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Thousands Crowd San Juan's Sweltering Terminals Trying to Escape the 'Apocalyptic' Hurricane-Ravaged Island
People Waiting Up to 10 Hours for Gas That May Not Arrive
Lawmakers Warn Trump: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Could Become Katrina-Like Disaster
Record September Heatwave Enters 7
th Day in Chicago
At Least 1,300 Calif. Residents Evacuated Due to Fast-Growing Wildfire
The American West Is Burning
…Could Be The West's Worst Fire Season Ever
Devastation From Hurricane Maria Set Puerto Rico Back “Nearly 20 to 30 Years”
…Has Transformed Country into a "Cash Only" Economy
Earliest Start Ever to Arizona Ski Season
Quake Aftermath: 360 Buildings and Homes in Danger of Collapse in Mexico City
Influence Games: Mexican Cartel Donates to Earthquake Victims
Maria May Sideswipe North Carolina, Pound East Coast Beaches with Rough Surf This Week
Tropical Lull Following Maria, Lee May Not Last Through Early October
Third 6.2 Earthquake in Mexico This Month Results in 5 Dead as Volcano Near Capital Spews Ash into Sky
Buildings Swayed in Mexico City; Death Toll Tops 315
Why This Hurricane Season Has Been So Catastrophic
300 Earthquakes Recorded Near Mount Agung in Bali
Magma Moves Upward…
Thousands of Animals Flee Bali Volcano in Key Sign It's Set to Erupt
50,000 People Flee Amid Volcano Eruption, Smoke Geologists 'Never Saw Before'
Puerto Rico: 'Maria Destroyed Us’, Wakes Up to ‘Historic’ Devastation
…Leaves Puerto Rico Powerless, at Least 15 Dead on Dominica
Power Outage Could Last 6 Months…
Puerto Rico's Crippled, Bankrupt Power Utility Under Pressure to Rebuild Infrastructure
'Breathing' Road in Mexico Terrifying Locals After Quake
Millions of Tons of Trash Plague States after Harvey and Irma
New Zealand Rocked By Earthquake Days After 6.1 Quake
Fears Rise as Killer Quakes Hit the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'
Mount Rainier Fears as 'Swarm' of 20 Mini Quakes Hit
California Skiers Hit Slopes in September, and All Summer

Deadly Storm Leaves ALL of Puerto Rico Without Electricity, Possibly for Months
…Hammers an Economy That Can't Take Much More
Trump Signs Emergency Declaration for Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria
Maria Regains Strength as It Ravages Caribbean
1,000 Feared Dead after Earthquake in Mexico
What Mexico's Earthquake Means for California
In 3-1/2 Weeks 'Significant Earthquakes' Have Been Busy
8.1 87km SW of Pijijiapan, Mexico, Sept. 8
7.1 5km ENE of Raboso, Mexico, Sept. 19
6.4 85km NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu, Sept. 20
6.3 Explosion 22km ENE of Sungjibaegam, N. Korea, Sept. 3
6.3 71km NE of Muara Siberut, Indonesia, Aug. 31
6.3 109km NE of Lorengau, PNG, Aug. 27
6.1 281km ESE of Kamaishi, Japan, Sept. 20
6.1 256km W of Auckland Island, NZ, Sept. 20
6.1 249km WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan, Sept. 7
6.0 149km NNE of Bristol Island, S. Sandwich Islands, Sept. 4
LANDFALL: Hurricane Maria Has Begun Its Potentially Catastrophic Siege on Puerto Rico after Hammering the Virgin Islands
Governor: 'We Have Not Experienced Event of This Magnitude in Our Modern History' – "Evacuate or Die"
Maria Packs 155 mph Winds as It Roars into Puerto Rico, the Strongest Storm to Hit the Island Since 1932
For the First Time on Record, Three Cat-4 Hurricanes Occurred Simultaneously in the Pacific Ocean
Mexico Earthquake Kills Over 200, 20 Dead at School
New Zealand Hit By Strong 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Just Hours After Mexico City Disaster
Climate Change Not as Threatening to Planet as Previously Thought, New Research Suggests
Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Mexico, Collapsing Buildings and
At Least 49 Dead
Sending Thousands Fleeing into Streets

Hurricane Maria from Cat 1 to 5 in Less Than 24 Hours – Blasts Maria's Path
Dominica with "Widespread Devastation," Barrels Toward Puerto Rico
Trump Approves Puerto Rico Emergency Declaration
Maria Could Cripple Debt-Laden Puerto Rico
For First Time in 300 Years, No One Is Living on Barbuda
Unprecedented Wildfire Season Poised to Continue into Fall
Active Wildfires
Stossel: Why Climate Change Alarmists Get It Wrong – video
3.6 Quake Shakes L.A. – HOLLY NOTE: This occurred during the broadcast of Coast To Coast AM last night and host George Norry said he felt it in the studio.
Fall Is Back: An Extended Summer or Early Start to Winter?
3 Storms Raging in Atlantic – 1 Aiming for Irma's Path
Maria Upgraded to Cat 1 Hurricane as It Tracks Toward Barbados and St Lucia
Maria's Path
Tropical Storm Warning for Los Cabos, Mexico Due to Norma
Mexico on Alert for Tropical Storm Norma Following Max's Landfall
North-central US: Building Warmth to Fuel Severe Storms on Tuesday
North Korea's Nuclear Tests Could Trigger "Supervolcano" Eruption
Solar Physicist Explains How the Sun Controls Climate, Not Man (begins 5:57 min. in) – video
La Niña Could Develop by Fall or Winter: What That Means
Violent European Storm Leaves at Least 8 Dead
Irma's Staggering Toll: At Least 68 Dead, Billions in Damage from the Caribbean to the U.S.
