Opponents of Immigration Reform 'Racist'
Ted Cruz Calls for $14 Billion Seized from ‘El Chapo’ to Fund Border Wall
Trump Tweets: Democrats Help MS-13, Heroin Smugglers by Opposing Border Wall
Congress Stalling Border Wall Funding
Conway: Democrats’ Wall Opposition Is About Trump, Not Policy
Pew: Illegal Immigrant Population Declines to Great Recession Level
95 Arrested in Southeast Texas During 5-Day ICE Operation Targeting Criminal Aliens, Illegal Re-Entrants and Immigration Fugitives
Mexican Illegal Immigrant Who Was Deported 16 Years Ago 'Snuck Back into U.S. and Raped a Sleeping 9-Year-Old Girl'
Ranchers Living on the Border Fire Back at Nancy Pelosi – video
Conway: Building Border Wall Remains a ‘Very Important Priority’ for Trump
5 Mexican Cartel Bosses Caught Hiding in Texas
APR 25
Trump Budges on Border Wall Funding, Easing Shutdown Standoff
Texas Border Towns May See First Sections of Trump’s Wall
AG Jeff Sessions Says Ending Improper Tax Credits to Illegals Could Pay for Border Wall
Illegal Immigrants Coached On How to Avoid Deportation
Illegal Immigrant Driver Intentionally Killed Bicyclist, Police Say
64% of DEA Fugitives Are from Mexico, Figures Show – HOLLY NOTE: Have you noticed that MSM is selling the story that illegals are mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador? That would be more alarming since those are the countries of origin for the ruthless murdering MS-13.
Illegal Immigrant Accused of Killing Elderly Man
NYT: Immigration Hard-Liners Rising in Trump Administration
The Real Culprits Behind The Human Waves of Migrants
APR 24
Trump May End Repeatedly Extended Haitian Migrant Program: 'Temporary' Protected Status for 50,000 Refugees Living in U.S. under DHS Review
Mulvaney: Democrats Obstructionism on Border Wall ‘Stunning’
Pence Embraces US-Australia Partnership After Trump Spat
California Senate Leader de León: Trump Immigration Crackdown ‘Based on Principles of White Supremacy’
REPORT: ICE Failures Under Obama Leave 2.2 Million Deportable Aliens with Criminal Records on the Streets
Former NYPD Commissioner Weighs in on Sanctuary City Debate – video
5 Border Horrors Establishment Media Mostly Ignore
ICE Deports Twice-Removed MS-13 Gang Member Wanted for Murder in El Salvador
Chutzpah: Imam of 9/11-Linked Mosque Demands Open Borders in San Diego – video
Perfect Storm Advancing Upon America: National Suicide
Drug Traffickers Killed in Shootout Near US-Mexico Border Spark Huge Riots
APR 21
DHS Secretary Kelly says Dreamer Lost Status Because of ‘Illegal Actions’
ICE Is Overworked and Losing Track of Immigrants Who Pose National Security Threats
Border Wall Will Move Forward By Summer's End
Jeff Sessions Cites 'Incredible Progress' on Immigration at the Border
Mexico to US: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Is a 'Violation' of Rules
31 Border Patrol Agents in Texas Recognized for Heroism
Four MS-13 Members Convicted in Racketeering Case
APR 20
Smuggling By International Crime Syndicates Is What Keeps Homeland Security Chief Up at Night
Border Patrol Agents Save 2 Men From Drowning in Rio Grande
Montes a Dubious Poster Boy for Activists Fighting Trump’s Immigration Policies
San Diego Park Mural Critical of a Border Wall Called 'anti-American'
APR 19
Officials Defy Trump’s Promises: 40 Miles of Border Ordered Unpatrolled
Sex Offender Cuffed Again 6 Days after Deportation – HOLLY NOTE: News of another deviant sounds like a broken record since there's so much of it occurring. These criminal illegals are bad boomerangs – repeat bad behavior, repeat re-entry.
Reality Check: Most Illegal Aliens Routinely Commit Felonies
U.S. Border Officials Suspected of Working with Drug Smugglers, Says Border Patrol Council President
Cartel Violence Kills 10 near Texas Border – graphic
Mexican Politicians Welcoming US Deportees Back Home – video
Homeland Chief: Terror Threat from Southern Border Keeps Me Awake at Night
First Deported DACA Recipient Sues Trump Administration
Seattle Doling Legal Aid for Illegal Aliens
New York Towns, Cities Follow AG’s Order to Adopt Illegal Alien Sanctuary Laws
Pro-Immigration Activist Goes Missing While in Caravan to US Border from Mexico
Democrats Offer Worst Case (of course) Border Wall Scenario: Could Stretch 1,827 Miles, Cost Nearly $70B
APR 18
Trump to Sign ‘Hire American’ Executive Order That Would Change Visa Program
Trump: Illegal Immigrant Criminals Are 'Getting the Hell Out'
This Is What Happens When the US Government Gets Serious About Our Borders
APR 17
DHS' Kelly Defends More ICE, Border Hires; Says Illegal Immigrants Must Be 'Dealt With'
Why MS-13 Is More Dangerous Than ISIS – video
Judge Jeanine: MS-13 Gangsters Came Here Under Obama Policy – video
Trump Brings Justice for Brian Terry. Will He Go After Eric Holder Next?
