The next time some Aztlan fanatic tells you the U.S. stole the
American Southwest, please direct them here:

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Illegal Alien Population by State
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
FBI Stats
20 Illegal Immigrant Facts
Sorry, But Illegal Aliens Cost the U.S. Plenty
Comprehensive Info on Illegal Immigration – Ears To Hear

OUTRAGE: Record $135 Billion a Year for Illegal Immigration, Average $8,075 Each, $25,000 in NY – HOLLY NOTE: In a decade, what America could have done with $1.3 trillion?
  • Pay off ALL existing student loan debt
  • Put 8.33 million people through all 4 years of college
  • Buy the entire NFL league, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and NASCAR, and still have well over 75% of the money left
  • Give three iPhone 8 Plus smartphones with 64GB to every man, woman and child in the U.S.
  • Pay off nearly 7% of the national debt
  • Give a $4141 present to every person in America
  • Fix half of our crumbling infrastructure
  • Pay for the damage 8 Hurricane Katrinas and 1 Gustav
  • Hire Beyoncé – one of the world's highest paid performers – to play one show every night for the next 1,027 years

Calling an illegal alien an ‘undocumented worker’ is
like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.' —quipper unknown

ICE Nabs Nearly 500 Aliens in Sweep of Sanctuary Cities
OUTRAGE: Record $135 Billion a Year for Illegal Immigration, Average $8,075 Each, $25,000 in NY – HOLLY NOTE: In a decade, what America could have done with $1.3 trillion?
Pay off ALL existing student loan debt
Put 8.33 million people through all 4 years of college
Buy the entire NFL league, Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL and NASCAR, and still have well over 75% of the money left
Give three iPhone 8 Plus smartphones with 64GB to every man, woman and child in the U.S.
Pay off nearly 7% of the national debt
Give a $4141 present to every single person in America
Fix half of our crumbling infrastructure
Pay for the damage 8 Hurricane Katrinas and 1 Gustav
Hire Beyoncé – one of the world's highest paid performers – to play one show every night for the next 1,027 years
Feds: Every Legal Mexican Immigrant Sponsors 6 More to US – HOLLY NOTE: This is why The Succeed Act aims to end chain migration.
Border Apprehensions Surge as Undocumented Immigrants Try to Get in Before Trump’s Wall Advances
House GOP Poised to Move $10 Billion for Border Wall – HOLLY NOTE: This ridiculous excuse for a border wall allows people to easily scramble over it and in others, merely wall through because NO wall exists.
Texas Border Agents Nab Gang Members, Illegals Convicted of Manslaughter, Sexual Assault
Maine Gov. Tells Sheriffs They'll Be Fired for Defying U.S. Immigration Officials
52 Muslim Migrants Set to Arrive in U.S. from Australian Refugee Camps
Trump's Border Wall Is Being Built – Work Under Way on First Prototypes in San Diego – HOLLY NOTE: In a ploy, California bureaucrats complain that the wall is in breach of environmental rules. Since when does that trump national security?
Sen. Lankford Announces Conservative Plan to Fix DACA – video
Texas Asks Residents to Disclose Sanctuary Cities
Prosecutors: Mexican National Helped Smuggle Mexicans into US via Canada
Trump Cuts Obama’s Refugee Target In Half, Takes More Christians Than Muslims
Trump's DACA Decision Hit with 5 Lawsuits in 3 Weeks
Governor Threatens to Remove Maine's Sheriffs, Asks ICE to Investigate State's Refugee Groups
Trump Adds North Korea, Venezuela, Chad to Travel Ban List
Growing Number of Chinese Smuggled Through San Diego Border
Will Trump Open U.S. Doors to Another Country's Muslims?
Church Shooting Spree Stopped By Usher with Gun: 1 Dead, 8 Injured, Including Gunman – from Sudan
Los Zetas Cartel Stockpiling Weapons Near Texas Border
Second Man Charged for Deaths of 10 Illegal Aliens in Texas
2 Teens – One an Illegal Alien– Charged for Allegedly Kidnapping and Filming Rape, Sodomy of Fellow HS Student in Md.
Illegal Immigrant Sexually Assaults 6-Year-Old Girl in Her Own Bed
Illegals in Detention Want $11 an Hour Pay
‘Sanctuary Family’ Sitcom In the Works at ABC
What DACA Proponents Really Want Is Open Migration, Not a Tweak to the Law
Trump's Border Wall: A Look at the Numbers
California Sues to Block President Trump's Border Wall
Texas Border Democrat Caught Using N-Word in Tirade
DACA Denial Rate Doubles Under Trump Administration
Trump Administration More Thoroughly Vetting DACA Applications
Liberal Unrest Threatens Dem Immigration Strategy
Crackdown: Large-Scale Dairy Farmer Pleads Guilty to Harboring 100 Illegal Immigrants
Convicted Rapist Throws Fit While Being Deported, Report Says
'You Don't Have a Right to Demand Anything': Tucker Blasts DACA Activists Shouting Down Pelosi – video
Dreamers Shout Down Pelosi Over Trump DACA Deal – video
Lawmakers Vote to Make California a Sanctuary State – video
Trump Admin Moving Ahead with Test Designs for Border Wall – DHS Awards 8 Contracts for Prototypes
Tancredo: Churches Have Dogmas and Missionaries, Free Nations Have Constitutions and Borders
California a Step Closer to Becoming 'Sanctuary State' – video
Judge Blocks Trump on Threat to Punish Sanctuary Cities – HOLLY NOTE: Prior to Obama's election he promised to 'fundamentally transform' America. He kept his word. Now politicians ignore subpoenas and lie under oath, while deep state bulldozes the Will of the People. States, counties, cities and municipalities extend their middle finger to federal law by harboring, no, welcoming in illegal aliens and drug cartels – aided by left-slanted judges in their very liberal courtrooms.