New Looting Low: Thieves Nabbed Stealing Utility Pole Even as Florida Scrambles to Restore Power
Officials: 8 Dead, 158 Evacuated at Florida Nursing Home
Lawlessness Reportedly Rampant in Caribbean Islands Devastated By Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Jose to Keep Surf Rough Along East Coast as It Swirls Offshore; How Close Will It Approach?
Jose Path – Could Impact New England
Britain Battered By Aileen – Floods and Fallen Trees, Thousands Without Power after 83mph Winds Lash UK
Irma Left Mark on 'Every' Florida Keys House: FEMA
FEMA: 90% of Homes in Florida Keys Damaged or Destroyed By Irma
Drone Footage Reveals Staggering Damage in Florida Keys – video
'Still Standing': Florida Keys Flyover Shows Damage But No Disaster – HOLLY NOTE: That was last night's headline. Now it has been changed to 'less damage than expected.' However, looking at the video and photo in this article, it certainly looks like a disaster.
Earthquakes Continue in Southeast Idaho, But Exact Number Is Hard to Pinpoint
Giant Earth Cracks Appear After Mexico's M8.2 Earthquake
Death Toll Rises to 96 – HOLLY NOTE: Shows how an off-shore quake can inflict major damage on land.
2.5 Million Affected…
Mexico Pulls Texas Aid Offer as It Grapples with Earthquake
Earthquake Experts Shaking Things Up With New App
San Diego Quake Could Kill 2,000, Inflict $40B in Property Damage
Hawaii Volcano Expels Lava in Spectacular Eruption – video
Floridians Return to Damaged Homes, Rotting Food, Soaring Temps and No Power
Hurricane Irma Leaves 1 Million Georgia Residents Without Electricity
Next Up, Jose: What to Expect from Next Hurricane
Mexico Buries Its Dead After Worst Earthquake in Decades Killed 90
Hurricane Harvey Caused 500,000-Year Floods in Some Areas
Hurricane Irma by the Numbers
Calls to Punish Skeptics Rise with Links to Climate Change, Hurricanes
The East Coast is SINKING: Study Warns Parts of the US Will Soon See More Frequent Floods as the Ground Slowly Drops
Britain Battered By 16Ft Waves Amid Warnings Winds of Up to 75mph
Britain Faces Its Own Hurricane Worries as Country Is Set to Be Hit By Up to 3 Tropical Storms This Autumn
Massive Avalanche Buries Swiss Villagers in Mud
Violence Erupts on Desperate Caribbean Islands: ‘All the Food Is Gone
Nearly 7 Million Without Power in Florida – Could Take Weeks to Restore
28 Deaths Across the Caribbean, 5 Dead in the Keys and Hardee, Orange Counties
Police Arrest Hurricane Irma Looters Caught on Camera
Richard Branson Reveals Irma Devastation on Necker Island
Hurricane Jose to Stall in the Atlantic This Week; Long-Term Future Path is Uncertain
May Meander Not Far from the East Coast through Friday
US Wildfire Season Is Among the Worst: Here's Why
Surveying the Wildfires Burning Across the Western U.S.
Firefighters Stretched Thin as Historic Wildfire Season Drags On
Is All That Wildfire Smoke Damaging My Lungs?
Golfers Continue Game As Wildfire Blazes Behind
Australians Face Coldest Night in 45 Years
"We Can't Save You': Florida Gov. Urges Residents in Irma's Path to Get Out Before It's Too Late
Mandatory Evacuations Ordered in Georgia, South Carolina
FEMA Chief, Miami Beach Mayor Warn: "Get Out Now, This Is a Devastating, Nuclear Hurricane"
"Greatest Evacuation In History" - 650,000 Ordered to Leave Florida
6 Reasons Why Hurricane Irma Could Be "The Natural Disaster of Our Time"
Panic Buying Leaves 40% of Miami Stations Out of Gas – HOLLY NOTE: According to Bas Buddy's fuel tracker, gas stations in The Keys and Florida City - Homestead in southernmost Florida to as far north as into Georgia are experiencing "No Fuel" situations. The following snapshot is a sampling from Miami only.
Hurricane Jose Upgraded to Category 3
Hurricane Katia Expected to Strengthen in Southern Gulf of Mexico; Hurricane Warnings Issued for Mexican Coast
Huge Quake Shakes Mexico; Small Tsunami Triggered
At Least 60 Dead
Amazing Images…
Mysterious Green Flashes Light Up Sky after Mexico's Big Shake
5.3 Shaker Hits Japan Hours after Mexico Quake
US Senate Committee Votes to Reinstate Funding to UN Climate Treaty – HOLLY NOTE: Could the information in this video shed light on the connection between recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Katia and Jose, and the sudden decision to do a 180 on the Parris Climate agreement? Americans would have been better served to give that $10 million to victims of Harvey and Irma than the bottomless pit of the UN.
Trail of Death and Destruction across Caribbean – Barbuda "Barely Habitable"
1 Million without Power in Puerto Rico
Hurricane Irma: If There Were Such a Thing as a Cat 6 Hurricane, This Would Be It
Related: Is a Category 6 Hurricane Possible?
