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Susan Rice to Testify Under Oath About 'Unmasking' – HOLLY NOTE: Which version of the 'truth' will we get this time?
NYT Issues Big Correction to Story Claiming 17 Intel Agencies ‘Agree’ on Russia – It Was 4
Trump Sends 20 Additional Federal Agents to Chicago to Battle Gun Violence
Over 1,700 Shootings This Year…"Epidemic" Proportions
Looking Back at Our Founding, Have We Lost Sight of Key Principles?
The End of Embracing America?
Who Cares What Trump Tweets to Some Media Pinhead?
Trump Approval: Gallup Says 40%, Rasmussen 45%, Fox 44%, USAToday 42%
‘Obamaphone’ Program Stashes $9 Billion in Private Bank Accounts: Audit – HOLLY NOTE: This is not new news. When the program was in its infancy, a woman revealed that she was mailed 3 Obama phones just by asking for them. She showed no documentation for being qualified and she wasn't. In the following video, she exposes that we are still paying for the Obama phone program after the FCC promised reform. Every household in America that has a phone bill pays for this since 2008.

On your bill, look for 1 or 2 entries with the word "Universal" in it. We have 2 on ours, one Federal, one state. This month, June 2017, the Federal Universal Service Fund took $3.05 and the Colorado Universal Service Charge took $.20. Now $3.25 may not seem like a lot, but multiply that by 12 months X millions of U.S. households X the 9 years this has been in effect.

In 2014, the government collected $2.2 billion at a rate of 16.1%. This month the rate had raised to 17.4% and they will continue collecting billions more. I called AT&T yesterday and asked what the 17.4% related to. He looked it up in his canned answers and after 20 minutes had no answer – just said it was the price of Capitalism. I won't burden you with my response, but clearly he doesn't understand the basics of our economy. So not only is this fraud-ridden program still in effect after the FCC promised to fix it years ago, taxes collected on it are only going up.
Related: I’m Homeless. Can I Get an Obama Phone?
Related: FCC Failed to Collect $100M in Fines Over ‘Obama Phone’ Fraud – video
Original Obamaphone Lady: Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama Because He Gives a Free Phone – video flashback
American Pravda Part 3: CNN Selectively Edits, Hates Trump and Thinks Voters Are Stupid – language warning
Part 1, Part 2
Trinity College Prof Who Called White People ‘Inhuman’ after GOP Shooting Placed on Leave
California Dems Kill Plan to Forensically Audit Janet Napolitano’s $175 Million Scandal at the University of California
Berniegate: How Jane Sanders Offers a Window into Liberal Scheming
Trump’s Refreshingly Sound Infrastructure Plan Is Likely DOA
John Podesta Hauled in for Closed-Door Questioning By House Intel Committee
FBI Agent Indicted in Ammon Bundy Oregon Refuge Standoff Shooting
Jeanette Finicum at Red Pill Expo in Montana – video
Stacy Washington: Most Americans Know That Owning a Gun Is an Essential Part of Our Freedom
California Recall Over Gas Tax Hike Gains Traction – 84,988 Signatures Gathered, 20,000 More Than Needed
CNN Had a Terrible Month -- Here's Everything That's Gone Wrong
President Trump’s Defense Budget Falls Short of Rebuilding Military, Report Says
EPA Begins Rolling Back Obama's Water Rule
Freeing Us from ISIS and Sharia
Sarah Palin Sues New York Times Over Editorial Linking Her to Gabby Giffords Shooting
Study: Broadcast Networks Obsessed with Russia
64% of Americans Sick of Russia Probe
Gallup: Less Than 3 in 10 Have 'Confidence' in Newspapers, TV
Angry White House Reporter: 'I Can't Take It Anymore!'
Why Trump Must Dare to Drain the Swamp to Save America
Brad Pitt: 'Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America'
1 Year Ago Today Bill Clinton Secretly Met Loretta Lynch – Set in Motion Events That May Have Cost Hillary the Election, Comey His Job, Now Lynch Is Under Investigation
Fake News Meltdown at CNN: Retractions, Resignations and Outbursts – 3 Network Journalists Pack Their Bags After Bogus Russia Story, Acosta Turns Heckler at Press Briefing
CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative Is ‘Bullsh*t,’ Just for ‘Ratings’ – video
Did the FBI Retaliate Against Michael Flynn By Launching Russia Probe? Sex Discrimination Accusations at the Root.
Judge Napolitano: If These Alleged Emails Exist, Loretta Lynch Could Face 5-10 Years in Jail
Student Who Registered Dead People for Democrats Headed to Prison
Fmr. FBI Agent: Mueller Incapable of Delivering Blind Justice
Senior Secret Service Agent Who Didn’t Want to Take 'a Bullet' Escaped Punishments
Why Is the Secret Service Going So Easy on Her?
Swamp Watch: Defense Budget Corruption – video
Megyn Kelly's Show Can't Last Much Longer with These Ratings: Was This Worth $17 Million a Year?
Theater That Put on Trump Assassination Play Gets New $100,000 Grant
Restoring Nationalism
Supreme Court Rules for Missouri Church in Dispute Over Public Funding Access
Supremes to Hear Case of baker's Refusal to Make Wedding Cake for Gay Couple
Conway Won't Confirm Justice Kennedy Retirement Rumors
Pentagon Welcomes Greater Freedom Under Trump But Is Wary of Blame
Jason Chaffetz: Congress Needs to Look Over Robert Mueller's Shoulder
College Profs Unhinged – Followup:
Prof Lisa Durden Fired after Racist Remarks on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'
Prof Fired Who Said Otto Warmbier 'Got What He Deserved'
Eric Trump Tells Johnny Depp to 'Go Back to Making Movies' After Trump Assassination Joke
Chicago Police unable to Control Thousand-Strong Gang Party Lasting Hours
Sketchy Firm Behind Trump Dossier Is Stalling Investigators
Bernie and Wife Lawyer Up as FBI Probes Financial Fraud
Clintons Grabbed Lifetime Grip on $109M Non-Profit
Democrats Have No Alternative to Nancy Pelosi
Maxine Waters Reacts to Senate Health Bill: Drag Trump ‘to Impeachment’
Obama’s Liberalism Paved the Way for Donald Trump
Joyce Riley Passes Away Sunday from Beast Cancer
74% of American Gun Owners Say Owning a Firearm Is ‘Essential to Their Freedom’: Poll
Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness - A Lasting Legacy – video
Depp in Deep Doo, Apologizes
Trump Says Comey-Mueller Friendship 'Bothersome'
30 Republican Congressmen Attacked or Threatened
Fla. Sheriff Grady Judd Urges Residents to Carry Guns: ‘Ducks Need to Shoot Back’
New Warning: ‘Resistance’ Turning into American ‘Coup’ – 'An Attempt to Overturn November's Election and Forcibly Remove a Duly Elected President'
President Trump's 'Report Card' on America's Progress Since Taking Office – video – HOLLY NOTE: You will be encouraged hearing his message. If you have time to watch, you'll find his tone is positive and humorous, a speech not covered by MSM, which is why he needs to hold more of these rallies. You'll get progress reports straight from the source, not the adulterated, progressive's twisted mainstream fiction
Trump to Nominate New York Jets owner Woody Johnson as UK Ambassador
Stockman Warns "A Great Big Coup Is on the Way"
$1.5 Million Paid in Settlement Over Michael Brown's Death
Texas, 3 More States on California’s Banned Travel List
America Divided: "Summer of Rage" Accelerates
Trinity College Professor Calls White People ‘Inhuman’: ‘Let Them F***ing Die’ – HOLLY NOTE: This is the 4th article in just 2 days on university professors/deans spewing venom. This is what they're teaching our kids?
Lawmakers Call for His Removal…
House Democrat: Nancy Pelosi's Time Has 'Come and Gone'
US Fails to Intercept Missile in Test Over Hawaii
House Subcommittees Power Through Defense Authorization Markups Today
Dems at a Loss for Explanation After Another Special-Election Defeat
Rep. Chaffetz Weighs in on Vicious Death Threats Against Him – video
Planned Parenthood Spent $734,000 In Failed Georgia Race
COULTER: The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them All!
Man Charged After Threatening Ohio Congressman
238 Arrested in Sweep of Suspected Child Sex Predators
50 State Road Trip: Bucket List Destinations in the USA
GOP Rocks Georgia: Handel Beats Ossoff Despite Dems' Big-Bucks Effort
Top Clinton Ally on Handel's Victory: 'Going High Doesn't F--king Work – HOLLY NOTE: Haven't seen most Progressives 'going high' in the first place.