Between 2010 and 2013, Obama imported nearly 300,000 unvetted new immigrants from Islamic nations – more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined and favored Muslims over Christians. They are quietly, skillfully changing the religious fabric of America with some places wanting sharia over the Constitution. People toss around labels of 'racist' and 'fascist' to indicate someone that disagrees with them when polite discourse used to take place.

Obama wrecked healthcare, shrunk the military to pre-WWII levels, welcomed same-sex marriage, allowed liberal district court decisions to be accepted over the Supreme Court, shoved us further in debt than the 7 previous presidents combined and demonstrated more anti-Israel sentiment than any Commander-in-Cheif except Jimmy Carter. This will culminate in a severe thumping from God unless Trump corrects this path (Genesis 12:3 KJV).

Last, Obama has fomented more racial discord that any prior president. Under Obama, certain leaders thought people should be given a place to riot and burn. When has it ever been OK to trash innocent victims' property and businesses? They're not protesters. They're domestic terrorists of a different sort and 100 degrees of unacceptable. Taken together, we have a catastrophe at hand because Obama kept his promise.
Hungary Builds a Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration By Over 99%
Related: Hungary's Border Fence Is Working – Prior to Building It, Up to 10,000 Migrants Illegally Entering Hungary Daily.
House Passes Bill to Deport Suspected MS-13 Gang Members
Mexican Governor Denies Cartel Violence Despite 32 Executions in Days – graphic warning
Illegal Alien NBA Hopeful Charged with Sexual Assault Denied Bond
College Park Vote on Noncitizen Voting Rights Was Insufficient, City Says
Right Explodes in Anger Over Trump's Immigration Push
Trump Bucks the Trend, Does the Right Thing for DREAMers – HOLLY NOTE: Our personal opinions aside, Rand Paul came up the best solution so far. Let them stay, but count 200,000 against the 1 MILLION legal immigrants we take in every year for the next 4 years. They then go to the back of the line for any path to citizenship. It's disappointing Trump isn't tying DREAMer amnesty – for that's what it is – to additional wall funding. He truly dropped the ball when he was in field goal range.
Trump Says ‘the Wall Will Come Later’
Families of Illegal Alien Murder Victims Confused, Angered by Possible DACA Deal – Trump ‘Looked Us in the Eye and Told Us That Our Family Members Didn’t Die in Vain’
Fury: ’Don’t You Dare Turn Your Back on Angel Moms Who Stood By You!’
Tucker: Trump Gets Nothing with Dem DACA Deal – video
POTUS: ‘We’re Not Looking at Amnesty. We’re Looking at Allowing People to Stay’ – HOLLY NOTE: If they came here illegally and are allowed to stay, what else can one call it? It is a form of amnesty. As to Angel Moms – those women whose children were murdered by illegal aliens, most DREAMers aren't murderers. Each one needs to be vetted for criminal activity and those who've committed crimes, they (some who are now as old as 32) and their parents need to be sent back to their countries of birth. The rest who have learned English, aren't sucking on welfare, are productive, contributing members of society, let them stay. If Trump caves or messes this up, his base will bury him and Ann Coulter's last night tweet will look sweet compared to their fury.
Donald Trump: The Wall Is Actually Just Renovation of Old Fences – HOLLY NOTE: If he thinks that, then he hasn't viewed large portions of the nearly NONEXISTENT U.S.-Mexico border fences where anyone can literally step or swim across.
House Agrees to $1.6 Billion for Border Wall – HOLLY NOTE: For something this vital, .
13% is starkly puny.
3 Problems Could Block Democrats' DACA 'Deal' with Trump
Trump Is Right to Punish Nations for Failing to Repatriate Deported Citizens
Schumer, Pelosi Announce Deal with Trump on DREAMers, Border Security Increased, Wall to Be Excluded
Report: Trump Caves on DACA, Wants ‘Quick’ Amnesty for 800,000 Illegal Aliens
Trump Pushes Back on Dems' Claims of DACA Deal
Marc Short, Former Leader of Koch Never-Trump Effort, Now Pushing DACA Amnesty as White House Staffer
Ann Coulter Furious, Rips Trump for Defending DREAMers: Who Doesn't Want Him Impeached Now
College Park, Maryland Will Allow Illegals and Non-Citizens to Vote in Local Elections
DC Suburb to Allow Illegals to Vote – video
Despite Intense Aug. Heat – Alien Families, Minors Cross Border in Dramatic Numbers
Steve Cortes: Border Wall Is Like Locking Your Door at Night
Photos Show Armed Mexican Cartel Smugglers Sneaking into U.S., Feds Confirm
Portland Police to Stop Identifying Gang Members … Seek to Avoid Labels
Tump Admin. Debates Lowering All Refugee Admissions Down to 50,000
Trump Punishes Sanctuary Countries, Halts Visas for Nations That Refuse to Cooperate on Deportations
Trump Wants Border Wall, But Won’t Insist It’s Part of ‘Dreamer’ Bill
Paul Ryan Reportedly Says No Chance for Border Wall at Private Dinner
Loophole Lets 40,000 Immigrant 'Students' into US
Voters Don't Believe Immigration Reform Will Lead to Border Control – Need The Wall
Related: Voters Want Tightly-Controlled Borders
Chicago Asks for National Halt to Trump Immigration Rules
Immigration Arms Race Begins on Capitol Hill
Congress Shoves Dreamer Fix Down the Docket – HOLLY NOTE: Trump gave Congress 6 months to pass legislation allowing 800,000 DACA people to stay here legally. Should they not take on this issue and avoid it as they've done for decades, it will be Congress' fault, not Trump's, they've been sent back to the land of their birth. Once again this illustrates the legislative branch's inability to make decisions. Should it come to this, watch media – and Congress – try to play, 'pin the tail on Trump'.
