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Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Reaches 878 Events In Just 2 Weeks
Earthquake Swarm Rattles Truckee, California Area
100 Temblors in a Single Day…
Alaska Volcano Sends Up Ash Cloud 30,000 Feet
Distant Earthquakes Can Cause Underwater Landslides and Trigger Tsunamis
Experts See Increased Seismic Activity at Hawaii's Underwater Loihi Volcano
Second Landslide Stalls Rescue Efforts in China as Nearly 100 Remain Missing
Research Ship Explores New Zealand's Mega Quake Risk
Brian Head Wildfire, Now the Largest Active Blaze in the Country, Forced Evacuations of More Than 1,500 Residents
Wildfires Blazing Under Extreme Heat Out West
Southern Utah Wildfire Grows to Largest in U.S.
Arizona's Frye Fire Might Have Damaged Telescope Dome Atop Mount Graham
Epic Pictures from Arizona's Heatwave: "Everything Is Literally Melting"
Severe Storms to Hammer Central US Repeatedly This Week
Southern Mexico to Face Downpours from Hurricane Dora
Thousands Forced to Evacuate as Wildfire Rips Through National Park in Spain
China Landslide: 15 Bodies Pulled From Rubble After Sichuan Mountainside Collapse
Mass Extinctions on Earth Are More Common Than You Think
9 Communities Evacuated; 13 Homes, 8 Structures Destroyed By Utah Wildfire – HOLLY NOTE: In this image you can see how dense is the haze. Unsure how far the smoke is traveling eastward, but for 2 days Coloradans, over 600 miles away, have been in a smoke arena. This fire is now about 28,000 acres and trebled overnight.
Scientists Study Swarm of Yellowstone Earthquakes
Heatwave Boosts Burns in Phoenix as Pavement, Cars Scald
Texas Heat Kills 3 Illegal Immigrants in 1 Day
Tropical Storm Cindy Makes Landfall, Expected to Bring up to 15 Inches of Rain
States of Emergency Declared in Alabama and Louisiana
Portuguese Fire Which Killed 64 and Injured Over 200 May Have Been Arson
The Heat's So Bad in Palm Springs It Smells Like Rotten Eggs
Tropical Storm Cindy – A 'Slow-moving Disaster' – Threatens 17 Million Along the Gulf Coast
Britain’s Longest Hot Snap in 2 Decades Claims Its First 2 Victims Amid Warning More Will Die as the Country Bakes in 33C Heat
This Earthquake Fault in Northeast L.A. and Pasadena Isn't Well Known, But Experts Say It Poses Dangers
Portugal Tries to Contain Wildfires That's Killed 64, Debunks Plane Crash
Tropical Storm Bret Becomes Earliest Named Storm so Far South in the Atlantic
Nearly 50 Flights Canceled Tuesday as Phoenix Nears 120-Degree Day
It’s So Hot in the UK, Roads Have Melted and Train Tracks Buckled Causing Commuter Chaos – and It Could STILL Get Warmer
Global Unrest Event Underway - West Coast USA / Canada Hit By M4.5 (M5.0) Earthquake – video
Yellowstone Supervolcano Hit by a Swarm of More Than 400 Earthquakes in a Week
Scientists Warn Current Yellowstone Quake-Swarm "Could Rip the Guts Out of America"
90+ Quakes in 48 Hours…
Portugal Forest Fires Killed at Least 62, Many in Cars Overrun By Blaze
The Strange Reason This Part of Arkansas Gets So Many Earthquakes
Dangerous Heat to Scorch US Southwest Through Midweek
TsunamI Hits Greenland After Earthquake as Dramatic Footage Shows People Fleeing for Safety
Geologists: Magma Melted a Few Years Before the Eruption of the Volcano
Powerful Storm Splinters Homes, Knocks Out Power to Tens of Thousands; 2 Confirmed Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma
Earthquake Swarm Shakes NW Yellowstone Area – Largest 4.5 Mag.