Irma Leaves Scientists at 'Loss for Words'
Hurricane Irma Just Pounded Donald Trump’s Caribbean Home, and Is Heading for Mar-A-Lago
3 Hurricanes at Once in Atlantic Basin
4 Hurricanes at Once in Atlantic Basin in 1998 – flashback
"Devastating" Hurricane Irma Flattens "Most Solid" Buildings on Caribbean Island
Irma Path…
Hurricane Wind Impact…
Multiple Nuke Plants in Bullseye
Jose Path…
Katia Path…
80 Big Fires Are Burning in 9 Western States, Destroying Homes
Ash Covers Oregon Cities, Wildfire Smoke Chokes US West
Forest Fires Rage as 747 Supertanker Is Grounded – Forestry “Service” Won’t Give It Permission to Battle Fires
Historic Category 5 Storm Hits Islands, as Florida Braces for Potential Impact
Strongest Atlantic Hurricane Ever Recorded…
…So Strong It's Registering on Devices Designed to Detect Earthquakes
Wind Speed Probabilities
Trump Declares Hurricane Irma Emergencies as Florida Worries Storm Could Be Worse Than Harvey
Expected Path…
Evacuations Ordered…
Two More Tropical Storms Form… Katia and Jose
Montana Is Burning – video –HOLLY NOTE: With so much going on, please keep Montanans in your thought and prayers.
Hurricane Irma Strengthens to Cat 5: Puerto Rico, Florida Brace…
Florida Governor: "Prepare for the Worst"
…Declares State of Emergency
What Last-Minute Storm Supplies Can I Get Delivered? – HOLLY NOTE: Rush today, commented on the symbiotic relationship between weather forecasters and local merchants. Lotsa $$$ exchanging hands, advertisig money. He pointed out that though Hurricane Irma was forecast 10 days ago, local stores in Palm Beach are already sold out of bottled water. He pondered why didn't they simply stick an empty bottle under the tap and fill it. Costs nothing. His point is that there is a relationship between media hype and vendors/local stores. That said, it does not diminish the vital need to prepare – in advance – for any disaster, as we do. We walk the talk. You can prepare and not bankrupt the household. This info is FREE. You just have to get off your backsides. This info is FREE. You just have to get off your backsides and Do IT!
One Computer Model Puts Bulleye on Throat of Florida
…Residents Stock Up
Harvey Death Toll Rises to at Least 60
Yellowstone Supervolcano 'That Could Trigger Next Ice Age' Rocked By 2300 Earthquakes
Earthquake Swarm: Experts Say Residents Should Be Prepared for Worst-Case 7.0 Magnitude
After 8 Years of Calm, La Cumbre Volcano Erupts at the Fernandina Island in Galapagos
The Most Dangerous Thing on Earth is a Feature of the Earth Itself
Ancient Global Warming Event Linked to Volcanic CO2
How an Antarctic Volcano Single-Handedly Kicked the Southern Half of the World Out of an Ice Age
Largest Wildfire Los Angeles History Force 700+ Evacs
State of Emergency Declared…
Irritating Smoke from Wildfires Choking US West, Turning Lives Upside Down
Hurricane Irma Eyes Leeward Islands, Looks Set to Strengthen
FEMA Turning Its Focus Toward Hurricane Irma While Helping with Harvey Recovery
Irma's Current Path…
Fake Image of Hurricane Irma Shows False Storm Path Toward Texas
Monster Fires Erupt Across Montana, Parts of Glacier Park Evacuated
Labor Day Forecast: Storms to Rattle Midwest, Gulf Coast; West to Bake Under Record Heat
Oppressive Heat to Add to Misery in Harvey Disaster
Nearly One-Third of Houston-area Superfund Sites Flooded, EPA Says
55 Earthquakes Hit Southeast Idaho from Saturday Night to Sunday Afternoon
Rescue Crews Work to Reunite Flood Victims With Their Pets – video
After Harvey, Texas Rallies to Rescue Cats and Dogs
NJ-based Group Works to Help Animals Displaced By Harvey – video
Related: If You Can and Want to Help or Foster Rescued and Abandoned Pets, Visit Pet ResQ, Inc.
Fort Bend Sheriff Delivers Feed to Cattle Stranded By Flood – video
Viral Post Captures Houston Heroes So Perfectly You Will Cry
Weird Clouds Form over Georgia Town
Hurricane Irma Roars to Category 3 in Atlantic, Forecast to Reach 'Extremely Dangerous' Cat 4 Strength
Could Be Next Weather Disaster…
Irma's Path
Lightning Sparks 62 New Fires
Trump Pushing for $6 Billion in Harvey Recovery Funding
Harvey to Be Costliest Natural Disaster in U.S. History, Estimated Cost – $190 Billion
Meet the People Rescuing Stranded Pets from Tropical Storm Harvey
Chicago Shelters Taking in Animals from Houston
Major Flooding Expected Friday as Brazos River Rises
Gas Shortages Widespread
Receding Waters Reveal Harvey's Devastation as Death Toll Reaches 44 – Expected to Climb
Dangers Abound as Texans Return to Flood-Ravaged Homes: Gators, Power Lines, Mold…
Harvey Floodwater Has High E. Coli Levels
…And Lots of Other Nasties
…Including Floating Masses of Fire Ants
Scams Abound to Steal Donations for Disaster Victims at Their Worst
Despite Losing Homes, Houston Cops Put Duty First, Says Chief Acevedo
Houston Family Turns Home into Shelter, Welcoming 16 People and 7 Pets
Christian Mom Drowns 'Saying Prayers' to Save Daughter Found Clinging to Her Lifeless Body
Maps Show What Harvey's Impact Would Look Like in Other U.S. States – HOLLY NOTE: More states are shown in this article.