President Trump's DACA Decision Puts Immigration Fix in Hands of Congress Just 48% Favor Continuing ‘Dreamers’ Program to Shield Illegal Immigrants
After 'Sanctuary City' Win Against Trump, San Francisco Faces Taxpayer Suit Over Deportable Illegals
Congress Plots to Sneak Legal Immigration Hike into Spending Bill
Democrats Caught in Major Lie About DREAMERS – video
Supreme Court Temporarily Lifts Restrictions on Trump Travel Ban
Mexico Sends Top Official to California to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation  Luis Videgaray
Mexicans in the U.S. Sent a Staggering $69 Billion Back Home – More Money Than Ever – HOLLY NOTE: Many illegals are paid under the table and therefore not taxed, so all this money flows straight into Mexico. One article pointed out that Mexico gets money by Mexicans in the U.S. sending 'remittances' to their country than from oil exports. No wonder Videaray is on a mission to keep illegals in the U.S.
Border Apprehensions Increase for 4
th Straight Month
Report: 600,000 Illegal Immigrants Live in Houston Area
Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes: DACA Will Spark GOP ‘Civil War’ if Republicans Cave
Environmentalists File New Challenges to Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes
Donald Trump on DACA: ‘Chuck and Nancy Want to See Something Happen – and so Do I’
Report: DACA Fraud Rate ’40% to 50%’, Says Former Immigration Official
AP Calls Them ‘Undocumented Citizens’
3 Big Reasons to Oppose DACA Re-Amnesty
Sen. Thom Tillis: DACA -- Yes, There Is a Compassionate, Conservative Solution
3 Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Members Arrested in Ohio, Georgia
Steve Bannon Issues Blistering Critique of Catholic Bishops on DACA: 'They Need Illegal Aliens'
Authorities Discover Cartel Mass Grave near Texas
DACA Illegals Reject Compromise: Demand Amnesty – HOLLY NOTE: Not all DACA people strive to 'become American'. Last week, drama arose about Trump repealing Obama's E.O. and placing responsibility on Congress to pass legislation within 6 months. Media interviewed an adult DACA woman and she needed a translator, couldn't speak any English.
Feds: 30% Surge in Illegals Losing DACA Freedom for Crimes, Gang Violence
States Sue Trump to Restore DACA, Say He’s Discriminating Against Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: When do state leaders put Americans first for a change.
Kansas Secretary of State Explains Why Amnesty Has to End – video
Feds: 30% Surge in Illegals Losing DACA Freedom for Crimes, Gang Violence
Trump Called 'Racist,' 'White Supremacist,' 'Pure Evil' for Ending DACA – But Did He Really Put Stop to Obama's Amnesty Bonanza?
Sessions Announces End of Special Protections for Illegal Aliens
Trump Says He Will Revisit DACA Decision If Lawmakers Don't Act
In Classrooms Across America, I Watched DACA Students Soar
Trump’s DACA Decision Puts Dreamers’ Future in the Hands of Congress – HOLLY NOTE: As well it should be and not Trump's doorstep yet for blamed for some other administration's follies. Obama's. A day or two ago, we heard a Dreamer steamed by the rule of law – all in Spanish. Couldn't speak a word of English. Her 'drama' was translated into English yet she'd been here 20 years – illegally – and hasn't assimilated. The favored established story line is that these 800,000 illegals should be welcomed here, brought here illegals by their parents. We get that and are hugely sypathetic. BUT their parents were the ones in violation. You don't just get to come here because you think it's better than Mexico. It all comes down to 2 things. Dems want illegals' votes and Republicans want cheap labor. Neither sticks by the rule of law and consequently, neither has the cojones to do the right thing.
DACA Re-Amnesty Vote Jammed By Congress Calendar
Trump Faces Legal Hurdles If He Decides to Defend DACA in Court
Lewandowski: If Trump Scraps DACA, It's Because It's 'Unconstitutional'
Ryan in 2014: Executive Amnesty Is Unconstitutional
Related: 22 Times President Obama Said He Couldn’t Ignore or Create His Own Immigration Law
Related: Obama: I Can't Just Suspend Deportations Through Executive Order, There Are Laws on on the Books – flashback
Obama in His Own Words March 2011: Can't Stop Deportations Through Executive Order – video
Obama Will Reportedly Speak Out If Trump Ends DACA – HOLLY NOTE: It wouldn't be Trump that ends illegal DACA, but Congress if they choose to do so, as legislation falls to them. Trump has given Congress 6 months to fix this mess. They've let it ride for years so Obama stepped in with un unconstitutional EO. Trump's response? See next article
Trump Tells Congress 'Do Your Job' on DACA Replacement
Kris Kobach: Immigration Policy Should Put Economy First – video
Open Borders, Corporate Interests Brace for End of DACA
Gridlocked: DACA Re-Amnesty Vote Jammed By Crowded Congress Calendar – HOLLY NOTE: The person on the right holding this sign needs to check the facts. The U.S. purchased the majority the American Southwest in 1848 and southern Arizona in 1853. They and people belonging to groups like Aztlan and La Raza (now preferring to be called UnidosUS) always seem to conveniently forget this detail. Trump has given Congress 6 months to fix this mess.