Severe Storms to Batter Central US Repeatedly into the Weekend
5 Dead After Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake in Guatemala
Risk of Gulf of Mexico Tropical System Increases; Another Threat May Follow in Central Atlantic
California Still Digging Out Roads from FEET of Snow
Schizo Weather: 122º Heatwave Hits SoCal
At Least 133 Buried Alive, Many More Injured in Bangladesh Landslides
Mexico Shakes Under 6.9 Tremor – at Least 1 Person Injured
6.3 Earthquake Rattles Turkey and Greece
Signs of Past California 'Mega-Quakes' Show Danger of the Big One on San Andreas Fault
Bogoslof Volcano (Aleutian Islands): New Series of Larger Explosions
Geologist Scoops Scoops
Geologist Scoops Molton Lava into Bucket for Testing
3rd Earthquake This Week Reported In North-Central Kansas
Drought Situation Looks Good for U.S. for a Change – Just a Little Around the Edges
Delingpole: ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth, Say 58 Scientific Papers in 2017 – HOLLY NOTE: Every time a news item comes out on this topic, even more white papers expose the human-caused global warming hoax. Now, out from under the globalists'-driven agenda of Obama-Bush-Clinton for wealth distribution, they are freed to publish the truth.
Researchers Say They've Found Lost Wonder of World
Severe Storms to Pummel Central US Through Midweek
Record Heat Continues into First of Week – 15 to 25 Degrees Above Average – video
Summers Are Getting Hotter
Live Heat Map
Strong Storms to Unleash Damaging Winds, Hail Across Northern US Through Early Next Week
Britain to ROAST in 30C Tropical Heatwave as Temperatures Rocket
India's Punishing Heat Waves Are Becoming More Deadly
South Africa: Thousands Remain Displaced as Winds May Fan Deadly Blazes
The Shocking Doomsday Maps of the World and the Billionaire Escape Plans
Gulf of Mexico Could Yield 2nd Atlantic Tropical System of 2017 Next Week
Science Fights Back Against the Global Warming Fraud
IDF Runs Huge Earthquake Preparedness Exercise
Related: Jerusalem's Natural Fault Lines and the EU
Related: Eyeing Nepal, Experts Warn Israel Is Unprepared for Its Own Big One
Related: Israel, Which Sits on an Active Fault Line, to Install Early-warning System for Earthquakes
Sinkhole Swallows car in Florida Restaurant Parking Lot
5.3 Earthquake Shakes Hawaii
Earthquake Swarm Hits Carson Valley, NV
Powerful Storm Heading Toward South Florida After Days of Torrential Rains Cause Flooding
Doozy of a Heat Wave Could Break Some Records
9 Dead, 10,000 Evacuated After 'Mother of All Storms' Spawns Deadly International Incident
Flooding Downpour Threat, Drought Relief to Continue in Florida as Rainy Season Begins
EPA Delays One of the Agency’s Most Expensive Regulations Ever
Powerful Winter Storm Kills at Least 8 in Cape Town, South Africa
'Mother of All Storms' Fuels Western Cape's Largest and Most Destructive Fire in Recent Memory
Southern Hemisphere Cooling Trend Is Apparent
California's Endless Winter: 8 Feet of Snow Remains on the Ground in June
Major Flight Delays in Sydney After Storm Hits Control Tower Radio
Somewhere Over the Rainbow – video
Mexico's Popocatépetl Shoots Ash Over a Kilometer into the Sky
Major Eruption of Mount Sakurajima, Japan
Emergency Personnel in Cape Town Braced for 'a Hell of a Storm'
After Paris Accord: Doesn't the Ruling Class Have Something Better to Do?
Developing Nations in Paris Climate Accord Threaten to Keep Polluting Unless They’re Paid
Bulusan Volcano Spews Ash Anew
San Diego's Rose Canyon Fault Is More Dangerous Than Thought and Could Trigger Massive 7.4 Earthquake That Would 'Liquefy' the Ground
Sears Advertising Steel Safety Shelters – Protection for 'Threats from Violent Acts of Nature and Man'
Mysterious Ice Falls from the Sky in Florida
Unrelenting Heat to Bake Southwest US Through Next Week
Summer Heat May Replace Prolonged Storminess in Northeastern US Next Week
Trump Didn't Kill the Paris Agreement - It Was Already Dead
DeBlasio Signs Executive Order Keeping New York City in Paris Agreement
Trump Admin Warned: “Imminent Threat to US Nuclear Facilities” from ‘Wave of Catastrophic Earthquakes About to Start”
Tropical Downpours to Drench Southern US into Next Week
Antarctic Ice Shelf Crack Is 'Very Close' to calving and Creating One of the Biggest Icebergs Ever Recorded
Hundreds of Giant 12,000 Year-Old Craters Caused By Methane Blow-Outs Found on the Arctic Sea Floor (and They're STILL Leaking Greenhouse Gas)
NO DEAL: US Drops Out of Global Climate Agreement
Every Bad Thing We Will Avoid By Rejecting the Paris Climate Accords
6 Things to Know About the 2017 Hurricane Season That Starts Today – HOLLY NOTE: Do you think that out of millions of names starting with "D" and "S" that they chose storm names Don and Sean by chance?
