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China Condemns US Sanctions over 'North Korea Funding'
Furious China "Outraged" By U.S. Sale of $1.4BN In Weapons to Taiwan
New Conflicts Threaten Syria After Islamic State Defeat
NKorea Is Sitting on a Stockpile of Minerals Reportedly Worth Trillions
Germany Legalizes Gay Marriage in Snap Vote
Why the European Union Is Failing
NATO Allies Boost Defense Spending By 4.3% after Trump Pressures Them to Pay Their Fair Share
China ‘Asks India to Withdraw Troops’ from Nathu La Pass
Sweden on Brink of Civil War: Sweden Is Being Torn Apart by Muslim Immigrants and Refugees – Police Beg for Help, Legal System Collapsing
Russian Submarine Successfully Test-Fires Bulava Intercontinental Missile
Syria Denies US Allegations of Coming Chemical Attack – HOLLY NOTE: Syria has denied launching any chemical attacks when independent wire services have countless photos proving otherwise. Remember the single family who lost 22 members killed in April's attack?
Russia Believes New Arms Race Beginning in World - Envoy to NATO
Boy Travels from Morocco to Spain Under Bus
Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Threats Posed By NKorea – video
At Least 9 Dead, 28 Missing as Boat in Colombia Carrying 160 Tourists Sinks in Reservoir
Illegal Immigrant Awarded Compensation for ‘Unlawful Detention’ Beats Woman
Drag Queen Story Time at Primary Schools
Scary as Hell: Airline Captain Tells Passengers to Pray During Wild Flight
Pakistan Oil Tanker Explodes, Killing 153
Locked into Al-Tanf U.S. Military Concedes It Lost the Race to Occupy South-East Syria
NKorea Conducts Another Rocket Engine Test: Report
Theresa May Offers EU Citizens Living in Britain FULL Residency as Brexit Bargaining Chip
Immigration Fuels Britain's Sharpest Annual Population Rise for 70 YEARS - as Number Jumps By 538,000
Prince Harry's Astonishing Claim: 'I Don't Think Anyone Wants to be King or Queen'
Scots Could Derail May's Brexit Bill: PM Faces 'Legislative War'
London's Grenfell Tower Victims Were Poisoned By Cyanide Released from Its Cladding
600 Other Apartment Hi-Rises Assessed to Have Been Built with the Same Deadly Material
'Day of Rage' Protesters Clash with Police During Anti-government Demonstrations Despite Pleas By Grenfell Tower Residents Not to Let the Disaster Be 'Hijacked' as an Excuse for Violence
Get Off My Fracking Land! Furious Farmer Sprays MANURE at Oscar Winning Actress Emma Thompson and Her Sister Sophie – video
1 Billion Added to World Population By 2030, India Will Overtake China as Most Crowded Country in SEVEN Years
The Man Who Lived Alone on a Desert Island for 20 Years
Saudi King Salman Upends Royal Succession, Names Son as First Heir
Canada Passes Law Criminalizing Use of Wrong Gender Pronouns
UN Report: Number of Global Refugees Hits Record High – More Than 10 Million People Newly Displaced in 2016
Police Raids Across Germany for People who Posted Offensive Comments Online
US Fighter Jet Shoots Down Iran-Made Syrian Drone After It Came Within FIRING DISTANCE of American Troops
Dare in the Air: Russian Fighter Buzzes US Jet as Tensions Rise
Larry Taylor: Missiles of October – prophecy flashback
Iran Says Its First Known Ballistic Missile Strike in Syria Sends Message to USA
Australia Suspends Military Flights Over Syria, Citing "Potential Threats" From Russia
Soft Sharia Emerges In Turkey
Mysterious Cries for Help Lead to Search of Partridge Island
U.S. Warplane Shoots Down Syrian Jet
Anger as Death Toll Rises to 58 from London's Towering Inferno: Families Criticize Chaotic Handling of Casualty Lists
'The Screams Will Live with Me Forever': Hero Firefighter Who Battled His Way to 15th Floor Says He Feared It Would Collapse Like 9/11
KATIE HOPKINS: I Don't Blame the Fury from the Victims of the Grenfell Inferno. When All We Ever Get from Our Government Are Empty Words, Lack of Facts and Paralysed Inaction, Rage Is All We Have
