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DEC 29
Crews Battle Frigid Conditions After New York City Fire Leaves 12 Dead
Mt. Sinabung's Might Eruption – video
Thousands Pray at Western Wall for Rain to Break Drought
Hollywood Tries to Save Earth, But Moviegoers Aren’t Buying Eco-Messages Anymore
DEC 28
Plummeting Temperatures Could Send the World into a 'Mini Ice Age' in 2030 and Override Global Warming
DEC 27
Erie, PA: Record 60 Inches of Snow!
FEET of Lake-Effect Snow to Bury Great Lakes During Final Week of 2017
Another Arctic Blast Poised to Usher in 2018
Bitter Cold Gripping Parts of the Nation – Live Chill Map
US New Year’s Eve Forecast 2017: NYC to Face Biting Winds as Cold Grips Central, Eastern US
Winter Storm May Brew Across Eastern US with Snow, Ice and Rain Prior to New Year’s Day
White Out Conditions in Boston Temporarily Shut Down Logan
New Year’s Eve: Revelers to Face Unsettled Weather Across the UK
First Tropical Cyclone of the Season May Threaten Western Australia in Final Days of 2017
A New Year's Weekend Snowstorm Coming? An East Coast Storm Could Close Out 2017. – video
New Study Finds That Cosmic Rays, Solar Activity Have Much Greater Impact on Earth’s Climate Than Models Suggest
DEC 22
WHITE CHRISTMAS: 'Bomb Cyclone' Dumped Up to 40" of Snow
Snow, Ice to Create Treacherous Travel Over Northeastern US Interior Prior to Christmas Eve
Where in the US Is a White Christmas Most Likely This Year?
Calgary Digging Out after Record Snowfall, Causing Dozens of Collisions
DEC 21
Massive MAGMA Pool Found Bubbling under New England Will Spark Volcanic Eruption
Record Snow on Alaska Mountain Linked to Climate Change
Martin Armstrong Warns "the Sun Is Cooling Faster Than Anyone Suspected"
Winds Strengthen as Crews Make Progress on California Wildfire
L.A.'s Increasingly Hot, Dry Autumns Result in 'These Near-Apocalyptic Fires'
Rob Lowe Cooks Spaghetti and Burgers for Firefighters Who Saved His Home
Winter Solstice Begins Today, Here's What It Means
DEC 20
The Thomas Fire Is Now Second Largest in Modern California History
…On Course to Become California's Largest-Ever Wildfire
Kamchatka Volcano Eruption Spits Up Ash Several Kilometers High
'No Man's Land': An Isolated Puerto Rican Island Struggles to Rebuild
Abandoned Pets Swamp Shelters in Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico
Obama-Feds Spend $3 Million Studying How to Make Americans Eat Less, Use Less Energy, for Climate Change
DEC 19
Congress Proposes $81-Billion Disaster Aid Package, Including Funds for California Wildfires
A Mysterious Blob of Hot Rock Is Building Up Under America's Northeast
Puerto Rico Death Toll Off by Nearly 1,000: Report
Puerto Rico's Governor Admits There's a Big Problem…
DEC 18
'Beyond a Perfect Storm': Wind-driven SoCal Fire Nears Record
Oprah, Rob Lowe and Katy Perry's Family Are Among Thousands Evacuated as Fire Bigger Than NYC Surrounds Wealthy Montecito, Kills Two and Turns So Volatile That Firefighters Have to Stand Down
Related: Oprah's Many Mansions – HOLLY NOTE: Oprah's beautiful Montecito home that she purchased for $50 million in 2004 is now in danger of burning down.