Tropical Development Ahead? Gulf Coast Heavy Rain Threat, Regardless, Including Drought-Suffering Florida
Tropical Storm Warning Issued for Mexican Coast
3.4 Earthquake Recorded Near Pawnee; 5 Quakes Hit Kansas Over 24 Hours
Colorado Weather Observer Records 34 Feet of Snow Sept. – May
Wildfires to Threaten Southwest Despite Stormy Winter Season
MAY 31
Trump to Pull Out of Paris Climate Deal - Reports
Severe Storms Inflict Damage, Injure 14 in Eastern North Carolina
How Long Will the Wet Weather Persist in the Eastern US?
Severe Thunderstorm Rattles Moscow, Kills at Least 16 People
Cyclonic Storm Mora Threatens to Flood Parts of Bangladesh, Northeastern India with Up to 12 Inches of Rain
Dogs Rescued from Sri Lanka Flooding – video
Massive Mudslide Rolls Through Tajik Valley in Tajikistan – video
Methane Leaks May Lead to Cooling Instead of Warming: Scientists Find a 'Totally Unexpected' Source of Climate Cooling
MAY 29
6.6 Quake Strikes Indonesia Causing Residents to Flee in Panic
Massive Hail Pounds Central US on Saturday
44 People Rescued After High Tide Traps Them on Breakwall
Alaska Volcano Erupts Again; Aviation Alert Raised to Red
Spectacular Lightning Storm in Oklahoma; Climber Narrowly Escapes Major Rockfall – video
Kansas More Active for Quakes This Week Than Oklahoma
Earthquake Swarm in Taupo Volcanic Zone Not Related to Volcanic Activity
Update on the Turrialba, Poas and Rincon de la Vieja Volcanoes in Costa Rica
Death Toll From Sri Lanka's Floods Rises to 164, Aid Pours In
Mattis: Trump ‘Wide Open’ on Paris Climate Accord
MAY 26
Memorial Day 2017: Stormy Weather to Disrupt Holiday Activities from Texas to Maine
North Carolina Tornado Destroys School Gym, Traps Residents Amid Southeastern US Severe Storm Outbreak
Several Tornadoes Spotted in Southwestern Ohio
NOAA: Get Ready for a Wild Hurricane Season: Weak or Non-Existent El Niño Could Mean an Above Average Number of Storms
“Earthquake Denial Gets a Lot Harder When You Stand on Top of the San Andreas Faults”
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Republican Senators Urge Trump to Exit Paris Climate Deal
MAY 25
Scientists: The Big One IS Going to Happen
Which Natural Disaster Is Most Likely to Kill You? Study Says 1 in 3 Are Now at Risk of Earthquakes and Global Risk Has Doubled
Worker Dies After Vanishing into Huge Sinkhole That Opened Up in a Backyard
The ‘Penis Causes Climate Change’ Hoax Paper Was Edited and Approved By 2 People
Chelsea Clinton: 'Climate Change' Connects to 'Child Marriage'
MAY 24
The San Andreas' Sister Faults Are Active in NorCal
Earthquake Swarm Continues Shaking Near Bremerton
Seismic Swarm in Progress Beneath the Seattle Fault
Half of Texas Town Still Without Power After Storms
Massive Landslide Buries Iconic Highway in Big Sur
Causes Record $1B in Highway Damage
Big One Threat: Earthquakes Swarm Triggers Major Concern as Peru Rocked By Daily Quakes
Heat Reaches 122ºF in India, More Than 200 Dead
MAY 23
Soaking Storms to be Double-Edged Sword for Southeastern U.S. This Week
Record-breaking Heat Poised to Bake West Coast
Monstrous 64-foot 'Megawave' Spotted in the Southern Ocean
MAY 19
Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas
Feet of Snow to Snarl Travel Across Colorado, Wyoming Through Friday
Big One Warning: New Zealand in Store for ‘EXTREME’ Earthquake as Fault Lines Collide
WMO Announces All-Time Deadliest Extreme Weather Events
Clock Is Ticking on the Next Natural Disaster
Volcano Blamed for First Mass Extinction
State Department under Obama Made U.S. Participation Vital to Paris Climate Pact
MAY 18
Severe Weather Outbreak, Intense Tornadoes to Rip Through Kansas to Texas Today
Decades After Catastrophic 1980 Eruption, Mount St. Helens Is 'Recharging'
37 Years Later: Scientists Reflect on the Catastrophic 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption
Dangerous Supervolcano Showing Signs of Possible Eruption
Massive Earthquake Could Hit Istanbul at Any Moment With Just Seconds Warning, Say Scientists
Dangerous Heat to Threaten Beijing as the Temperature Challenges All-Time Record
2017 Asia Summer Forecast: Heat to Roast Northeastern China, Japan; Typhoons to Hit Philippines to Vietnam
MAY 17
Tornadoes Kill 2 as Deadly Storms Strike from Texas to Great Lakes Region
Storms to Raise Risk of Life-Threatening Flooding in Central US into This Weekend
Manam Volcano Spews Lava and Fire in Much Bigger Eruption Than Last Week's
Huge Wave Anomaly from Antarctica That Nobody Knows How It Formed
MAY 16
Is Italy's Supervolcano About to Blow? Experts Warn That Campi Flegrei Is at a 'Critical Stage' in the Build Up to a Devastating Eruption
Record-Challenging Heat to Surge into Northeastern US This Week
Dangerous Storms Threaten to Spawn Tornadoes in Central US Tuesday Night
Tennis Ball-Sized Hail Pounds Parts of the Central US
Henderson Island, Part of the Pitcairns, Has an Estimated 37.7 Million Pieces of Debris on Its Beaches
MAY 15
5.8 Earthquake Kills 3, Injures 225 in Iran, Nearly Half of All Utilities Interrupted
12 Small Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma This Weekend
MAY 12
As Swam of Quakes Shakes Kitsap Washington Area, Emergency Management Talks Earthquake Preps
Mapping Bremerton's Earthquake Swarm
Earthquake in Western China Kills 8, Injures 23, Ruins 1,500 Homes
Drenching Storms to Turn Locally Severe Across Southeastern US Friday
HistoriC Deluge Floods Over 13,000 Homes in Quebec
The Spooky, Underwater Forests of Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish
Strong 6.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Central America
Freak Hailstorm Hits Koolyanobbing, Western Australia
Floods Kill 14, Displace Thousands in Kenya After 9 Inches of Rain Falls in 24 Hours
MAY 11
Giant Hail Smashed Through Windshields Like Tissue Paper in Denver on Monday
Dangerous Severe Storms to Roll Eastward Across South-Central US through Friday
Firefighter Rescues Fawn from West Mims Fire; Extreme Conditions Persist
Dry pattern to Offer No Wildfire Relief as West Mims Fire Evacuations Expand
2017 Europe Summer Forecast: Heat to Dominate the South; Storms to Rattle Germany and Poland
Burst of Earthquakes Along Alaskan Archipelago
MAY 10
More Evacuations Ordered as West Mims Fire Grows, Scorching Over 140,000 Acres
New Round of Severe Storms, Flooding to Target Central US at Midweek
2017 US Summer Forecast: Early Storms to Hold Back Heat in Northeast; Wildfires to Rage in California
Adrian Becomes Earliest Tropical Storm On Record in eastern Pacific
As Britain's Drought Worsens, Temperatures Set to Soar Next Week and Continue Through End of May
Florida On Fire: 125 Active Blazes, ‘Worst Wildfire Season’
…Florida Ag Commissioner: 'No End in Sight'
320 Florida Wildfires Intentionally Set
Interactive Map of Fla. Fires
Georgia Wildfire: Evacuations Ordered Though Many Stay Put
Series of Earthquakes Off Aleutian Islands Builds to Magnitude 6.4
M6.8 (M7.0) Earthquake Strikes West Pacific -- Major Seismic Unrest Spreading – video
Two Earthquakes Strike Southern Japan
Auckland Storms Produce More Material Than Kaikoura Earthquake
Ice Age to Freeze Britain Thanks to Climate Change on 'This Date' – and Could Kill Millions
White House Postpones Meeting On Paris Climate Deal
This Week May Bring Earliest Tropical Depression on Record in the Eastern Pacific Ocean – Could Impact Communities from Southern Mexico to Central America
Vegas, Phoenix Already Hit with 100-Degree Days – HOLLY NOTE: We warned a few months ago, NOAA has forecast hotter-than-normal weather for a great portion of the U.S. through at least July 2018. Yes, that's the next 15 months.