Gov. Abbott Designates Official Day of Prayer after Harvey
Where Is God in the Terrible Tragedy in Houston?
118,000 People and No Drinking Water: Flooded Beaumont Cannot Determine When It Will Restore Water Supply
DHS Bossert: 100,000 Homes Damaged or Destroyed
White House Preparing Emergency Spending Request for Congress for Harvey Relief
Trump Pledging $1 Million of Personal Money for Harvey Relief
VP Pense Meets with Harvey Survivors: 'When One of Us Hurts, We All Hurt,' Pence Told Texans. 'The American People Are with You.'
VP Pence on Storm Disaster – video
Mike Pence Gets His Hands Dirty During Texas Visit, Hauling Away Tree Branches and Surveying Damage
Cajun Navy: The Story of Houston's Heroes
Today: The 'Cajun Navy' Sails Again
Cajun Navy Overcoming Logistical 'Nightmare' in Texas – video
Louisiana Man Builds Clever Makeshift Dam to Save Home – video
Houston Harvey Rescue – Request Help / Offer Help
Miranda Lambert, Foundation Rescue 70+ Harvey Dogs
Houston Family Uses LEGOs to Save Furniture from Harvey Flooding
Plane Dodges 3 Tornadoes in Hair-Raising Landing in Russia – video
AUG 31
More 'Canes Coming:
Irma Rapidly Intensifies into 100 mph Cat 2 Hurricane
"Very Dangerous" Irma Could Hit Gulf, Florida, East Coast, Puerto Rico, More – video
Tropical Storm Lidia Nearing Los Cabos, Mexico; Dangerous Flash Flood, Mudslide Threat
Texas County Warns Residents, 'GET OUT OR DIE!' as Harvey Moves Inland
Explosions Reported at Plant: Officer Injured as black Smoke Billows from Flooded Chemical Facility Outside Houston
Oil Refineries Have Released 2 Million Pounds of Chemicals in Harvey's Wake, and Scientists Are Worried
Flyover Reveals Staggering Extent of Harvey's Destruction – video
Damage in Texas Expected to Be 'Many-Year' Recovery, Feds Say
Tropical Storm Irma Is Expected to Become a Hurricane Thursday
Home Depot Co-Founder on Harvey Relief Funding: Get It Done – video
Flood Levels Drop Across Much of Houston; Airports to Reopen
Stunning Video: The Huge Difference 24 Hours Can Make – video
Half-Million Flooded Cars and Trucks Could Be Scrapped
Owners Unlikely to Pay Mortgages on Flood-Stricken Homes
Restaurants Hammered and the Worst Is Yet to Come
Cowboys Rescue Hundreds of Drowning Horses and Cattle
The Men Who Risked Their Lives for a Dog
In Crises Such as Harvey, You Want Outdoorsmen on Your Side
Sewage, Debris, Mosquitoes: Flood Waters Increase Health Risk for Harvey Victims
Donations Pouring In:
Businesses Donate Over $72 Million to Harvey Relief Efforts
List of Hurricane Harvey Relief Donations From Throughout the Sports World
Celebrities Open Their Hearts – and Checkbooks – to Harvey Victims
Here's How to Double Your Donation
How Climate Change Is Being Blamed for Harvey after a Dozen Years Without a Major Hurricane
70,000+ Brave Fierce Dust Storm at Burning Man
Worst Monsoons in Recent History Kill 1,200 and Displace 40+ Million in India, Nepal & Bangladesh
AUG 30
With Death Toll at 30, Storm Makes 2nd Landfall
Here's Where Harvey's Going Next…
Harvey Damage in Texas Expected to Be 'Many-Year' Recovery, Feds Say
HARVEY SHATTERS RAIN RECORD – Dumps 52 Inches as Rescues Surge in Rising Floodwaters
Harvey Poured 19 Trillion Gallons of Rain on Texas
Gov. Abbott: Houston Suffering 'Once-in-a-Lifetime Flooding Event'
2 Leeves Breached… "Get Out Now!"
New Orleans Expects Worst of Harvey on Katrina Anniversary
Pump Fixed at Station No. 6 as Harvey Pours Rain on New Orleans
Rescue Groups, Law Enforcement Work to Save Animals…
Human Chain Helps Woman in Labor Through Harvey Floodwaters – video
Home and Dry: Heartwarming Picture Emerges of the Texas Seniors from THAT Viral Flood Picture Now Safe and Happy in Their New Residence
Like High School Mean Girls, Media Rips Melania for Wearing Stilettos to Board Air Force One
Hurricane Harvey: 80% of Victims Don't Have Flood Insurance
Houston Looters Now May Face Life In Prison
ABC Reporter Slammed for Alerting Police to Looters
Remember the Dog Left Chained to the Pole? She Got Lucky
AUG 29
Megastorm Eyes Louisiana as Texas Braces for More FEET of Rain
Harvey Maintains Strength, Will Make Landfall Again
Thousands Stranded By Rising Waters as Trump Heads to Texas Today
Family of 6 Counted Among the Dead as Harvey Death Toll Rises to 14
Reservoirs Rising Even after Release of Floodwater in West Harris Co.
