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MAR 31
More Than One Million Migrants Hoping to Cross to Europe from Libya: Senior Diplomat Warns EU Has Done 'Too Little, Too Late' to Tackle Crisis
’Assad Must Go’ No More: US Gov’t Shifts Priorities in Syria
Lavrov Gets Biblical: God Will Judge Obama for What He Did to Syria
MAR 30
Canadians Calling for More Border Control
Refugee Crisis Puts EU on Collision Course with Central Europe – Brussels Threatens to Withhold Funding from 4 Countries Unless They Take in More Muslims – Tensions Grow Between Traditionalist, Christian Countries and Their Liberal Western Neighbors
Women Defend Yourselves – video
NKorea Using Hackers to Rob Banks to Fund Regime
Putin Calls Attempts to Break Russian-US Diplomatic Relations a Mistake
MAR 29
UK Triggers Historic Brexit Negotiations as Official Letter Is Handed to the EU
Theresa May to Call on Britons to Unite
Scottish Lawmakers Back Independence Referendum Call
Migrants Applying for Asylum in Australia from Middle East Camps FAIL Security Checks
Australia Training 4,000 Teachers to Root Out Sexism in Preschoolers
Aussies Horrified by Bikini-Clad Popsicle Ad, Say It’s a Reference to Female Genitalia
Mexican Man Cleared in Sexual Assault of Schoolgirl Because He Didn't Enjoy It
Women Defend Yourselves – video
'Doomsday Library' Opens in Norway to Protect Them from the Apocalypse
MAR 28
NKorea Conducts Another Missile Engine Test, US Officials Say
The NKorean War Scare: The U.S. Must Not Dismiss Kim Jong-un’s Threats as Mere Bluster
Hungary Refuses to Take 5,000 Migrants From Sweden – HOLLY NOTE: Remember when Trump was hugely criticized for stating that Sweden was seeing a huge increase in rapes and other violent crimes as a result of taking in so many Muslim immigrants? Some woman in the Swedish government denied their terrible situation, except the problem got too big to hide. She had to retract her statement especially when Swedish Democrats backed Trump's statement about their immigrant-led crime crisis. Ami Horowitz further proved it in his video that Sweden is now rape capital amidst Muslim immigration. Because of this, women have vanished from Sweden's streets. Now, too late, Sweden acknowledges they have created a disaster and want to off-load their immigrants. As Stan and I have stated on many occasions, we're all for legal immigration but they need to assimilate and as Trump says, "love our country" and our values. Otherwise you get just what you see transpiring in Sweden – hell of their own making.
Sweden Threatens to Take Hungary to Court Over Migrant Refusal
"We've Reached Our Limits" - Greece Begins Blocking Refugees
World Nuclear Ban 'Not Realistic', Says US Ambassador to UN
UK Faces Government Decision on Deadlocked Northern Ireland
MAR 27
READY: Kim Jong-un Has 'Finger on Button' for Biggest EVER Blast
NKorea’s Missile Failure Won’t Stop Kim Jong Un Trying to Strike U.S.
38 North: Vehicles Detected at N. Korea's Nuclear Test Site
NKorea Nuclear Test Site Witnesses Hectic Activity, Satellite Images Show
US General Says NKorea’s Missiles Are So Advanced They Could Soon Reach Australia
Forget NKorea: A Nuclear War Betweeen India and Pakistan Should Terrify You
Venezuela: Running out of Food, Gas, Medicine...and Time
Ukrainian Ammo Depot Explodes — Authorities Suspect Foul Play – video
MAR 24
Up to 240 Migrants Feared Drowned in Mediterranean
Australian Columnist Who Demands Stay-at-Home Moms ‘Be Illegal’ Sparks Outrage Around the Globe
MAR 23
Turkey Threatens Europeans: You "Will Not Walk Safely In The Streets" If Current Attitude Persists
Erdogan's War on the West
MAR 22
NKorea Fires Missiles At Japan – Explodes Seconds After Launch
The Next George Soros
17 Things That Will Occur When Queen Elizabeth Dies
Tories in Canada Accuse Liberals of ‘Ramming Through Whatever the F— They Want’ to Make Changes to House Procedure
Sweden Readies Network of Nuclear Fallout Bunkers as Fears Grow of Russian Attack
Refugee Who Became a British Citizen After Sneaking into the UK Smuggled in Syrian Woman in the Trunk of his BMW
MAR 21
Kim Jong-un Vows to Reduce USA to 'Ashes' with Nuke Strikes If Donald Trump Fires ‘Even a Single Bullet’ at NKorea
…Blows Up U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Shoots Down Bomber in New Propaganda Video
China 'Aims 1,500 Missiles at US Military Bases' as War Boss Threatens to ‘Shoot' Enemies
The Communist Global Governance Takeover; China Set to Take the Leadership Role of the New Global Human Order
Americans Aren't the Only Ones Wanting Illegal Immigration Crackdown
POLL: Half of Canadians Want Illegals Deported
'Asylum Seekers' Are Now Making Their Way to 'Sanctuary City' Toronto
Hungary Opens Military Base at Border to Stop Migrants
EU Border Control Accuses NGOs of Providing Shuttle Service for African Migrants
UK: Cops Drag anti-Mass Migration Activist Off Streets for Asking anti-“Islamophobia” Protestors Questions
Crocodile Attacks Australian Teen Who Jumped into River on Dare
MAR 20
Is Denmark on the Brink?
