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West Point Professor Who Mentored Antifa Soldier on Administrative Leave – HOLLY NOTE: It's no longer 'barbarians at the gate'; it's 'barbarians through the gate'.
Meet the Army’s Second Lieutenant Joseph Stalin
Army Investigating West Point Grad’s Pro-Communist Social Media Posts
The Infection Spreads: Army Officer, West Point Grad, Supports Kaepernick, Communism
Elementary School Librarian Rejects Dr. Seuss Books Donated By Melania Trump – HOLLY NOTE: What kid growing up didn't love reading Dr. Seuss? Don't know a single person that didn't read or have read to them “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham”. This librarian said, “Another fact that many people are unaware of is that Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.” Probably because that 'racism' exists only in her and other drum-beating liberal heads and she's twisted Seuss’s words to fit a political agenda. Dumbest story of the week especially when, instead of being allowed to read these entertaining books – which is how to hook kids on reading, she wants 5-10-year-olds digesting material on gender identity and illegal immigration. Bet those are real page turners! Pity that kids were deprived because the librarian refused to accept books from a Trump. Note: The other 49 states to which the First Lady sent these same books were appreciative. Soeiro should take a lesson.
Steve Scalise and Paul Ryan's Emotional Reunion on Capitol Hill – video
Price to Stop Taking Chartered Flights, Repay Taxpayers
Tucker: CNN Whips People into Racial Frenzy – Voters Say America Is Coming Apart – video
10 Most Violent Cities in US
It's Time for Some Tough Choices When It Comes to Preparing for Natural Disaster
Fox News Poll: World Going to Hell in Handbasket as Nation Comes Apart at Seams
A Time to Kneel
Stacy Washington: NFL Players Should Hand a Flag to Dead Soldiers’ Children Before You Take a Knee
Tennessee Businessman Calls NFL Protests 'Unpatriotic,' Pulls Ads During Games
NFL Ticket Sales Plummet 17.9%
Goodell Holds Meeting With Owners, Players to Discuss National Anthem Demonstrations
Broncos Players Say They Plan to Stand Together for National Anthem
Legends Women’s Lingerie Football League Rebukes NFL: ‘We Don’t Get on Our Knees’ – video
Bears, Packers Players and Coaches Link Arms During National Anthem
Packers Fans Appear to Largely Ignore Team’s Request to Link Arms During National Anthem
Top NFL Sponsors Issue Statements About National Anthem Protests
VFW Issues Blistering Response to NFL – It’s Brutal
Dear Colin Kaepernick: America’s Spoiled Brat
'Miracles Really Do Happen': Rep. Steve Scalise Returns to Congress 3 Months after Being Shot on Baseball Diamond
Steve Scalise Speaks on House Floor for First Time Since Shooting: "It changed me, but not in the ways you might think. It's only strengthened my faith in God."
Trump’s Opponents Disappointed By Good News from Puerto Rico: They Hoped He Would Bungle the Recovery Effort
…Waives Jones Act Shipping Rules to Help Puerto Rico
Deep-Pocketed Republican Group Ready to battle Obama and Holder Over Redistricting
Electoral College Change from Winner-Take-All System Gains Momentum
Moore’s Runoff Victory in Alabama Inspires Anti-Establishment Republicans
Lawmakers Set Sights on Obama Unmasking Scandal
Survey: Only 12% of Voters Have 'Favorable' Opinion of NFL Commissioner Goodell
Catholic League President Tells Goodell: 'You Should Be Fired'
'Senate Republicans Have Delivered Nothing,' McConnell is 'Politically Toxic'
78 Obama Appointees 'Burrowed' into Career Jobs, Watchdog Finds
I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Taking It Anymore… Black America Wrong to Blame White Racism for Woes
Related: No Racial Bias in Police Shootings, Study By Harvard Professor Shows
California Is Already Preparing for a North Korean Nuclear Attack
WW3: Nuclear Warning Issued to Southern California By DHS
Nuclear Detonations – The Coming Apocalypse: A Study of the Fallout Aftermath
Roy Moore Wins in Republican Senate Primary Runoff in Alabama – Delivers Blow to Washington Swamp
In Stunning Reversal, DHS Tells Wisconsin Russians Were Not Behind Alleged Vote Hacking
Menendez Threatened State Dept. If It Didn't Help His Rich Friend, Witness Says
Dems Now Using Awan's Children as Cover for House IT Scandal
Congressional Aides That Traded on Insider Information Over the Past Year
Embarrassment as Washington Post Corrects Its 'Scoop' about Obama, Facebook and Russia
Paul Horner, Famous Fake News Writer, Found Dead Outside Phoenix
Fans Selling Their DirecTV Sunday NFL Packages Over National Anthem Protests
New Survey: 64% of Americans Say NFL Players Should Stand for Anthem
Update: NFL Ratings Plummet 11%
Ravens National Anthem Singer Quits
Buffalo Bills Stadium Employee Quits
Goodbye Pittsburgh Steelers, Burn In Hell’: Angry Fans Burn Gear Over National Anthem Protest
Broncos Fans Angrily Abandon Team
Indianapolis Colts: Fans Burn Gear, Tickets…
Angry Cowboys Fan Burns Hat…
'American Sniper’s' Wife Takes Shot at NFL Over Anthem Protests
NFL Could Soon Mean No Fans Left
Celebrity Hypocrisy in an Age of Anthem Protests
Jon Rappoport's Open Letter to NFL Players: You’re Being Used
Protest Against BENGHAZI Hero Planned in Fear He’s Offending Members of Islamic Center
Fred Warmbier on the Torture NKorea Administered to Their Son, Otto – video
Sarah Palin: We Can Win War Against Political Class with ‘Happy Warriors’ Like Judge Roy Moore
Steve Bannon: This Is ‘Corporate Money’ for Strange vs ‘Grassroots Muscle’ for Moore
Fraud? 248 Counties Have More Voters Than Eligible Citizens – Officials Urged to Clean Up Rolls or Face Legal Consequences
Football Ratings Drop to Lowest Since 2006 – HOLLY NOTE: It's not just that people are tired of players taking a knee when they tune in or pay to see a game, football has lost its luster after numerous scandals. Here are a few:
Sexual shenanigans during a Minnesota Vikings boat party (2005)
NFL players conduct controversies (2007–present)
Spygate: New England Patriots videotaped the opposing team's signals (2007)
Bountygate: New Orleans Saints secret slush fund for deliberately injuring opposing players (2012)
Tom Brady and Deflategate (2015) and
Too-many-to-list cases of domestic abuse
Angry NFL Fans Lash Out, Burn Jerseys Over Protests: "You Can Take Your NFL and Shove It"
Colin Kaepernick's Big Lie
Dallas Cowboys Find Solution to National Anthem Controversy
The Politicization of Everything – Everybody Loses in the Trump-NFL Brawl Over the National Anthem
Puerto Ricans Are Americans Too, and Answers to Other Questions
Tire Tyranny – HOLLY NOTE: Who thought this could be a thing?
You're Likely a Lot Less Prepared for Crisis Than You Realize – Lessons from the Recent Rash of Natural Disasters
Long Term Trucking Strike Would Devastate U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: We posted this article several years ago, but truckers' contributions are so vital to America's way of life, it bears reminding. The author updated this information Saturday. Truckers deliver the vast majority of everything we use in this country from food and fuel to machinery, clothing, building materials, equipment, books and everything in between.
Will the Deep State's War on Trump Lead to an Actual Civil War?
Nearly 150 Protest National Anthem in Loud NFL Statement
Former Army Ranger, Allejandro Villanueva, Is the Only Steelers Player to Stand for the National Anthem
Sales of Villanueva's Football Jersey Skyrocket
NFL Star Says Protests Sow Division, Despair
Related: NFL Gets Billions in Subsidies from U.S. Taxpayers – flashback
'Great White Hope' vs NFL/NBA America-haters
NFL Players Who #TakeTheKnee Should Talk to the Wounded Warriors Who No Longer Can
'Shame on All of You': Judge Jeanine Blasts Goodell, Anti-Trump Players
WaPo: Defiant Outsider Roy Moore Aims for ‘New Level of Disruption in the U.S. Senate’ Against the Swamp Status Quo
Terrible Things the C.I.A. Has Done That Blacken America's Name
Committee to Investigate Russia: War – video
Cotton-gate at Hobby Lobby! – HOLLY NOTE: If you're tired of everyone being offended by every little thing, you'll appreciate this! – video
Mel Brooks Calls Political Correctness The Death Of Comedy
Government Workers Abandon Their Posts During a Hurricane, Are Shocked to Find Out There Are Consequences
Obama Refers to Himself 96 Times in 18 Minute Speech – Even Quotes Himself
Valerie Plame Bashed for Tweet Linking 'America's Jews' to Wars, Then Apologizes
Collapse: Time Magazine's Brutal Deep Dive into the Ever Shrinking and Regional Democratic Party
A Call to Prepare
Trump Admin to Make New NKorea Sanctions Announcement Today
Samantha Power Sought to Unmask Americans on Almost Daily Basis, Sources Say – Over 260 People
Why Obama Really Spied on Trump
Sultan Knish: Did Obama Spy on America to Protect Islamists?