‘I’m About to Go to Heaven, I Will Help You from There’: Final Words of Italian Couple to Their Parents Before They Died
University Apologizes For Telling Students Not to Poop in the Showers
Family's Fury as 'Neighbor from Hell' Avoids Jail after Beating Grandmother Black and Blue on her 80th Birthday
Canadians to Face Hate Crimes Charges, Prison for Anti-Transgender Speech
Colombia Marks First Legal All-Male, Three-Way Gay Marriage
'There Is No One Left Alive': Rescuers Say Finding a Survivor in the Tower Inferno Would Be a 'Miracle' Raising Fears 100+ Have Died
Inside the Towering Inferno: First Video Reveals Horror Faced By Firefighters
A Replacement of Population Is Taking Place in Europe – HOLLY NOTE: This is a hot topic that few people want to tackle, but we must. Unless countries are willing to limit even legal immigration, their nation will soon become unrecognizable. America has been under this same siege and making a slow, though obvious transition, over the last 4 decades. The U.S. is now less Christian and more socialist, neither of which are compatible with our way of life or what our founding fathers envisioned. Those that wish this trend to continue slam others as Islamophobic, racist or some other misapplied label. We need see – really see – with clear eyes and less romanticism what is happening to Europe and take a lesson. Without assimilation, newcomers' problems, their way of life and culture will overtake ours. Every country needs fresh blood, new ideas and skills, but not at the cost of extinguishing our identity.
Nearly 7 million Muslim Migrants Are ‘Waiting to Cross into Europe’
Related: Europe's Leaders: Shielding Themselves from Reality
Germany: Migrant Sex Crimes Double in 1 Year
UK Judges Make It Even Harder to Kick Out Foreign Criminals: They Say 'Deport First, Appeal Later' Rule Breaches Human Rights Law
17 Killed in Mogadishu Restaurant Siege: Somalia Attack Started With Car Bomb
Madrid Replaces Traffic Lights with Gay Traffic Lights
Oliver Stone's Response to Being Laughed at for Defending Putin: Blame the Jews
At Least 12 Fatalities Confirmed, Dozens Missing after Huge London Blaze Engulfs 27-Storey Apartment Building: Trapped Residents Build Ropes from Sheets and Hurl Themselves from Windows
Eyewitnesses Describe 'Terrifying' Scenes as Grenfell Tower Residents Fight to Escape Deadly Blaze – video
At Least 6 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized…
Increasingly Likely Theresa May Could Cancel Brexit
Mayor of Rome Seeks To Ban Immigration
Taiwan Reacts Defiantly as Panama Switches Diplomatic Ties to China
NKorea Is Now ‘Only One Step Away’ from an ICBM Which Can Hit America
Threatens Nuclear Strike on New York City…
'Close to Nuclear Missile Test'…
Sex Attacks at Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000% – Many of the Attackers Were Described as Being of “Foreign Origin”
3,000 Migrants Arrive in Italy, Growing Tensions Between Libya and NGOs
Austria Bans Islamic Dresses for Women, Mandates 12-Month Integration Course
‘The Crash Is Coming' Eurocrats Predict Doom for UK and Say BRETURN Is Real Possibility
North Korea Dreams of Turning Out the Lights
64 Seats Short of a Majority, Corbyn Says He Will Block a Tory Government, Thwart Brexit
Polls Predict 400 Seat Win for Macron’s Party in First Round of French Legislative Elections
Exposed: The Nazi Roots of the European Union 
President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker Urges EU Members to Boost Defence Spending After Pressure from Trump
Italy’s Open-Borders Policy Causes 52 More Migrant Deaths Off Libyan Coast
DR Congo Jailbreak Frees 936 Inmates, Leaves 11 Dead – HOLLY NOTE: It would be clever if Italy implemented a vetting process as the vast majority of fleeing Africans boat to Italy and spread throughout Europe from there. Do they really want to admit criminals? You have to wonder there the 4,000 inmates went after escaping from a high security prison in the Congo's capital.