Trump to End DACA with 6-Month Delay: Report
The Side of DACA the Media Won’t Tell
Trump Uncovers Evidence of Dreamers Loophole Hidden from Congress by Obama
He’s Still ‘Sheriff Joe’ – and Here Comes His 2nd Act
DHS Taps 4 Vendors to Construct Border Wall Prototypes
Report: White House Weighing Mexican Remittance Fee to Pay for Southern Security Wall
Trump Expected to Announce End to Obama-era DACA, Official Says
White House: No Decision on DACA Yet
Zuckerberg Group: 700K American Job Openings If DACA Ends
AUG 31
Federal Judge Blocks Texas' New Sanctuary City Law
Texas Police Won’t Stop Illegal Immigrants from Harvey Relief
Voters Who Supported Democratic Senators in the Past Want Immigration Cuts
The Pros and Cons of Letting the Venezuelans In
AUG 30
Denver Bans City Officials From Working with ICE – video
In Denver Visit, Vicente Fox Praises City’S Immigration Efforts, Blasts Trump on NAFTA and Border Wall
ACORN Sues California to Allow More Illegals to Vote
Dreamer Applications Dwindle as Trump Considers Renewal of Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Program
Marco Rubio Asks Trump to Give Venezuelans
AUG 29
DHS Takes Next Step on 'Extreme Vetting'
Border Patrol Checkpoint in New Hampshire Nets Arrests of 25 Illegal Immigrants
Hitting Hypocrites: Trump Slams Obama and Clinton for Their Clemency Decisions, Stands By Arpaio Pardon
Illegal Immigrant ‘Dreamers’ Plant Roots in U.S. under Obama Amnesty
Trump Expected to Decide Soon on Fate of 'Dreamers'
GOP Gov. Rauner Accused of Making Illinois a 'Sanctuary State' with New Law
AUG 28
30 Illegal Immigrants Nabbed in San Diego Tunnel
Trump Renews Pledge That Mexico Will Pay for Border Wall
Chicago Group Pleads for Immigrant Workers While Black Youth Remain Out of Work
Border Apprehensions Up Amid Political Uncertainty
McCain Leads Criticism of Trump Over Arpaio Pardon
Historian Doug Wead: All Presidents Use Pardon Power – video
ACLU Asks Border Patrol to Stop Enforcement During Texas Hurricane
Map: Border Walls Rise Around the World
AUG 25
Oldest, Newest: Woman Becomes U.s. Citizen at 103
Undocumented Immigrants Land on San Diego Shores, 12 People Arrested in Ocean Attempts
Reports: Globalists in White House Oppose Trump’s Border Wall, Reforms
US Town Experiences Massive Change After Border Fence Goes Up
Peace Through Border Security
AUG 24
Democrats Brand Trump as Reckless, Redouble Resist Vow After Shutdown Threat on Border Wall
Trump Weighing Amnesty Deal for 800,000 Illegals
DHS Issues Warning to 4 Countries Refusing to Cooperate on Deportations
Former Nanny Accused of Burning and Beating 3 Toddlers as Part of Daily Torture Routine Is Sentenced to 15 Years
Related: Illegal Alien Nanny Charged with Intentionally Burning Child, Caught in ‘Horrific’ Nanny Cam Video
Cartel Gunmen Kill 10
th Mexican Journalist in 6 Months
Calif. ‘Sanctuary City’ Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Dismissed
L.A. Looks to Join Fight Against Trump Administration Over Threats to Withhold Anti-Crime Funds for Sanctuary Cities
What I Learned After Being Robbed at Gunpoint in Mexico
AUG 23
Phoenix Becomes Illegal Alien Sanctuary after Leftist Group Orders it in Private Meeting with Police Chief
Previously Deported Convicted Rapist Caught Crossing Mexican Border
Trump Visits Arizona in Push for Wall Funding, More Border Agents
…Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall Funding
Trump Hits 4 Countries With Visa Sanctions
State Department Issues Travel Warning for Mexico
MS-13 Member, Child Rapist Arrested Crossing into Texas
Mexican Cops Probe U.S. Border Meth Labs after 6 Tons of Precursor Intercepted
AUG 22
Boston: Iranian Military Agent Caught Trying to Enter U.S. at Logan Airport
Mexican Sewage Warfare Blocking Border Enforcement, Agent Warns
Related: Millions of Gallons of Mexican Waste Threaten US Border Patrol Agents
Trump Moves to Expand Deportation Dragnet to Jails
Poised for September Fight over Border Wall
'Sanctuary Schools' Defy Immigration Crackdown
AUG 21
Drone Used to Smuggle Meth Across US-Mexico Border
60 Illegal Immigrants Locked in a Frigid Trailer Rescued By Border Patrol
Man Arrested after 23 Immigrants Found in Semi Near El Paso
U.S. Halts Non-Immigrant Visas in Russia as Diplomatic Standoff Deepens
Using the Islands to Get Around U.S. Immigration Laws
AUG 18
‘Unchecked Mass Migration’ Could Cause Deadly Disease Outbreak, Claims Report
6 Bogus Arguments Against Trump's Immigration Reform Bill
Majority Says Immigrants Should Adopt American Culture, Poll Finds
AUG 17
Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old ‘Thousands of Times’
20 Illegal Aliens Found Locked in a Semitrailer in West Texas – HOLLY NOTE: This is getting to be a thing. This is at least instance #3 that's been exposed in the last several weeks. Despite the vast uptick of intercepted illegal aliens barging through our borders, they are still getting through via these semis. Moreover, check points are evidently not checking truckers, which leads us to the uncomfortable thought that instead of illegal aliens, they could have just as easily brought in terrorists. Less than 2% of sea-tainers are checked by Customs. We are so vulnerable, it makes your eyes water.
