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US Weekly Jobless Claims Total 227,000, Vs 219,000 Expected
National Unemployment Rate Still at Lowest in 50 Years at 3.6%: New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia Fall Even Lower to 2.6%
Latest Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) Ad Shows How Green New Deal Affects Thanksgiving
Trump Says Pelosi Delaying Vote On New USMCA Trade Pact To Get Impeachment Support
Trump Threatens To Raise China Tariffs If Deal Isn’t Reached
STUDY: 2020 Dem Tax Hikes Could Eliminate 413,000 Jobs
Sebastien Expected to Become Atlantic Hurricane – Storms of This Strength Are a Rarity This Late in the Season
Winter Weather Alert: Snow, Ice May Disrupt Weekend Travelers In Parts of Northeast
Roadways Flooded, Rescues Reported – At Least 5 Semis Flip On Utah Interstates
6.3 Earthquake Rips Road in Mexico's Chiapas – Guatemala, El Salvador Impacted – Man Sticks Head in Street Fissure
Australia Hit With Once-in-a-Lifetime Heatwave with 104ºF Scorcher Across Swathes of The Nation – 125-Year-Old Temperature Records Set to Fall – Devastating Bushfire Fears Spiking
Sydney Engulfed in a Thick Haze As Bushfires Rage On in New South Wales - Forcing Experts To Issue An Urgent Health Warning
2 Men Boiled Alive As Sinkhole Swallows Their Car in Penza, Russia
'Unicorn Meteor Storm' To Be Triggered By Mysterious Comet Tonight
Alien Life Could Be Much More Common Than Previously Thought: Scientists Claim 9 Out of 10 'Twin Earths' In Distant Star Systems Could Harbor Complex Life
'Jesus Can Set You Free': Kanye West Announces 'Jesus Is King Part II' With Dr. Dre
Why Chick-fil-A's Decision Matters: 'The Implications of This Are Far Broader Than Chick-fil-A'
Buttigieg Strikes Again: Booty Says Scripture Cannot Be Taken Literally and the Bible Informs His Pro-Abortion Views
Half of Pastors Say the Opioid Epidemic Has Hit Their Church Revelation 9:21
Montana School Under Fire for Telling Christian Club to Change Its Beliefs on Marriage
Jewish Leaders Applaud Azerbaijani Multiculturalism at World Religious Leaders Summit
‘There is No Such Thing as Costless Christianity’: Dale Partridge Urges Believers to Resist ‘Cultural Counterfeit’ Faith
The Inspirational, Interdenominational, Multi-Congregational Ministry Movement
PRAY: 87-Year-Old Nigerian Christian Hacked to Death By Islamist Militants
‘God Always Has a Plan’: Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa Keeps Faith After Season-Ending Injury
Christians Don't 'Shove Aside' Impeachment Hearings, Rise Up and Pray: Here's How
Schiff Show: Thursday’s Witness Fiona Hill Has Links to Soros, Deep State, Fusion’s Chris Steele – CONVENIENTLY FORGOT ERIC CIARAMELLA’S Name During Questioning – NEWT GINGRICH: "Schiff is a total liar and a disgrace to the country. You watch Schiff for a little while and it's truly appalling how deeply dishonest he is."