Now James Comey, FBI Sued for Obstruction of Justice
Attorney for Bernie Donor Class Action Calls DNC ‘The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme’
Independent Group Releases New Report on Seth Rich's Murder Investigation
Blood Clot, Pneumonia May Have Killed Otto Warmbier
Trump Meets With Top Tech CEOs on Government Overhaul
Trump Heads to Iowa for Tech Talk
There’s Only 1 Trump Administration Position That’s Gaining Popularity and It’s Going to Shock You
Hannity: America at a Turning Point – video
It Hasn't Even Been a Week, and HuffPo Is Back to Trashing Rep. Steve Scalise
While Otto Warmbier Languished in NKorea, Salon and HuffPo Mocked Him for ‘White Privilege’
Luntz: Trump Voters Blame Ryan for Holding Up Agenda
Eric Holder Joins the “Resistance,” Mulls 2020 Presidential Bid
Hiding in Secret Underground Bunkers, Eating Wild Birds and Pets, and Saving Secretaries But Not Wives: How Government Elites Planned to Survive a Nuclear Attack
Prof Who Embarrassed Herself on Tucker Carlson Tonight Suspended Indefinitely
BUSTED: Antifa Website Run by UC Berkeley Professor
Yale Dean Who Called People 'White Trash' on Yelp Leaving Her Post
Stunning Coverup Maneuver – Obama NSC Move All Intelligence Unmasking Material to Obama Library to Avoid Sunlight…
Judicial Watch Asks Court to Order State Department to End Slow Dragging on Benghazi Cover-up Documents
Otto Warmbier Has Died, Family Blames "North Korea's Torturous Mistreatment", Trump Condemns "Brutal Regime... Will Handle It"
New Calls to Ban Tourist Travel to North Korea After Otto Warmbier’s Death
Sean Spicer Promoted to Communication Chief
Massive Russian Collusion Found, But Not By Trump – David Kupelian Unearths Colossal Complicity Between U.S. Politicians and Moscow
U.S. Tries to Defuse Tensions With Russia After Shooting Down Syrian Fighter Jet
Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller to Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 "Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting"
5 Things to Know About the Nail-Biter Georgia Special Election
Heated Georgia Election Will Test Trump's Effect on GOP Unity
Bleeding America?
Pro Trump Activist/Bodyguard Stabbed 9 Times In Santa Monica, California - Racially Motivated
Charlie Daniels: Resistance Versus Hate – The Current Atmosphere in This Nation Is Unsustainable
Warren to Trump: 'Donald, You Ain't Seen Nasty Yet' – HOLLY NOTE: Congressional baseball tragedy forgotten, Pocahontas Warren is more vitriolic than ever.
Collision That Killed 7 Sailors Almost Sank Navy Destroyer
US Navy Identifies Sailors…
Something Is Fishy About USS Fitzgerald Story We Are Getting from the Media
More Fishiness…
US Supersonic Bombers Spearhead Amphibious Assault in Exercise with 6,000 Troops, 50 Ships in Russia's 'Backyard'
Trump Admin Keeps Obama LGBT Policies at Pentagon, Other Agencies
Judge Jeanine: Where Is GOP Establishment Support of Trump? – video
Maine Slaps Back Against a National Gun Registry
Mueller's Real Mandate
Scalise Upgraded to ‘Serious’ Condition, Able to Speak to Family
Megyn Kelly Embarrasses Herself Again – Sunday Night Interview with Alex Jones of Infowars Was Everything the TV Host Said It Would Not Be
Megyn Kelly Interview with Alex Jones (NBC Cut) – video
Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked – video
32 People Hospitalized After Deck at Montana Lodge Collapses During Firefighter Memorial
Addicted to Hate: Pelosi Ditches ‘Unity’ in <24 Hours – GOP ‘Sanctimonious’ About Colleague Shot by Angry Partisan
Powder-Filled Letters with Threatening Notes Shut Down Georgia Republican’s Neighborhood: 'Your Neighbor Karen Handel Is a Dirty Fascist ... Take a Whiff of the Powder'
Putin to Oliver Stone: Obama Created a 'Minefield' for Trump
Scalise Undergoes 3rd Surgery After Shooting
'Unresponsive Wakefulness': Otto Warmbier Has Extensive Brain Damage
Doctors: We Found No Evidence Otto's Coma Was Caused By Botulism as NKorea Claims
Trump's Message to Congressional Baseball Game: 'We Must Embrace' Unity
Congressional Staffers Boo…
Camille Paglia: Democrats in ‘Nationwide Orgy of Rage and Spite’ over Donald Trump
Hostility In America: Political 'Intensity', Hateful Speech Rising on Both Sides
Remember the Professor Who Said Republicans Should be Executed?
20 Liberal Calls For Violence Against Conservatives in Quotes
Can a Divided America Survive?
Jeff Sessions Ends Holder-era Slush Fund Designed to Funnel Money to Obama Allies
More Snowflake Making: Schools Rethink Crowning Valedictorians
Moderates and Radicals in Islam and the Left
Trump: "Zero Proof" of Russian Collusion "So Now They Go for Obstruction of Justice"
Gingrich: Robert Mueller Is the Tip of the 'Deep State Spear' Trying to Bring Down Trump
Kenneth Starr Says Questioning of Sessions Designed to Embarrass Him
5 Ways Russian Hysteria May Backfire on Democrats
Putin: We Will Provide Asylum to James Comey If He's Prosecuted
President, First Lady Visit Rep. Scalise in Hospital Last Night – Say He Is 'in Very Tough Shape'
Key Democrats Call for Violence in the Streets…”March, Bleed, Die” – video flashback
Liberals Attack POTUS Trump after Scalise Shooting: "It Should Have Been His Dumb Ass to Get Popped"
Mark Steyn: ‘The Left Wants to Dehumanize Its Political Opposition’
Ann Coulter Explodes: The Left Is 'Trying to Incite Violence Against Trump and His Supporters'
Gingrich: Violent Media Portrayals Are Signs of 'Increasing Intensity of Hostility on the Left'
Political Opponents Aren't Enemies
ISIS Flag Flown Near Pittsfield, New Hampshire Dam Brings Anger, Defiance
No 'Dirty Bomb' Found at Port of Charleston, Person Detained, Wando Terminal to Reopen
We Want a Government So Small That We Can Barely See It
Trump’s Pick to Lead FBI Is Partner at Firm with Leading Sharia Finance Practice
Fourth of July Boating Parade in New Orleans Cancelled Because Founder Is 'Upset' By Trump and No Longer Feels Patriotic
Notable Deployments of U.S. Military Forces Overseas, 1798-2016 (starts on page 2)
Key House Republican Steve Scalise, Aides Shot in Virginia
Gunman: 'Kill as Many Republicans as Possible' – HOLLY NOTE: You can bet on 2 things: Progressives will spin this for their gun control agenda and civil war 2.0 is coming.
Sessions Fights Back: AG Calls Claim He Worked with Russia to Undermine Our Democracy “an Appalling and Detestable Lie.”
Rewriting American History – The Real Agenda Behind the Destruction of Confederate Monuments
Newt: So far Mueller Has Hired No One But ‘Bad People’ Who Are Out to Get Trump
Still Waiting for Trump to Pull Out the Big Guns!
Mattis Authorized to Set Troop Levels for Afghanistan
High-level U.S. Visit Leads NKorea to Free Student in Coma
CNN: The Most Busted Name in News
Israel to Test Fire Anti-Missile System… in Alaska
Tillerson Signals Tough Trump Administration Stance on Cuba
One Possible Solution
NYPD to Relax Stance on Drinking Alcohol or Urinating in Public
Pennsylvania: AntiFa Jailed for Stabbing a Police Horse in the Neck
Longtime Leaker? Team Trump Accuses Comey of Being Media's Secret Source 
A Year Ago, Loretta Lynch Tried Editing ISIS Out of the Orlando Pulse Attack
Bombshell: Comey Got 'Steely Silence' After Confronting Loretta Lynch About Clinton's Email Probe
Never Trump Is Still Waiting for the Apocalypse
Second House Democrat Introduces Article of Impeachment Against Trump
Helpful Reminder: What a Real Presidential Scandal Looks Like Holder
Gregg Jarrett: Are Mueller and Comey 'Colluding' Against Trump By Acting as Co-Special Counsel?
Special Counsel Mueller Hires Obama-Clinton Donors to Investigate Trump Team
The Evidence-Free Claims Against Trump and Syria – Undermining Peace Efforts and Threatening More War
NKorea Releases Jailed American College Student
'Gray Lady' Loses Her Mind: NYT Claims Trump Is Helping Terrorists – Paper Ripped for 'Asinine' Editorial Asserting President's Support for Second Amendment Aids Jihadis
White Professor Awarded $4.9M After Being Fired from Black College in Racial Discrimination Suit
Democrats' Hoodwinking of Blacks – Past and Present
Report: Ads Yanked Over Megyn Kelly's Sunday Interview
"You Are a Coward": The Five Heated Debate – video
Obama Admin Hid Iran Cyber-Attack on Hillary's State Dept. Fearing It Would Dearail His Iran-Favored Nuke Deal
Puerto Rico Voters Overwhelmingly Choose to Become 51st State, But No Change Expected
Graham Says Lynch Should Testify After Comey Claims
Lynch in a Pinch: Dianne Feinstein Says Congress Needs to Investigate Whether Loretta Lynch Covered for Clinton Campaign
Sessions to Testify About Comey Before Senate Committee
Comey, Intelligence Leakers and 4.3 Million Security Clearances
Comey Thought He Knew of Obstruction of Justice in Hillary Case – Furthered the Obstruction Instead of Reporting It
Woolsey: Doesn’t Have to be ‘Classified’ to be a Leak – Respected Former CIA Director Was 'Stunned' By Comey's Admission He Leaked Notes of Meetings with the President
Comey Testimony Cost the Economy $3.3 Billion
Comey's 'Truth' Crusade Is Really an anti-Trump One
Trump Gave the FBI New Life after Removing Comey, Now It's Time to Do the Same at the IRS – video
Lawmakers: China Gaining Influence Over US Allies
Trump-like Character Killed in 'Julius Caesar' Play
Fallout: Delta, BoA Dump Offensive Play's Sponsorship, Withdraw Funding
Pentagon Continues LGBT Pride Celebration; Conservatives Say It’s a Shame in Trump Administration
Trump’s Lawyer Slams Comey’s Memo Leak, Will File Complaint After Comey Testimony, Source Says
Comey Debunks New York Times Story That Fueled Unproven Trump-Russia Collusion
Rabidly anti-Trump Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia Collusion Theories ‘Came Apart’ During Comey Testimony
Comey’s Columbia Leaker Pal Goes into Hiding After Testimony
Comey: A Six-Foot, Eight-Inch Pajama Boy
Meghan McCain: Trump Must ‘Clean House’ After Comey Hearing
Obama Is Leading 'War to Destroy Trump'
Accused NSA Leaker Wanted to 'Burn the White House Down', Planned to “Play That Card: Being Pretty, White and Cute”
Trump’s 11 Judicial Picks Could Transform Courts
85-Year-Old Veteran Dies After Weeklong Coma from Brutal Street Beating
Mom Claims School Left Her Son in the Rain Over Cross Necklace Filled With Stepdad's Ashes
Gun Rights Bill Gets Initial OK from North Carolina House
Puerto Rico, the 51st State?