Border Patrol Vehicle Sprayed With Manure After Immigration Argument
HUGE MS-13 BUST: 'Columbus Clique' Group Rounded Up in Midwest Raids
Sessions Blasts Chicago Over Sanctuary Policies, Touts Miami-Dade Reversal
Feds Agree to Mental Evaluations for Illegals Seeking Asylum
GRAPHIC: Corpse Left Hanging from Overpass As Cartel War Rages in Mexico
Texas Illegal-Immigrant Disaster: Suspected Driver of Crowded Truck Indicted, Could Get Death Penalty
AUG 15
Trump 'Seriously Considering' a Pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Spanish Beachgoer Was Kidnapped, Murdered in Mexican Border State, Police Confirm
Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 64% in July
Feds Accuse Former Texas Police Chief of Working with Mexican Cartel
AUG 14
Illegal Immigrants Found Locked in Hot Tractor-Trailer in Edinburg, Texas
Not So Long Ago, Democrats Favored Immigration Curbs
ACLU Sues ICE for Arresting Suspected Alien Teen Gang Members
AUG 11
Sanctuary Cities and the Rule of Law
86 Guatemalans Arrested at Texas Border in Single Incident
American Tried to Sell Satellite Tracking Tech to Mexican Cartels, Says FBI
Feds Offering Possible Change in Visa Status to Persuade Illegal Immigrants to Turn on MS-13
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Welcomes Criminal Aliens
Jalisco New Generation Cartel Reportedly Makes New Members EAT Flesh of Victims
Mexico Sees 2,020 Killings in March, Worst Month Since 2011 – HOLLY NOTE: It was startling to read yesterday that a Mexican cartel had opened fire yesterday on tourists in Los Cabos. We used to vacation in Cabo quite often. Loved it. Friday, our neighbor and his entire family including 4 grandkids, just returned narrowly missing the massacre. The chances of visiting Cabo again are nil. Trump is right about getting the border wall erected. We do not need easy access for more of these murdering cartels to come into the U.S. They have no respect for life and zero compunction about taking it. We truly have barbarians at the gate.
Illegal Immigration Spikes in July; Unaccompanied Children +27%, Families +46%
Emails Show Rahm Emanuel Used Sanctuary City Issue to Bolster National Image after Having Called for “Record Deportations of Criminal Aliens”
Obama Eased Rules to Welcome 1 Million Illegal Youths into U.S., Status Now in Doubt
OUTRAGE: Maryland City, Others, to Decide on Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Vote
Spurred by Trump, States Battle Sanctuary Cities
Sanctuary City Objects to Arrest of Accused Illegal Alien Child Molester
Sessions: Sanctuary City Chicago's Hostility to Law-Enforcement Protection 'Astounding'
80% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities According to Harvard-Harris Poll
Democrats Now Turn Against Immigration Point System When Trump Gives Support
14 Years Later, ICE Makes Arrest in Deadly Atlanta Shooting
Steve Hilton: WH Immigration Policy Is Reasonable, Not Racist – video
Cartel Gunmen Fired Machine Guns on Tourists at Mexican Vacation Spot of Los Cabos
Immigrant Deaths Increase on U.S.-Mexico Border
Chicago Preps Lawsuit Against Trump Administration Over Sanctuary Cities Threat
California Bans ICE Agents from State Labor Offices to Protect illegal Workers
MS-13 Leaders in El Salvador Giving Green Light for Hits Here, Says Texas DA
Trump Deporting ‘Children’ for Mere Suspicion of Gang Membership, Says ACLU – HOLLY NOTE: At 17, 18 and 19 years old, these are street-smart adults, not children.
Denver Considers Ordinance Protecting Illegals From Feds
DOJ Threatens to Withhold Crime-Fighting Funds from 4 Sanctuary Cities: Baltimore, Albuquerque, Stockton, San Bernardino
Polls Show Huge Public Support for Trump’s Immigration Reforms
Stuart Varney: I'm an Immigrant and I support Trump's Immigration Plan
Why Trump Wants to Change the Act That Led to Decades of Unintended Consequences
LA Made $1.3B in Illegal Immigrant Welfare Payouts in Just 2 Years
Levin: Purpose of Immigration Is to Benefit American Citizenry – Not the Alien Foreigner
Trump Told Australia's Prime Minister Refugees Won't Be Working for 'Local Milk People' – HOLLY NOTE: If these 1,200 weren't sketchy, you can bet that Turnbull would have kept them to keep the peace with the new President. Australia wouldn't even let them on their continent. Instead, they kept them 'warehoused' on Manus Island – in Papua New Guinea.
