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Clear and Present Dangers: Both the Sun and nuclear weapons can produce EMPs – Electro-Magnetic Pulse. These are major threats to people everywhere around the globe. Holly and I installed an EMP Shield in our home to protect the electronics and to prevent a fire at the breaker box when the next EMP hits. We suggest people who have back-up generators to protect them as well so they will have power for electrical devices and vehicles. It could make your home a vital hub for news and reconstruction in the neighborhood.

On Nov. 22, 2017, our EMP Shield received accreditation from Keystone Compliance LLC (Pittsburg), which is an officially recognized testing lab for the Dept. of Defense. 2018 and 2019 test results are available here. The EMP Shield is easy to install. Download simple 2-page instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP threat, watch Stan's video. He is co-inventor of the EMP Shield. Email Stan or phone him 719-547-9100 with any questions. When ordering either online or through Stan, SAVE $50 EACH unit! Enter this code for your discount: deyo-shield. NOTE: If you have any trouble using Stan's discount code, contact him and he will personally assist with your order.

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All members receive our posts and discussions, however our videos and video blogs will only be available to Tier 2 patrons. We need to finish setting up our studio with a camera, lighting, software and new computer which is another reason we need your support. Please consider our request prayerfully.

NEWS for SEPTEMBER 9: National Teddy Bear Day

Iran’s Latest Nuke Deal Breach Is Installation Of More Than 30 New Centrifuges, IAEA Says
Surprise! IAEA Finds Uranium Traces in Tehran, Where Netanyahu Told Them to Look
Official Numbers Mask Hurricane’s Frightening Death Toll In Bahamas
Cruise Ship Brings Bahamas Evacuees to Florida After Hurricane Dorian

Thousands of Lightning Strikes Hit Washington State, Triggering Delays and Power Outages

Severe Crop Damage After Late Frost Hits Parts of Argentina

1,500 Dead: France Reels From Severe Heat Waves

Once Again, Climate Warriors Rescued From Their Ship Trapped In Polar Ice

Time to Put an End to the Climate Cult
WINNING: 6.2 Million Off Food Stamps Under Trump

Future China Trade Deal Uncertain

Can We Stop Subsidizing Beach Houses Now?
Rahm Emanuel: Medicare for All, Health Care for Migrants ‘Untenable’ for Dems

The Communist Chinese and Democratic Party Allies Are Engaged In a Plot That Has Murdered 70,000 Americans

Feds: Nearly 900 Migrants with Mumps Disease Arrived in U.S. Last Year

Slime That Can 'kill You In Seconds' Taking Over Beaches In French Resort Area
German Citizens Are Arming Themselves With Firearms

New Footage Suggests China's Stealth Fighter Has Entered Mass Production

Hong Kong Riot Police Fire Tear Gas After Thousands Beg Trump For Help

Hong Kong Warns US Not To Interfere

‘Think of Your Mommies,’ Mexican President Says Asking Drug Cartels to Behave – HOLLY NOTE: This will be about as effective as Obama telling Putin to "cut it out" on the hacking.
Guns, Impeachment Push, Border Wall: What's In Store As Congress Returns From Recess

Dem Rep. Clyburn: ‘Not Too Sure’ the Bill of Rights Would Pass Today

Pompeo: Taliban Peace Talks Dead ‘For The Time Being’

Taliban Warns Of More US Dead After Trump Says He Canceled Peace Talks

The Trayvon Hoax That Divided America Is About to Be Exposed

Ratcliffe Says DOJ Must Indict McCabe to Prove There Aren’t 'Separate Standards'

Kamala Harris Lies Again, This Time About Being The Scrappy Prosecutor Suing Big Oil

Liberalism and The Role Of Achievement

'Modern Day Pharisee': Pete Buttigieg Gets Some Comeuppance

Exclusive: Justice Gorsuch Slams View That Judges Should Be Political Actors Shaping Outcomes

Anti-Trump Dossier Played Role In Launching Probe, Contrary to Comey, FBI Claims

Warren Sneaks Up On Weakening, Gaffe-Prone Biden

Thursday's Debate Could Be Elizabeth Warren's Moment To Become The Democratic Nominee

If Elected To The White House, Democrats Promise To Ban Combustion Engines, Meat Products, Transportation And Agriculture, Plunging America Into Famine And Pestilence

Apartment Complex Built Exclusively For The Homeless Opens In San Jose
Joy Behar & Meghan McCain Urge Dems to Assassinate Trump on “The View”- Now on Leave?
Sinead O’Connor Apologizes for Calling White People ‘Disgusting’

Straight People Are Rejecting Transgenders: Activists Demand Government Intervenes
Dogs Reunited With Family Are Overcome With Joy After Being Separated for Months

Overly Dramatic Dog Hilariously 'Faints' After Getting His Toenails Clipped
6 MS-13 Gang Members, Illegal Immigrants Involved In Deadly Maryland Stabbing, ICE Says

Sheriff Slams Sanctuary Laws After Deputy Is Shot By Illegal Immigrant

Yoo And Peterson: Trump Can Move Funds For Border Wall — And The Supreme Court Will Back Him

Mexico Announces 56% Drop In Number Of Migrants Arriving at US Border – HOLLY NOTE: This is a step in the right direction. Saying there is a 56% drop in illegals arriving at our southern border sounds good, but 64,000 still evade Mexican troops every month. That shocking number doesn't include those that stampede through our border undetected. America is still being overrun.

This is something Mexico should and could have done decades ago and now it's much easier to understand why that years out-of-date number of 11 million illegals here, (which is still 11 million too many) is really 29 million according to this new Yale/MIT study.

Exclusive -- Michelle Malkin: 60 Terrifying Reasons Trump Is Right to Reduce Refugees

Lawsuit: Illegal Aliens Worked for 10 Years Using Stolen Identities at Plant

California Sheriff Blasts 'Folks in Sacramento' After Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Shoots Deputy, Sparks Chase

Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli Challenges Maryland County Exec To Sanctuary City Debate Amid Spate Of Sex Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens

Maryland County Officials Blame Trump, Media After Allegations They Aren't Cooperating With Immigration Authorities – HOLLY NOTE: After illegal immigrants commit 7 rapes in 5 weeks in just one sanctuary county, this is somehow the President's fault? One thing that absolutely no one in news discusses is that many of these aliens come from male-dominant cultures where violence against women is much more common.

Rape is about power and control, not sex, and when men from these countries come here, they of course, bring their culture with them. We have posted over the years literally hundreds of news items where illegal aliens commit rapes. The chance of them 'unlearning' such ingrained behavior has a chance of about zero.

Previously Deported Illegal Charged with 16 Counts of Child Sex Crimes

Alabama GOP Senate Hopeful Tuberville: ‘No Amnesty’ — No Immigration Reform ‘Until We Get a Wall’ – HOLLY NOTE: Just imagine… 29 million instant new Democrats and this man says there are actually 30 million illegals here!

GRAPHIC: Los Zetas Cartel Deploys Armored Truck with Mounted Machine Gun near Texas Border

24 Migrants from 7 Nations Arrested at New Hampshire Checkpoint

Two Mexican Migrants Apprehended After Illegally Crossing Canadian Border, Yemeni on Visa Overstay

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