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DEC 29
Nunes Blasts DOJ, FBI for ‘Failure’ to Produce Records Relating Anti-Trump Dossier: "The DOJ and FBI Need to Be Investigating Themselves” 
The Mistresses of Mirrored Halls – Looking at the Corrupt DOJ Side of “Operation Trump”…
Judicial Watch: DOJ, Mueller 'Wanted to Hide the Truth' on How Agent Strzok's Biases Have Compromised Clinton and Collusion Cases
Top 12 MAGA Moments in Donald Trump’s First Year as President
Trump Matches Obama End of First Year: 46% Approve, 53% Disapprove
The 'Swamp' Trump Is Trying to Drain Isn't Really a Swamp — It's an Ocean
Gold Star Father Says Trump Has Changed Obama's Rules of Engagement and It's Saving Military Lives
Opinion: New Clinton Scandal Trumps All Others
Huma’s Cousin, Who Partnered With ‘Russian Donald Trump,’ Convicted of Fraud, Tampered With Case By Deleting Emails
'Be Proud': Children from Around the World Celebrate New U.S. Citizenship
The Privilege of Citizenship
Court Rules Against Oregon Bakers in Lesbian Wedding-Cake Case
Indiana Lawmaker Proposes Refunds for Football Fans Disgusted with Anthem Protests
California Councilman Takes a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance
BuzzFeed Buzz-sawed for 'Bigoted Piece of Filth' Article Claiming White People Ruin America
Related: 37 Things White People Need to Stop Ruining in 2018
Bumped Airline Passenger Fires Back After Rep. Jackson Lee Plays Race Card
DEC 28
Report: Mueller Probe Looking at RNC's Digital Operations – But No Mention of 'Hacked' DNC Server That Sparked Russia Narrative – HOLLY NOTE: Mueller's team looking increasingly desperate to find something, anything because they may come away with egg on their collective faces. They'd spent $7 million of taxpayers' money by the end of Sept. on Russiagate plus another 3 months of expenses through December and for what? 
Mueller Witch Hunt Sets Sights On New Target: The Republican National Committee 
House Intel Committee Subpoenas McCain Associate David Kramer for Trump Dossier Answers
FBI Admits Truth About Trump and Russia
New Trump E.O. Targets Clinton-Linked Individuals, Lobbyists and Perhaps Uranium One
Trump Visits First Responders in West Palm Beach
Judicial Watch Investigator: McCabe Should Not Receive a Dime of His Pension if He Tried to Thwart Election of Trump – video
Alan Dershowitz on Defending Trump: 'My Liberal Friends Don't Invite Me to Dinner Anymore'
Kathy Griffin Still Whining about Life after Beheaded Trump Photo
Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
American's Top Concerns for 2018
Health Care 48%
Taxes 31%
Immigration 27%
Environment 18%
Education 17%
Economy 15%
Racism 15%
Trump 15%
Unemployment 1%
Terrorism 14%
DEC 27
President Ends 2017 with Big Wins on Economy, Taxes, ISIS and More
Roger Stone, Former Trump Adviser, Claims Cabinet Members Are Plotting to Remove the President
Trump Having Trouble Appointing Swamp-Drainers
Looking Ahead to Trump’s Year Two
Analysis: The Quiet Probe into Clinton Email Investigation Could Be a Landmine for Robert Mueller
Rep. Andy Biggs: Mr. Mueller, End the Witch Hunt
The Obama Years: A Legacy of Scandal and Deception – Joe Biden’s Bizarre Disconnect Regarding His Scandal-Ridden Former Boss.
GOP Lawmaker: Federal Agencies Need to be ‘Purged’ of ‘Deep State’ Bias
Has the New York Times Made Gloria Steinem's Original 1998 Defense of Bill Clinton Disappear?
Bias Alert: Newsweek Mocked for Misleading Headline about Melania Trump’s Decision to Remove Historic Tree
Why People Really Want to Move to Idaho But Are Fleeing Its Neighbor, Wyoming
Trump-Hating Conservatives Urged to Ditch Their Rage for the Sake of the 2018 Election
Conservatives Get Canceled, Liberals Quit Laughing: How Trump’S Election Killed Comedy
Vanity Fair Brutally Mocks Hillary: ‘What the HELL Happened?’ — ‘Time to Move on’
Friends in Safe Spaces. Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew – video
1,000s of "Micro-Homes" Sprout Up All Over Bay Area to House the Growing Homeless Population
DEC 26
Embattled FBI Admits It Can’t Verify Dossier Claims of Russia, Trump Campaign Collusion
Wife of Fusion GPS Founder Admits Her Husband Was Behind Fake “RussiaGate” Story – She Even Bragged About It on Facebook
James Mattis Brings Holiday Cheer to U.S. Troops at Gitmo: ‘We’re Doing the Right Thing Here’
Robby Strong Claims Credit in Sending Steve Mnuchin a Box of Manure
Congress Rushes Pentagon $4B for Missile Defense Improvements
Pentagon Launches New Push for Tunnel-Warfare Tech
NFL Looks to Recover From Record Low TV Ratings
Trump Predicts GOP, Democrats Will Work Together to 'Develop' a New Healthcare Plan
One of Utah's Biggest Papers Says Orrin Hatch Should 'Call It a Career'
UN in a Conniption Fit Over Another Trump Promise Kept
Texas Again Leads Nation in Total Growth, Says Census Bureau
Winning Again
DEC 22
The Secret Backstory of How Obama Let Hezbollah Off the Hook
Media's Deafening Silence…
Mike Pence: Trump Admin. Will Move 'Vigorously' on Welfare Reform and Infrastructure
Trump Predicts He'll Work with Democrats: 'Infrastructure Would Be a Perfect Place to Start'
How Obama Manipulated Sensitive Secret Intelligence for Political Gain  
Congress Demands DOJ Turn Over Evidence Related to Obama-Hezbollah Drug Trafficking
Shock: Radio Station Jammed After It Was Reported That UN Vehicles Had Entered Chicago
Papa John's Loses It's Founding Father – to Political Correctness
Sarah Sanders Might Have Just Posted The Most Powerful Image of Trump's Presidency
Pence Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan
Guitar Legends for Heroes – the Must-See Concert for Charity – National Broadcast Dec. 23
…Air Times…
MEDIA BUZZ: Trump Says He's Not Firing Mueller, But the Media Keep Insisting He Might
Ingraham: 'Desperate' Democrats Hoping Trump Fires Mueller, But He Isn't Falling for It
Facebook Scraps ‘Disputed’ Tags After Fake News Crackdown Backfires
Georgia Regulators Say Nuclear Reactors, Nation’s First Since 1978, Will Be Finished
DEC 21
Hell Freezes Over: Press Grudgingly Start to Admit First Year of Trump Administration Not a Total Flop
Explained: President Trump’s Achievements in 2017 – video
James Woods Takes a Swipe at ‘8 Years of Obama’s Socialist Hell’
NLRB GOP Majority Goes Out with a Bang – Overturns Nearly Every Major Obama Labor Decision
Black GOP Senator Tim Scott EVISCERATES Far Left HuffPo Writer for Calling Him a “Manipulated Prop” Standing Next to Trump
Hillary in the Crosshairs as DOJ Prosecutors Begin Asking FBI Agents about Uranium One
Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Patriots Within the FBI Will Soon Step Forward And Expose The "Cabal"
REVEALED: The FBI Plot to Overthrow The Presidency and Commit Organized TREASON in America
Commissioner Boykin to Ask UN to Fight Chicago's 'Quiet Genocide' of Gun
Related: Chicago Police Chief Reminds County Official: ‘The UN Has No Jurisdiction Here’
Illinois Lost 1 Resident Every 4.3 Minutes in 2017, Drops to 6
th Most Populous State
Idaho Officially Earns Title of Nation's Fastest-Growing State, Census Bureau Says
Rosie O'Donnell Lashes Out at Ben Shapiro after Her GOP Bribery Tweet: 'Suck My D-'
UC San Diego Students File Complaint, Tear Down 'Racist' Pictures of Kate Steinle
Former Obama Adviser Imagines the Obituaries of Republican Leaders
Franken to Officially Resign on Jan. 2
Sen. Ted Cruz Says Democrats Hate Homeschoolers
Chappaquiddick Review: “The Movie Is Fundamentally the Portrait of a Weasel”
In Push for Gender-Neutral Language, Massachusetts 'Freshmen' to Be Called 'First Years'
Child Sexual Abuse Promoter Among Dead In Amtrak Wreck
DEC 20
How the Obama Admin Allegedly Gave Hezbollah a Pass – video
FBI's McCabe Faces House Intel Panel Nearly 8 Hours Behind Closed Doors
Gowdy Details Questions He Wants Answered at McCabe Hearing – video
During the Obama Years Between 2008 and 2012, Taxpayers Foot $342,225.85 for Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Settlements
'She Knew': Artist Calls Out Meryl Streep with Weinstein Posters
Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating at New Low
REPORT: Rancher Target of Aggressive Raid
What Might Civil War Be Like?
Jedi Mind Trick: The Disturbing, Destabilizing Abnormal Is Now Normal
DEC 19
Donald Trump Unveils National Security Strategy That Promotes American Prosperity
Trump's on a Roll
Amid Firestorms, Trump Has Solid Year of Policy Accomplishments
Derailed Amtrak Train Traveling 80mph in 30mph Zone When It Went Off the Overpass
FBI Is Abusing ‘Secrecy Powers,’ Mueller & Rosenstein Hid ‘Explosive Information from Congress for Months’
We All Suspected, Now We Know How Far Obama went to Protect Iran Nuke Deal (check who sitting beside him)
Lifelong Democrat Dershowitz: Mueller Has ‘Credibility Problem
Wasserman Schultz Named One of Congress’ ‘Most Ethically Challenged’
FCC Caught Using Dead People’s Social Media Accounts to Spread Propaganda
Half the Players Kneeling in the NFL Are Seahawks
Princeton University to Host BDSM Sex Tutorial Workshop
DEC 18
Trump Transition Lawyer: Mueller Improperly Obtained Documents in Russia Probe
Trey Gowdy Hints Andrew McCabe May Not Be FBI Deputy Director for Long
U.S. Military Could Lose Next War: Report
Report: Consultant Investigating Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Inside EPA
Scoop: Mueller Obtains "Tens of Thousands” of Trump Transition Emails
Fusion GPS, Trump Dossier Producer, Sued for Defamation By 3 Russian Oligarchs
Todd Starnes: Was the FBI Weaponized to Take Down the Trump Presidency?
Here’s A Who’s Who of Deep State Criminals, Corruptors and Elites
BOMBSHELL: Obama Protected Hezbollah Drug and Human Trafficking Rings to Appease Iran
Pelosi’s Super PAC Keeps Donations from Owners of Prostitution Website Backpage
Nicki Clyne is 'a Member of the DOS Hollywood Sex Cult'
Female Subservience Cult Disguised As Women’s Empowerment
Former NXIVM Members Speak Out Keith Against Raniere – video
More #FakeNews: CNN Panel Says Trump Leads World in Press Crackdown
DEC 15
GOP Turns Focus to FBI's McCabe after Text Suggests Officials Discussed Anti-Trump 'insurance Policy'
Comey Edits Revealed: Remarks on Clinton Probe Were Watered Down, Documents Show
Fox News Obtains Original Draft of Clinton Exoneration Memo – video
Clintons 'Systematically Destroyed' Secret Service's Integrity – Let Chinese Generals Walk into the WH with Unchecked Brown Paper Bags, Claims Ex-Officer
Paul Ryan Reportedly Retiring after 2018 Midterms; Speaker Denies
Are President Trump’s Enemies Using HAM Radio to Evade Surveillance?