Despite Release, Addicks Dam Is Less Than a Foot from Spilling Over – Downtown Houston, Neighborhoods in Crosshairs
Uncontrolled Releases to Begin
Osteen's Church Staff Rescued…
Gov. Abbott Deploys Entire Texas National Guard Force of 12,000
Houston Police Focus on Saving Lives, Battling Looters
These Heroic Texans Will Make You Proud to Be an American – video
5 Amazing Ways People are Aiding Hurricane Harvey Evacuees
Houston Bats Seek Refuge in Office Building from Flood – video
The Animals of Harvey – photos
Looters Target HPD, Firefighters, Union Official Says
FEMA Expects 450,000+ Harvey Disaster Victims to File for Assistance
Houston, We'll Have a Problem -- Insurance Companies That Won't Pay
Flooding from Harvey Closes NASA Center in Houston, but Space Station Operations Continue
US Nuclear Watchdog Keeping Eye on South Texas Plant
Nuclear Worker: “Imminent Flood Coming” Near Nuke Plant
Eco-Alarmists Tie Hurricane Harvey Damage to ‘Climate Change’
Tropical Storm Watch for Carolinas
Record-breaking Heat Wave to Scorch SoCal
Triple Digit Temps Prompt Warning for Bay Area
AUG 28
Rainfall from Killer Storm Harvey May Reach 50 Inches, Thousands of Water Rescues So Far in Houston
3,000 National and State Guard Activated
At Least 5 Dead…
FEMA Head Says Storm is a ‘Landmark Event’
Heartbreaking Images of Pets and Animals Abandoned to Face Harvey on Their Own
Dog Lost in Storm Reunited with Owner Through Twitter
German Shepherd Carrying His Own Bag of Dog Food Hailed as Hero
18 People Sitting in Waist-High Water Rescued from Flooded Assisted Living Facility
NWS Forecasts Up to 22 Additional Inches to Fall
Rainfall Records Fall in Houston Area
Havey Dumped 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Dumped So Far…
Major Refineries Shutting Down – 25¢ a Gallon Gas Spikes Possible
Water Releases Begin on Houston-area Reservoirs – Will Impact Homes in Just Hours
Massive Sinkhole Opens…
Heartbreaking Harvey Photo Shows the Comforting Power of Pets
Price Gouging Complaints Include $99 for Case of 24 Aquafina Waters – HOLLY NOTE: Walmart sells 32 bottles for $6.
FEMA: Recovery Will Take Years
How to Help…
More Ways to Help…
Texas Asks for More Volunteers – Here Is the National Coordinating Organization
Major Water Receding Again: Ocean Mysteriously Disappears in Brazil and Anomalous Tides in Chile
Related: Sea Recedes Mysteriously from Beaches in Uruguay and Brazil
Climate Change Advocates Use ‘Harvey’ to Tout Global Warming
How One Climate Skeptic Is Making Life ‘Inconvenient’ for Al Gore
AUG 25
Hurricane Harvey Forecast Up to 3 Feet of Rain, Likely Cat 3 at Landfall
Official Calls Hurricane 'Grave Risk'
Life Threatening'…
Forced Evacuations Underway, Runs on Food, Water, Gasoline
Could Impact Gas Prices Nationwide; Oil Rig Workers Evacuated
US Has Gone Record 142 Months Without Major Hurricane Strike
700+ Troops Deployed…
President Trump Plans Response to Dangerous Hurricane with Texas Governor
Hiker Struck By Lightning Survives after Bolt Hits Head, Exits Through Foot
Typhoon Hato Shuts Down Markets in Hong Kong
16 Dead, 27,000 Evacuated as Typhoon Hato Lashes Macau, Southern China
Switzerland Landslide: 8 People Missing After Rockfall Near Italian Border
Anger Grows after Floods Devastate Ireland's Northwest; 63% of August Rainfall Fell in Just 9 Hours
Earliest Snow Ever Hits Romania
Man on Scooter, Obviously to Massive Sinkhole, Plunges In – video
AUG 24
Prepare for Harvey Now: Hurricane Warnings, Extreme Danger for Gulf Coast
Harvey's Path
Risk of Wildfires, Poor Air Quality to Increase in Western US as Heat Builds
Delingpole: Global Warming Is Almost Entirely Natural, Study Confirms
AUG 23
'Historic' Flash Floods in Kansas City Leave Many People Stranded
Popocatepetl Volcano Erupts During Solar Eclipse
Hundreds of Firefighters Battling Largest Wildfire Ever Recorded in British Columbia
Oceans Move around South America with Lenticular Fireball Clouds – video
Aerial Pictures Show North American and European Tectonic Plates in Iceland Pulling Apart
750+ Dead, 24 Million Affected By South Asia Floods
Gore Documentary Called ‘Bad Science’ as Sales Plummet
AUG 22
Update: Last of 3 Brothers Freed from Earthquake Rubble
2 Children Pulled from Rubble on Quake-Hit Italian Island; at Least 2 Dead, 39 Injured, Thousands Homeless
AUG 21
Evacuation Orders Affect Hundreds in California, Oregon
Hottest Year on Record? Not Exactly - The Chart Shows a Different Story
AUG 18
Tropical Storm Harvey Forms East of the Windward Islands; Tropical Storm Conditions Expected to Arrive Early Friday
6 Ways Weather Could Change During the Great American Eclipse
NASA’s Bold Plan to Stop Yellowstone Supervolcano
Poland Storms Kill 6, Destroy Tens of Thousands of Trees
Spain's Most Vital River Could Run Dry
7+ Earthquake to Hit Turkey’s Marmara Region in Near Future
AUG 17
'Leave Now!' Fast-Moving Wildfire Forces Dozens to Evacuate in Grant County, Wash
Portugal Earthquake Rocks Lisbon Waking Up Brit Tourists with ‘Terrifying Shakes’
Dozens of Active Wildfires in the Northwest U.S.