NKorea "One Step Closer to ICBM Launch" After Successful Test of "New Type" Rocket Engine
Why Turkish President Erdogan Is Still the World’s Best Nazi
Fresh Torment as Photos of British Backpacker, 22, Who Was 'Kidnapped, Beaten and Raped for 2 Months' in Australian Outback Used in Fake Escort Profiles
Woman, 90, 'Raped and Strangled' By Teenage Immigrant in Germany
5 ‘Arab Migrants’ Gang-Rape Little Girl, 7, at German Refugee Center
MAR 17
Populism, Parties, & Politics - European Instability In 1 Simple Map
Turkish Ambassador: Iran's Regional Ambitions Must Be Contained
Somalia Ship Hijack: 'Pirates' Release Vessel Without Ransom
Pastor In Sierra Leone Finds World's 13th Largest Diamond
Crowd Funding Site Shuts Down Iranian-Backed Militia’s ‘Charity’ Campaign
MAR 16
Turkey May Cancel Migrant Readmission Deal with EU, Says Foreign Minister
New Zealand River First in the World to be Given Legal Human Status
An Underground Boat to Islamic Glory
'He's Eating Her': Horrific Call About Demonic Cannibal
MAR 15
Kim Jong-un's Next Nuclear Weapons Test Might Be His Last, Says High-Ranking Defector
New Poll Shows Emerging Trump Phenomenon in Canada
NKorea Threatens US with 'Merciless' Attacks – video
Numerous High-Profile Twitter Account Hacked, Post Swastikas, Pro-Erdogan, "NaziHolland" Messages
Canadians Want Immigrants Screened for “anti-Canadian Values,” Are Scolded By Establishment Media
Why Canada’s “Prime Minister Dreamboat” Will Come to Regret His Embrace of Refugees
Germany Spent More Than $21,000,000,000 on Refugees in 2016 as Crisis Outstrips State Budgets
MAR 14
Crazy, Unstable Kim: NKorea's Destructive Power Now Concerning After Recent Missile Tests
Navy Simulates Strike on NKorea
Bill Clinton Paved the Way for a Nuclear NKorea
China Makes It Illegal to Insult 'Heroes and Martyrs' of Communist Party
MAR 13
46 Killed, Dozens Missing in Ethiopia Garbage Dump Landslide
Bus Plows Into Parade Crowd in Haiti, Killing 38 – Angry Bystanders Set Bus on Fire
Tensions Escalate Between Berlin and Erdogan
Sexual Assault in Japan: 'Every Girl Was a Victim'
Turkey's Erdogan Warns Dutch Will 'Pay the Price' for Dispute
Britain's Cruelest Couple? Appalling Story of Hundreds of Animals Dying at a Zoo, Its Millionaire Owner (Who Seduced a 17-Year-Old Kangaroo Keeper) and His Beauty Queen Wife
2 Fans Killed, Dozens Injured in a Crush at a Pop Concert in Argentina as Attended By 300,000 People Even Though the Venue Could Only Hold 200,000
Jordan Releases Soldier Who Killed 7 Israeli Girls in 1997
MAR 10
Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers as the World Marches Toward War
Iran Tested Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile
Russia Has Deployed Missile Barred by Treaty, U.S. General Tells Congress
China Stealth Jet Enters Service, Navy Building 'First Class' Fleet
Sweden: Migrants Slice Woman’s Throat Open, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It
Iranian Immigrant, 40, Who ‘Strangled a Grandmother with the Cord of Her Own Jacket Before Dumping Her Body in an Storage Shed Hears Murder Charge Through a Farsi Interpreter
SKorean Court Throws President Out of Office, 2 Dead in Protest
At least 7 Injured In Ax Attack at Dusseldorf Train Station
A Real-Life ‘Hunger Games’ Is Coming to Russia
Brussels Crumbling? Verhofstadt Warns of EU 'Crisis' amid Brexit 'DISASTER'