Teen Gets Plea Deal in Rape, Murder of 12-Year-Old Girl He Lured with Lost Cat Story
'Porch Pirate' Accused of Stealing $6,500 in Goods Including Socks, Bed Frame, Shampoo
Dem Senator, Tom Carper, Admitted to Hitting Wife in Interview
Why Would Anyone Trust Feinstein and Schumer to Support Their Gun Rights?
NY Times Reports Obama Only Told 18 Falsehoods During Entire Presidency
Obama Lies the NYTimes Chose Not to Call Out
Related: Obama's Shocking List of Lies
Deep State’s Christmas Present to America: Surveillance That Never Ends
Commissioner Suggests U.N. Send Troops to Fight ‘Quiet Genocide’ of Gun Violence in Chicago
April Ryan's Stupid 'Piegate' Resolved When Sarah Sanders Invites Her for Some Chocolate Pecan Pie at Press Potluck – HOLLY NOTE: The left continues to reveal itself to be as petty as most conclude. Talk about grasping at nothing to write about…
Step Inside the US' New $1 Billion Embassy in London – the Most Expensive Ever Constructed
Naked Man Jumps on Moving Truck, Stabs Roof, Attacks Driver – video
DEC 14
100% PROOF That the FBI Is Working Against the President: High-Level FBI Agents Planned “Insurance Policy” Against the Possibility That Donald Trump Would Win Election
Rep. Trey Gowdy Makes Serious Case Why This Investigation Is Rife with Conflicts of Interests – video
Rep. Jordan on Mueller's Russia Probe: "Public Trust in This Whole Thing Is Gone" – video
New York Store Owner, 80, Shot and Killed Over 50¢
SHOCK: State Rep Kills Himself Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations
LISTEN: Bill O'Reilly: Secret Tape Exists of Woman Offered $200K to Falsely Accuse Trump of Sexual Misconduct
Predatory Presidents and Congressmen in Washington DC
And Now We Know…
Voter Fraud and Irregularities in Alabama Special Senate Election
Accountant Shot in Vegas Massacre Finally Leaves Hospital
NFL Nation's Most Disliked Sport for 3rd Straight Month Since Player Protest Peak
NFL Finds Even More Fan Trouble As Lawsuits Come Pouring In
Campus Coddling Meets the Petting Zoo
CNN Sounds Alarm About 26-Year-Olds Falling Off Parents’ Insurance, Blames Trump
DEC 13
Rosenstein Praises Russia Probe as Incredulous Lawmakers Fume Over Damning Texts, ‘Insider Bias’ – HOLLY NOTE: Hope you're able to watch the House Hearings today. They are absolutely riveting, especially the questioning by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and South Carolina's Rep. Trey Gowdy. They are bright, incisive and their 5 minutes 'at bat' are exceptional at skewering the obviously left-biased Mueller team.
Dossier Firm Fusion GPS Admits Demoted Top DOJ Official’s Wife Hired to Probe Candidate Trump
Trump to Unveil U.S. National Security Strategy on Monday
Trump Jr.: Leaker of Fake ‘Erickson Email’ Wikileaks Story to CNN Knew It Was Wrong
One Mueller-Investigation Coincidence Too Many
The Media Is Covering Itself with Glory in Its Zeal to Get Trump
STUDY: Over 90% of Trump TV Coverage Negative
The Elite Are Doing Their All to Ensure Americans Only Have Fake News
Acosta Defends ‘Snarky’ Tweets About Trump, Says President Requires Different Media ‘Playbook’
Roy Moore Refuses to Concede: "We've Got to Go By the Rules"
GOP Relieved at Roy Moore, Steve Bannon Defeats: 'We Dodged a Missile'
Trump Responds: "A Win Is a Win..."
How Jones' Win Will Affect the Administration's Legislative Priorities
In Final-Hour Order, Court Rules That Alabama Can Destroy Digital Voting Records After All
Scams and Delays Already Wreaking Havoc on Holiday Package Deliveries for Many
GAME OVER: Fan Backlash Over Black NFL Player Anthem Protests Hits All-Time High, as Ticket Prices Hit Embarrassing All-Time Low
Rage Over Colin Kaepernick Visit to Rikers Inmates
High School Couple Besieged with Racist Abuse after Sharing Video of the Girl's Family Surprising Him with a Car
Recruiting Woes: Dallas PD Rips ‘Millennials Who Want All Days Off,’ Be Chief within ‘6 Months’
Turkey Places Bounty on 2 Former U.S. Government Officials
10 Great Conservative Novels and Why They Are Relevant Today
DEC 12
Top Trump Lawyer Calls for New Special Counsel to Probe DOJ’s Dossier Dilemma
Inside the Trump Dossier Handoff: McCain's 'Go-Between' Speaks Out
Judge Accused of Seizing Trump’s Authority on Transgenders in Military
Pentagon Defies Commander in Chief Trump – Will Allow Transgenders into Military in January
HuffPost Laments That One Year in, ‘Trump Is Winning’
Why Would We Abandon Trump? He’s Doing What He Said He Would Do.
NFL Network Rocked By New Sex Harassment Lawsuit Naming Former Stars
Celebrity Sexual Assault and Harassment
Key Alabama Senate Race Now in Voters' Hands
How Licensing Laws Protect Special Interests at the Expense of Everyone Else
5 Years after Sandy Hook, U.S. Gun-Control Advocates Switch Strategy
A Visitor from the Past – video
DEC 11
The Communist Rise Inside the DNC – Part 1
Must-See Moments: Corruption and Bias in the FBI – video
FBI Deputy Director McCabe Told Agents to Lie About Benghazi Investigation, Says GOP Lawmaker
All the Proof You'll Ever Need That America's Media Really Are 'Fake News'
Washington Post Reporter Apologizes for 'Bad Tweet' after Trump Calls Him Out
Trump Says CNN Was 'Caught Red Handed' with Fake News on WikiLeaks Email
Donald Trump's Electrifying Speech at MASSIVE Pensacola, FL Rally – video
Calls Strengthen for Democrat Texas Senators Miles and Uresti to Step Down over Sexual Misconduct
Taxpayers Paid $220G to Settle Suit Alleging Sexual Harassment By Democratic Rep, Report Says
…Was Also Impeached as Fed. Judge
Moore Accuser Admits She Wrote Alleged Time and Location of the Signature Under Moore's Yearbook Signature
Flabbergasted: Frank Luntz Shocked as Alabamians Back Roy Moore in Vice News Focus Group
Another Person Accuses Dustin Hoffman of Sexual Misconduct
West Point Cadet Who Said Star Quarterback Raped Her Drops Out
West Point Concludes Rape Allegation Is ‘Unfounded’
Dude Where's My Troops? Pentagon Loses Track of 44,000 Soldiers
DEEP STATE BUSTED: Rep. Jim Jordan: FBI Paid for Dossier, Then Used It to Wiretap Trump, Strzok Brought Request to FISA Court – video
Trump’s ‘Deep State Advisor’ Reveals Obama Illegally Spied on Him, Leaked It to Washington Post
Hannity: Russia Probe Is a House of Cards Crashing Down – video
Rep Nunes Cleared in Ethics Probe of Disclosing Classified Information 8 MONTHS Later
Justice Dept. Lawyer Who Met with Dubious Trump Dossier Author to Be Hauled Before Congress
Trump Ally Erik Prince: Obama Put Me Under ‘Illegal’ Domestic Surveillance
FBI Chief Blasted for Political Bias Within Agency By House Panel
It's Time for Congress to Pass the 'John McCain Rule'
Al Franken Isn't Sorry
Franken Accuser Stephanie Kemplin ‘Appalled’ By Resignation Speech
John Conyers III Arrested But Not Prosecuted in Domestic Abuse Case – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of sexual harasser John Conyers' kids who wants to take over his dad's congressional seat.
Federal Probe of Wife’S $10M Loan Ongoing, Could Be Roadblock to Sanders’ White House Hopes
Bernie Sanders Takes to Twitter to Blast President Trump for “Sexual Assault” – Forgets He Isn’t So Innocent Himself
Bernie Tried to Distance Himself from 'Dumb' 1972 Essay on Rape – flashback
Rep. Trent Franks Resigning from Congress
HuffPo: 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' is Bigoted and Sexist
‘Over 10,000 Texts’ Between Ex-Mueller Team Officials Found, After Discovery of anti-Trump Messages
Hannity: Mueller Investigation Is Epitome of the DC Swamp – video
Franken Gone!
Ingraham: Dems' Sudden Morality Is Political Calculation – video
Ban on Bulletproof Glass in Philly Neighborhood Shops Sparks Outrage
The Deep State Plot to Conquer America Is on Full Display
Trump's Approval Rating Jumps to 45%, Highest Since September
Washington State Considering Gender 'X' for Birth Certificates
Roger Goodell Receives $200 Million Deal to Keep Running NFL League
NEVER FORGET=> On Christmas Day 2016 Barack Obama Signed Over Judaism and Christendom’s Holiest Sites to Muslims
2017’s Safest Cities in America – If Chicago is 135 Out of 182, You Won't Believe Who Rates Dead Last
Trump Planning "Private Spy Network" to Counter "Deep State Enemies"
Explosive Investigation into Deep State Sabotage – video
EX-CIA AGENT: H.R. McMaster Authorized NSA to Spy on Donald Trump Jr. — Sent Intel to Facility Owned By George Soros
Gorsuch Just Dropped the Ultimate Wedding Cake Truth Bomb
Supreme Court Seems Divided in Case of Baker Who Refused to Create a Wedding Cake for a Same-Sex Couple
John Conyers' Son and Appointed Successor: 'My N***as' Deal Drugs, 'Dad Is a F***ing Player' – HOLLY NOTE: This is what we need… more of same. Fruit doesn't fall from the tree. Ugh! Where's that swamp-disinfectant!
Democratic Lawmaker Vows Trump Impeachment Vote Will Happen
Dreaming of a What (Happened) Christmas: Lib Media Gushes Over Hillary Clinton ‘Resistmas’ Christmas Tree Angel – HOLLY NOTE: Ultimate oxymoron… Hillary as an angel!
BIG BROTHER: Google Unleashes 10,000-Strong Army To Censor & Shut Down Conservatives on YouTube
Sarah Sanders Does Press, Prays and Bakes Pies. When Will Haters Like Chelsea Handler Leave Her Alone?