James Comey Admits He Pushed Back Against Trump Plan to Probe Origins of ‘Salacious’ Dossier Claims
What to Watch for in Comey’s Testimony
49 Questions for James Comey
Even If Everything James Comey Is Claiming Is True, There Is Still No Evidence That Trump Is Guilty of Any Crime
Hannity: 'Self-serving' Comey Statement Clears Trump of Collusion, Obstruction Claims
Outside Groups Rally to Back Up Trump
Democrat Takes the First Steps Toward a Trump Impeachment
Terry Glavin: Canada's Chrystia Freeland Was Wrong to Put Blame for Shattered World Order Strictly on Trump – The Great Unravelling Didn't Begin with Donald Trump. It began with the 2007-2008 Meltdown and the Election of Barack Obama. It was Obama who chose to “shrug off the burden of world leadership,” and he was honest about it.
They Have Probable Cause for Obama Admin's "Abuse of Power"
Court Upholds Ruling That Houston Bail System Is Unfair
The Treasonous Secession of Climate Confederacy States
Council Speaker Insists Convicted Terrorist Will Be Honored At Puerto Rican Parade
Cosby Accuser Doesn't Stumble in 7 Hours on Witness Stand – HOLLY NOTE: In supreme irony, Andrea Constand is gay.
Trump Nominates Christopher Wray as FBI Head
Experts: Comey Testimony Will Be More Dud Than Bombshell
Yes, America Is in the Midst of a Civil War
Suspected Leaker’s Facebook Page Filled With Vitriol Against Trump
Democrats’ Hoodwinking of Blacks
Has the United States Passed the Point of No Return?
Report: Trump-Sessions Relationship So Tense AG Offered Resignation
Proud American Boy Pledges Allegiance When No One’s Looking
President Trump Vows to Do ‘What is Necessary’ to Prevent Terrorist Attacks in the U.S.
Trump Team Debates Muslim Brotherhood Terror Designation
Americans Arm at Record Level as Terror Spurts Around Globe
Federal Contractor Arrested for Sending Classified NSA Intel to News Outlet
Leaker Is a Bernie Supporter Who 'Resists' Trump
…Leaks Contradict What Obama Promised the Public About Russia’s Election Meddling
NSA Document Shows Russians Tried to Hack US Election Officials
Security Analysts Confirm Links Between Beijing Spy Agency and Security Firm
FBI Raids Possible Abedin-linked Home in Dearborn, MI – What We Know
New Clinton Investigation Reaffirms: They Are Poison for Democrats
Rasmussen: 53% Say Media Leaks Are Act of Treason
Daily Presidential Approval Tracking Polls: Rasmussen – 46%, Gallup – 36%
President Trump Announces Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control
…Reform Plan Has Roots in Reagan Era President
Mother Spends $25,000 on Lux Cars, 3 Tons of Sand, 3 Outfits, Quran-Shaped Cake and Camel for Son's Dubai-Themed Prom Send Off: He Even Took 3 Dates
Acting U.S. Ambassador to China Resigns Over Pullout from Climate Pact
Neighbor Kills Oklahoma Man Trying to Drown Twin Children, Police Say
Trump Slams 'Political Correctness' and Gun Control Activists After London Attacks
Anti-Shariah Rallies Planned for 28 U.S. Cities June 10: 'We're Seeing Girls Being Killed Simply for Wanting to Wear Makeup'
Owner of Bar Where Seth Rich Spent Last Night Reportedly Visited White House 4 Days Before Murder on July 10, 2016
Bill Maher Apologizes after HBO Calls His Use of N-word on His Show 'Inexcusable'
Chance the Rapper Asks HBO to Drop Bill Maher for Using N-Word on 'Real Time'
Social Justice is Language Pollution
Huckabee on Griffin Blaming Trumps: 'Look in the Mirror - That's Who Ruined Your Career'
Parents Shocked by Adult Drag Queen Performance
The Irreplaceable William F. Buckley Jr.
Man Jailed for 180 Days for Refusing to Give Police His iPhone Password
Trump Pulling Out of Paris Accord: Amounts to Redistribution of Wealth to Foreign Countries
Trump: Time to Put Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Before Paris
Europe to United States: DROP DEAD – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder they're angry. It's another American gravy train derailed, another U.S. financial teat drying up. You saw the photo of NATO country leaders laughing when Trump told the 25 deadbeat members they had to start paying their fair share… They're not laughing now. They realize Trump is serious about looking after America's interests instead of putting the world's interests first. Thank you President Trump for putting America first – a first in decades.
Activists Who Initially Trashed Paris Climate Deal Now Freak Out About Trump's Paris Dump
ACLU Calls Trump’s Pullout ‘Assault on Communities of Color’ – HOLLY NOTE: Lord, please control my tongue… Is there anything anything at all Progressives/Liberals won't link to race to stir the pot? Maybe they can all move to California. See this:
Students Claim LSU’s Tiger Mascot Is ‘Racist’ and ‘White Privilege’
DNC Data Director: Hillary Claims Are 'F**king Bulls**t'
Kaine: Trump Is ‘Jealous of Obama’
Democrats Admit to Stealing House Seat Through Maryland Gerrymandering
Why Cities Shouldn’t Take Down Confederate Statues
Dallas Councilman Blasts ‘Racists’ Who Want to Keep Confederate Monuments
Judicial Watch Sues State Department, USAID for Documents on Funding to Soros’ Foreign Campaigns
George Soros – The Hairball Clogging the Swamp
Black Lives Matter Wins Global Peace Prize
FBI: Media, Black Lives Matter Behind Spike in Anti-Cop Violence

Black Lives Matter's Violence Undermines Its Credibility – flashback
This Farmer Won’t Host Same-Sex Weddings at His Orchard. Now a City Has Banned Him From Its Farmers Market.
May 2017 Sets Gun Sales Record – Surpassing Even 2016 Numbers
5 Reasons Why America Is About to Become a Very Conservative Country
Kathy Griffin to Hold Press Conference to Address ‘Bullying’ from Trump Family
What the House Subpoenas of Rice, Brennan, and Power in the ‘Unmasking’ Probe Mean
Trump, After House Panel Subpoenas, Backs Efforts to Probe Obama Admin
Bloomberg: '5% Chance' Trump Will Win Reelection
Trump to Headline First Reelection Fundraiser in June
Poll: 43% Want Trump Impeachment, Mostly Without Caring if He Did Anything Illegal
Hillary Clinton Adds DNC to List of Groups She Blames for Election Defeat – HOLLY NOTE: Click the image below. You've got to read this incredible list. Remember Hillary said that she accepted full responsibility for her election loss.
Mark Steyn: Hillary Clinton 'Just Can't Accept' Her Loss to Trump
Clinton Says Email Server Scandal ‘Biggest Nothing-Burger’ of 2016 Election
Brexit Leader Farage: Clinton Looks 'Sad and Pathetic'
The Final Point – video
Obamas Purchase D.C. House for $8.1 Million, New Report Says
Religious Freedom or Bigotry? Supreme Court Mulls High-Stakes Gay Wedding Cake Case
I-25 Fire: Huge Blaze Involving Tanker Shuts Down Interstate Outside Denver
Related: I-25 Is a Parking Lot. How Are You Going to Get to Work? – HOLLY NOTE: This issue is addressed in Dare To Prepare. If you must "get out" and waited too late, what should have been done to prepare when main routes you take are not an option and what you should do now.