CNN Presenter Reza Aslan Sparks Backlash After He Eats HUMAN BRAINS While Filming With Hindu Cannibal Sect
EU Risks to Be Divided Into 'Important and Most Important Countries'
German Media Insists Migrant with Wrinkles is 17 Year-Old Refugee
Thirst Wars: Turkey Applies Political Pressure by Cutting Off Water to Syria
China to ‘Take Necessary Measures’ If US Builds Defense System in S. Korea
…'Training for Strike on US Bases'
North Korea Is 'Practicing Nuking' US Forces
U.S. Starts Deploying Anti-Missile System in SKorea after Defiant North's Latest Test
Iran Launches 2 Ballistic Missiles, Sinking an Offshore Barge 150 Miles Away
Iran Vessels Force U.S. Navy Ship to Change Course; Come Within 600 Yards
'Sexist' Pedestrian Lights to Be Replaced in Australia
NKorea Fires 4 Ballistic Missiles into Sea of Japan
The North Korean Threat – video
US Wages Secret Cyber Operations Against North Korea Missile Program
Iran Defense Minister: “Main Threat” Is From US And Israel, “We Need To Hit The Enemy Where It Hurts The Most”
12 People Treated For Possible Chemical Weapons Exposure In Iraq
Mayor Of Calais 'Bans Distribution Of Food To Migrants' To Discourage More Arriving
Hungary Builds Border Fence Able To Electrocute Refugees
Swedish Town Where Migrant Gangs Have Killed Multiculturalism And Laugh At Laws They Despise And Defy
Sweden’s Integration Minister Admits Lying When She Claimed Rape Rate Was “Going Down"
South African President Calls For Confiscating White-Owned Land – 'Where You See A Beautiful Land, Take It, It Belongs To You'
Woman Accidentally Cremated While Still Alive
120 Romanian Diners Stampede From Spanish Restaurant Without Paying $2,100 Bill
Tehran Tests Sophisticated Air Defense System
Bribery? Everyone In EU To Get Free Roaming By 2017, If They're Still A Member
Somalia: 110 Dead From Hunger In 48 Hours
200,000 Terrified Mosul Residents Forced To Strip At Gunpoint To Prove They Aren't Carrying Explosives
City Of Burning Lakes: Experts Fear Bangalore Will Be Uninhabitable By 2025
More Venezuelans Forced To Eat From Garbage
Russia Slams "Malicious Campaign" Waged By Unknown Americans to Damage Ties
Russian Diplomats Are Dropping Dead, and Conspiracies Rise in Their Place
Goodbye Globalism: Polexit: Poland Could Soon Leave Failing EU
1 German Weekend: 2 Cases of ‘Southern Types’ Gang-Raping Women
Desperate Merkel Flies to North Africa to Tackle Migrant Crisis Before German Elections
Sweden, Where Terrified Women Have Vanished from the Streets
Family of 8 Iraqi Asylum Seekers Found Guilty of Gang-Raping 'Blind Drunk' Woman, 28, After Luring Her Away from Her Friends at New Year's Eve Party
EU Tells Member States to Detain More Migrants Before Deportation
EU Threatens Member States With Fines Over Failure to Accept Refugees
Disaster Looms as 11 Million Ugandans Face Starvation
EU Nationals Win Right to Stay in the UK after Brexit
Populist Politics Rising in Australia
Abuse Inquiry: Australian Orphanage Was 'Feast of Kids' for Pedophiles Working There
Petition Urging Obama to Run for President in France Gains 42,000 Signatures
Russia, China Block Bid By Western Powers to Impose UN Sanctions on Syria
Iran Requests 950 Tonnes of Uranium from Kazakhstan
Austria Moves to Strip Rejected Asylum Seekers of Food & Shelter
Fearing a Future of Immigrants, Robots, Dutch Voters Eye Geert Wilders