US Families Urged to Leave Military Bases Near Seoul amid Fears NKorea WAR ‘Close’
FBI's Mueller Reportedly Subpoenas Deutsche Bank Over Relationship with Trump
Trump Hits FBI, Clinton as Debate Over Flynn Plea Intensifies
Fitton on Tucker: Trump-Russia, Clinton Email Investigations 'Irredeemably Compromised'
Flynn Just the Latest Juicy Kill in Swampdom
Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison
After 7
th Accuser Comes Forward, Disgraced John Conyers Will Retire, Let a Relative Run for His Seat
California Assemblyman Accused of Forcing Lobbyist into Bathroom and Masturbating in Front of Her
Feds Issue 4,000 Orders to Seize Guns from People Who Failed Background Checks
On Job: Despite $100 Million Bribe 25 NFLers Won’t Stop Kneeling
Monica Crowley on Why the Swamp Hates Donald Trump
Ventura Rails Against ‘American Liar’ after End of Defamation Case
HR McMaster: Threat from North Korea Increases Every Day – video
Pentagon Looking at West Coast Sites for Missile Defense
Hawaii Tests Nuclear Attack Siren for First Time Since Cold War Amid North Korea Threat
H.R. McMaster: Trump National Security Strategy to Be Based on ‘Principled Realism’
Byron York: Nunes Blows Up, Threatens Contempt after FBI Stonewalls House on Russia Investigator Demoted for anti-Trump Bias
'We Voted for Hillary' – Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Pattern of Bias on Mueller's Team
Feinstein: Obstruction of Justice Case Being Built Against Trump
Alex Jones Says Globalists Will Kill Donald Trump If They Can’t Remove Him from Office
FBI Official's Role in Clinton Email Investigation Under Review
ABCNEWS Suspends Brian Ross 4 Weeks Without Pay Over Erroneous Flynn Story
Mueller Top Aide Fired for anti-Trump Texts Now Facing Review for Role in Clinton Email Probe
From the Archives: Obama Administration Confirms "No Problem" with Flynn Contacting Foreign Officials – flashback
Source Close to President’s Legal Advisers Say Flynn Has Nothing to Incriminate Trump
Trump: ‘I Never Asked Comey to Stop Investigating Flynn’
Puerto Rico Gives Out Christmas Bonuses after Asking for $94 Billion in Hurricane Relief
California 18-year-old Confesses to Molesting Dozens of Children
Shock as Amazon Delivery Woman Defecates on Customer’s Front Yard While Dropping Off Package
Star Wars' Chewbacca Rides Along in Ft. Worth, Texas Police Recruit Video: 'You Get the Wookiee' – video humor
DEC 1-2
Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI, Vows to Cooperate in Mueller’s Russia Probe
Pelosi Calls for 2
nd House Dem to Step Down Amid Harassment Claims
Sexual Harassment Went Unchecked for Decades as Payouts Silenced Accusers
Roy Moore Campaign to Jimmy Kimmel: If You Want to ‘Mock Our Christian Values,’ ‘Come Down Here’ to Alabama to ‘Do It Man to Man’
US Coast Guard Operates Secret Floating Prisons In Pacific Ocean
Matt Lauer Reportedly Seeking $30 Million from NBC Following Firing for Sexual Harassment
Trump Admin Halts Taxpayer-Funded Purchases of Iranian Nuclear Materials
Al Franken ‘Greatest Groper’ Billboard By Artist Sabo Stuns L.A. Commuters
Nancy Pelosi: Sham 'Shero'
Reporter Who Slammed Sarah Sanders Over Pie, Complains About No WH Party Invite – HOLLY NOTE: Doesn't this illustrate how media is set to 'nail' Conservatives with something, no matter how trivial. To go after a person for baking a perfect pie and allege it's store bought sinks to new desperate depths of shallow reporting. All it's done is make April Ryan look like April Fool.
Walmart Pulls "Rope. Tree. Journalist." T-shirt from Site
First Family Lights the National Christmas Tree – video
Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protests Have Earned Him Another Media Award
NOV 30
Teachers Forced to Attend 'LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP' Training Session – video
After Declining to Make a Wedding Cake, He’s Going to the Supreme Court. Here’s How That Journey Challenged His Faith.
Lauer Apologized and Said There's 'Enough Truth' in the Allegations He's Facing
'Today' Show Host Exposed Himself, Gifted Sex Toy to Female Colleagues, Bombshell Report Says
Katie Couric Said Matt Lauer Pinched Her 'on the Ass a Lot' in 2012 Interview
Monica Lewinsky Slams CNN's HLN Network Over 'Scandal' Special
Penny Nance: Lauer Gone from 'Today' But Men Misbehaving in Congress Still Get Free Pass
'Bill Clinton Is a Rapist and Hillary Clinton Is His Enabler' – Ex-president's Accusers in D.C. to Issue 'Resignation' Demand of Congress
Annette Roque, Matt Lauer’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Pelosi, Reverses Position, Says Conyers Needs to Resign
Conyers Hospitalized…
Mitch McConnell Gives Up Call for Roy Moore to Step Aside
th Woman, an Army Vet, Accuses Franken of Groping Her
The Mainstream Media’s Accused — The Rap Sheet, 19 So Far
Russell Simmons Steps Down From Companies After Accusation of Sexual Assault
Director Alludes to a ‘Few More’ Sexual Predators Lurking in Hollywood – HOLLY NOTE: One has to wonder when 'perv-geddon' will stop.
Matt Lauer’s 20 Years of Biased Reporting
Supremes Take on Important Cellphone Privacy Case
President Trump: ‘Investigate’ Joe Scarborough’s Dead Congressional Intern
EPA Denies Oil Refiners' Requests to Change Ethanol Mandate
Hawaii Police Order Medical Marijuana Users to ‘Voluntarily Surrender’ Guns and Ammo
NFL Agrees to Give $100M Over 7 Years To Social Justice Causes
A First Lady Double Standard? – video
NOV 29
"The Cover-Up Begins to End": Judicial Watch Hints At Explosive New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs
NBC Fires Matt Lauer For "Inappropriate Sexual Behavior", Trump Gloats
House to Mandate Sexual Harassment Training After Wave Of Misconduct
Tampa Police Arrest Possible Serial Killer in Seminole Heights Murders
Democrats Move Toward Shutdown Showdown By Refusing to Meet with Trump
What You Need to Know About the Major Cellphone Privacy Case Going Before the Supreme Court
11 Times Celebrities Shocked America with Common Sense
Trump Zings NFL Again As Ratings Dip, Protests Surge
Colin, Will You Continue to Sit?
Jeremy Hunt: Demonizing White People Doesn't Improve Race Relations
CFPB's 'NSA-liKe' Surveillance In Limbo With Leadership Tussle
CFPB: The Left's Latest Battlefield
3 More KEY Vegas Witnesses Have Been Located and It’s BAD – All With 1 SHOCKING Thing In Common
NOV 28
'Blowback': Clinton Campaign Planned to Fire Me Over Email Probe, Obama Intel Watchdog Says
Ex-inspector General: Blowback Came From Clinton Allies – video
Report: Obama Used 'Illegal Propaganda' on Americans – 'Bureaucrats Seem to Be More Like Social Activists Than Public Employees'
Watchdog Finds More Evidence Obama's EPA Broke Federal Law
Sanders to Present $146B Plan to Help Puerto Rico
Why Is Trump the Bad Guy in the Case of Elizabeth Warren's Affirmative Action Fraud?
Fake Cherokee Elizabeth Warren Calls Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Nickname ‘Racial Slur’
Related: Here's Everything You Need to Know About Elizabeth Warren’s Fake Native American Heritage
Rush Limbaugh Reveals Democratic Front-Runner for 2020 – 'And It's Not Even Close'
Watchdog: Defense Department Remains Vulnerable to Insider Threats
How Accusations of Drunken Shenanigans Against a House Dem Exposed Another ‘Hush Fund’
John McCain's Epic Tantrum F-Bombs Hillary Clinton, Rips Donald Trump
Supreme Court Considers Patent Rights Case with Huge Implications
The CFPB Is an Unaccountable Dictatorship and That Is What Democrats Like
Trump Promises We Will Say Merry Christmas Again – flashback
Stunning 2017 Christmas Decorations at the White House – video
You Look Like an Angel! Melania Unveils the First Trump Christmas White House - and Gets the Ultimate Compliment from One of Her Young Guests
White House Releases Trump’s First Christmas Card As President, 1 Huge Difference from Obama’s Card – Merry Christmas!
See the Entire Card
No, I Won't Stop Saying 'Merry Christmas' Because It MIGHT Offend Someone – HOLLY NOTE: Even when it was politically incorrect to wish someone Merry Christmas in public, Stan and I never stopped. When checking out or paying a bill, most clerks would say "Happy Holidays" and we always answered (or wish first) "Merry Christmas!" They'd break into a BIG smile and wish "Merry Christmas!" right back. Not once did we get a 'look' or fail to hear that wonderful greeting.
Understanding the Trump Presidency
Denzel Washington on Black Incarceration: ‘I can’t Blame the System,’ ‘It Starts in the Home’
Supreme Court Shoots Down Gun Cases, Upholds Ban on Assault Weapons and Open-Carry
BLM: Shop Only at Black Businesses to Resist White Capitalism
NOV 27
Ryan Bundy's Opening Statement: "This Is Not What America Is Supposed to Be..."
NFL Take-a-Knee Protests Make Comeback
…Ratings Continue to Plummet, TV Networks Lose Over $500 Million Since Anthem Protests Began – Check the photos toward the end of this article showing the array of empty seats.
Pelosi Flailing: Defends Clinton, Conyers, Franken; Attacks Trump, Calls Moore ‘a Child Molester’
Anger at Mueller Burns Hot on the Right
NFL Great Burgess Owens Talks About NFL, Marxist Indoctrination – video
7 Times Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Have Stood in the Way of the Trump MAGA Agenda
Judge Jeanine: Washington Is a Swamp in More Ways Than One – video
New Gun Laws May Win Approval in Congress
Mom Whose Son Is in China Jail Speaks Out about President Trump in Way That Puts LaVar Ball to Shame
Indiana Nurse Sparks Fury after Tweeting That 'White Women Raise Terrorist, Rapist, Racist, Killer Sons'
CBS Engineer, 65, Accidentally Hangs Himself in Closet During 'Auto Erotic Act' Dressed in Women's Panties and Bra – Widow Wants $1.4Million from CBS
NOV 24
President Donald Trump’s 2017 Thanksgiving Proclamation
When Port Security Is Compromised
Tobacco Industry Forced By Feds to Advertise Against Own Products
Republican Retirements Give Democrats Hope for Election Wave
Giants’ Olivier Vernon – the ONLY NFLer to Kneel During the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day
Ami on the Street: Berkeley Students React to ISIS Flag – video
Ami on the Loose: Berkeley Students React to US Flag – video
Atheist Group Files Lawsuit Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Pet Blessings at Animal Shelter
Franken Groping Uproar Spills into Minnesota Governor’s Race as Number of Accusers Grows to 4
Sean Suiter, Baltimore Detective, Fatally Shot Day Before Grand Jury Testimony on Indicted Officers
California University Seeking New 'Trans Studies' Professor
Kaepernick Takes Part in ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ at Alcatraz
NOV 22
51 Million Americans to Travel This Thanksgiving
US Navy Plane Carrying 11 Crashes into Pacific Ocean off Japan, 8 Found Alive
OBJECTified: Inspiring Story of Shaquille O'Neal – video
Judicial Watch Dumps Explosive New FBI Emails from McCabe's Conflict Review
ISIS Calls for Barron Trump’s Assassination
'The Struggle Is Real Down Here': Many U.S. Virgin Islanders Are Still Waiting for FEMA's Help
Federal Judge Defies Trump Admin, Removes Pentagon Block on Funds for Gender Reassignment
Trump Appeals Court Decision…
Steyn: Dems All Knew What Bill Clinton Was Doing – video
Former Denver Bronco, Shannon Sharpe, Rips ‘Disingenuous’ LaVar Ball for Dismissing Trump’s Role in Freeing Son
Another Woman Accused Rep. John Conyers of Sexual Harassment In Court Filings This Year
NOV 21
It’s Not Just Hannity – Liberals Led By Media Matters Are Doing Everything They Can to Suppress All Conservative Free Speech
TRUTH OR CONSPIRACY – The Many Suspicious Suicides Surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton
When Will We Finally Hold Wicked Hillary Accountable?
