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NEWS for NOVEMBER 15: Great American Smokeout

Adam Schiff Silences 2 Republicans Who Raised 'Points of Order" After the Opening – HOLLY NOTE: In effect, Schiff shut up both Representatives Elise Marie Stefanik (NY) and Jim Jordan (OH) by pounding his gavel and stating "You are NOT recognized!"
TEARS AND TESTIMONY: Ex-Ambassador Who Got Misty-Eyed Behind Closed Doors To Face Public At Impeachment Hearing – HOLLY NOTE: Dems will try to make a thing over the dismissal of Marie Yovanovitch. Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President something Yovanovitch clearly doesn't understand – and can be dismissed for any reason, at any time. Democrats were overheard saying that they hope Yovanovitch cries during testimony today to garner sympathy.

It needs to be remembered that President Trump told her back in April that she needs to get on the next plane and get back home. Why? It had nothing to do with the impeachment debacle as she wasn't even the ambassador then, let alone be on THE phone call to Ukraine's president in July. This rabid Obama-appointed Democrat's removal that took the State Dept. months to do was for undermining the President while overseas.

Interestingly, pre-testimony commentators reported this morning that Ukraine's President's Zelinsky said, "Thank you for removing her" [indicating Yovanovitch] …"she would not be supportive of my new administration." Continuing, Zelinsky said he "wanted a fresh start."

Under Obama, Ukraines were literally given just MREs and blankets. President Trump approved for Ukraine anti-tank weapons sales. Hmmm, do you want crummy food and blankies they could get in their own country, or something that's meaningful in times of incursion and war?

Nobody, NOBODY, suffered more harshly that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during questioning last year. Kavanaugh only teared-up once in the face of unrelenting slanderous rape accusations by Kavanaugh-hating Dems. Both Blasey-Ford (Kavanaugh accuser) and Yovanovitch have soft little girly-voices used to their best sympathy-gathering advantage.

Yovanovitch sniffled through her own party-friendly Democrats' questioning yesterday. This is disgusting theater, not a legit inquiry. Croc tears won't work on any clear-headed American. She will be seen for what she is – a spineless Obama-tool.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Schiff’s Star Witness on Friday – Fired Anti-Trump Ambassador Yovanovitch – Already LIED UNDER OATH in Secret Basement Hearing
Ken Starr: Democrats Are Using Impeachment As a Political Weapon Of Destruction
“I’ll Say it Again! People Better Stop Lying About Me” – SEAN HANNITY Warns Schiff Witness and Liar Yovanovitch He Will Hire the “Best Lawyer in the Country” to Go After Her
EXCLUSIVE: Millions Went to Bidens and Kerry’s Firm Rosemont from Ukrainians Connected to $1.8 Billion in Missing Funds and Latvians Connected to Whistleblower Ciaramella!
Pelosi Says President Trump Has to Show the Impeachment Committee Proof of Innocence – HOLLY NOTE: What happened to 'innocent till proved guilty?'
Why Drudge Report Went To The Dark Side
The Odd Squad Can't Stay Out of the Limelight:
ETHICS ALARM BELLS: Emails Show Rashida Tlaib Begging Campaign For Personal Money
Ayanna Pressley Continues Criminal Justice Reform Work With Landmark Legislation to Decriminalize Sex Work – HOLLY NOTE: Additionally she want prisoners to earn minimum wage, be able to vote, abolish cash bail and ban life sentences without parole. Being able to vote is probably the dumbest idea of the lot for several reasons.

Felons losing their right to vote has been law under the 14
th Amendment since 1968 and is allowed in only 2 states: Vermont and Maine.