Russia Orders Doctors to Perform ‘Virginity Tests’ on Underage Girls
Hard May's Night: Theresa May to Ask Queen's Permission to Form Government
Election MAYHEM! Latest Updates as Defiant Theresa May Plots Number 10 Stay, UKIP Collapses and Pound Plummets
Eurocrats Warn That Brexit Talks Are More Likely to FAIL Due to Election Chaos
Russia May Seize U.S. Property If Its Own Compounds Not Returned: Kommersant
NKorea Fires Missiles, Slams Trump's 'Egotism' – Ground-to-Ship Missiles Land Near Site of US Drills
Election Day in the UK: May Win No Longer Sure Thing After Terror Attacks
Meet the ‘Bernie Sanders’ of Britain Who Is Now Vying for Prime Minister
US Worried by China's Growing Military Cooperation With Russia
Kidnappers Find Out It's Unwise to Mess with Woman Sharpshooter
Of Queen & Country, God and Guns
After Warnings, U.S. Wages New Strike on Pro-Syria Government Forces
Berlin Approves Withdrawal of German Troops From Incirlik Airbase in Turkey
UK Election Reaches Final Round After Rollercoaster Political Year
Russia, China Plan Large-Scale Military 'Events' in 2017
Burmese Plane 'Carrying 100' Vanishes
Piers Morgan: Teresa May Talks Tough Now But When in Charge of the Home Office She Cut Police Numbers by 20,000 and Now We’re Paying the Price in Blood
Czech Government Tells Its Citizens How to Fight Terrorists: Shoot Them Yourselves – flashback
US Can't Block Our Nuclear Strike: N Korea
'Clear and Present Danger' – Mattis Sounds Alarm Over Threats from NKorea, South China Sea
Mattis: Era of Strategic Patience Is Over – video
NKorea's Missiles Can Reach These US Military Bases – video
Mark Steyn: Britain Must Stop 'Importing' Jihadist Ideology
Aussie Leader: 'Stop Islamic Immigration Before It's Too Late' – London Terror Attack Sparks Global Outrage
Brussels 'Faces Revolt' as 1 in 4 People in the EU Lives 'on the Verge of Poverty'
Retired Green Beret Warns The World Is Short-Fused on Multiple Flash-Points
A World Government on the Horizon
Bilderbergs to Meet in Virginia to Mull Trump Presidency, Henry Kissinger and NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg
Over 10,000 People 'Falsely Claimed to be Manchester Bomb Survivors to Get Tickets to Ariana Grande's Sold-Out Tribute Gig'
Soros Says Brexit Talks Could Last 5 Years, Risks Distracting EU
Putin Says U.S. anti-Missile System in Alaska, South Korea Challenges Russia
MAY 31
NKorea Wants to Rain Missiles on the US – China Does, Too
Iranian-backed Forces Amassing Near U.S. Training Base in Syria
Majority of Swedes Think Media Lies About the Impact of Mass Migration
United Front: Russia and Egypt 'Committed to Counter' US-Saudi Policy in Mideast
Putin's Visit to Paris: 'If Macron Lifts Anti-Russian Sanctions War in Ukraine Will End'
Media Yawn at Venezuela's Spiraling, Socialist Nightmare: Study finds ABC, CBS, NBC Barely Cover Left-Wing Catastrophe, Avoid Word 'Socialism'
MAY 30
Bipartisan Bill to Bar U.S. Funds to Afghanistan Would Lead to Government Collapse
NKorea Says New Missile Landed Within 7 Meters of Target
…Warns of 'Bigger Gift Package' for U.S. after Latest Test
Brexodus Builds - More EU Citizens Are Leaving The UK
Europe’s PC Police Armed with ‘Hate Speech’ Laws
MAY 29
Kim Guides Test of NKorea's New Anti-Aircraft Weapon
Japan Protests…
3rd Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter NKorea
Mattis: War With North Korea 'Would Bring Danger to Russia and China' – Would Be Worst in Most People's Lifetimes
Angela Merkel: EU Cannot Completely Rely on US and Britain Any More
UK Pol Leader Calls for Reinstatement of Death Penalty
Sharia Down Under
MAY 26
Political and Economic Chaos in Brazil Highlights Need for Reforms
Military Action on Korean Peninsula Is Increasingly Likely
Mystery 'SOS' Spotted in Australia
MAY 24
NKorea Attack Drones Carrying Biological, Chemical Weapons Can Strike Seoul in 1 Hour
Japan: US, SKorea ‘Cannot Be Optimistic’ About NKorean Nuclear Success
Trump Told Philippines President Duterte That Kim Jong Un Is a 'Madman': Report
Hundreds of Australian Indigenous Leaders Meet for Historic Summit on Recognition