In Unprecedented Move Australia Recalls All Ambassadors to Help Shape Foreign Policy Reset
FEB 28
Poland, Hungary Join Together to Challenge EU Bureaucracy
'Viagra Hotel' Opens in UK Prompting Local Outrage
For Decades British Children Were Sent Abroad, Mostly to Australia – and Then Abused
Germany Hate Crime: Nearly 10 Attacks a Day on Migrants in 2016
London Assembly Warns May Not to Use EU Migrants as Brexit 'Bargaining Chip'
Europe's First Brothel Where Customers Pay $120 an Hour for Sex With Dolls Opens in Spain
FEB 27
Governor’s Mansion ‘Queer Dance Freakout’ Protests ‘Bathroom Bill’
Islamic Professor Defends Rape and Slavery at Catholic University
Bush Daughter to Headline Planned Parenthood Fundraiser
Fort Hood Jihadist Shooter Nidal Hassan Is ‘Gay’ and Wants a Sex-Change Operation – HOLLY NOTE: This probably wouldn't go down well with his fellow Islamic extremists. (Unless, they just look the other way as documented here: The Pashtun Practice of Having Sex with Young Boys.) The Ft. Hood shooting was another terrorist attack Obama labeled "workplace violence" even though Hassan yelled 'Allahu Akbar' just before killing 13 people and wounding 28. One would say this takes conjones, but this death-row inmate is about to have is removed, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Is it just me, or does it seem more males are changing into females rather than the reverse?
Namaste, Satan: Metal Yoga Class Set Inside Satanic Temple
Bill Maher, Who Took Credit for Milo Yiannopoulos' Downfall, Has Also Defended Adult Sex with Children
Radioactive Cow Site No Cause for Alarm, Says Australian State Government
Rare Illness Increases in Heavy Pot Smokers
Officials Warn Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Is Spreading — Authorities ‘Baffled’ Over Release… “Could Indicate Leak from Nuclear Plant”
“Smoke Billowing” from Japan Nuke Plant — Possible Fire Reported Near Reactors, Cause Not Identified
FEB 24
Canada Sees Spike in Border Crossers Coming from the US
Airport on the Brink: Backed by US Air Support, Iraqi Troops Seize Key Mosul Runway from ISIS
Swedish Politician Proposes Sex Breaks During Work Hours
Cuba Says It Foiled Plot to Destabilize Country, Slams Dissidents and OAS
Britain's 'Harsh' Immigration Rules For Foreign Spouses Upheld By Court
Sweden Democrats: Trump Was Right on Their Immigrant-Led Crime Crisis
Is There a Media Blackout on the Masonic Service at Canterbury Cathedral?
Body Piercer Chops Off Her Own Finger 'Because She Wants to' After Slicing a Tattoo of Her Ex's Name Off Her Arm with a Scalpel
FEB 22
Iran Ready to Give U.S. 'Slap in the Face': Commander
Iran Renews Destructive Cyber Attacks on Saudi Arabia
Syrian Asylum Seeker in Austrian Court Charged with 20 Murders
Left Wing Swedish Newspaper Journalist Attacked in Muslim ‘No Go Zone’
What US Can Learn from Sweden's Refugee Crisis – video
Populism Rises in Canada as Majority Now Distrust Govt
74 Migrants Wash Up on Libyan Shore
Human Trafficking Victim in UK: 'Many Men Raped Me Every Day'
– video
Germany's Bavaria to Ban Full-Face Veil
FEB 21
Horowitz — Sweden Now Rape Capital Amidst Muslim Immigration – video
‘Trump Was Right’: Migrants Riot, Loot, Fight With Police And Set Cars On Fire In Sweden
Temple of Ba’al Arch Erected for World Government Summit in Dubai
Canada Mayor 'Scared' About Refugees from U.S.