Sullivan Pushes Missile Defense Bill Amid Rising Threats
Kathy Griffin Losing Sponsorship, Gigs After Gory Trump Photo
The Coup, Then and Now – The Enemies of Humanity Try to Give Trump the JFK Treatment
San Diego School District Sued Over Anti-Islamophobia Campaign
MAY 31
Oliver North: NKorean Missile Could 'Shut Down Hawaii
Supremes to Rule on States’ Ability to Clean Up Voter Lists
49 Shot in Chicago Over Memorial Day Weekend — and That's a Sign of Progress
Kathy Griffin Holds Bloodied Trump Mask in Photo Shoot with Tyler Shields – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe 2 or 3 decades ago, this woman had a sense of humor, but since then she has abdicated all decency. She has done and said things that can't be printed here and she's offended Christians around the world. The Trump mask shoot is another in a long line of this self-professed atheist's bad, bizarre and outrageous behavior.
Serious Blowback Forces Griffin to Apologize
Laptop Ban Still ‘on the Table’ as DHS Seeks Answers to Airline Terror Threats
New Rules Surged in Obama's Last Year to 3,853, Most Pages Ever in Federal Register
Donald Trump Revolution an Irritant to Democrats
White House Readies for Total War with ‘Fake News’ Media
Proof MSM All Spew from the Same Script – video
MAY 30
James Clapper: 'I Wasn't Aware' of Collusion Between Russia and Trump Campaign
Can Trump Defeat the Deep State? Who’s Side Is God On?
3 Leakers of Classified White House Information Said to Be Identified, Expected to Be Fired
Bombshell: Comey Admits He Lied to Congress
'They Died in War So That We Could Live in Peace': President Trump Gives Moving Memorial Day Address at Arlington – Lays Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown – video
A Memorial Day for Every American Soldier
Bolling's Wake Up America" Homoring Memorial Day – video (begins 26:10 min. in)
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rides With Rolling Thunder
Judge Jeanine Goes on Unhinged Rant: I Know Who the WH Leaker Is ‘But I’m Not Ready to Share’ – video
The Young Black Boy Whose Life Mattered: He Was Too Young to Die – Where Were the Media Trucks? Where Were the Protesters?
MAY 29
NKorea's New Missiles Raise Urgency in US Defense
West Wing Leakers Source of New Kushner-Russia Story
Jared Who?… Obama Gave Iranian Regime Secret Pallet of $400 Million in the Dead of Night
Nearly Half of Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s First Quarter Campaign Expenditures Went to Wife
DNC Voter Fraud Investigator Found DEAD In Florida
More Democrats Finally See Voter Fraud as a Problem and ID Laws as a Solution
Kirkpatrick Sale: Where America Is Headed (begins 9:52 min. in don't be confused by the Roswell title) – audio
The Real Heroes of Hollywood's Yesteryear
9 Quotes Capturing The Spirit of Memorial Day
Taya Kyle Shares a Memorial Day Message – video
Memorial Day - Soapbox Rewind
Jesse Watters Quizzes Memorial Day Beachgoers – The Results Are Hilarious and Horrifying
Nearly 1,300 People Shot So Far This Year in Chicago – 71 Last Week, 222 Fatally – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder Obama refused to move back to his home town.
Chicago Only Major City to Lose Population
Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S.States Are in the South
MAY 26
‘Deep State’ Leakers Undercut Country in Their Zeal to Hurt a President
Trump Surges in Polls During First Foreign Trip
Trump Blasts 'Chronic Underpayments' at NATO, Calls on Member Nations to Pay 'Fair Share'
…Says They're Freeloading on the Backs of U.S. Taxpayers
Leaders Appear to Snicker as Trump Calls on NATO Allies to Pay Their 'Fair Share'
Donald Trump Orders Probe of Intelligence Leaks
Investigator: Cops Hid Evidence, Halted Seth Rich Probe
Homeland Dems to DHS: Don’t appoint Sheriff David Clarke
Peace Through Mutual Blackmail: Is That What's Happening in Washington?
Unbelievable...Journos Blame TRUMP for Gianforte's Body Slam
MAY 25
New Evidence Obama's NSA Conducted Countless Illegal Searches, Spying on Americans – Said They Had Stopped, But Didn't – video
DEEP STATE: Sean Hannity Is Silenced After Trying to Expose Seth Rich Connection to WikiLeaks
Advertisers Begin to Drop Hannity…
Twitter Suspends WND for Seth Rich Report
Americans Know: 65% Polled Say MSM Full of Fake News
What 39,000 High School Students Think About Fake News
Update: Hawaii Updating Nuke Plan Over NKorea Fears
Obama Tries to Upstage Trump In Europe
Articles of Impeachment Being Drawn Up for Trump
NYPD, More Sponsors Drop Out of Puerto Rican Day Parade for Honoring Terrorist Freed by Obama
Denver’s Increasing Population Density Takes Its Toll
Portland Takes Honor of Snowflake Capital of United States
Budweiser Is Bringing Back Its Controversial ‘America’ Bottles – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't is a sad day, when something honoring our country and raising money for our Veterans is deemed controversial.
Related: The Folds of Honor Mission: Educational Scholarships
Related: The Mission – video
MAY 24
Trump and Pope Francis Meet, Exchange Gifts for the First Time at the Vatican
No Evidence of Trump 'Collusion' with Russia as Media Shift Focus
Concealed Carry Permit Holders Exposed By Data Breach
The Massie Theory: Trump's Voters Aren't the Ones Collecting Benefits
Trump Picks Marc Kasowitz as Outside Legal Counsel for Russia Probe
'Clown' Slashes Man to Death with Bladed Gloves
WaPo Claims $300 Million Class-Action Suit Against DNC ‘Frivolous’
Americans Say Nation's Moral Values in Toilet
MAY 23
Trump Gets Good Reviews Overseas, But Probe Still Casts Long Shadow
Dems Look to Veterans, Businessmen to Retake House Majority
Ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Will Invoke the 5th
Moo-chelle Obama Livin' Large
Longest Sniper Kill Ever – 1.5 Mile – video
DNC Chair Perez Booed, F-Bombs Fly at California Democratic Convention
Judy Collins Shows No Signs of Slowing Down – video
In Desperate Attempt to Remain Relevant, 71-Year-Old Cher Appears to Bare Breasts at Billboard Music Awards
MAY 22
Trump Shakes Hands with Saudi Leader, Doesn't Bow as Obama
Trump Urges Muslim Leaders to Cut Off Islamic Terrorism at the Root in Their Own Countries
Jasser: Trump's Saudi Trip Must End Obama-Era 'Iranophilia,' Appeasement
Assaults on Women, Free-Speech in ‘Michiganistan’ Disturbing Incidents Seen as Setting Stage for Nation's 1st Muslim Governor
Dobbs: This Is a Coup. The Left and Deep State Belong in… – video
80% of News Stories Were Critical of Trump, Says Harvard Study
Mainstream Media Burning Down Their Own House to ‘Get Trump’
U.S. Mail Carrier Helped Gang Deliver Drugs, Part of Larger Bust
High School Yearbook Message: Behead Trump
Clint Eastwood on Political Correctness: ‘We’re Killing Ourselves’
Report: China Cripples CIA Operations, Kills Informants
VP Pence Tells Graduates "You Have a Responsibility to Lead"
Callista Gingrich to Be Nominated as Ambassador to the Vatican: White House
Texas Revives Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’ for Public Schools
After 146 Years, Ringling Brothers Circus Takes Its Final Bow
MAY 19
7 Million Voters Registered in Multiple States – Election Integrity Advocates Warn Un-Scrubbed Rolls Are 'kindling' for Possible Fraud
Times Square Crash Driver 'Heard Voices in Head' in Deliberate Rampage
Charged with Murder…
Final Confederate Statue Coming Down in New Orleans
Illinois House Committee Moves Strict New Gun-Dealer Regulations Forward
Dallas Sheriff Joins Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group, Comes Out Against Concealed Carry
Judge: Lerner’s Tea Party-Targeting Testimony Can Stay Secret – for Now
Joe Lieberman Emerges as Trump's Top Choice for FBI Director
Iranian Regime Agents Operating Polling Stations Across United States
Tillerson: Foreign Leaders Ready for Re-Engagement After Period of ‘Neglect,' 'Dismissal of Their Concerns’
Stand Strong, Trump Americans
Michael Flynn Tells Senate He Won’t Honor Subpoena, Sen. Richard Burr Says
Anthony Weiner to Plead Guilty in Sexting Case With Teen
Cincinnati Mayor Apologizes for Mistakenly Honoring Cop's Killer
MAY 18
U.S. Warplanes Target pro-Assad Forces – Strike Syrian Army Convoy around al-Tanf
Times Square Horror: 1 Dead, 19 Injured After Car Plows into Pedestrians; 1 Person in Custody
Speeding in Wrong Direction on 1-Way Street
Driver Arrested Has Prior DWI Busts
Former FBI Chief Mueller Named Special Counsel on Russia Probe
25 'Impeachable' Obama Scandals Far More Serious Than Comey Firing: Ex-President Racked Up BIG LIST of Outrageous Abuses of Executive Power
Rush Limbaugh: Dems angling for President Pence: 'They Think They'll Roll Over Him Inside of 2 Weeks'
SkyWatchTV News 5/17/17: Comey's Revenge – video
