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Stan guests with Tony Koretz in NZ on Minute to Midnite, Aug 14. Listen.

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EMP — Electro-Magnetic Pulse. EMPs can be man-made or produced by large flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) on our Sun. We are faced with two emergency situations much worse than the media have shared with us.

Solar EMP: In 1859 the Sun launched a huge CME at Earth that lasted for hours. If that event were to happen today, it would destroy more than 90% of the population within 30 days – a Life-Extinction Event. I continue to warn about the irregular behavior of the Sun as it increasingly rockets CMEs and flares at Earth.
Check here daily for the Sun's threat level. Look for bright yellow explosions and see NASA's latest warning.

Nuclear EMP: If Middle East tensions continue to escalate over the Israeli/Iran sabre-rattling, we could see an EMP bomb used on the USA, which would send us back to the horse and buggy age – if not further


Clear and Present Dangers: These two sources of EMP production are major threats to people everywhere around the globe. Holly and I installed an EMP Shield in our home to protect the electronics and to prevent a fire at the breaker box when the next EMP hits. We suggest people who have back-up power systems to protect them from EMP so they will still be able to power their electrical devices and vehicles. It could make your home a vital hub for news and reconstruction in the neighborhood.

On Nov. 22, 2017, our EMP Shield received accreditation from Keystone Compliance LLC (Pittsburg), which is an officially recognized testing lab for the Dept. of Defense. 2018 and 2019 test results are available here. The EMP Shield is easy to install. Download simple 2-page instructions here. If you're unfamiliar with the EMP threat, watch Stan's video. He is co-inventor of the EMP Shield.
Email Stan or phone him 719-547-9100 with any questions. When ordering either online or through Stan, SAVE $50 EACH unit! Enter this code for your discount: deyo-shield. SALE RIGHT NOW: If purchasing 2 or more items, you can save an additional 10% when using Stan's code . See discount in cart for the other 10%.deyo-shield

NEWS for AUGUST 21: National Senior Citizens Day

Canceling Student Debt Would Hurt US Economy: Survey
Aussie Reserve Bank, Considering "Extreme Measures", Admits "We're Almost Out Of Ammo"
Paleontologists Unearth Remains Of Giant, Human-Sized Penguins
Here's What You Need to Know About The Endangered Species Act Changes
New Evidence in Animals Shows Whole Body Vibration Actually Changes The Microbiome
Every Abortion Clinic in US to Receive 'Unplanned' Movie DVD
Ancient Ethiopians Fled to the Mountains and Hunted Giant Rodents to Survive Last Ice Age
First-Ever Mandatory Water Cutbacks Will Kick In Next Year Along The Colorado River
International City of Sydney, Australia With 5M Residents Running Out of Water Fast
The Hunt, the Movie About People Hunting Down, Killing Conservative 'Deplorables' May Still Be Released
Brilliant Video Shows a Comet Get Utterly Vaporized by Our Sun
US Air Force Can Now Turn Small Planes Into Robots
In a Dizzying New Upgrade, CRISPR Can Now Edit Several Genes at Once
Trump Likely To Roll Out Highly Anticipated Peace Plan After Israel Votes
Jordan Warns Israel Against Status Quo Change To Jerusalem Holy Site
Jordan Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Holy Site Clashes
U.S. Born Islamic Terrorist Wanted by FBI Arrested in Mexico
Islamic State Claims Afghan Wedding Blast As Families Bury The Dead
Austria: Islamic Extremism Is Still Number One Terror Threat
Hackers Can Tell What People Are Typing Just By Listening Through A Smartphone's Microphone

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