MAY 23
Trump Meets Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem
Trump: Arab Leaders Ready to Take Steps Toward Israel
7 Moments from Trump's Speech in Saudi Arabia
Turkey Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Melee During Erdogan Visit to DC
Italian Coastguards Rescue 2,000 Migrants from Mediterranean Sea in Single Day after Using Ramshackle Vessels to Reach Europe
Visualizing the Rise of Young Asylum Seekers in Europe
Diamond Ring Bought for $13 at Car Boot Sale Could Fetch $455,000 at Auction
MAY 22
In Historic Speech, Trump Implores Muslim World to Rip Out Islamic Extremism at Its Roots
Iran Accuses US of 'Iranophobia,' Arming 'Dangerous Terrorists'
NKorea Fires Medium-Range Ballistic Missile in Latest Test
…Latest Missile Launch Proves It Can Hit US Bases, Japan
…Missile Passes Re-Entry Test in Breakthrough for Nuclear Program!
…Tested Nuclear Warhead Guidance
…Vows to Strengthen Nuclear Program as US Increases Pressure
Q-CAST: Cannibal Apocalypse – video of weekHOLLY NOTE: While all eyes are on Pres. Trump during the historic Middle East trip, Kim Jong-Un is feverishly working on his nuclear program and warhead-carrying ICBMs. As eyes temporarily move from Kim, he may do something noteworthy to bring the focus back to him. We must remain vigilant and prepare for a worst-case scenario.
'Drain The Swamp': Saudi Foreign Minister Borrows Trump Slogan
President Trump Formally Greeted in Saudi Arabia – video
MAY 19
Theresa May Will Keep Trying to Cut Immigration Despite Opposition From Her Cabinet
India to Build 10 Heavy Water Reactors to Boost Nuclear Power
Swedish Authorities Drop Rape Investigation – But WikiLeaks Founder Faces Arrest If He Leaves Ecuador Embassy
Palestinians to Ask Trump for Economic Stimulus Package
Chinese Jets Intercept U.S. Radiation-Sniffing Plane, U.S. Says
For Venezuelan Seniors, the ‘Golden Years’ Mean Picking Through Garbage for Food
Rebellion in Venezuela: 43 Dead in 44 Days of Relentless Protest
In Secret Recording, Venezuelan General Pushes for Snipers to Control Demonstrators
MAY 18
Victims of Communism Memorial Group Tells Networks to Stop Whitewashing Crimes of Socialist Venezuela
Trump to Unveil Plans for an 'Arab NATO' in Saudi Arabia
3 Reasons North Korea Is a Bigger Threat Than a Month Ago
SKorea Says 'High Possibility' of Conflict with North
Trump Would Have Just 10 Minutes to Decide If Kim Fired Nuke at U.S. Mainland
Seattle to Plan for Attack
MAY 17
NKorea’s Nuclear Missiles More Powerful Than Feared
Hungary Unveils New Electrified Border Wall, Watch Towers, And Guards With Machine Gun
Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants
Canadian Man’s ‘GRABHER’ License Plate Revoked, Deemed ‘Offensive’ Even Though It’s His Last Name
MAY 16
Syria Using Crematoriums to Hide Atrocities
German Neo-Nazi Party Builds Alliance with Assad and Hezbollah
France's Macron Picks PM from the Right, Blowing Apart Old Boundaries
MAY 15
NKorea's Latest Missile Launch Suggests Progress Toward ICBM: Experts
White House Says Latest NKorea 'Provocation'Should Influence Stronger Sanctions
NKorea Sends Letter to Congress Protesting US Sanctions
Rotherham, England Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’, Was Told Not to Mention Ethnicity of Attackers
MAY 12
57% Say Nuclear War Likely This Century
N.Korea Says It Has Right to 'Ruthlessly Punish' Captured Americans
Russian Fighter Jet Comes within 20 Feet of U.S. Navy Aircraft, Russian Deems Approach 'Safe
Welcome to Your Agenda 21 Apartment: Thousands of Hong Kong Residents Forced to Live in Subdivided “Coffin Homes”
Mexicans Upset About Immigrants Committing Crimes in Their City
MAY 11
International Furor Erupts Over Embryo Jewelry Business
After Trump Vows to Arm Syrian Kurds, the Next Move Is Erdogan’s
Italian Forces Ignored a Sinking Ship Full of Syrian Refugees and Let More Than 250 Drown
Venezuelans Prep Fecal Cocktails to Hurl at Security Forces
Stone Tablet Believed To Confirm Tower of Babel
MAY 10
SKorea’s Liberal Presidential Candidate Declared Victor