Obama’s Justice Department Refused to Hire Military Veterans for Jobs
Legalized Pot Turns Colorado Resort Town into Homeless Magnet
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Says He's Taking Job at DHS
Fox News President and Founder, Roger Ailes, Dead at 77
MAY 17
Rallying Cry: DNC Plans 50-State 'Resistance Summer' Tour in Hopes of Harnessing Trump Opposition
Chaffetz Demands FBI Hand Over All Comey's Notes, Memos, & Recordings Related to Trump
Media Harp on Impeachment
Dr. Gorka: It's No Longer Fake News, It's Now Dishonest News – video
Networks Gave Obama a When He Gave Classified Intel to Russia
FBI Details 61% Rise in Number of Law Officers ‘Feloniously Killed in Line of Duty’
Convicted Traitor Chelsea Manning Walks Free 28 Years Early
Report: Justice Scalia Believed Supreme Court was Being Surveilled by Obama
GOP Poised to Escalate Judicial Confirmation Wars
Kimberly Guilfoyle Would Be a Great Press Sec
Frustration Abounds in Trump White House
Our Constitutional Crisis Has Nothing to Do with James Comey
Report: Trump Suggested Jailing Reporters Who Published Classified Info
Texas Man Sues Woman for Texting During Movie Theater Date
UC Berkeley Newspaper Releases Podcast That Records Students Having Sex
Sheer Lunacy on Campus
MAY 16
Dead DNC Staffer 'Had Contact' with Wikileaks
Only Named Source in WaPo Report on Trump's Leaking of Classified Information Denies It
Tillerson, McMaster Deny Report Trump Shared Classified Information with Russia
Russia: Washington Post Story 'Yet Another Fake'
Trump Defends Russia Meeting After Charges He Revealed Classified Information
Despite Hysteria, Checks on Trump Are Many and Varied
‘Impeach Maxine Waters’ Street Art Appears Near Inglewood Town Hall Meeting
Waters' Protesters Gather Outside Home
Busted: Poverty Warrior Maxine Waters’ Plush $4.5 Million LA Mansion – Indoor Swimming Pool; Outdoor Gates & Walls
Related: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) Named One of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress
Rosenstein in Hot Seat After Comey Firing
Good Riddance to James Comey, Obama's Enabler
Sen. Chuck Schumer Is Trying to Cripple the Trump Administration at the Expense of the Country
Gowdy Takes Himself Out of FBI Search
Pelosi Warns Democrats Pushing Impeachment That They’re Adding to the ‘Hearsay’
Sally Yates: Mike Flynn May Have Triggered a 'Criminal Statute'
Strict North Carolina Voter ID Law Thwarted After Supreme Court Rejects Case
Trump to Light White House Blue to Support Police Who Face ‘Unfair Defamation and Vilification’
Cops: Man Decapitated Mom on Mother's Day, Brought Head to Store
MAY 15
Trump's Revised Travel Order Takes on the 9th Circuit
Judge Jeanine's Sit-Down with President Trump – video
Schumer Would Block New FBI Director Until Special Prosecutor Named
Trump Picks Voter ID Advocate for Election Fraud Panel
Trump at Liberty University: ‘We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’
Elizabeth Warren Turns College Graduation Ceremony into Trump-Bashing Speech: ‘I Can’t Help Myself’
Michael Frick, CEO of a Speech Booking Company: “The Polarization of the Country Trickles Down into Commencement Speeches…"
Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Tells MCLA Grads to 'Get in the Way, Get in Trouble'
Parents: Prepare Your Kids for Left-Wing Campus Bias – 40 Leading Universities Voter Registration in 5 Departments Found That Dems Outnumber Republicans By 11-1⁄2 to 1
President Trump Makes His First Commencement Speech to Liberty Grads
President Trump Full Commencement Speech at Liberty University – video
Scientist Wins Miss USA, Slammed for ‘Conservative’ Comments
Chelsea Manning (Formerly Bradley) to Remain in Army, Receive Health Care Benefits After Prison Release
Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State
U of Colorado Sets up 'Social Justice Dorm' for Special Snowflake Students
Pansy America's New Bill of 'Rights'
MAY 12
Levin: Push to Fix Constitution Biggest Story in Country: Sen. Tom Coburn Providing Road Map How to Restore Founders' Plans
AG's Sessions Memo Reverses Obama-Era Policies, Directs Prosecutors to Seek Max Prison Sentences for Worst Offenses
Stealing from the Poor: Ex-Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown Guilty on 18 Counts of Tax Evasion, Fraud
President's Cabinet Finally Complete with Senate Approval of U.S. Trade Rep.
Rumors of Supreme Court Vacancy Spark Liberal Panic Trump-Kennedy
Rosenstein to Meet Privately with Entire Senate About James Comey
White House Panel to Investigate Voter Fraud
Phoenix Trump Nazi Billboard Funded with Taxpayer Dollars
Bangladesh Prime Minister Says Hillary Clinton Personally Pressured Her to Help Foundation Donor
Report: Donald Trump to Hang Portrait of Electoral College Landslide in White House
Professor: “Some White People May Have to Die” to Solve Racism
Can Cops Get a Fair Trial in America?
MAY 11
Democrats Slam Brakes on Washington Business After Comey’s Firing, Suggest Impeachment
Comey, in Letter to FBI, Tells Ex-Colleagues That 'I Will Be Fine'
Comey Could Receive ‘Eight Figure’ Book Deal
Trump Wanted Comey Gone 'Since the Day He Was Elected'
'Totally False': DOJ Snaps Back at NYT's Comey Story
Betsy DeVos Booed During Graduation Address in Florida
Buchanan: Bannon Is ‘Right’ – Media Is the Opposition Party Trying to ‘Bring Down Trump’
Study: Media Jobs, Salary, Soar 38% in DC, Crash 22% Nationally
Drudge: Trump Advisers ‘Deliberately Sabotaging Presidency’ – 'Major House Cleaning Needed for Survival'
Comey Fired -- Now Indict Hillary
Texas 11th State to Article V Resolution Aimed at Limiting Government
Lawmakers Reach Agreement on Long-Stalled VA Accountability Bill
Oregon Considers Allowing Transgender Individuals to Identify as 'X' on Driver's Licenses
MAY 10
Democrats Wanted Comey Fired — Until Tuesday
DiGenova: Comey Usurped Powers of Office, Needed to Be fired – video
Deputy AG Says He 'Cannot Defend' Comey's Handling of FBI's Investigation of Clinton Emails
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein's Letter Recommending Comey Is Fired
With Comey Out of the Way, Will Hillary Now Be Prosecuted?
Possible Candidates to Replace Comey
Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued in FBI's Russia Investigation
Yates, Clapper Reaffirm: No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion
Napolitano: Trump Team Surveillance ‘as Widespread as Feared’ – Judicial Analyst Warns Time to End 'Unconstitutional Behavior' of Intel Agencies
Greg Gutfeild's Blamitol Hillary Ad – video
New Obama Bio Is Not Just Exhausting; It’s Insulting
Obama Talks About Himself 216 Times During $3 MILLION Italy Speech
Privacy Rights versus Public Necessity
Failing Those Who Served Us
New Veterans Affairs Chief: A Hands-On, Risk-Taking 'Standout'
Shulkin Says He's Considering Closing 1100 Veterans Affairs Facilities
Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey
Trump Letter to Comey
Williams: Firing Comey 'Important Way of FBI Regaining Credibility'
Former DNI James Clapper Denies Any Impropriety in ‘Unmasking’ U.S. Citizens During Surveillance
Trump White House Eyes Warren As Potential 2020 Foe
Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal -- The Hit That Keeps On Coming
Hillary Will Run Again in 2020
Still No Evidence of Collusion Between Russia and Trump Administration
5 Takeaways from Yates’S Dramatic Senate Testimony
Trump Names 10 Nominees to Federal Courts on Heels of Gorsuch Win
It's Not Only Colbert: Why Most Late-Night Comics Are Skewering Trump
How Consumers and Taxpayers Subsidize Colorado’s Monopoly Power Provider – HOLLY NOTE: In our area of southern Colorado, two power providers exist: San Isabel Electric and Xcel. It depends on where you live who you get. There is no choice. Fortunately we have San Isabel. Xcel has gouged the life out of customers with their ever-escalating rates, going so far as to turn off power in the dead of winter to the poor and elderly that couldn't afford heat.
A Fool's Errand: Al Gore's $15 Trillion Carbon Tax
Obama Tripled 'Unmaskings' in 2016 Election Year
Why Is James Comey Still Around?
6 States and New York’s Long Island Talk Secession
Who Needs Elections? We Got Judges!
How Trump-hatred Warps the Judiciary – HOLLY NOTE: Most people thought SCOTUS justices were beyond reproach, but something fishy happened the night before ObamaCare passed hinging on vote of John Roberts. A known conservative, those opposing this health mandate thought a no vote on it was in the bag. Unexpectedly Roberts rolled over and voted for ObamaCare. Then last year Ruth Bader Ginsburg, old enough at 84 to know better and display expected decorum, called then Candidate Trump "a faker". After that, her perceived impartiality was forever shot.