Philadelphia Finds Hundreds of Illegal Voters
Mueller Team's Focus on Manafort Spans 11 Years
Manafort Responds to the FBI: 'Release the Tapes'
All of Obama’s Wiretappers
Exposing SJP as a Terrorist Front at UC-Berkeley
Some Agencies Now Suing Citizens, Journalists Who Seek Public Records
America's Slow-Motion Military Coup
Trump's UN Speech Was a Grand Slam
Trump Defines ‘America First’ to Wary World Leaders at U.N., Warns North Korea and Iran
82% of Republicans Back Military Strike Against North Korea Should Diplomacy, Sanctions Fail: Poll
Trump Approval Ratings Up 3 Weeks in a Row
Trump Attacks 'Crooked Hillary' for Delayed Criticism of North Korea
Nikki Haley: The World Now Calls Kim Jong Un 'Rocket Man'
High School Under Fire for Project Reenacting Slavery
Schlussel Sues Ann Arbor to Stop Sharia, ID Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxer Who Blamed Trump
Witches Cast Spells Against 'Wicked' Trump – video
Costco Parks Hillary Clinton in the Toilet Paper Aisle
Colorado Police Search for ‘Mad Pooper’ Who Dumps and Runs
Kaepernick Contagion Spreads: Football Team of 8-Year-Olds Kneel During Anthem Ahead of Recent Game
Unhinged US Liberal Attacks Trump Supporter at Bar in Denmark – Now Faces Charges
Super-rich Ex-Presidents and the Law That Supports Them
Trump Will Rally World to Confront Iran, N. Korea in First UN Address
Will Rail Against NKorea, Seek United Front Against Nuclear and Missile Programs…
Netanyahu, Trump Discuss ‘Terrible’ Iran Nuke Deal at NYC Meeting – video
CNN: US Investigators Wiretapped Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Under Secret Court Orders Before and After the Election
Paul Manafort Wiretapped — And Suddenly, Trump’S Not So Crazy
Comey Tried to Discredit Wiretapping Claims That Proved True
Obama NSC Adviser Admits Seeking Trump Aides Identities in Intel Reports
Hillary Clinton May Challenge Legitimacy of Presidential Election: I Wouldn't Rule It Out
3 Arrested as Protests at Georgia Tech Turn Violent After Police Shooting
This Weekend's Chicago "Shoot-a-Rahm-a" - 10 Dead, 30 Wounded, 500 Homicides Year-to-Date
Audit: IRS Improperly Withheld Information After FOIA Requests Were Filed
Obama Goes Full Clinton Foundation with Series of $400,000 Wall Street Speeches
80 Arrested in St. Louis after 3
rd Night of Riots
Missouri Governor Speaks Out About Violence at Protests: "We've had leaders who wanted to give people a safe place to loot and to burn. Right now in Missouri? If you loot, the only safe place you're going to have is in a jail cell." – video
Alabama Poll: Roy Moore Leads Luther Strange by 13 Points
Kaepernick Effect: NFL Kickoff Scores 21.8M Viewers, Down Double-Digits from 2016
Related: Every NFL Player Who Has Protested During the National Anthem this Season
Colin Kaepernick, Shunned By the NFL, Named Week 1 MVP by Player's Union
Sheriff David Clarke Roasts NFL Colin Kaepernick, "He's Dumb as a Rock" – video
Pollster Fires 'Warning Shot': Republicans Need to Start Keeping Campaign Promises or Lose Trump's Base in 2018 – video
Teacher Who Compared Trump Campaign Slogan to Swastika Speaks Out: ‘This Was Not Political’
Enrollment Drops at Schools Known for ‘Social Justice Warfare’
California Dems Pass Resolution Demanding Trump Apologize for Presidency – HOLLY NOTE: Of all the stupid stories we've seen, this is the first to be awarded our Laughing Bear in 2017. No wonder that state is broke if this is how legislators spend their time.
How Obama Made Good on His Promise to Fundamentally Transform U.S.A.
U.S. Constitution Turned 230 Yesterday
Hillary's Anti-Presidential Campaign
Heated Protests Follow Stockley Acquittal
Break Windows at Mayor's Home…
FBI Reversal: Bureau Will Release More Clinton Investigation Docs
Antifa Violence Splits Left as Another Major Protest Looms at Berkeley
POLL: 4 in 10 Can't Name ANY First Amendment Rights
Just 26% of Americans Can Name the 3 Branches of Government
Piers Morgan Rips Hillary Clinton’s Book as ‘Whiny, Self-Pitying, Deluded Load of Literary Claptrap’
Berkeley Protesters Chalk 'Free Speech Kills,' 'F--k the Police,' and 'F--k Ben Shapiro' on Campus
Majority of California Democrats Now OPPOSE Free Speech
Dem Rep: Reading a Senator’s Resume is Racist
Woman Attempts to Flush Her Newborn Down a Toilet
Rice Told Investigators She Unmasked Trump Officials in Undisclosed UAE Meeting: Report
Antifa Activists Say Violence Is Necessary
Hillary: Bernie Did Not Give Me the ‘Respect’ I Deserved
Sean Hannity: The Real List of Reasons Hillary Lost
Amazon Deletes 1-Star Reviews of Hillary's Book
Mo. Lawmaker Who Wished Trump Dead Gets Censured
Trump Trashing: MSM Broadcast Coverage of President Now 91% Negative, Say Analysts
Shocking (Short) List of MSM Bias
Trump Approval: Rasmussen 44%, Gallup 38%, PPP (D) 40%, Fox 41%, Economist/YouGov 42%, Reuters/Ipsos 40%
Congressional Job Approval: Quinnipiac 10%, Gallup 20%, PPP (D) 9%, Fox 15%, Economist/YouGov 10%, Reuters/Ipsos 25%
President of Mosque Linked to World Trade Center Bombing Orders Erasure of 9/11 College Memorial
Kellyanne Rips Hillary for ‘Talking About Hillary’ On Sept. 11
Your Beliefs Are No Longer Allowed
Clinton: ‘I Would Have Been Seen as a Genius’ If I Won
Poll: 61% Say Clinton Should Retire
Senate Confirms Top Trump Economic Adviser after Weeks of Delay
Southeast Idaho Native Dies as His Daughter Enters 'America's Got Talent' Finals
Sessions, Coats Push for Permanent Renewal of Controversial Surveillance Law
Judge Orders Maryland Bar to Investigate Lawyers Who Helped Clinton Delete Emails
Former WH Aide Sebastian Gorka Predicts Trump Will Fire High-Ranking Officials By Christmas
Poll: More Americans Have a Gun in Home Than Ever Before
Looting Crackdown Is ‘White Supremacy,’ Claims Noted Author
9/11 Shock: Trump, Pence, Mattis, Sessions Fail to Name ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’
20 Rarely Seen Photos of the Events on Sept. 11, 2001
The Few, the Proud…the Dogs of 9/11
Officers Honor Last 9/11 Search Dog with Moving Tribute – video
"We'll Never Forget" - Budweiser September 11
th Tenth Anniversary Commercial – video
The Dishonored Dead
Photographer Explains How CBS Used Color Adjustments to Make Steve Bannon ‘Look Bad’ on 60 Minutes
Over 400 Links Google Doesn’t Want You to Visit – HOLLY NOTE: Along with nearly every other conservative website, both StanDeyo.com and DareToPrepare.com made this list. Guess we must be doing something right. ;-)
230 Years after the Constitution, America Is Walking a Dangerous Road
It's Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell's 1984…
Hillary's "Crazy, Floating Eye" Returns as She Blames Comey for Election Loss
Bitter Hillary Also Blames Russia, WikiLeaks, Facebook, Fake News, Voter ID Laws, Sexism, Misogyny
Barack Obama: The Former President Who Won't Go Away – HOLLY NOTE: Obama's like malaria, he flares up nastily when least expected, makes you sick, and never goes away.
US Commemorates 9/11; Thousands Expected at Ground Zero
3,500 Flags a Solemn, Moving 9/11 Memorial in Sacramento
New 9/11 Memorial to Include Names of Sickened Responders
Poll: Trump Is HATED in D.C. and Is at Over 40% Approval in Several Key States – HOLLY NOTE: While Trump supporters, we're not in love with everything he's done, but he was the best of the bunch. Trump promised to 'drain the swamp' and as soon as he uttered those words, we wondered who would try to assassinate him first. No politician wants to see their gravy train blown up. The Constitution, while an extraordinarily fore-sighted document, should have put terms limits in place for Congress, followed up by a 'no lobbyist job' proviso after their term finished. Ditto for SCOTUS. Somewhere in Obama's administration, the Supremes quit being an independent body. Example of this esteemed body's questionable actions? Literally the night before the monumental vote on ObamaCare, heretofore conservative John Roberts unexpectedly, shockingly, changed his vote thus passing this onerous legislation. Everything hinged on Roberts' 'yea'. Don't know who got to Roberts or what transpired to make him change it, but something happened the night before that altered the entire face and fabric of America. This was followed by their 2nd life-changing decision on June 26, 2015 of legalizing gay marriage. One drained our wallets, one drained our morals. Realize friends, we are in the fight of our lives for America. Isn't it ironic that that wonderful Canadian author and news host Mark Steyn, chooses to live in New Hampshire whose motto is Live Free or Die. Steyn knows our laws and Constitution better than most Americans and is not afraid to speak it.