Related: Oprah's Other Montecito Spread – This $29 Million, 65-Acre Equestrian Ranch Is Also at Risk
Here's a Look at Her Telluride Home
Santa Barbara a ‘Ghost Town’…
Shelters Swell with More Than 1,000 Animals Displaced By Wildfire
Nightmarish, Destructive 2017 Hurricane Season Comes to an End
Floods to Fires, U.S. Weather Went to Extremes in 2017
2017's Onslaught of Disasters Stretches FEMA to Its Limits
Landslides, Flooding Kill 30 in Philippines after Slow-Moving Storm
DEC 15
California's Thomas Wildfire Has Nothing to Do with Climate Change
DEC 14
'This Fire Is a Beast': Massive California Inferno Keeps Growing Despite All-Out Battle
Fierce Winds to Intensify – Thomas Wildfire Has Destroyed 709 Homes, Damaged 164 Others and Displaced More Than 94,000 People
Earth's Mysterious Hum Recorded Underwater for 1st Time
DEC 13
58 Injured in Iran's 6.2 Quake
Mystery as THOUSANDS of Ice Balls Wash Up on Russian Coast
Kota Belud Flood Worsens, 1829 Victims Displaced in Malaysia
A Cooking Fire at a Homeless Encampment Sparked Bel-Air's Skirball Fire, Officials Say
Emails Shed Light on Controversial DOE Request to Remove 'Climate Change' from Abstracts
DEC 12
Celebrities Escape Raging California Wildfire as Ash Falls Like 'Snow'
Destructive Northern California Fire Under Control
Winds, Terrain and Fuel: Why the Thomas Fire Has Been Difficult to Contain
DEC 11
Celebs’ Mansions, Thousands of Homes and Businesses in Jeopardy
Santa Barbara Firefighters Struggle to Contain Massive Blaze with No Rain in Sight
CalifornIa Wildfires Now Larger Than New York City and Boston Combined
…Worst Year for California Wildfires in the History of the State
Thousands Flee…
Fire Crews Fighting to Defend Carpinteria from Re-Energized Thomas Fire
California Avocados Hit with Triple Whammy of Fire, Wind and Ash
Winemakers Worry
Devastating Wildfires Are 'the New Normal,' California Governor Warns
Some People in Atlanta Using Skis to Get Around
North Korea's Newest Claim: Kim Jong Un Can Control the Weather
Whiteout Britain! Towns Warned They Could Be Cut Off by 10 Inches of Snow as Temperatures Hit a New Low
Strange 'Booms' Heard Around May Have Been Caused By Supersonic Planes
6 Large California Wildfires Have Scorched 141,000 Acres
Southern California Wildfires 'Unprecedented'
As Winds Kick Up Again, Tall Flames Menace Communities Far and Wide
Photos: Otherworldly Scenes Unfold as Thomas Fire Burns into the Night – HOLLY NOTE: If you have time, take a few minutes and look through these photos. What our fellow Americans are enduring is heartrending, unimaginable. At least equal to cops, if not more so, we are in awe of firefighters. They wear about 75 pounds in helmet, hood, pants, coat, gloves, boots and air pack, plus the equipment they carry. They wear suffocatingly hot protective clothing even in 100+ degree temps. Yesterday, we watched a CA firefighter stagger and fall due to heat exhaustion. Every fire they face an unpredictable menace that can change directions in a second. Sometimes they are caught as in the 2013 Arizona fires when 19 hotshots were killed. Surrounded by walls of flame, even their fireshield blankets couldn't save them. Often they can't see through the smoke and adding in extreme conditions like the Santa Annas firefighters are dealing with now… pray for them. Already so many Californians have lost everything. More than 400 structures have burned in Ventura alone. In a CNN aerial video, it showed dozens of home ablaze in one neighborhood, making it look like a hellish red and black checkerboard. While most Americas are happily shopping for Christmas and Hanukkah and making holiday plans, Californians are going through hell. Please remember them, pray for them, and help if you are so moved.
Horses Killed as Owners Raced to Save Hundreds in California Fires
How You Can Help
Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch California Firestorms – Geoengineered Catastrophe – video
State of Emergency Declared…
South Texas Awakes to Rare Blanket of Snow
4.0 Tremor and Aftershocks Rock Earthquake Valley Fault Line in San Diego County
Geologists Spot a Pattern, Predict Greater Number of Big Quakes in 2018
Storm Caroline Heads for Britain Tonight with 90MPH Gales
Indonesia Cyclone Death Toll More Than Doubles to 41
Experts Scramble to Monitor Long-Dormant Iceland Volcano Showing "Alarming"
Storm Caroline Raises Fears of Death and Injury in North of UK
…Claims First Victim as Young Man Dies in Canoe Tragedy on "Treacherous" River
Met Office Just Issued Weather Warning for HEAVY to Cover UK
Worst Case Scenario: 200,000 Californians Flee Homes as Wind Whips Wildfires Closer to LA
Section of 101 Freeway Closed as Powerful Winds Force New Evacuations
Ojai in Fire's Sights…
Flames Reach Small Seaside Town of La Conchita, Sending Evacuation Holdouts Fleeing
Californians Who Desperately Fled Fires Reflect After Losing Everything
Chelsea Handler Blames Donald Trump for California Wildfires
Drought Creeps Back into the U.S.
Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise
Santa Ana Winds Roar Through Southern California, Whipping Fires on Destructive Path
SoCal Wildfire Is Swallowing Up a 'Football Field a Second' – video
Drought Threatens the Great Plains
Incredible Footage Shows Massive Lightning Storm Illuminating the Night Sky As Dark Clouds Loom Over Australia's North
1 Dead, Thousands Evacuate in Ventura Fire
150 Structures Destroyed, 27,000 People Evacuated
Longest-Lasting Rainbow in History Colors Taipei Skies for 9 Continuous Hours – video
Europe Heatwave Sparks Health Warnings as Temperatures Soar to 113ºF
Earthquake Hits North Korea Less Than 2 Miles From Its Nuclear Testing Site
6.0 Earthquake Hits Ecuador Coast; No Injuries Reported
NOV 29
Apocalyptic Volcanic Super Eruption That Could Destroy Civilization Is Much Closer Than We Thought, Say Experts
Mystery of Night Flashes Around Bali's Volcano Is Solved
Hope For The Great Barrier Reef As Scientists Discover A Resilient 'Heart' That May Be Tough Enough To Keep The World Heritage Site Alive
NOV 28
Mystery Booms May Be the Craton Plate Cracking in North America – HOLLY NOTE: Stan has addressed in radio interviews for a number of years that there is tremendous stress on the Craton Plate. Possible fracturing has enormous implications for massive earthquake activity from Yellowstone down through Arkansas. See Stan's (radio) Show Images here.
150,000 People to Evacuate Erupting Mt Agung, Airport Closes for Another Day, Tens of Thousands Stranded
Timelapse Footage of Indonesia's Tallest Volcano Erupting – video
Record Heat Continues in Western, Central U.S., While Snow Falls in Hawaii
NOV 27
Mt. Agung on Brink of Eruption, “Imminent Risk of Disaster” – 100,000 Ordered Evacuated
Bali Volcano Hurls Ash for Second Time in a Week
Global Warming Will Wake Up Volcanoes
Volcanic Alert Bulletin Issued at Mt Ruapehu after High Levels of Gas Emissions Recorded
Mexico’s Popocateptl Volcano Spews Ash and Smoke After Trio of Explosions
Deadly Earthquakes Could Hit a Billion People Next Year Because of Earth's Slowing Rotation
What We've Learned About Slow Slip Events Since the November 14, 2016 Quake
Business Is Booming for America’s Survival Food King
How to Survive an APOCALYPSE: Expert Reveals 5 Key Things City Dwellers Should Do If Disaster Strikes
After 30 Years, Alarmists Are Still Predicting A Global Warming ‘Apocalypse’
NOV 24
Iceland Drafts Emergency Evacuation Plans as Volcano Rumbles After Centuries of Inactivity
NOV 22
Earthquake WARNING: California Struck By 134 Tremors in 1 Week on San Andreas Fault
Pacific Northwest May Be at Most Risk for the 'Big One' Because of Seafloor Sediments
Mysterious 'Booms' Heard in 64 Locations Worldwide
NASA Can Pinpoint Glaciers That Might Flood Coastal Cities
NOV 16
Unseasonable Warmth to Build Across Southwestern, South-Central US This Week
14 Killed, Section of a Major Highway Washed Out After Powerful Storm in Athens – Fear Death Toll Will Continue to Rise
Blinding Lake-Effect Snow, Bitterly Cold Winds to Cause Thanksgiving Travel Delays
Update: Thanksgiving Outlook: Brutal Cold, Snow to Blast Midwest as a Storm May Eye the East
NOV 15
Death Toll In Iran-Iraq Earthquake Climbs to at Least 530
15,000 Scientists Just Sent a Dire 'Warning to Humanity'
NOV 14
Earthquake Swarm Hits San Andreas; Biggest Felt in SF
4.7 Earthquake Strikes Northern California
Is the 'Big One' about to Hit California?
The Iran-Iraq Earthquake Is Deadliest of 2017
Thanksgiving Outlook: Brutal Cold, Snow to Blast Midwest – Storm May Eye the East
Threat of 'Biblical' Rainfall for Texas Has Soared 600% in Just 25 Years
NOV 13
Iran-Iraq Earthquake Kills Hundreds, Officials Say
Costa Rica Hit By 6.5 Earthquake
Popocatepetl Alert Level at Yellow
Major Storm May Precede Rush of Polar Air in Northeastern US Prior to Thanksgiving
Giant Chunk of Ice Rips Through Roof of Home in California

NOV 10
"This Is Crazy" - Antarctic Supervolcano Is Melting the Ice-Caps from Within
New Study Links Natural Disaster With Revolutions
First Arctic Blast Slams U.S.