Maher Savaged for Incest Joke About Ivanka Trump
Catholic School Hit for Canceling LGBT Play for 5-Year-Olds
Hillary Clinton Ties Herself to Macron's Victory Over Le Pen, Attacks the Media
U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warns of Russian ‘Checkmate’ in Arctic
FBI Report Finds Officers ‘De-Policing’ as Anti-Cop Hostility Becomes ‘New Norm’
"Chicago Is a War Zone": Police Suicide Rate Surges to 60% Above the National Average
Trump to Visit Israel, the Vatican, Saudi Arabia on First Foreign Trip as President
…Itinerary Shows He Wants Coalition to Back Peace, Tackle Iran, Fight Terrorism
WH: ACLU Lawsuit Threat Shows Anti-Religion, Anti-GOP Bias
Trump’s Army Sec. Pick – a Combat Hero and Devout Christian – Under Assault from LGBTQ Activists
Leaked Screenshots Reveal BuzzFeed Director Wishing for Trump Assassination
House Passes Bill to Impose New Sanctions on NKorea
Circa News Organization Asks Trump to Declassify Data on How Obama Used NSA to Spy on Americans
More Spying and More Lying
Model Chrissy Teigen Says Trump Should Pay for Her Botox, Medical Bills Because of 'Crippling Anxiety'
Russian Intrusion: Air Force Intercepts Russian Bombers, Fighter Jets Off Alaska
GOP Senator: FBI's Comey as 'Popular as Cholera'
Comey Dodges Questions on Obama's Trump Spying
Susan Rice Denies Senate Request to Testify on Russian Election Interference – HOLLY NOTE: Rep. and former prosecutor, Trey Gowdy, just stated on Fox News that there's "more than one way to 'invite' someone to testify". She may be subpoened.
Trump: 'Not Good' That Susan Rice Won't Testify on Unmasking
Maxine Waters Putting Her 'Career on the Line' to Resist Trump
'Clinton Cash' Author Sounds the Alarm Over Jared Kushner's Ties to George Soros
Cal Berkeley Student Senator: FEELINGS of 'Marginalized' People Outweigh First Amendment Rights
Calexit: Make Our Day
Over 140 Gang Members Face Federal Charges In San Diego County
Defiant Colbert on Vulgar Trump Rant: I Would Do It Again
Obama's $400,000 Speech Could Prompt Congress to Go After His Pension
Obama, the Anti-President
Elizabeth Warren: 'I Wonder If America Will Ever Be Ready for a Male President Again' – HOLLY NOTE: Why is everything about gender or race like affirmative action? Shouldn't the best person for the job do the job? AA should find its way to the trash can along with PC – both are destroying this country.
US Air Force Launches Another Long-Range Missile into Pacific
DNC Argues in Court It Had the Right to Rig 2016 Democratic Primary
Hillary’s Sour Whine: Still Can’t Accept Why She Lost
Poll: Trump White House More Trusted to Be Truthful Than News Media, Majority Finds Press to Be Out of Touch
Fabio’s Advice to Americans: ‘Don’t Ever Give Up Your Guns’
Under Gun Rights President, Firearms Industry Must Adapt to Profound Change in Demand
Roger Stone: Resignation of Justice Kennedy Imminent
Stephen Colbert Sinks to New Low – Said Trump Is Vladimir Putin's "C**k Holster"
Conservatives Call for Resignation…
Trump Seeks To Wipe Away the Obama Brand
More Than 40 Arrests Made in Nationwide Marches
Let’s Get Real: May Day Is Marx Day
‘Embarrassing’: May Day Protest Falls 85% Short of Expectations
Saudis Take 100% Control of America's Largest Oil Refinery – HOLLY NOTE: This can't be good. The U.S. has plenty of untapped oil and transport. What we have in limited supply is refineries. Why we sold the "crown jewel", the largest of our refineries to the Saudis, is mystifying and very short-sighted. In this deal they also get full ownership of 24 distribution terminals and exclusive rights to shell Shell gas and diesel to our Eastern seaboard clear up to Delaware, most of Florida and half of Texas. Click on the small photo to see how massive this refinery is. Trump aims to make us energy independent, however, you can have all the oil in the world, but without enough capacity to process it, we're still going to be dependent.
Related: Oil Refineries in the United States
The Decimation of Fox News Continues: Shine Out, Suzanne Scott Becomes President of Programming
Hannity Says He Plans to Stay at Fox
51% of Murders in the U.S. Come from Just 2% of the Counties
Therapeutic Universities and Soft Despotism: The Safe-Space's Heart of Darkness
Gun Sales Remain Near Record Levels in April
Michael Moore Brags His New Broadway Show Could End Trump’s Presidency
Trump Unveils 7 Priorities Beyond His First 100 Days: President Vows, 'We Are Just Beginning' to 'Make America Great Again'
VP Pence Christens New Attack Submarine, Urges Congress to Boost Defense Spending
Trump at NRA Convention: '8-Year Assault' on Gun Rights Is Over
Trump to Stick With Conservative List for Next Supreme Court Pick
…Urged to Nominate More Than 100 Federal Judges … Now
Byron York: Washington Press Corps Was 2 Hours of Mawkish Self-Celebration Followed By 30 Minutes of Trump-Bashing
Trump's 100 Days vs. Democrats' 100 Days of Resistance: A Progress Report
California Is Seceding from the Constitution
Elizabeth Warren: A Factory of Bad Ideas
Bill Maher Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas' to Her Face
What Democrats Won't Admit About Trump's First 100 Days
Obama's First 100 Days as Ex-President
Gun Activists Focus on National Concealed Carry Push
Don't Tell the Anti-Gun Media, But Black Women Are Starting to Learn How to Use Guns
Yale College GOP Hosts BBQ Right Next to Hunger Strike
APR 28
Trump Warns There Is a Chance of "a Major, Major Conflict" with NKorea – HOLLY NOTE: What this article overlooks is NKorea's ability to launch missiles from a sub, which could crawl next to any country and make a bad day for any location in the world.
The Violence of Lies – video
President Donald J. Trump's First 100 Days 
The Democrats’ First 100 Days: Column: Disunity, Obstruction, Incoherence, Obsession, Obliviousness
Trump Signs Executive Order to Clean Up the VA
'The Victim Card': College Speaker Kidnapped, Sodomized and Tortured a Man to Death, Now Complains About How Bad Prison Is
Baltimore Is Begging Feds to Step in to Restore Law and Order
Berkeley on a Boil: Hundreds Rally After Coulter Talk Canceled, at Least 6 Arrested
Todd Starnes: Berkeley Silences Free Speech (and Ann Coulter) with a Kick in the Teeth
Judge Jeanine: Free Speech Is in Danger of Extinction – video
New GOP Bill Would Punish Students or Faculty Who Interfere With Free Speech
Portland Parade Canceled After Activists Threaten to 'Drag and Push' Republicans
Ex-EPA Employees Find New Gigs as Trump Protesters
New Silicon Valley Perk: Paid Time Off to Protest
Facebook 'Observed Propaganda Efforts' By Governments
Obama Scores Another $400K Speaking Fee Amid Criticism
Whites Need Not Apply for Geology Class at Pomona
APR 27
Hawaii Threatened by NKorea Now, U.S. Commander Tells Congress
Top Admiral Calls on More Missile Interceptors in Hawaii
Senators Told Nuke Threat Urgent
Maxine Waters Just Surpassed Herself on Crazy Russian Theories
Trump Slams 'Massive Federal Land Grab,' Calls for Review
Trump to Pull Feds Out of K-12 Education
Trump 'Absolutely' Looking at Breaking Up 9th Circuit
Coulter: 'Free Speech Crushed by Thugs' at UC Berkeley
Flash Robberies: The Newest Homeland Threat
New Biography: Young Obama 'Considered Gayness'
Related: Classmate of Barack Obama in Hawaii Recalls Him as Gay, Cocaine-Smoking Dishonest Hustler – video
Mia Marie Pope Reveals More About Obama in Dr. James David Manning Interview – video
Does Obama Admit He Was Born in Kenya? – video
Obama Spokesman Defends Reported $400G Speaking Fee for Wall Street-backed Speech
'Height of Hypocrisy': Obama Called Out for Planned Big-Money Speech to Wall St. Firm
APR 26
U.S. Air Force to Launch Test Missile Off Central California Coast
White House Blasts Court After Third Blow on Immigration Policy – HOLLY NOTE: After reporting on illegal immigration for nearly 20 years when it was on no one's radar and not particularly popular, my jaw still drops at the utter gall people have coming to our country by jumping the border, jumping the legal immigration line and demand this and that. Who makes our laws? Americans or foreigners? No country stands for this. It's not logical. In the words of author, National Radio Hall of Fame inductee and political commentator Michael Savage, "No Borders, No Language, No Culture" and I'll add, "No Country".