Steve Bannon: All Citizens of All Backgrounds Are Part of the Nationalist-Populist Movement
Steve Bannon Candid Interview on 60 Minutes – video
The Old Vote Scam in the Mountains
Gays Against Sharia Labelled a “Far Right Group”
Hillary Clinton Announces Wonderful News For America
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Frantic Wasserman Schultz Lawyers Up While Awans Cut Deal With FBI, Justice Department
More Than 5,000 Out-of-State Voters May Have Tipped New Hampshire Against Trump
Hillary Clinton Blame Game Chafes Fundraiser: ‘I Wish She’d Just Shut the F- Up and Go Away’
Hillary Clinton Makes Clear in New Book: You're All to Blame
Poll: Revolt Brewing Across America Against Failed Congressional GOP Leadership
Bannon Doesn't Hold Back: 'Globalist' Gary Should Resign
Curse of the Woke Conservatives
FBI Director: No Sign of White House Interference in Russia Probe
Lindsey Graham Wants James Comey to Testify Again: 'I Smell a Rat'
We Made Donald %#&@ Trump President – What Else Can We Do?
Poll Finds Vast Majority of Americans Want Free Speech Protected
Clinton Foundation Faces International Criminal Investigations
Bob Menendez Corruption Trial Opens Up With Hostility Between Judge, Defense
Professors Operate Program Intended to Brainwash ‘Straight White Men’ to Make Them ‘Social Justice Advocates’
Paper: Imran Awan's Wife Who Fled the Country Strikes Deal to Return, Face Charges
Kabuki Theater: Both Democrats And Republicans Lie About Executive Amnesty
Antifa Group Accuses White House of 'Bullying' North Korea
‘More Dead Cops’ Banner Hangs over NY Highway
Mike Huckabee: Not Even 'Political Viagra' Could Help 'Impotent' Republicans in Congress
Trump Silences Naysayers, Announces Which Charities Will Receive His $1M Donation
Roger Stone Is Booted from Marijuana Conference
Liberal Activists Fretting Trump Takeover of Federal Judiciary Rally Grassroots in Obstruction Campaign
Democratic Group Warns Party's Reputation in Trouble with Middle Class
DACA Was Only One Part of Obama's Seizure of Congressional Power
U.S. Poised to Sell Military Weapons to Pacific Allies in Response to North Korean Nuclear Tests
Retired FBI Agent Sues DOJ for Records on Contributions Made By a Clinton Ally to McCabe’s Wife
Chilling Peek Inside John McCain’s Wicked Heart
Robert E. Lee Descendant Resigns as Pastor Over Racial Justice Comment
Harvard Students Promise to Protest Charles Murray Lecture… Demonstrators to Rally 'Against White Supremacy'
The Nuclear Option: President Trump Displays Constitutional Acumen
The Memo: Trump Faces Critical Autumn
Police Union: Officers Won't Take Part in Browns Games After Players Kneel for Anthem
Top 10 Leftist Groups Wreaking Havoc Across U.S., Sabotaging Trump
Public School Teachers Lead Antifa Group
Judge Richard Posner: 'No Value' in Studying the U.S. Constitution
Retired Saturday…
Houston Proves Everything the MSM Says About Our ‘Divided’ Country Is a Lie
American Greatness in Response to Harvey: It’s the People, Stupid!
Violent Mob Forces Police to Shut Down ‘Patriot Picnic’ at Chicano Park
Tucker Carlson Takes on Delusional 'Calexit' Supporter – video
It Wasn't Comey's Decision to Exonerate Hillary - It Was Obama's
Gallup Says 38%, Rasmussen 43%, Fox 41%, Economist/You.Gov 40%, Reuters/Ipsos 37%
Dems Prep for Major Fight Over Trump USDA Science Pick
Clinton's Former Top Campaign Lawyer Behind New Hampshire Voter ID Lawsuit
Dozens of Public School Teachers Involved in Antifa
Antifa May Be Opening Some Eyes and Making New Conservatives
Witches: The Most Recent Victimized Minority to Come Out of the Closet
Comey Drafted Announcement Closing Hillary Clinton Probe Before Key Witnesses Interviewed: Senators
U.S. Orders Russia to Close Diplomatic Offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington
Obama Will Top Bush as Most Costly Ex-President
Sheriff David Clarke Resigns: Report – HOLLY NOTE: Fingers crossed he's headed to the White House
Hillary Clinton Sells ‘VIP’ Tickets for Book Tour at Steep Price: ‘A New Level of Greed’ – HOLLY NOTE: Bet Hillary will donate the proceeds of her new book to Harvey victims.................................Nah, just kidding.
Justice Department: Harry Reid Pressured Obama Administration to Help Bob Menendez Ally on Corruption Jam
Army Confirms Final 2 Missing Crew Members in Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Near Hawaii Are Dead
AUG 31
US Flies Bombers Over Korean Peninsula After Missile Launch
Former Ambassador John Bolton: Trump Must Triumph Over Advisers to Scrap Iran Deal
10 Causes of the War Between the States – It Wasn't Just About Slavery
Houston Rescue Images Destroying Media’s Race Narrative
L.A. City Council Replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day on City Calendar
Vandals Damage Statue Of Christopher Columbus In NY
YouTube May Be Trying to Suppress Conservative Artists
Is There Hope for America?
AUG 30
Trump Draws Huge Crowds During Texas Trip
Trump on Harvey Response Efforts: 'We Want to Do It Better Than Ever Before'
MSM Screams – "Hurricane Harvey Was Trump's Fault" – HOLLY NOTE: Proof positive media have lost all reason.
Professor Fired after Saying Hurricane Harvey Was ‘Instant Karma’ for Pro-Trump Texas
Houston Is the Best of America. Berkeley Is the Worst. Here's Why.
Shocker: FBI Says Lack of Public Interest in Hillary Emails Justifies Withholding Documents
Hateful Democrats Had Their Klu Klux Klan (KKK) - Now They Have Their ANTIFA
New Militant Antifa Wing Gets Seriously Organized, Calls for Revolution and Releases List of Goals
Finally, Pelosi Condemns Berkeley Antifa Violence
Antifa's Instruction Manual…
Trump Reverses Obama, Reinstates Program Sending Military Surplus to Local Police
Kelli Ward 47, Jeff Flake 21 in Arizona Primary Poll
Fulbright Scholar Confirms Muslims Took Leading Roles in (violent) BLM Protests Across U.S.
Kathy Griffin: That Press Conference Where I Acted Like a Victim Wasn't Helpful
Griffin "No Longer Sorry…The whole outrage was BS," Brings Up Trump's Son Again
'Charitable Humans' Deletes Social Media after Refusing to Help 'Any Red State'
19 People Indicted for Attacking Protesters During Erdogan Visit in May
Levin: The Media Contribute to Tyranny in This Country
AUG 29
Trump Refuses to Back Away from Shutdown Threat
Burglars Steal Dozens of Weapons from Colorado Springs Gun Store; Owner Says They’re Lucky to Be Alive
Princeton to Test Drive ‘Social Justice’ Training Program
Black-clad Antifa Members Attack Peaceful Right-Wing Demonstrators in Berkeley
UC Berkeley Conservatives Speak Out Against Leftist Violence – video
Timeline of Antifa Violence: January – August 2017
Petition to Declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization – HOLLY NOTE: Petition already has over 114,000 signatures
Michael Moore: Trump Will Win in 2020 Unless We Undercut the Electoral College
Chicago Had 14,000 More Votes Than Voters in 2016 General Election
Move Over Joe, Pelosi Tips the Gaffo-Meter – video
CNN Ponders: Why Aren’t the SCOTUS Justices Attacking Trump?
AUG 28
Trump to Travel to Storm-Ravaged Texas Tuesday
Texas Gov.Abbott Repeatedly Praises President Trump Over His Hurricane Response
Why Is Congress Not Investigating Obama’s Unprecedented Political Espionage?
Midterms May Provide Dems Control – and Chance to Impeach
'Civil Disobedience' March from Charlottesville to DC Will Demand Trump's Removal
Dems Ratchet Up Rhetoric By Calling 3 White House Advisers 'White Nationalists'
Steve Quayle: We Are Facing Overthrow of United States – video
Steve Cohen Rejoices in Seb Gorka Leaving the White House, Wants Stephen Miller Gone Next
Memphis Theater Pulls Gone with the Wind after Complaints That the Civil War Classic Is 'Racially Insensitive'
Related: Civil War Lessons Depend on Classroom
P.C. Police Strike Again: Advertisers Move Away from Using Pictures of White, Straight Customers for Fear of Being Seen as Racist or Gay-Hating
Paul Craig Roberts: "There Is a Conspiracy... And It's Against the American People"
AUG 25
President Trump Quietly Scores Wins on Energy Agenda
Bombshell Doc Clears Trump on Russia… No Wonder Media’s Covering Charlottesville
British Operative Behind Trump Dossier Ordered to Answer Questions in Libel Suit
The Enemy Within
Shocker: In Late Night Email, WSJ Editor Tells His Employees to Cover Trump Fairly
Pelosi's Dad Helped Dedicate Confederate Monument
…Mixes Her Metaphors: "You Can’t Yell ‘Wolf’ in a Crowded Theater" – video
Trump's Transgender Ban in Military Will Focus on New Enlistments
George Soros Floods Local DA Races with $1.7M in Philly
Report: Military Action Imminent After Truth Behind USS John McCain Devastation Surfaces
Joe Piscopo: Stop the Political Correctness; It's Killing Us!" – video
The Army’s Space Force Has Doubled in 6 Years, and Demand Is Still Going Up
'The New Obama': Will Abdul El-Sayed Be America's First Muslim Governor?