Trump Unveils Bill to Transform Legal Immigration System
Pres Trump and Sens. Cotton and Perdue Introduce "The RAISE Act" – video – HOLLY NOTE: When moving to Australia is 1996, I went through Australia's vetting and it was significantly more stringent. A merit based system is fairer and like Australia, puts national interests before applicant immigrants. As numerous pundits have stated, just because foreigners want to come to the U.S., it doesn't give them that right. Ironically, all those celebs that threatened to move to Canada if Trump got elected and Progressives who wanted 'dreamboat' Trudeau as their president, this is the immigration law they'd be living under.
John Cornyn to Introduce Border and Immigration Security Bill
Trump Aide, CNN Reporter Spar Over Immigration Plan
States Whose Voters Want to Cut LEGAL Immigration by at Least Half
DREAMer Accused of Brutally Raping Woman in Seattle Suburb
Former MS-13 Assassin on 'Tucker': 'It's Easy' for Gang Members to Enter US
Media Sympathizes with MS-13, Lambasts Trump
Trump Administration Cracks Down and Cuts Funding to “Sanctuary Cities”
'Foreign Infiltration' Feared Amid 'Security Risks' in Pentagon Immigrant Recruit Program
'Hunting MS-13': What We Learned – video
ICE Arrest 650 Illegal Immigrants During 4-Day Operation
Speaker Ryan Posts Video of Visit to Southern Border: ‘It’s Time for the Wall’
Shocker: Surveys Show 60% Opposition to All Immigration
David Perdue, Tom Cotton to Unveil Skills-Based Immigration Bill at White House Wednesday
ICE Arrests 120 Illegal Alien Children with Criminal Records and Gang Ties
Obama Welcomed in These Sub-Humans: Meet the Worst MS-13 Thugs Being Hunted Down By Federal Agents – HOLLY NOTE: Their motto of ‘Mata, roba, viola, controla’ means 'Kill, steal, rape, control'.
MS-13 Gang Member Nabbed at Border Had Been Deported
DHS Waives Environmental Laws to Begin Building Trump Border Wall
Audit Blasts Trump Plan to Hire 15,000 New Immigration Agents
Chicago Tribune Offended by DOJ’s Use of Term ‘Illegal Alien’
Arpaio Plans to Appeal Criminal Contempt Conviction Over Detention of Illegal Immigrants
Portland's Sanctuary Policies to Blame for Horrific Rapes, Says GOP Leader
Accused MS-13 Murderer Entered U.S. under Obama’s Catch-and-Release
NYPD ‘Powerless’ to Stop Naked Illegal Alien Panhandlers – video
18 Texas Sheriffs Ink Immigration Enforcement Partnerships
Mexican Army Seizes Three Tons of Drugs at Texas Border
Oregon Sheriff Releases Alien Felon with Immigration Hold before 2 Women Assaulted
Had Been Deported 20-Times…
Video Shows Mexican Teen Drinking Liquid Meth in Front of US Border Agents, But Youth Dies Hours Later
Watters' Words: Vicious Consequences of Illegal Immigration – video
DHS: 2.6 Million H-1B Foreign Workers Approved to Enter US in Last Decade
Los Zetas Dump 9 Bodies with Narco-Message near Texas Border – graphic warning
Another Human Trafficking Disaster: Nearly 150 Smuggled Central American Migrants on Way to U.S. Rescued in Mexico
Surge in Asylum Requests Overwhelming Feds
Nearly 1 Million Illegal Aliens Now Have Driver’s Licenses in California
Jeff Sessions in El Salvador to Tackle MS-13, Shows Coordination with White House
Open Border Attorneys Beg GOP to Dump Border Wall Funding
15 Arrested During DACA Lawsuit Protest at Texas AG’s Office
Trump Admin Escalates Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities
ICE Chief Wants to Slap Smuggling Charges on Leaders of Sanctuary Cities
Some of Survivors from the Deadly Human Smuggling Incident Discovered in San Antonio Will Testify If They Get Visas to Stay in the U.S.
Obama's U.S.-Australia Refugee Deal Is ‘Worst’ in Decade, Says Expert
Border Patrol Agent with Glowing Career Fights to Stay on Job
Illegal Immigrant Mother Who Sought Sanctuary in Church Granted Deportation Stay
ICE Arrests 114 in New York Operation Targeting Fugitives, Illegal Immigrants
Border Lawmaker Works with Silicon Valley on 'Smart Wall'
Malkin: Who Owns Border Death Truck Tragedy? Mexico!
San Antonio Trailer Deaths: Driver Charged After 10 Die in Sweltering Truck
Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Repeatedly Raping 12-Year
ICE Chief Lists Worst Sanctuary Cities: Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, Philadelphia
…Vows to End Human Trafficking, Target Cartels
ICE Director Thomas Homan: Illegal Immigration Is Not a Victimless Crime – video
9 Die in Sweltering Truck In Illegal Immigrant-Smuggling Attempt: Survivors: More Than 100 People Packed into the Back of the 18-Wheeler – HOLLY NOTE: Even though apprehensions since Trump have improved greatly and illegal border crossings are down, this undetected semi could have easily carried terrorists. We need more border agents and that wall.