Severe Tropical Cyclone Donna to Threaten Life and Property in New Caledonia This Week
Threat of Flooding Rain, Severe Storms to Return to Central US at Midweek
World Temperatures Plummet
Climate Alarmist Offers $500 Billion Plan to Stop Global Warming — By Making More Ice in the Arctic
And Eat Bugs…
Drone Shows Scope of Record-Breaking Flooding in Oklahoma and Missouri – video
Slow-moving Flooding Disaster to Expand Along Mississippi River Through Mid-May
Soaking Rainstorm to Delay Travel, Cause Localized Flooding in Northeastern US
Cabin Washed Away in Arkansas Floodwaters Crashes into Bridge – video
2017 Canada Summer Forecast: Hot, Dry Weather to Elevate Wildfire Risk in Prairies; Severe Storms to Target Ontario
Choking Dust Storm Engulfs Beijing, Prompts Pollution Warning for Some 22 Million
How Fast Can Weather Change? Pueblo, Colorado Resident Has the Answer – HOLLY NOTE: This is what we experienced last weekend. The video shows a home in our county, but located in the city of Pueblo. While we live more rurally, we experienced the same dramatic weather swing, getting at least 5" of snow. Literally the day before it was T-shirts and sandals.
Flash Flood Emergency Ensues in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Following Levee Failure Along Black River
Arkansas' Historic Flooding Far From Over: Hundreds of Roads Closed and Vital Waterways Shut Down
Antarctic Peninsula Ice More Stable Than Previously Thought
Lightning Kills 32 Cows in Missouri, Leaving Them 'Piled on Top of Each Other'
Earthquakes Rattle Alaska, British Columbia
Hollywood's Open-And-Shut Take on Earthquakes Isn't So Far-Fetched
Death Toll Rises to 18 in Midwest, South Storms and Flooding
Reed Timmer Records Monstrous Tornado Rolling Through East of Dallas – video
20 New Science Papers Find Climate is Driven by Solar Changes
Fire Chief, 2-Year Old Among 14 Killed By Storms, Floods in South and Midwest
People's (Heat Driven) Climate March Postponed in Colorado Due to Snow
George Soros Gave $36M to Groups Behind People's Climate March
A Mag. 8.3 Chile Earthquake in Chile Has Become More Likely
Landslide in Kyrgyzstan Kills 24 Including 9 Children
APR 29
Cluster of Tremors in Central Chile, Including a 6.9, Unnerves Locals
3 Hurt, Several Buildings Damaged in Philippines 6.8 Earthquake
APR 28
How Climate Evangelists Are Taking Over Your Local Weather Forecast
Oops, Warmists Just Lost the Antarctic Peninsula – It Is Now Cooling
The Case for Pulling the U.S. Out of the Paris Climate Accord
APR 27
Central US Violent Storms, Flash Flooding May Strike at Night Adding to Dangers This Weekend
Wind Driving Wildfire in Southern Arizona Forces Dozens of Homes to Be Evacuated
AZ's Sawmill Fire Doubles Overnight to 40,000 Acres
Storm to Spread Heavy Snow Across Denver, Intermountain West Late This Week
Crews Barely Escape Massive Landslide on California's Highway 101 – video
Gov. Roy Cooper Warns North Carolina Residents of Worst Flooding Since Hurricane Matthew
Arkansas Roads Flooded, Buildings Damaged as Severe Storms Pummel Central US
Scottish Earthquake Tally Hits 4,000
Trump Advisers Propose Declaring Obama’s Climate Deal a ‘Treaty,’ Sending It to Senate to Die
APR 26
Dangerous Thunderstorms to Strike Central US By Midweek
One State, Under Water: California’s Drought Might Never Be Over for Farmers
Flooding Submerges Roads in Raleigh, North Carolina, as 8 Inches of Rain Deluge the City
Al Gore's New Group Demands $15 Trillion to Fight 'Global Warming'