ENDGAME: 10 Reasons the Swamp is Freaking Out
Fox Guest Calls Mitch McConnell an 'Insider Swamp Monster'
Trump and American History Have Been Assassinated
D. James Kennedy Ministries Sues SPLC over Hate Map
The Southern Poverty Law Center Is the Most Dangerous Hate Group in America
George Clooney Donates $1M to Them
AUG 24
Kellyanne Conway Slams Clapper's 'Absurd Analysis' on Trump 'Fitness' for Office
Valerie Plame Wilson Wants to Buy Twitter to Boot Trump
"Civil War": Alt-Left Plans Anti-Trump Riots in Major Cities on November 4
Ohio Judge Slams Cleveland Browns Players for Protest During National Anthem
Conservative Shuts Down Liberal With Facts in Viral Debate
Is America's Collapse Inevitable?
A Time to Stand
Where U.S. Troops Are Stationed Around the World
National Park Service: Threats to Mount Rushmore 'Causing Concern'
Alex Jones Lays Out Struggle of Our Times in Epic Rant – video
White People, Here Are 10 Requests from a Black Lives Matter Leader
Soros-Funded UK Far Left Group Pledges to Create Spy-Ring in U.S.
From Barbarous to Evil
Ingraham Endorses Kelli Ward in Bid to Unseat Never-Trumper Jeff Flake
Gohmert: Some GOP Leaders 'Right There with the Obstructionist Democrats'
Scott Baio: If Trump Cured Cancer, Hollywood Would Hate Him for 'Putting Oncologists Out of Business'
AUG 23
President Goes on Rampage Against Media, Sitting Republican Senators at Phoenix Rally
President Trump Full Rally Speech in Phoenix, Arizona 8/22/17 – video
CNN Viciously Attacks POTUS for Phoenix Speech and Suggests He’s a National Security Threat
Clapper Questions Trump's Fitness for Office – HOLLY NOTE: This is the same former Director of National Intelligence who lied TWICE – under oath – to the American people.
Trump Blames ‘Dishonest Media’ for Misreporting His Charlottesville Comments at Phoenix Rally
Navy Fires 7th Fleet Admiral After Latest Destroyer Collision
ESPN Removes Announcer Named Robert Lee From U. Virginia Football Game
Bonfire of the Confederate Vanities
White House Says Some Members of Infrastructure Advisory Council Resign
Robert Spencer: Overreach: PayPal Bans Jihad Watch, Then Backs Down
In Federal Lawsuit, Builder of Dakota Access Pipeline Claims Environmental Groups Incited Eco-Terrorism
AUG 22
Trump Approves Sending 4,000 More Soldiers, Senior Official Says
Often Critical Sen. Lindsay Graham 'Proud' of President Trump's Afghanistan speech
Remains of Navy Sailors Found on USS John S. McCain
Adm. John Richardson, Navy Chief, Orders Probe into Pacific Fleet After Collisions
Deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Will Forego Jury, Let Judge Decide His Fate – HOLLY NOTE: This is the guy that deserted his unit in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban. To get him back Obama traded 5 worst-of-the-worst terrorists. 6 soldiers died while on a mission to search for Bergdahl.
Study Shows Supreme Court Justices Working Together in Unprecedented Ways Last Term
University of Texas Removes Confederate Statues Overnight
Watters' Words: Dismantling America's history – video
Bannon: The Days of Ivanka ‘Crying’ to Daddy ‘Are Over’ Now That Kelly Is Chief
Report: Ivanka, Jared Helped Force Out Bannon – ‘His Far-Right Views Clashed With Their Jewish Faith
Why Bannon Parted Company with Trump – and How He'll Weaponize Breitbart
Gun-Controlled Chicago: at Least 63 Shot, 8 Killed over Weekend
Conservative Groups Launch New $500,000 Ad Campaign to Boost Trump Judicial Nominees
"It's a Joke!" Falwell Dismisses Trump-Hating Grads
Conservative Group Praises Judge's Decision to Publicize IRS Officials in Targeting Scandal
Rise of Antifa After Violence in Charlottesville Alarms Free-Speech Advocates
Petition to Declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization Nears 150,000 Signatures
Apple Goes All In, Raising Money for SPLC Hate Group on iTunes
Not Racial Healing
Browns Hold NFL's Largest National Anthem Protest as More Than 10 Players Kneel – HOLLY NOTE: The NFL didn't get the message last year when a quarter of the fans turned off Monday Night Football, sick of the kneeling stunts. Football is a place to have fun, get together with friends, root for your team, escape the news nonsense of the day. Let's see how much further their viewership tanks if owners don't put an end to stunts of self-serving drama kings.
Colin Kaepernick to Be Featured in African American History Museum; Still No Clarence Thomas
Trump’s Record on Race
Who's Behind Civil War in America? – video
Democrats Decry the KKK While Forgetting Legacy of One of Their Own
AUG 21
Search Underway for 10 Sailors after USS John S. McCain Collision in Pacific Near Singapore
USS John S. McCain Arrives at Singapore after Collision
IT Staffers May Have Compromised Sensitive Data to Foreign Intelligence – Selling It to Pakistani or Russia
Clinton Paid Aide Huma Abedin Nearly $65K from Campaign Funds Since Defeat
Rush Limbaugh: 'We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War' – video
Monument Madness a Leftist Cover to Crumble America from Within
Group Calls for Removal of Christopher Columbus Statue in Ohio City – HOLLY NOTE: Pueblo County, CO, where Stan and I live is 52% Hispanic. The remainder is largely comprised of Italians and to a lesser degree Slovenians, who have claimed a whole Bojon neighborhood. They don't cause problems, but in the past there has been been animas between Hispanics and Italians. Mexicans don't want Columbus Day (October 9) to be celebrated and Italians want Cinco de Maya extinguished (May 5). Since we live out of the city in an unincorporated area we've not witnessed the problems between these two cultures. However, with the monumental mess (pun intended) over Confederate statues, we wonder if this old fight will resurrect.
Vandals Deface Christopher Columbus Statue in Texas
BLM Storms New Orleans’ Jackson Monument, Demands Removal
Confederate Statues and Memorials to Be Removed across US
When Haters Hijack History
Missouri Democratic Party Calls for Resignation of State Senator Who Said She Hopes Trump 'is Assassinated'
Secret Service Investigating… – video
Apologizes 4 Days Later…
Mattis: Trump Has Made Afghanistan Decision After 'Rigorous' US Review
Robert Downey Jr. Blows the Whistle on Elite Hollywood Pedophile Ring
Second Police Officer Dies in Florida Shooting
Dick Morris: An Insider's Perspective on White House Intrigues – audio – HOLLY NOTE: This one of the fastest-paced, "meaty" interviews we've ever heard on Coast To Coast AM. Hope you have a chance to hear this before it is removed. (begins 4:45 min. in)
AUG 18
Missouri Governor Calls for Expulsion of Dem Senator Who Called for Trump Assassination – HOLLY NOTE: As much as many conservatives DETESTED Obama and still do and witnessed him destroy our unity, our Country, foment racial divides, we never wished him dead. This behavior is so beyond the pale, so inexcusable, so vulgar, so heinous, so deplorable and so disgusting. No matter how much you dislike someone's politics, as a Christian, you don't behave this way; you don't speak this way. Ever. May God have mercy on this Senator and don't cast pearls before swine. Check the necklace.
Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides Indicted for Conspiracy Against U.S.
Trump Scraps Plan for White House Infrastructure Council
Democrat Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Trump for Charlottesville Comments
Calexit III? New Ballot Measure Plots Another Route to California Independence
When Liberals Club People, It's with Love in Their Hearts
5 Groups Included on ‘Hate Group’ List Published By CNN Are Not Hate Groups
Abraham Lincoln Monument Torched in Chicago: ‘An Absolute Disgraceful Act’ – HOLLY NOTE: It doesn't get any more pathetic and crazed than this when Lincoln is the President who freed the slaves.
Confederate Monument in Arizona Tarred, Feathered
Did You Know There Are Confederate Statues in the US Capitol? Here's Why.
Poll: 62% of U.S. Adults Say Keep Confederate Statues
Black Lives Matter Activists Float Criminalization of Confederate Imagery
WaPost Reporter Equates Confederates with Terrorists
Dems Unveil Bill to Ban Confederate Monuments on Federal Property
How Can We Learn from the Past If We Erase History?
Vice Editor: ‘Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore’
‘Use Your Brain!’ Young Black Woman Breaks Down & Eviscerates the Media’s ‘Fake Racial War’
Black Professor Gets the Difference Between Whites Who Are Tired of Being Browbeaten and Real Racists
California Bill: One Year in Jail for Using Wrong Transgender Pronoun
Approved Senate Bill Aims to Crack Down on Waste, Fraud, Abuse By Federal Employees While Traveling for Work
Nazi Fears and ‘Hate Speech’ Hysteria are Being Amplified to Attack Civil Liberties
Roger Stone: Flynn Has Deep State Pedophile List – video
AUG 17
Feds to Take Second Look at Lynch-Clinton Meeting
Another Dem 'Queasy' Over Claim of Loretta Lynch Meddling in Clinton Case
Mueller Loses Top FBI Investigator
Why Was This 'Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting $25 An Hour 'PoliticalActivists' In Charlotte Last Week?