No Regrets: 100% Approval at 100 Days from These Trump Voters
The Myth of Gerrymandering and Polarization
More Socials Horror: Man Murders Child, Kills Himself on Facebook Live
Most Homicides in U.S. Occurred in 5% of Counties, Says Study
Bill Nye “the Science Guy” Butchers the Constitution… Again
600-Year-Old White Oak Tree Being Cut Down in Basking Ridge, NJ
APR 25
Entire Senate Being Called to White House for NKorea Briefing
Trump's America: 100 Days Later
Politico Bombshell: Obama’s Hidden Iran Deal Giveaway
Taking a Page from the Billary Playbook: Obama Set to Take $400,000 for Speech to Wall Street Firm
After Violent Weekend, Chicago Nears 1,000 Gunshot Victims This Year
After Removing Liberty Place Monument, Mitch Landrieu: Others Coming Down 'Sooner Rather Than Later
NSA Blimp 'Illegally Spied on Citizens in New York'
Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton Whose Editorials on the "Deep State" Rocked the World
Islamopower: Meet the New Muslim PAC: Organizer Says Islamic Voters 'Unbelievably Underrepresented' in U.S. Cities, States
Bernie Sanders Defends Ann Coulter, Slams ‘Intellectually Weak’ Student Activists
Teen Mob Swarms Train, Beats, Robs Passengers
Alarming Trend Turning U.S. Streets into War Zones – Cop's-eye View of 1 of Most Tumultuous Times in Recent History for Law Enforcement
HuffPo Editor Resigns in Shame Over Hoax Article That Said White Men Shouldn’t Get to Vote
Drexel Professor Who Called for ‘White Genocide’ Under Investigation as Donors and Students Flee 
Trey Gowdy’s Missing Investigators Found
APR 24
The Shadowy Extremist Group Behind the Anti-Trump Riots
Independent Evidence Conflicts With Dossier on Suspected Trump-Russia Conspiracy
Massive Nuclear Drill in NY/NJ: Operation Gotham Shield, April 24th – Media Silent
Trump to Sign EOs on Drilling, Cybersecurity and a Rural America Task Force
Trump Eyeing Second Supreme Court Seat
Was Hillary Clinton Behind the Transfer of Chemical Weapons Used in Idlib, Syria?
Seymour Hersh: Hillary Clinton Sold Nerve Gas to Terrorists in Syria
Why Can’t the Clintons Just Go Away?
Political Correctness Is Ruining Our Strategy to Defeat Terrorism
Damage in the Wake of ‘No Drama Obama’
My Heart on the Line – HOLLY NOTE: A woman recently retired from the military sent this in and said she wished all Americans would read it. The message is as true today as it was when penned 15 years ago. H/T Marilyn B.
APR 21
Trump Sidesteps Direct Blame on China as He Orders Investigation of Steel Dumping
Obama Operatives Direct Town Hall Disruptions Nationwide 
EPA Begins Trump's Process of Weeding Out Workers
U.S. Intelligence Officials Announce Manhunt Is Underway for ‘Traitor’ Who Revealed Surveillance Secrets
CIA Admits Russia NOT Behind Hack, and Obama CIA Chief IS Behind Trump-Russia Rumors
Ann Coulter Rejects Berkeley's Proposal to Reschedule Her Speech
Ann Coulter: Your Choice – A Green America or a Brown America
The Anti-Free Speech Movement – UC Berkeley’s Gravediggers of Freedom
O'Reilly Not the Left's Real Target
Wellesley Students Advocate Hostility on Campuses to Silence Conservative ‘Hate Speech’
How to Talk Like a Social Justice Campus Crybully
Census: More 18-to-34 Now Live with Parents Than Spouse
Are All White People Racists? One Leftist School Is Teaching This
College Basketball Team Displays Anti-Gay Banner, Outrage Ensues
APR 20
How Prepared Is Your State to Meet Disasters? Study Measures 139 Factors – Everything from Epidemics, Natural Disasters, Terrorism, Cyberattacks, More – HOLLY NOTE: Even though this is an interesting study, it underscores that real preparedness is up to the individual. This is a very thorough report; even the summary, linked here, is 49 pages.
Sen. Chuck Grassley: Another Supreme Court Vacancy Likely This Summer
Iowa Passes Massive Expansion of Gun Rights, More States to Follow?
Paul and Dee Dee Sorvino on Hollywood: Hate Trump or You're Out of Their Club
Hillary Camp Scrambling To Find Out Who Leaked Embarrassing Info
Bill O'Reilly Fired Amid Sexual Harassment Complaints
Russiagate Collapsing: James Comey Used Fake Dossier to Justify Russia Collusion Case Against Trump
Student Gov Votes to Give Blacks Free Tuition as 'Reparations'
50,000+ People Sent to Emergency Rooms in US Every Year Because of Police Inflicted Injuries
Anne Graham Lotz: 'America Is Disintegrating Into Anarchy; Political Correctness Is Rejecting God'
U Alaska Art Exhibition Displays Trump’s Severed Head
“Homeless Bill of Rights” Measure Resurfaces in Colorado
Filmmakers Start Crowdfunding Campaign to Grant Liberal's Wish and Send Him to Afghanistan to Hug ISIS
APR 19
U.S. Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Flying Near Alaskan Coast
Trump Gets Populist in Wisconsin: ‘America First,’ H1B Reform, NAFTA Tough Talk
Bill Would Nullify Obama Plot to “Diversify” Your Neighborhood
There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares for War After Berkeley Beat Down: “Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns…”
DHS Chief to Congress: Change the Laws or 'Shut Up' About National Security Personnel
'Facebook Killer' Steve Stephens Found Dead After Car Chase
Dianne Feinstein Heckled at Town Hall for Not Being Left-Wing Enough
Democrat Ossoff Fails To Clinch Majority In Closely Watched Georgia Special Election
New Details Emerge In Theft Of Georgia Voting Machines
FBI May Have Paid Former Spy Behind Phony Trump Dossier
Calexit Leader Drops California Secession Effort to Make Russia His ‘New Home’
Elizabeth Warren Endorses $2.4 Trillion Wall Street Giant’s Ad Campaign
Court Finds 75-Year-Old L.A. Vet Robert Rosebrock Not Guilty of Federal Crime for Displaying American Flags Above Veterans Admin Fence
Poll Shows Almost 25% of Bill O'Reilly's Own Viewers Want His Show Canceled Amid Sexual-Assault Allegations
UCLA Conservative Professor May Be Fired from Job for Refusing to Cave in to Political Correctness
Time to Tell Political Correctness to Take a Hike
FAKE NEWS ALERT: Maxine Waters Claims She Has Never Called for Trump’s Impeachment
APR 18
If Nuclear War Breaks Out, Which U.S. Cities Would Be Targeted First?
Why Tension Between the US and NKorea Will Only Get Worse – video
Presidential Job Approval Hits 50%
The Devastating Consequence of Denying that All Lives Matter
We Must Never Forget What the Muslim Jihadists Did on Patriot's Day
WTF? Feminist Says Outdoor Recreation Is Racist, Misogynist and an Example of ‘White Privilege’ – Is She High?
Brit Hume Scorches NPR for 1 Blatant Lie
Anti-police 'Pig' Art Must Go – And Stay Gone
'Dangerous' New Trend: Angry Mobs of U.S. Students Shut Down Speech
Dan Rather: Don't Be So Quick to Praise Trump's Military Action, Journalists Should 'Fight Against' Patriotic Sentiment
APR 17
US Sends Newest F-35 Stealth Fighters to Europe
Trump-Abbas White House Summit Said Set for May 3, Preparatory PA Delegation in April 23
Reuters: Wall Street Banker Gary Cohn Moving Trump Toward Moderate Policies
'Easter Day Slaughter': Cleveland Cops Searching for Alleged Killer Who Streamed Murder Live on Facebook – Claims He Killed 14 More
Anti-Trump Protesters Savagely Beat Trump Supporters at Berkeley
Pro- and anti-Trump Demonstrators Clash in California – video
21 Arrested…
Arkansas Judge Joined Death-Penalty Protests on Same Day He Blocked Executions
Former Secretary of Defense: Obama Sent Message of Weakness By Not Enforcing Red Line on Chemical Weapons
First Lady Melania, Son Moving to White House This Summer
Fantastic! Latino Trump Supporter to Run Against Maxine Waters
Chris Christie Commutes Sentence for USMC War Vet Charged over Legally Owned Gun
Competition Isn’t Fair: Economics Dept. Disqualified Professor From Contest Because He Won Last Year
APR 15
War Declared on 'Deep State' Political Agenda: 'This Goes Far Beyond Incidental Surveillance. This Was Spying on Political Enemies'
APR 14
British Intel Gave Obama Admin Surveillance on Trump Associates
Number of Google Searches for 'World War 3' Hits Highest Ever
Assad on Trump’s Airstrike: The U.S. May Have a New President But the “Deep State” Is the Same
Whistleblower: VA about to Trash Hundreds of Thousands of Veteran Applications
Cruz Predicts Second Supreme Court Vacancy By Summer
Obama's Hometown Paper Asks Trump To Fix His Yucca Mountain Mess
APR 13
Limbaugh: Proof-positive Obama Was Spying on Trump
Others 'Unmasked'? Surveillance Probe Widens as Rice's Role Questioned
Trump, Tillerson Take Dim View of World After Meetings with NATO, Russia
Trump: 'The World Is a Mess', Says Russia Ties May Be at 'All-Time Low,' Praises Tillerson Trip
Self-righteous Hillary Was 'So Mad She Couldn't Think Straight' and Bill Gave Aides an 'A** Chewing': Inside Her Doomed Campaign's Bickering and Denial as She Careened to Defeat
Sessions Urged to Purge Obama Staff from Civil Rights Division
Baltimore Anti-Cop Consent Decree Imposed
Trump Flip-Flops on Syria, NATO, China, the Fed, Ex-Im Bank
'White Privilege Checklist' Appears in Minnesota Dorm
What Is White Privilege?