2 Years Later: Thousands of Nepal Earthquake Victims Remain Homeless, Vulnerable to Flooding
Weird, Hairy Microbes Discovered on Volcano Soon After Eruption
New Lava Dome Develops at Alaska's Cleveland Volcano
A New Glacier Grows at Mount St. Helens
APR 25
Chile Rocked By 6.9-Magnitude Quake; No Major Damage Reported
Man Films Moment Chile Earthquake Violently Shakes Apartment Building – video
How 10,000 Earthquakes Have Shaken Britain Over 50 Years
APR 24
South-central US May Face Severe Weather Outbreak By Next Weekend
Europe’s Most Active Volcano Etna Continues to Spew Lava & Smoke – video
July-like Heat to Overtake Much of Eastern US Toward End of April
Peter Ward on Extinctions and the Future of Earth – video (begins 21:08 min. in)
APR 21
Earthquakes General Comment – HOLLY NOTE: There is a distinct lessening of Richter 7 quakes. Magnitude 8s are completely absent for this year and last. In fact, since Jan. 2014, only 2 Richter 8s have occurred, which is low by HALF and not even that many 6s have struck. This could indicate building pressure around the globe along faultlines.
US Southern Plains at Risk for Dangerous Wind, Tornadoes and Flash Flooding on Friday
5 Killed By Lightning Strikes in Bangladesh
Coldest Temperatures in Decades Recorded across the Netherlands
Snow and Frost Put Spring on Hold in Switzerland
APR 20
Unusually Early Subtropical Depression Forms in Atlantic
Mesmerizing Lava Flows From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano – video
After a Month's Worth of Rain Overnight, Second Deadly Landslide in a Month Rocks Colombia
APR 19
Why 2017’s Tornado Season Is Off to Such an Active Start
6.0 Earthquake Strikes Northern Peru, Felt Throughout Region
Watchdogs and Feds Say San Luis Reservoir at Risk If an Earthquake Strikes No. Calif.
Blanket of Spiderwebs Cover Field in New Zealand
Cracking Antarctic Ice Shelf Set to Birth New Iceberg
History of EPA Employee Misconduct Could Result in Layoffs: Only 6.5% of EPA Employees Are 'Essential'
APR 18
Notorious L.A. Earthquake Fault More Dangerous Than Experts Believed, New Research Shows – And It's Not the San Andreas
Potentially Violent Storms, Tornadoes To Eye Southern US Friday to Sunday
5 Quakes Shake Caribbean
Evacuation Due to Flood Fears Underway in Remote Ontario's First Nation
Snow to Fall Across Germany on Tuesday; Chill to Linger into the Weekend
No Relief in Sight as Heat Wave Continues to Build Across Northern India
Storms to Spread Rain, Mountain Snow Across Western US This Week
Receding Glacier Causes Immense Canadian River to Vanish in 4 Days
APR 17
Texas Cleans Up After Severe Storms Ravage Panhandle – video
APR 15
Locally Severe Storms to Fire from Texas to Wisconsin Saturday
APR 14
Easter Sunday Storms to Rumble Across Midwestern, Northeastern US
10,000 Wellington Homes Could Be Damaged By Landslides In Big Earthquake
NZ Residents Clean Up After Massive Cyclone Cook
Get Ready, Europe: Significant Cold Outbreak Expected
New South Wales Earthquake: Gold Mine Evacuated, Residents In Orange Woken Up By Shaking
Costa Rican National Park Closed After Volcano Eruption
Northern California Gets Its Wettest Winter In Nearly a Century
APR 13
Cyclone Cook: Evacuations as Huge Storm Lashes North NZ
Waves of Warm Air to Roll Across Northeastern US Through Late April
Climate Change Is Decreasing Water Levels in Lake Powell
Scientists Say Coral Bleaching Has Hit Two-Thirds of Australia's Great Barrier Reef – video