Trump Is Right: The Alt-Left Exists, and They're No Better Than Neo-Nazis
Media Plead Ignorance of the 'Alt-Left'
Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' Rally Diverts Attention From 'Deep State' Agenda
Here Are the Confederate Monuments Getting Removed in U.S. Cities
McCain, Romney, and Rubio Join the Republicans for Antifa Club
Trump Accuses Sen. Graham of 'Disgusting Lie' Over Charlottesville Response Slam
Higgins Memo- NSC Analyst Fired for Defending Trump
Dallas Man Pushes to Re-brand Freeways Named for Democrat Klansman
AUG 16
GOP, Dems Outraged as Trump Blames 'Both Sides' for Charlottesville Violence – Goes Nuclear on Media
Crews Removed Confederate Monuments in Baltimore Overnight – HOLLY NOTE: As senior correspondent, John Daniel Davidson, for The Federalist said last night, "This is not about the Confederacy. This is not about the Civil War. This is about political power. It's about a small group of people on the left trying to exert outsized influence on American politics by following in the footsteps of Mao, the armed thugs in the Weimer Republic [and] theTaliban. These tactics are well-known. It starts by tearing down statues, burning books and eventually you go after people."
Trump Defends Saturday Statement on Charlottesville – video
Black Lawmakers Say Confederate Statues Should Come Out of Capitol
Black Lives Matter Wants to OUTLAW Confederate Groups and Flags Now – HOLLY NOTE: You can't change history or erase it by removing historical monuments. As someone once said, those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it.
It’s Time to Blow Up Mount Rushmore
Jay Sekulow: FBI Reopening FOIA Request Into Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting – video
Texas Bathroom Bill Dies as State House Adjourns Special Session: Report
Obama Never Told 21 States Russians Were Hacking Their Voting Systems
Devos Charges Ahead On School Choice
Alabama Special Election GOP Primary Goes to September Runoff
How Trump Can Avoid Getting Bogged Down While Draining the Swamp
Hope Hicks To Be Named White House Comms Director
AUG 15
Left-Wing Agitators Call for Escalated Tactics in Response to Charlottesville
Ok Folks, Here’s What REALLY Happened in Charlottesville – and What Everyone is Missing
Jeff Sessions Shuts Down NBC’s Attempt to Associate Trump with Neo-Nazis
What They're NOT Telling You about the Charlottesville Race Riots – video
Alt-right Group Founder: Boston Mayor Wants Riots So He Can 'Take More Power'
This Nationwide Program Is Teaching Millions of Students to Become Leftist Snowflakes
If War Comes, Don’t Blame the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ – Things Are Even Worse Than You Think
Trump Directs Investigation of China for Theft of Intellectual Property
New Report: Sorry Dems, There Was No ‘Russian Hack’ - It Was an Inside Job
Obama Knew In 2014 of Russian Attempts to Disrupt Elections
Civil War Number Two – video
Common Sense Reborn
Report: Megyn’s Co-Workers ‘Outraged’ at ‘Diva-Like’ Host
AUG 14
Pence Calls White Supremacists ‘Dangerous Fringe Groups,’ Defends Trump’s Call for Unity
More Charges Possible After Deadly Violence in Charlottesville
Reporter McKelway: Police Were Called Off When Violence Started - TheySaid, "We're Leaving. It's Too Dangerous"
Who is Behind the Police Decision to Ignore and Allow Fascist Antifa Violence at Events Around the US?
Maxine Waters Slams Trump: 'It Is Now the White Supremacists' House'
Katie Couric Says Her Producers Were Sprayed with Urine in Charlottesville
Chicago Still Leads Nation in Homicides; Violent Crime on Rise in Other Big Cities
Maxine Waters Blames Trump for White Nationalist Riots: Your Side, Not Many Sides
Congress Gets It Right on Veterans; Why Can't It on Anything Else?
Just How Scared Are Americans of NKorea?
Surviving the NKorean Nuclear Threat
Choosing the Impossible Course of Action to Resolve the North Korean Crisis
State Legislatures Making Progress on Major Issues That Are Still Stuck in Congress
Now We Know Why Marco Rubio's Security Detail Was Increased
Muslim Convert Runs for Congress, But Stays Silent on Her Faith
AUG 11
“Black Sky Event”: Feds Preparing for Widespread Power Outages across U.S. – Experts Gear Up For Catastrophe That Would "Bring Society to Its Knees" – HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday while driving Stan to Colorado Springs for his post-surgery exam, we passed a massive semi govt. truck on northbound I-25. It was all white, even the cab, no signage, nothing except discreet blue lettering on the back door that read FEMA. Colorado is not in the midst of any disaster or crisis. In fact, yesterday it hosted opening day of the Colorado Classic, which is an invigorating 93.5-mile bike run. It draws the best cyclists from around the world eager to be challenged by 17% grades and thinner air. So nothing going on here except people enjoying a typically beautiful summer day. In fact in my nearly 35 years in Colorado, seeing a FEMA truck is a first. The only thing we could think of was that maybe the semi was ferrying supplies to NORAD and that's only a guess. It's our hope that you already have your own preps done and are as ready as possible for whatever is coming. If not, please make use of our FREE preparedness information.
Prep Products Flying Off Shelves as People Ready for ‘World War III’
Trump Vows Unprecedented Response If Kim ‘Does Something in Guam’
Mattis' Warning to the World: Defense Secretary Says War with NKorea Would Be 'Catastrophic'
Pentagon Unveils Plan for "Pre-Emptive Strike" on North Korea
Fmr. Nat'l Security Advisor Susan Rice Concedes Obama's Strategy to Curtail NKorea's Nuclear Program Was a 'Failure'
Congress Wants Answers About Diplomats’ Illnesses in Cuba Last Year
Biggest Threat to Trump’s Agenda Comes from Fellow Republicans
Judge Orders State Dept. to Search State.gov Accounts for Clinton Aides' Benghazi Emails
College Student gets 100 Days in Slammer for Registering Dead Voters for Dems
Just Plain Bizarre! - 124 Year Old Books with VERY Weird Parallels to 2016-17 – video
‘Lynch’ Names Removed from Schools Because Racist
King of Fake News Brian Williams: “Our Job Is to Scare People to Death”
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Is a Threat to National Security
Huckabee Trolls Maxine Waters and Kim Jong Un with 1 Tweet
'Not a Daycare' University President Calls Out 'Snowflakes'
Hillary's Pastor Compared Her Loss to Jesus' Death
5 Biggest Screw-Ups by The New York Times So Far This Year
Trump Approval Unchanged: Gallup Says 36%, Rasmussen 44%, USAToday 42%, CNN 40%
AUG 10
Crisis: America Missile Defenseless – While NKorea Races to ICBM, the East Coast and Gulf Coast of USA Has NO anti-Ballistic Missile Protection
Trump Threatens to Rain ‘Fire and Fury Like the World Has Never Seen’ on NKorea
Former US Marine and Navy SEAL Predicts 'Gruesome Massacre' Ahead If 'Enemies of America Within' Try Coup vs President Trump
Pat Buchanan: 'If Trump Is Brought Down, American Democracy Will Be Seen as a Fraud'
Day 290 Summary - Awan Brothers, Spy Ring in Congress – video
Chaffetz Blasts DOJ: No More Press Conferences on Leakers "Until You Have Some People In Handcuffs"
Tank Rupture Spills 300,000 Tons of Molten Glass at Ohio Glass Plant
High School Will Pick AP and Honors Classes By Skin Color, Not Intellect – HOLLY NOTE: This is as ridiculous as affirmative action and university 'safe places'. Why even bother with these marks of achievement if intellectual 'honors' are determined by something other than smarts.
Two Presidents So Wrong on Issue of Worst Global Nuclear Threats – HOLLY NOTE: Over the last 2 weeks, threat assessment experts have stated that whatever North Korea has in technology and weapons, so does Iran, and vice versa. Either these two past presidents swallowed a bucket-load of swill, or they tried to sell the public a truckload of manure. Nobody in the loop could be this ill-informed.
Bill Clinton on Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal - History Repeats Itself – video
President Obama Defends Iran Nuclear Deal – video (begins 2:39 in)
Statue of Liberty Has Wardrobe Change: Painting Wearing Hijab Hangs in US Rep’s Office – HOLLY NOTE: If Muslim women are to cover their hair so they don't send out too many sexual vibes, what about the 12 pounds of make-up?
Bakers Refused to Make Pro-Trump Birthday Cake for 9-Year-Old Boy: Report
Another Legend Gone: Glen Campbell, 'Rhinestone Cowboy' Singer, Dead at 81
Lynch's Nom De Plane: Ex-AG Used Alias – 'Elizabeth Carlisle' – in Emails About Tarmac Meeting
'The Comey FBI Lied to Us'
Mueller and the US "Corruptocracy"
Tammy Bruce: The Smug Bigotry of Trump-haters
University of Georgia Professor Allows Students to Choose Own Grades to Avoid Undue Stress
Maxine Waters Won’t Rule Out All-Black Party – video
End of the "Wars on the Cheap" for the United States
The 8 Dirtiest Scandals of Robert Mueller No One Is Talking About
In Major Win for Trump, U.N. Security Council Votes to Slap Sanctions on NKorea
‘Disgraceful and Offensive’: Pence Blasts NY Times for Claim He's Working to Defeat Trump in 2020
The Scandal That Matters
Top McMaster Ally Bill Kristol Plotting to Primary, Oust Trump: Must ‘Take One Shot’ at Removing POTUS
California State System Will No Longer Force Students to Know English and Math to Graduate – HOLLY NOTE: Is it any wonder that the U.S. continues to peg lower and lower in global educational rakings. In 2017, the U.S. placed a dismal 24th in Science and Reading and 39th in Math. One has to wonder if California's position isn't directly related to the vast number of illegal immigrants flocking to this sanctuary state who that can't speak our language and remain unintegrated.