1 in 4 Canadians Backs Trump-Style Refugee Ban
5 Dead, Including 4 Americans, After Small Plane Crashes into Melbourne Mall
China May Ban Foreign Submarines from East and South China Seas
FEB 20
Iranian Dissidents Demand Investigation Into Islamic Regime’s Secret U.S. Lobbying Network
Republican Senators Seek More Sanctions on Iran
China Message to Trump With North Korea Coal Ban: Let's Deal
Tony Blair calls for People to 'Rise Up' Against Brexit
Putin Says He Will Strengthen Russia’s Security Service
FEB 17
Russian Spy Ship Now Loitering Off Virginia Coast
Paris on Fire: Riots Reach Capital's Center - Buildings Set Ablaze, Police Attacked
Paris at War - Media Silent – video
Paris: Boulders Block Migrants From Sleeping, Prompt Debate
Australian Teachers Filmed Playing 'F---, Marry or Kill' About Students Keep Their Jobs
FEB 16
Denmark Bans Migrant Muslim-Majority Neighborhoods
The Three-Headed Hydra of the Middle East
Syria Denies Using Chemical Weapons
FEB 15
Russian Spy Ship Spotted 30 Miles South of Connecticut, Near Navy Submarine Base
Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump – HOLLY NOTE: Are you seeing all these countries in the last 2 days testing missiles? Russia, NKorea and China are all flexing muscles.
4 Russian Fighter Jets Repeatedly Buzz US Destroyer
Trump Expects Putin to "Return" Crimea to Ukraine and De-Escalate Violence
‘Our Land:’ Russia Tells US That Crimea Won’t Be ‘Given Back’ to Ukraine
More Than 100 Toronto Firefighters Battling 6-Alarm Blaze at Badminton and Racquet Club
Millions of UK Families on Brink of Poverty, Report From Leading Think Tank Finds – HOLLY NOTE: The questions remains, why would they take in millions of immigrants when their own people are in trouble?
‘Horrible Picture’: Dutch Woman Restrained by Family While Being Euthanized
FEB 14
NKorea 'Game Changing' New Missile More Stable, Efficient, Harder to Detect
Russia Spy Ship Off East Coast – Same Day Kremlin Secretly Deployed Controversial Cruise Missiles Inside Russia and Flew within 200 Yards of a U.S. Navy Destroyer – HOLLY NOTE: Events are lining up just as Gruver envisioned. See prophecy in next commentary.
China May Be Preparing a Crippling Preemptive Missile Strike on US Military Bases – HOLLY NOTE: All these nations that prepare to come against America will rue the day. Revelation 18:15 prophesied that after she is destroyed, then they realize too late there is no one to buy their goods. And it goes far beyond trade. Who will send their military to these countries for protection? Who will give them billions every year in foreign assistance? Who will come to their aid, physically and financially, in disasters? Short-sighted to be sure, but it is coming. In addition to scripture, many Christian prophets have had visions of this as well. Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed covers 7 of the most respected prophets and their disturbing visions. Here is a synopsis of Henry Gruver's vision Lonely Heart Kept as Sex Slave After Falling for Man She Met on Dating Website
NATO Needs to Reform into a Global Alliance Against Islamic Terrorism – or Become Obsolete
Doesn't Pay to Be Related to Kim Jon-Un: Half-Brother Reportedly Poisoned
FEB 13
Millions Rally in Iran, Chant 'Death to America'
Greece Evacuates an Estimated 75,000 People to Defuse WWII Bomb
Canadian Man Who Beheaded Bus Passenger Granted Total Freedom
Immigration Crackdown: Random Raids on Illegals Incite UK Uproar – HOLLY NOTE: Seems like the UK isn't too pleased with massive illegal immigration either. – flashback
SKorea Condemns Ballistic Missile Launch by North
Former British Spy Behind Trump Dirty Dossier Is Accused of Smearing a Cambridge University Political Rival 32 Years Ago
Venezuelans Lead in US Asylum Requests as Crisis Deepens
Brussels Plunged into Darkness in Massive Power Outage, Cause Unknown
Army Struggles to Regain Control of Lawless Brazilian City Where 95 People Have Been Killed in Just 5 Days Since Police Strike
Hungary to Put Asylum-Seekers in Border Container Camp
Austrian Authorities Seeking Hitler Double Seen Around Birthplace
Being Born in Switzerland Doesn't Guarantee Citizenship – Votes on Relaxing Citizenship Rules
$25M Lost in Lonely Hearts Scams Just 'Tip of Iceberg'
FEB 10
Russia’s Gradual Swallowing of Ukraine – HOLLY NOTE: Though it's not widely publicized, Russia goes into periodic famines roughly every 4 to 5 years. This is well chronicled in Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, addressing prophecy about famine coming. Since Ukraine is known as Europe's "breadbasket" and Russia sees famine so frequently, this is likely a main reason Putin annexed Crimea three years ago and continues invasive actions.