Trump: Healthcare, Infrastructure, Welfare Reforms Up Next After Taxes
Fla. Gov: 2,000 Leaving Puerto Rico Every Day – 84,000 in 42 Days (Ooooh, Slick Willy Clinton, watch those hands…)
Charlie Rose Suspended by CBS, PBS and Bloomberg Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims
She Said a Powerful Congressman Harassed Her. Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story.
Top Democrat Used Taxpayer Dollars to Pay Off Sexual Harassment Accuser
Don't Be Fooled--The Media Played Defense for Bill Clinton's Alleged Sexual Abuse Just Last Year – video
Roy Moore Accuser Leigh Corfman: I Didn’t Deserve to Be Preyed Upon
US Forest Service Reviews 400 Cases of Alleged Harassment. Here's What It Found
The Great Reckoning: Media, Politics Rocked By Sex Scandals
LaVar Ball Refuses to Thank Trump, Slams Him for Taking Credit for UCLA Release – HOLLY NOTE: Clearly these 3 shoplifters were freed only because Trump intervened. They stole Louis Vuitton sunglasses valued at $2000 apiece. $6 grand. If you don't think Asia has SEVERE punishment for theft, one has only to look at Otto Warmbier that was shipped back this year to America 'dead' from South Korea for taking a single piece of paper, a poster off the wall, a poster, worth O-Dot-Nothing.

So this simple tool of a dad, LaVar Ball, should be praising Trump to the stratosphere for taking action on his stupid son's behalf.

Further, where is the dad morally? He's not said a thing, publicly, like his kid shouldn't be stealing. Instead, he castigated Trump for not boarding his adult son on Trump's private plane. Really?

What a good example… Most decent kids would have their butts beaten from here to next month. Is this some more of Obama's 'you owe us nonsense?'

Trump was on his way to The Philippines – in the middle of his historic Asia tour. What was he to do? Drag 3 thieves around with him? Who knows, LiAngelo Ball, with his predilection for stealing might have stolen things off Trump's private plane, but am sure that was least in Trump's mind. It was on Global business, not an American thief. The father, LaVar Ball, not only should have thanked on his knees President Trump profusely – publicly – should have taken responsibility for poor fatherhood, for not instilling decent normal values in his offspring. Instead, this tool of a father laughed it off. (Where are his Crest White Strips?)

Oh yeah, LaVar, what is he teaching his son? That's where kids go wrong. LiAngelo Ball not only embarrassed his father, he embarrassed America. We – are – not – LiAngelo Ball. This is not what decent Americans do, which leads us to this. How is how far some in this Country have sunk…
Obama vs. Nixon: Proof of Our Decline
NOV 20
Lerner, Paz Say They Fear Physical Harm from Enraged Public, Want IRS Testimony Sealed Permanently
‘Year of the Woman’ Senators Condemn Sexual Harassment, Campaigned for Ted Kennedy
Related: Ted Kennedy: The Senator of Sleaze Who Was a Drunk Sexual Bully Left a Young Woman to Die – flashback
Weinstein Watershed - List of the 42 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct (So Far)
Florida Church 'Heavily Armed' and Ready to Defend Itself, Report Says
Marshawn Lynch Sits for US Anthem, Stands for Mexican Anthem
NFL Star Herschel Walker Blasts Anthem Kneelers, Calls for Flag Respect
Country Singer Mocking NFL Protests Goes Viral with Over 4 Million Hits
Charles Manson, a Villain in Life & Death, Praised as a Counterculture Hero in 1969, Dead at 83
Judge Pirro: I'm Tired of the Clintons Being Above the Law – video
35 Years with the CIA: Enemies, Adversaries and Threats to Freedom
MSNBC Guest Exclaims "White Men Pose the Biggest Threat to Americans" after FBI Report on 'Black Extremists'
Two Kinds of Truth: Actual and Political
NOV 17
Hillary: Investigation Against Me Would Be “Offensive, Abuse of Power”
Day of Reckoning: It's About Time Bill Clinton Is Held Accountable – video
Kirsten Gillibrand: Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned After Monica Lewinsky Scandal
How Could Hillary Clinton Possibly Have Lost the Election? 
Slate: Al Franken Should Resign Immediately
Liberal Group: Al Franken Can Stay in the Senate, Help with 'Culture Shift'
Judge Declares Mistrial in New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez Bribery Trial
Descent into Human Degradation
Keystone XL Pipeline Shut Down After 5,000-Barrel Spill in South Dakota
Shooters See ‘Gun-Free’ Churches as ‘Soft Targets’
Pentagon Accidentally Retweeted Call for Trump's Resignation – Quickly Deletes It
Steve Scalise Responds to Rosie O'Donnell Calling Him a 'F—king Liar': 'Bless Your Heart!'
Woman with 'F__k Trump' Sticker Released from Jail
NOV 16
Bitter Hillary Unloads on Trump DOJ over possible Uranium One Probe
Fusion Boss Admitted Shopping Unverified Trump-Russia Claims to Press
Jim Jordan: It’s ‘Unbelievable’ if U.S. Government Funded Opposition Research on Trump – Ohio Congressman Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Dossier, Uranium One, Clintons, Saying Mueller Can't Do It
As Sexual Assault Gains Attention, the Left’s Silence on Bob Menendez Is Deafening
The Big List of 149 Trump Accomplishments – Most Comprehensive Compilation of 1st-year Achievements
Alec Baldwin: ‘We Can’t Be Mean Enough’ to Trump
Facing 10 Years in Jail, UCLA Players Thank Trump for Getting Them Out of China after Shoplifting Bust
'Get That Hack Out of Fox News': Shepard Smith Leaves Viewers Irate after 6-Minute Segment Debunking Theory of Hillary Clinton's Crimes in Uranium One Deal
5 Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Introduced by House Dems
GOP Lawyer Thinks He’s Found Answer to Seth Rich’s Murder, Heads for Court
New Roy Moore Accusers Come Forward
Stepson of Roy Moore Accuser Calls Story a Lie, “I’ve Known the Woman”
Judge Protects Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxer Who Blamed Trump; Help Debbie Schlussel in Her Appeal
Army to Drop Plans for Waivers for High-Risk Recruits
NOV 15
Public Funeral for 9 Members of One Family Slaughtered in Texas Church Massacre Set for Wednesday
Gunman kills at Least 4, Wounds 10, in Northern California
Here It Comes: Boston Globe Says It's Time to Consider Gun Confiscation
Sessions: DOJ Will Move 'Correctly and Properly' on GOP Request to Investigate Clinton, Comey
Hannity: Crooked Hillary Clinton's Web of Corruption – HOLLY NOTE: This you've got to see to believe! Can't understand why she's not wearing an orange jumpsuit. Hannity does a fantastic job of linking and sorting through all the Hillary Clinton scandals in this damning flow chart. If you watch nothing else today, make sure this is at the top of your list. – video
Study: White Millennials Believe They Face Equal Discrimination as Minorities
Denver to Build 'Hyperloop-Inspired' High-Speed Transport System
CNN's Jake Tapper: The Media Treated Bill Clinton's Accusers Badly
Drip, Drip: Bill Clinton's Reckoning Nears
So Just Why Is the Left Acknowledging Clinton's Sexual Deviancy Now?
Dem: House Has Paid Out $15M in Sexual Harassment Settlements
Congresswomen Say Sexual Harassers Are Still in Congress
Jon Stewart Says Sexual Harassment Everywhere, Hints at Misconduct at NBC
Bryan Cranston: Hollywood Should Consider ‘Second Chance’ for Weinstein, Spacey
Trey Gowdy Hijacks Jeff Sessions Hearing – Silences the Room with Impassioned Plea – video
Retired General: Military Won't 'Blindly' Follow Trump's Nuclear Strike Orders
The Worst Times to Drive on Thanksgiving
NOV 14
Congressional Referrals Sparked DOJ Investigations Like Uranium One and Clinton Foundation
Sessions Weighs Second Special Counsel to Probe Clinton-Related Matters
Don’t Count Hillary Out for 2020
Just 32% Think Hillary Clinton Won Democratic Nomination Fairly
'Hell Has Definitely Frozen Over': Media Forced To Acknowledge Bill Clinton's Alleged Sex Crimes
Juanita Broaddrick Slams Chelsea Handler: ‘I Was Raped’ By Bill Clinton
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 46%
Photos: Melania Trump’s Top 5 Fashion Moments From Historic Asia Trip
Judicial Watch Pres. Says Voter ID Cards Could Help Ensure Election Integrity – video
Congressional Job Approval Continues to Plummet: Gallup 20% =>
13%, PPP (D) 9% => 9%, Fox 15%, Economist/YouGov 10% => 9%, Reuters/Ipsos 25% => 21%
Jury Deadlocked in Democrat Sen. Menendez Corruption Case, Deliberations to Continue
One Nation. Multiple Realities.
How to Tell If the Washington Post Has It Right on Roy Moore
Latest Hate Crime Stats Show Blacks More Likely than Whites to Commit Hate Crimes
Report: SEALs killed Green Beret
NOV 13
Investigate Clinton Mafia and Democratic Machine – Adriana Cohen: 'Who Needs Russia When Liberals Are Rigging Their Own Elections?'