Wildfire Forces Mandatory Evacs in Montana
Montana's Wildfire Fund Nearly Dry as Fires Continue to Rage
Assam Floods: Death Toll Increases to 39 in Third Wave; Over 3,345,000 People Affected
Mount Etna's VERY Little Brother: Italy's Tiniest Volcano Is a 4 Foot High 'Flaming Fountain'
Brits Enjoy Hottest Day of the Holiday after Coldest Start in 35 Years
Portugal Arsonists Feed Wildfire Destruction
Stunning Drone Footage Captures Devastation of Wildfire in Greece
AUG 15
US Northeast Get Ready for a Cold, Wet Winter: Almanac Predicts Below-Average Temps and at Least 5 Storms
Inconvenient: Global Temps Lower Now Than When Gore Received Nobel Prize
At Least 300 Killed By Huge Mudslide After Heavy Rainfall in Sierra Leone
Worst Flood in 29 Years Hits Assam, India
Portugal Fights Record 220 Wildfires in One Day
AUG 14
Scientists Discover 91 Volcanoes Below Antarctic Ice Sheet – HOLLY NOTE: As Stan has shared over the last 2 decades in many interviews, 'global warming' isn't a product of human activity. The increase in Earth's heating is a natural process. Earth's oceans are one of largest storer's of warmth. Heat injected into this massive storage vault is slow to warm up and slow to cool Earth because water covers about 75% of it. However, more under water volcanoes – major contributors to global warming – are being discovered and mapped every year. The other big factor is the Sun. One of these days, egg-faced scientists – bought by climate change elites – will have to admit the truth. Every day another death peg is hammered into their myth of 'mostly human-caused climate change'. Example: Al Gore. His second attempt at an ill-conceived global warming movie has enjoyed another epic box office fail. He's not exactly living the example of reducing emissions because his 20-room house uses more energy than 34 times the national average. Obviously from his girth, a lot of the kilojoules are used to cook his food. Doubtful His Tubbiness is doing any of the property work unlike Pres. George Bush. "In just this past year, Gore burned through enough energy to power the typical American household for more than 21 years, according to a new report by the National Center for Public Policy Research. The former vice president consumed 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence, which includes his home, pool and driveway entry gate electricity meters. Over the last 12 months, Gore used more electricity just heating his outdoor swimming pool than six typical homes use in a year."
Central US to Face Rounds of Severe Weather This Week
AUG 11
8 California Volcanoes 'Likely to Erupt'
Ground Has Deformed Around the Yellowstone Supervolcano, as Experts Reveal It's Now Been Hit By Over 1,500 Earthquakes This Summer
Nearly 1,600 Events…
El Niño's Absence May Fuel a Stormy Hurricane Season
Tropical System May Brew Near Bahamas This Weekend; Will US East Coast Be At Risk For Impact?
"That Is LEFTIST Nonsense" Tucker Carlson VS Bill Nye – video
7 Dead, Dozens Injured as Earthquake Strikes Sichuan, China
Unprecedented ‘Flash Drought' Could Cost Farmers, Ranchers Up to $1B
Oregon Officials Fear Unprepared Solar Eclipse Visitors Could Lead to Wildfire Disaster
Britain Battered as Summer Washout Continues with More Than a Month’s Rain to Fall Today and ‘Tornadoes’ Spotted
Indonesian Cave Reveals Nearly 5000 Years of Tsunamis
7th Home Condemned Due to Massive Florida Sinkhole
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Central China
Chilly August Ahead for Eastern Two-Thirds of the US
Heatwave 'Lucifer' Continues in Europe with Highs Over 40C
Tropical Storm Franklin to Threaten Mexico Twice This Week
An Unbelievably Massive Volcanic Engine Has Just Been Found Hiding Under Washington
Shameless Fear-Mongering – Versus Reality
Gore's New Movie: An 'Inconvenient Bomb' at the Box Office
New South Wales, Victoria Rocked By 2 Rare Thundersnow Storms
This Is How Much of the World Is Currently on Fire
Tulsa Tornado Injures Nearly 30, Knocks Out Power to Thousands
Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Surpasses 1,500 Events
Biggest Earthquake in 30 Years Hits Western Scottish Highlands – Felt Countrywide
Powerful Earthquake Shakes 'Wolf Creek' in Western Australia
Officials Say New Orleans Pumps Working; Warn of Additional Flood Threat
Unrelenting Heat to Prolong Poor Air Quality Over Northwestern US This Week
Temperature Readings Plunge After Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology Orders End to ‘Tampering’
Severe Turbulence Injures 10 on American Airlines Flight to Philadelphia
Tropical Storm Franklin Menaces Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
Quakes Shake Oklahoma; 7 In 28 Hours
Volcano in Indonesia Erupts, Spreads Ash for Miles; 10 Villages Directly Affected
Gulf of Mexico's 'Dead Zone' – the Size of New Jersey – Is Biggest on Record
Crack on Earth's Crust Could Make Ocean Disappear and Pull Europe and North America Together
Seismic Zone Off Alaska Could Trigger Massive Earthquake and Tsunami