APR 12
Soros-Funded Group Chaired By Elizabeth Warren’s Daughter Fighting Voter Integrity Lawsuits
Threats to Conservative Students
Report: Obama Justice Department Obtained Secret Order to Monitor Trump Campaign Adviser Carter Page in 2016
FBI Obtained Surveillance Warrant Against Former Trump Campaign Adviser
11 States Threatened with Lawsuits If No Action Taken to Clean Voter Rolls
Hal Lindsey: Globalism vs. Nationalism – video
GOP Dashes Dems' Upset Hopes in Kansas, Conservative Holds Congressional Seat
MSNBC Shocker: History Will Be Rough on Obama and the Obama Era Will Not Be Remembered Fondly
Bill Koenig: "Barack Obama Has Done More to Promote Immorality and Perverse Sexuality Than Any Man in American History"
MIT Press Publishes ‘Communism for Kids’ Book
APR 11
Trump’s Legislative Agenda Mired in Fractured Congress
Chuck Schumer Has No One to Blame But Himself
Give Me Liberty AND My Entitlements
John Cho Blames Trump for United flight’s Forced Removal Of Passenger
2 Adults, 1 Student Dead, Another Hurt In Murder-Suicide At San Bernardino Elementary School
Anti-gunners Blame NRA…
Police Drag Passenger from United Airlines Plane – video
United Airlines Suffers More Bad Publicity After a Passenger Is Dragged from an Overbooked Plane
Judge Nap: Man Dragged Off United Flight 'Absolutely' Has a Lawsuit – video
Related: United's CEO Cheated Death Month into Job and Is Now Leading the Company in Battle to Become America's Best Airline
Related: Pets on a Plane: Why Animals Are Dying Aboard U.S. Airlines – HOLLY NOTE: In another United scandal, so many pets were dying on this airline – some from being left on a blistering hot tarmac, we changed our flight to Qantas when moving home from Australia in 2001. May 2005 – January 2017, the Airline Animal Incident Reports document shows that United Airlines has the 2nd WORST record for pet deaths. Ditto 2nd WORST rating for pet injuries and losing pets. Even though it cost over $2000 to change our flights, at least Taco and Seismo made the 14,000-mile move alive.
NRA-NYT War Escalates: 'Old Gray Hag, We're Coming for You'
United CEO Defends Staff Amid Calls for Probe After Passenger Dragged Off Plane
Throw the Bums Out and Other Reforms: Congress Was Never Supposed to Be Lifetime Employment, But for Many, That's What It's Become.
Prof Who Said ‘Trump Must Hang’ Doubles Down On His Comments
The Pinocchio Doctrine: Obama’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment in Syria
Fact Checking Obama's Phony Legacy
More Obama Lies Illustrated in This Cartoon
VA Whistle-Blower Faces Punishment for Revealing Alleged Harasser, Email Shows
APR 10
Obama Official: 'We Always Knew' Assad Kept Some Chemical Weapons
Susan Rice Claimed Obama Admin Removed Chemical Weapons from Syria – flashback
Graham: Assad Is Telling Trump 'F- You' By Reopening Airfield
When WWIII Goes 'Hot', These Maps Show Us Where We Don't Want to Be in America
Thousands of Fort Carson Soldiers, Vehicles Heading to Southern Colorado Training Exercise – HOLLY NOTE: This has nothing to do with the Syrian airstrike as it was planned months ago and announced to travel on local roads April 11-22. The exercise, however, is larger than the 2015 practice, which was the biggest Army convoy in Colorado since World War II.
Source: Trump 'Expects' 4 More Supreme Court Picks
What Trump Accomplished During ‘Positive and Productive’ Meetings with China
Cleaning Up the Swamp: Courtesy of Obama Overreach, Swamp Creatures Continue to Roam and Bite
Seattle’s Gay Mayor Accused of Sexually Molesting Teens in the 1980s
Time, Nat Geo Push 'Astonishingly Perverse Covers'
IRS Sued Again, This Time for Distributing Taxpayers' Info
Watters' Words: Liberal Hypocrisy Strikes Again – video
Mizzou Shutters 3 More Dorms as Enrollment Plummets After Race Protests
Iowa State Snowflakes Upset Over Prisoner Wage Rates; It's "Modern Day Slavery"
Gorsuch Confirmed, Dems Still Whining
Biden’s ‘92 Rule: No Lame-Duck SCOTUS Nominees – flashback
President Trump, First Lady Greet Chinese Leader and Wife at Mar-a-Lago at Start of 2-Day Summit in Palm Beach
Media Praised the 'Nuclear Option' When Democrats Did It
Reid, Democrats Trigger ‘Nuclear’ Option; Eliminate Most Filibusters on Nominees – flashback
Prominent Dem Calls for Imprisoning Media Members She Doesn’t Like
I Know Nothing...' Susan Rice Changes Her Story – Again
Nunes Steps Aside From Russian Probe
Mitt Romney Eying Senate Seat
America Is Falling From Within
The Authoritarian Impulse: Getting What We Really Don’t Want – HOLLY NOTE: This is what the Hopi warned Stan was coming more than 2 decades ago. Now it is here and waiting to for someone to strike that final match.
Trump Top Adviser Steve Bannon Attends National Security Council Meeting One Day After Being ‘Removed’
‘War on Cops’ Author Heather MacDonald Shouted Down at UCLA By Hysterical Black Lives Matter Protest
Senate Homeland Security Chairman: ‘We Need to Get Susan Rice Under Oath’
11 Highlights of Susan Rice’s MSNBC Interview with Andrea Mitchell
Nuclear Option: Forget RussiaGate, Rice Scandal Constitution Crisis
Barack Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and His Allies Are Targeting Trump Supporters for Surveillance
The Russian Emperor's New Clothes
4 Issues Trump Will Likely Confront Chinese Leader About
Top Army Officer Condemns Congress’s Failure to Budget as ‘Professional Malpractice’
Agent Who Guards Pence Suspended After Prostitute Visit
23 Ways Big Government Is Hurting the Poor
Why Self-Reliance Is Key in Fighting Big Government
'Sick of Fancy White People,' Woman Goes on Bloody Rampage: Claws Man at Gas Station, Attacks Boat, Car With Hammer While Yelling Racial Slurs
Academic Amnesia: Why Is WWI Disappearing In Higher Education?
Outrage After Teen Gets Into Stanford By Writing ‘Black Lives Matter’ 100 Times on Application
Navy Training Pilots Refuse to Fly Over Safety Concerns
“Proud Muslim” Proclaims Himself a “Triple Threat to Donald Trump”
Winning the Civil War of Two Americas: America vs. Anti-America
Judicial Watch Obtains 695 Pages of Obama IRS Scandal Documents – Records Not Produced in Initial Congressional Investigation
Susan Rice Insists She Did NOT Use Intelligence for Political Gain
Mainstream Media Deems Susan Rice Unmasking Bombshell ‘Another Fake Scandal’
Please, Somebody Play the Race Card: “Like White on (Susan) Rice”
'A Truly Terrible Idea': Some Liberals Think Schumer Is Crazy to Filibuster Gorsuch
FLASHBACK: Media Loved Dems’ Nuclear Option in ‘13
DOJ to Revisit Obama-Era Agreements with Local Police Departments
Record Americans Renouncing Citizenship, and Not Because Trump
Two South Carolina Lawmakers Plan to Create Survivalist Communities across US
Groupthink on Campus
Ex-Navy SEAL Creates Veterans Organization to Expose Pedophiles and Rescue Trafficked Children
Rice Ordered ‘Spreadsheets’ of Trump Campaign Calls
Paul Calls on Rice to Testify…
Who Asked Susan Rice to Unmask Those Names?
ABC, NBC Cover-Up Revelation Susan Rice Ordered Trump Aides Unmasked, CBS Defends
Susan Rice Intel Interest on Trump Started in July, Spiked After Election
Cernovich Explains How He Learned About Susan Rice
Rice in Crosshairs as Potential Felon…
Dump Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett from Membership in Any Government Agency
Obama Humiliated in Front of the World as Jeff Foxworthy Calls Him Out
Trump Is Methodically Undoing Obama Policies (and It’s Killing Them to Write About It at AP)
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The Positive Accomplishments of Trump
People Are Fleeing Southern California
People Fleeing New York at an Alarming Rate
Heading to TX, FL
'Deserves to Be Confirmed': McConnell Vows to Get Gorsuch onto Supreme Court, Says Nuclear Option Lies 'in the Hands' of Democrats
Third Senate Democrat Announces Support for Gorsuch
Schumer: Trump Should Ditch Gorsuch for a ‘Mainstream Nominee’
Was Trump Wrong or Is Obama Guilty?
Trump: US Will 'Solve' North Korea Problem, with or without China
Evelyn Farkas’s 6 Revelations about Obama, Trump, and the Deep State
Gun Sales Have Fallen Since Obama Left Office
Do YOU Live in a Noise Hot Spot? Interactive Map Reveals the Background Sound Levels in Your Area
Home-School Solution for Education
Segregated LAUSD Accepts Policy to Kick Out White Students
Judge Jeanine: The Left Acts Like Children Who Can’t Get Over the Fact Hillary Clinton Lost the Election – video