Record Lows Threatened…
Current Wind Chills
The Dead Sea Is Dying: Thousands of Sinkholes Are Shrinking Water Level at Rate of 1.4 Meters a Year
Drought across Spain and Portugal Causes Alarm
Near-Record-Cold Temperatures to Invade the Northeast Late Week
46 Days: Puerto Rico's Storm of Misery – video
Puerto Rico's Post-Maria Recovery Under Further Strain as Residents Flee Island By the Masses
Troal Storm Rina to Bring Rain and wind to Ireland and UK Later This Week
Least Energy-Efficient State But Home to a Climate Supercomputer
Violent Thunderstorms Hit Queensland with Hurricane-Force Winds
Deep 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea
Magma Held in 'Cold Storage' Before Giant Volcano Eruption
260 Quakes Thump Under the Long Valley Caldera – HOLLY NOTE: Not only did the previous article discuss Long Valley Caldera's 'super-eruption' past (and possible future), but someone wrote last week and asked if I were paying attention to the temblors currently shaking the caldera. As of today, 263 quakes had hit in the last week. It's probably nothing.
Party Time for UN Climateers
Giant Snowflakes Fall in Washington State – video
Shuts Down I-90's Snoqualmie Pass
Harsh Cold to Pour into Midwestern US This Week
Typhoon Damrey: At Least 27 Dead
Earth’s Ozone Hole Shrivels to Smallest Since 1988
Iceland’s ‘Doomsday’ Volcano on Verge of Eruption
New York City Could See 'Once-in-a-Lifetime' Floods Every 5 Years
Giant Eruption at Bali Volcano Could Unleash Global Cooling at Scale Unseen for Decades
Lightning Strike Hits Tree in Lucky Cam Capture – video
Divers Stunned to Find a Mysterious Hole in the Great Barrier Reef
California's Wildfires, By the Numbers
OCT 31
After Wildfires, Californians Warned: "You Will See Rapid Flooding, People Trapped"
Lightning Storm Blazes Across Queensland Skies
OCT 30
Powerful Coastal Storm Will Bring Damaging Winds, Flooding Rainfall to the Northeast Through Early Monday; Bombogenesis Ongoing
Reports: Damaging Winds, Flooding Leads to Dangerous Conditions in Northeastern US
900+ Cremations Since Maria, But Hurricane Death Toll Still 51
Massive Hailstorm Slams Argentina
Cold Weather Is Arriving Later Each Year, Scientists Say
OCT 26
Troal System to Raise Risk of Flooding in Western Caribbean Then Aim for Florida, US East Coast
Freezing Air to Sweep South US This Weekend Prior to Chilling East Coast
New Type of Snow Warning Will Be Issued by the National Weather Service This Winter
Scientists Rushed in to Monitor Earthquakes Under Canary Islands Volcano Amid Fears It Could Erupt at Any Minute
New Simulations Show How the 'Big One' Could Play Out in Seattle
OCT 25
California Governor Vows to Sue Trump Over Climate Change
Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth
OCT 24
SoCal at Risk for Santa Ana Firestorm…
Triple-digit October Temps Break Heat Records in California – Long Beach Airport Expecting 105ºF
Fire Loss Total Surges to 8,400 Structures in Northern California
Storm to Bring Blustery Conditions, Widespread Snow to Rockies Later This Week
Severe Weather Slams Carolinas, Many Without Power
Typhoon Lan Slams Japan With Damaging Winds, Flooding and Mudslide, Leaves at Least 6 Dead
UK Winter Forecast: Powerful Windstorms to Cause Power Cuts, Travel Disruption in 1st Half of Season
Western Caribbean Bears Watching for Troal Storm Formation During Late October
Nearly 1,000 Darling Deer Survived Landfall in FL Keys
OCT 17
Hurricane Ophelia: 3 People Die as Storm Hits Ireland
Turned the Sun Red and Sky Yellow…
Hurricane Ophelia Damage: Ireland Could Be Without Power and Water for More Than a WEEK
Firefighters Make Progress as Californians Return to Charred Homes
SNOWMAGGEDON – Prepare for a World Record Big Freeze La Nina Winter
Bermuda to Face Downpours, Rough Surf as New Troal System Attempts to Develop
Canada Winter Forecast: Snowstorms to Frequent Ontario, Quebec; Dangerously Cold Air to Grip the Prairies
OCT 16
California Fires: Death Toll at 40, Dozens Missing, Some Evac Orders Lifted
Fires 100 Miles Wide…
Inside the Gutted Napa Wineries…
Despite Clear Risks, Santa Rosa Neighborhood That Burned Down Was Exempt from Fire Regs
Rare North Atlantic Hurricane Heads for Ireland, UK
OCT 13
At Least 31 Dead in Horrific California Wildfires, Hundreds Missing
Record Week of Death and Destruction
'Catastrophic Event': Winds Whip New Terror
Evacuations Widen…
Fire Map
Atlantic May Bear More Hurricanes That Could Threaten US, Caribbean through November
‘Ring of Fire’ Reawakens
Earthquake Sparks Concern of Another Nuke Test
OCT 12
California Fires: 23 Killed, Hundreds Missing as Flames Spread
Winds Threaten to Worsen Out-Of-Control Blaze
PG&E Power Lines Linked to Wine Country Fires
Threat of Devastating 'Supervolcano' Eruption at Yellowstone Is Greater Than Previously Thought
Massive Hole Opens Up in Antarctica's Ice and Scientists Can't Explain It
OCT 11
‘Pure Devastation’: At Least 17 Dead as Firefighters Struggle to Contain California Fires