How Deep Was the Obama-Iran Relationship?
European Public Shocks Elites In Huge 10-Country Poll By Rejecting Further Muslim Immigration
Britain to End Its Program for Lone Child Refugees
China, U.S. Warplanes Had ‘Unsafe’ Encounter in South China Sea
Is China Practicing Missile Strikes Against US Bases in Asia?
Escalating Tensions: Official: Iran Fires Another Missile From Launch Pad
Pearl Harbor 2? China 'Has Prepared for a Preemptive Strike Against US Military Bases Which Would Cripple American Forces in the Region'
European People-Smugglers Are Using Garlic to Sneak Illegal Immigrants into the UK
2 Asylum Seekers in Germany Charged with Molesting 5 Girls at Swimming Pool
Victims of New Year’s Eve Migrant Attacks Come Forward: ‘They Grabbed Me Everywhere’
Germany's Muslim Demographic Future
Canadian Man Who Disappeared in 2012 Is Found 6,500 Miles Away in the Amazon Jungle After Walking Barefoot Across Two Continents
More Aborigines Experiencing Racism – 46% Claim Discrimination in the Last 6 Months
Mother-of-two, Is Flattered to Receive Huge Haul of Cosmetics with a Note Saying 'You Need a Treat' - Only to Realize She Sent It to Herself While Drunk
Photos Show Iran Moved Missiles From Launchpad
High Risk of Imminent Large Scale Military Operations in Eastern Ukraine
Russia Conducts Snap Air Force Combat Readiness Check, Western Media Accuse Moscow of ‘Going to War'
China Sails Warships Near Islands James Mattis Promised to Defend for Japan
92% of Berlin's Left-Wing Activists Live with Their Parents; 1 in 3 Is Unemployed, Study
Hungary Wants ALL Asylum Seekers Detained
Swedish Shocker: Syrian Refugee Sentenced to 2 Months in Prison for Raping 13-Year-Old Girl in School Toilet
Due to "Unassimilated, Mainly Male, Muslim Migrants" Germans Market 'Safe Shorts' to Protect from Sex Crimes – "Athletic Shorts, Chastity Belt, and Rape Whistle All Rolled into One”
Canadians' Feelings About Immigration Are Mixed at Best
Report: Assad Executed Up to 13,000 Syrians in Mass Hangings
Murders Skyrocket, Morgues Overflow After Police Goes on Strike in Brazil
Cautionary Tale: Judge Forces Man to Hand Over Nearly $3.5 Million More to Ex-Wife 10 Years After Divorce
Canadian Mother Makes Emotional Public Plea After Young Sons Face Racial Slurs at School
Iran Carries Out New Missile Tests After Trump Imposes Sanctions
Iran Will Fire 'Roaring Missiles' If Threatened, Military Commander Warns
Trump Should Tear Up Iran Agreement
Researchers' 3 Theories of the Apocalypse: Pandemics, Climate Change, Nuclear War
Apocalypse Island: Billionaires Building Boltholes in NZ
US Sends Navy Destroyer Off Coast of Yemen Amid Iran Tensions
How the Kiev Regime’s War on Donbass Broke Geopolitics
French Soldiers Robbed of Assault Rifles & Ammo in McDonald’s Parking Lot
Asian Grooming Gang Lawyers: Judge's Fury at Legal Aid Firm That Used Human Rights Laws to Fight Deportation
New Iran Sanctions Announced by US Treasury Department After Ballistic Missile Test
Trump: Iran 'Playing With Fire'
The Coming Clash With Iran
U.S. to Issue New Iran Sanctions, Opening Shot In Get-Tough Strategy
Mattis Says US Would Have 'Effective and Overwhelming' Response to NKorea Nuke Attack
Former Editor Allegedly Used Vice Canada to Recruit Drug Mules for a Global Smuggling Ring
Canada Mint Worker Jailed Who Hid $130,000 of Gold in Rectum
Car Ban Fails to Curb Air Pollution in Mexico City