Inside the squalid Philippines Home of 'Sweating US Predator Who Filmed Sexual Abuse of Children for International Online Pedophile Ring'
Brutal Footage From Syria Shows Horrific Aftermath of Sarin Attack With Children Gasping for Air and Men Convulsing in the Street
Russia Election Hacking: Countries Where the Kremlin Has Allegedly Sought to Sway Votes
NKorea's Mystery Islands: Man-Made Keys Could Be New Nuclear Launch Sites
NKorea Aims To Swallow South
UN Demands UK Take 10,000 More Refugees a Year, Open Family Reunion Floodgates
Sweden: Huge Spike in Asylum Seekers After Scrapping ID Checks at Border
Ancient Tensions Flare Between China and NKorea
Syrian Peace Talks To Reconvene in Geneva on May 16
5 Reasons Emmanuel Macron’s EU Love-In Cannot Last
NKorea Detains 4th American Hostage
War with North Korea: the Toll
Thousands of Russian Soldiers, Aircraft and Tanks March in a Massive Showcase of Military Power
Venezuela Is Starving – Once Latin America’s Richest Country, Venezuela Can No Longer Feed Its People, Hobbled By Nationalization of Farms as Well as Price and Currency Controls
'Why Shouldn't We Enjoy Ourselves Just Because the Country Is Burning?' Super-Rich Socialists Quaff Champagne in Venezuela Country Club While Middle Class Mothers Scavenge for Scraps in the Gutter... Even the Dogs Are Starving
Australian Biosecurity Officials Destroy 'Irreplaceable' Plant Samples from 19th Century France
Axis of Evil: Pentagon Eyes North Korea-Iran Military Link
Russia, Turkey, Iran Sign Deal to Set Up Syria Safe Zones
Will the 'Trump Effect' Reach France? – video
French Minorities Rally Against ‘Dangerous’ Presidential Candidate Le Pen
Saudi Power Struggle Could Destabilize The Entire Middle East
Interactive Map Reveals EVERY Conflict Currently Active
Ex-Illuminati Banker Exposes the Elite's Agenda - In English Audio – video
White South Africans Are Preparing for "Removal of All Whites Within 5 Years"
Earth Overshoot: How Sustainable is Population Growth?
NKorea Testing Missiles Designed to Thwart THAAD Defense System
Biting The Hand That Feeds: NKorea Criticizes China Over Remarks on Nuclear Weapons Program
Iran Attempts Sub-Based Missile Launch: NKorea Has Same ‘Midget’ Type of Sub
Macron's ‘Deplorables’ Moment – Attacks the People: Calls Millions of Le Pen Voters ‘True Enemies,’ ‘Hateful,’ ‘Cowardly’
Middle East Experts Pour Cold Water on Hamas Effort to Market New ‘Moderate’ Image to World
Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard Exposes the Global Elite – HOLLY NOTE: if you don’t have time to watch this incredible and informative interview, the part addressing Luciferian global banking elites begins 23:20 in. – video
Related: Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals
Study: Migrants Less Integrated The Longer They're in Europe – video
Brexit: UK and EU at Odds Over Size of 'Divorce Bill'
4,000 Year Old Model Garden Found Outside Egypt Tomb
'INSTRUMENT OF BLACKMAIL': Official: NKorea Could Use Nukes to Influence US to Abandon South
Flight from Russia to Thailand so Turbulent It Left Blood on the Ceiling – 'it Was Like Being in a Washing Machine'
BRINK OF NUCLEAR WAR: NKorea Warns US Bomber Flight Could Cause Major Conflict
In the Face of Washington's Threats, NKorea Readies Another Nuclear Test
Further NKorea Nuclear Testing May Goad China Into Oil Embargo
Dozens of Russian Deaths Cast Suspicion on Vladimir Putin
Socialist-Run Venezuela Descends into Chaos – Massive Anti-Government Protests Reach Tipping Point
How Hungary Erased Illegal Immigration in Months – 'It's Not a Normal Thing to Break into a Country'
North Korea Threatens to Sink “Doomed” US Nuclear Submarine
'Macron's Likely Victory Could Lead to New Migrant Crisis – HOLLY NOTE: Even before 2015, France alone had 750 NGO's – No Go Zones, where Muslims' Sharia law over-rules France's national law and police fear to patrol. France is losing control of its country – handing it over to Muslims in the name of having a sympathetic heart in favor of those who are implementing their rule of religion, not law of the land. This myopic world-view is permeating America.