Bill Gates Firm Buys Arizona Land for $80 Million to Create Futuristic Metropolis
Fans Plan Protests Against NFL, Kneeling Players, 'in Solidarity With Veterans'
NFL: 'No Change' in Anthem Policy Amid Veterans Day Boycotts
Veterans on How Trump Has Impacted America's Global Standing – video
Vietnam War Veteran Cries on President Trump’s Shoulder During Vietnam Speech
This Veteran's Day Tradition Honoring Those Who Died in Vietnam Will Give You Chills – video
Trump Points to Falsehoods in "Russian Hacking" Claims
Podesta Group Under Microscope Amid Ties to Mueller Probe
SNL Skewers Dems for a Change – video
Julian Assange Explains Why a Deep State Coup D’etat Against POTUS Trump Would Doom Liberals
Cliven Bundy Sues DOJ Over Prosecutorial Abuse
Ever-Growing List of Men Accused of Sexual Harassment Since Harvey Weinstein
Sexual Harassment Allegations Spreading Through Minnesota Capitol; Rep. Tony Cornish Stripped of Chairmanship
It Begins: Hollywood Memory-Holes Sex Scandal at First Oscar Celebration of Season
NOV 10
What a Difference a Year Makes=> China Rolls Out Red Carpet for Trump – Made Obama Exit from “Ass” of Plane
People’s Republic of China Grants Trump an Honor No Foreign Leader Has Had Since Its Founding
Laura Ingraham Reminds America Why Obama Was Worst President in US History – video
20 Acre ‘Obamaland’ In Chicago Is Crazy As You Would Think
Trump Nominees Languish in GOP-Controlled Senate
Fox News Just Revealed Smoking Gun That Will Finally Bring Down Clinton Crime Machine
Did Clinton Break the Law with 'Takeover' of DNC? – video
Stephen Colbert's Case for Gun Control Backfires
How to Thank a Soldier on Veterans' Day
Inventors: Patent Office Favors Big Tech
First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs Will Be Demolished
Does Bowe Bergdahl Deserve 300K in Back Pay? – video
Court Overturns Marine Sniper's Conviction for Urinating on Dead Taliban Fighters
Women 'Marrying Down' as Men Become Less Educated: Study
‘Drunk’ OJ Simpson Kicked Out of Las Vegas Hotel
REPORT: Federal Charges Expected For Rand Paul's Attacker, Assault May Have Been Politically Motivated
Denver May Soon Require Environment-Friendly 'Green' Roofs
Trump Says US Trade with China Has Not Been Fair, Urges Country to Squeeze NKorea
Limbaugh: Brazile Seeks to Run Michelle Obama Campaign for President
How Brazile’s Book Exposes Liberal Media’s Hillary Health Coverup
Hillary Clinton 'in Talks' to Buy Second Dossier on Trump
DNC Watched Russians Steal Data
Republicans Agree to Debate Gun Control After Background Check System Fails
California NAACP Wants to Remove 'Racist' Star-Spangled Banner As National Anthem
Rand Paul's Neighbors Rip Media 'Landscaping Dispute' Reports – New Test Reveals 6 Broken Ribs and Fluid Around Lungs
Air Force Academy Discovers Racial Slurs Were Hoax, Months After Superintendent Lauded for Tough Speech
Kaepernick Lands $1 Million Book Deal
Major U.S. Newspaper Reports Mass Shooters 'Nearly Universally' Use … Guns! Da ba-dee-ba-dee
Dishonorably Discharged Deserter Bowe Bergdahl May Be About to Clean Up
Ingraham Strikes Back at ‘Bitter Bushes’
Comey Accused of Releasing Docs to 'Settle Score' with Trump
Deep State & DOJ Plot to Sell CNN to George Soros in AT&T Acquisition of Time Warner
Justice Denies…
85% oF Those Who Voted for Trump Would Do So Again
Protesters Scream at the Sky to Mark Anniversary of Trump's Election
White House Implements New Cuba Policy Restricting Travel and Trade
Eyeing 2018 Midterms, Democrats Score Wins in Key Governor’s Races
What Trump Has Quietly Accomplished
24 Awesome Pro-Trump Candidates That Are Running for Seats in the House or Senate in 2018
'Do Not Try Us!' Fiery Trump Issues Sternest Warning Yet to Kim as South Korean Assembly Gives Him TWO Standing Ovations
Judicial Watch Sues To Expose REAL COLLUSION: ‘Comey Testimony Closely Coordinated With Mueller!’ – video
Secret Service: Man Who Reportedly Traveled to DC to Kill 'All White Police' at White House Arrested
Texas Church Shooter 'Took My Virginity When I Was 13'
TX Gunman Escaped From Mental Health Facility
How Many Mass Shooters Have Been Members of the NRA?
Journalist Accuses Rev. Jesse Jackson, Director John Singleton of Sexual Harassment
Hollywood Wracked By Chaos in Aftermath of Sex Scandals
Molding the Citizens of Tomorrow: Mindfulness and Manipulation
Air Force Launches Review After Failing to Enter Texas Shooter’s Criminal History in FBI Database
Texas Man Who Shot, Chased Down Texas Church Gunman Was NRA Instructor
Man Who Shot Texas Church Gunman Shares His Story – video
Texas Shooting: Liberal Media Fixates on Laws That Wouldn't Have Stopped Attack, Ignores Good Guy With Gun
Related: Are Chicago's Gun Laws That Strict? An Explainer
Related: Murder Rates in 50 American Cities
Hannity: The Fix Is in with Every Single Clinton Scandal – video
Rats Haven't Deserted Democrats' Sinking Ship
Heroism Rises Out of Tragedy in a Small Texas Town
Crowdstrike Payments Coincide with Deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas
Trump Wants $5.9B to Beef Up Missile Defense Against NKorea
…Extends 36-Year State of Emergency with Iran
Woman Fired for Flipping Off Trump Motorcade
Fox News (Finally) Yanks Tom Steyer Ad Calling for Trump’s Impeachment
Gillespie Takes Huge Lead In Virginia Gov. Race
WH Puts Price Tag on Deadly Naval Collisions: $700 Million for Repairs
Professor Who Calls Antifa Violence ‘Vital’ Is Giving Proceeds of His Propaganda to Antifa
Pennsylvania Man Snapped Woman's Neck After She Refused Marriage Proposal, Cops Say
Trump Says 'Extreme Vetting' Works for Immigration, Not Gun Control
At Least 27 People Reported Dead in Texas Church Shooting
'Hero' Neighbor Got His Rifle, Shot at Texas Church Gunman
Neighbor Describes Harrowing, 95-Mph, Chase of Church Gunman After Armed Hero Intervened
TX Hero Johnnie Langendorff Fires Back at Sutherland Springs Shooter – video
Shooter Commited Suicide Developing…
Report: Texas Church Shooter Was Atheist, Thought Christians ‘Stupid'
Suspect Was Dishonorably Discharged from Air Force
Trump to Texas Shooting Victims: ‘We Will Never Ever Leave Their Side’
Tony Podesta Lobbied for Russia’s ‘Uranium One’ and Did Not File as a Foreign Agent
Rand Paul Recovering from 5 Broken Ribs
ANTIFAIL: Low Turnouts at Nationwide 'Refuse Fascism' Protests
Now Pledge of Allegiance under Attack
Feinstein Says No Evidence of Collusion
Lindsey Graham Calls for Special Counsel Probes of Democrat Ties to Russia, Fusion GPS, Uranium One
Americans Want Indictments, Not Apologies, from Democrats
Dinesh D'Souza on the Clintons' 'Mafia' Mentality – video
Sportscaster Vin Scully Vows to ‘Never Watch Another NFL Game’ Over Take-a-Knee Protests
Why Attributing DNC Email Scandal to Russia Hack Is Impossible – The Real Criminals in the Russian Probe
President Donald Trump Heads for Longest Presidential Trip to Asia in Decades
Trump to Visit Pearl Harbor on Way to Asia
What to Watch for at Each Stop
NYT Full-Page Ad Calls for Antifa Revolution for Nov. 4 – HOLLY NOTE: This may be nothing, but we received a heads-up this morning: "I just received word from a reliable source that this weekend, members of antifa will be placing bottles of water all over the country. These will be plastic bottles filled with water and they will also contain Drano and a strip of aluminum. If opened, it will explode and could cause extreme harm to the individual who is holding it." We don't know the original sender, but he does have a web presence. The thing that puzzled us is how would these people do this? Sneak them in on grocery shelves? Hand them out in crowds? Also, who would ever drink from a water bottle with a broken seal? Anyway, we've passed this on.
Elizabeth Warren Shocker: 'Yes,' the DNC Was Rigged to Favor Hillary Clinton
Fauxcahontas Turns on Crooked Hillary – Agrees Primary Was Rigged in Clinton’s Favor “This is a Real Problem” – video
Crooked Hillary Tweets About ‘Sexism and Misogyny’ Attempting to Distract From Firestorm Over Donna Brazile Bombshell
Nothing Was Going to stop Clinton's Blind Ambition – video
WOW! AG Sessions Goes Full Deep State – Calls for Permanent Spying on Americans – Refuses to Prosecute Hillary, Comey & Mueller!
JUDGE NAP: Mueller’s Target Is the President; Here’s What’s Next
Hillary’s Obsession Will Never Die: ‘I’m Still Ready’ to Be President
So the Steele Dossier Was Bought Cheap. What did the Other $12 Million Buy?
When Hillary Gets Confronted on Difference Between Collusion & Trump Dossier, It Gets Awkward Fast
Rep DeSantis Calls for Declassification of Obama-Comey FISA Applications – ‘Americans Deserve to Know if Dossier Was Used to Unmask Trump’
Twitter Says Trump’s Account ‘Inadvertently Deactivated’ by Twitter Employee
Every Day a New Sex Scandal: Leaders of SEIU’s ‘Fight for $15’ Now Fighting Abuse Accusations
Portfolio Manager Accused of Raping, Beating Women in Penthouse Dungeon
4 Women Accuse 'That 70s Show' Actor Danny Masterson of 'Violent Rape'
Ex-child Star, Corey Feldman, Identifies Actor as Alleged Sex Predator
Country Music's Top Publicist Accused of Propositioning Intern for Sex, Showing Employees Porn
Pizza Hut Slams Papa John’s for Blaming Sales on NFL Protests, Then Real Americans Spoke Up… BIGTIME
Disabled Navy Vet Refuses Honor from Saints Over Protests
Kneel on This: GOP Bill Slashes Tax Break for NFL, Other Pro Sports Stadiums
Justice Clarence Thomas: 'We're Getting Quite Comfortable in Our Society Limiting Ideas'
Mathematics Is Not 'White'
New Poll Tells Americans What They Already Know: McCain Liked More By Democrats Than Republicans
Report: Vegas Shooter’s Brother ‘Bragged’ About Attack
Why Has the Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared from the News Cycle?
50% of Millennials Would Rather Live in Socialist, Communist Countries – So What's the Holdup?
Texas Residents Sue Over Water Release During Harvey
Left Erupts over Trans-Jenner Bathrooms Labels at Texas Cafe
A Growing Shortage of Cultural Glue
Hillary Rigged 2016 Campaign – Dems Turns on Her
Shooter Fires at Random Leaving 3 Dead in Colorado Walmart
Establishment Crumbling: Poll Shows McConnell, Senate Allies’ Approval Ratings in Free Fall
McCain Says “We Must Fight Crackpot Conspiracy Theories” Despite Promoting the Biggest One: A New World Order
Deep State Connections to Las Vegas Shooting Revealed
Thousands Marched AGAINST Trump In Rally Promoted By 'Russia'
Day Seven: John McCain Continues to Dodge Questions on Role in Trump Hoax Dossier
Chuck Schumer Outraged Anyone Would Politicize NYC Terror Attack After He Politicized Las Vegas Shooting
Laying It to the Feet of the Responsible Party
Rural Landowners Are Prisoners on Their Own Land
DNC Job Openings Not for ‘Cisgender’ (Straight) Males Already in ‘Majority’
A Traditional Marriage Student Group Has Been Branded a ‘Hate Group
Congressional “Hate” Resolution Opened Door to Cultural Marxist Police State. Only Trump Resisted
Pat Buchanan: DC Is Determined to Break Trump – video
The Coming Civil War: We Lose
Michelle Obama Says Men Are 'Entitled,' 'Self-Righteous' Because Women Protect Them Too Much
Dan Bongino: NY Terror Attack Reflects 'Scary New Normal' – video
BELLWETHER: New York Terror Attack: Don't Offend Anyone
Illegal Immigration Hardliner Tom Tancredo Jumps into Colorado Governor's Race
Singer Asks White People to Move to the Back at Concert
Why Democrats Are Obsessed With Wealth Inequality
Voter Fraud Is Real. This Searchable Database Proves It.