US Said set to Sanction 25 Iranian Entities After Missile Test
Former Editor Allegedly Used Vice Canada to Recruit Drug Mules for a Global Smuggling Ring
BREXIT Bill Passes
MPs Vote to Give Theresa May Power to Trigger Article 50 and Begin Formal EU Negotiations – video
‘Enormous’ Spike in Hate Crimes in Montreal Since Deadly Quebec City Mosque Attack
One of UK's Worst-Ever Pedophiles: Former Teacher and Scoutmaster Abused Boys Around the World for Decades, Repeatedly Dodged Police, Allowed to Adopt a Son
Sharia Justice: Indonesian Woman and Lover Endure 26 Agonizing Lashes for Having Sex Outside of Marriage
Woman Who Planted 50Ft Trees to Block Neighbors' View Accused of Tearing Up Grass
Melbourne Bans Homeless
Christian Group Compassion Int'l Being Forced to Close Doors, Abandon 147,000 Children in India
In France, 2 Top Presidential Candidates Accused of Misconduct
Woman Gives Birth to Frog-Like Baby in Zimbabwe
German and EU Taxpayers Will Pay Nearly $46,000,000,000 to Deal With Problems Caused By Muslim Migrants
U-Turn: London Backs Brexit, Embraces International Opportunities
Wedding Shells: Gunfire at Ceremony Caught on Video
Thousands of Gay Men Pardoned in UK
JAN 31
Nigel Farage & Katie Hopkins Back Trump, Want the Same for Britain
In Britain Doctors Can No Longer Call Women ‘Mothers’ Because It’s Not ‘Inclusive’
Fukushima Breakthrough? Japan’s TEPCO Finds Possible Nuclear Fuel Debris
Brits v. Americans: Slang Wars – video humor
Nazi Salute in Front of Swastika Puts Swiss Soldiers Under Investigation
Treasure Hunter to Raise British Warship Potentially Laden With Gold Worth £1B
Perth Biker Clocked at 134mph
JAN 30
Iran Tests Ballistic Missile in Defiance of UN Resolution (Thank you John Kerry. It shouldn't ruffle feathers that Trump talked about tearing up the Iran nuke deal, because obviously, it's worth nothing to begin with.)
Duterte Slams Building of ‘Permanent’ US Weapon Depot in Philippines, Threatens to Tear Up Treaty
'Not the Time to Build Walls', Iran's Rouhani Tells Trump – HOLLY NOTE: One has to wonder if Rouhani sent this same 'memo' to the other 65 countries that have border walls. A complete, physical would make it more difficult for Iranians to sneak in too. Prayer rugs and Qurans have been found littering the well-traveled pathways into the U.S.
Canadian Couple Harassed Neighbors with Giant Manure Pile
JAN 27
Canada Inching Toward 'Islamophobia' Law
North Korea Sends Spies Overseas to Prevent Defections, Extend Reach of Human Rights Abuses
Britain's Navy Keeps Eye on Russia's 'Ship of Shame'
Trump Freezes Obama's $221 Million Payout to the Palestinians
Sydney Saves Slowest-Selling Dance Show By Going All Nude
JAN 26
Making Britain Great Again
Theresa May Has Finally Published the Brexit Bill That Will Get Britain Out of the EU
Russia Becomes The Largest Oil Supplier to China
JAN 25
Animal Magic on the Mountain of God – HOLLY NOTE: Stan gives a spellbinding lecture on the Biblical Garden of Eden close to this area. Find out where it is.
Rejecting Keystone XL Would Be Chance for Canada's PM Trudeau to Stand Up to Trump, Thomas Mulcair Says
Down-and-Out Chic, 'Crazy Hair' Make Paris Catwalk – HOLLY NOTE: Remember seeing these colorful mohawks in Boulder, CO on the Pearl Street Mall during the 80s. They were especially plentiful during Bronocs games when guys sported orange and blue hair.