180 Missing...
California Wildfires, By the Staggering Numbers
Wildfire Outbreak Among Deadliest in State History
Worst Ever Air Quality Recorded in Bay Area
Couple, Ages 100 and 99 Perish
Pot Crops Threatened…
California Wildfires Force Congress to Consider Funding Reforms
6.3 Earthquake Shakes Northern Chile
La Palma Volcano Warning: Tenerife and Gran Canaria Earthquake Swarm as 50 Quakes Hit
…Brits on Mega-Tsunami Alert
Japan Volcano on Ring of Fire Erupts After Hundreds of Earthquakes
Mexico Volcano Erupts
A Surprise from the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone
NZ-led 'Super-Eruption' Study Asking When, Where and How Big Next One Will Be
Watch Auckland Get Wiped Out By Undersea Volcanic Eruption – video
Top Research Honor for NZ Supervolcano Expert Colin Wilson
OCT 10
At Least 11 Killed, More Than 100 Reported Missing in Northern California Fires
New Threats to Santa Rosa, Green Valley, Solano
Small Earthquakes Strike Near Santa Rosa, San Jose
Rare ‘Fire Devil’ Phenomenon Is Caught on Film as 1,000 Firemen Battle Portuguese Wildfires – video
Massive Fires in Napa and Sonoma Counties Burn Structures, Force Evacuations, Close Hospitals
6.6 Earthquake Strikes Off Alaska
Nate to Unleash Heavy Rain, Threaten Urban Flooding Across Northeast Monday
FEMA Chief Says Storms Have "Strained" Resources
AP Excluded Quotes from Climate Story
FEMA Boss Brock Long Says Agency Has 'Filtered Out' San Juan Mayor – HOLLY NOTE: FEMA is considering the source keeping in mind that she's running for Governor on the Democrat ticket. So she's throwing verbal jabs at Trump at every opportunity even though she A) looks like the ingrate Trump called her in the face of all the aid sent to Puerto Rico and B) mayor of neighboring cities praised Trump, the Coast Guard and FEMA for all of their efforts and help. She had plenty of time to get a shirt made that read "Help Us People Are Dying". Maybe she should have been getting busy more and whining/campaigning less. Oh yeah, and a 'thank you' sprinkled in here and there wouldn't have hurt either.
Troal Storm Nate Turns Deadly as It Heads Toward Mexico and the US
New Orleans Declares State of Emergency…
Nate's Path
Nate to Ease Budding Drought, Raise Urban Flooding Concerns in Eastern US Early Next Week
A Northern Gulf Coast Hurricane Landfall in October or November is Quite Rare
Hurricane Deployments Stretch US Military Thin
First Look: Winter Storm Names for 2017-18
Forecasts Predict Troal Depression Nate Could Gather Steam, Become Hurricane, Hit the Gulf Coast on Sunday
US Winter Forecast: La Niña to Fuel Abundant Snow in Rockies; Bitterly Cold Air to Blast Midwest
Drone Captures Stunning Fall Foliage – video
Amazing “Funnel Cloud” Appears Over Sky in Japan
Early Winter Storm Slams Colorado
And Montana…
Gas, Mud Bubbling Up Have Experts Worried as a Hydrothermal Mud Volcano Appears from on Trinidad Street
Mississippi River Going Dry ABOVE New Madrid Fault - Crack in Ground? – HOLLY NOTE: The Mississippi is being ravaged by another major drought. It remains to be seen whether it reaches the historic "low-water crisis" level it did in 2012 brought on by the worst drought in 50 years. That said, according to NOAA, it doesn't look like meaningful precipitation is coming any time soon. – video
Mount Agung Evacuees live in Fear as Volcano Threatens Eruption
Vanuatu in Final Evacuation of Island Threatened By Volcano
Vanuatu Volcano Erupts; 11,000 Prepare to Evacuate
Insurance Industry Faces ‘Very Long List of Emerging Risks’ Including Pandemic