Related: California Closer to Becoming ‘Sanctuary State,’ Over Law Enforcement Objections
Judicial Watch Warns California: 11 Counties Have More Voters than Voting-Age Citizens
‘This Is a War’: Trump Goes on Offensive to Spread Distrust of Mueller Investigation
Dem Activist Vows Maxine Waters Will Be Next House Speaker
Gutfeld: There Are Two Hunts Going on Right Now – video
More Leftist Hysteria: Mag Says Gorka, Bannon Worse for Jews Than Anti-Israel Radical Sarsour
Social Justice Warriors Furious as Internal Google Manifesto Slams Company for Political Intolerance
Related: Google's 'Left-Wing Bias Has Alienated Its Own Workers': Senior Engineer Claims Colleagues with Right-Wing Views Are Forced to Keep Them 'in the Closet'
Senate OKs Nearly 70 WH Nominees; Blocks Trump Recess Appointments
Sick of You: Congressional Approval Sinks to 10%
Judicial Watch Clashes with DOJ over 'tAlking Points' from Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting
H.R. McMaster Promised Susan Rice She Could Keep Security Clearance in Secret Letter
NSC Purge: McMaster ‘Deeply Hostile to Israel and to Trump’
Report: Mueller Has a Grand Jury
…Investigation Reportedly Includes Trump's Finances
Trump Critics Say Latest Leaks Go Too Far
Trinity College Reinstates Professor Suspended for Calling for the Death of White People
Dunkin' Donuts Worker Is Accused of Refusing to Serve NYPD Cops
West Virginia GOP Attacks Dem Governor Hours Before He Switches Parties
Republicans Will Completely Control 26 States
RINO Jeff Flake Is Conservative Because… Election Season
Congress Isn't Souring Our Relationship with Russia. Russia is.
Former U.N. Amb. Power Unmasked ‘Hundreds’ in Final Year of Obama Admin
Mass. Motor Vehicle Registry Accused of Making Fake IDs for Illegal Aliens in the U.S. and Fraudulently Registering Them to Vote in Boston
Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Benghazi Emails Recovered
In March, Comey and McCabe Blocked the Arrest of Imran Awan’s Wife as She Fled the Country to Pakistan
Clintonites Hit New Level of Desperation: Boston Globe Claims the Solar Eclipse Is ‘Throwing Shade’ at Clinton Supporters
Jill Stein Goes on MSNBC to Defend...NKorea?
Conservatives Call for End to on-Camera White House Briefings After Explosive Exchanges
Wasserman Schultz Apparently Planned to Pay House IT Suspect in Pakistan
With 5
th Judge Confirmed, Trump Outpaces Obama and Bush
What Reagan Could Teach Trump
ICBM Test Carried Out By US Air Force – NKorea Put on Notice
Former Obama Aide Ben Rhodes Now a Person of Interest in House Intelligence Committee Unmasking Investigation
Lock Up the Leakers? Sessions to Unveil Crackdown, as Kelly Gets White House Staff in Line
The American Empire and Its Media
Socialist Group Says Largest Membership Since WWII
Incoming Pentagon Appointee Strongly Supports BRAC
Passing Out Copies of Constitution Could Get You in Trouble at This College
Amazon's Alt-History Drama Gives Ga., Miss. and Ala. to Blacks in Post-Reparations America
Conn. Residents Get Hate Mail for Flying American Flags
Rod Wheeler Explains Fox News Controversy, Claims Seth Rich Brother BLOCKED WikiLeaks Inquiries!
Calexit Supporters Want to 'Take Back Their Tax Dollars' – video
Experts Downplay NKorea Threat to US after Latest Missile Test – HOLLY NOTE: See comment in top "World" column
ABC News Says Hillary Lost So She Shouldn’t Be Investigated
Imran Awan Had Access to Every member of Congress — SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents! – video
Spy Agencies Changed Rules, Making It Easier to Unmask Members of Congress
Behind Scaramucci's Removal as WH Communications Director – video
Scarmucci Dines at the Trump Hotel After White House Exit
John Kelly Is the Right Man to Get Trump's House in Order
GOP House Member Calls on Mueller to Resign
Suspect in Murder of Minnesota Financial Adviser Arrested After Manhunt
Whistleblower Gets Job in New Accountability Office at Trumps' VA
Related: Whistleblower Faults VA Bosses for Problems With Vets Health Care
The Real State of the Oroville Dam – video
Sick of Marijuana? According to the Constitution, Power to Act Lies With States
Evangelical Pastor 'Warning' of President Trump Assassination "PRAY" – video
Judge Andrew Napolitano Warns Students: Some of You May Die in Government Prisons
Matt Drudge Nails It: John McCain Is Face of 'Corruption'
Patriots Blast Gov't Move to Ban 'Offensive' Old Glory
NAACP Warns Minorities About Visiting Missouri – video
NKorea Threat: Japan's Abe Says He and Trump Agree to Take Further Action
'Overwhelming Force': US Prepared for 'Lethal' Response Against North Korea, General Says – HOLLY NOTE: Friends, regardless of where you stand on remote viewing, Maj. Ed Dames stated on Coast To Coast AM over a decade ago that N. Korea would be the first country to let loose a nuclear weapon in anger. This was before Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un were on the world's radar for their ICBM/nuclear capabilities and apocalyptic threats.
US Conducts 'Successful' THAAD Missile Test After Latest NKorea Missile Launch
Dianne Feinstein: NKorea Is a 'Clear and Present Danger' to the US
Furious Trump Says China Could 'Easily' Solve Problem with NKorea But Does Nothing to Help as He Dispatches Two B-1 Bombers to Korean Peninsula
US Admiral Ready to Nuke China Next Week If Donald Trump Orders It
Report: MSM Is Ignoring This Massive Scandal Building around Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Oroville Dam's 'Green Spot' Raises New Worries That the Nation's Tallest Dam Could Be Facing a Breach Danger
That's Just Your Opinion: Moral Relativism and the Death of Liberty
Priebus Out, John Kelly In
CONUS Major Cities Within NKorea's Nuclear Reach
Top FBI Lawyer Is Allegedly Under Investigation for Leaking Classified Information to the Media
Trump Confidante: President Forcing Priebus Out to Elevate Loyalists
Hannity: Anthony Scaramucci Thought He Was Off the Record During New Yorker Interview
Bonfire of the Insanities: Column: A White House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
Nuclear Workers Call for Congressional Investigations After Charges from Labor Department Whistleblower
Ellison: Trump Trying to Circumvent ‘the Whole System’ – ‘We Fought a War of Independence’ Against King George for That
Group of Republicans Want Separate Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary Clinton and James Comey
Treason: GOP Congressman Says Muslim IT Spy Had Access to “All the Communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee”
16 Facts That Prove America Is in Deep, Deep Trouble
China Criticizes CIA Director Comments
Why God, Guns, and Grunt Work Go Together. Socialism Smothers Them All.
President Trump Honors First Responders to Steve Scalise Shooting – video
Scaramucci Blasts Leakers on Trump Team – Says He Has a 'Good Idea Who the Senior Leakers Are'
…Names Priebus in Now-Deleted Tweet About Leaks
Scaramucci: Leakers Would Have Been Hanged in Past – video
Poll: Military More Than 3-to-1 Favor Banning Transgenders from Serving
House Underscores Opposition to Military Base Closures in 'Minibus'
Trump to Nominate Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to Be Ambassador for International Religious Freedom
CalExit II Approved to Gather Signatures for Right to Secede
Alert: Ex-CIA Boss Issues Jaw-Dropping Threat to Trump
Father 'Killed His Son, 13, after He Found and Mocked Compromising Photos of His Father Eating Feces from a Diaper He Was Wearing and Posing in Women's Clothes with Makeup on'
Bundy Supporter Burleson Sentenced to 68 Years in Prison
Cable Networks Black Out Coverage on Wasserman Schultz IT Scandal
Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Brother Suspected of Burying Seth Rich DC Murder Case
Will Arrested Wasserman Schultz IT Aide Seek ‘a Better Deal’ with Prosecutors?
WikiLeaks Email Connects Nancy Pelosi to Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer Imran Awan
Steyn: Wasserman Schultz Scandal Is Media's Russian Dream – video
Newly Declassified Memos Detail Extent of Improper Obama-era NSA Spying
Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting to Flee Country, Charged with Bank Fraud
…Wired $300,000 to Pakistan Before Arrest at Dulles
House Rejects $2 Billion in New Funding for VA's healthcare Choice Program
Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence
Trump to Ban Transgender People from Military Service
Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Say It Would Be Inappropriate to Fire Mueller
Shock Claim: Florida County Has 'Thousands' of Voters Over Age 100
Authorities Searched Damond's Home; Law Prof Believes That Could 'Cause An International Incident'
Mooch: Snitch, Get Out the Way
Scaramucci: 'I'm More of a Front-Stabbing Person' Compared to D.C. Backstabbers
Shocking Video Shows U.S. Soldiers Gunned Down at Jordan Military Base – video
GOP Slams Buddies Comey and Lynch with New Plan
Trigger Pulled on Your Right to Carry a Gun: City's Law Requiring 'Good Reason' Tantamount to 'Total Ban' on Firearms
New Clinton Book to Double Down on Russia, Comey Message
Philly Police Find 'Kill a Cop, Save a Life' Graffiti, Offer Reward
Mizzou Has Finally Fired Both Employees Who Bullied Students During Mob Protests
Trump Confidante: Sessions, Priebus on Borrowed Time in Administration
Scaramucci: 'Probably Right' to Say Trump Wants Jeff Sessions Gone
Newt Gingrich: Trump Would Commit 'Big Mistake' If He Fired Sessions: 'Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street'
‘Lock Her Up’ Reboot: Trump Calls for DOJ to Reopen Hillary Case
Trump: Next Target of the Russia 'Witch Hunt' Could Be Barron Trump
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Unbelievably Blasted By Daily Beast Writer as 'Butch Queen' – and the Left Is Silent
Concealed Gun Permits Hit Record 16 Million
Shock: AP Touts More Black Women Owning Guns for Self-Defense
45,000 Boy Scouts at National Scout Jamboree Chant "WE LOVE TRUMP!" – video
FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home
Court Allows Trump’s Voter Commission to Proceed
Trump: Chuck Schumer Was Right, Democrats Should Blame Themselves, Not Russia – HOLLY NOTE: Still wallowing in last November's beatdown, Dems can't face the fact they lost because their choice for President was a lousy candidate. Period.