2017 US Fall Forecast: Warmth to Linger in Northeast; Tornado Outbreaks from Texas to Tennessee
New Mexico Sees 4
th Wettest Year on Record
Puzzling Pockets of Rock Deep in Earth's Mantle Explained
Blistering Heat Wave Threatens Seattle, Where Only a Third Have Air-Conditioning
Summer Is Cancelled: Satellite Images Show Massive Storm Heading for Britain This Month
Strongest Storm on Planet Likely to Become Serious Threat by This Weekend
Tropical Storm Emily Causes Mayhem in Florida – video
Lightning Strikes Cruise Ship in Italy
Methane-Eating Microbes May Curb Gas Emissions as Antarctic Ice Sheets Melt
Watch Swarms of Earthquakes Sweep Across Oklahoma
Australia Tampers With Climate Data
Northwestern US Heat Wave to Jeopardize All-Time Record Highs at Midweek
Typhoon Nesat Brings 50-Ft. Waves, Cuts Power to 250,000 Homes, Injures 111 in Taiwan as Another Storm Nears
Taiwan and China to Face More Flooding as Haitang Follows Nesat
Torrential Rainfall Leaves Many Homes, Shops and Roads Flooded in Nigeria
Powerful Hail Storm Smashes Car Windows in Istanbul – video
NKorea Facing Worst Drought Since 2001
Rabbits in New Zealand Ride Out of Flood on Woolly Sheep
Al Gore Humiliation: NASA Study Confirms Sea Levels Are FALLING
France Wildfires Force Mass Evacuation
Vatican Shuts Off Famous Fountains in Peak Holiday Period as Rome Drought Crisis Worsens
Wildfires Are About to Go from Bad to Worse in California
Thunderstorm Flattens Alabama Football Facility
Harrisburg, Pa's Epic Deluge: Over 4 Inches Fell in 1 Hour
Huge Dust Devil Whirls Next to Queensland Road – video
France Battles Raging Fires on Cote d'Azur
Massive Hailstones Smash Cars, Batter Holidaymakers Amid Record Breaking Wild Weather
Unprecedented Deluge in Myanmar: 2 Dead, 100,000+ Evacuated, Rivers Several Feet Above Danger Level, Temples Flooded
Mammoth Lakes Area Hit By Swarm of Hundreds of Tiny Earthquakes
Mammoth Lakes Area Hit by Quake Swarm – video
4 Wildfires Merge into 1 Massive Inferno in Montana – video
Swarm of Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquakes Will Trigger 'Explosive' Eruption
North-central US to Face Resurgence of Heat, Severe Storms Early This Week
5.4 Earthquake Jolts Southern Iran
Mexico's Most Active Volcano Keeps Mountain Town on Edge
Damaging Storms Leave Nearly 100,000 People Without Power in the Kansas City Area
2 Dead, Dozens Hurt after 6.7 Quake Hits Greek and Turkish Resorts, Tsunami Forced Tens of Thousands to Sleep Outdoors – Tourists Warned Aftershocks Will Hit Next – HOLLY NOTE: This is odd since there have been several large mag temblors of late and not during a full moon.
Mt. Sinabung Erupts, Causes Earthquakes
100 New Wildfires in California Alone
58 Fires Nationwide Larger Than 1,000 Acres…
Firefighters Resuscitate Dog Saved from Flames
Wildfire Danger Forecast
Smoke from Mariposa Fire Chokes Tahoe Basin, Creates Apocalyptic Sunset
Severe Weather Onslaught to Continue Across Midwestern US into the Weekend
Bill Nye: Climate Science Needs Older Generations to ‘Die’ Off – HOLLY NOTE: At 61, does he start with himself?
Oppressive Heat to Build Across Central Plains This Week
Why Do We Call Them the Dog Days of Summer? – video
Winter Storms Fuel Western Wildfires, Forcing Evacuations
Wildfires Rage Through British Columbia, Forcing 40,000 from Their Homes
Flood Threat to Mount as Severe Storms Lash Midwestern US into Late Week
Alabama's 60,000-Year-Old Underwater Forest Spills Its Secrets in New Documentary
Tsunami Advisory Canceled After Russia 7.8 Earthquake
6.4 Temblor Hits Peru, No Immediate Reports of Injuries or Damage
3rd Eruption This Year Continues at Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion – video
9 Killed, 1 Missing In Arizona Flash Flood, Including 5 Kids
Chilean Capital of Santiago Hit By Rare Snowfall, Leaving 337,000 Customers Without Power
5.3 Earthquake Rocks Greek island of Crete
MIT Researchers Slam Global Warming Data in New Report: In No Way a “Valid Representation of Reality”
Related: Tree-rings Prove Climate Was WARMER in Roman and Medieval Times Than It Is Now - and World Has Been Cooling for 2,000 Years
4.0 Earthquake Rattles Lincoln, Montana
'Coldest Temperature in Years' across Southeast Australia
Wildfires Close in on Williams Lake, BC; Thousands Ordered to Evacuate
Mafia Thought to Be Behind Raging Wildfires That Have Engulfed Mount Vesuvius
Residents, Tourists Flee Naples…
Surge of Heat May Incite New Fires Across Already Ravaged Western US
Over 50 Wildfires Scorching the U.S. – Everything West of Kansas on Fire
5.9 Quake Hits Off North Korea – Experts Rule Out Nuke Test
Chicago Suburb Braces for Worst Flood on Record
85 dead, 58 Districts Affected: Damage Due to India Floods Deemed 'Unprecedented'
Southern Europe Swelters as Heatwave Sparks Wildfires and Closes Tourist Sites
Northwest Ohio Bracing for Near-Record Flooding
6.4 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Papua New Guinea
Delaware-sized Iceberg Breaks Off in Antarctica – video
EMP or CME Imminent? Government and FEMA Prep for the Big One! Drills, Executive Orders… Are You Prepared?