Most Americans Afraid to Share Political Views – 71% Silence By political Correctness
Tom Steyer Getting as Obnoxious as George Soros
Flight Records Indicate A Covert Helicopter Rooftop EXFIL May Have Taken Place Just Minutes After Las Vegas Massacre
Trump Jr. Jokes He'll Take Half of Daughter's Halloween Candy to 'Teach Her About Socialism'
OCT 31
Officials: US Captures Key Militant in Benghazi Attack
Hannity: Do We Have Equal Justice Under the Law? – video – HOLLY NOTE: if you're slightly confused by all the Russia dots, Hannity clears it up in this damning ture.
'We're Not Intimidated': Tucker Responds to Legal Threat From Podesta Lawyer
Hillary-Linked Podesta Group Got $200K Lobbying for Uranium One – Including While Hillary Was Secretary of State
ANTIFA Leader: “November 4th […] Millions of Antifa Supersoldiers Will Behead All White Parents” and “Small Business Owners”
Latino Group Runs Smear Ad Against Ed Gillespie
Netflex Cancels 'House of Cards' after Spacey's Sexual Assault Charges on a Minor
Kevin Spacey’s Terrible Apology for New Allegations
Disgraced Harvey Weinstein Banned for LIFE from Producers Guild of America after 80+ Women Accuse Him of Sexual Misconduct
New Weinstein Company Film Grosses Just $742 During One-Day Theatrical Release
Federal Judge Overturns White House Ban on Transgender Servicemembers
Having 'White Nuclear Family' Promotes White Supremacy, Says New York Professor – HOLLY NOTE: Does she think it's better to have absent fathers, broken families as in the case of 72% of black births?
OCT 30
California Clears First Hurdle to Breaking into 3 States
Manafort to Surrender to Federal Authorities: Report
Millions in Susious Wire Transfers Are the Focus of FBI's Probe into Paul Manafort
Chris Christie: Leaking About Indictments Is a Crime
Hill Republicans Want More Answers from Wasserman Schultz, Podesta about Trump Dossier Money; Strains Credulity They Didn't Know
Judge Jeanine: After Russian Dossier Funding, Time to 'Lock Her Up' – video
Robert Mueller Should Resign
Houston Texans Kneel During Anthem in Protest of Bob McNair Comments
Jesse Jackson: NFL Players Should Escalate Nonviolent Protests
Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4
Antifa’s Coup to Replace Our Constitutional Republic Through Destablizing Terror Attacks
Federal Panel Destroys U.S. Inventors’ Property Rights
Overwhelming Presence of Tennessee Law Enforcement Ensures Peaceful ‘White Lives Matter’ Rally in Murfreesboro
Amazing Rendition of the National Anthem – video
California Dirtbag Dad Who Admitted Drugging, Raping, Killing Daughter Wants to Take Back Guilty Plea

OCT 27
Stunner: Clapper – 'It Doesn't Matter Who Paid for' Trump Dossier
British Involvement in "Trump Dossier" Needs Further Investigation
Uranium One: Will Justice be Done?
Byron York: After Trump Dossier Revelation, FBI Is Next
Greg Jarrett Drops a Shell About Hillary Clinton – video
Obama Justice Department’s $1 Billion ‘Slush Fund’ Boosted Liberal Groups
Is a Media Reckoning Looming for Hillary?
We Either See Justice Now or Never
73,000+ Puerto Ricans Flee for Florida after Hurricane Maria
By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: Blacks Are Being Used to Bring Destruction
DNC Chairman Falsely Claims the Electoral College Is Not Part of the Constitution – HOLLY NOTE: You have to wonder if people are ignorant or fact dodgers. This is another reason Civics should be taught in school again – unless it's too 'racist'. You can hear it now…
NFL Popularity Plummets In New Poll, Especially Among Republicans
Canadian Councilor Says the Word ‘Marijuana’ Is Racist Against Mexicans
Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was a Failure
OCT 26
Hillary in Trouble: DOJ Removes Gag Order on Uranium One Informant to Congress
Trump Rips Clinton Link to Fusion GPS Dossier as a 'Disgrace,' Says Russia 'Hoax Is Turned Around'
It’s On: Hillary Campaign, DNC Accused of Violating Election Law with Dossier Payments
Devin Nunes: News That Clinton Paid for Dossier Just ‘Tip of the Iceberg’
Steele Dossier Revelation: Vox Throws Hillary Under the Bus
CNN Bias Revealed Again After Hillary Caught Red Handed with Russia
Trump Has Won the Civil War Where It Counts -- With Voters
US Deploys 3
rd Aircraft Carrier to Western Pacific Ahead of Trump's Visit
DOJ Asks to Argue for Christian Baker in Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case
Dismantling the Deep State: From JFK to HRC
President Trump's Life Is in Danger
'You White Mo**erf***er!': Man Charged for Making Threats to Assassinate Trump
Jonathan Cahn: God Using Trump to Provide Window of Time
Vegas Gunman's Brother Arrested for Child Porn; Laptop Hard Drive Missing
Everyday Americans Betrayed By George W
Trump Admin. Officially Apologizes for Obama-Lerner IRS Tea Party Targeting
Lawyers Think They Have Finally Found the Smoking Gun – Lerner's Email Says Groups Were Targeted ‘Primarily Because of Their Political Party Affiliation’
OCT 25
BOMBSHELL REPORT: Clinton Campaign and DNC Funded Trump Dossier
3 Stunning New Developments In the Clinton-Uranium Scandal the Media Has Totally Ignored
The Real Russia Scandal – HOLLY NOTE: This news involves a series of videos, which we'll post as they become available. It blows the hat off the Russia-Trump collusion theory and clearly points the finger elsewhere to just where you'd expect. If you're tired of biased BS news, you won't want to miss these! – video
Jeff Flake Mourns: ‘Traditional Conservative’ That Values Immigration, Free Trade Can’t Win
Poll: 56% of Republicans Want Mitch McConnell to Resign
House Passes Otto Warmbier Act to Sanction NKorea's Backers in China
Senior Military Officials Sanctioned for More Than 500 Cases of Serious Misconduct
Undermining America
Teaching Geometry and Algebra Bolsters White Privilege, Professor Claims
Liberal Professor Says Dumbing Down of America Began in Public Education
Racist Graffiti Mystery at Eastern Michigan University a Hoax; Cops Arrest Former Student
Kaepernick Lands $1 Million Book Deal
National Park Service Floats Huge Increase in Entrance Fees at 17 Sites to Offset Maintenance Costs
Celebrating the Life of Johnny Carson, the Best Late-Night Host Ever: Today's Divisive Figures – and We All Know Who They Are – Could Learn So Much from the Great Entertainer
FBI Releases 1,500 Pages of Documents on 2012 Sandy Hook
OCT 24
FBI Informant Has Emails and Video Evidence of Russian Efforts to Win Favor of Clintons in Uranium One Deal
Boom: the Clintons, US uranium, Putin, and the FBI
Bill Clinton Met with Vladimir Putin AT HIS HOME IN RUSSIA Before Uranium One Deal and After Being Bribed
Judicial Watch: FBI Recovered 72,000 Pages of Clinton Records – State Department Tells Court It Processed Only 32,000 – Has Yet to Review 40,000
New Hillary Clinton Bio for Kids: Putting the 'Hag' in Hagiography
'Betrayed': Governor Reverses Ban on Men in Women's Bathrooms
Kathy Griffin Slams ‘Fame-Whoring’ Lisa Bloom for Handling of Gruesome Trump Photo Shoot
Megyn Kelly Rips O’Reilly, Says She Emailed Top Brass Over Behavior: ‘I Complained’
Kelly’s Ratings Hit ‘Possible All-Time Low’
Jesse Jackson: NFL Like Black Slaves 'king Cotton Balls'
Bernie Sanders at 79 May Run for President – HOLLY NOTE: Just as there is a 'youth' limit of 37 to run for President, shouldn't there be a geriatric bar? For example, in Colorado all prison personnel must retire at 55. No exceptions. It's nothing against the staff personally, but they recognize that with age comes limitations, mentally and physically. It seems that for the most important job in America, we should k candidates in their prime. One has only to look at the toll this office takes on past presidents. They go in relatively youthful with God-given hair color and come out 8 years later sporting a LOT of gray and wrinkles. If you've already got these going in and are nearly 80 when taking office, how will this person ever stand the strain? Looking at the photos of these past presidents, we feel sorriest for two: GW Bush: he looked like a starry-eyed neophyte in 2001 and came out 8 years later sad, beleaguered, looking like his rose-colored glasses had been removed. The other is Abe Lincoln. He did so much for America and would, undoubtedly, be heart-stricken at the state of affairs in our country today. A mere 4 years into office, the job took a major toll on his person – and his life.
OCT 23
Air Force to Recall Up to 1,000 Retired Military Pilots After Trump Unexpectedly Revises Sept 11 Executive Order
93-Year-Old President Carter: Russians Didn't Alter Election, Obama Didn't Deliver, We Didn't Vote for Hillary
Harvard Prof Sues to Alter Presidential-Election System
Maxine Waters Promise to ‘Go and Take Out Trump’ — and the Liberal Audience Wildly Applauded – video
Judge Jeanine: Obama and Clintons 'Sold Us Out' with Russia Uranium 'Racketeering Operation' – video
NFL HELL: Several Stadiums Nearly Empty as Anthem Protest Backlash Rolls into Week 7
Company Behind Anti-Trump Intel Dossier Asks Court to Block Congress from Reviewing Records
Doug Jones Headed Soros-Funded Project to Transform Federal Prosecutors Into Social Justice Warriors
Tribes Gather in D.C. to Ask for National Apology
Trump Tweet: ‘Wacky Congressman Wilson’ Is the ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’ for Republicans
A Clown in a Cowboy Hat – HOLLY NOTE: Where are the fashion police when you need them? Wilson obviously never heard that 'less is more.'