Feds Deploy Massive ‘Pre-Crime’ Dragnet on Millions of Americans
Scaramucci: If White House Comms Staff Keeps Leaking ‘I’m Going to Fire Everybody’
Pentagon to Address $28M Spent on Untested Afghan Camouflage: Report
Trump: Washington ‘Actually Much Worse Than Anyone Ever Thought’ – Change 'Drain the Swamp' to 'Drain the Sewer'
Bipartisan Anger: Trump Tweets Dems Are 'Laughing' at Russia Probe While GOP Do 'Little' to 'Protect' Him
Donald Trump to Order Major Review of Defense Industrial Base, Improved Military Readiness
Trump: New Carrier Sends ‘100,000-Ton Message to the World’ of U.S. Might
Time to Rebrand: Democrats Desperate to Stand for Something
…Gorka: MSM Hosts Like Jake Tapper Still ‘Licking Their Wounds’ from Beatdowns
President Trump Speech at the USS Gerald R Ford Ceremony 7/22/17 – video
Bernie May Run in 2020 – When He'll Be 79
Russia Fatigue: Public Losing Interest as Media Frenzy Rages
Lana Del Rey Confirms Attempt to Use Witchcraft Against Donald Trump
It's Much Worse Than We Feared
Loose Lips Sink Ships: Mueller Probe Team Starts Leaking Special Counsel Investigation Details to Press
Slovenia’s Side of Melania’s Story: How the First Lady’s Upbringing in Communist Eastern Europe Shaped Her Fight for Freedom in America
Minneapolis Muslim Killer-Cop’s Neighbor Says Mohamed Noor Was “Strict, Ill-Tempered, He Has Little Respect for Women and Blacks”
FBI Turns Over 7,000 Documents from Weiner Laptop in Clinton-tied Case – HOLLY NOTE: Hard to miss the irony here when Slick Willy couldn't keep his weiner zipped.
Sick of your Congressman? Elect a Veteran
Cavuto: "Sanctimonious" Media Had No Outrage for Obama's "Flexibility"
FBI Changed Time of Weapons Theft to Deflect Suspicion Over Seth Rich
Here’s the Chain Reaction Trump Could Set Off by Trying to Fire Mueller
O.J. Simpson Tells Parole Board: “Nobody Ever Accused Me of Pulling Any Weapon on Them” – HOLLY NOTE: That's because they were dead. He pulled a knife through Nicole Simpson's neck and through Ron Goldman's body. We have never met a single person that believed Simpson was innocent – especially after being found guilty of double murder in civil court – of nearly beheading his former wife and her friend – not lover, Ron Goldman. Goldman was merely returning her glasses she left at the restaurant where he was a waiter. However, race and fame as a sports hero and movie star granted him freedom. I watched every single minute of the pre-trial and the 17-month trial itself. What court room theater! Who won't forget that brilliant defense attorney, Johnny Cochran's line on Simpson's bloody glove found at the scene: "If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit." Of course it didn't fit after they'd shrunk from being soaked in Nicole's blood and Simpson wore rubber gloves underneath the evidence gloves. Just like 9/11, I remember exactly where I was when the verdict for this savage murder was announced, and stood in disbelief for both. More murder scene photos here.

It was common knowledge that Simpson had brutally beat Nicole in the years before murdering her: Simpson Had Wife-beating History. And whoever, WHOEVER, would pen a 'confession book' while in the penn, entitled "If I Did It". No one except an insanely egotistical ex-husband, guilty of murder and above the law.
Ex-Obama Official Who Urged anti-Trump 'Leaking' Lobs New Accusations at President
Why the GOP Congress Will Be the Most Unproductive in 164 Years
Congressional Job Approval: Real Clear Politics Average 17.6%, Monmouth 18%, PPP (D) 11%, Economist/YouGov 13%, Reuters/Ipsos 26%, Gallup 20% – HOLLY NOTE: Whaddaya bet that the next poll sees their approval rating take another nosedive.
Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating Plummets as Speaker Fails to Deliver for President Trump
4 Trump Pentagon Picks Breeze Through Confirmation Hearing
Trump to Visit Pentagon Thursday
Freedom for Christian Cake Artist Is Freedom for All, Even Same-Sex Marriage Backers
U.S. Still Unable to Evacuate Overseas Embassies in Case of Emergency
Report: Trump, Putin Spoke for Unreported Second Time at G-20
FAKE NEWS: White House Calls Idea of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’
NRA Goes After WaPo: Your Slogan Should Be 'Journalism Dies' Here
California Struggles to Implement New Gun-Control Measures
Totally Terrifying: Mark Zuckerberg in a Dead Heat with Trump in 2020 Theoretical Election Poll
Obama-era Surveillance Timeline
'Unmasking' Probe Grows: More Than a Half-Dozen Senior Obama Officials Are of Interest in Investigation
This Is the Kind of Crap That’s Ripping Our Culture to Shreds
The Left's Next Step: Redefining 'Hate Speech' as Violence
First Somali-Muslim Police Officer in Minnesota Kills Blonde Yoga Instructor in Cold Blood
New York Times Omits Clinton State Department Link to Trump Jr. Meeting
Mitch McConnell: Trump Nominations Will Take 11 Years Thanks to Senate Democrats
INSANE: Mob of HUNDREDS of Teens Surround, Assault, Taunt Cops. Cops Told to Stand Down.
Our Own Little World
The Subterfuge of Socialism
Charlie Daniels: ‘Benghazi Ain’t Going Away!’
Obama Library Foundation Now Allows Corporate Donations, Millions Roll in
Librarian Laments 'Fatigue' from 'Presence of White People'
New Battle in Obama's War on 'White Suburbs': Republicans Call on Ben Carson to Undo Housing-Discrimination Rule
Trump Holding Theme-Week Events to Turn Focus to Economic Agenda
Gorka Defines Opposition Party: ‘Fake News Industrial Complex’
Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow: Meeting with Russian Lawyer 'Not Against the Law'
Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?
Conspiracy Narrative Collapse: Just 9% of Republicans Think Team Trump Colluded with Russia – Down from 18% in April

Man Throws 2-Year-Old Cousin into Traffic in Colorado Springs
10 Killed, at Least 37 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings
1,971 People Shot So Far This Year…
Nearly 150,000 Attempts to Hack SC Voter Registration System on Election Day: Report
EPA Mulls Unions' Ideas for a Trump 'Clean Coal' Power Plan
Carl Bernstein: 'Cold Civil War' Gripping US as Media Embrace 'Different Truths'
James Carville: Dems Face an Uphill Battle if They Want to Win Back the Senate in 2018
‘Fraud News Wrong Again’: CNN Host Falsely Claims President Trump Would Have Approved Hillary-Backed Uranium One Deal
Peter Smith, GOP Operative Who Sought Clinton Emails, Committed Suicide: Report
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House Rejects Attempt for Base Closures in 2018
President Trump and Pat Robertson: The Complete Interview – video
Poisoning the Minds of America's Schoolchildren
How John McCain Dispatched a Trusted Aide Across Atlantic to Get Dirty Dossier
Bay Area Transit System Not Releasing Crime Surveillance Videos to Avoid Racial Stereotypes
Calif. Rep. Duncan Hunter Tells Transgender People 'Figure Out Whether You Are a Man or a Woman' Before Joining the Military
Man Stuck in ATM Sends Note for Help Through Receipt Slot – video
Donald Trump Arrives in Paris for Bastille Day as Macron Tries to Boost World Position
Trump in France: Will Macron Make Ties Great Again?
Leaked Email: Clinton Campaign ‘Killed’ Bloomberg Story Linking Bill’s $500k Moscow Speech to Russia-Friendly Stance
Obama Caught Secretly Meeting Russian 'Lawyer' Who Set-Up Don Jr. – Look Who She Worked For
Obama DOJ Let Russian Lawyer Enter U.S. Without Visa Before Meeting Trump Jr.