United' EU Set to Defy UK Demands for Parallel Talks
Philippine Leader Says NKorea's Kim "Wants to End the World", Urges U.S. Restraint
Thousands at North Korea's Prisons Face Being Butchered
Putin’s Helmeted Stormtroopers Arrest Dissenters
APR 29
Trump: NKorea's New Failed Missile Launch 'Disrespected' China
Gorka: NKorea Has Ability and Intent to Destabilize – video
APR 28
NKorean Propaganda Video Shows Simulated Attack on US
Tillerson Seeks to Boost Pressure on North Korea at UN Meeting
'China, Russia Have Similar Positions on North Korea Issue' - Beijing
China: THAAD Installation Means We’ll Test Our New Weapons, Too
Canada's Trudeau Liberals Looking to Automatically Approve Some Refugees
Germany's Migrant Crisis: 'By 2060 There Will Be No Germany as We Know It'
APR 27
Kim Prepares for War
Russia Steps Up Anti-U.S. Military Propaganda – Fake Stories Target Troops, Exercises in E. Europe
Venezuela Death Toll Hits 29, Protesters Battle Security Forces
APR 26
U.S. Sets Up Missile Defense in South Korea as North Shows Power
US Military Begins Moving THAAD Anti-Missile System into South Korea Deployment Site
Japan Has Only 10 Minutes to Take Cover after NKorean Missile Launch, Officials Warn
Tony Blair: Vote Tory to Defy Brexit – Mark Seddon, a Labour Member for 40 Years, Gives Blair a Withering Response
BREXIT BEGINS: EU Deletes Britain From Maps of Union as It Launches Flagship Social Drive
The Real Culprits Behind Europe's Human Waves of Migrants
Round Two: Le Pen Takes on the Clinton Clone
Why the U.S. Has a Second Amendment: Venezuela Plans to Give Firearms to Loyalists So They Can Purge Growing Resistance
Venezuela Threatens to Pull Out of Organization of American States After 26 Die in Recent Riots
APR 25
NKorea dIsplays Massive Live-Fire Artillery Drill as U.S. Nuclear Sub Docks in SKorea
NKorean Media Issue Threat to 'Wipe Out' US
Japanese Demand for Nuclear Shelters, Purifiers Surges as North Korea Tension Mounts
Massive Fire Engulfs Putin’s Secret Nuclear Town That Was Built to Supply Russia’s Weapons-Grade Plutonium
A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France and Belgium: March 2017 – 60% of French People Said They Don't Feel Safe Anywhere in the Country
Trump Admin Unloads Block of 271 Sanctions on Assad Regime for Chemical Weapons Attack
APR 24
Iran Wants to Import 950 Tons of Uranium: Nuke Deal Opponents Want Trump Administration to Say No
NKorea Arrests 3rd US Citizen, Threatens to Sink US Aircraft Carrier as Japan Deploys Warships
NKorea Warns Australia It's in Nuclear Weapon Range
…Could Wipe Out the World with Just 3 Nukes Brags Kim’s Man in the West
Kim Jong Un Party Paradise: Dictator's Resort Revealed as Millions of His People Literally Starve
The Cannibals of North Korea – flashback
North Korea Eats Itself – flashback
Far-right Le Pen, Centrist Macron to Meet in French Presidential Runoff Election
Italy Migrant Crisis: Charities 'Colluding' With Smugglers
Pope Francis Calls Refugee Centers Concentration Camps
UK: Muslim Mayoral Candidate Delivers BBC vIdeo Manifesto Entirely in Urdu
APR 21
More Russian Spy Planes, Bombers Approach Alaskan Airspace in 4th Consecutive Night
U.S. Sends Nuclear Sniffer Plane to Korea
NKorea Has Nearly Completed Work on Its Advanced Submarine Missile Program, UN Experts Claim
Putin Sends Troops to Russia-NKorea Border Over Fears Trump Will Attack Kim Jong-Un, Sparking a Tidal Wave of Refugees