'Ruthless Human Smugglers' Blamed for Deaths of 8 People Left in a Truck in 100-Degree Texas Heat
3 People Found in Car's Trunk During Immigration Inspection
U.S. Immigration Raids to Target Teenaged Suspected Gang Members
Narco-Terror: Mexican Cartel Begins Using IEDs
Flow of Asylum Seekers Crossing into Canada from U.S. Rises
Replacement Migration: UN Promotes Plan to Replenish American and Other Wealthy Countries' Aging Population and Population Decline Through Forced Migration
Senators Graham, Durbin Introduce Bipartisan Dream Act
California Judge Refuses to Bring Back Trump's Sanctuary Cities Ban
ICE Chief: We're Coming for Sanctuary Cities. And We're Not Sorry.
Thousands of New ICE Agents to Be Sent to Sanctuary Cities – video
Mexican Cartel Convoy Ambushes Border State Cops, Kills Bystander
South Carolina Restaurant Worker Who Allegedly Dumped Newborn in Trash Had Been Ordered to Leave US
Lawful Mexican Immigrants Among the Least Likely to Become U.S. Citizens – HOLLY NOTE: This is hardly cost prohibitive if they could move their entire household, possessions and family here. The current filing fee is $725 – $640 for citizenship application fees and $85 for a background check.
More Than Half of New Green Cards Go to People Already Living in the U.S.
House Democrats Cry Russia in Failed Effort to Derail Border Wall Funding
President of Latino Group: ‘La Raza’ Name Was 'a Barrier to Our Mission' – HOLLY NOTE: "A rose by any other name is still a rose" and so is the group who called themselves The Race.
Phoenix PD’s Sanctuary City Proposal Could Trigger Spike in Violence, Say Officers
Democratic Lawmaker Wants Second Statue of Liberty on Mexican Border – Immigration Enforcement Advocate Says Rep. José Serrano 'Has No Idea' What American Landmark 'is All About' – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to imagine a more astonishing display of ignorance.
DHS Grants Small Number of Guest-Worker Visas, Tests Trump’s ‘America First’ Promise
Border Patrol Union Chief Praises 'Miraculous' Drop in Illegal Immigration under Trump
Border Patrol Morale at Highest Level, Says Agent
How Mexican Cartel Gunmen Drove Through U.S. Border Security – Twice
Immigration May Be the Biggest -- and Least Expected -- Legislative Victory This Year
Authorities Find 400 Pounds of Marijuana Hidden in New Cars Shipped from Mexico
Federal Government Pays Texas Counties to Track Illegal Immigrants
It’s Happening: New Photos Reveal Trump Administration Preparing U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Construction
Trump’s DHS Considers Expanding Expedited Alien Deportations
Dead Bodies in the Desert Prompted Tougher Border Measures in Arizona
Previously Deported Nigerian Pleads Guilty to Ripping off the US for $12 Million
DOJ Ask Supreme Court for 'Immediate Intervention' on iMmigration Ban, Documents Show
Hawaii Judge Orders Loosening of Trump Travel Ban – Ruling Applies Nationwide – HOLLY NOTE: How can a state judge have more authority than the Supreme Court?
Trump Should Stand Up to Liberals, Republicans Alike to Win on Immigration
Trump Wants See-Through Border Wall So Agents Don't Get Hit By 60-Pound 'Sacks of Drugs'
Phoenix PD Bans Officers from Asking About Immigration Status, Calling Feds in Violation of State Law
Immigration Agents Continue Enforcement Even in Cities Hostile to Them
Illegal Immigrant Who Sneaked into US 7 Times Was Drunk During Deadly Crash That Killed Father of 3
US Hits 50,000 Refugee Limit, But Some Will Still Trickle in
DHS John Kelly to Dems: Accept Immigration Compromise or Watch DACA Die
Donald Trump’s Aides Develop Plans to Halve Legal Immigration
This Insane Loophole Lets Illegal Aliens Get Food Stamps & Americans with the Same Income Don't
2 Mexican Cartel Men Imprisoned after Incinerating Victims near Texas
Iranian Researcher Denied US Entry Has Ties to Militia
Acting ICE Director: Sanctuary Cities Are un-American – video
Zuckerberg’s Amnesty Group ‘Disappointed’ with Freeze on Foreign National Loophole
MS-13 Gang Member Filmed, Narrated Teen's Killing, FBI Agent Tells Judge
Trump Admin Halts Obama Loophole for Foreign Nationals
House GOP Allocates $1.6 Billion for Trump Border Wall in 2018
Los Zetas Cartel RPG, Military-style Arsenal Found near Texas
Colorado’s Driver’s License Program for Illegal Immigrants Already Has Problems, and They’re About to Get Worse
Sanctuary Cities Vow to Make 1 Million Immigrants Citizens – video
Smugglers Abandon Mexican Woman Found Dangling from Border Fence
Trump’s ICE Director Helped Author Obama’s Immigration Priorities and Executive Orders, Praised Them
Mo Brooks Threatens Government Shutdown If Senate Doesn’t Fund Trump’s Wall
Border Apprehension of Families, Minors Increase Substantially in June
Countries That Refuse to Take Back Criminal Illegal Immigrants Cut in HALF, 'Big' Win for Trump
Cartel Leaves Warning on Bodies Hung from Guadalajara Overpass
La Raza Rebrands Itself as ‘Unidos US’
Pope Slams G-20 Alliances as Vatican Faces Yet Another Sex Scandal: His Condemnation of 'Dangerous' Relationships and His Advocacy for Open-Border Migrants Arrive at a Very Odd Time Indeed – HOLLY NOTE: The Socialist Pope advocates open borders at every turn – even when he's on our soil and criticizes the U.S. because the vast majority of Americans are not on board with this. Time and again the Pope shows he is at odds with America. According to the Miami Herald, "in May (2016), Francis welcomed Hebe de Bonafini, the radical leftist leader of Argentina’s Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo self-proclaimed human rights group. She had publicly celebrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States." Even Argentinean affections are cooling, when previously he enjoyed rock star status.