Volcan de Fuego – Volcano of Fire – About to Erupt in Guatemala?
Extreme Weather of Europe's Summer – video
Boise State Vulcanologist Studies 900-Foot Lava Lake In Central Africa
'Mountain of God' Volcano Preparing to Erupt
Pakistan Issues Flash Flood Warning as Monsoon Rains Kill 7
Entire Volcano in California is "Moving" - Quakes May Signal Trouble
California's Mammoth Lakes Area Experienced More Than 150 Small Earthquakes Over Past Week
Eastern Canada Could Be Out Billions in the Event of an Earthquake, Report Finds
Incredible Microburst Hits Downtown Pittsburgh
Colorado's Uber Liberal Gay Gov. Forces State into Paris Agreement Via Executive Order
More Than 6,000 Firefighters Battling Wildfires in California as Vineyards, Homes Burn
Alaska Rocked By 2 Earthquakes 500 Miles Apart as the State Reaches Nearly 10,000 Recorded Micro-Quakes Over Past 3 Months
Hell and High Water: California Is Besieged Again
Hurricane Eugene to Create Dangerous Surf Along Southern California Beaches
'That Was a Long Lasting Rumble': Massive 6.4 Earthquake Strikes Off the Coast of New Zealand
\5.3 Quake Hits Southern Japan, No Tsunami
Rescuers Continue Search for Missing in Japan as Death Toll Climbs to 25 Following Torrential Rains
14,000 Wildfire Evacuations in BC, 'Extensive' Damage to Power Grid
118º in Phoenix Friday – Breaks 112-Year-Old Heat Record
It's So Hot in Tucson, Even the Giant Mesquite Bugs Are Fleeing
Thousands Flee Wildfires Burning in the US and Canada
Amid Heat Wave, Fire Causes Power Outage for Part of Los Angeles
What It Looks Like to Drive Inside the Whittier Fire in California – video
Firefighters Battle More Than 40 Wildfires across the West – video
Alaskan Volcano Erupts Again, Leading to Aviation Warning
Study Blows 'Greenhouse Theory Out of the Water' – 'All Observed Climatic Changes Have Natural Causes Completely Outside of Human Control'
National Geographic Documentary Yellowstone Supervolcano Getting Ready to Blow – video
Mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley to Face Sweltering Heat Wave This Week
Evacuations Still in Place for Nearly 500 Breckenridge Residences Impacted By Peak 2 Fire
Brutal Heat Waves During June and July Have Led to Record Temperatures, Raging Wildfires Across the Western U.S.
Active Wildfires
Fire Danger for Today – CONUS
Three Gorges Dam Cutting Power Due to Floods – HOLLY NOTE: Is this the prelude to what Stan 'saw' in his dream-vision?
Submerged Super-Volcano at Favorite Brit Holiday Destination Alarms Scientists
India Monsoon Death Toll Rises to 18
Mount Vesuvius Fire: Mass Evacuation As Blaze Rages on Road to Active Volcano
Philippines Quake Leaves at Least 2 Dead, Over 100 Injured
Earthquake Swarm under 'Extinct' Volcano Causes Alarm
Falling Sea Level Caused Volcanoes to Overflow
Huge Antarctic Ice Block Poised to Snap Off
Satellites Reveal Melting of Rocks Under Volcanic Zone, Deep in Earth's Mantle
Rare 5.8 Earthquake Strikes Western Montana, the Area's Strongest in at Least 20 Years
"Supervolcano" Concerns Rise…
Strong, Shallow Earthquake Shakes Central Philippines
Smoke from 3 Wildfires Blanketing Colorado
The Number of Acres Burned By Wildfires on the Great Plains Has Exploded in the Last 30 Years
Lightning Strikes Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
1.2 Million Evacuated, 56 Dead as More Than 60 China Rivers Continue to Rise
SoCal to Break Heat Records: 120°
Greenland Sees Coldest July Temp Ever in Northern Hemisphere
Extremely Heavy Rainfall Pounds Japan – Nearly 31 inches in 9 Hours – Leaves at Least 3 Dead, 11 Missing
Southwest Monsoon Kicks into High Gear This Weekend
NZ Scientists Calculate Where Earth's Mantle Is Melting – audio
Delingpole: Climate Mafia Caught Tampering with Evidence Again…
Unprecedented Heat in the Southwest Shatters Energy Use Records
July Pattern Change to Bring Extreme Heat to Central U.S.
Damaging Storm, Flood Threat Continues Across Central US into Monday Night
Summer Forecast: What This Season Has in Store for You
Rome Water Fountains Run Dry as Heat Wave Sparks 'Exceptional' Drought Across Italy – Fountains Turned Off for First Time in 140 Years
Record Summer Cold Continues at North Pole
Temperature in Iran Hits 129F (53.7C) - the Hottest in the Country's History
More Fake News from the Climate Change Warriors