Chinese Bombers ‘On High Alert’ for Possible ‘North Korea Contingency’
Western VIPs Converging on New Zealand in Secret Meeting
Taliban Decry Environmental Impact of U.S. MOAB Explosion
Italy's Prime Minister: Don't Let Africa Become 'Second Chinese Continent'
APR 20
NKorea Threatens U.S. of 'Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike' and 'Reduce Them to Ashes
How NKorea Gets Its Military Funding
What Next with NKorea?
Russia Moves Troops And Armored Vehicles To Border
General Motors Says Venezuela Illegally Seizes Auto Plant
Le Pen Demands Removal of EU Flag for TV Interview: 'I Want to Lead France, Not Europe'
APR 19
US Marines Deployed to Australia Amid NKorean ‘Nuclear Threat’
The Worst Possible Thing for Vladimir Putin Is President Trump: “You Just Don’t Know What to Expect from Trump”
Russia Unveils New Arctic Military Base Housing Nuclear-Ready Warplanes and Reindeer-Powered Special Forces as It Seeks to Claim the Region's Huge Oil and Gas Reserves
How Iran Enables Syria’s Chemical Warfare Against Civilians
Europe Gets Its Doomsday Scenario
The BBC Looks at "How Western Civilization Could Collapse"
Socialist Venezuelan Leader Steps Up Arming of Supporters After Outlawing, Confiscating Civilian Guns
Russia Takes $30 Million in Venezuela Oil Cargo Hostage Over Unpaid Debt
Possible manipulation of 2.5M Turkish Votes
APR 18
NKorea 'Will Test Missiles Weekly', Senior Official
NKorean Commandos Ready to Kidnap Americans, Says Defector
NKorean Unpredictability
…Tensions Have Hawaii Pols Revisiting Emergency Attack Plans
ISIS Militants Launch Multiple Chemical Weapons Attacks on Iraqi Troops
Turkey Vote Curtailed Fundamental Freedoms, Say European Observers
Britain's May to Seek Snap Election for June 8 to Reaffirm Brexit
Report: 7,000 Third World Africans Make it to Europe Over Easter as Invasion Heats Up – HOLLY NOTE: Too late. This is after uncontrolled immigration has ruined large portions of France with Muslims implementing Sharia and No Go Zones, where even cops won't enter. The UN would love to see this in America.
France's Le Pen in Election Pledges to Suspend Immigration
Australia to Tighten Rules on Work Visas
Girl Killed By Shark in Western Australia
Venezuela Illegally Issued 10,000 Passports to Syrians, Iranians, Report Says
Canada’s Polygamy Law Will Be Tested in Court for First Time in 127 Years
APR 17
'Strategic Patience Is Over': Pence Fires Warning Shots Across DMZ in Message to NKorea
Tensions Escalate as Defiant NKorea 'Makes Unsuccessful Missile Launch' Day After Massive Show of Strength
Rep. Ed Royce: US 'Shouldn't Take Too Much Comfort' in NKorea's Missile Launch Failure
Czech Republic: Rather Risk EU Penalties Than Be Forced to Take Migrants
Turkey Moves Toward Dictatorship: Erdogan Declares Victory in Turkish Referendum By Narrow Margin
APR 14
N.Korea Appears to Be Prepping for Nuke Test
How NKorea Could Kill 90% of Americans – HOLY NOTE: It’s important to know and understand that a nuclear event is VERY SURVIVABLE. A horrible myth circulates today that a detonated nuke is the end of life. This is false unless you are at ground zero or very close. Public fallout shelters in the US were dismantled or re-purposed in the 70s so it is up to us to make our own preparations. All it takes is a decision of whether you choose to shelter-in-place or walk away and what to do in either case. This is detailed in Chapters 44 and 45 of Dare To Prepare.