Removing this penalty ignores 3 important things.
1) How informed are felons on issues when behind bars – how much TV, radio and newspapers do they access to vote intelligently?
2) Votes could be traded for favors.
3) Loss of voting rights is part of punishment for crimes committed. After time served, then that right may be restored. Dems once again, are looking to scrape up voters wherever they can find them whether it's through illegal immigration or in prisons.
… Also Proposes Ending the Death Penalty
Oops! Democrat Thought Leader, AOC, Runs Her Mouth – Admits Impeachment Show Trials Are About Preventing Trump 2020 Victory – HOLLY NOTE: Yes, she admits on CNN that impeachment is about making sure the President isn't re-elected and to unify the Democrat party.
Ilhan Omar Targeted In Campaign Spending Complaint Over $369,000 To Alleged Lover's Firm
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's anti-Americanism
US Rep. Ilhan Omar Divorces Husband in Minnesota After Just a Year of Marriage
AOC Rails Against Dems Making Late Entries Into 2020 Race
AOC Just Illustrated Why Republicans Don't Care About Impeachment
Peter King Defends Himself From Ilhan Omar’S Attacks After Retirement Announcement
Democrat Governor Roy Cooper Shields Non-Citizen Voters in North Carolina
Conservative Radio Host Links Socialism To Supporting Bestiality, Says It 'Warps And Distorts Your Brain'
"God Bless America" Flash Mob with Denver Brass
Who's Breaking America and Eroding Our Democracy? Hint: It's Not Donald Trump
Hannity: Democrats Haven't Done A Thing To Better America
The Thought Zone: Fake News Friday
City of Austin Will Buy Multi-Million-Dollar Hotel To House The Homeless
Border Apprehensions Drop 73% in 5 Months
CBP: Migrant Wave Drops to 42,000 in October
Border Patrol Catches People From Brazil, Africa, Pakistan In 2 Days In Southwest Texas
Exclusive: Jailed Mexican Cartel Boss Leading Kidnapping Ring from Inside Prison
Influx of Illegal Immigrants Is Partly What’s Driving Some Californians to Flee to Idaho
Dictator Judge Bans ICE From Arresting Illegal Aliens In Oregon Courthouses
Sheriff Calls For Tougher Border Security To Stop Mexico Cartels Poisoning US National Parks
CBP Chief Warns Mexican ‘Super Labs’ Flooding US With Meth, As Seizures Nearly Double
Son of House Speaker Pelosi Made Money in Ukraine
83-Year-Old Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings Under Investigation For Improper Relationship With Congressional Staffer
Another Sexual Predator Linked to Adam Schiff Arrested – Second in 2 Months
SEE IT: NFL Fans Horrified After Browns Player Swings Helmet, Conking Steelers’ QB in Head
GIANNO CALDWELL: Shocking Number of Murders, Shootings, Violence in Chicago Proves Black Lives Don’t Matter To Liberal Politicians
ISIS BRIDE: US-born Ala. Woman Who Joined Terror Network Not An American Citizen: Judge
Man from Bosnia Who Aided ISIS Gets Sentenced To Prison, Faces Deportation
I Wish I'd Never Been Born: The Rise Of The Anti-Natalists
25% MORE Teenagers Are Addicted To Marijuana In 11 States Where It's Legal
Hate Hoax in Helsinki: Somali Social Democrat Politician Faked ‘Racist’ Taxi Story
EU Court: Illegal to Throw Violent Migrants Out Of Asylum Homes
PATRIOT HERO: Don Cherry's Top 5 Epic Moments! | Louder with Crowder
Archaeologists Find 3,000-Year-Old Megalithic Temple That Was Used To Stage 'Pagan Rituals Of Water Worship' In Ancient Peru
Ancient Human Ancestor 'Lucy' Was Less Intelligent Than An Ape, Study Claims - Casting Doubt On Just How Bright Our Early Cousins Were
Return of the Mac: Apple Launches Redesigned 16-Inch MacBook Pro With a Magic Keyboard and Announces Release Date Of Its 'Most Powerful Computer Ever'
Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon And Facebook Are All Racing To Be The First Company To Successfully Replace Our Smartphones With Smart Glasses
The World’s First Gattaca Baby Tests Are Finally Here