The Pope's pretty safe pushing his global warming and open borders stance because there is zero chance he's going to admit the moving masses to Vatican City. The ridiculously wealthy Vatican won't have to support these people or deal with the associated burdens on hospitals, schools and every social service.

Global warming and open borders are two major issues that propel wealth redistribution. See Sorry, But Illegal Aliens Cost the U.S. Plenty for eyeopening economic facts. If the Pope had his way, he'd make America into a third world nation and is advocating that "Europe must take as soon as possible a federal structure."

Open borders worldwide aren't feasible because the fleeing hordes will drag down every other country to the level of that which they left. Controlled immigration and secure borders is the only way for nations to stay afloat during this massive global movement.

On Independence Day 15,000 people became new U.S. citizens and we welcome them! In fiscal year 2016 that ended Sept, the U.S. brought in 84,995 refugees of which nearly 39,000 or 46% were Muslim. In addition, we admit over 1 million legal immigrants every single year. This is on top of all the illegals.
Refugee Arrivals Now at 49,793; 937 Since Supreme Court Decision
ICE Crackdown in Pueblo Scaring Some Families Back to Mexico – HOLLY NOTE: Obviously this is a very slanted story. For Colorado's Pueblo County – a sanctuary county – this article only looks at a small segment of the community – farms. As the next item details, though border crossings are at a 6-year low, they increased in May and again in June. So Mexicans can't be all that 'terrified'.
Border Crossings at Historic Lows, Up from Last Month
Trump and Mexico's President Talk Need for Guest Worker Program
Mom of Slain Mesa Police Officer Fights for Victims of Crimes By Illegal Migrants
Los Zetas Cartel Stockpiled Dynamite in Mexican Border State
5 Beheaded in Acapulco Prison Riot amid DHS Secretary Visit – graphic
Cartel Gunmen Attack Rural Mayor’s Wife in Border Region
California Closer to Creating Sanctuary State – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe they haven't formalized it till now, but Calif. has been a sanctuary state for several years. This and the other sanctuary states, cities and jurisdictions are mapped out and named in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed.
Immigrant Who Briefly Escaped ICE Had Been Deported 5 Times
Border Patrol Agents Say They Are Ill-Equipped to Detect Drug Tunnels
Trump Winning the Immigration Debate And Dems Better Recalibrate
ACLU Sues Miami for Complying with Trump’s Immigration Detainer Policies
Voters Split on Funding Sanctuary Cities, Favor ‘Kate’s Law’
Texas Is Getting a New 'Sanctuary Cities' Law, and the Mexican Government Isn't Happy
Official Who Released Criminal Aliens into U.S. for Obama Now Directing ICE
Steve King: Luis Gutiérrez ‘Inflaming Hispanics Unnecessarily’ With Criticism of Immigration Bills
Trump Reinstates Criminal Prosecution for First-time Border-crossers
39% Think Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban Will Make U.S. Safer
Sanctuary Cities Promise to Make 1 Million New US Citizens in Year
Trump State Dept. ‘Wasted’ Opportunity to Halt Chain Migration, Says Expert
Former Vietnamese Immigrant, Now U.S. Citizen, Speaks on the Difference Between Being Legal and Illegal, and What It Means to Be an American
‘I’ve Been Crying for Two Weeks Now:’ 114 Sworn in as US Citizens
‘No Nation Can Exist Without a Culture to Hold It Together’ – When People Come to Our Great Country, They Need to become Americans – 'This Binds Us, Pushes Us to Excel Together'
Debunking the Claim ICE Cooperation Deters Crime Reporting – Numerous Studies Find Immigration Enforcement Has No 'Chilling Effect' on Aliens Contacting Police
‘Politicians Lie,’ Media Deceive, Says Mother Whose Son Was Killed by Illegal Alien
Texas Forces Trump to Pick Sides on Dreamer Amnesty
US-Canada Immigration Numbers Released: Trump's Election Didn't Actually Inspire More Americans to Move to Canada
Border Patrol Agents Bust Human Smuggler, Find Drugs in Woman’s Groin
'Angel Mom' Reacts After Immigration Bills Pass House – video
Illegal Alien Allegedly Tazes, Scalds, Rapes Mom in Front of Children
REPORT: After Phoenix Dropped Sanctuary City Status, Crime Rate Fell – HOLLY NOTE: This is exactly opposite of what sanctuary city leaders put out. They say the reason they support sanctuary cities is so that illegals will come forward to report crime.
Illegal Alien Allegedly Tazes, Scalds, Rapes Mom in Front of Children
Mexican Immigrant Who Lied About Child Sex Assault Stripped of US Citizenship
Cartel Killer Previously Captured in Mexico Tied to North Texas Execution
Mexican Government Denies ‘Censoring’ Journalists’ Cries for Help Against Cartel Violence
Illegal Immigrant Faces Prison for Assaulting Border Patrol Agent