Mike Pence Heading To Seoul Amid Tensions with NKorea
Bashar Assad Calls Recent Total 100% Fabrication
Syria Begins Evacuations in Besieged Towns
German Official Tells Migrants to Assimilate, or Leave
Which Way Will France Go?
APR 13
Russia Blocks U.N. Security Council Resolution Requiring Syria to Cooperate With Investigation into Gas Attack
US Officials Believe NKorea Placed a Nuclear Device in a Tunnel, Which Could Mean a Nuclear Test Is Imminent
ISIS Turn Mosul Sinkhole Into 'Biggest Mass Grave' in Iraq
The Coming Civil War in Europe
APR 12
SEALs That Killed bin Laden Training in SKorea to Take Out Kim
Nuke-Sniffer Aircraft Arrives on Okinawa as Tensions Rise on Korean Peninsula
James Mattis: ‘No Doubt’ Assad Regime Executed Chemical Attack
Turkey Confirms Use of Sarin
Here's the Evidence…
Russians Trying to 'Cover Up' What Happened in Syria, US Officials Say
An Approaching Point of Crisis
Turkey Militants 'Used Tunnel to Plant Explosives'
“Threading the Needle of a Global Security Debacle”
UK: Brexit Group, Leave Means Leave, Calls for “5-year Ban on Unskilled Workers” Immigrating
China Threatens to Bomb NKorea's Nuke Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line"
African Migrants Sold in Libya 'Slave Markets', IOM Says
Dunkirk (France) Refugee Camp Fire Leaves at Least 10 Injured after ‘Fight Broke Out Between Migrants’
APR 11
Rex Tillerson: Russia Must Choose Between Assad and the U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: This has a scary prophetic feel to it. Ezekiel 38: 1-6 describes Syria as having "hooks" in Russia's jaw, which pulls the Russian Bear to its side. Now, Tillerson, Haley, Trump, et al, are forcing this issue. Russia dearly wants to keep its naval installation at Syria's Tartus port since it's their only access to the Mediterranean and Russia desires to strengthen its naval presence there. Besides this crucial point,
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed list this and 8 other reasons Russia is "in bed" with Syria. Dominos are lining up for the Gog-Magog War, but first two other wars must occur. We are witnessing prophecy in the making…
Related: See Stan's Assad Data on Our Site
Putin – Who Once Honored Tillerson with Friendship Award – Won’t Meet with Secretary of State
NKorea Vows 'Catastrophic Consequences' Over US Carrier Dispatch
US Special Forces Obliterate ISIS Fighters Trying To Assault Base
Illegal Immigrant Jailed in UK for Attempted Rape Awarded $33,500 ‘Compensation’
Italian Man Granted Divorce After Claiming Wife 'Possessed By Devil'
APR 10
Police Report: Migrant Crime Drastically Increased in 2016
Russia, Iran Pledge to Hit Back Against Further Syria Strikes as They Blast US for ‘Crossing Red Lines’
Tillerson, G7 Ministers Look to Pressure Russia to Reconsider Assad Support
Syrian Regime Change Now Part of Trump’s Strategy, National Security Adviser Confirms
IN OUR BACKYARD: Russian Compound in Nicaragua Intrigues US
Top US Admiral Expresses Growing Concerns Over Russian Naval Activities
‘In the First Hour They Took 1,000 Prisoners’: Stories of Vimy from Canadian Papers in 1917
Swedish Police Pelted With Rocks While Arresting Terror Suspect In Migrant "No-Go Zone"
Defiant Josef Fritzl Believes He Will Be Freed Despite Life Sentence for Keeping His Daughter as a Sex Slave for 24 Years
Russia's Cruise Missile-Armed Frigate Heading for Syria's Tartus
Trump Strikes Assad with 59 Tomahawks
US Warships Strike Syria Over Chemical Attack
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