Indonesian Volcano In Fresh Eruptions
APR 12
More Than 100 Wildfires Scorch Florida, a Sign of How Dry We Are
Gov. Declares Emergency
…Wildfires Spreading – video
Risk of Hail, Damaging Winds as Severe Storms Reignite Over US Plains Today
Cyclone Cook, Predicted to Be the Worst Storm to Hit in 49 Years, Bears Down on NZ
Mama Bald Eagle Shields Baby from Tornado Moving Through DC – video
Volcanic Eruption Captured By Drones in Guatemala
From Extreme Drought to Record Rain: Why California's Drought-to-Deluge Cycle Is Getting Worse
Photographer Captures Rare Purple Lightning During Storm
APR 10
South Florida Burning – Wildfires Running Rampant – video
Huge Wildfire Tears Across 650 Acres of Florida: Firefighters Struggle to Contain Blaze as It Nears Orlando
'It Was Like Something Out of a Movie': Man Jumps in to Help Firefighters Save His Home
Easter Weekend: Central US Storms to Slow Friday Travelers; Showers to Dampen Northeast Sunday
Texas to Face Renewed Threat For Flooding, Severe Storms Early This Week
Series of Earthquakes Shook New Zealand Late Sunday
Great Barrier Reef at 'Terminal Stage': Scientists Despair at Latest Coral Bleaching Data
Cat 3 Cyclone Hammers New Caledonia
NZ's North Island May Be Hit By More Heavy Rain as Cyclone Cook Approaches
New Delhi to Faces Resurgence of Dangerous Heatwave This Week
How Frozen Farmers’ Fields Are an Unexpected Culprit in Climate Change, According to a New Study
2 Tornadoes Touch Down in Capitol – Bring Down Some of DC's Famed Cherry Trees
Warmth Poised to Bust Loose in Midwestern, Eastern US By Next Week
Storm to Spread Snow from Michigan to Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Banda Api Awakens After 30 Years of Slumber, Evacuations Begin
Fiery River of Red-Hot Lava Captured Flowing Down the Side of Mount Etna in Breathtaking Drone Footage
What's the Most Dangerous Volcano in the World?
2017 Atlantic Hurricane Forecast: Possible El Nino to Limit Development of Storms
Severe Storms Pummel Southeastern US
Hundreds Evacuated from New Zealand Town After Levee Fails
Amazing Images of NZ Flooding Devastation
M5 Quake Rattles NZ
Major Storm to Hit Northeastern US with High Winds, Flooding, Snow Late This Week
Dozens of Schools Close as Severe Weather Outbreak Begins to Unfold Across Southeastern US
6.1 Earthquake Near Iran’s Mashhad Kills 2
Botswana Hit By Second Earthquake in 2 Days
Death Toll in Landslide in Colombia Rises to 290, Over 330 Injured
Australia Floods: Woman and Children Found Dead In River
Western Australia Bushfire Now an Emergency
Guatemala's Fuego Volcano Erupts, Shoots Ash 3 Miles High; Ash Fell 50 Miles Away
Turrialba Volcano Near Cartago, Costa Rica Back in Action After Calm Spell
Texas Waterspout Turned Tornado Recorded on Lake Travis
To Date: Tornado Count at Record High
Powerful Twister Flips Cars At Auto Repair Shop – video
Renewed Severe Weather Threat to Target Ohio Valley, Southeastern US by Wednesday
Queensland Family Rescued From Rooftop Minutes Before Floodwaters Sweep Away Home – video
Southeast on 'High Alert' After 10 Tornadoes, Flooding Kills 3
Southern U.S Inundated By Torrential Torrential Rain, Hail and Flooding – video
Significant Drought Relief to Remain Absent Across Florida into mid-April
Spring Snow to Threaten Four Corners Early This Week
'IT'S CHAOS': More Than 250 Killed in Colombia Following Devastating Flooding
Landslide Leaves at Least 2 Dead, Buries Over 2 Dozen People in Central Indonesia