Cartel Terror: Gunmen Open Fire on Crowd in Mexican Resort Town
Mexican Fugitive Governor Arrested – Second in Days
A Third Fugitive Mexican Governor Faces New Charges in U.S.; None in Mexico
4th Journalist Murdered in Mexico Within Weeks
APR 14
Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 143% 
Enviros File Lawsuit to Stop Border Wall
GAO: New Border Fences Stop Illegals, Boost Safety
Border Wall Prototypes to be Erected in San Diego in June
Twice Deported Man Charged for Molesting Minor at Day Care 
Pew: Most Hispanics 'Confident about Their Place in America'
Kansas Prosecuting Illegal Immigrant for Casting Vote
4 Bodies Found in Long Island Park Most Likely Victims of MS-13, Officials Say
Michael Cutler Moment: Lethal Sanctuary Cities – video
APR 13
Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Kills for Parking Spot
Feds Wrangle Guilty Plea from Brazilian Who Smuggled Dozens of Illegal Immigrants into the U.S. from Terrorism-Connected Countries
Report: Trump Deporting 4,000 Somali Migrants
Trump Is Resettling Syrian Refugees at a Much Quicker Pace Than Obama
Pakistani Smuggles 81 Illegal Aliens Across U.S.-Mexico Border for $1 Million
Poll: Majority of Americans Want Merit-Based Immigration
Suspect Believed to be Responsible for Death of Border Agent Brian Terry Arrested in Mexico
Lansing, Michigan Rescinds 'Sanctuary' Status After Criticism From Businesses
Texas Governor: Build Border Wall With 'Sanctuary City' Funds
Why Sanctuary Cities Encourage Illegal Immigration: The More Undocumented a City Has, The More Seats It Gets
White House Suspends Sanctuary City Reports Over Accuracy Concerns
Virginia Illegal Immigrant Charged in Sex Abuse Case Involving 12-Year-Old Girl
Mexican Couple Traveling with 5-Year-Old Son Arrested for Smuggling Drugs in California
Mexican Leaders Caught Lying Again in Cartel Extradition Fight with U.S.
APR 12
Sessions: 'The border Is Not Open. Please Don't Come'
Jeff Sessions Puts Illegal Aliens on Notice: "This Is the Trump Era"
Sessions Targets Mexican Cartel Activity on Border
ICE Arrests 367 in 1 Week
The Case Against Legalizing Unknown Millions of Illegal Aliens: A Supposed “Solution” That Would Be Catastrophic for America 
Mexico Backs Down in Fight With U.S. over Extradition of Cartel Governor
APR 11
Murder Scene Announces Cartel Arrival Near Texas Border City
HALF of all Federal Crimes Immigration-Related
Illegal Aliens Suing Detention Center for ‘Forced Labor’
GOP Leaders Dropping Border Wall Funds, Says Report
Immigration Altering the Political DNA of America
California Declared Sanctuary State, Muslims Rejoice
Assaults Against Border Patrol Officers Double
Maryland Lawmakers Withdraw ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill That Challenged Trump’s Immigration Policy
APR 10
Sanctuary Cities Have Higher Crime Rates – Statistics Show Disparities With Other Municipalities Grow Over Time
Arrests of Illegal Criminals Jumps 250% in 1 Week
Police Report: Migrant Crime Drastically Increased in 2016
Obama’s DOJ Protected Alien Child Rapist Now Accused of Murder 170404.Armando.Rodrigo.Garcia-Ramires
Why Immigration Doesn’t Work: Most Critical 2017 American Video
Fugitive Mexican Border City Priest Wanted for Rape
What Trump's Border Wall May Look Like: Here Are the Proposed Designs
Sanctuary Cities Release 65 Criminal Aliens Wanted by ICE
D.C. Area ICE Roundup Nets 82, Including MS-13 Members
Feds, Wildlife Groups Use Bogus Endangered Species Science to Block Border Fence
Father, Daughter Accused in US Visa Fraud
DHS Chief: Don't Expect Border Wall 'From Sea to Shining Sea' – Company Proposes Storing Nuclear Waste Along Wall
Wall Cut Illegal Crossings by 94%, Says Fmr. Border Chief
Border Wall Contractors Fear Attacks During Construction
Town Where Muslims Assaulted 5-Year-Old Wants More Refugees
Brandon Darby: Border Patrol Agents Feel Betrayed by the Trump Administration
Texas ‘Sanctuary’ County Shielded Dozens of Violent, Criminal Aliens
DHS: Courthouse Arrests Are Necessary Because of Sanctuary City Policies
Immigration Officers Arrest 79 Illegal Immigrants Near DC
Budget Woes Keep Frontline Agents without Training, Gear, as Border Patrol Brass Enjoys Caribbean Powwow
Illegal Immigration Down 67% Under Trump: Former Commissioner
Border Apprehensions Hit 17-Year Low in March
ICE Nabs 31 Criminal Aliens, Immigration Fugitives Around New York City
Border Wall 'Critical' for Reducing Crime, Former Agents Testify
Immigrants’ Children Assimilating to Gangs
Spotlight on Migrant Crimes Drums Up Support for Trump's Immigration
153 Arrested in ICE Immigration Raids in South And Central Texas
Dems Push Ban on ICE from Courthouses
California Senate Passes ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill
Sen. Jeff Stone: "By Passing This Today You'll Be Kicking the President Right in the Groin, and I Can Imagine He's Going to Strike Back"
NYPD Skirts ‘Sanctuary’ Promise
400 Mexican Soldiers Headed to Border in Hunt for Gulf Cartel Boss ‘Comandante Toro’
Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged in Murder of Teenager in Virginia
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare
Kyei: Rahm Needs 'Nice Warm Jail Cell' If He Ignores Sanctuary City Crackdown – video
Nick Adams: "I Was an American Trapped in an Australian Body" – video