TRUMP WAS RIGHT!… Head of Burisma Holdings Indicted in Ukraine! …Claims Hunter Biden and Partners Paid $16.5 MILLION
Nunes Plans To Subpoena Whistleblower, Hunter Biden
Sondland Faces Wrath For ‘Made Up’ Testimony, Admits ‘No One On This Planet’ Told Him Trump’s Orders, He ‘Presumed’
Trump Asks If The Cameras Are Rolling, Then Delivers Dramatic Re-Enactment Of Sondland's Testimony
'It's Over': Ken Starr Says No Doubt Schiff Will Move On Articles Of Impeachment After Sondland Testimony
Dem Rep: ‘Impeach The Bastard Right Now’
Limbaugh Identifies Likely 'Leaker' Alexander Vindman Who Spilled The Beans About Trump Phone Call to Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella
REMINDER: Urgent Call To Action – November 23, 2019 – President Trump at Risk of Witches' Evil
These Law-Abiding People Used Guns to Defend Themselves in October
Soros And Obama – Looks Like We Underestimated Them Badly
The Thought Zone: A RIGHT NEGLECTED – People Who Don't Vote Give Up a Supreme Right
Trump Notifies Congress More Troops Headed To Saudi Arabia As Carrier Enters Hormuz
Foreign-Born Researchers At US Agencies Were Secretly Working For China And Recruiting Others, Senate Report Finds
Police in Kansas Reunite Runaway Camel, Cow And Donkey With Their Owner
Woman Saves Badly Burned Koala from Australia Wildfires – "His Little Back Legs Were on Fire"
Devin Nunes Exposes The Democrats' 10 Most Outlandish Trump Conspiracy Theories
Pro-Trans Advertising Doesn’t Reflect Most of America
American Medical Association Calls For an Immediate BAN on All Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices Amid Spate Of At Least 42 Deaths in the US
Florida Father: "My Son Died Because He Thought Vaping Was Safe"
Teen Who Had a Sex Change Says He Now Feels Like a 'Frankenstein'
Planned Parenthood Wins $2.2M Suit Against Pro-Life Investigators
Shocking Proof How Google Censors Health News
IN YOUR FACE: Jordan Reopening Mosque Atop Hurva Synagogue in Heart of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter
2020 Democrat Candidates Say Jewish Settlements ‘Illegal,’ Slam US Reconsideration of Policy – HOLLY NOTE: Par for course as Democrats are notoriously anti-Israel – even those who are Jewish. Go figure.
France: 'Settlements' Are Illegal Under International Laws
Palestinians Furious…
Budapest Blocks Joint EU Statement Condemning US Shift On Settlements
Democrat Tax Hike Plans Would Hit Millions of Americans, Not Just The Ultra-Wealthy
China Could ‘Turn Off Power’ in the Philippines, Senate Hears – HOLLY NOTE: This should be a major heads-up that China should never own anything having to with U.S. electronics and infrastructure. This IS one of their aims as evidenced in this article: China Wants A Piece Of The US Infrastructure Boom. They're already planning to take over the U.S. transit system.

Many countries don't even let foreigners, business or private, own anything in their countries, let alone critical systems. As President Trump looks to revamp our infrastructure, we shouldn't even have to entertain the conversation of foreign ownership. It should be a no-go-zone.
Foreign-Born Researchers at US Agencies Were Secretly Working For China and Recruiting Others, Senate Report Finds
U.S. Bishops President: ‘Imperative of Every Nation to Secure Their Borders’ – HOLLY NOTE: This will seriously annoy the pope who campaigns around the world for open borders and urges nations to take in every - single - immigrant who wants entry into a country other than their own.
Related: New Farm Bill: Good for Ag Employers and Illegal Aliens, Bad for American Workers
Related: House Judiciary Committee Voted Last Night on Bill to Award Multiple Amnesties to The Agriculture Industry’s Large Illegal-Immigrant Workforce
RPG Launcher Discovered at Scene of Sinaloa Cartel Hitjob in Mexican Border City
Mexican Families of El Paso Shooting Victims Sue Walmart
Former Democrat Baltimore Mayor Indicted For Alleged Children’s Book Series Fraud
Jussie Smollett Sues Chicago, the Nigerian Brothers He 'Paid To Attack Him' and Police Chief For 'Malicious Prosecution'
Lori Loughlin And Her Husband Mossimo Giannulli Plead Not Guilty To New Charges In College Admissions Scandal
DNA Test Proves Hunter Biden is the Father of Arkansas Woman’s Baby Born August 2018
Related: Lunden Roberts (Mother of Hunter's Love Child): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Prince Andrew QUITS Royal Duties: Duke 'Steps Back For Foreseeable Future' With Queen's Permission In Wake Of Jeffrey Epstein Scandal And Pledges To Help Police Inquiries
Erdogan Cites Hitler's Germany As Example Of Proposed Government
Discouraging Nazi Tourists, Hitler’s Birthplace Converted into Police Station
Amnesty: At Least 106 Killed As Iran Forces Get ‘Green Light To Crush’ Protests
Afghan, Iraqi, and Iranian Asylum Seekers Arrested For Gang Rape of 14-Year-Old German Girl
US to No Longer Waive Sanctions On Iranian Nuclear Site
Video Shows Moment Brazilian Man Shoots, Kills Homeless Woman Who Asked For 23 Cents 2 Timothy 3:1-3
Select Boxes Of Cheese Nips Recalled Because They May Contain Plastic Pieces
HITTING THE FAN: Agriculture Crumbling, Kroger Goes Hydroponic, Thomas Jefferson's GSM