OCT 19
Push Is on to Disbar James Comey After Clinton Scandal
Yes, The Russia Scandal Is Real – And It Involves Hillary
Ahh! Add It to the List
Here Are a Few More to Add to the Pile – video
Uranium Cover Up Uncovered – video
FBI Uncovered Russian Nuclear Kickbacks Months Before the Uranium One Deal Passed
Informant in Russia Bribery Case Threatened with Jail Time If He Talks
Political Attack on Trump’s Call to Green Beret’s Widow ‘Appalling,’ Says White House
Misunderstanding America and Its Constitution
More Than 50 Women Have Accused Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Harrassment
GOA’s Erich Pratt: 10 Reasons Why Gun Owners Should Oppose a Ban on Bump Stocks
Celebrities Urge Americans to Reject NRA, Concealed Carry in Wake of Vegas Shooting
Police: Bus Passenger Attacked Disabled White Man While Screaming About Slavery
OCT 18
In Staggering Move, the DoD Just Defunded the Congressional EMP Commission – HOLLY NOTE: There is just no end to stupid, short-sightedness in Washington. Tim and Stan's EMP Shield will be available in just days – and apparently none too soon.
Related: Washington Absolutely Must Save the EMP Commission
FBI Informant Blocked From Telling Congress About Russia Nuclear Corruption Case, Lawyer Says
DEEP STATE SWAMP: Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Are Linked to Clinton Uranium One Deal - MOST CORRUPT OFFICIALS EVER!
FBI Sat on Evidence of Russian Bribery Plot as US Uranium Reserves Signed Over to Russia
Where the Russian Uranium Scandal Might Lead…
FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Administration Approved Controversial Nuclear Deal with Moscow
Trump Was Right: Fallen SEAL Mother Describes Obama’s Meeting with Grieving Parents on the Tarmac
Stranded By Maria, Puerto Ricans Get Creative to Survive
State Dept. Reveals 2,800 Documents from Huma Abedin Found on Anthony Weiner's Computer
RNC Mocks Democrats with Fake DNC Fall Meeting Schedule
Freedom Is Not a Gift from Government. Freedom Is a Gift from God – video
Jacksonville Jaguars President Apologizes to City Official for the Team Kneeling During National Anthem in London
Report: Major Media Networks Favor Gun Control 5 to 1 in Vegas Shooting Coverage – Coverage of Bump-Fire Stocks Heavily Favors New Regulations
Complaint Filed Against DNC Chair Perez With FEC Over Donations
GOP Group Goes After Manchin for Using Taxpayer Money for Luxury Renovations
Amazon Studio Head Roy Price Resigns after Being Accused of Ignoring Rose Mcgowan's Rape Claims
OCT 17
Trump Dismantles Obama’s ‘Imperial’ Presidency, Rescinds Dubious Orders
FBI Docs Prove Comey Drafted Clinton Email Months Before Announcement Clearing Her
Judicial Watch: FBI Caught ‘Red-Handed’ Suppressing Documents on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting
Maryland Mounts New Defense of Hillary Clinton’s Lawyers
The Obama Legacy: 118 Cops Killed in Line of Duty in 2016
Over 57,000 Police Officers Assaulted…
FBI: Over 4x More People Stabbed to Death Than Killed with Rifles
Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty in Desertion Case – video
Atlanta Mom Charged With Murder After Cops Say She Put 2 Young Sons in Oven
Satanic Looking Drag Queen with Horns Reads to Little Kids at Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach
Seriously? Hillary Clinton's Repeated Trouble with Stairs
Chelsea Clinton Desperately Tries to Distract From Hillary’s Ill Health and Broken Toe – Gets Savaged on Twitter
5 Things the Media Hid from You This Week – video
N.J. Teacher Tells Students to ‘Speak American,’ Sparking Protests
OCT 16
Democrats Downplay Shutdown over ObamaCare, But Deal with Trump Looks Unlikely
Trump Won’t Support ‘Weak Deal,’ National Security Adviser Says
Pelosi: Trump 'Went Rogue' by Tackling Campaign Promises – HOLLY NOTE: Pelosi's right, it'd be novel that a President would strive to fulfill what he promised on the campaign trail. The other example that comes to mind is Obama's promise to 'fundamentally change America.'
Soros Study: White Working Class Voters
Trump’s Decertification Plan for Nuke Deal Gives Congress 60 Days to Get Tough on Iran
Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Doubts He Could Get a Fair Trial – Blames Trump – HOLLY NOTE: As far as the public can see, Trump didn't cause Berghahl to desert in 2009 nor take the lives of 6 fellow U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan sent rescue him. Then Obama traded 5 terrorists for this deserter.
"My House Shook": Oil Rig Explosion Near New Orleans Leaves 7 Injured, 1 Missing
Kimmel on Losing Republican Viewers: 'Not Good Riddance, But Riddance'
George Lopez Booed Off Stage After Trump Jokes – and Following Apology – Flop at Gala
Hollywood Boots Weinstein from Motion ture Academy
French to Strip Weinstein of His Legion of Honor Award
Clinton Foundation Won't Return Cash from Weinstein
Woody Allen on Weinstein Scandal: 'You Don't Want It to Lead to a Witch Hunt Atmosphere' – HOLLY NOTE: Said another way, Allen wouldn't want the spotlight refocused on his seedy relationship with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter who became his wife.
Colin Kaepernick Files Grievance Against NFL Owners for Collusion
Fans Boo Kneeling New Orleans Saints Players During Tribute to Fallen NOPD Officer
OCT 13
Congress Warned North Korean EMP Attack Would Kill '90% of All Americans'
House Approves $36.5 Billion in Disaster Relief
San Juan Mayor Accuses Trump of 'Genocide' After Hurricane
FBI in Puerto Rico Investigating If Corrupt Local Officials Are 'Withholding' or 'Mishandling' Crucial Supplies – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe the problem of not getting supplies / disaster aid lies in the mayor's backyard.
Harvey Weinstein Scandal: Kate Beckinsale Says Harvey Harassed When She Was 17; McGowan Rips Bezos: ‘Stop Funding Rapists’; NYPD Revisiting Assault Claims
Fonda ‘Ashamed’ of Her Silence on Weinstein: ‘I Found Out About Harvey a Year Ago’
Anthony Bourdain Demolishes Hillary Clinton’s Weinstein Response
Ellison Refuses to Say Whether DNC Will Return Its Contributions from Harvey Weinstein
Emma Thompson Says Weinstein Is Top of 'A Very Particular Iceberg' and Harassment is 'Endemic' in Hollywood
Jason Momoa Apologizes After Sparking Outrage for Joking About Raping 'Beautiful Women' on Game of Thrones
Harvey Levin: Harvey Weinstein's Contract Allowed for Sexual Harassment, Other lawsuits
Hollywood's Long Cesspool History
Oklahoma Jury Recommends Death Penalty in Workplace Beheading Case
State Dept. Defends U.S. Decision to Withdraw from UNESCO
Missouri State Senator Blasts Trump Again After Censure
Californians Think Their Secession from US Would Be Easier Than Catalonia's from Spain
Lousiana Cops Boycott Ford Over Support For Kneeling NFL Players
New Orleans Cop Targeted, Shot to Death
OCT 12
Trump: Obama 'Should Have Taken Care of' North Korea
Mattis Says NBC Report on Trump Is 'Absolutely False'
Trump: ‘It Is Frankly Disgusting The Press Is Able to Write Whatever’
Obama Senior Adviser Calls for Gun Confiscation 'Similar to the One Australia Instituted'
D.C. Gun-Free Zones Cause Confusion Over Legality of Gun Carry Even With a Permit
Conservative Orgs to Senate GOP Leadership: 'Step Aside'
Conservative Leaders Call for Mitch McConnell to Step Down
New Study Finds Democrats Moving Left, Driving Growing Partisan Gap
American Who Gave Birth Three Times While Captive in Afghanistan Released with Husband, Children
House Extends Vacation after White House asks Congress to Cancel Vacation
Related: Oh, to Work as Few Days as the House Will in 2017 – HOLLY NOTE: So little work for such big pay as their job approval reflects. No wonder so many want to go into politics and stay till they have one foot in the grave.
House to Vote on $36.5B Disaster Aid Bill
Key Witness in Las Vegas Shooting Kills Self and Daughter Following FBI Raid
Media Begging Us for Conspiracy Theories on Las Vegas
Islamist Account: ISIS Has Video of Las Vegas Shooter Pledging Allegiance to Islamic State
A Tactical Analysis of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident
National Review on Bump Stocks and 4
th Generation Warfare
Harvey Weinstein Gives Middle Finger Before Heading to Rehab in Arizona
Hollywood Stars Laugh at Weinstein’s Sex Abuse – video
Trump: NFL Should Have Suspended Colin Kaepernick
Newt Gingrich: GOP Has to Understand This Is the Most Dangerous Period in History for the U.S. Since 1962
OCT 11
Deputy AG Calls for Court-Approved Access to Encrypted Devices
Trump Summons Generals to War Room After Hawaii Students Get "In the Event of a Nuclear Attack" Email
'Massive' Data Transfers from Wasserman Schultz Aide a Big Security Problem: Rep
Bannon on GOP Establishment: "We're Coming After ALL of Them and We're Going to Win"
Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Blasts Hillary’s Response to Weinstein Scandal
Farmer Plows Message for the NFL: 'We Stand for the National Anthem'
CNN Commentator: White People Don’t Get to Complain About Black Protests
Drexel Professor (Finally) Booted after Blaming Vegas Massacre on ‘Trumpism’ Threatens Legal Action
How Chicago Gets Its Guns
Media Conflate Data on Mass Shootings to Inflate Number, Blame White Men
Home Depot Panics Over Millennials; Forced to Host Tutorials on Using Tape Measures, Hammering Nails
Ivana Trump Opens Up about 'Raising Trump' – video
Ivana Trump Reflects on Her Marriage to Donald Trump – video
NYT Reveals That "Russia Ads" Were Mostly Made By Americans
O'Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors on Hidden Camera: "Targeting Trump's Businesses, His Dumb F**k of a Son"
New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump
Obama Center Skirts Federal Standards
OCT 10
Bannon: Entire ‘Globalist’ Republican Clique on Capitol Hill Must Go
Mitch McConnell Defends Bob Corker Against Trump: 'Valuable Member' of GOP
Nanny Deep State: Bob Corker Reveals Establishment Effort to Tame Donald Trump’s Agenda
325 Chicago Shooting Victims in September; 2,961 This Year – HOLLY NOTE: No wonder Obama refuses to go home.
Jemele Hill Is Suspended for Two Weeks by ESPN
Miami Dolphins Coach Resigns After Video Appears to Show Him Snorting Cocaine
Twitter Blocks Marsha Blackburn Campaign Announcement Video for 'Inflammatory' Pro-Life Message
Charlie Daniels: Gun Control and Common Sense
Law School Revokes Event Sponsorship Because Hearing 'Conservative Viewpoint' Might Be 'Painful'
Kennedy, Gorsuch Hold Keys to Blockbuster Supreme Court Cases
Liberal Guest Slams Obama and Clinton's Silence on Harvey Weinstein Allegations
Hollywood's Surprising and Sad Loyalty to Harvey Weinstein
Many in Hollywood Remain Silent…
Here’s How Catalonia Independence Could Inspire ‘Calexit’ Movement
Obama's $1.5 Billion Ego Project
Republicans Yank Concealed Carry Reciprocity; Want to Discuss New Gun Controls
The Unbelievable Stupidity of Those Who Believe that Laws Stop the Lawless
Rick Santorum on Gun Control Debate: Why Aren’t We Going After Violent Video Games and Films?