Trump: Putin Would Have Preferred Hillary; She’d Decimate the Military and Build Windmills
Why Middle America Doesn't Care About the Trump Jr. Narrative: Reuters Explains
Report: FBI Documents Show ‘Flawed’ Hillary Clinton Investigation
Trump’s Biggest Mistake – Not Going after Hillary
Remains of Missing Man Found in Mass Grave on Pennsylvania Farm
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6 Ways Trump Admin Is Confronting an Increasingly Belligerent China
Trump Nominee Wray: I Won’t Be ‘Pulling Punches as FBI Director’
Trump Approval Unchanged: Gallup Says 40%, Rasmussen 45%, Fox 44%, USAToday 42%
New Research Shows Guccifer 2.0 Files Were Copied Locally, Not Hacked
Facebook Destroys Massive Pro-Trump Group; Deplorables Under Attack
Kid Rock Might Be Running for Senate – Tweets Suggest Singer Is Latest Celebrity to be Inspired By Presidency of Donald Trump
4 Shows – Including 'Candy Crush' – Rated Better Than Megyn Kelly’s News Failure
Hundreds of NYPD Turn Backs (Again) on de Blasio During Funeral Speech for Slain Officer Miosotis Familia
Soros-Funded Groups Fight to Stop Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission – Left-Wing Organizations Spending Millions to Halt Effort to Ensure Integrity of U.S. Elections
What I Saw at the Anti-Sharia Rally in Texas
Term Limits: Good for the People, Good for Politicians
Had Hillary Clinton Won the Election…
Democrats Gunning for Jared Kushner after Donald Trump Jr. Emails
CNN Committed Multiple Felonies
Tim Kaine Starts Talking Treason
New Fears Drudge, InfoWars, Breitbart Could Face Dem FEC 'Inquisition'
Naval War Exercises Coming to RI – Live Ammo
Colorado Sees Big Increase in Crime, 10% Higher Murder Rate
NKorea’s New Nukes Capable of Destroying US Naval Base in California, Top Missile Expert Warns
China’s Intel Networks in U.S. Include 25,000 Spies – Dissident
"We Are Forced to Strike Back": Russia Set to Expel 30 US Diplomats, Seize US Assets
Reveals Up to 18,000 Americans Recruited as Chinese Agents

AZ to Spend $1.5 Million to Turn Ex-Cons Into Professional Firefighters
Democrats Hatch Plans A, B, and C to Impeach Trump
Berkeley Graffiti Says ‘Kill Cops’, Targets White People
Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 for Misconduct
Trump Is Right About Challenging Russia over Syria
US Completes 14th Successful THAAD Missile Defense Test
US Military Plane Crashes in Mississippi; 16 Dead
Past Presidents' Kids Who Took on White House Roles
Like Petulant Children, Democrats’ Blockade of Trump Imperils National Security, Congressional Recess
Obama Returns to Political Fray for a Democratic Party Cause – HOLLY NOTE: After promising to stay out of politics once leaving office, he's returning like an unwanted metastatic cancer
P.C. Police Strike Again: AP Censors 'Pro-Life', 'Terrorist', 'Illegal immigrant', 'Undocumented' and Other Conservative Words, While 'People Struggling to Enter Europe' is OK, But 'Refugee' or 'Migrant' Is Not – HOLLY NOTE: More MSM attempting to blur fact into fiction, deaden your common sense and absorb their liberal point of view.
Over HALF of Comey’s Private Memos on Trump Conversations Contained Classified Material
Trump Slams Comey Over Leaks: 'That Is So Illegal!'
California to Feds: Pay $18M Fire Debt or We'll Watch It Burn
Cruz to Push for More Action to Secure Release of U.S. Hostages in Iran
G20 Trump 'Wins" for Ameerica MSM Won't Report, But Foreign Papers Do:
Trump Wins Key Climate, Trade Concessions at Stormy G20
Trump Defines Soaring Vision
Ignore the Trump Haters. His Defence of Western Civilization Is Right
Donald Trump Predicts 'Very Powerful' Trade Deal with UK
Slain Cop’s Daughter Recalls Touching Final Moment with Her Mom
De Blasio Skips Slain NYPD Cop’s Vigil to Praise Police in Germany
Senate Democrats Hold Blue Slips, Delay Trump’s Federal Judicial Nominees
Meet the Colorado Woman Training Teachers to Use Guns to Stop School Violence
GREAT AGAIN: Trump Refuses to Wear G20 Pin - Opts for American Flag
Black Lives Matter Leaders Sued Over Baton Rouge Police Shooting
Hundreds Gather to Help Restore Vandalized Colorado Freedom Memorial
The Media Are Still Living in Propaganda-Ville
Proposed New Military Branch Would Send US Troops to Guard the Galaxy
9 Shot, 1 Woman Killed in Arizona Gender Reveal Party
Trump, Putin Set for First Face-to-Face Meeting During G-20 Summit
The Handshake the world was waiting for: Trump and Putin Finally Meet at G20
Trump Laid Out 'Vision for the West,' Pence Says in Warsaw Speech
…That Remarkable Speech
Tucker - Krauthammer: Trump's Warsaw Speech Was His Best, Reaganesque – video
Trump, Merkel Talk North Korea Ahead of G-20
Angered By Trump, Liberals Are Transforming City Politics: Jackson, Miss. promises to Become “the Most Radical City on the Planet”
2 Americans Gored as Running of the Bulls Kicks Off
De Blasio Races to Germany to Protest G20 Summit
‘Entire Internet against CNN Right Now’: Reddit Moderator on #CNNBlackmail Scandal
Fox Suspends Business Network Host Charles Payne
Utah Considers National Guard to Quell Homeless Violence
President Trump’s Speech Receives Rapturous Reception in Poland – Crowd Chants 'Donald Trump!' 'USA!'
Americans See Too Many Unnecessary Laws
Congress Joins Trump War on Regs, Cuts a Year's Worth in 1 Week
60% of the Bills Trump Has Signed Have Been 1 Page Long
Trump Says the US Is Drawing Up Plans on NKorea, But He Won't 'Draw Red Lines'
…US Considering 'Pretty Severe' Response to NKorea
‘Crying’ Chuck Schumer Scolds POTUS Trump for Putin Annexation of Crimea… Under Obama
NY Post: It’s Time to Investigate John Podesta’s Russia Ties
New York Times Columnist: Trump Supporters Are Idiots & Bigots Who Should Admire Elites
More Than 100 Shot in Chicago over Fourth of July Weekend
Classless Woman Gets Death Threats after Facebook Video of Her Urinating on an American Flag
CNN Tailspin: Bungles Response to Blackmail Firestorm, Stumbles from Crisis to Crisis, Slammed By Journalism Ethics Experts
Newly Discovered Photo Suggests Amelia Earhart Survived Final Flight – HOLLY NOTE: This is not new info. Last year Stan and I watched a documentary – think it was on the History Channel – that Earhart survived the crash, was held captive by the Japanese, was basically starved and died in a crummy prison cell.
Kathy Griffin Questioned By Secret Service for MoreThan an Hour' Over Trump 'Decapitation' Photo Stunt
Mysterious Fliers Threaten 'Genocide of the White Race'
Albuquerque Becomes America's No. 1 "Hotspot" as Car Thefts Soar
HOLLY NOTE: If you haven't lived outside our country for any length of time like we have, people get lax, have little appreciation, take for granted this lovely wonderful BEST country in the world. We show proudly show our red, white and blue stripes for this God-blessed amazing Nation. Blessings, welcome to our newest 114 citizens! Welcome to you! Honor God first and all else will come. I'm taking tomorrow off to be with my husband and friends. Be blessed and go with God, first and always.
Showdown in Florida: Judge Rules New 'stand Your Ground' Law Is Unconstitutional
Baseball, Social Unrest and Cloud of War: Fourth of July 100 Years Ago Made Familiar Headlines
The Supreme Court's Bias for 'Progressive' Plaintiffs
Boston Police: At Least 10 Pedestrians Injured After Car Driven Into Group
The Little Known Story of the Declaration of Independence
July 4
th and Freedom of Speech
Two Examples of Why Civics Class Needs to Be Reinstated in High School:
Students Give Watters 'Astounding' Answers to Citizenship Test Questions – video
Independence Daze: Some Say US Won Independence – from Mexico and Russia
Top 5 Most Patriotic States: Virginia, Alaska, Wyoming, South Carolina, Colorado – See the Rest
A War on Globalism
Krauthammer's Take: Is Left Making Americans anti-American? – video
Still Losing: Megyn Kelly Takes Week Off – ‘Dateline’ Rerun Gets More Viewers
President Trump Is a Change Agent, the Washington Establishment Hates Change - Cue Sound and Fury
Trump Proclaims Independence – from Corporate Media: ’Their Agenda Is Not Your Agenda’
First Night of July 4
th Weekend in Chicago: 18 Shot, 2 Dead
Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Why Has Washington Been at War for 16 Years?"
What Makes America Different?
5 Noteworthy Trump Laws That You Might Have Missed
Fake News: AP Engulfed in CNN-Level Scandal as It Covers Up Invention of Imaginary Pruitt Meeting
James O’Keefe: ‘This Is the Year That We End Fake News’
Trump Chides States for Not Complying With Voting Commission
Little Rock Nightclub Shooting: US Marshals Arrest Rapper, Second Suspect on Unrelated Charges in Alabama
More Than Half the States Refusing to Provide Voter Data to Trump Election Panel
Obama Plays Behind-the-Scenes Role in Rebuilding Democratic Party
Obama Warns Americans About Too Much Patriotism - on July 4
th Weekend – HOLLY NOTE: As Gov. Huckabee observed this morning, "Obama telling us that we shouldn't really be too patriotic on the 4th of July is like telling people in church they shouldn't think about God too much when they go there. This is unbelievable."
Obamas Under Fire from the Left for Never-Ending, Ultra-Lux Vacations
Most Don't Think Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of Nation
Dan Savage Alleges Gun Sales Down Under Trump, Misses Fact That May 2017 Broke Obama Records – in a BIG Way (click graphic)
Google to Give $2 Million to Campaign Involving Leading Gun Control Groups
What the History Channel Didn't Say About the MK Ultra Program
Black Student Shares Valedictorian Status with White Student, Sues School
Mark Levin Talks 'Rediscovering Americanism' – video