Analyst Believes China’s Missiles Near Russian Borders Target USA
Israel Advises Citizens in Egypt's Sinai to Leave, Cites Attack Risk
Diplomat Says China Would Assume World Leadership If Needed
JAN 24
BREXIT Hiccup: Britain's Supreme Court Rules UK Government Must Vote in Parliament Before Beginning Process to Leave EU
Iran Caught Importing Missile Technology
NKorea Threatens to ‘Pour Further Misery’ on US and Trump Administration
China Becomes Largest Coal Miner in Australia After $2.5B Rio Tinto Deal
Gang Rape Live on Facebook Leads to 3 Arrests in Sweden
JAN 23
Japan Enters Uncharted Waters As Emperor's Abdication Pondered
Australia to Seek UK Migration Deal in Brexit Trade Talks
JAN 20
Tom Cotton: The Iran Deal Is Dead
Iran Promises to 'Surprise' Trump If He Cancels Nuclear Deal
JAN 19
Canadian Conservative Kevin O'Leary Launches Leadership Bid
Thousands Are Faking Living in Ireland to Get Family Members into the UK
Pride Toronto Votes Caves to Black Lives Matter Demands and Bans Police Floats From Parades
Ukrainian President Calls For Global Response to Russian Threat
JAN 18
12-Year-Old Indian Girl ‘Gang Raped By School Principal and 3 Teachers’ in Critical Condition
‘Trump Was Right to Call Merkel’s Immigration Policy ‘Catastrophic Mistake’’
Europe Gears Up for ‘Record Levels’ of New Migrants in 2017 – HOLLY NOTE: This makes absolutely no sense to accept all these migrants. History shows they don't assimilate, nor do they want to, and for the most part, they are Muslim. Look what's happened to France.
‘It Is Not Out of Control’: Officials Panic as 26 Found Charred and Beheaded in Third Brazilian Prison Riot
JAN 17
Putin: The People Behind the Trump Dossier Are 'Worse Than Prostitutes'
Crisis Warnings Sound as EU Gears Up For New Migrant Wave
ISIS iS Dropping Bombs With Drones in Iraq
Theresa May Sets Out 12-Point Plan for Brexit
3 Years On, Underwater Hunt For Malaysian Plane Called Off
JAN 16
Trump Calls NATO 'Obsolete' and Predicts More Countries Will Leave EU
Davos Elite Gather Amid Globalization Backlash
Cargo Plane Crashes in Kyrgyzstan, Killing At Least 37
Vacationers Urged to Take Cover As 5 People Are Shot Dead At Mexican Nightclub
28 Escape In Deadly Brazilian Prison Break, Officials Say
Ship Carrying 110 Migrants Sinks Off The Coast of Libya
SKorea Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Of Samsung Chief For Bribery
German Court Rules Setting Synagogue on Fire Legit Protest
JAN 13
Russia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems Around Moscow in Latest Sign Putin Is Preparing For War
Hungary Swears in First 'Border Hunters' Who Will Patrol Country's Razor-Wire Fence Alongside Soldiers to Keep Migrants Out
Assange Agrees to Extradition If 'Chelsea' Manning Released
JAN 12
Mexico to Seek Broad Negotiating Strategy with Trump
ISIS Drowns Man In Shampoo For Saying Group Is Dirty
German Police: 13 Migrant Sex Crimes in 2 Days
Taliban Release Video Showing American, Australian Captives
Why Does the Pope Keep Meeting With Mahmoud Abbas
JAN 11
Dad Saves Daughter As Muslim Rape Frenzy Plagues Germany
People Are Using Cakes to Apologize for Behaving Very Badly in the Bedroom
JAN 10
US Tanks Roll into Germany to Protect Against Potential Russian Invasion
Obama Approves Big Uranium Shipment to Iran That Could Be Used For Nukes
Poll: Brits Would Prefer Controlling Immigration to EU Free Trade
U.S. Navy Destroyer Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessels
Iran: U.S. Surrendered More Than $10 Billion in Gold, Cash, Assets – Obama Admin Lowballs Cost of Dealing with Iran
Former Iranian President Rafsanjani, 82
Poland Acquires First Strike Capability to Pose Threat to Russia
NKorea Aims To Complete New Ballistic Missile Development By 2018
Looming Threat: NKorea’s Nuclear Capability Better By The Day, Top Diplomat Warns
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