To the Left, Everything Is a Political Nail Needing to Be Hammered
VP Mike Pence Leaves Colts-49ers Game After Players Kneel During Anthem
Anthem Protests Take a Major Toll on NFL Fan Loyalty
Shock Poll: NFL Now Least Liked Sport, Core Fans Down 31%
Football Fans Belt Out ‘New Fight Song’ in Honor of Tom Petty and It’s a Giant Middle Finger to the NFL
Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones: Players Won't Play If They Disrespect the Flag
Backlash Spreads Against Black Lives Matter Shutting Down ACLU Free Speech Event
A First-Hand Account from a Soldier Who Served with Bowe Bergdahl
Media Attacks Republican Candidate for Congress for Asking Hard Questions about the Las Vegas Shooting
Colorful Time-Lapse of Hot-Air Balloons in New Mexico – video
Sheriff David Clarke: Las Vegas Investigation is “Susious”
Thousands Gather in Las Vegas to Sing 'Amazing Grace – video
NRA Slams Liberal Hypocrisy Over Las Vegas Massacre
‘Dear Jimmy, SHUT UP.’ Conservatives BLAST Jimmy Kimmel for ‘Dear Crazies’ Gun Tweet
ISIS Claims Vegas Shooter Converted 7 Months Ago
Trump Approval Rising: Rasmussen 44% to
46%, Gallup 38% to 39%, PPP (D) 40% to 42% , Fox 41% to 42% , Economist/YouGov 42% to 42%
Congressional Job Approval Sinking: Quinnipiac 10% to 10%, Gallup 20% to
16%, PPP (D) 9% to 9%, Fox 15% to 15%, Economist/YouGov 10% to 9%, Reuters/Ipsos 25% to 20%
President Trump Warns Ominously: "It's the Calm Before the Storm"
Massachusetts: Muslim from Terror-Linked CAIR Running for U.S. Congress
What Is America's National Identity?
Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Expected to Plead Guilty to Desertion, Misbehavior
Call to Disarm Citizens Violates Natural Rights
Univ. of Texas Student Forced to Leave School after Mentioning the Fact That Gays Are Executed in Many Muslim Countries
‘Privately Funded’ Obama Presidential Library Could Cost Illinois Taxpayers $100 Million or More
Related: Obama Unveils Design – 225,000 Sq. Ft. to Laud the 'King'
Baring Grievous Wounds, Dry Humor, U.S. Agent Lays Out Key Evidence at Benghazi Trial
Judiciary Committee Advances Catholic Judge, Amy Barrett, Over Democrats’ Objections
NFL Players' Union Teamed Up with George Soros to Fund Leftist Advocacy Groups
Cruz, Lee Warn Trump Not to Tap Former Clinton Aide as Ambassador to Colombia
NRA Back ‘Bump Stock’ Ban, Trump Open to Restrictions
West Point Knew the Commie Cadet Was an Avowed Marxist – and Graduated Him Anyway
Vegas Survivor: Shot in Leg or Not, I'm Standing for My President
Michelle Obama, Tell Us How You Really Feel: The GOP Is Too White to Trust
POTUS: ‘They’re Learning a Lot More’ About Las Vegas Shooter
Sheriff Says Gunman Hid Tracks for ‘Decades,’ Likely Had 'Some Help at Some Point'
Trump Invites Las Vegas Shooting Victims to White House
What Happened to Missing $600 High-Powered Rifle That Mass Killer Bought Hours Before He Arrived in Las Vegas?
Keith Olbermann: NRA Should Be Branded a Terrorist Organization
Every Mass Shooting Shares One Thing in Common & It’s NOT Weapons – flashback
One City Saw 10% of Mass Shootings
Schumer Asks Trump to 'Break from the NRA...And Work With Us'
More Than 30,000 Guns in Australia's SECOND Gun Recall Program Collected, Early Numbers Suggest – HOLLY NOTE: This is a shock that Australia is performing yet a second gun confiscation. It's been 21 years since the first, done while Stan and I lived in 'The Lucky Country,' right after the Tasmanian massacre when their citizens were emotionally vulnerable. Afterwards, Australians experienced 'extreme buyers' remorse' that the had voted for confiscation and turned in their firearms. However, their government was clever and let enough time pass that they could take a second stab at it. The only thing this accomplishes is leave good, decent Australians indefensible and the criminals well-armed.
Former Australian Citizen Shares How Gun Control Failed in Australia – video
3 Green Berets Killed, 2 Wounded in Niger Ambush
Trump Requests Nearly $30 Billion in Emergency Funds for Hurricane Disasters
Congresswoman: Puerto Rico Receiving More Than $1.6 Billion in Direct Federal Aid
Hannity Shares Interesting, Hidden Facts on Guns, Crime Stats and Things the Left Doesn't Want You to Know – video
Tapeworms, Leftists, and other Parasitic Creatures
ANTIFA Communists Receiving Military Training from ISIS
These Journalists Talking About Guns
Rubio Asks Army to Kick Out West Point Grad with Pro-Communist Posts
Bump Stocks Are Flying Off the Shelves
Obama’s ATF Approved Bump-Stocks in 2010 – flashback
Trump’s Voter Base on the Line with Talk About Gun Control ‘as Time Goes By’
White House Talking Points on Las Vegas Urge Republicans to Reject New Gun Laws
‘We Already Have Laws Against Murder’: Gov. Matt Bevin Explains Why Gun Control Isn’t Answer
NYT Pushes Inflated Mass Shooting Numbers
Rush Limbaugh Rips Jimmy Kimmel, 'Crying' Experts Talking Gun Control: 'None of This Is Logic-Based'
Gun Control In Europe Is Almost Total. It Hasn't Stopped Mass Shooting Attacks Like Las Vegas
Drexel Professor Blames ‘Trumpism,’ White Entitlement for Las Vegas Massacre – HOLLY NOTE: It is extraordinary the lack of shame and decency that liberals can muster.
The Progressive Psychology of Exploiting a Crisis
Marcus Peters Slammed for Refusing to Stand for Anthem After Las Vegas Massacre
More Heroes of the Vegas Massacre
Michael Savage Interviews the Neighbor of the Shooter – video
Another NFL Sponsor Quits as Tensions over National Anthem Protests Reach New Heights
Trump Calls Out Liberal San Juan Mayor for Her Awful Lies, Jabs Her for Politicizing Disaster – As She Sits in Room!
Ben Rhodes Gets His Panties in a Bunch Over Trump's Retaliation Against Cuba
Truth Comes Out. The Reason the San Juan Mayor Has Been Soooo Ugly – and Lying – Is That She Wants to Run as the Democrat Candidate for Governor
GOP Guest Savages MSNBC's Chris Hayes for Politicizing Vegas Massacre Before the Bodies Are Even Cold
Thousands of Caribbean Hurricane Evacuees Arrive at Port Everglades
Mayor of San Juan Neighbor City Lauds Trump, Federal Response
Trump's Puerto Rico Response Just Might Bring the Island Voting Rights
San Juan Mayor: Puerto Rican Statehood Like 'a Slave Becoming a Slave Owner'
San Juan Mayor Rips Trump as 'Miscommunicator-in-Chief'
Judicial Watch: FBI Interview With Hillary Clinton Was “Friendly” – They Talked About Pregnancy and Babies 
President Trump Addresses the Nation on the Las Vegas Tragedy – video
Sarah Sanders Emotional White House Press Briefing – video
Wife of Vegas Victim: 'He Saved My Life and Lost His'
Inspiring Gift to Victims' Families: 30,000 Concert-goers Sing 'God Bless America' 1 Hour Before the Massacre – video
Stories of Heroism Emerge Following Deadly Vegas Shooting – video
Musician Shares One of the Most Detailed, Cogent Reports of What He Saw, What He Did – video
Following Rahm Emanuel's Instructions to "Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste," Dems Rekindle Gun Debate – HOLLY NOTE: One Vegas law enforcement official stated that stricter gun control would have made no difference in this mass shooting because Stephen Paddock didn't have so much as a parking ticket and was simply not on their radar. He was wealthy and quiet with no political or religious affiliation.
Hillary Clinton Slammed for ‘Ignorant’ Statement on Guns Literally within Hours of Las Vegas Shooting
Las Vegas Shooting: White House Hits Clinton, Dems for Rush to Gun Control
Pelosi Demands Commission to Study Gun Violence
Trump Won’t Start Gun-Control Debate
CBS Executive Fired After Saying Las Vegas Victims Didn't Deserve Sympathy Because "Country Music Fans Often Are Republican Gun Toters"
Killer Bought More Than 30 Weapons, Source Says
Why ISIS Claimed Allegiance of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock
Landslide: Nearly 80% of Football Fans Oppose Anthem Protests
Majority of NFL Fans Plan to Watch Less Football After Anthem Protests
You Can VOTE By Phone Call to Budweiser – 1-800-342-5283 – for Them to Withdraw Their Ad Support for the NFL
Hollywood Takes a Knee – and Turns Away Fans from Its Shows
Bias: Just 11% of Trump Coverage Is Positive
Tom Petty, Legendary Rock Star, Dead at 66
MASSACRE ON THE STRIP: Gunman Dead, Dragnet for Girlfriend after at Least 50 Killed, 400+ Hurt – Sheriff Joe Lombardo updated the casualty count at 9:40am to 59 dead, 515 hurt
ISIS Takes Credit, Claims Gunman Converted to Islam Months Ago, But Provided No Evidence
Singer Jason Aldean on Stage When Shots Rang Out Near Mandalay Bay
Vantage View from 32nd Floor of Mandalay Bay, Courtesy Tripadvisor
Las Vegas: Pyramid, Obelisk, Sphinx, Hotel Luxor – video
San Juan Mayor Wears 'Help Us, We Are Dying' Shirt for TV Interview
FEMA Says Trump-Hating San Juan Mayor Is Ignoring Organizational Meetings, Other Mayors in Constant Contact
…Admits She Hasn't Met with Federal Officials at Joint Field Office Over Hurricane Relief Efforts
David Bossie to Puerto Rico Mayor: Put Down the Microphone and Help – video
10,000 Containers of Puerto Rican Aid Sitting on Docks Undelivered
Puerto Rican CEO: Local Government in Charge of Maria Cleanup 'Completely Inept'
Ana Navarro Urges Puerto Ricans to Flood Swing States
Dozens of NFL Players Kneel, Raise Fists During Anthem After Trump Urges Them to 'Respect Our Flag'
Entire High School Football Team Runs onto Field with American Flags!
Online Radio Station Uses NFL Gear to Wash Veterans' Cars
2 Boys Kicked Off HS Football Team after Anthem Protest
Rex Murphy: Kneeling During Anthem Applauded When Political – Scorned When Done in Prayer
O.J. Simpson Released from Nevada Prison After Years Behind Bars
Florida's Attorney General to Nevada: Florida Doesn't Want OJ Simpson
Jason Chaffetz Drops Bombshell, Says Sessions Refuses to Prosecute Obama, Clinton Crimes